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Review #26, by lol Chapter the Second

20th October 2012:
this chapter is so cute, I had a smile on my face almost all the time I was reading it! (:
Al, James and everyone are so funny, and I loved it when Lily said "dollop-head"... And Glitter is awsome, and Ginny is awsome (she sent Lily a howler saying have a good last year!!!), and Lily is great (she seems so real, I like it that she's struggling to find a job, and doesn't magically have one...)!
Please update soon (:

Author's Response: Ahahaha glad you liked it! :D

"Dollop-head" is actually one of my favourite insults (mostly because of Merlin) and Ginny is awesome. I think they would have had such a close bond, being the youngest of brothers. So I wanted to show that! :p

Update is in the queue actually, it might be validated in about three or so days (provided that I've followed the ToS.)

Thanks for reviewing! :D

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Review #27, by Siriusly89 Chapter the Second

4th October 2012:
SECOND CHAPTER! Still very good! I like how the plot is beginning to form! Just one question.what is croquemebouche? anyway :) Very good! If you ever need any more reviews, you know where I am :)

Author's Response: Definition of croquembouche: A decorative dessert consisting of cream puff pastry and crystallized fruit or other confectionery items arranged in a cone and held together by a caramel sauce.
Adriano Zumbo, one of the most amazing chef's on the planet, makes it - it looks so delicious to eat! If you look it up on Google images, you'll see the big thing it is! :p
Anyway, I'm glad you liked the story - I'm kind of enjoying it! :)
Thanks for taking the time to review my story! :)

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Review #28, by Siriusly89 Chapter the First

4th October 2012:
Hey! Siriusly89 here reviewing as requested! I'm SUPER sorry about the mix up!!! Buut I'm finally here, reviewing the right thing :) I really love this so far! I like how Lily isn't 'little Miss perfect', and I just adore Hugo and Glitter :D I just found one tiny grammatical mistake, there's a place where instead of the word 'he' there's just a 'h', but apart from that, the grammar is perfect :D ON TO THE NEXT CHAPTER !

Author's Response: Hi there again!
It's okay about the mix-up, anyone could do it! :)
Oh the grammar's perfect you say? That's excellent! :)
Ooh, I'll fix that mistake right away, thanks for pointing it out! :D
Thanks for reviewing! :)

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Review #29, by AlexFan Chapter the Second

3rd October 2012:
Lily's life just sounds super right now. Being woken up via tickling torture, no job and her gay cousin is forcing her to do some kind of bucket list.

Good job so far! Update soon!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! Lily's life is super! ;)
Update may take a while because I will be starting school very soon and it will be the most important year EVER so I need to concentrate heaps on my studies. D:
However, I will try and get it in soon because I already have it written! :D
Thanks for reviewing! :D

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Review #30, by AlexFan Chapter the First

1st October 2012:
I like it so far! I usually don't read fanfictions written from Lily's point of view but this one works.

Author's Response: Oh thank you! I hardly ever read about Lily as well, I thought I'd give it a go! ;)
Thanks for reviewing! :D

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Review #31, by PhoenixPulse Chapter the Second

1st October 2012:

M'kay, so first thing's first. I litterally squealed when I saw that there was a chapter update for this story. I was looking up pictures of crazy people on the internet to sketch, when I thought, oh, what the heck! Let's see what HPFF is holding as golden treasure for me today! And so, my adventure started, and then I clicked on my favorite stories list, and WHA-BAM! Right on top was "Naive", and I danced a little jig on the tiny clean spot on my floor, surrounded by shoes, crayons, markers and posterboard! I. Love. You. *sends a pedo-bear face*

Anywho- on with the actual review!

One word: Glitter.

Oh gawd, how I love him! He's just so beautiful, or should I say, B-E-A-UTIFUL! His gayness makes me so happy, and I love how he cares for Lily. And him being sneaky with Drew! Mwahahaha! That little sneak. :3

And I like Lily's insult. Dallop-head. It's cute and juvenile, which matches her personae. Very youthful. And I can totally understand her when she talks about being tickled. Honestly, I just hate it when someone comes up when you least expect it, and all of a sudden, their fingers are all over you. *shudders* It truly is like rape...just without the penetration.

And I wish I had a brother like Al. He seems like the best. All my brothers are meanie heads, and I'm the oldest, so it's just as miserable.

Anywho, marvelous chapter. And I shall await the next!

Author's Response: I ALLOW YOU TO LOVE ME.
I get like that too when I see a fic being updated - sometimes I'll dance around happily. :p
*sends pedo-bear face back.*
Oh gosh, I love Glitter as well. He's so much fun to write!
I'm so glad you love him! :)
Dollop-head is actually from the show Merlin, my mum and I quote it all the time! :p
I hate being tickled with a burning passion - it's the worst sensation ever. I've nearly wet myself because someone tickled me that badly! It was awful!
I have a younger brother (only 2 years apart) but when we were little we always were fighting. Now, we're at lot closer. Although I wouldn't let him attack me like Al and James! I'm small but vicious! :p
The next chapter may be a while because school will be starting soon and it's the most important year for me, I'll update whenever possible but I'm warning you now that it may be a long time before you see me active again. :(
Thanks for leaving me another lovely review! :)

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Review #32, by PhoenixPulse Chapter the First

23rd September 2012:

Okay, this is like, the third story I've read from you without even noticing, and I have to say, you're now one of my favorite authors! I just love your style of writing and they're all so funny!

Now, about this story. I just had to click! The summary for this story was just way too enticing to pass up. And may I ask how Lily is related to Glitter. I know that they're second cousins, but the question is, how? Not that I'm complaining, I freaking LOVE Glitter!

And I love how you characterized all the Weasley-Potter Next Gen. They were superbly written, and their traits seem to match them well. They're all unique. And I love how you're narrating with Lily's P.O.V. I love Lily centered stories for some reason. This was great!

All in all, I just need another chapter! I NEEDS it! Pretter, pretty, PRETTY please? Even though the 'prettiness' of please probably has no effect on anything! I will be waiting for the next chapter.

*lurks sneakily behind a corner*

Author's Response: sjckjsdvjd YAY! Another person added me as a favourite author! :D
I'm so glad you love my style of writing and my humour! In real life, people always say I'm lame! D:
Lily is related to Glitter because he is Dudley's son! ;D I love Glitter as well, he's just so fabulous! :D
I'm glad to hear I characterised the next-gen characters well! I always get nervous when writing them. :p
The next chapter may be soon! I don't know whether to post this chapter next or another one of my WIPs or I may be submitting a new story for a challenge. SO MANY DECISIONS!
Anyway, thanks for leaving me this lovely review! :D
*gives you food, blankets, water in case you lurk for too long.*

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Review #33, by lol Chapter the First

19th September 2012:
It was really funny! Lili and everyone seem to be cool... Is Glitter Dudley's son?! when I read about him being a muggle that's what I thought and I kept imagining Vernon's face when he looks at his grandson (:
please update soon (:

Author's Response: Ahhh, thank you so much! You're my first review on this story! ♥
Glitter is indeed Dudley's son. I could always picture him as being gay and I haven't seen it anywhere so I just had to write about him!
Vernon's face would have been hilarious but I think he would eventually get over it. I'm sure Dudley would set him straight! :D
Are you by any chance the same 'lol' that keeps leaving lovely reviews on a few of my stories?
If so, LET ME LOVE YOU! *chases trying to give you a massive hug*
ignore me, please.
Update shall be soon! I have quite a few things to put in the queue but I will put this one in as soon as possible! It is currently third on my checklist! :)
Thanks for reviewing! :D

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