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Review #1, by Murishka21 Revelations- Part 2

27th March 2015:
Yikes! He finally opens up to her and then she slaps him in the face by getting caught hugging Ron. Ouch!

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Review #2, by Elisha Doubts

27th March 2015:
I love this story so much!
I'm pretty sure McLaggen was the one who did it, but if not then maybe it was Ron trying to convince Hermione that Draco is bad.
I hope that Draco does give his memory up. I want him to do that before Hermione remembers anything but I hope she does! She also forgot that he had said that he loved her and that she had realized that she loved him, which I'm slightly mad about, hahaha.
Anyway, I can't wait for the next chapter! :D

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Review #3, by ArtsyTigs Doubts

27th March 2015:
This is getting good..
so to put in my two cents. My theories are:
His reluctance to hand over his memories is because they would show that he did it, but they would not show why.
The why being either Lucius or Pansy used the Imperious curse on him and made him do it.

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Review #4, by Murishka21 Revelations

27th March 2015:
Aw they both need to suck it up and comfort each other. There's no sense in fighting to release rage when they are both feeling the same thing, if only they'd admit it. Excellent chapter.

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Review #5, by Murishka21 Thank You

27th March 2015:
I like this story. At first, it was a little boring. (Please don't think I mean that in a bad way.) The story is very interesting. I hate to put it down when I have to. I especially loved this chapter. I'm a HUGE Dramione fan! I'm happy to have reached the moment when the romance begins. It makes it even more exciting.

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Review #6, by Aya Doubts

21st March 2015:
Well it's a good chapter :D and i think it would be awesome to turn the evidences towards ron and he turns out to be the one who cast the spell on hermione.. It would be awesome really. Keep up the good work !!

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Review #7, by Daniela Doubts

19th March 2015:
Hey! It's Daniela, yet again.

Ok so this chapter had me like what the eff. I was so confused because I don't think Draco could ever do that to hermione, but he's acting very suspicious by not allowing them to see his memories. Therefore, I came up with 2 theories:
1. It could be Lucius malfoy. Perhaps he went tithe school because he didn't want his son with a muggle-born (this theory is the one I'm not too crazy about).
2. It's McLaggen. He found out that hermione was with someone else and got into a jealous rage and wants to revenge so he frames Draco.

.that's it. I read what someone said about it being Ron, & although that'll make for a good read, I just don't think Ron would go that far to seperate them. He just can't be that bad of a friend or person. But who the land of fanfic a, anything could happen. PLEASE DO NOT KEEP US WAITING!! Thank you :)
Daniela :)

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Review #8, by Moonwillow Doubts

16th March 2015:
Wow! I absolutely felt sorry for Draco at the beginning , great cliff hanger , definitely leaving me wondering what happened and who did it . Loved it

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Review #9, by Apatu Doubts

15th March 2015:
Amazing, as always. This leaves me speechless, as usual for your awesome chapters. :)

As for my theory - Ron lovers dont be offended, but

I think it was Ron that had framed Draco somehow. He showed signs of not being mentally sound ever since Hermione had rejected his feelings, and him finding out about her and Draco's relationship had only launched that mental unsoundness into full blast, causing him to go over the edge. And I think Ron will do anything to try and separate Hermione and Draco, because he just hates it that much. His hate for Draco knows no bounds.

That is my theory. And I'm personally I kind of hope its true.. (I never really liked Ron throughout the books to begin with. cx )

Keep up the excellent work! Have a wonderful day. xoxo

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Review #10, by amanda t Reactions

14th March 2015:
hello, i absolutely love your story. keep up the good work and please dont stop writing!

Author's Response: Aw thank you so much. The next chapter has been uploaded so keep checking for updates. Thanks for reviewing. x

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Review #11, by Aya Reactions

10th March 2015:
I just love your story it's just describing things i imagined without the skill to type them.. Don't leave us hanging like that !! I finished the 23 chapters in like 5 hours :$ i just hope everything turns out perfectly to hermione and draco because i can't imagine them but together right now :) i hope you'll post soon !! Xx

Author's Response: Wow that's impressive and makes me really happy that my story and writing can hook someone like that.
The next chapter is on its way and should be with you in the next few days. Based on your review, I'm guessing you may not love the next chapter, but keep reading and you'll find out if they end up together.
So please keep leaving me reviews and let me know what you think of what's happening. Thanks for reading and taking the time to review. x

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Review #12, by Keriannesheree Holidays

10th March 2015:
I love this this chapter! I burst into tears laughing hahahaha ! At the detention part. and it was so thrilling it makes me react to it ,like a book should I love it love it love it . I don't know if you still are present on this account as its 2015 , and I think you began writing this in 2012 . But I love this sending you love from New Zealand :)

Author's Response: Yep I'm still here and working on this story. It's scary when you say it's been over three years that I've been working on this story and I've still got so much to go. That's amazing that you like my story that much. I get really insecure about my writing and this is the first and only thing I have ever written. It's reviews like this that have kept me going for three years.
I hope you keep reading my story and please keep reviewing.
Thanks for the lovely review. Much love from Scotland. x

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Review #13, by Daniela Reactions

26th February 2015:
Hey there! It's me again. I'm really and truly your loyal fan haha.

Anywho...I LOVE this chapter. This story is super realistic to me. Maybe this is kinda morbid, but I would feel and do the same exact things hermione does. I'm so thrilled you didn't rush them into their happily ever after. But listen, why did I have to wait so Long for this new chapter? Could you please upload the new chapter before Christmas? Thanks haha. You're awesome so please finish this story. It is one of its kind.

Waiting for chapter 24,
Daniela :)

P.S. I thought you said you had already written the next 5 chapters? Did you change your mind about them?

Author's Response: Ha thanks. I really appreciate it and love all the reviews. It's good to know people are sticking with me even though I'm being a slow coach. yeah I had written 5 chapters and I've posted one of those. I have the next one ready to go but it's after that when it my original plan. Something was going to happen and I wrote the next few chapters around that but then thinking things through and where my story is going I decided that it had to come later and that totally changes chat will happen in those chapters, so yeah they have to be majorly changed which is annoying cause I felt I had been on a bit of a roll with writing.
As for the rest of your review, it doesn't sound morbid to me that you would feel and so the same as Hermione. It makes me feel like I'm getting her character more right. It's hard to write a person that everyone knows so well and get it right. That's why it was important for me that Hermione and Draco didn't get together straight away because Hermione just wouldn't forgive someone she's hated for years and instantly want to be that close to them. It didn't make sense. It has to be tough for them both to learn to like, trust and ultimately love one another.
As for the next chapter, it will be posted soon. Like I said in the authors note on this chapter, I'm going back and doing a little work and editing on previous chapters but this new one is nearly done. The first half is done and the second half just needs a little bit of tweaking. Hopefully you won't have to wait too long for it and I promise you will have it before Christmas. x

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Review #14, by Janner Reactions

24th February 2015:
A great story so far. Don't let it become one of the unfinished stories on this site. Please finish it!!

Author's Response: Aw thanks very much. Don't worry I will try my best to finish this. I have it all planned out in my head it's just the writing that's the problem. Hopefully the next chapter should be with you soon. Thanks again for reading and reviewing. X

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Review #15, by barthm Reactions

18th February 2015:
POST MORE! IM LOSING MY MIND TO FIND OUT WHAT MCLAGGEN(?) IS DOING>... And i also need hermione to get the heck over herself and be happy for more than 10 second...

BTW LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE the story, keep writing!

Author's Response: Ha thanks for the lovely comments and reviews. As for McLaggen ? Well I couldn't possibly comment either way. You should find out soon enough.
Yeah I get what you're saying about Hermione but you have to remember what she's been through and how big a deal it is to actually trust Malfoy. She doesn't want to get hurt or be made to look silly.
Anyway thanks for reading and I promise not to keep you waiting for too long. X

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Review #16, by ms simone Reactions

14th February 2015:
love the title.. think the title sum of the chapie!! great job!!

Author's Response: Yeah the chapter title kind of says it all, doesn't it. I guess I like to keep it simple. Glad you're enjoying it and thanks again for the review. X

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Review #17, by CrimsonHeart98 Reactions

10th February 2015:
I'm a new reader of your story, but I am definitely a new fan of this story. I honestly love how you've built up the plot within the 23 chapters you have already released in this entailing story. For a person who is a bookworm and an aspiring to be English teacher, I have read many things in my life, but of all the stories that I have read of Dramione (I won't lie, I've read more than one Dramione fan fiction; I ship it so much!) this is by far my favorite. For some, people may think that it is too slow until you got to the two pairing together, but I think that is what makes it work even better. From previous stories that I can compare your marvelous work to, all the other authors rushed into it, desperate to get them together so as to get to the climatic parts in their relationship, which I personally think ruins the story, so this is one of the big reasons why I love this novel so far, because you take your time. You portray the characters perfectly, just how J K Rowling would (exception being Draco seeing as he's now the good guy and not an uptight pure blood, although I think it's brilliant how you've been able to change his personality without making him seem like a new character) and I can tell that it must have taken you so long to try and get it all right, make sure you haven't stepped out of character for any of them, having to re-write and re draft parts of / whole chapters. The only criticism that I have is punctuation and grammar. Being an A level Enlgish student, I'm always told to check my spelling so it's sort of rubbed on me to correct others work when they misspell something (it's annoyed more than one of my friends; believe me I try to not do it, but it's become as annoying a habit as biting nails). Anyway, I'm going to stop this review here, as I'm sure I've gone on way too long (sorry about that, I have a tendency to get carried away). Please keep up the amazing work and I hope for chapter 24 soon. Bye! Xx

Author's Response: Thanks for the review and praise for my story. The delay in Draco and Hermione being together was a conscious one right from the start. I read a few stories and as much as I loved them I just didn't get why Hermione was willing to trust Draco after everything that had happened. She just wouldn't do that. I knew that I had to make it slow so that they almost came to an understanding of each other before anything else happened. Yes Draco's character has changed, but it had to or the story just wouldn't happen. I'm hopefully trying to explain why he's trying so hard to change and leave his old prejudices behind.
Believe me when I started planning this story I never imagined it would take to chapter 20 for them to be properly together. Yet as I was writing I just still couldn't see why Hermione would be trusting Draco and acting on any feelings that she had. I was actually reluctant for them to get together when they did, but there was only so many times I could have them come close only to pull away. Besides isn't the build up to a relationship always the best part of a story. Once they become a couple you can only have so many misunderstandings before it gets to the point of why are they actually together.
As for my grammar and punctuation, you are right when you say I re- write and re-draft sections and while chapters. I work on each individual chapter for at least a month before I post it. I tend to write the dialogue and conversation as I imagine it in my head and then go back and add in the other details and pad it out. When you write anywhere between 5 and 10 thousand words there will doubtless be errors. When you read something at least 50 times you tend to gloss right over any errors that are totally obvious to first time readers. I'm actually going back and re- editing earlier chapters and I'm noticing mistakes that I can't believe I missed.
Anyway thanks for the reviews and I hope you continue to enjoy my story. x

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Review #18, by Shay620 Reactions

7th February 2015:
I am really enjoying your story. I can not wait until the next chapter

Author's Response: Aw thank you. I'm working on it just now so should hopefully be with you soon. Thanks for the awesome review. x

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Review #19, by littleballoflight Reactions

5th February 2015:
I get so engulfed in your writing that I hardly pay attention to what's going on. I look forward to more of your compelling story... Keep up the amazing work!

Author's Response: WOW! That's very flattering. Thank you. I'm glad you're enjoying reading this as much as I'm enjoying writing it. And reviews like this just make it all more worthwhile so thanks. Working hard on the next chapter so it should hopefully be with you soon. x

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Review #20, by leahandro01 Discoveries

26th January 2015:
heyy i luv this story its so good and its great to see a story like this one which is long and i love it. draco and hermione are amazing and i am so glad that he forgived her at the end and that kiss was perfect she needs to be with draco not ron and dramione 4eva yes please update soon!!

Author's Response: Yeah my chapters are quite long which is why my updates can be quite far apart, but hopefully they are worth waiting for. I know I really like Hermione and Draco together and I really feel like J.K. Rowling missed something here, especially when she's admitted that she doesn't think Hermione would have ended up with Ron.
But as for this story, well I guess you will just have to wait and see. x

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Review #21, by Sarah Discoveries

20th January 2015:
Hi! Fabulous story! I love it so much, it is one of the best stories I have ever read!! Please update soon!!!

Author's Response: Thank you so much. That is very high praise and makes me feel very happy. Thanks so much for taking the time to review and I really hope you enjoy the coming chapters. Updates are always on the way. x

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Review #22, by Alexandra Discoveries

12th January 2015:
You have no idea how much I squirmed and squealed of excitement at the end of this chapter!!! Love it!

Author's Response: I know. Drama! Hope you like the next chapter. It should be with you soon. Thanks so much for another review. It really is appreciated. x

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Review #23, by Alexandra Rescues

12th January 2015:
This chapter made me squirm, and I LOVED it!!!

Author's Response: Aw thanks. Yeah I think that was my favourite chapter. So hard to write but so much fun.
Thanks again for the review. x

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Review #24, by Heather Discoveries

11th January 2015:
I love this chapter how everything unfolds. You miss are a goddam genius.

Author's Response: Aw thank you. That's very sweet. I'm actually not a huge fan of this chapter at the moment. Doing some edits at the moment and I re- read that chapter. I think I must have been half asleep when I wrote than one because there are so many mistakes. I'm actually working on that chapter just now and it's already over 1000 words longer. It will be up soon and hopefully you'll notice an improvement. The new chapter should be with you soon.
Thanks for the lovely review and please keep reading. x

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Review #25, by CrimsonCharmRose Discoveries

11th January 2015:
I love this story... I've read it multiple times, especially when another chapter or 2 is added.
awesome, please keep writing!!!

Author's Response: Thanks so much for your lovely review. I can't believe you've read it so many times. That really means a lot. I am working on the next chapter and it is pretty much finished but I'm working on a bit of editing at the moment so the new chapter will be with you soon.
Thanks again for the review and please keep reading. x

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