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Review #26, by Pixileanin The Hufflepuff Method

18th July 2012:
""Vol-de-mort." He enunciated carefully and watched as the counsellor scribbled his name down to the attendance list. ""

Hee hee! from the first paragraph, you had me giggling. Poor guy is in rehab, and he's still worried about his reputation. Though I wouldn't want to go on record as a gurdyroot either. ;)

I LOVE your inclusion of the two old ladies, who remind me of Arsenic and Old Lace, of all things! A great send-out! Bellatrix's character was phenomenal! And the imagery! The imagery alone was fantastic. I would pay money to see Lucius in a pink snuggie. Truly.

It's a shame you hand't gotten this in the queue during Voldemort's reign. I am burning with curiosity as to whether he'd have let this one slide through!

Quite an entertaining story!

Author's Response: Hi and thank you for the review! =)

Somehow I've always thought that the worst thing that could happen to Voldy would be that people would forget all about him.

The two old ladies have a hint of Arsenic and Old Lace (you're the first one catching it!) as it is one of my favorite movies, but mostly they have been modelled after my gran and her twin sister. Although admittedly, they have no murderous intents (that I know of). =P
I have plans to use those two in other stories as well.

It's a shame. It would have been so fun to see Voldy-the-validator's face while reading it. But one can always imagine...

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Review #27, by caoty The Hufflepuff Method

31st May 2012:
Hi, I'm here from the Gryffie common room thread~

First of all, this was a *fantastic* idea. Like, I'm actually jealous that I didn't come up with it myself, seeing as I'm in love with all things 'Puffy.

I can totally see Bellatrix being a sugar addict, Voldie having halitosis and Narcissa threatening to divorce Lucius because he was doing weird things with house elves. Somehow you managed to make that all IC, which is some sort of miracle. Well done. That said, though, Voldie's shift to super emo of emoness was a little awkward and sort of... broke the tone and flow of the story for me. It just seemed odd, and unfortunately not in a funny way.
There were also, as someone else pointed out, a fair few typos.

However - overall, this was a fun story that gave me a great big goofy smile. I especially love the last image of the Death Eater/counsellor group hug with Voldie trying not to accidentally knock anyone out through the power of his breath, and Helga Hufflepuff's immortal cookie-related wisdom, and it certainly seems like you had fun writing this. :D

Author's Response: Hi hi, fellow Gryffie!

Thanks, my mind is full of odd ideas. This was just one of them. There's plenty of weird stuff where this came from.

My mission is clearly accomplished if I got a smile out of you. =) That was the purpose of this fic.

I'll promise to tackle typos.

Thank you for reading it! =)

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Review #28, by Antilles The Hufflepuff Method

11th May 2012:
Hahaha, I quite liked this. It is a different spin on what happened to Voldemort in the end.

I will admit that I also laughed pretty hard at Malfoy's 'hobby'.

Author's Response: Thank you. Lucius is such a fun character. I think I might dedicate a whole one-shot for his dark ploys in the future. =)

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Review #29, by Cassius Alcinder The Hufflepuff Method

10th May 2012:
I'm very glad I found this story! I love the thought of Voldemort being forced to sit through therapy like this, and I can only imagine te issues he must have. Come to think of it, it can be funny trying to picture Voldemort in any normal life situation. Like what does he eat? Does he shower? Does he brush his teeth? Anyway, this story was very amusing, and I loved the Hufflepuff spirit in the end.

Author's Response: I'm very glad you found it as well. =)

Yes, Voldemort's issues are undoubtedly worthy of countless therapy sessions. When this idea struck me, I was practically rolling on the floor. Granted, I was bit sugar high at the time.

Voldy simply isn't equipped for normal life, which makes it so much more funnier. I keep thinking that now that I have taken his wand away, it would be amazingly funny to put him through the muggle way of life. That might be bit too cruel even for him. ;) But I bet it would be worth of few chuckles.

Thank you for reading it. It means a lot to me. =)

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Review #30, by academica The Hufflepuff Method

9th May 2012:
Hello there! I'm here with your requested review :)

First off, I was really entertained by this one-shot. I felt like it was very amusing from start to finish. I thought you did well with your characterization, and the details of the plot were interesting, like the addition of the old ladies and their explanation for indulging in their bizarre addiction. I also felt like the description you had helped to paint the scene for me and make it even funnier, like the part with Bellatrix getting a sugar high and acting like a cat whose owners are trying to bathe it. Therefore, I don't think much more description would be necessary, because what you have is effective. I feel like your story is more plot- and character-oriented. My one area of hesitation is the ending -- it was certainly heartwarming (or as heartwarming as a Voldemort-centric story can be), but I think it would have been funnier to have Voldemort change his mind and decide to stay evil at the end, or to have something funny happen with one of the other characters. That's just my opinion, of course.

I felt like the story flowed pretty well; it was certainly easy to follow, and I liked hearing Voldemort's thoughts about each member of the group as the counselor went around and spoke to them all. I did notice some technical mistakes, like misspelled words (i.e., "installed" instead of "instilled") and a few other small issues. They definitely didn't alter my impression of the story, but there were enough to be noticeable, so you might consider getting someone to beta this piece for you. Since it's a one-shot, I don't think it would take long to find someone willing to do it on the forums.

Overall, this was really funny, and I'm planning to recommend it to a friend who also likes to write Voldemort parodies. I'm sure he'll enjoy it as much as I did.

Nice work! I hope this review was helpful :)


Author's Response: Thank you for taking the time and reading my one-shot. =)

I love my old ladies to bits. Something about those murderous grannies just makes me tick. They will make comebacks in another stories sometime later.

Finding a beta seems to be bit challenging at the moment (probably because of all the finals and exams), but I'll try to snag one somehow.

I guess I am more of a plot/character writer in general. I thought about this great deal yesterday after reading this review. Many of my favorite authors are similarly inclined as well. I like to keep a story going and hopefully readers let their imagination fill the blanks I have. So it was excellent food for thought. =)

I'm really happy that you had fun time reading it. That's the whole point after all. Just having fun. Thanks again and I'll definitely return the favor someday. =)

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Review #31, by apocalypse The Hufflepuff Method

4th May 2012:
Hey! This is apocalypse, here with your review!

I really liked this one-shot! I think you did a pretty good job with the humor and I enjoyed myself immensely. Even though I think that Voldemort was very OOC in the start and then went from stupid to too weird in the end, I think that you were able to pull it off nicely. I particularly like the part where he hugged his unicorn =P That was just so NOT Voldemort that it made laugh. I suppose there were many moments in the story that made me laugh a lot.

I think that Bellatrix's character was very well written too. It was SO opposite to what she actually is that it was hard not to laugh at it all. So good job with that. Haha, she likes eating candies. That's.. cute? =P

The description, I think, was your strong point here. You managed to create a perfect image with your words and the imagery was good. I could easily imagine the entire story happening in front of me. The only part of description that was lacking was the detail of the surrounding. The surroundings were described to some extent but I still wasn't able to picture them completely. Maybe you could mention more detail as to where Voldemort was and what other people were doing around him.

The humor level was good. It wasn't exactly something that would keep me laughing even when I think about it later but it was enough to allow me to enjoy. I think that it was all going fine and the funniness had been established but at the end, it all just went away when you turned the conversation serious. In my opinion, you shouldn't have done that as that turned the mood and the humor literally evaporated. I think that you should've kept it light and funny till the end.

Flow: The flow was perfect. The paragraphs, the sentences, they were all connected well and allowed to read the story smoothly. Though, the ending I'd say, did disrupt the flow a bit. The sudden mood shift wasn't really smooth and it made me feel like an abrupt change had occurred.

Apart from that, I think this was a very interesting idea. I really liked some of the humorous aspects of the story and enjoyed it immensely. Good job with it! =) I hope you like this review and that it helps you. Good Luck and Happy Writing! =D

~Recenseo '12

Author's Response: Thank you for taking the time and reviewing this silly little one-shot. You're a real treasure.

It was really fun to write Voldy and Bella in very different light. The cheese factor just clashes so deliciously with their original personalities. =)

I swear that all the surroundings are right there in my head when I write the story, it just don't seem to make the page. I have to be more careful with this in the future. Thank you for pointing it out.

I'm glad that my main goal for this fic was accomplished. It was simply the wish that readers would have a good chuckle or two while reading the silliness of it all. The change of tone in the end wasn't the best of the decisions, but as it was kind of the springboard for the story, I was just too tempted to not to leave it out.

Thanks again. And until next time. =)

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Review #32, by thesinandthesinner The Hufflepuff Method

17th April 2012:
As over the top and AU this was (and you did warn us!) I found myself sniggering at it, I enjoyed it! I especially liked Lucius' bit about his life and what his situation was. I know this an AU universe but the I think Voldemort's voice was a wee bit OOC, but for the purposes of this one shot, it worked and it's not that big of deal. However, I think that towards the end when it got a little bit more serious with Voldemort and it got more emotional, it kind of marred the overall humour/AU factor of it and it was OOC, it didn't really go with the top half of the fic. I would have liked to seen the ending continue in the humourous fashion, but that's just me. Overall though, good job, it was quite an original one shot! xoxoo

Author's Response: Thanks and so cool that you enjoyed it. =)

On April Fool's Day there was a fic that I thought was Voldemort's inner monologue. Unfortunately it turned out to be something totally different (OC, angsty and no Voldy in sight) and I grumbled to Mistress, how I wanted to read the fic which I thought it would be and instead got something not fun at all. So the premise of this fic was the vivid image of Voldemort hugging the unicorn toy and crying about how nobody loves him. It kind of spun from there.

That's why the ending is different from the start. And the fact is, that I couldn't kill my darlings, even though I knew it was on different tone than the rest of it. Bad writer. =P

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Review #33, by Siriusly3 The Hufflepuff Method

7th April 2012:
This was so cute and funny. Voldemort is so heartfelt and OOC here and I love it! I love things like this and I especially liked the Hufflepuff method idea. Oh Hufflepuffs :'). I liked how Bellatrix went crazy, because we all saw it coming, I also loved Voldy's unicorn. Aw. I want one! A cutesey, hilarious story :D And a super original idea too!

Author's Response: Aww, thank you. I had super fun while writing this, so I'm very happy that you had fun too. The Hufflepuffs sure can be sneaky ones, they will smother you with group hugs. ;)

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Review #34, by ProudMuggleborn The Hufflepuff Method

7th April 2012:
Hahahaha! I really like this story! It's a truly ingenious idea and very funny indeed :P 10/10!

Author's Response: Thank you. I was coasting on a sugar highway like Bellatrix while writing it, but I'm sure it shows. Glad you enjoyed it. =)

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