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Review #26, by Darla Don't Give Up

4th October 2012:
Ermagerd! I am so late with this review! I apologize! This is probably the first time where I haven’t been completely swamped with homework that requires my immediate attention or been totally occupied by work in a while so it explains my utter lack of a review. Please take this super delicious (and unfortunately imaginary) cake as an apology. Anyways here is my (extremely late) review:

Yay! They’re starting to work out their differences after so long! Fred has finally decided to start letting Hannah back in even if it is only a little bit. HOPE! I love it! I really don’t want Hannah to quit her job at Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes before she even has the chance to start! Hopefully they will get back together and then she will ask for her job back(?)

I love how Sophie is turning out to be a total BAMF. She has definitely become one of my favorite characters and I hope she keeps being such an awesome friend to Hannah since she really needs it.

Personally, I think Hannah handled the situation with Delilah quite well considering I would’ve decked her in the face way before she even threatened her with violence. Even though we all know Delilah deserved, I’m glad she was only suspended from the game and she can still play the next match. I do think that Al was kind of a jerk, but he was her captain so it was excusable.

I can't wait to read what happens next and I'm going to try to check back here more often:)


OOh news about her job is coming up! I'm so happy you remembered that :D

hee, i love Sophie. She's wonderful. I think Albus brings out such great things in her.

THANK YOU for this review and I'm sorry about my terrrible response time!

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Review #27, by alicia and anne Don't Give Up

19th September 2012:
Fred you need to forgive her! :-( Although I wonder what Sophie said to him?
She's so great isn't she, I love Sophie, she's so sweet and amazing and manages to keep them all in check.
You tell her George! I hope George isn't lying and that Fred is looking forward to working with her. I don't want her to quit the shop :-(
THey're talking! Yay he talked to her! *needs to calm down her fan girling to actually read what Fred is saying*
I wanted them to kiss! Which I know is a bit early to think as they're only just talking to each other but still :-D
It's so good to see that they high fived and aren't letting their trouble with each other get in the way of Quidditch.
Oh Hannah sending all of her bludgers to Delilah :-D
Uhoh a fight could be happening, go away Delilah!
oh no she got kicked out of the match, although I would have tried to hit her with the bat as well if I was Hannah.
Fred is so funny, joking like that, I like seeing him and Hannah trying to go back to normal. Awww he said he missed her :-(
I want them to be friends again and then boyfriend and girlfriend, I'm glad Sophie told Fred what Hannah said to Scorpius.
Yay he wants to kiss her, that's heading in the right direction :-D
Awww they're so cute at the end! I love them!!! I got so happy and squeeing a lot at the end of that, I loved Hannah's wiggle at the end and Fred saying that it's helping. I really can't wait for more, I need more love and happiness!
I love how happy this story and your writing makes me :-D
Seriously happy right now!!

Author's Response: Fred does need to forgive her! but if he did I wouldn't have anything to write about :p It's forever meant to be a secret! but it certainly had some effect on him. I'm guessing they talked about what happened between Hannah and Scorpius, and the 'future', and what not.

George is definitely telling the truth, I promise! :) Though I don't think - at least, at the moment - that Fred would admit it. But you are okay to fangirl because they are talking! haha.. it may be a litle too early for that but hopefully it will happen soon! *crosses fingers*

Nothing should ever get in the way of Quidditch! even though... it does a few minutes later :p I blame Delilah! She just needs to stay out of it and not get herself and Hannah kicked off the pitch! But, unfortunately, it happened. Thankfully, they didn't get in an actual fight and get banned for life! haha.. I probably would have wanted to hit her too :p

I loved writing Fred and Hannah finally happy (enough) at the end :) I was dying having to write them hating eachother! Even though the both of them want more, they need to get used to Hannah not being near Scorpius and see what that does for their friendship before they can talk about more.

I love your reviews! Seriously I feel so bad for how long this took me to reply to! Hopefully I can get the next chapter in the queue soon! Thank you so much for the lovely reviews! I'll talk to you soon, dear♥

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Review #28, by alicia and anne Everte Statum

19th September 2012:
I don't want Fred to be with Delilah! I want him to be back with Hannah :-( *crieS*
Awww little Albus is nervous! I would be aswell, I wonder what they'll have to go against in the last task?
Oh James, why must he have said that and make things awkward for everyone hehe.
I love Harry and Ginny! Poor Harry just wanted toast and unknowingly embarrased Lily.
I love the line "Harry looked to Ginny for help, but Ginny shook her head, 'You wanted a girl, Potter.'" So funny!! Bless him! I would have loved to have Harry there if he was my dad, but It's got to be weird to have everyone staring at them all.
So Fred is jealous of Hannah and James aye? I hope she uses that to her advantage hehe
Ooo it's a flying one! I can't wait to see what it is :-D
James loves embarrasing Lily doesn't he? hehe I would hate my brother doing that to me.
Wow angry Sophie, I do not want to get on the wrong side of her.
Haha for a minute I read that line wrong about McGonagall and the champions in swimming trunks and had a mental image of McGonagall in swimming trunks haha, that would have been so funny to see everyone's faces if that happened :-D
Yay Teddy! *tries not to blush at his attire*
Haha I love how the Potter family are embrassing everyone, it's brilliant!
Oh no, Albus is scared? aw I hope he can get through it, stupid James!
This task is making me think of the Olympics :-D There should have been a Hogwarts Olympics :-D
haha James is finding a private tree?! Oh James haha he's so funny.
Oh no don't argue Hannah and Fred :-(
OH my Teddy won!! yay! I got goosebumps from that! That final task was so amazing! Such a great way to end it with a battle of strength and ability to fly and wand work :-D
Oh my! more goosebumps! Al I love you you're so cute!!!
Him and Sophie are amazing!!!
No! she can't refuse Teddy, he won for her!
I'm so happy yet sad at the same time.
Another brilliant chapter hun! This story is my favourite story on this site and it may take a while for me to review but I do love it! and I love you for being amazing!

Author's Response: Hey Tammi! I'm so so sorry for how long this has taken me to reply to! *sighs* rl sometimes!
anyway, oh my god, this review! how do I even start thanking you?♥

lol.. I don't want Fred and Delilah to be together either! The Potter family was fun to include here! I almost didn't have them but then I remembered the third challenge in GoF had all the families come visit so of course they had to be there :) And it gave Ginny and Harry a chance to embarrass poor Lily :D

haha.. I think Fred's just jealous that Hannah's talking to anyone and not moping around like he is. but maybe that's just because I want them to get back together :p

Oh lord, McGonagall in swimming trunks... that's a little awkward :p Oh, I can assure you, Teddy looks fantastic in his attire :D Leave it to James to make his little brother afraid of swimming pools.. and to leave the tournament half way through to find a tree.

Teddy won!! I'm glad you liked the last part :) That was really fun to imagine as I was writing it! Even though I was really sad that Emmy and Teddy couldn't get back together, at least we had Albus and Sophie happiness!

Aw, thank you so much dear! That's such an honor to hear! Again, I'm so sorry how long these have taken me to reply to! I hope I can answer quicker in the future! I am - very slowly - working on editing the next chapter to post, but you know how insane rl can be.. Thank you so much for reading, dear! ♥♥

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Review #29, by misswow234 Don't Give Up

19th September 2012:
this chapter was just so..."aww". It was just a way. Especially the end. I really hope they`ll get back together...soon!

Author's Response: :D it was pretty adorable, I'm glad you thought so too! I hope they do too! I only have a few more chapters left so we'll see soon enough!

Thank you so much for reading and reviewing!

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Review #30, by Justanother_REGULUS_dream Don't Give Up

18th September 2012:
OMG OMG OMG fangirling soi hard right now. YOU DON'T REALIZE HOW MUCJ I LOVE YOU RIGHT NOW! This was by far the best chapter you have put up and I love it so so so much! And I'm glad that Fred and Hannah are on their way to recovery. I'm so excited for the next chapter


Author's Response: :D Hey!

I'm happy you loved it! I spent a lot of time making sure it was exactly what I wanted to happen as a turning point so I'm so happy you enjoyed it as much as I was happy to get them on the right path :)

Thanks so much for reviewing!

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Review #31, by Owlpost68 Don't Give Up

18th September 2012:
:D lololol
awww that made me just smile like so huge! This new chapter was like a warm hug, something familiar to read and feel happy about. At least by the end. Delilah! She is such a. gr well Al shouldn't have to worry about having problems now that her and freddie are back to being friends. I love how he didn't just let her back like that. It makes sense. Lolol and Hannah, she's finally back to being herself too. She's a great character really. There are tons of people out there that go through challenging moral things. Do we condemn them all? not all the time. Especially when someone as manipulative as Malfoy is involved. I have the day off tomorrow, and got caught up with a bunch of homework, so I'll be writing WMM tomorrow! yay! I've been so busy! Thanks for such a great new chapter! Great job!

Author's Response: :D yay I'm glad! This was a relief sort of chapter for me to write after all that sadness!

Oh, I know she is. I'm the one that wrote Delilah and I don't have any clue what was going on in her mind at that point :p

I think she made a bad choice, but then again so does everyone in the world; you don't really deserve the saddest life in the world because of that! :)

I can't wait to read more of wmm and Thank you so much for reviewing! I'll talk to you soon dear♥

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Review #32, by misswow234 Everte Statum

13th September 2012:
I spent all night reading the 30 chapters of this story and I don`t regret it at all! I just..I`m just...I..I can`t even...why? Look, you have to get Hannah and Fred together for my mental health, ok? PLEASE! :)

Author's Response: yay! I'm glad you enjoyed the story so far! haha.. I know I love them too. Don't worry, the story's not over yet :) Thank you so much for reading and reviewing!

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Review #33, by RosieQueen Magic and Glue

29th August 2012:
First off, Hannah's little cousin was adorable! And when she said that she was "fluffilypuff" and asked Fred if he'd be her boyfriend I thought it was the cutest scene ever! :) I really enjoyed learning more about Hannah's family.

Christmas at the Burrow-fantastic. I have to agree, it does get a bit insane there during Christmas. But that's why we all love the Wotters. :P They're insane, and you did a great job showing that.

I loved all the details you provided throughout the chapter, how Fred was explaining why he was afraid of riding in cars and when Ron was giving Scorpius death glares. All of these details you provide make the story fifty times more interesting and they make me smile every time. :)


Author's Response: haha.. She's going to be an awesome fluffilypuff one day :p And the boyfriend thing.. maybe it was a little cheesy, but it's christmas!! It had to happen :D I think the biggest thing I wanted to acomplish with Hannah's family was making them normal! I mean.. every family is weird when you are a part of them, but to others they aren't really that bad :p

Aw, yay! I really didn't want to make it COMPLETELY insane at the Burrow (I think it's a little overdone) so I really tried to find a happy medium for the Weasleys and Potters.

Aw, no matter what poor Ron will not get over it ;) I think it's sort of a requirement in a 'Roseius' so in my attempt at... tearing apart the ship, to put it too bluntly... it had to be included ;)

I just picture Ron as this horror story telling uncle and he would've just HAD to tell everyone about the evil car :p

Again though, thank you so much for this! It was such a lovely surprise :) *hugs*

I'll talk to you soon dear!

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Review #34, by RosieQueen Banshee Cries

29th August 2012:
Oh gosh, I don't even know where to begin!

I can't believe Hannah told Fred about Scorpius! At first I thought Fred was going to get mad at her but then I realized that Fred isn't like Scorpius and that he's amazing so he'd totally understand. I guess it's better that Fred heard from Hannah instead of anyone else.

Can I just say I love all of these characters? I mean, not including Scorpius. But I think you purposely have the reader hating Scorpius. Seriously, though, you somehow manage to write them in a way that makes them seem real! I know everything little thing about them.

Christmas is coming! So exciting! ^^ I wonder what will happen when Hannah goes to the Burrow...knowing the Weasleys/Potters things are going to get interesting for sure!


My 200th review!! :O

Author's Response: Yay for 200 reviews!

Freddie is a lot more understand than Scorpius, you are correct :) And I really didn't think that would be something that Hannah would want bubbling back up against her after everything..

aw, thank you dear! hahah.. I maybe have him kind of a jerk on purpose ;) I love writing them! They're like real people to *is not weird*, so I always have to write them like that :D

Christmas was so fun to write! *runs to answer next review*

You're wonderful! Thanks so much for the reviews dear!

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Review #35, by RosieQueen Turning the Page

29th August 2012:
Finally, I found some time to catch up with this story! :D

Wow, I loved the beginning of this chapter, with it being so romantic between Hannah and Fred. I loved it! I also enjoyed the other bits about Al and Sophie. Seriously, these two couples had me staring at the screen with a stupid-looking grin on my face because they're so adorable!

I really loved Minky in this chapter. Such a cute, helpful house-elf! I really liked how understanding she was. :)

I can see that this is where Hannah starts getting confused. Before, it was only her and Scorpius. But now Fred's entered the picture so obviously, things are going to start getting complicated. But that's what I love about love triangles, they create so much drama! Which of course is good for the reader but terrible for the characters. ;)

And now off to the next chapter! :D


Author's Response: Hey you're here!

Those two were in big need of some awkward romance, don't you think? haha.. I get the same exact way writing them ;P

She's so fun to write! When I started writing this I never expected her to be a character I love as much as I do now.

Yep.. this is really where the drama just.. boils over ;) I think this is like.. a love square :p We've got.. Rose, Scorpius, Hannah, Fred... and of course Al and Sophie cuteness just has to be laced in there somehow :)

Anyway, thank you so much! I'm sorry this took me forever to reply to! We moved, and unpacking has taken over my life! I'm hoping to get more of Staying Strong read when I finally get a chance to sit for more than five minutes :D

talk to you soon! Thank you again♥

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Review #36, by GinnyW24 Everte Statum

25th August 2012:
I wish Fred and Hannah will just make up they are lovely couple and are super sweet

Author's Response: I knoww, but I can't make things that easy, now can I? I wish I could :p

Thank you so much for the review!

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Review #37, by Darla Everte Statum

13th August 2012:
Hi there. Congratulations on reaching 30 chapters! I'm just as happy as you are that the story has gone this far! I just don't want it to end:)

Oh and regarding your response to my review of Misery Loves Company, it was my birthday when you posted that chapter which was like a Birthday surprise for me:)

Without further ramblings from my never ending pile of rambles, here is your review:

The final task! I couldn't believe it was finally here! And is it bad that I was super happy when Hannah found out that Fred and Delilah had been arguing? No? Ok good because Fred just needs to stop being a dummy. But I'm glad Hannah is giving it right back to him by flirting up a storm with James. 

Sophie is just so sweet. I wish I could put her in my pocket and take her home:) And I loved James' little slip up in the beginning. It was the perfect awkward moment and those are my absolute favorite things in the whole world.  He sort of became my new favorite character after the "Private Tree" incident. He totally reminded me of my older brother with the way he acted. 

The last task was beautifully crafted. I thought it was a really good mix of challenges from the magical world that needed various skills, both magical and not, to succeed.  Poor Albus is scared of water, but I totally know how he feels. Water is scary. I was kind of sad that Albus didn't win partly because I'm a Gryffindor and I wanted him to win but I'm happy that Teddy won even though Emmy still won't give him a chance. Everyone is just kind of sad, except Sophie and Albus:)They're moving in together! Yay!

You didn't have any grammatical errors as far as I know but I think you might've messed up with the scores because three of the champions scores were 180.  

Once again you did a fabulous job of making it all flow together really well and giving all the characters life! Keep up the good work darlin, you're doin great:)

Author's Response: Thank you Darla! I'm so happy you could be here along with me! haha.. I don't want it to end either! Well I have the sequel (eventually) and TCF but I still don't want this one to end!

Well then, happy belated birthday! *throws confetti and sings very badly*

ahah.. I should make a blog called "ramblings from my never ending pile of rambles" but I don't even keep up with the forums blog I have now so it probably would never get filled :p

I know! I was such a bundle of emotions writing it.. I mean, I had this plan from chapter one but I'm the worst planner in the world so I never thought things would make it this far! NO! it's wonderful that you were happy! Because Hannah's brain is definitely over exaggerating Fred and Delilah talking to eachother. ahah.. Hannah and James was definitely just an excuse for her to live out a childhood crush :p Really Fred, he's a budding Quidditch star... I don't think he's going to go for his little brother's friend who's still at Hogwarts ;)

Sophie! I love writing her :) she got to be the boss here! She still gets embarrassed about everything, though. And James just had to make things awkward.. because he's James. and his private tree.. I'd love to see what kind of things living in the forest probably attacked him for that one :p

yay! I'm glad you liked it. I had a lot of problems actually saying what I was visualizing so I am happy to hear that things worked out okay in the end. I had this idea of a triathlon, and I knew I wanted it to be swim, fly, duel, but I didn't know how on earth I was going to execute it. haha.. Albus' fear of water comes from James tormenting him as a kid.. poor guy. I was sad that Al didn't win too, but he really got off to a rocky start and Teddy wanted it more. As far as Emmy.. well I can't spoil anything quite yet :)

And yay for Al and Sophie!

*facedesk* I wouldn't doubt I messed up the math :p I'm so bad at math. I will fix that, thank you!

And thank you for the lovely review! I have a new chapter of TCF going up soon, and then 31 of this one just needs to be edited and it will go up after :) Thank you, again for all of your support! *hugs* ttyl!

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Review #38, by bester_jester Everte Statum

13th August 2012:
Holy wowsickles!! This is incredible. You're an amazing writer.

Argh I just want to punch Scorpius, and shake Fred! It's so frustrating.. Wow I'm so happy I decided to read this, thank you for a truly amazing story.

Author's Response: Wow,thank you so much!

haha.. I have the same exact feelings when I'm writing those two boys! Very frustrating :p

No way, thank YOU for the amazing review, and thank you for reading! I'm so happy to hear you liked it!

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Review #39, by Courtney Everte Statum

12th August 2012:
Well, when is Hannah going to finally confess to Rose or force Scorpius to do it? Because until she does that I will not regain respect for her and don't think she deserves her own happy ending. And I would love for Sophie to stop being such a pushover and siding with Hannah in everything; I really want her and Albus to tell Hannah she needs to come clean to Rose about everything. And I think she is being so petty and immature, always flirting with other guys in front of Fred to make him jealous. If I were Fred, it would just make me doubt her sincerity and unselfishness more and not be ready to believe her. So I hope she keeps maturing and making better choices.

Author's Response: I guess you'll have to keep reading :p

(see what I did there? built up the suspense? *insert evil laugh*)

I don't really see how Sophie is being a pushover, but I guess that's okay. *shrugs*

The flirting with James was supposed to just be a humor device, living out an old crush for a little while.. but yeah to each his own.

Thanks so much for the review!

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Review #40, by Owlpost68 Everte Statum

12th August 2012:
I absolutely love this chapter!! Happy 30th, and happy 1st review on the 30th lol. I thought you handled the awkwardness of Hannah and Fred really well, and I loved making him jealous by talking to James :D very cute. I feel so bad for Teddy, he worked so hard :( lolol I also loved the parental awkwardness in this chapter! Between Harry, Ginny, and Neville, that was too funny :D ok, a lot of emoticons lol. Anyway, I think it's good how you're making Fred and Hannah's problems be a bit drawn out, Hannah did do quite a bit to mess things up. I think they'll get back together, but I'm glad Fred's kinda sticking to it.
Anyway, now that I'm up way too late reading and reviewing, I guess I'll go to sleep now. G'night hun, great job!! and Congratulations :)

Author's Response: Thank you so much for being my first on my 30th :D I was a bit amazed when I started typing this chapter that I actually made it here!

Oh, it was very awkward for both parties.. On Al's advice, she got to have a little fun living out a childhood crush :p I think James just tried to be polite, so that was very fun.

Parental awkwardness is my FAVORITE. Hannah's parents around christmas, and now all of them, it's so fun to write :D ahah.. I use way too many emoticons too, it's okay!

I really didn't want Hannah and Fred to be a breakup-instantly-makeup type things, espeically because of what she did. She needs to fix some things before I think Fred will really forgive her. I suppose I shouldn't spoil the ending, but this was definetely the low point for Frannah. (Hred? No, we'll go with Frannah.)

Thanks so much again for the review! I'm glad you liked it! *hugs*♥

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Review #41, by ScorpiusRose17 Misery Loves Company

11th August 2012:
Hi there!

Okay so I am finally here with your review. I know it's been waiting awhile...real life has been crazy. So anyways...onto the review. =)

I love you! Have I ever mentioned that? But seriously I love how you write this story. This chapter alone just captures my mind and it is so relatable. Especially when they are in the Library and Teddy comes over and starts talking to Hannah giving her the inside scoop of look...this is what he is doing and now I am doing it to. He gave her an eye opener on how guys work. I could definitely relate to Hannah throughout this entire chapter. Seeing your ex with someone else the first couple of times really does hurt and you showed that through her emotions. She really did/does love Fred and he really feels the same way too, but I think his hurt is deeper than hers.

I LOVED Minky. Cute little house elf! She is so awesome for telling Hannah what Fred said. It's like they expect us to read their minds and we can't do that all the time. We need them to spell it out for us. Minky gives Hannah that edge and she figures out what she needs to do.

I really enjoyed seeing Hannah on the war path towards Malfoy. You were able to add in humor (Albus being angry for her sitting in at their practice and not telling him about it) but you were still able to get Hannah's anger through. I love how she "air quotes" Breaks up with Malfoy and decides that the icing on the cake is that she will tell Rose if he doesn't stop. That is really what she needed was a clean break with no strands holding them together. I am sure that Malfoy will still cause trouble because well he's Malfoy.

The chapter had a great flow to it and it was easy to follow. I really enjoyed the pace because it almost had this cadence that you knew what was going to happen and it followed along with Hannah's emotions. I hope this makes sense.

Teddy was just as believable in this chapter has he has been throughout the entire story. I love how he's not affriad to put himself out there. He does care for Hannah as a friend and just because he's an "evil" Slytherin he is really a stand up guy who cares for his friends. Oh I also wanted to let you know that I LOVE how you characterize Madam Pince. She cracks me up with all her shushing and bewilderment.

I think I covered all of your areas of concern. I did notice one sentence that were a bit confusing.

"A small light dawned in him as I stood up as I stood up a moment later."

One to many stood up's.

I really enjoyed this chapter and this story has really captivated me. Keep up the awesome work!! =)


Author's Response: Hey!
Oh god, don't even worry! This review is completely worth the wait! Thank you so much for this!

aha, I love you too! I'm so happy to hear you think it's relatable; I always try to keep it real, so it's always very reassuring to hear so. Haha.. they all had a little bit of a moment of 'thinking about themselves' in the library so that was fun to write. She did! She got a little vision into what's going on in Fred's mind right now. And it really did affect her, and push forward the rest of the events in this chapter :) She DOES love him! And you're definitely right, he's a lot more hurt than he's letting on to be.

Minky is just one of those characters - a little like Teddy, in respects - that I never expected her to be a character I love as much as I do. She really tried to fight not to spill Fred's secrets but it did not work out too well for her :p She gave her that little push to make her figure out what had to be done, and I love her for it.

I am very happy that the 'breakup' with Scorpius worked well for you. I was a bit worried with the big block of text that it wouldn't flow too well, so it's relaxing to hear otherwise. Of course, I had to throw a little bit of Humor in it, but it really was a pushing forward point for Hannah on her path to making things right. haha.. well, he is Malfoy, after all...

It makes sense :) Thank you! I'm always overjoyed (look, I didn't say glad!) to hear that the flow works; I always overwork myself up over pace and flow because I panic too much about everything :p

Teddy! I write stuff out of order, and I had that little moment with him and Hannah written out a long time ago. They are really great friends and they sort of - not situation, but otherwise - are going through the same thing so they can bond through that. haha.. Madam Pince just has to be so old at this point that she's gone a bit senile.

haha.. she just stood up twice! no, but thank you for pointing that out! I will edit asap! Thank you so much again for the amazing review! Sorry this response took a bit longer than normal, I wanted to give this amazing review a proper response! I missed out on a spot in your new review thread, so I will be stalking it in hopes to snag a spot the next round! Thanks again for everything!

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Review #42, by slytherinchica08 An Overcrowded Ride

9th August 2012:
Oh no! That ending makes things a little more complicated! Well at least she is finally getting the guy she wants but too bad its while he is in a relationship with someone else. I must say though that I was really hoping for some romance between Fred and Hannah during this chapter! But I guess only reading and will tell me if that ever happens. I'm sorry that it took so long for me to get here from the review tag but alas I am here with your review!

I really enjoyed the second chapter and thought you did a great job with description. I loved the funny parts that you had throughout the chapter such as the eating contest, her sitting on Al's lap and moving around, throwing the silverware at all. Really I thought this was great! Great Job!


Author's Response: Hi!

haha.. it does! Unfortunately, you are correct, he really had some terrible timing with outing his feelings. Aw, I wish I could have thrown in some Fred and Hannah here too... that needs a little bit more time to come out in the open if that will happen ;D

Oh, thank you! I did a big (well, big to me) revision on some of the humor and a tad on the descriptions so I am actually really happy that those stood out to you! Actually, I toned it down from what I think was too... much trying to be funny, to more actual entertaining humor, so I'm rambling but I'm glad you liked it :)

Thank you so much for the review!

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Review #43, by alicia and anne Misery Loves Company

7th August 2012:
NO!!! Fred is hanging out with Delilah! And she's laughing! Poor Hannah :-(
And now she's left alone! *shakes fist at Delilah!*
I want to cry, scream and throw things too :-(
Yay! Teddy to save the day *hugs Teddy*
NO!! How could Emmy do that to poor adorable Teddy! :-(
Haha oh bless them all trying to make everyone jealous :-D I love it!
Awww Minky wants to apologise, she's so cute! And she wants to help Hannah and Fred, awww I love her!
*cries* Teddy and Emmy need to still be happy and in love :-(
Yay! Go Teddy telling Hannah to stick wtih Fred! and I agree with Hannah, Teddy is great!
YES!!! Yes she told Scorpius!!! OH burn Scorpius!!
No! I hope Fred hasn't been up to anything with Delilah, No she can't send that letter to George, she needs to work with Fred :-(
Awww little Sophie and Albus they make me so happy :-D
Still a sad chapter, but it's good to see Hannah taking charge and beginning to sort things out, I'm so glad that she told Scorpius, she doesn't need any part of him in her life. Such a good chapter, you're always so amazing!!

Author's Response: I know! She just needs to go away! But she's - unfortunately - necissary for that little jealousy part!
Teddy's here! Don't be sad! Even though he got dumped :/ But it's okay! Because Emmy is obviously jealous of Hannah, and Hannah of Delilah, and Fred of Teddy. Really, it's just a big hormonal teenage mess :p

I loved Minky here. I think she's going to have to make an appearence in the sequel because she's one of my favorite minor characters in this! But she does; she really wants them to work things out because she sees how lovely they are together.

haha.. I figured you'd agree that he is pretty awesome. He's so fun to write in this I'm so happy with the way his character has developed.

YES! Hannah has officially, officially dumped Scorpius. It's done, ended!

ooh.. only time will tell with that. Haha.. the next chapter has more explinations about that little moment!

I know I know! She needs to NOT quit! We'll see what happens!

haha.. through everything, Albus and Sophie have finally found a little time alone; only to get interupted by Hannah :p

Again, thank you so much for everything! I'm so happy you liked this and I love your reviews and your support. Thank you hun!!♥

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Review #44, by Darla Misery Loves Company

30th July 2012:
I stayed up until the wee hours of the day finishing this and eating leftover Birthday Cake to keep me awake, but I was too tired to leave a review so I'm doing it now. Here it is:

First of all, I hope you enjoyed your vacation even if it was socially awkward amidst the future in-laws. 

I think I know how Hannah's feeling. Like someone just punched you in the gut with a cactus and keeps twisting it deeper whenever you see that one person with someone else. I'm starting to understand how she's feeling now and I'm becoming more empathetic towards her. 

I'm so happy Hannah finally grew the lady balls to tell Scorpius that he isn't good for her and she doesn't want to be with him at all anymore! YAY for her epiphany! Those things are great. And YAY for Winky for ratting out Fred. She's my new favorite magical creature.

 I hope Scorpius fixes everything with Rose because they both deserve to be happy and I can't picture him with anyone else ever since they became my new favorite couple. 

I'm kinda pissed at Fred for trying to make Hannah jealous (even though she sort f deserves it) but it's easy to see why he did it. It's definitely working, but now I'm just ready for him to get his head out of his butt and talk to Hannah although I wouldn't blame him if he still has trust issues. 

Emmy is also pissing me off. I feel bad for Teddy, but if she can't get past those old prejudices then he deserves better. I love that you have good subplots that keep me even more interesting. I enjoy the complexity that comes along with having a little story on the side. It makes me feel extra attached to the characters because I have grown especially fond of them and these updates are always fun to read. 

Unfortunately you did have some typos so just look out for those, but it was nothing major so don't stress it. Keep doin what you do because you're doing a lovely job of it^_^

Author's Response: Hey Darla!

SEND ME SOME CAKE! Was it your birthday? Happy Birthday!!

And yes.. it was a little awkward around the future in-laws, but I managed to go ten days without calling my boyfriend's mom by her first name, or by 'mom' so I think it was a win for me :D

Oh good! Hopefully as these next few chapters progress her emotions to make her from that 'other girl' to someone that we can sympothize with. That's my goal, anyway :) We'll see how that works out!

All thanks to Minky, Hannah's finally going to clear her concious one person at time! And she totally ratted Fred out, but it was worth it! :D

I can't answer that next part, spoilers ;)

Oh, it is definitely working perfectly on Hannah. It's his way of dealing with things and while we - on the outside reading - can see it's obviously not going to help things, he can't see that yet.

Emmy is from one of those 'some things never change' families. If more of them were alive, I could see them being very similar to the Black family. And she's still pretty young, so she needs the support from her parents. Teddy may deserve better, but he doesn't want better, he wants her. Anyway! I'm glad you are enjoying their little story. I love writing their drama into this because I love writing Teddy so much :)

I will keep an eye out for the typos :) thank you for letting me know!

Oh, Darla! I have a new story going up in a few days.. It's going to be called 'Triple Chocolate Frog' and it's going to be a James II/original character - I'd love to hear your opinion of it if you had time to read it/were interested.

Thank you for the lovely review! I always love hearing your opinions :) ♥

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Review #45, by AbbeyH Misery Loves Company

30th July 2012:
I just want you to know that I absolutely LOVE this story. It is realistic, by that I mean that it continues the story in a way that is actually probable. It's not like all those stories where Hermione suddenly leaves Ron for Draco(who is all the sudden a good guy?) or when Dumbledore, Fred, Dobby, Sirius, and every other semi-awesome person who died suddenly come back to life. I feel like you have a similar writing style to J.K. Rowling and I feel like I have my Hogwarts back!*content sigh*

Author's Response: Hi!

Thank you so much! It always makes me smile like a loon when I hear such nice things about my writing. I'm pretty inspired by JKR, (obviously :p) so that's such a lovely thing to hear!

I know those exact stories.. *coughdramionecough* I do wish dobby could come back to life though! hahaha.. but I understand, and I'm very relieved to hear that this is a realistic story! Thank you so much!♥

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Review #46, by Courtney Misery Loves Company

28th July 2012:
I am glad that Hannah has finally begun to realize how selfish and stupid she has been and is trying to change, but even now she is so self-centered and deluded. I agree with an earlier review that it is ridiculous for her to act like she is being so nice by deciding to give Rose a chance and for encouraging Scorpius to go back to Rose. Rose has been nothing but nice to her in this story, and if Hannah really wanted to be a friend to her she would tell Rose the truth instead of holding onto the info to blackmail Scorpius so she can try to get her own romance back. And if she had any concern for Rose she would tell her to stay as far away from Scorpiu as possible as she finally realized in this chapter how manipulative and selfish he is. So basically I still don't have much sympathy or respect for her and am glad that she is having to suffer, and wouldn't mind Fred actually moving on. I still mostly only like Rose in this story and hope she gets a happy ending away from all the others in this story as they have all treated her like crap. I understand Al and Sophie not wanting to be the ones to tell Rose, but they should have been encouraging Hannah to tell her the truth a long time ago. I do like your writing and am hoping you will tie up this story in a satisfying way with both HAnnah and Scorpius having to fully pay their dues before they get any happiness.

Author's Response: Rose and Hannah both have their faults that have dragged them apart from eachother. You don't get to see that many of them from Hannah's perspective, but they are there.

As far as your concerns for Hannah telling Scorpius to fix things.. the story's not over yet, and she still has a bit of growing to do before she learns that ;) You and I know it, but she hasn't yet.

Thank you for the review!

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Review #47, by titany brown Misery Loves Company

28th July 2012:
what the heck was hannah talking about being friends wiyh rose, like she is some bigger person to consider this a possibility, news flash- she is not. she is acting like she is not the girl who helped rose's boyfriend cheat on her and despite this her own family is more friendly and sympathetic to her than rose( this is the bit i can never digest how wotters are more sympathetic to hannah than rose after what she had done), she is not worth anybody's friendship let alone rose's. and please tell me u were joking about rose and scorpius being together, you were jokin right? this is such a great story, it cant turn into pathetic one, can it?

Author's Response: Thanks for your opinions! I personally hope this story doesn't turn pathetic, too, but then again I don't think I'd write a pathetic story, so there you go. Thanks for the review, and remember, the story's not over yet ;)

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Review #48, by Justanother_REGULUS_dream Misery Loves Company

28th July 2012:
Okay so I was unbelievably happy about Hannah's girl power. But Fred I'm still fhidnekduehdifjfngntj angry at. But I'm also sad because of stupid Delilah and her shrill giggle, and her and Fred hanging out so much. Poor Hannah barely has anyone to talk to. But she is being selfish I guess. That brings up another thing. Poor Sophie and al no alone time. Fred and Hannah need to get back together so al and Sophie can have more alone time.

Author's Response: Hey Kylee!!

Hannah had some super girl power going on here :) She finally got to put Scorpius in his place.

Aw, Fred's hurt. He knows Delilah fancies him and he wants someone to like him back in the way he likes Hannah.

I agree! Fred and Hannah's problems are causing Sophie and Al to have less alone time and that is not okay!

Thank you for the review, hun!

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Review #49, by truelygryffi Misery Loves Company

28th July 2012:
please please please rose and scorpius shouldn't be together. rose should just hex him and hannah and be done with them! and yeah her family too!

Author's Response: The story's not over yet ;) Thanks for reading and reviewing!

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Review #50, by Jenny_Malfoy Rome Forever

25th July 2012:
Awesome and Addicting!

Author's Response: Thank you so much :)

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