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Review #26, by face19171 Chapter twenty-five News

21st October 2015:
So I just read your entire story in two days and when I reached the end my heart literally broke when I realized you haven't updated in over a year. Is there any chance you'll continue this wonderful story? I just feel so attached to the characters that I'm not sure what to do with myself now :( please please please consider updating. There's a hole in my heart where the rest of this story needs to be!!!

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Review #27, by Celeste Chapter twenty-five News

27th August 2015:
I've re read this twice now and I love this still so much. I really hope your planning to update soon. I want to know what happens oh so badly.

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Review #28, by petunia Chapter twenty-five News

6th August 2015:
I love this story so much! i check every week to see if it has been updated, and already read it through a second time... PLEASE UPDATE!

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Review #29, by Janner Chapter twenty-four - The Broom Closet Incidence

27th June 2015:
Is it too late to say please, please finish this story?

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Review #30, by Heiros Chapter twenty-five News

23rd June 2015:
It's been a year now since the most recent chapter and I'm still waiting patiently. Please, please tell me that you're still keeping up this story. It's so good that it would be a shame if you abandoned it.

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Review #31, by Cassie MacDonald Chapter twenty-five News

22nd June 2015:
This story is absolutely killing my soul, I've become so invested it's sad. Are you updating any time soon or are you abandoning? I just need to know so I can stop coming back to it over and over again. SO GOOD THOUGH, GO YOU x5000

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Review #32, by Taps Chapter twenty-five News

13th June 2015:

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Review #33, by harrypotter310 Chapter twenty-five News

24th April 2015:
It was just getting so interesting, don't stop now! Please update soon, it's obvious James loves her too, I can't wait for the confrontation!

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Review #34, by charmfelicis Chapter twenty-five News

6th March 2015:
If you see these reviews. PLEASE UPDATE D: I have to know what happens D:

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Review #35, by KLB1234 Chapter twenty-five News

2nd February 2015:
This story is perfect. I have loved every minute of it!!! Please don't stop writing!!! it may kill me to not know how it ends.

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Review #36, by Nani101 Chapter twenty-five News

29th January 2015:
Please! Please! Please! For the love of all that is holy in this world, update! Like now.
I love this story SO MUCH!

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Review #37, by Hogwarts.Is.My.Home Chapter twenty-five News

26th January 2015:
If by any chance you see this at all just please finish this story for me.. even one more chapter and then finish it, I would be delighted.. I read this over about two days and it was so so so good. I don't normally review but I NEED to know what happens so please please please please update! Thank you, it is an amazing story :)

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Review #38, by pensieve_illusions Chapter twenty-five News

26th January 2015:
This is my second time reading this story and it's even better than the first time, if that's possible! I love everything about this, the plot, James and Gwen's friendship, Joshua's amazing personality, and the fact that there's constantly something going on that leaves you wanting more. I really hope there's an update for this story soon because I'm dying to read more chapters. Awesome job and I can't wait to keep reading and see what happens between James and Gwen!


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Review #39, by m Chapter twenty-five News

5th January 2015:
Please please please please finish!! I have to know what's going to happen next :D

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Review #40, by m Chapter twenty-three - Heaven. Or Hell.

5th January 2015:

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Review #41, by Janner Chapter twenty-five News

31st December 2014:
Please finish this wonderful story.

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Review #42, by Keanna Chapter twenty-five News

24th December 2014:
Write more please :( I've been checking weekly and it's killing me :(

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Review #43, by Nephritis Chapter twenty-five News

16th December 2014:
I'm asking santa for a Christmas miracle this year... A chapter update. I'll even settle for an author update, just so I know you are alive and well and this story will continue at some point. 9 more days to prove Santa is real!

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Review #44, by EeshaPotter Chapter twenty-five News

28th October 2014:
I love this story !!! When will you update ??? I think a James POV would be really col, we get to see what's in his head. What he thinks about the kiss and Gwen and Joshua .

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Review #45, by IceMermaid Chapter twenty-five News

11th October 2014:
AHHH I LOVE THIS STORYYY! Please please please continue the story i would LOVE to keep reading on and on!!! Please update soon...I will be patiently waiting here now.:)

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Review #46, by Thank you for the best story ever! Chapter twenty-five News

24th September 2014:
Hello! I just wanted to let you know I adore this story. It is by far my favorite on the site. I check it almost daily for an update and have re-read it now for a third time. I know life can get busy, but I really hope you are able to find time to continue updating. It would be a travesty for Gwen's story not to have a conclusion. Thank you for creating these wonderful characters, I hope to be able to read more from them very soon! Also my birthday is on the 5th, and an update would be an amazing present, just sayin'. ;)

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Review #47, by LadyOfErised Chapter twenty-five News

7th September 2014:
Love this story, I've been reading it all over the past few days and it's just written so well with good original characters! Hope you definitely carry on with this and update soon as I would really like to know (along all these other lovely people) what will happen next! James and Gwen need to be together!

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Review #48, by Gennavieve Chapter twenty-five News

6th September 2014:
Please help. I've been rereading the last two chapters every so often, and I am having actual physical reactions to it. My heart literally beats harder and harder and I get butterflies in my stomach, and it gets worse every time I read them. This story you've written is so good, I freaking love it. I know right now is a really busy time for just about everyone, but please update soon! You are so talented, my imagination can't possibly come up with an ending as good as your beautiful writing will be! Much love!

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Review #49, by chiara Chapter twenty-five News

14th August 2014:
Nooo...please please please, this story is breaking my heart!! they MUST be together! Update soon :)

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Review #50, by X Chapter twenty-five News

5th August 2014:
No no no no no!


No one can possibly be that forgiving. What is wrong with him?

Please update soon. I deserve it. You managed to emotionally shatter me because the same thing is happening to me at the moment. :(

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