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Review #26, by ruby_slippers Chapter twenty-six - An Apology

3rd November 2015:
AGH! Oh my goodness please please please PLEASE be close to getting them together I'm not sure how much longer I can take this for haha! Oh man I am so excited! Poor Joshua he was such a sweetie but I'm glad she is being honest with him :)

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Review #27, by HarryGinnyLove88 Chapter twenty-six - An Apology

3rd November 2015:
I hope you wont stop writing because I wnanna know how this story ends.
please please update soon :)

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Review #28, by CambAngst Chapter twenty-six - An Apology

2nd November 2015:
Hi, Hanna!

First off, I'm excited beyond words that you're continuing to write this story. I was really worried there for a while that maybe life had gotten so busy that (sniff...) you'd given up on it. I'm relieved that isn't the case.

Getting my head back into the story was a snap. I didn't even re-read chapter 25, I just re-read my review of chapter 25 and everything clicked into place. The way you write is so memorable and gripping. It's never hard to come back to this.

I'm really hoping that the first part of this chapter represents "rock bottom" for Gwen. Things have been spiraling down for several chapters now. The lies she's telling everyone -- including herself -- keep getting worse and worse. It seems like James is really struggling to keep his feelings for her in check, which is only making things more difficult. Every time they're alone together, it feels like they're on the brink of another kiss. This is probably due to how well you've conditioned me, but I'm just not in favor of that anymore. They both have things that they need to sort out before they can be a couple. Getting together at this moment feels like a move with a lot of potential regret.

I love the way you wrote the atmosphere for Gwen's visit to her mother's grave. The cold inside and the cold outside seem to merge. She's trying so hard to feel nothing and for once it's like she's feeling everything. It was a great way to set up her frame of mind for the rest of the chapter.

I thought you paced the scene with her and James really well. Nothing happens automatically. Nothing is easy. They both have to work their way through things, slowly. Gwen isn't instantly giving in to her desires. Gradually, they start to relax and ease back into interacting as friends. James hugs her through her tears. They talk. They ponder the meaning of what's going on with Gwen's father. For a while, things really do seem normal.

Not to jump ahead to the scene with Joshua, but I do agree with him about James's motivations. It's not too hard to believe that his genuine concern was combined with some selfish desires when he makes her stay for a nap. And it works... almost. She wakes up so late that it would have been easier in some ways to simply admit that she didn't want to go back to Joshua. Back to another encounter where she would feel like she'd let him down. But if she hadn't gone back, it wouldn't be Gwen. So she flees another potential kiss and returns to France.

Even the vomiting scene seemed to me like it served a purpose in this chapter. By the time Gwen reaches Joshua's study, it feels like she's completely stripped of any sort of false pretenses. She just lost her lunch on his front walk, for god's sake!

If there's anything in this story I'm still struggling with, it's trying to figure out what on earth Joshua's angle is. Maybe he really is just the world's most perfect and understanding "friend with short-term benefits". Maybe he's still so messed up over Maggie that he consciously puts himself through these doomed relationships. Or maybe there's more to it than that. There are still so many mysterious things about the guy and I still have a feeling that he's going to tie into the mystery surrounding Gwen's father somehow.

For the moment, however, he finally administers a huge dose of blunt honesty to Gwen. One that she's been needing really badly. Beyond that, he's a source that's simply too credible for her to ignore because he has NOTHING to gain and EVERYTHING to lose by being honest with her. Yet he tells her the truth anyway. Even Gwen, with her nearly invincible powers of self-deception and denial, can't rationalize away everything he's saying. She's still not 100% of the way to admitting the truth, but she took a big step here.

I'm really excited to see what happens next. I think you told me once that you were planning somewhere around 30 chapters, so maybe we'll start to see some of the plot arcs come together soon? Please? Pretty please?

Awesome job!

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Review #29, by MalfoyMannor Chapter twenty-six - An Apology

2nd November 2015:
uggh so much has happened, Quinn and James are both finally realizing what everyone else has been seeing for years, they're are made for each other :)

I love all of the annoying infuriating drama that you've put in the story to make it so good :)

I just next chapter please :) I need to know what happens :)

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Review #30, by BlueElephant Chapter twenty-six - An Apology

2nd November 2015:
I was so insanely excited to see this update! Absolutely loving that Gwen finally opened up to Joshua and ended things, i hope she can work things out with James in the next chapter!

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Review #31, by Owlpost68 Chapter twenty-six - An Apology

2nd November 2015:
I'm happy to say I've been reading this since the beginning, or at least close to it. It's funny that it seems like this chapter both was a huge step forward and not at the same time... But mostly it really was a BIG step forward. She's finally acknowledging her feelings to herself and everyone else. It hasn't quite gotten to James yet, but soon. Very soon. I admire how well you're able to describe her surroundings and use it as a reflection of her feelings. I definitely need to work on that myself and with Nano this month, it's a good time to realize that :)
Good luck writing the next chapter, and thanks for this one, it was really touching and was in character for everyone.

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Review #32, by MalfoyMannor Chapter six - Erase Those Thoughts

2nd November 2015:
I love the way that you've written Kat to be such an infuriating character

Gwen if only you weren't so nice and let James have the party for his birthday and just instead taken him to his birthday movie surprise, then he would never met Kat.

I gave in and skipped ahead to ch 18 and reading what lead to it is the best and worst.

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Review #33, by Beeezie Chapter twenty-six - An Apology

1st November 2015:
So I don't have a lot of time to review, but I just read this for the queue and I had to come say something, because I loved the chapter. ♥

It's been awhile since I read TNTLY, but I fell back into it really easily, and I loved the way you moved everything forward here. The relationship with Joshua had definitely started to become concerning for me, because I felt like while Gwen thought it was good for her and while Joshua is clearly a really great guy, she was feeling so guilty and conflicted that being in the relationship was starting to be a constant source of self-loathing and guilt, which is never a good thing.

I don't feel like I got much new out of her relationship with James this chapter, other than a little more sexual tension and jealousy (because James, don't give me "You just looked so peaceful" - you were doing a little sabotage, and I think you probably even know it on some level), but that was good IMO - all of the revelations that came out of her conversation with Joshua were more than enough, and the familiar stability and closeness she got from James were a nice counter to all of the stresses in her life, particularly after a long hiatus.

So yeah. Great job, write more, ♥ ♥ , etc. :P

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Review #34, by face19171 Chapter twenty-five News

21st October 2015:
So I just read your entire story in two days and when I reached the end my heart literally broke when I realized you haven't updated in over a year. Is there any chance you'll continue this wonderful story? I just feel so attached to the characters that I'm not sure what to do with myself now :( please please please consider updating. There's a hole in my heart where the rest of this story needs to be!!!

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Review #35, by Celeste Chapter twenty-five News

27th August 2015:
I've re read this twice now and I love this still so much. I really hope your planning to update soon. I want to know what happens oh so badly.

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Review #36, by petunia Chapter twenty-five News

6th August 2015:
I love this story so much! i check every week to see if it has been updated, and already read it through a second time... PLEASE UPDATE!

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Review #37, by Janner Chapter twenty-four - The Broom Closet Incidence

27th June 2015:
Is it too late to say please, please finish this story?

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Review #38, by Heiros Chapter twenty-five News

23rd June 2015:
It's been a year now since the most recent chapter and I'm still waiting patiently. Please, please tell me that you're still keeping up this story. It's so good that it would be a shame if you abandoned it.

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Review #39, by Cassie MacDonald Chapter twenty-five News

22nd June 2015:
This story is absolutely killing my soul, I've become so invested it's sad. Are you updating any time soon or are you abandoning? I just need to know so I can stop coming back to it over and over again. SO GOOD THOUGH, GO YOU x5000

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Review #40, by Taps Chapter twenty-five News

13th June 2015:

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Review #41, by harrypotter310 Chapter twenty-five News

24th April 2015:
It was just getting so interesting, don't stop now! Please update soon, it's obvious James loves her too, I can't wait for the confrontation!

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Review #42, by charmfelicis Chapter twenty-five News

6th March 2015:
If you see these reviews. PLEASE UPDATE D: I have to know what happens D:

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Review #43, by KLB1234 Chapter twenty-five News

2nd February 2015:
This story is perfect. I have loved every minute of it!!! Please don't stop writing!!! it may kill me to not know how it ends.

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Review #44, by Nani101 Chapter twenty-five News

29th January 2015:
Please! Please! Please! For the love of all that is holy in this world, update! Like now.
I love this story SO MUCH!

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Review #45, by Hogwarts.Is.My.Home Chapter twenty-five News

26th January 2015:
If by any chance you see this at all just please finish this story for me.. even one more chapter and then finish it, I would be delighted.. I read this over about two days and it was so so so good. I don't normally review but I NEED to know what happens so please please please please update! Thank you, it is an amazing story :)

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Review #46, by pensieve_illusions Chapter twenty-five News

26th January 2015:
This is my second time reading this story and it's even better than the first time, if that's possible! I love everything about this, the plot, James and Gwen's friendship, Joshua's amazing personality, and the fact that there's constantly something going on that leaves you wanting more. I really hope there's an update for this story soon because I'm dying to read more chapters. Awesome job and I can't wait to keep reading and see what happens between James and Gwen!


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Review #47, by m Chapter twenty-five News

5th January 2015:
Please please please please finish!! I have to know what's going to happen next :D

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Review #48, by m Chapter twenty-three - Heaven. Or Hell.

5th January 2015:

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Review #49, by Janner Chapter twenty-five News

31st December 2014:
Please finish this wonderful story.

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Review #50, by Keanna Chapter twenty-five News

24th December 2014:
Write more please :( I've been checking weekly and it's killing me :(

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