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Review #26, by charmfelicis Chapter twenty-five News

6th March 2015:
If you see these reviews. PLEASE UPDATE D: I have to know what happens D:

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Review #27, by KLB1234 Chapter twenty-five News

2nd February 2015:
This story is perfect. I have loved every minute of it!!! Please don't stop writing!!! it may kill me to not know how it ends.

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Review #28, by Nani101 Chapter twenty-five News

29th January 2015:
Please! Please! Please! For the love of all that is holy in this world, update! Like now.
I love this story SO MUCH!

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Review #29, by Hogwarts.Is.My.Home Chapter twenty-five News

26th January 2015:
If by any chance you see this at all just please finish this story for me.. even one more chapter and then finish it, I would be delighted.. I read this over about two days and it was so so so good. I don't normally review but I NEED to know what happens so please please please please update! Thank you, it is an amazing story :)

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Review #30, by pensieve_illusions Chapter twenty-five News

26th January 2015:
This is my second time reading this story and it's even better than the first time, if that's possible! I love everything about this, the plot, James and Gwen's friendship, Joshua's amazing personality, and the fact that there's constantly something going on that leaves you wanting more. I really hope there's an update for this story soon because I'm dying to read more chapters. Awesome job and I can't wait to keep reading and see what happens between James and Gwen!


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Review #31, by m Chapter twenty-five News

5th January 2015:
Please please please please finish!! I have to know what's going to happen next :D

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Review #32, by m Chapter twenty-three - Heaven. Or Hell.

5th January 2015:

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Review #33, by Janner Chapter twenty-five News

31st December 2014:
Please finish this wonderful story.

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Review #34, by Keanna Chapter twenty-five News

24th December 2014:
Write more please :( I've been checking weekly and it's killing me :(

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Review #35, by Nephritis Chapter twenty-five News

16th December 2014:
I'm asking santa for a Christmas miracle this year... A chapter update. I'll even settle for an author update, just so I know you are alive and well and this story will continue at some point. 9 more days to prove Santa is real!

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Review #36, by EeshaPotter Chapter twenty-five News

28th October 2014:
I love this story !!! When will you update ??? I think a James POV would be really col, we get to see what's in his head. What he thinks about the kiss and Gwen and Joshua .

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Review #37, by IceMermaid Chapter twenty-five News

11th October 2014:
AHHH I LOVE THIS STORYYY! Please please please continue the story i would LOVE to keep reading on and on!!! Please update soon...I will be patiently waiting here now.:)

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Review #38, by Thank you for the best story ever! Chapter twenty-five News

24th September 2014:
Hello! I just wanted to let you know I adore this story. It is by far my favorite on the site. I check it almost daily for an update and have re-read it now for a third time. I know life can get busy, but I really hope you are able to find time to continue updating. It would be a travesty for Gwen's story not to have a conclusion. Thank you for creating these wonderful characters, I hope to be able to read more from them very soon! Also my birthday is on the 5th, and an update would be an amazing present, just sayin'. ;)

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Review #39, by LadyOfErised Chapter twenty-five News

7th September 2014:
Love this story, I've been reading it all over the past few days and it's just written so well with good original characters! Hope you definitely carry on with this and update soon as I would really like to know (along all these other lovely people) what will happen next! James and Gwen need to be together!

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Review #40, by Gennavieve Chapter twenty-five News

6th September 2014:
Please help. I've been rereading the last two chapters every so often, and I am having actual physical reactions to it. My heart literally beats harder and harder and I get butterflies in my stomach, and it gets worse every time I read them. This story you've written is so good, I freaking love it. I know right now is a really busy time for just about everyone, but please update soon! You are so talented, my imagination can't possibly come up with an ending as good as your beautiful writing will be! Much love!

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Review #41, by chiara Chapter twenty-five News

14th August 2014:
Nooo...please please please, this story is breaking my heart!! they MUST be together! Update soon :)

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Review #42, by X Chapter twenty-five News

5th August 2014:
No no no no no!


No one can possibly be that forgiving. What is wrong with him?

Please update soon. I deserve it. You managed to emotionally shatter me because the same thing is happening to me at the moment. :(

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Review #43, by X Chapter three - A Birthday Surprise

3rd August 2014:
I think Gwen is going to get over james but then he will start fancying her. Gwen may still have a little crush though.

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Review #44, by happyanon Chapter twenty-five News

26th July 2014:
Ugh. Typical girl gwen. Falling in love with her best friend even after all this time despite him being blind for years and then she found this awesome healer who is kind and mature and yet she couldnt just move on. I dunno how i feel about it. I want Joshua to be happy! I really dont give a sh it about Gwen honestly I feel really bad for Josh and the rest cam rot somewhere. Poor rebound guy. Deserves better. Ive read this all in a day actually, hahaha and I was really hoping Kat and James had a baby. I dunno guess Im not a fan of girls pining after guys for a long time. I wanted Gwen to be stronger emotionally, to be more selfish, to for once want happiness and peace for herself and im just talking based on how I would do it and id pick Joshua hands down. Just because he's that kind and understanding. I dunno, you cant be loved more than that. But i look forward to the next chapter!!

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Review #45, by Celeste Chapter twenty-five News

25th July 2014:
Hey, so first I just have to say how much I love this story you are one fantastic writer. I've had this saved on my reading list on my phone for so long and I've read the whole fic before but I decided to read it again, and while reading it for a second time I came to realize just how much I don't like Joshua there just seems to be something off about him. Idk it's like he's way to perfect or something.

Gwen and James really need to sort their stuff out cause hello they are so perfect for each other. But I can't help but feel that will be a long way off..

But in saying that I really hope they do get together and soon cause I just can't even deal right now.

Anyways I really can't wait for the next chapter. I really hope James finds her and stuff to. Just ugh why.

Keep up the good work :)

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Review #46, by xMsFiggx Chapter twenty-five News

13th July 2014:
I don't even know what to think at this point!! I really like Joshua and with what we know so far about him, he really doesn't deserve to be in this crazy love triangle with James and Gwen who don't seem to know what is going on. I like him quite a lot, and am worried about his and Gwen's inevitable breakup...or is it inevitable? I am so torn. She would be great with James, but those two can't seem to get it together.
And then Joshua just accepts that there might be going on between Gwen and James and seems to just choose to let it go. Which is strange since he must know there is something suspect going on between those two.
Not sure where you could possibly be going next, but I cannot wait to find out! You're a great writer!

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Review #47, by ohmymerlin Chapter twenty-five News

12th July 2014:

First of all, Joshua is such a cutie! :') Can I please have twelve of him? :P

And I feel like Gwen has misinterpreted everything between James and that he didn't actually sleep with Sam, although it may seem like that. I am very curious as to what was happening -- maybe he's hatching a plan to somehow prove himself to Gwen and that he's not an idiotic kid? (*crosses fingers* come on James you can do it!)

Wait, I'm a bit confused. What does the prisoner killing the guard have anything to do with Gwen's father? Why are they going to let him out because another prisoner killed someone? Or did I just completely miss it? :P That's probably likely because I did read this chapter a while ago and I quickly reread it to FINALLY review :P

Anyway, this was a really good chapter! I'm surprised Joshua was okay with everything! Even if it doesn't mean anything, she still kissed him and that's technically cheating. But I dunno... maybe I'm just a grudge-holder :P

But Joshua just seems /too/ perfect! What's wrong with him/what's he hiding?! *narrows eyes suspiciously*

- Kayla :)

House Cup 2014 review

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Review #48, by Keanna Chapter twenty-five News

12th July 2014:
LOVE IT! SO MUCH DRAMA. Ugh why did you make Joshua so great:( I want her to be with James!!! Please update soon! This is one of my favorite stories I've read on here!!;) please please update :)

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Review #49, by ur admirer Chapter twenty-five News

11th July 2014:
Ohhh god...!!!
u r jst awesome...!!!
i dnt knw whether i'm ryt or not bt i think james
has told sam about his new found feelings...they
have not slept together.and gwen has added all the
dots wrong...if my guess is ryt aur near about
ryt...i jst love it...u rock...!!!
u knw i started reading ur story jst today and
believe me i have been reading for straight 16 hrs
its that mesmerizing...even though i have one of
the most important exams of my life in coming
november i guess i'll be waiting for u to
update(might check daily as well).so plz update
i love the way u play with the emotions its very
real life...and i love ur story more coz i can at
some level relate with gwen...!!!
love ur writing and wish u update soon...

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Review #50, by nott theodore Chapter twenty-five News

11th July 2014:
Hi again, Hanna!

Oh my goodness, how on earth do you keep doing this to me with these chapters? I think I really need something good to happen soon because there's so much worry and stress that goes with reading these chapters about Gwen's life! I honestly think she just needs a big hug right now!

I really liked the first section of the chapter when Gwen was with the French mediwizards. I really want to dislike Joshua but I just can't, you're making this far, far too difficult for me! :P (Although I suppose that's kind of the point, and that it's much more realistic when Joshua isn't awful.)

I'm kind of glad, in a way, that Gwen told Joshua about kissing James because I feel like I can respect her much more for being honest - but I didn't want him to take it so well, in a way. Really, why is he so nice? Is it wrong that I wanted him to take the news badly rather than just accepting it so that she'd be free to be with James?

Oh goodness, I was NOT expecting that ending - I thought that her father had no chance of getting free! It was so sweet of Harry to come and tell her before anyone else could, but I love the fact she goes straight home to James. And then... oh why, James? Sam? I thought it might happen eventually so it's not so surprising but I'm sure that he loves Gwen and it's so frustrating to see him messing around like that, even if Gwen is with Joshua... I'm looking forward to another update soon!

Sian :)
Gryffindor House Cup 2014 Review

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