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Review #51, by imacullenpottergirl five

5th August 2012:
awww! I loved this chapter! Thank you!

Author's Response: Thanks for reviewing :D

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Review #52, by LunarLuna one

4th August 2012:
Hello! I'm here from the review tag ;) So first off I'd like to say I like the concept, and how this is going!^^ You have cool characters, that seem realistic and the humor's pretty good. I'd only suggest working on some more description because the chapter is a little fast-paced and it's hard to follow with all the dialogue and hardly any description.

I know it's hard, I do the same thing, description's kinda dull to write when you're trying to fill in with humor and a lot of action, but it really helps the chapter flow and overall feel. It makes the chapter seem a little less charged and the humor's even funnier because it's more... hum.. "surprising" if you know what I mean? Since there are softer, more informal parts, the silly internal rants of characters sound even better ;)

Other than that the french was okay but with a few tiny grammatical errors. Don't worry, it's still pretty good, it's just because I did most of my schooling up until now in french ;) So basically it should be:

"Je suis desolee. Je ne parle pas anglais!"

You add an "e" because the speaker is feminine. I know, french is weird and complicated xD


"Pas de probleme. Comment tu t'appelle? Moi c'est Louis et je suis francais, en fait... ma mere est francaise... Mais elle m'a appris la langue."

Here it's the same thing for the mon/ma. since her mother is (obviously) a woman, it's "ma" instead of "mon" as for the rest it's not important, just me twiddling so that's it's a slightly more realistic and less robotic french speech ;) the translation changes a bit though, it'd be:

"No problem. What's your name? I'm Louis and I'm French, well... my mother's french... but she taught me the language"

So now that I've finished my french grammar class xD (sorry about that by the way! I just can't help myself when I see french text ;) ) I just wanted to say this is really good!^^ I love Louis/OC and I really like where this is going! :D



PS: The accents in the french quotes came out as weird symbols in the review so I had to replace them by the regular no-accent letters, you had the accents right though, just saying in case you were worrying :P

Author's Response: Thank you!
Yeah, it seems pretty fast paced to me as well but when I have more time, I'll probably add more details :)
I can't believe I forgot the extra 'e'! That was the only bit I used to be good at! Argh! But thank you for pointing it out :D
Hm... I may change it to your way, it does make more sense. I only learnt the robotic way in school ;)
It's alright, French grammar lessons are always welcomed :D
Thank you so much again! I love Louis/OC stories too ;)
Thanks for reviewing :D

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Review #53, by WithLove four

1st August 2012:
I was told their was an update and it lied. I absolutely adore this story and can't wait for more.

Author's Response: Oh sorry about that! But never fear, chapter five is in the queue! :D
Thank you for reviewing :D

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Review #54, by imacullenpottergirl four

25th July 2012:
I hate Cameron. Are you proud of me?
(That kick must have felt very empowering. Family jewels huh? Priceless. :))
Matt is an awesome brother. And Rachelle is awesome as well.
Loved it!
Can't wait for the next chappie!!

Author's Response: hahaha it was the perfect moment, was it?
Yes, hating Cameron is something to be very proud of :D
The kick was good for Phoebe, sometimes you just need to get your ex-boyfriends and kick them in a special place to get your inner frustration out
Matt is awesome, there'll probably be more of him in the sixth chapter :D
Rachelle might make a come-back soon :D
Thank you! I'm about half-way through the next chapter right now, but I have a lot of schoolwork so it might not get finished soon :(
Hopefully I'll get it out soon :D
Thank you for reviewing :D

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Review #55, by blackzero four

24th July 2012:
:D Slut Name

This story is absolutely rocking

Author's Response: hehehe quite a few people agree with this, it must be a very popular name for nasty people :p
Thank you for reviewing :D

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Review #56, by blackzero two

24th July 2012:
Brilliant, Original Humor

Author's Response: Thank you so much :D

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Review #57, by blackzero one

24th July 2012:
Interesting and refreshing plot. Your best work :p

Author's Response: Thank you! This is probably my favourite out of all my stories right now :D
Thanks for reviewing :D

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Review #58, by RavenclawFTW four

24th July 2012:
Haha I thought that Danielle name thing was really funny. xD
As ever I loved this chapter! :D I look forward to the next one!

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm working on the next one whenever I get bored of English, so it should be up soon :D
Thanks for reviewing :D

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Review #59, by HazJKR four

23rd July 2012:
ahhh! -- that's all i can say! and i guess you're thinking, ''bad 'ahhh' or good 'ahhh'?'' > bloody good, i tell you! i tried to write a review on the first chapter, but got too carried away and had to move on to the second... ooh it's addictive! anyway, i'm sorry for my babbling-- my friends usually tell me to zip it. grreat friends they are! -- so basically, i love pheebs! you've done amazingly at keeping her funny and cute(?), whilst still keeping the loved (cough) british trait of sarcasm. (sarcasm is the highest form of intelligence, you know? *nods* ooh yeah. i should be a 'claw!) also... i never thought i'd love a fictional character's abs as much as i do for your louis. yum! --- this is why i'm a nerd... i fall in love with fictional characters, simples. okayy. i guess i'll save you from my motor mouth now. i don't want to kill you and then find you're incapable of updating! -legasp- sooo. keep writing, stay cool, eat noodles. x

Author's Response: oh thank you so much :D
don't worry, I always mean to write reviews on each chapter but I get so excited to get to the end so I never do... woops :p
I always ramble, and when my friends tell me to zip it I usually speak louder :p
I'm a great friend, really :D
I love Phoebe too, she's probably my favourite character to write :D
I'm glad that she sounds British! I'm Australian so I'm trying to make her sound less bogan-ish :D
Oh wow, I also love too many fictional characters but hearing that you love Louis the best, makes me go all warm and fuzzy inside :D
We're all nerds, don't worry. WE ARE UNITED :D
I'll update as soon as possible, I currently have HEAPS of homework so I only have about half of the next chapter written :(
But as soon as I get a break, I'll write it straight away :D
Thank you for reviewing :D

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Review #60, by Chase:) four

23rd July 2012:
omigod you are hilarious and need to write more. if you dont i wiil come over where ever you are and hex you into oblivation because this stroy rocks everything. EVERYTHING!! its sooo good and i absolutely love this chappiebecause of course was just hilarious and you remind me of me and my bestfriend! you need to continue and i will be checking everyday!

Author's Response: THANK YOU SO MUCH :D
I wish I could write more but I have sooo much school work, so I haven't finished the chapter yet :'( I'm sorry!
You and your friend sound awesome ;D
Thank you for reviewing :D

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Review #61, by AriPotter one

22nd July 2012:
Story is good so far! However, in this case, "alors" is probably more appropriate than "bien." Bien means "well" as in "good."

Author's Response: Thank you!
Oh thanks for the tips, I did French for three years but I was never really good at it, I'll change it later ;)
Thank you for reviewing :D

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Review #62, by missclaire17 four

22nd July 2012:
i loved this.
and the scenes with harry and ron were hilarious xD
ahhh, harry. his secretive sarcastic and witty sides always surprises people.

i love this!
and i know what u mean about the name thing.
i dont know anyone name danielle (except danielle peazer whom i love) but i know what u mean. there are some girls with similar names and whenever i hear that name, i just think of THOSE people so my mind automatically jumps to negative thoughts haha

ah. cameron. arsehole. - -

Yes, I've always had Harry with a witty side, I feel like after the war, he took everything a lot less seriously :p
Yes, Danielle is a very popular name with quite nasty people, it's not very good :( It's always takes just one person to ruin that name for you :p
Ew... Cameron, I really don't like writing him as a character but he keeps popping up :p
Thank you for this lovely review :D

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Review #63, by Autumn one

22nd July 2012:
Sorry i dont understand french.what did you say anyway?

Author's Response: I'm sorry, I don't speak English

No problem. What's your name? I'm Louis and I'm French, well... my mother is... But she taught me.

hope that helped you :)

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Review #64, by rogovjm four

22nd July 2012:
A-mazing capter once again. Ellie is fantastic. I just ove her character and Rachel's reaction to Louis was awesome. Amazing job!

Author's Response: thank you so much! :D

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Review #65, by dobby88 one

18th July 2012:
I love how this story started and how they have a crazy lady roster :) Also when Phoebe gets approached by some hot guy she talks french , who then talks french back. Totally something I would do :) I like how even though she's training to be an Auror shes still a waitress which gives the possibility for interesting encounters. I'm definitely reading on :)

Author's Response: thank you for this lovely review :D

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Review #66, by Mistress two

15th July 2012:
Hi there! Back again!

I really enjoyed this chapter because it was all cute and adorable and snarky!

I do think it may have been a touch heavy on the dialogue in comparison to scenic details of the surroundings and body language that would have complimented it great. But it was great!


"Oh, sorry. I'm ever so sorry Miss Mouse, please find it in your stuffing to forgive me?"

I love the 'find it in your stuffing.' So funny!

Great job on this chapter!

Author's Response: Eep! You're reviewing again! :D
Thank you so much!
I'll probably go back and add in some details, thanks for the tips :)
And glad that was your favourite line, that was one of my personal favourites too ;)
Thank you so much for reviewing! :D

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Review #67, by helpwillalwaysbegiven three

11th July 2012:
Aw, Louis is absolutely charming! I love him. You did a great job portraying the members of the Wotter clan as well, especially the original Wotter clan (Arthur, Molly I, Hermione, Ron, etc.) I laughed at Mr. Weasley's (Arthur) deafness. I can definitely see him that way! I also really like Phoebe's overall attitude; like when Louis was giving her a piggy back ride to the theme park, and how she immediately drew a line, warning him not to reach farther up than he was supposed to (not that he would anyway, being the gentleman he is!) or she'd hex him. Good for her, it really shows that she has respect for herself! Can't wait to read more. Please update soon! :)

~ Jenny

Author's Response: thank you so much! i'm glad to hear i portrayed the original potter/weasleys well, i was quite nervous about that :p
yes, phoebe is very sensible ;)
never fear, i just put the next chapter is in the queue! :D
thank you for reviewing :D

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Review #68, by Mistress one

9th July 2012:
I think this is a great start to a story! It's so interesting and different because so many stories take place in Hogwarts and in a generation that places the characters at that age. I really like the start of this, especially the way that the entire story begins if that makes sense. The opening 3 paragraphs already had me snickering and I like Phoebe's snarky character and her internal dialogue.

I think Ells is going to take a bit of getting used to, but I like her as well. She seems a great fit for a best friend!

I wonder who this Louis is! How handsome :)

Great opening chapter!

Author's Response: hold on, I'm having an internal freak-out, you're reviewing my stories! ahh!
okay, I'm done ;)
thank you so much! I agree, so many stories do take place at Hogwarts, but I just wanted to do something different :)
Yes, Ellie does take some time in getting used to, but she's loveable :D
read on and you'll see who Louis is ;)
thank you so much for reviewing :D

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Review #69, by rogovjm two

8th July 2012:
Once again, absolutely hilarious. Louis's strangeness and Pheobe's... Pheobe-ness works very well together.

Author's Response: thank you :D

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Review #70, by rogovjm one

8th July 2012:
Hahahahaha. This is great so far. Your characterization is wonderful and it isn't too slow or too fast which is something i find a lot on here. Great job!

Author's Response: thanks :)
i was worried it was a bit too fast but everyone seems to think its good :)
thanks for the review :D

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Review #71, by harrypotter4ever three

29th June 2012:
I wish I was freezing my backside off! It's 103 degrees here! Great chapter btw. I love this story

Author's Response: thank you!
wow! that's pretty warm (I had to convert it, but shh), but you can always go to the beach! :D
thanks for reviewing :D

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Review #72, by kerrylerry three

27th June 2012:
This is perfect, I love everything about it. Really hope you update very soon because I can't wait to read on!

Author's Response: thank you! I might not get the next chapter in before the queue closes, but I will definitely try!
thanks for reviewing :D

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Review #73, by C'est moi one

2nd June 2012:
You are correct! that is what it means...Congratulations!

Author's Response: yay! I did french for three years but I was never really good at it, and I know Goggle translate is basically always wrong, so I just wanted to double check!
thanks for the review :D

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Review #74, by MiSTY_VoLPe two

27th May 2012:
Hehe good chapter! It made me laugh a lot!
Keen to read more soon!

Author's Response: thanks! next chapter is half-written! :D

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Review #75, by MiSTY_VoLPe one

27th May 2012:
Haha brilliant idea for a story! Super keen to see where this goes!

Author's Response: thank you!! :D

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