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Review #26, by FutureMrsBlack Enclosed Spaces

29th March 2013:
You're such an epic writer! I love Lily's sarcasm and James' idiocy :D

Author's Response: Aww, thank you very much! (both of those are actually just my inner demons coming out showing... ;) )

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Review #27, by MissMoneypenny Undoubtedly Stupid

25th March 2013:
Sorry, I don't know if anyone mentioned this, but you spelt "undoubtedly" wrong. I don't mean to be horrible or anything ( cos trust me, my dad does it ALL THE FRICKING TIME AND EVERY TIME HE DOES IT RIPS AT MY VERY SOUL) I just think it takes a bit out of your masterpiece. Hey, if you don't like me correcting you, read my work and go, "HAH! YOU SPELT A WORD WRONG! In your FACE!" I don't mind.
But don't worry, it's a horrible word. I still love you, though I'm sure you hate me for reviewing so much. I normally just leave one big review at the end, I'll do that for IMH if you prefer.

Author's Response: You have NO idea how long I stressed about the effing spelling of that effing word. I eventually did the ipdipdoo- thank you for the clarification!
And no, seriously- spelling/grammar mistakes bug me, and it's really kind of you to help me improve- even if it's just the presentation of it. Thank you!
And no- not at all! It's so gratifying to have someone respond to my stories in this way- plus, it helps me figure out what is good/bad, then I can do more of it. I do have a preferred way of getting my reviews, but you do what you want- I love them either way :)

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Review #28, by MissMoneypenny Dying

25th March 2013:
Wo! End of story- no, no, it's not a good thing and I'm NOT, NOT, NOT glad it's over but it's kinda happy and the last line:
I will fight to the end, because it's in my blood.
Seriously, babes, that was beautiful. You're a born writer and shouldn't be confined to fanfiction. Get out there and write your own stories!

Anyway, back to this one.
I have enjoyed it so, so much. Finishing it now has made me realise the amount of foreshadowing you put in in the earlier chapters. Quick question: does Ellie want to be a writer too? I think she'd be good at it, but it might be a bit cliched. Yes, there's an accent there but I can't be bothered to put it in. Sue me.
Anyway AGAIN (sorry: I really need to get an attention span, my Geography teacher told me so. Aargh exams! Revision! Die die die!) I love this story to bits and can't wait to read In My Head, so I'm going to do that RIGHT NOW! Aargh emotional moment.
*adds story to favourites*
10/10 FOR THE WHOLE THING. It's called appreciation of the Arts, darling. Sorry. I'll just go now.
*whistles awkwardly*

Author's Response: You made it! YAY. :D It's okay to be glad it's over. It's really, really long. XD
I like that line too. I had to make it work, though, because I made the title and went '...oh yeah, I need to mention it somewhere. THE END. That'll do.' >.<
Thank you so much. I have previously written my own stories, but I actually love fanfiction because I get feedback on it. I can see where I'm going wrong/right, and can improve on it. Plus, I'm thinking of converting this into a normal novel and seeing how that turns out.

I'm glad you did, and yeah- I did my best to make it as- inevitable?- as possible. I wanted it to be in plain sight, but not obvious until it had happened. No, she does not. Her future lay in Care of Magical Creatures- she just finds writing therapeutic, which was actually how Katie initially started writing. Who bothers with accents? Not me :)
Attention spans are overrated. I am like a goldfish, and I've written two novels, and am in the process of a third. Seriously, just set yourself a deadline and panic in the last hour. That's how I'm dealing with my English coursework!
(Exams aren't a thorn in our collective side. Exams are the daggers that Julius Caeser was stabbed with upon his assassination in our collective side.)
I'm so grateful that you enjoyed it and gave me so much feedback in this way. And thank you for favourite-ing, it means a lot.
Thank you.
*grins, winks, and pretends not to giggle*

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Review #29, by MissMoneypenny Darkness

25th March 2013:
Well babe, we're nearly finished. And THANK GOD IT'S WORKING NOW.

I think it's really sweet how the whole time she's (Ellie) being tortured, the main thing she's thinking about is Lily. OK, that was terribly worded, but what I mean is they're obviously best friends; they have a really strong bond. I found that rather beautiful. *tears up*

Moving onto the final chapter, so excited!!
P.S I guess the whole Lily/Ellie thing was demonstrated really early on though, when Ellie went to help her without a wand. Note to Ellie: never go into confrontations with people who are bigger than you without a wand. Oh dear. I'm talking like this actually happened again.

Author's Response: I know you are! :D
It's the only thing keeping her in the present, so it's necessary as well as sweet... but yes, their relationship is very close and dependent, but only when they really need each other. It's lovely. :)
I'm excited to see your reaction!
PS. Yeah, it was. I'm not gonna lie, I didn't intend for that parallel to exist- but it's a happy accident, right? :D It works quite well, if I may say so myself. In fact, thank you for pointing that out- I hadn't noticed before!
No worries. I keep thinking my own story is canon and I talk to other HP people for a while before they interrupt me saying '-hang on, what?!'

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Review #30, by MissMoneypenny Giving Up

25th March 2013:
"Psh, technicalities!"
It is now my challenge to include an quote in each review, and I love that scene between Al and James- it's so cute that he (Al) has admitted he loves her; I really hope they get together. Oh, and that Ellie wakes up. Obviously. :p

Author's Response: Jamesy-Boy is sorta adorable >.<
Ooh, this'll be interesting... I'm curious about those kinds of things... Naww, I know, right? I think all the relationships in HP are the most important part, and I think Harry and Ginny would have raised their children to be close... so yeah. Cuteness is cute :)
You're nearly done! Thank you so much for reviewing this much, it's really great.

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Review #31, by MissMoneypenny Stumbling

25th March 2013:
So, I have a pretty good idea of what's gonna happen... But that was such a beautiful chapter! It was a really clever idea, too, to have Al thinking he raped her BUT HE DIDN'T. Tres dramatic. Ah yes. I'm a natural Frenchie.

"Guilt is a bitch from where I'm standing Al." ah yes. Good quote.
Great chapter, Ginger! (Can I call you Gingie? Or Ginge, or is that really offensive? No offence meant if it is.)
In case you can't tell, I need some coffee.

Author's Response: Bonjour! Ca va?
Do you now...? :P Can you make a guess so we can see together if you're right? Aww, thank you :) Nice to hear that. I know, right?! It was the worst kind of plot bunny- it just wouldn't leave me alone! I'm not a natural Frenchie- to pass my GCSE, I spoke English with a French accent. :D
Guilt is one of my worst problems- I have it, like, all the time.
You can call me whatever you like :) I know you don't mean it insultingly, and anyway, I'm the one whose publicised her own hair colour. I used to hate it, but now I own it and I'm always first to make the 'fire' jokes, so I'm finding it increasingly easier to laugh at everyone else's jokes. So go ahead! See if you can call me something different every time >.<
Thanks for reviewing again :)

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Review #32, by MissMoneypenny New Things Every Day

24th March 2013:
Wow powerful chapter, dude! Harry and Ginny are getting I to the N to the FLUENTUAL! (which spells influential, in case you hadn't noticed.)

The whole story is a really clever mix of humour and darkness. I'm finding it really intriguing how it changes so quickly.

Also, the whole story about Katie and her writing was just beautiful. I nearly cried: but I think it's a really clever idea.
Can't wait to read more!... Yay for Britain. Woo!

Author's Response: Thank you! that made me snort up orange juice onto my computer screen. Thanks. ;)
I tried my best to weave the two around each other... and eventually wind them together, so it's hard to tell which way is up and which is down.
Thank you. For all of it. It means a lot to me.
Britain is kinda epic :P Except for the whole 'triple-dip-recession' thing.
Thank you for your reviews :)

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Review #33, by MissMoneypenny Inherently a Marauder

24th March 2013:
I is officially enjoying story!

Meh, don't worry about the swearing. It adds to the character of the story.

I'm really enjoying it though, even though I've only read two chapters. Already the characters have been very cleverly conveyed, though I'm kind of confused how this chater and the previous one connect... Guess I'm just going to have to read on!

It's nice to see stereotypes being broken by Lily being the Potions whizz, because normally it's little Albie Sev, due to his namesake everything.
10/10 for a great story!

Author's Response: Hello :) I is glad you are!
I just wanted to warn people... 'people' being my mother, because she read it... :D
Nice to hear you are! To be honest, I don't quite know how it's clever, but... yay? I think it's just my writing style, maybe? It's sorta developed over my years of writing short stories- I'm quick at showing personality, I think. Yeah, it ties up well enough :)
Well, I always thought Lily would be, because she's more like Ginny but there's still her grandmother in her- I'm a lot like my grandmother(s), because they both loved reading. :)
Thank you so much! For the review, too.

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Review #34, by owllover1435 The Ministry

28th February 2013:
Hi I love your fanfic and how it's not just about the
main character in harry potter's kids. I really liked
how you referred to the HP books as Katy who
wrote them that was a stroke of genius. And i
really like how you don't make totally unrealistic
you make it very relatable. Thanks for writing.

Author's Response: Yeah, I find I start to repeat other people's stories when I do that.
Aww, thank you. A lot of the little details like that came to me in a rush.
I'm glad its effected you in some way- I think that's the purpose of writing. Thank you so much for reviewing- I'm so happy you enjoyed the story!

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Review #35, by Ella Dying

26th February 2013:
OMG that was so sad :( I actually cried and I never cry when I read.

Author's Response: I didn't mean to make you sad or cry :( I'm sorry.

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Review #36, by Ella Enclosed Spaces

26th February 2013:
Was that a danisnotonfire reference? O.o

Author's Response: Indeed, it was >.< I'm sad like that.

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Review #37, by Anon Day of the Letters

20th January 2013:
I was reading this, getting distracted, until I read this chapter. And all I thought was "Damn you.". Tbh, I also thought damn you to the Eliana/Albus thing, but still, I concur..
Good job, and I'm going to carry on reading
If you are as good as I think you are, you should know who I am :P

Author's Response: Ooh, bad friend. Concentrate on my stuff! ;)
Indeed, I know who you are. BusBuddy. :D glad you're enjoying it!

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Review #38, by EllaShanti Welcome to the Madhouse

18th January 2013:
Aww, this chapter was so sweet :D (except for the last sentence...)
Also, sorry for the not-full-coherent last review for 'day of the letters'...It was 1am and I was on my phone, result = clumbsy thumsie :P

Author's Response: Silly old last sentence- IT RUINED EVERYTHING. ;)
Oh, no worries! I knew what you meant and it was lovely, so I really don't mind.
'Clumbsy Thumbsie.'

...that's my new favourite saying. I actually love it.

I cannot get over that. I am going to use that all the time. o.O

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Review #39, by EllaShanti Dying

18th January 2013:
Wow, that was fantastic! I think it was the perfect ending.
I'm just a little confused about one thing; did James, Al, Dom and Lily really turn up to help or was she imagining them? And what happened to Alecto?
Anyway, I loved this story, don't stop writing! (i know that's a bit silly to say seeing as you finished writing these stories a while ago, but meh)
Well, I have to go read 'in my head' RIGHT NOW.
By the way, you have the best ANs/disclaimers :D

Author's Response: Aww, thank you! There were so many people who liked it but wished it was different- I'm glad some people thought I made the right decision completely :)
James, Al, Dom, Lily (Rose and Scorpius too) all really did turn up to defend Ellie. James and Lily were cursed, but the others held their ground until Harry, Ron, Teddy and a few other Aurors turned up.
Alecto gets mentioned in IMH :)
Not silly at all! I'm sort of writing IMH as I post it, which isn't the best method, but I'll explain why in the A/N of the next IMH chappie.
Hope you enjoy IMH just as much!
Thanks >.

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Review #40, by EllaShanti Day of the Letters

18th January 2013:
Your story is amazing, I love it! So addictive :D lily is the best. James and al are adorable too.
Getting scary now too!I just read that line 'i'm going to find you' at exactly midnight...coincidence, I hope! Hehe
Anyway, your story is fabulous, i'll definitelybreas the sequel!

Author's Response: Aww, thank you! :) glad you're enjoying it! Yeah, I hope it's just coincidence... o.O
'IMH' has a couple of chapters up, but finish this before you start that :D thank you for your time!

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Review #41, by MagykNargle Dying

8th January 2013:
First of all, let me tell you I'm mad at you. This story was so bloody brilliant that I read it tonight all in one go, despite it being nearly 1am, and I have to get up at half six for school.
However, you're story WAS brilliant, and it makes me hope that at some point I'll get it together and write my own fanfic. Is it awful of me to say that I loved the last few chapters the best, where Ellie wasn't sane? I like stuff like that for some reason; it's how I make my characters when I RP on my Harry Potter Role Play site, like the 13-year-old nerd that I am. Thank you for writing this; I really did have a wicked time reading it; watching character development and such.
Also, consider yourself honoured. This is the first fanfic one this website that I've read (and I've read tons), that was mainly about an original character. Call me a freak for the original Rowling story, but I just never wanted to accept that other people might have characters with a story to tell. Now, this freakishly amazing story has opened my eyes; after I read the companion story, I'll probably go read some more until I'm supposed to wake up, then regret it all day.
Anyways, I'd like to give you one last thank you, though I dunno if you still have time to read reviews, and would like to apologize for any typos: writing lengthy stuff on an iPod isnt the easiest.

Author's Response: Jeez, that first line scared me. I thought you were angry because it was crap or something o.O thank goodness.
OH! Do! Write your own! It's a great learning experience- not just in writing because you really know what you're capable of. And it's great fun to say to strangers 'I wanna be a writer,' and they're all 'well, it's really difficult to write an novel, how about you work in an office?' and then you can honestly say 'hey, I've actually already written two.'
Absolutely not. They're my favourite parts too. They're the only bit I'm comfortable with, to be honest, but ironically the ones I was most scared of posting.
I WAS EXACTLY LIKE THAT. Then I realised I could never do the original characters justice, so I decided to stick with my own. And I think I'm honoured every day- I get so many reviews and so many reads- people are genuinely interested, like you. Thank you so much. (get sleep, though. Sleep is good.)
Thank you too. In my darkest writing moments, I read these reviews and they give me hope again. You're wonderful.
You are entirely welcome,

PS. I will ALWAYS read reviews and try to always respond, even if it's only a line to say thank you.

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Review #42, by Georgia Dying

4th January 2013:
Ok so I think I started reading this story when it was on Chapter 6 and the whole time I was thinking 'get a banner so more people will read this because they *really* need to' because for some reason some people on HPFF judge stories on that criteria and I realised that although I'd been reading from Chapter 6 (before you had to re-upload the whole story I think?) I have never actually reviewed it and I felt bad, but... 19,000 READS! That is bloody brilliant, congrats to you so so so much because you deserve because this story is wicked epic, and I just wanted to leave one review to tell you that after all this time.

(Unnecessary but fun quotes are the best aren't they?)

Anyway, moving on to reading In My Head now because I just saw it on the description of this.

(FYI you made my cry in this story and I'm not sure if I can forgive you.)

Author's Response: Blimey! You've been around a while- thank you so much :) And I do HAVE a banner... it's just I can't figure out how to get the blasted thing up (and believe me, I've tried) but to be honest, I like the readers. I don't mind if the ones who only base their judgments on appearance keep scrollin'... I'm happy (see thrilled, amazed) by everyone who has read.
Thank you. One review is absolutely fine by me. It's actually made my day.

(Yes. Yes they are.)

Only one chapter, but I'm writing the next one!

(Urgh, sorry. I really didn't mean to. I just wanted a good story and then... bleh. Sorry :( )

PS. You're my hundredth reviewer on this story. I could not be more happy right now.

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Review #43, by Lilah Dying

18th December 2012:
Just read this whole story in one sitting, 3:25 in the morning, but it WAS SO WORTH IT!!! Your plot was fantastic, original, engaging and brought tears to my eyes. Your characters are so believable, you worked in the magic seamlessly, I'm so glad you privileged me with your words. Keep writing, I'll be bookmarking your author page ;)

Lilah xx

Author's Response: Hi Lilah :) I seem to wreck a lot of sleeping patterns... I apologize for your ruined shut eye.
That's absolutely lovely of you to say- all of it- and I am priviliged, too. I have your words. Believe me when I say that readers make me want to write, but reviews like this inspire me. Thank you.
Ginger xx

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Review #44, by Rae Scott Dying

8th December 2012:
This story was beautifully written. I literally pulled an all nighter to finish it, it's currently four thirty am and I'm sitting here trying to write this review. (So if it's not entirely coherent, I appologize!) You had be entrhalled. This was so different from any fanfiction I've read before. I honestly didn't expect this when I started reading it, but you absolutely amazed me, sucked me in. I think you are a born writer and you need to write more and more and more. YOu have amazing ideas and it doesn't have to be limited to fanfic.
Anyway, this story was beautiful. I loved how you incorporated aspects of how JKR writes, but you made the story your own as well. It was exciting and enthralling and I wasn't bored for one second. Thank you so much for sharing your work, and I hope you continue to do so, maybe you already have. I should probably check out your page for more huh? :D

Author's Response: I'm sorry to deprive you of your sleep. Also for the delay of this reply- merry christmas!
I think if you can use the word 'coherant' correctly in a sentence, i'll be able to make sense of what you've said :) i did try to make it unusual in that the branch of magic hadnt been explored much before and as a result the characters were put in uncertain situations. I'm glad my experiment wasn't an abysmal failure. And i am trying to write at the moment- a new college and job has meant i've barely had a social life, which is usually where i get my inspiration from, but i'm learning a lot and it should contribute in the long run. Plus my work contract expires next week, so yay for unemployment!
You're absolutely welcome. Thank you so much for being such a lovely, lovely reader, Rae. More is on it's way.

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Review #45, by LilyLunaP3_writes Dying

3rd December 2012:
Love this story! I wish there was a sequel! Awesome job!

Author's Response: Thank you! :D and the partner story (basically a sequel) is in progress, so you might want to watch out for that!

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Review #46, by coolsilver Dying

1st December 2012:
God, way to make me cry (well, really, leak a few tears) there at the end. I didn't think I would either-but really, up until the end of chapter 16, I was still holding out hope that Ellie would maybe, perhaps, still be able to survive fully-mentally, and physically, even though that would have not been quite realistic.
I do have to ask about the fight-Ellie was rather good at dueling, wasn't she? She was at least loads better than Lily, as I recall you writing in the beginning. Why then, would she not have been able to hold off Carrow better than she did? Even if she, a 5th year was able to attempt a Patronus, a decent shield charm should have been possible. Or hell, even some well placed jinxes and hexes at the fragile and mentally unstable Alecto.
I also have to wonder about Al's sudden fit of complete rage when he realized who the girl he snogged and thought he raped was, since the way you've written Al would be that he would be more likely to exhibit his anger and horror with furious, horrible, despairing silence, instead of extreme vocal and physical rage. Yes, he directed it at Ellie, but it just seemed so out of character for him, that even while reading and being immersed in the story, it took me by surprise.
Points to you (or really, Ellie) on how you wrote the previous chapter, and this final one. I heard her voice coming through very clearly, as she was going to meet her fate, and to sacrifice herself for her adoptive family. I admired the way you showed with almost alarming clarity, how she defied Carrow without even really trying, just by being herself (with a bit of Lily and that inherited Bell mouth thrown in!), and the points at which she started losing her mind. It was interesting, and very well done.
Good Job Ginger! :)

Author's Response: Phew! I didn't completely destroy your emotions :) And I guess that's sort of my style... I tried to inject hope, despite the ominous inevitability of some of the foreshadowing/circumstances. I liked that no one really knew how it was going to end until it happened.
Okay, so Ellie was... moderate. She's average in all her classes- that was simply a comparison to Lily, who's absolutely RUBBISH at dueling and that was more an inference of Lily's ability rather than Ellie. And to be honest, she'd sort of already given up. She believed that fighting back would/could endanger her family and quite simply, she wanted to just be dead, or be alive, not in an odd state of in between. And have you ever noticed that the mentally unstable are the most dangerous, to themselves and others? Ellie would have fought back, but she knew it would have just angered Carrow.
That all came out in a huge rush- he remembered who it was before he thought he remembered what he had done- and it wasn't at all what he was expecting. And I think, had Al discovered it at a different time, perhaps alone, he would have remained introvert in directing his anger and fully blamed himself, avoiding Ellie constantly. Unfortunately, she was there to blame.
Thank you. These where the easiest chapters to write- I just knew what she was going to think and do the whole time. It was just so simple to me, really.
And the sarcasm? Yep, that's Ellie through and through. You're about to die, so why not make fun of your killer? ;) she's a silly girl.
Thank you for such a lovely and interesting review.

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Review #47, by OZ123 Dying

29th November 2012:
Whoa! this is absolutely epic and i get it now! Ellie wrote this whole thing in her diary and we are reading it "backwards starting with first year and so on and so forth and I am so impressed and in awe and I have an indescribable feeling and I want to cry at the simplistic beauty that was so thought out and planned all for the sake of love of HP and boredom and lives of nothing because I don't know about you but sometimes I feel like I have no life for reading this to the wee hours of the morning though of course it could be argued that everybody else just doesn't have a life because their internet history isn't almost all this site. So, yea I absolutely love this story so so much.

Author's Response: Sorry... my stories tend not to make sense until the end (unless you're me :D).
I'm glad you enjoyed it, and it made you think about more than just the characters :) That's really what I want.
That little ramble made me laugh so much! But yeah, I don't think it's a case of having NO life... just a life that isn't widely known or accepted yet. Let's be honest, most writers are considered to be lonely weirdos. :D
Thank you. Sorry it took me so long to answer!

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Review #48, by Fawkes394 Dying

23rd November 2012:
Agh I'm crying SO much! I'm repeating myself, but I truly love your story, even if it has made me cry so much. I hope you have already written the 'partner story', I'm going to check right away and if you have I'll start reading, if you haven't I hope you do soon.
I cannot even start on how much I like your characters, how special they are and how real they feel. I love Lily and her character, and James and Ellie.
And about the losing-her-memory part, it really touched me. I've always been scared of ending up with an illness that takes my mind away or/and makes me forget.

Again, your writing is awesome : )

Author's Response: Oh, jeez, I should just start writing books about rainbows. I didn't mean to make you- anyone- cry. I just wanted to write a fanfic that had more meaning than 'everyone ends up happy'.
Currently (no seriously, answering reviews is my procrastination, but I'm writing chappie 2 right now) I'm working on my Lily partner story. Sorry to disappoint, but I've officially decided mid-December is when I'm going to start uploading chapters (no, I'm not giving myself a lot of time to write it, but nevermind). So start looking then!
I've never liked two dimensional characters, so I do my best not to write them. I'm so happy you think I've succeeded.
To be quite honest? Same. My grandma had dementia, and so did her mum, so it's highly likely my mum and my sister and me will suffer from it if we live long enough. The possibility terrifies me- writing this has made me less scared. The person is still making sense, even if only to themselves.
Thank you, sweetie :)

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Review #49, by Fawkes394 The Ministry

23rd November 2012:
I hate you! You made me cry so much with Draco's interview and Katie's letter! You really are an awesome writer.

Author's Response: :'( I didn't mean to... but the Draco interview? Really? Good, because I took longer than necessary to write that :)
Thank you.

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Review #50, by Fawkes394 Welcome to the Madhouse

23rd November 2012:
Have I told you I love this story? Well, I do and very much. Your characters are awesome, I specially like Lily and Ellie, they are hilarious. And those messages are so scary!! I guess they are being sent by the same person who killed her parents?

Author's Response: Thank you. That's really sweet. Lily and Ellie are sort of my friends, so I'm pretty attached too :)
I didn't know I was capable of being scary until I wrote this :D And good guess! (I only wrote this because I've seen you've read the rest of it)

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