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Review #26, by EllaShanti To Be Good

27th May 2013:
Oh no.
It's over.

So Ellie's mini-letter extracts were adorable 'i think the sexiness of the situation is going to make me burst' - giggles. And James breaking in to hug her? The ADORABILITY of this situation is going to make me burst.

AND SHE GOT IT! I got so excited when Gardner started talking about it, I KNEW she would get it when she did,asdhfksb.

WE GOT A JACK/LILY SCENE. A mini one, but I can imagine the extended one that comes later. Hehehehe.

James referring to her as 'short one'? I get that too, dear partner in (lack of) height, Lily.

And she's at peace with the universe. Smile.

Oh, I was mentioned in an author's note. I feel special. I'd like to thank my family and friends for helping me achieve this great honour. Also the phone I wrote most of my reviews on. The bus I sat on while writing many of said reviews. The horse I was sitting on while reading one chapter, and the friend who patiently waited for me to finish reading it before we went for our ride. Have I forgotten anyone? Oh, and GingerGenower, because you know, without her story I'd have nothing to review. Small details.

...There's a way to favourite authors? I really need to get up to date with this site. I still don't know how to nominate for awards, or when, or anything. Hmm...

Now, onto the question of what do I do for the rest of my life?! Wait, I know. Go and re-read In My Blood. Hmm, I'm rather good at this. Maybe solving deep philosophical questions is my true calling. Right, now on to 'to be or not to be.'

I just have to add - 'don't mess with the ginger' is definitely a life lesson. One of my best friends is ginger, and she scares me to death. I am not kidding. But I love her., the story and Jack are all wonderful, fabulous, amazing, every positive adjective you can think of. Please keep writing...anything. I'll defs try and read the rest of your stories now. And I'm extremely glad you didn't kill off Lily. Unbelievably so.


P.s. I don't think I ever told you this, but your chapters ALWAYS get 10/10!

Author's Response: I felt the exact same way when I ended it.
It's completely plausible, though, isn't it? Lily- I'm having a bad day. James- I will do what the man I was named for did and BREAK IN TO THE CASTLE. ...that was easier than expected. *hug*
Excitement! :D
Ahh, come with me and you'll be in a world of pure imagination.
I'm actually average height, but I do have many friends I constantly tease about their height (and lack thereof) and so I know it gets brought up at all the random moments, to make it more funny :P
(see previous review for my sarcastic answer to this.)
Click on the author you want to favourite, and next to 'penname' it says 'Add To Favourites'. Click that, and yay, you're there! As for the awards, I have no idea.
Always to be. I'd rather regret something I've done rather than something I haven't.
Apparently all gingers are scary (not true) but if it's 'the ginger'- don't mess. If it's a ginger that doesn't take cr*p, they will not beat around the bush. Like most humans, really. It's weird how that happens sometimes.
Thank you so much. The new story is a slow work in progress, although I am thinking of giving myself a break before I start it, so that I'm really ready. Me too. I was scared I'd have to.
PS. Thank you so much :)

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Review #27, by EllaShanti Predictable

27th May 2013:

The best chapter so far! You are wonderful. Have a cyber medal from me. Now,

Gardner. I wasn't sure what I thought of her until now, but she is awesome. Intense-mcfarland speech was brilliant. If.. you're like her, good for you :D

Bringing Ginny back in was great, too - I love the mother-daughter relationship there, always makes me laugh or want to cry. This was the latter - of course I coildnt actually burst into tears as I'm on a very crowded bus right now, but you know what I mean.

ELLIE! You fixed her! Random stroke of genius with the dark magic binding to the spells, and it worked. And she kissed Al -aww! Best couple. Besides Jack nd Lily, of course. So will she be doing her NEWTS, then? Like coming back to Hogwarts?

Finally...the letter from Jack. That have me chills, no joke. It was so...touching, and wonderrfl, and explanatory. Mother and sister with Huntington's, that's awful. So we finally have a reason why his dad's so...well, messed up, for want of at better phrase. But how can he not love jack! That is physically impossible. Conveniently forgetting I was mad with him last chapter.
HE WAS BREAKING UP WITH HER! So that means...he's single...sbwodbwjbd...woo! So, Jack and Lily scene now? Pretty please?

So the story's moving very fast now, so I guess it's ending soon? *sigh*. But it's been wonderful. Bestest chapter (yes I know that's not a word), keep writing!

P.s. I just finished a viciously difficult history essay, so was extraordinarily pleased to see TWO chapters up. I'm off to read the next one now!

Aww, thank you. I'd like to thank my parents, for always loving me, my keyboard, for putting up with my fast typing and never breaking on me, my reviewers because they're all wonderful, my pet guinea pig (without whom I would never be calm), and my mirror for ensuring, when I do on rare occasion leave the house, that I don't look like a train wreck. (Yes, I have read your other review. Yes, I am mocking your sarcasm. ;) )
I love their relationship once Lily is being honest- I think up until then, it's far too strained to be really happy. Poor bus-people, I hope you didn't scare them!
OF COURSE I FIXED HER IT WAS THE RING ALL ALONG MWAHAHA. Yeah, in this she's hoping to start her NEWTs at home and in the second year go back to Hogwarts- she has to build up her strength and adjust to everything she's been through.
Yeah. We'd actually- jeez, I came up with the plan for this a long time ago- done about Huntington's disease in Biology when I was at high school really interested me and it just slotted perfectly into this story, so I used it. I feel so bad for his dad, but that's his issue, not Jack's. *forgets*
Singledom suits hot guys. IT MEANS FICTIONAL CHARACTERS HAVE A CHANCE! Ooh yeah, go Lily...
It is indeed. Thank you so much sweetie :)
PS. Well done for getting it over with! Reward yourself with chocolate... lots of chocolate...

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Review #28, by HarryPotterFan_1 To Be Good

27th May 2013:
Aww, great chapter. I'm going to miss this story.

Author's Response: Thank you so much for all your support :) You've been fantastic.
(Yes. Yes it was, my dear fellow nerdfighter. >.

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Review #29, by Sugar Quills To Be Good

27th May 2013:
So, this is the end of the story. And the end of another era of book induced madness. I can't say i'm not sad, but I can't say I'm not happy that there's a happy end to this. So, onto my points review!

1. Lily and Jack. They're back together as a plot point, and their scene was so very cute. They thankfully weren't perfect, so you win today Genower, but still, it does leave a little stone unturned if you want to continue with this universe again (Which I sincerely hope you will, maybe a little storyline revolving around Ellie again? I want another Ellie story XD).

2. Ellie! How could I not put in a point about my favourite character. And I love the fact she's slowly getting back to normal. As in the previous point, maybe another storyline about her? I know that you've already done one, but there can be Newt storylines, and Lily and Jack storylines, and Albus storylines, and I'd like that to happen. Btw, I'm coming up with shipping names for Ellie & Albus and Lily & Jack, because those 2 seem to just be shipped endlessly. Why not Elbus and Lick. I laughed when I realised I'd written Lick (XD). But still, more Ellie.

3. The little cameos not played out, but mentioned. This means James' visit, Roxy's curses, and Lily's letter to Ginny. These were so cute, and I would have loved the letter to have been written out especially, because it would have been so cute. But still, I do like these little mentions. Also included in here, a little bit more explained, but not enough for a plot point, Lily explaining to Dean about dropping the subjects. Good start to the chapter, I have to say.

4. Gardner has to have a comment here somewhere, obviously. And this works amazingly. I like it, and it really did make me happy that Lily did get a happy ending with the department of mysteries. Maybe that could be a new story? Sorry, but I just want more of this universe, so I'm now just suggesting any potential storyline, in order for you to write more about it. And you'll just get me continually asking you to write a new book. (After half term, wednesday, we both have a psychology exam, and I will just continue to ask you to write a new book on the bus ^.^).

5. Little one-shot scene of James and Chelsea's marriage? Please? I know a lot of these plots are circling around these storylines, and I know you've got new storylines ready, but I'm just too attached to give them up. Doctor Who is on pause till the 23rd of November, and I need something to cling on to.

Yeah, so, keep writing, and I will push you to write more (Especially over summer, when I will join tumblr after exams, and then pressurise you there :P). I can't wait till you message me saying "new chapter" on facebook, and if it's sad or bad, I will continue the threats on the bus XD

Good Luck in later writings

Sugar Quills

Author's Response: YAY review! I thought it was going to be stuck on 79 forever :D
1. I know you want an Ellie story! But no more on Ellie, for the moment anyway. A few stories surrounding her mum and dad are floating about in my head, though, so we'll see how that turns out...
2. Ellie practically is back to normal- she just needs time to settle, and accept what's happened, which will take time... but like I said above, I haven't had any urges to write anything else on them, I'm afraid. Elbus and Lick are the best effing ship names I ever did say. o/ ship all of the things!
3. Thank you very much. That beginning all came out in a rush on Friday after college- it was kind of awesome.
4. Obviously. How could a character that is so clearly me NOT have a mention? She's epic. ;) I know! And I think what I really love is that Lily doesn't feel she HAS to do anything anymore- she's found she WANTS to. Yay character development! >.< NO. STOP. NO MORE ELLIE OR LILY OR JAMES OR ALBUS OR CHELSEA OR ANYONE ELSE'S PLOT, OKAY? Leave me alone :(
5. Okay, fair enough, that idea did make me go 'ooh!' So maybe. NOT DEFINITELY and 'I'll get on it right now'- MAYBE. Possibly in the future when I'm stuck on another piece of writing. Okay?
Well, actually, this review interrupted me plotting my next story. So you're actually distracting me from it. Oh no- really? That's mean. :( You're mean, Sugar Quills boy.
Thank you very much :) Thanks for all your reviews!

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Review #30, by Harry and Ginny Predictable

25th May 2013:
I wonder what will Lily do, now that she's read the letter from Jack... and I'm glad that she apologized to Aimee for what she did to her! can't wait to read more!^_^


Harry and Ginny

Author's Response: Curiouser and curiouser... :) yeah, me too. Hopefully soon! It should be in the next few days, if we're lucky. :) Thank you for reviewing again! GingerGenower

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Review #31, by Sugar Quills Predictable

25th May 2013:
Good news! I'm not going to threaten to kill you this chapter's review! ^.^ Onto the random points of plot!

1. You fixed Ellie. YOU FIXED ELLIE. I want to hug you and swing you around the room. Because you fixed my ultimate favourite character ever. Yes there are going to be complications throughout, but ELLIE! YAY! So, so happy (Main reason I'm not killing you.)

2. Jack. This is the chapter where I actually feel for Jack. Because it's all out in the open, and it seems that all that I thought existed, wasn't what it seemed. Nice job at the plot twist there, although I was more expecting you to do some old timey run and kiss. Not that. So, kudos to you, Genower.

3. Professor Gardner is so much like you. Reminds me of how you were over our friend (You know the one), but in real life, it's just so much more, I think, than the way gardner is. But that's kinda because they're not friends, Lily and Gardner.

4. Ginny coming back is good, but a bit like "We're just gonna pop in now whenever we want". However, I do understand it would be extraneous circumstances, when your child bangs her head from a potions explosion. Ginny's been the continuous figure of power mixed with motherly love, and it's nice to see her true to form.

5. Final chapter coming up, and it's time for the ending soon. There's going to be a Jack and Lily scene, that's evident, but I'm scared that it'll be a glee, where suddenly, a random character will pop out of the woodworks.

6. Extra note, about all of the minor characters which appeared. Aimee is so sweet, and understanding, really need more of her, even though I know it's only 1 more chapter left. Roxy has had a less impact, only have a little mention of her visiting, and Teddy has been himself as normal, funny, but serious, the perfect teacher. This is one of the best dialogue scenes we've had with him in. Oh, and about the McFarland comment? So glad you did that. So glad.

As always, 10/10. Keep writing Miss Genower, keep writing. And keep the threat in the previous chapter in mind. I intend for at least for that to partly happen if you do what was said.

Author's Response: YAY! That's always good news!
1. (I didn't fix her, smartbutt James did) I want the fact that I managed to make a metaphor last two novels remembered forever, so we can joint celebrate! (No really, it's linked to the fact that holding on to someone too tightly is actually very bad for both you and them, and Lily had to let go of Ellie to help her. And how something well intentioned can actually be very dangerous and does the exact opposite of what you want to come out of it. ANYWAY)
2. I always felt for Jack, but I knew the contents of the letter, so... and yeah, that was the idea. BUT I had Jack mention the sister a bit so it was actually something people could've picked up on if they looked hard enough, which no one did... eww, no. No run-and-kiss. Bleh.
3. Yep. I think Gardner (and by extension, this scene) was actually born out of that particular bus ride. Like, that scene randomly came into my head that night- I've had it sitting around for ages.
4. It's actually more like 'I'm the wife of the Chosen One, let me in to see my unstable and depressed daughter or else' kind of situation, but yeah, I love Ellie to pieces. (Plus, you have to remember that Dean Thomas (Professor Thomas) is actually Ginny's ex, so they do have a friendship-type-thing still there that she can use as leverage...
5. Indeed, it is. I DON'T DO RANDOM CHARACTERS. ONLY CHARACTERS MENTIONED BEFORE (see: Jack's sister Reagan, McFarland).
6. Aimee is lovely, but no more of her, sorry. Her scene is only included because I wanted to remind people that total strangers are good people, too, as well as the bad calling Lily all those names and spreading rumours about her. Roxy is cool, but I couldn't fit her in in this chappie. Which McFarland comment? I can't find which one you mean :'( please tell me!
Thank you very much. This story is written! I am plotting my next one though... be warned. Your feelings will explode by the time I'm done with you.

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Review #32, by Sugar Quills Letting Go

25th May 2013:
Ok, so reviewing this before I read chapter 9.
Back to point plot, as always.

1. Lily. Why? LILY! You've sent her into a downwards spiral of depression, and frankly, her hooking up with those strangers is weird (I'm saying no more about this point, for fear of death).

2. Jack. Waiting for explanation, although i'm pretty sure it's in the next chapter. Keep in mind though, that if it ends up all lovey-dovey, with everything completely perfecy, I will rip my hair out and force-feed it to you. And unlike your other fan people who reviews this, I can do it.

3. James. You brought him back, just in time to punch Lily back to reality. Well, as much of reality Lily can stand. But it was nice to see him appear, as well as the rest of the family.

So, I'm leaving this with 3 points. I'll be reviewing the next chapter soon, after i've read it a few times, so keep your eyes out for it.

Author's Response: Thaaank youuu. :D
1. Yes, she is on a downward spiral of depression. It does suck. But that's real life, sweetcheeks! :P
2. Ooh, are you now? Are you certain? Or is he just a bad guy who deserves throttling? Oh, that's pretty nasty. Will try to avoid perfection. Yes, you could, but it sounds painful...
3. He is a pretty rockin' brother.
Coolio. Will watch out for it, thanks for the review! :)

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Review #33, by 1_madeline_3 Predictable

25th May 2013:
I KNEW JACK WAS GOOD! KNEW IT! I have so much faith in Lily and Jack. :) Ugh! I need a knew chapter. You're so good. EEK! :)) Can't wait!

Author's Response: I KNOW RIGHT?! His back story is so sad though, and I absolutely fell in love with Reagan when I came up with the idea :( I really made myself sad, actually.
New chapter is awaiting validation- at best, it could be up in the next few days! Thank you for reviewing again! :)

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Review #34, by SourGrapeSnape Predictable

25th May 2013:
...I dont think Im okay.
I know, love.

My feels. That is all.

Author's Response: Believe it or not, you've just quoted the exact snippet that came into my head on a bus, and I typed it into my iPod before I forgot it. Then I put it in where it felt right. :)

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Review #35, by HarryPotterFan_1 Predictable

25th May 2013:
Great chapter, it's quite possibly my favourite in this story. Can't wait for the next chapter. :)

Author's Response: Aww, thank you! Glad you enjoyed it. The next, and last, chapter, is in the queue.

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Review #36, by AriPotter Predictable

25th May 2013:
I think this is my favorite chapter so far!

Author's Response: One more to go, and it's in the queue! Glad you enjoyed it :)

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Review #37, by Phoenix_Feather49 Letting Go

23rd May 2013:
If reviews are gold, you should be getting pretty goddamn rich ;)

Cracking chapter, I not ashamed to say I shed a tear. It was so beautifully written and very poignant in a way! I weirdly took Lily's side with the whole Roxanne thing; I was like, "YEAH! YOU TELL HER!" when she was yelling at Roxanne, but then I was a bit scared by scary Lily.

The accusing James and Albus bit was very sad actually and perfect. James' speech was "!!!" and "I'm going to cry now" worthy ;) I would've like to have seen Albus a bit more because I loved Albus in In My Blood and I miss him (obviously he's not a main character, I know) so it would've been cool if he'd been like, "Woah Lils, calm yo tits!" sort of thing.

(I'm very hyper because I just completed a couple of my exams so I'm celebrating with sweets. My history exam was diabolical too, so no worries. I hate those exams when they give you options between two lots of questions and I'm like: "EVERYTHING I'VE REVISED IS IN THESE QUESTIONS! YES- oh wait I can't answer the final one, I'm going to have to answer the other one. That happened and I nearly cried.)

Lily's definitely in "self-destruction mode" like you said- though she doesn't seem to realise that "self-destruction mode"= hurt everyone around her. It's very sad.

You will laugh at my theories ;) Do you actually know how you're going to end it completely? Is this the final one in this mini-series if you will? Any more follow-ons planned?

Me and my friends think (we have taken to reading this together and texting each other as it goes on. I don't care if we're sad.) either get Jack back on the good side or leave him on evil side and have Lily cure herself after a few years or meet someone new? Basically anything could happen with you. Hey, maybe Ellie will be miraculously cured, pulling Lily out of her depression and then Ellie'll marry Albus and the Jack thing will turn out to be a dream and Jack/Lilly will be back on.

Hang on, I've just remembered who the author is ;) The heartless author who makes me die inside with her awesome writing! I'm kidding, I can't wait to see what happens!

Update soon! Love this, love you, keep writing!

Author's Response: I would be, but they never get old. :)
Aww, you cried :') I'm glad you enjoyed it. Oh, don't worry, the reason Lily was so harsh was because I was genuinely getting riled up at what Roxy was saying, even though I love how calm and logical Roxy is. And yeah, Lily did... lose it a bit.
Urgh, that was the first of this I write. My brain just sorta spewed it out and then I had to edit it into the chapter until I liked how it fitted. And James' speech was just so wonderful to write... I missed him so much. And I really wanted to write Al in, but he wouldn't speak, godd*mmit! He just didn't know what to say or do. He'd been dealing with Ellie for so long he'd forgotten that Lily might need caring for too.
(cograts on getting through them! It's hard to even just survive exams psychologically, so HAVE ALL OF THE SWEETS AND CHOCOLATE AND DELICIOUS, DELICIOUS NUTELLA (nutella is just happiness for me after exams) and :( I'm sorry your history wasn't great but remember, history is one of the most difficult exams you can do in the British education system. And that is the WORST FEELING in the middle of an exam. I hope you're okay)
That's usually how it is, though. I know that's how one of my family has been acting for a few years now, and it's really tearing us apart.
I LOVE THEORIES, AND WILL NEVER LAUGH UNLESS SURPRISED OR IMPRESSED. Of course I know how I'm ending it! I knew the end of this before I fully knew the end of IMB, actually. I just didn't know the beginning. :D This is the final story for Ellie and Lily, yes. I'm really sad about it, actually, but I will have told theirs. It's time to find other characters in me now :) BUT, having said that, two years ago I did loosely begin to plan Katie and Wood's story- how they began to date, Katie writing her books and everything in between. So that might yet be written.
(I'm not even exaggerating when I say I squealed and told my mum about this. YOU GUYS TALK ABOUT THE CHAPTERS? I WOULD ACTUALLY GIVE YOU EVERYTHING I OWN TO READ SOME OF THEM. PLEASE. JUST ONE HILARIOUS LITTLE ANECDOTE OR SOMETHING. Many apologies for my inner Caps Lock Harry showing, I'm a bit overwhelmed by 'my-writing-is-liked?' feels right now.) Now, speaking as a reader, I'd LIKE Jack to be redeemed but it'll be interesting if he isn't. And good old Lillers, cheering herself up. Ooh, someone new? That'd be cool. Ellie cured would be the best thing ever! Ellie and Al wedding for the win :) They're so sweet together. (I promise this novel doesn't end 'and then I woke up')
HEY! I'm a nice person! I like people! My characters have to live my experiences sometimes, though, to keep my writing interesting! Next chapter should be up in the next couple of days if nothing goes wrong... fingers crossed!
Thankyouverymuch also did I mention that this is the third to last chapter and the next one will be the penultimate one and then the story ends and I have to start writing a new novel?

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Review #38, by BBWotter Letting Go

22nd May 2013:
I can't even...why do I put myself through this. In My Head nearly broke me, BUT THIS! Why? Why? Why? I am crying. It's worse than In My Head by 1000, this is too sad but I know I'll carry on reading becuse I love this and I love you. Thank you so much xx

Author's Response: I don't know. Why do you? :P Oops. I'm sorry... erm... here, have a cyber cookie and cyber tissue and cyber hug from me. I didn't mean to make you sad :( I just wanted to write a story. You're welcome :)

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Review #39, by 1_madeline_3 Letting Go

21st May 2013:
Thanks for the fast update. Okay so here's the thing...I'm one of those ghost readers...never review..only read completed stories. But I after I read In My Blood..I had to know what happen! So far you have kept me at the edge of my seat! You're amazing. I cried for Lily. I had gone through the same thing..I have lose a best friend..I let myself go. I know this is fiction but I know what it's like. Thank you for this story.

Author's Response: You're absolutely welcome! Ooh, hello Ghostie :) Nice to hear from you again. I'm glad you're enjoying it... (I've cried a lot writing it, too. I've lost a lot of people and that's what inspired me to write this one, to help grapple with my own feelings, so I understand how hard and helpful it can be simultaneously). You're welcome. Thank you for reviewing :)

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Review #40, by EllaShanti Letting Go

21st May 2013:
Well, this was brilliant. I actually think this is the best chapter we've had so far, or one of, coz it really gives an insight into how fully disturbed (is that the right word?) Lily has been by, well, everything. It really makes you feel and understand her so congrats, Lady Genower :D.

The part when Harry and James were there - that was adorable. I love it when they go all fatherly/brotherish. R when anyone is being all comforting. Like Teddy. Or Jack.

Speaking of which...I'm hanging out for Jack-Lily confrontation/forgiveness/Tina explanation scene. We got a short one, but Gardner cut it so please, I will give you chocolate. And money. Money in chocolate. Whatever ;).

Oh, quick question: was Lily a virgin before McFarland(e?)?
I didn't think she was, but I'm not entirely sure.

But why did she say they were lies? Is she still going to be crazy-abuse-roxy-and-teachers-hook-up-with-every-male-in-hogwarts or just still a bit messed up without telling anyone?
Well, I guess you'll show me in the next chapter...soon? *bats eyelashes hopefully* . Wonderful chapter, lovely!

P.s. last review, where it said 'wish, love triangle' that was meant to say 'whoa' and my phone autocorrected it. Silly HTC thinks it's smarter than me.


P.p.p.s. I may overdo the compliments in reviews, I've noticed...but whatever. You deserve them. I express my feelings through adjectives. Blah. Just thought I'd randomly chuck that in there. :P

Author's Response: Aww, thank you so much. I think 'disturbed' is as good as any- she's been changed by it, and certainly not for the better. Thank you very much, Duchess Ella. ;)
I think when I write them I'm basically indulging myself, because I adore how lovely they are. They're just genuinely nice people and I wanna hug them.
Yep! There's gonna be an explanation, maybe forgiveness, maybe Tina explanation. Yeah, don't worry, it's al planned out. I've got it sorted, I swear! (chocolate money like at Christmas, please and thank you :P)
Actually, she was a virgin before McFarland. I'll put a little comment in the next chapter about it so everyone else knows :)
Probably the latter. Maybe the former. :D
I'll do my best to get it up soon! Aww, thank you sweetie :)

PS. Silly, silly phone. (I kinda guessed it was a typo)
PPPS. No, compliments good. Compliments keep me writing. Compliment feed me like time energy feeds Weeping Angels.

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Review #41, by Harry and Ginny Letting Go

21st May 2013:
finally Lily snapped! it was interesting to read about it and I hope that everything gets better after this! can't wait to read the next chapter!^_^


Harry and Ginny

Author's Response: Took her long enough, didn't it? :) Glad you enjoyed it and my exams are on hiatus for a week so lots of writing is going to get done!
Thank you for reviewing again!

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Review #42, by EllaShanti All My Fault

20th May 2013:

Okay so wow. Jack...Tina? Girlfriend? I mean we knew there was something fishy about him but..! (I'm practically incoherent with horror..and this isn't even speaking.) He was supposed to turn up and be like Lily, it's okay you didn't get the apprenticeship because I love you so let's get married now and you can have my babies.


Well, this chapter was of course still your wonderful bundle of gorgeous exciting story, and I of course love a bit of a plot twist. It was good to have a bit of a sudden change in the plot. That bit with Roxy was adorable, only I thought it seemed a bit of a random addition in the story...I'd kinda forgotten about her and then it was like wish, love triangle happening here. Not a bad thing though, always nice to have a few side plots and it'll be interesting to see how that one turns out.

Now, back to the owlery she really his girlfriend? I'm getting a bit of a feeling she's not ,or there's more to that story then we know right now (well, that's obvious, but you know what I mean). He was trying to say something, after all...well, here's hoping :D

Finally...I'm sorry, but HIM? She's rebounding on a SLYTHERIN? THAT slytherin? The CREEP? That's disturbing...I maybe it's meant to be though...? But still, that freaked me out a bit. Just too weird.
...she won't get pregnant, will she?

And...oh dear, that seems to be something approaching a cliffy. Which means, I AM ON MY KNEES BEGGING YOU TO UPDATE SOON even if I am currently in the midst of the exam tornado ;).

So yeah. Love you, your story, this chapter and Jack, too, I suppose. Possibly. Keep writing, wonderful!

Author's Response: Rants are good. They usually involve coherency immediately after. ;)
Yep. Yep. Indeed we did! Yeah... sorry about that...
Now THAT would have been an awesome way to end it early! :D
N'aww, thank you :) Ahh, you see, it was a poor attempt at foreshadowing. Roxy gets let down by a friend-boy romantically, and so does Lily. Plus it fit nicely with her previous whining about it. Coolio, glad it's not retracted too much :)
Right, let's get down to business (to defeat the huns). Yes, Tina is really his girlfriend. Isn't there always more to the story when it's me? :P had to be. Yes, she is. Yes, him. Uh-huh. I didn't want a random-er, I wanted a slimy git that was already hated.
*cliffhanger celebration dance*
Exam tornado? I'm stealing that. That's an awesome phrase. UPDATE SON MY LOVELY :)
Thank you, thank you, aww, poor Jack. I will! thank you for all your reviewing, sweetie :)

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Review #43, by LilliBeaumont18 All My Fault

19th May 2013:
I would say that this is a bit depressing, but then I did kind of sign up for that, didn''t I?
Anyway, apart from the fact that it kind of makes me want to cry, alot, in a good way, it was brilliant as always.

Author's Response: I am really sorry about that- usually, though, my books reflect where my head is at when I first begin writing it, and it helps me get through my own issues. I tend to see my writing as a six month long therapy session... ;)
Oh, thank you. And thank you for reviewing!

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Review #44, by 1_madeline_3 All My Fault

19th May 2013:
OH MY GOD. OH MY GOD. You're so awesome. I just can't wait for the next chapter. You're amazing at what you do.

Author's Response: Oh, thank you :) That's really sweet. Thank you for reviewing!

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Review #45, by Sugar Quills All My Fault

19th May 2013:
Ok, this is so changing from the Lily and Jack show, thank goodness. And after a 1 chapter break, here I am with my points of analysis, the one called Genower.

1. I love roxy as a character, even though she's minimal. If everyone obeyed her advice, all of the idiots in the world would be gone or quickly realise they have to change, and I agree with that. Also, the little hint she dropped about the reunion sounds interesting. Can't wait to see if that appears in the next few chapters.

2. Jack. Finally, I know what was wrong with jack. Although, you may pull a Moffat and trick us again, just as I get my head around jack as a character. I still hold counts of "I knew something wasn't right about him". Also, love that he has anger problems, really shows how imperfect he is.

3. Lily. Now, in this chapter, Lily is one thing I'm unsure about. Yes, I've always loved her character, ever since in my blood, and she remained true to form as the one we've all grown to love across both books. But the bit after jack? I know you want her to go off the hooks, but MCFARLAND? Really? That's like sending her off to fight 500 dementors with no wand. It should not happen. Relating to this point as well, loving the letters from Lily to Ellie, as well as when we see them vice versa, they always make me smile when I read them. I still wonder what Lily's next plan to save Ellie is though.

I think that's all I want to cover so far in this chapter. I don't hate you compared to the last chapter, mainly because last chapter, you tore open old wounds. The only thing I find horrific about this chapter is McFarland. I hope to read some more chapters soon though

Till next time
Sugar Quills

Author's Response: Bro. It was good as the Jack and Lily show. It was happy. ;) YES. A WHOLE CHAPTER. HOW DARE YOU.
1. She is the voice of reason a lot of the time, but she has her own problems. Erm... not necessarily. Like, how often do people rationally listen to good advice? Not often. See: Lily. Hmmm... we shall see *insert evil laugh*
2. Yes, but do you really know? Don't compare me to that monster! I'm not that bad :( You don't have to wait until November for the next chapter. Yes, you do hold counts of them! Ooh, anger problems... interesting...
3. Ooh, okay, unsure... of course. But that bit? Yep, it's what I based her character on. So it's definitely in-character. And of course off-the-wall-crazy is doing something like that with McFarland. I'm very happy everyone's grown to hate him the way I do, though :D Aww, I'm glad. They're moments of peace for me too :)
Cool. Really? I thought last chapter was better than this one, even with that... more chapters after my exam on Wednesday!
Till tomorrow :D

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Review #46, by Phoenix_Feather49 All My Fault

19th May 2013:

Why. Would. You. Do. This. I was right though, wasn't I? I SAID they would crash and burn. Oh you, I do love you and your heartbreaking story arcs.

Not McFarland! Oh Merlin, that was brilliant twist but horrible. I want to march into that room and pull Lily off him and give her a good talking to. I'm looking forward to seeing what happens next- I'm guessing Jack won't be happy. Or will he see through it and realise she's just doing it to annoy him? Don't tell me! I want a surprise.

Another cracking chapter, so excited for the next one! Can't wait! You always keep me guessing, though I've got some predictions for how it'll end (I KNOW ALREADY)- probably in some heartfelt terrible way that will make me cry knowing you. Or you'll make me laugh.

Keep writing and update soon! Hope your exams went well. Mine certainly didn't :D

P.S Thanks for the piece of mind about Ellie's care. It actually really gave me some relief and I've changed my mind about a lot of it now. It meant a lot to hear that! Also, I'll never give up on this story. The beauty of it is that it is triggering and makes me think- that's why I love it so much. I promise if I did stop reading this, I'd always let you know and explain why.

Erm, because this was the first scene I thought of/wrote in the story and sparked the whole book...? :D Indeed, you did. Congratulations. I think it's safe to simply assume I will destroy your heart. :) Love you too.
YAY PLOT TWISTS. I'm not going to lie, McFarland did have a several more scenes that I cut out because I wanted it to be surprising but inevitable. Yup, me too. But it had to be him. Ooh, interesting guessing... a bit more than 'annoy', though, I think. She's on 'destruct' mode and doesn't realize that that mode only comes in 'self destruct' form.
Oh yeahhh, cracking so much I need cheese. (sorry, history revision is getting to me. Slowly losing my mind.) It's GONNA BE SO GOOD lol I'm gonna make it up as I go along YOLO. NO, post your predictions, I wanna know, please post them I wanna know please please please! :) (Let's be cautiously optimistic and hope for laughter?)
I pretty much have the other chapter sorted, so soon ish- check within the next five days certainly :P Oh, I completely messed up my first History and am already figuring out how to pay for the resit whilst English went better than expected! Oh no... I hope you're okay. :(
PS. you're absolutely welcome! It's not going to fit into the story arc, so I really don't mind. It's not like a spoiler or anything! Well, thank you for having so much faith in it, despite my continued torture of my characters and by extension, you. I hope I do it justice.

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Review #47, by Phoenix_Feather49 Freedom

19th May 2013:

Anyways, sorry for the late review! I see you've posted the next chapter as well D: I have not abandoned you or this story, I just didn't notice it was up.

Quick review as I'm moving straight onto the next one where I shall leave a satisfactory one.

Where's Jack at bro? I have a ominous feeling about him and their relationship. Why? BECAUSE IT'S YOU AND WITH EVERY CHAPTER YOU BREAK MY HEART. That's why.

Love you, love this, keep writing! (Even though I know you've put up the next chapter...)

Author's Response: I know, it sucks. Sorry :(
Eh, it's fine. No worries- I've been a lot busy recently, so the dip in reviews due to pretty rubbish updates is sorta expected. Indeed, I have.
Bro, Jack is in the next chapter! He snuck outta this one... it's like he's avoiding Lily :( Sorry about that!
N'aww :') thank you for reviewing! I'm working on it!

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Review #48, by Fawkes394 Freedom

13th May 2013:
I also find those muggle games quite weird... I just needed to say that :)

'The same Hot Ravenclaw Jack who I wasn't actually sure was genetically possible, due to perfection'< My exact thoughts on Jack! And she FINALLY admitted he's perfect (yay!)

Lily's awkwardness while praying! I can't believe she actually searched on 'how to pray in the library' haha. Please don't think I'm heartless because I laughed at it! It kind of made me really sad, because she's saying such sad things, but it also made me laugh, she was so awkward.
I loved the scene with Lily furious at the midgets. I really have no patience for those either, they are so arrogant and annoying. I'd love to be able to scare them with detention threats... Instead I just yell at them, when they annoy me, and they laugh at me : (

Why are people in the Ministry so horrible?! She was so happy and cheery and they just had to ruin her mood. I hate them too. And I wonder what's going on with Jack, I hope he's alright. Actually, I NEED to know!

PS: I really hope you do well on your exams! Chocolate is good for stress, I eat tons of it during exam weeks (and normal weeks too).

Author's Response: That comment was actually a vent about some of my guy-mates. I JUST DON'T UNDERSTAND. It has no purpose just- what? I can't even...
I had so much fun creating variations of that phrase, 'Hot Ravenclaw Jack', but it eventually got far too explicit so I reverted to the original. And anyway, it was mostly my inner fangirl saying it all anyway.
She is adorable. I think she just wanted to get it right, though, because she thinks she only really has one shot at it. Oh, I don't! I intended it to be awkward because she IS awkward about the whole thing.
Ahh. Fury at the midgets. Similiar to my own anger at small people at high school. They just seemed to get smaller and more arrogant each year. Don't worry, I got laughed at too :(
I don't think they were unreasonable, actually... they were pretty astute, and she offered no evidence that she did do outside activities, and what with the Ministry crackdown on theorists...
You'll find out a bit next chapter, actually! Thank you so much for both your lovely reviews :)
PS. Aww, thank you so much! I have discovered this... I really need to work out after my exams are done now, though. ;)

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Review #49, by Fawkes394 Escape

13th May 2013:
Hello! I'm sorry, this has taken me far too long! In my defence, school has been exploiting me.

I'm so sad for Ellie! I really thought she was getting better... Ginny's speech was really inspiring and she's right, Lily needs to start living again. I hope Jack makes her see that.
The letters with Jack! They are so cute and awkward! I wonder why Lily doesn't tell Ginny about him, she'd certainly be happy for her.

James is back! He's awesome and such a contrast with Lily's mood... I didn't remember Chelsea, though. I never thought they'd get married.

'HAVE FUN AND EAT CAKE' Only Teddy, I wish I had teachers like him.

I'm probably not making much sense, but I just finished a long essay, so sorry...

PS: Thanks! I'm really not that special, you know. Your life sounds a lot interesting, I'd much rather be English than Colombian...
I visited England once and I really liked it, people are really nice. Plus many of my teachers are English and they are really cool. I'll have that in mind, thanks, I would also love to meet you!

Author's Response: It's absolutely fine! I completely understand, I do feel like I'm about to fall apart at any moment thanks to school. And don't feel obligated to review- I appreciate any and all: it's flattering to get one (although, when a regular name pops up, I do get a little fuzz of happy in my head, so don't think I don't want you to :) ).
I know, I'm sorry. It really sucks. I love book-Ginny so she's pretty rocking in here, or at least I think so :D She really does.
Always cute and awkward! I love Lily's communication through letters, it's just a great measure of her honest feelings. Because... reasons. Explained later.
I'm Team James, personally. Oh really? That's actually very interesting... she was only in the story a little bit, but there's a reason I kept her. Again, reasons later explained.
Teacher or brother or step/half/sort-of brother. I would take any of them. Although this was actually inspired by my high school Religious Studies teacher, who before the Christmas told us to get our planners out (where we record homework). Naturally, we groan and whine and say 'BUT IT'S CHRISTMAS' but ya know, we had to write it. And he dictated to us 'Now, I want you to write down, 'have loads of fun and enjoy yourself'. And we did a class-hug to honour him, after cheering loudly.
Aww, bless you...
PS. I've never met anyone that isn't special. My life is as equally monotonous and painful as yours, I can assure you. :)
I don't really know that much about Columbia, so I can't tell you either way. I do like England, though. Our emotional repression makes everything quite pleasant. And that would be insanely cool for me!

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Review #50, by EllaShanti Freedom

10th May 2013:

Sorry, had to get that out of my system ;) and of course this was a gorgeouslywonderfulfantabulous chapter :D:D. But that Ellie-farewell part was awful (in a GOOD way! it was very touching...nothing about his story is awful. I mean, it has Jack in it, come on).

But why is Jack missing?? If anything happens to him I WILL FIND YOU (joking...maybe). And he CAN'T NOT like Lily that would be more tragic than WW1!!!

And NOOO she didn't get it! D: Poor Lily - I can definitely relate to that feeling - you know that horrible throb you get in your stomach? Yeah. And then I was like...Lily, Lily, please chill, calm down, somebody give her a hug, oh yay for Teddy :D. Will Jack appear to comfort her?? That would be the cutest thing since...I don't know, sliced bread. (What is with that saying? I mean, sliced bread is cool, I guess, but it's not exactly cute, or funny, or whatever...I guess it's just something to say when there's nothing else to compare it to...but anyway back on track).

So of course, brilliantly fabulous *insert more adjectives here* chapter, I love Jack and pretty please with a cherry and icing sugar and whatever else you like on top update soon!


p.s. and WOO! Yes! PARTAAY because JKR wrote HP, without which there would be no fanfiction, without which there would be no IMB/H!

p.p.s. I should also mention Harry is pretty adorabubble too as a daddy :P

It's absolutely okay. Excitement is good for the soul ;) n'aww, thank you :) Oh, gawd, sorry. I've been a bit all-over-the-place and my writing sorta shows that, but at least it works...? Good ol' Jack, making everything better.
ALL IS EXPLAINED BY- like, the end of the story. You know what I'm like for not explaining everything until the verylastpossiblesecond. :/ scared now. YOU'LL NEVER TAKE ME ALIVE.
I know, poor Lilster. I love her to pieces, but she really can't catch a break. I *hate* that feeling, it sorta hangs around with you for a long time afterwards. Maybe Jack'll help, maybe he won't. We'll just have to keep reading... ;) (it is a weird saying. I always say 'coolest thing since polar bears/penguins/arctic foxes' though, to keep things interesting)
Aww, thank you very muchly :) I'll do my best, I've just got major life-determining exams atm so my updates are slow. Three weeks until they're completely done, though, so yay!
PS. I'm going to the cafe where she wrote them in Aug. Planning on taking HP&TPS to read in there. So happy!
PPS. He did raise James, after all.

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