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Review #26, by nott theodore Chapter twenty-four - The Broom Closet Incidence

11th July 2014:
Hi Hanna!

Oh. My. Goodness. I'm not sure how much more of this I can take, because I'm sensing bad things coming - really bad things - and I may actually cry if there is an end of all hope for Gwen and James!

The kissing scene was perfect (like James's lips, apparently :P), especially for the two of them, since we've been waiting for that moment since the first chapter when we found out that Gwen was in love with James. And it was making me fangirl and squee and then, somehow, Joshua had to come into the equation. Of course. (Don't get me wrong, I'm definitely not condoning cheating, but I'm shipping James and Gwen like there's no tomorrow, so I don't deal well with them being separated.)

Ah, Gwen really doesn't deal well with awkward situations. James was trying something out, and I believe him when he said he didn't mean to - but can you imagine how happy the two of them would have been if, instead of being all shy and embarrassed, they'd just admitted that they love each other already? That was the perfect moment to do it (even with the portraits listening in)and actually tell each other how they feel - but of course not, it's Gwen and James, isn't it?

Alex is so annoying. At least Gwen has a good excuse if she has accidentally agreed to meet him. The kids were really cute, especially Viola!

Okay, James and Joshua and Gwen - that scene has to be one of the most awkward I've ever read. NO! Gwen should be waiting and talking to James instead of going on a surprise holiday with Joshua. I know that Joshua is an absolutely lovely guy and that he's really sweet to her, and doesn't deserve to be treated badly, but if she's in love with James and would rather kiss him, then wouldn't it be kinder in the long run to break up with him? I'm kind of hoping Joshua has some skeleton in his closet that makes him not such a nice guy...

Also, I have this horrible sinking feeling that something major is going to happen on this surprise holiday. Like Joshua is going to propose or something... *gulps* I'm not sure I can deal with it if he does and Gwen says yes, purely because she doesn't want to disappoint him. SHE'S MEANT TO BE WITH JAMES!

The two of them were so awkward at the end. I'm hoping that while Gwen is away, someone gives James a talking to and knocks some sense into the boy so that he realises he's got to do more than just pretend it doesn't mean anything. Of course it does, James - you love her!

This was a brilliant chapter once again, lovely writing, and I'm hoping the next one can come a little sooner than six months time ;)

Sian :)
Gryffindor House Cup 2014 Review

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Review #27, by Maital Chapter eighteen - Euphoria

1st July 2014:
Ah thank god kat wasn't pregnant I thought she might be faking but if gwens dad came out of azkaban maybe she would have seen a better side to him a nicer one you have led us to think he is horrid when the story could be better (maybe?) is he was let out

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Review #28, by Maital Chapter Sixteen - Out of Luck

1st July 2014:
Bet it was Dylan and I no he's nice but can't you just get rid of Joshua already

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Review #29, by Lalalover Chapter eighteen - Euphoria

27th June 2014:
I really enjoyed this chapter. It was really exciting and I've been waiting for something like this to happen for ages! I mean seriously? James and Kat having a Child? I shudder to think of it.

Anyway, I have a question, I think I must be missing something.
Why is everyone saying stuff like "Without you, we may have never known" and that lives would have been ruined? I mean it would have been clear that kat isn't pregnant as soon as she should be getting a baby-tummy?

But anyway, great chapter!

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Review #30, by AccioTeddyLupin Chapter twenty-five News

26th June 2014:
Gah, this story gets more and more complicated with every paragraph! Post soon!!!

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Review #31, by Gina Chapter twenty-five News

26th June 2014:
I love this story! Oh my gosh, I don't want to wait for all these new chapters before these two finally get together.
I am guessing that James was talking to Sam about how he was in love with Gwen, and that's what he meant when he told her not to tell Vic because she'd tell Gwen?
Keep up the awesome work,

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Review #32, by CambAngst Chapter twenty-five News

25th June 2014:
It took me quite a while to figure out what I wanted to say about this chapter. I've been thinking about it ever since you sent me the draft of it weeks ago. As a beta reader and fellow author, I can't say enough about the pacing and character development of your story. I read the other reviews and I see the cries of despair and it's obvious how much your readers connect with your characters. As a fan of the story, I definitely feel their pain. We root for Gwen and James and we revel in their small steps forward and mourn their missed opportunities. This was definitely a chapter that didn't have a whole lot to celebrate.

Gwen's visit with the French healer set a mood of impatience and struggling with the unknown that carried through the rest of the chapter. It was a really good start.

Then it transitions from that uncomfortable feeling of not knowing right into Gwen and Joshua's discussion of their relationship in the aftermath of the Great Broom Closet Incident. Well, not immediately into that discussion, because it seems like they continue to do the awkward dance for another half day. I was oddly proud of Gwen when she finally snaps. It seems like it had been a long time coming and even though the crisis isn't Joshua's fault in any way, shape, form or fashion, she deserves at least the courtesy of knowing where his head is.

And I think his head was exactly where I would have expected it to be. He asked her the only question that really mattered, in my opinion. People get kissed by surprise. It happens. But when they return the kiss, that's different.

"Did it mean nothing to you too?" Joshua interrupted.

The question left me stunned. "I I " I stammered as a response, the words escaping me.

He let out a sad smile. "That's what I assumed."

And there it is, the only question that's really important. And Gwen totally fumbles the response and he knows it. After fumbling on a bit longer, she comes clean... sort of.

There, Id said it. That was closest to the truth I could possibly tell him. -- Oh, Gwen. She can't really even admit the truth to herself, so I guess it's quite a stretch to think she'd admit it to anyone else.

So I did what I always did when someone questioned me about my feelings for my best friend. What I had been doing already too much in the short amount of time Joshua and I had been together. I lied. -- As a fan of the story, out of everything in the chapter, I think this was the paragraph that hurts the most. It hurts to watch somebody do something that's ultimately so self-defeating. Sigh.

And he accepts her lie. Accepts it, forgives her, says that it's in the past and he's ready to move on. Moments like this are the ones that make me suspicious of Joshua. He isn't this stupid. He must realize she's not being completely truthful with him. So why is he doing this dance?

And... she's kissing Joshua but she can't stop thinking about kissing James. Most people would see this as a big, red flag. Poor Gwen is still too much of a mess, though. Frustrating...

Oh, boy. When Harry Potter shows up at your door late at night, it's never good news. So just when you have my head spinning on the topic of "Joshua, the Impossibly Understanding and Forgiving Boyfriend," you hit me with another round of guessing on Gwen's father. It sure seems like somebody wants him out of Azkaban. So one of two things is probably happening here: A) the same person or people who convinced the other prisoner to kill the guard are also forcing Gwen's father to change his mind, or B) Gwen's father has changed his mind because he knows about something bad that's happening. I'm leaning more toward option B, but time will tell...

So I think it's fair to say that Gwen comes off like a crazy lady when she explains to Joshua why she has to go. Or doesn't explain, actually. Once again, here's why I keep thinking that Joshua has ulterior motives. How on earth does he just accept her non-explanation of why she's suddenly leaving to go see the guy that she kissed and oh, by the way, that didn't mean anything. He's either the most trusting human being alive or he already has an idea of why she's going...

I'm completely convinced that nothing was happening between James and Sam. I mean, they're planning surprise parties, after all. So either James was asking her to keep something secret related to the party, or... or James was talking to her about a girl that he might fancy. The possibilities...

Of course, Gwen leaps headlong to the worst possible conclusion. The last couple of screens of this chapter were incredibly hard to read. Gut-wrenching. Heart-breaking. Painful. Ugh. I need cookies...

Well, I honestly cannot wait to see what happens next. Gwen and James have obviously taken a few HUGE steps backward in this chapter. It will be interesting to see how they recover. Great job, you big meanie, you!

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Review #33, by LetterGirl Chapter twenty-five News

22nd June 2014:
I have a question:
Why does it say that a new chapter was uploaded today (22. of June) but it's still 25 chapters, like a few days ago?
I'm sorry, maybe I'm missing something. I just wondered if somethings wrong with the website or if it just takes a few hours until you can see the new chapter... ?
BTW: I'm addicted to this story :D Please update ASAP!

Author's Response: Nope, nothing wrong with the site ^^ I updated one chapter, and it always has to go through the validating process. So the edited chapter got approved today, that's why it says that (:

But thank you so much! I'll try to finish the 26th chapter asap!

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Review #34, by BBWotter Chapter twenty-five News

22nd June 2014:
THEY ARE BOTH SUCH IDIOTS OH MY GOSH AAARGH. Can't they just be honest about their feelings for each other? This is so frustrating! Obviously, that's what makes it such an amazing story ;) Keep it up xx

Author's Response: Haha, they are! I'm so angry with them sometimes too d: Glad you like it ^^

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Review #35, by HarryGinnyLove88 Chapter twenty-five News

21st June 2014:
Crap.. i always knew that james eventually gonna slept with Sam.. God, i hope i was wrong, but did not i see, OH JAMes is sooo stupid MAN... i wanna scream ..
after kat he still sleeping around, arggg...

keep posting, this getting better and better.

can i ask, how many chapter are gonna be more? if you can say???
Sry my english is not so good.

Author's Response: He is stupid, isn't he? d:

About 40, I think? Might be a few less, or a few more too, We'll see how the ending plays out (:

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Review #36, by mischiefmanageddd Chapter twenty-five News

18th June 2014:
i'm the type of human who can't read between the lines and is completely oblivious to what's going on. Did James sleep with Sam? :o I hope not but if he did can you please admit it in the next chapter somehow? Haha sorry but i need to know these things, they're vital! ;p can't wait for your next update :)

Author's Response: I will, I promise ^^

I'll try to finish the next one and update asap!

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Review #37, by nevertickleasleepingdragon Chapter twenty-five News

18th June 2014:
amazing, as always! And I hope you update soon cause I can't wait too long :p
And please let them get together soon! All the tension is killing me.

Author's Response: Haha, Gwen is so stuck with her belief that James can't be in love with her, so she can't see anything else (x as for James, who knows what's going on in his head (well, other than me d: )

Thank you so much. I'll try to update soon ^^

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Review #38, by ruby_slippers Chapter twenty-five News

18th June 2014:
Oh my freaking goodness this is KILLING ME! Bloddy hell people! Shes too self defecating and he's too bloody gutless - but then again so is she. AGHHH so frustrating! And poor Josh ... he needs to cut and run coz there is no way this ends well for him and the longer you're in it the more it hurts. Poor chap.
And her dad ... that sucks. Sucks so bad. James is gonna kill himself when he sees the paper and realizes thats why she came back and he let her go through the night on her own. Poor gwen.
I so love this haha! Drama drama drama ;)

Author's Response: Ahaha, gutless is the perfect word, especially for James. I sometimes wonder why he was sorted to Gryffindor because he's one big, scaredy-cat d:

Yup, he will not feel good about that!

Thank you so much ^^

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Review #39, by Taps_017 Chapter twenty-five News

17th June 2014:
Oh god, they're both so blind!!! They just need to be shoved into a locked room together and sort it out. They're just destined! And that's my cue to stop gushing haha. Thank you for the super speedy update and I hope there's another one on the way soon as this story is my absolute favourite! Thanks :)

Author's Response: They are!! Haha, you think that would work when the broom closet didn't?

Thank you so much!

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Review #40, by Soulwriter Chapter twenty-five News

16th June 2014:
How could you do this to me?
Update, update, update!
Why is James so STUPID?!
Aa! Please update ASAP!

Author's Response: Haha, I'm sorry d:

I'll try!

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Review #41, by normanweasley Chapter twenty-four - The Broom Closet Incidence

13th June 2014:
love love love love love! such a perfect chapter (even with all the angst!!) can't wait for more

Author's Response: Thank you so much ^^

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Review #42, by Addicted Reader :D Chapter twenty-four - The Broom Closet Incidence

7th June 2014:
Firstly - WOW. WOW. WOW. WOW.
You write AMAZING. I just read the hole story from Chapter 1 today, and am really freaking out for having to wait now. You truly have great talent and must keep on writing. It's the fact how you just manage to let everything happen in the right moment. I've read other FanFictions, but they are often unrealistic, because things happen to fast. Others again just keep dragging along for the hole time. I've never felt bored once while reading this story, although nothing really happened between Gwen and James all this time. I don't know how to put it, this story is just so gripping!

I was really excited when it came to the kiss, because I've been waiting for James to do something uncontrolled like that for a few chapters. I mean, it seems pretty clear to me that James loves Gwenn and wanted to tell her a few times, but he just never got to it, because Gwenn seems to be happy with Joshua. I mean... It's not like Joshua is a bad guy, but I hate him for stopping Gwenn and James from getting together! He's just not ... well, James! Allthough I'm sure they won't be able to keep their feelings from each other much longer!

Please update soon!! I'm desperate to know what it's going to be like between Gwenn and James when she returns! Pleaaase!

PS: I apologize for grammatical errors, I'm from germany and half australian, but my english is not perfect!

Author's Response: Ooh, thank you so much ^^ I'm glad you haven't been bored at any point even though nothing has really happened between them d:

There is a new chapter already, but I'll try to update again soon ^^

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Review #43, by Keanna Chapter twenty-four - The Broom Closet Incidence

1st June 2014:
NO :( BE TOGETHER!!! I want fluff please :) some more hope? KEEP WRITING AND POSTING PLEASE!!! I hate waiting!!! SO GOOD!

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Review #44, by CambAngst Chapter twenty-four - The Broom Closet Incidence

30th May 2014:
Hi! I could not resist the urge to take a quick peek at the other reviews for this chapter before I sat down to write mine. The first thing I'd like to say is


I told you readers were going to be gathering in the streets, lighting torches and sharpening pitch forks. I mean, sure, they were going to be happy that there was a new chapter, but oh, once they read it... Chaos, I say!

Anyhow, you've once again done a brilliant job of twisting us around your little finger and yanking the rug out from underneath us. Calling Gwen and James "impossible" is probably giving them too much credit, because if it was truly impossible then we'd stop agonizing over the two of them. It is possible, we all know it's possible. It just never happens! Grrr...

The kissing scene in the closet felt like an absolute triumph. Yes. Yes! YES! This is the moment we've been eagerly awaiting for the past 24 chapters. You captured "their" moment beautifully. All of the feelings and sensations and little sounds... just amazing writing.


It all gets awkward when Gwen can't quite forget about Joshua for long enough to lose herself in James. Did you read what I just wrote, Hanna? Do you really appreciate what it means for a guy who loathes romance novels and romantic movies to write a sentence like that? You're turning me into a soppy fool here!

Gwen does an impressive job of reeling herself back in. It felt like she and James were going down a path with no return for a while. But she's been down that path -- to a lesser extent -- before. Joshua is the future. He's good for her, right? So why does this feel so wrong?

James Sirius Potter is a big, wishy-washy scaredy cat. I think I can state that without hesitation at this point. I think he knew very well what he was doing and at the moment he should have spilled all of his feelings for her, he chickened out. Isn't there somebody in your story who can smack some sense into that boy? Again, grrr...

I really, really loved the little plot thread with the paintings. It cracked me up. They lead such a boring existence, I could easily see them being very nosy and gossipy.

Of course, Gwen does her own share of damage to James's confidence, which is apparently somewhere between plate glass and balsa wood in terms of its breakability. "About that that didn't really that didn't mean anything, did it?" Smooth, Gwen. Very smooth.

And then real life intrudes on what was meant to be the private discussion where these two finally confess their true feelings for one another. At least that was what I meant it to be. Apparently somebody else had different ideas. Yes, I'm talking about you. :p

Alex is rapidly becoming the most annoying human being in this story. He always seems to pop up at the worst possible moment.

At least they get a brief respite from the awkwardness, hanging out with the kids. Viola was really cute. Gwen had some pretty good advice for her.

Wow. I think the conversation between Gwen, Joshua and James was one of the most awkward you've written. Definitely from the reader's standpoint, and from Gwen's. Probably from James's, and very possibly from Joshua's, too.

"No, of course not," he interrupted and pulled me into a hug. But even that felt a bit forced. "I meant it, let's just forget that whole stupid thing, no need to make a bigger deal out of it when it didn't mean anything." -- I highlight this line mostly because I don't want to imply that Gwen has a monopoly on "smooth".

Wow, what a roller coaster of a chapter! The highs and lows were crazy. Someday when you look back at this completed story, I think you'll find that this was one of the most memorable chapters in the whole thing. Great job!

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Review #45, by Zqad Chapter twenty-four - The Broom Closet Incidence

26th May 2014:

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Review #46, by apocalypse Chapter twenty-four - The Broom Closet Incidence

26th May 2014:
I have been waiting for months for you to update this! Even though I started reading this story back when I offered reviews, I've still followed it through despite deleting my review thread. I LOVE THIS STORY. I know you say that its your baby but for me too, its not anything less than that, trust me. I love Gwen and I love James too much to see something bad happen too him. You are an amazing writer and your words aren't just words, they are colours which paint the perfect picture on a canvas. Seriously, it is not easy for a writer to make their readers visualise everything they write but you do it so flawlessly, it's beautiful.

This chapter was one of the most well-written pieces of writing I've read in a long long time. The awkwardness, the hesitation, dude, it was absolute perfection. I've waited too long for this and you did it more than just justice. I hope you don't take as long as this one for the upcoming chapters because really, this was enough torture. :P

I think it's fair of you to make James go through somewhat the same feelings that Gwen went through. However, I do not know WHY he did it. I don't know why he kissed her and I think I'm just as confused as Gwen is. I don't think I saw it coming either. :P

Anyway. UPDATE SOON! :D I have missed this story more than I thought I had. I've written a review after SO long, I really hope I was of SOME help even when it wasn't really a critique but just random excited babbling. :P


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Review #47, by The Blunt Phoenix  Chapter twenty-four - The Broom Closet Incidence

25th May 2014:
I was so excited when I saw this had updated! Please update soon!

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Review #48, by padfootspatronus Chapter twenty-four - The Broom Closet Incidence

24th May 2014:
Wow, I wish I could give this 11/10! I have absolutely loved your story so far, it's amazing!!! I seriously want James and Gwen to get together, but at the same time I love Joshua! So much inner conflict :P I also loved Viola, so cute! Can't wait for the next chapter, keep writing!

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Review #49, by Anya Chapter twenty-four - The Broom Closet Incidence

24th May 2014:
FINNALY YAY thank you soo much. I have waited for monts to see what happens... soo greate.. please update soon again...

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Review #50, by ohmymerlin Chapter twenty-four - The Broom Closet Incidence

23rd May 2014:



But you write it so amazingly! I just hope Gwen and James get their heads on straight and realise that they need to properly talk and I think Gwen is being a bit unfair to Joshua. I think the nicest thing to do for him (in Gwen's POV) would be to break up with him and not go on this holiday thingo.

But mostly James and Gwen need to talk!

Anyway, this was a wonderful chapter! I can't wait to read the next one!

- Kayla :)

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