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Reading Reviews for The Abundance of Potters
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Review #26, by jack Names, Realisations and Canteen Confrontations

3rd December 2013:
I enjoyed Milla's realization and reaction to Rose and Scorpius. I will say if it wasnt for the baby i would have preferred a Milla Scorpius ending, which I know still wouldnt have happened. The fact that she decided she was going to end it save Scorpius from some of the guilt was far more mature than anything that rose has done this story. Of course additional time to think on rejection could make her change her mind. i do believe that Rose wouldnt have made any of those immature decisions if she wasnt pregnant. The fact that she did some really foolish things is the reason that i think that she has a lot to learn for Scorpius and her to work. Now if there was more than just an epilogue i would say James going to comfort Milla could be either really good or really bad. and the slightly, just slightly, less idiotic brother gets the girl.

Author's Response: Good- I'm glad that it felt okay as I was a bit worried about it. Yeah, I can see what you mean- a lot of people would've and I might've been tempted. Milla can be wise sometimes ;) Hormones- they make everyone do crazy, stupid things! But totally, I wanted to make Rose learn and grow throughout the story. Haha it could definitely go either way! You'll find out in the epilogue :) And gosh, agreed- they are idiotic...

Thanks for the insightful and lovely review as always! I've added the epilogue to the queue, so I'll see you soon. Once more: keep reading (and reviewing)!

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Review #27, by Lizzy Names, Realisations and Canteen Confrontations

3rd December 2013:
Omg I love the chapter-as usual!- and it was fantastic.
Iris is such a pretty name! I love it! And I think that Scorpius was always going to be with Rose. Like Milla said, she was only another girl. I do think that was the right choice though because Milla definitely isn't ready for a child. Like at all.
Speaking of Milla, YAY!! James went to comfort her! Jilla has some hope after all. That makes me so so so happy. I definitely hope that they get together. The two of them would make such a good pair-they both have wild exciting personalities and unlike other people, James and Milla both need that sort of person.
Now on to Katbus. I do love them together and they are just totally adorable. I fully agree with James though. It's always been Albus. 5 years of love is just too hard to overcome.
Again, great chapter! See you with the last *tear tear* chapter and review

Author's Response: Thank you! Glad you enjoyed it :)

Iris was actually pretty much always going to be the name- I wanted to stick to the flower tradition and it was so pretty haha! And yeah, I was happy with how I ended Rose/Scorp/Milla too :)

It was you and another avid reader/reviewer than made me change the story slightly and add that little scene it- I just loved the idea so much! They'll just get in each other's faces when the other is wrong and I think that that's what they need: someone to fight back :D well you'll have to wait till the epilogue to see if they do happen...

Yep-, it was always Albus! Definitely is :)
Thank you! I'll see you at the epilogue! Oh how I'll miss this :( for the last time- keep reading (and reviewing)!

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Review #28, by EarthsTrueGreen Names, Realisations and Canteen Confrontations

3rd December 2013:
Alright the ninjas have been sent home to spend Christmas with their families. Oh this chapter was perfect everything was perfect.
The scene with Scorpius looking and holding the baby, so consumed that he didn't even notice his girlfriend was so perfect, because it shows how good of a father he is going to be. As for Rose, I really loved the whole realization of being a mum, I thought that it was sweet and surreal.
The whole scene with Milla, I'm glad you kept her strong as a character and not come across as whinny. I'm not happy that she got hurt, but at the same time I feel that (and you are well aware) That Rose and Scorpius were always supposed to be together. They way she realized everything and came to the conclusion that had sort of always been hovering over everybody's head, that Scorpius was always going to love Rose, I felt that Milla wasn't too bitter about it. Also the fact that Kat couldn't comment on it because she knew it was true. The insight that you gave to Kat about how she wanted Milla to be right for Scorpius because she was the one who stuck by her, was really brilliant, I couldn't have explained that myself.
Now on a random note, the whole James going to talk to Milla thing, does that mean that maybe they are going to get together? Just curious because I brought the subject up in a earlier review, and you said you hadn't considered it, but you liked it?
Alright now for the other best part finally Kat realizes what I have seen all along that Albus is the one. It's always been him, and James may have led off course from her feelings, but that doesn't matter, like the other love triangle everyone found their way back to each other. I love how she was the one who ultimately ended up fighting for him, throughout the whole story and some of the reviews I know there was the issue of James and Albus needing to man up and fight for her, but the fact that she was the one who ultimately did the fighting, was something that I found so unexpected, and yet so in character for her. I really think that it elevated her (in my mind) as a character.
Once again I loved the chapter, this story can't end yet, I have oddly become excited to read the responses to the reviews I leave. I know I probably sound crazy but I feel like I made a friend while reading this story and getting your opinion on my rants. It's going to be sad not to have that anymore. So anyways if you ever have the desire to come and rant about one of my stories feel free to I would be happy to respond, and do let me know if you post another story, I will most certainly read it. Maybe a James and Lily one, for some reason I really think you could make something fun about that.
Until the epilogue. I'm so excited but sad. Man conflicting feelings suck!

Author's Response: Hi there! Sorry it's taken me so long to answer this review- I didn't have time to do a satisfactory one so I left it till I did :)
Phew! I'm glad the ninjas get to relax with their families :)
Yeah, I like to think that Scorpius will be a good father. He just seems like he would be- if he'd had siblings, I think he would have been very protective of them. I wanted Rose to have that moment of realisation because everything has happened so quickly, I don't think it would've fully sunk in until just then.
Nah Milla is a tough old bird- she wasn't going to go down without a fight. ScoRose was always going to happen, you're right- they're meant to be! Milla is brave too- she won't whine/moan but she'll certainly be a little inwardly bitter ;) I'm glad you enjoyed that particular bit- I was quite proud of that moment. I do think people convince themselves of things to make things easier and Kat could definitely do that.
And I can't really say about James/Milla ;) But it was you and another reviewer who both picked up on it and I did really like it. So, I went back and wrote that scene in. I can't comment yet- they might, they might not. I just really liked to concept of the 'might'.
Sort of like a maze of relationships really isn't it? They all ended up where they started but have gone on one hell of a journey! Kat isn't a Mary Sue 'ooh look at all of these boys fawning over me, what do I do?' type. She's much more than that I like to think and even though she has those moments, ultimately I wanted her to be the one who decides and fights. So I'm glad that made a difference for you: she's more of a Hermione than a Bella (though ironically I think Bella from Twilight is quite a brave character but that just opens the whole Potter vs Twilight debacle so lets not go there... I digress).
I know! I don't want it to end :( I'll miss you especially- I love getting these huge, interesting and lovely reviews. I completely agree- I really do feel like I've bonded with you over this story. So thank you so much for taking the time to review :) Oh I will! I'll re-read Fighting Temptation again once my exams are over (cry) and we can begin our rants again! Thank you- I'd love to continue this in another story :D I am interested in a James/Lily (I've even got a title and summary!) but I was going to go with a Rose/Scorpius one next interestingly enough. But one with a bit of a weird twist...
Thanks again for the lovely, fascinating review! I'm relieved but sad too. They really do suck. So for the last time (for now) keep reading and reviewing!

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Review #29, by Raven The Bookworm Bickering, Births and Long Nights

1st December 2013:
*Insert fan-girl squeal* Gross mental image I will tell you that, but -uh- very cute chapter. Who knew Rose could curse that much? Well, obviously you did. I feel bad for Ron. Actually scratch that, I feel awful for Ron. And Hermione. I mean they're what, thirty years old, and they're already grandparents. I pity them. And Rose. And Scorp. And Kat. And the rest of those Wotters.
Also, on a different note, I support Katbus. So get the two together bloody soon or I will bloody hunt you down. Maybe not really, but please put the two together. Pretty please with a cherry and some rainbow sprinkles on top. (Well that was random).
ALSO, (I know, I'm like Katrina [I don't shut up]) I totally can relate to Katrina's inner wars. There's this guy at my school that I like, but I know absolutely nothing about him other than his name and the fact that he fences and plays lacrosse. I mean, I know his name too, but really that's not much. Back to my point, I bloody shout at myself inside my head, a lot. And don't call me a nutcase. I'm not that bad. Maybe I am, seeing to it that I'm ranting about my social life to a random stranger, but hey, everybody has their moments of insanity, right? Mine just so happen to come far more often than they do with others. And mine just so happen to come when I'm ranting to online strangers as well. Sue me.
Anyways, wonderful story. Kat's a great character. A bloody interesting one, but still a great character.

Author's Response: Haha hi! Yep, sorry about those gross mental images... And I think the pain labour excuses foul language, right? I feel bad for her parents too- it must be insane and pretty scary for them. Pity them all!
I have received so many death threats throughout this story, haha! You're not the first nor is your threat the worst :D Just keep your fingers crossed and hope for the best.
Oooh, he sounds lovely. I feel your pain m'dear, it happens a lot. I wish you luck, my friend! I dare you to try and get to know him more, go on ;) And we're all insane, don't worry. I rant to random people quite a lot so it's not strange. I don't really have a social life to rant about...
Thank you! I'm glad you've enjoyed it :) The next chapter will be going up ASAP so I'll see you net update, yeah? Thanks for the lovely review. Keep reading (and reviewing)!

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Review #30, by Lizzy Bickering, Births and Long Nights

30th November 2013:
Ok so I know I already left are review but for 1) I figured than you wouldn't mind reading another review and 2) I think that Rose and Scorpius' baby's name will be Chloe. So yeah.
(Sorry I totally just thought of that but it's like 12 at night and I'm just like yeah! Chloe!!) so yeah. Again great chapter

Author's Response: Haha I was so confused when I saw your name by another review! You're right- I'm not going to complain about getting another review :)
You're insane and I love you for it! Thanks for the extra review- it made me chuckle :)
See you next update!

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Review #31, by Lizzy Bickering, Births and Long Nights

30th November 2013:
So to start off again great chapter. I absolutely love that Rose had a girl! And ScoRose is back together again. Yay! (Excuse my squee moment there, I am a huge ScoRose fan.)
So yeah. I bet that Milla will be pretty mad at Rose. I think that this will be the end of a possible milla Rose friendship though, at least for a few years. I'm still hoping for a Jilla/Mames? relationship and if that happens I think that milla will learn to forgive Rose and accept the fact that she's with Scorpius. And while we're on this topic I do think that ScoRose will stay together and have a happy ending.
However, for Katbus or Jatrina, I think that it will end up being Katbus. Even though he dumped her too, James is spot on with his reasoning for breaking up with Kat. I do love Jatrina but I think that it is and always has been Katbus.
So names for the baby. Well I do love the names Allie, Madeline/Maddie, Penelope or some nickname for that, and Evelyn. But I highly doubt that any of those will be it, so yeah.
Again, LOVE the chapter!! I can't believe that this story is almost over, after having followed it for 6 monthsish. I know that's not nearly as long as other people but still. This is one if my top favorite stories and I'm going to be so sad to see it end!
See you next time with another chapter and review!

Author's Response: Hi! Good, I'm glad everyone was pleased with the sex- everyone guessed it was a girl funnily enough :D I'm a big ScoRose fan too so you're excused! But are they truly back together...?
After the next chapter, there is the epilogue. So you'll find out who ends up with who and which characters get their happy ending. Just keep your fingers crossed!
Ooh, they're all gorgeous names. But nope, none of them are quite correct I'm afraid. I've given some clues to what it will be...
I know! It'll be painful to have to give up the story- part of me just wants to keep on writing. Thanks so much for sticking with me for so long- you're fabulous!
Thank you so much for the lovely review. I'll be updating soon so keep reading (and reviewing)!

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Review #32, by EarthsTrueGreen Bickering, Births and Long Nights

30th November 2013:
Hmmm. Well I have a bright smile on my face right now. Thank you very much. Don't get me wrong Labor is a bonding experience so I'm glad that Rose and Scorpius kissed because I have been gunning for that for a while. Not to mention that Kat said she already knew it was going to happen so i'm sure that means that Scorpius is choosing Rose and his new family over Milla. Thank goodness.
The way Rose felt guilty about it though I liked because it shows that she does have a heart and even though she wanted this, I also think that she feels bad because he is with Milla, which is completely ridiculous seeing as how she did just go through labor for twenty-eight freakin' hours, she shouldn't have to feel guilty for kissing the father of said baby. On another note I do think that the guilt shows the Rose from the begging of the story, when she was all sweet and innocent, so I feel (in a way) that it may sort of represent her going back to the person that she used to be, the one that Scorpius fell in love with to begin with. Not to mention Scorpius' reaction to the kiss which was relaxed and content, he knows he made the right decision, a person doesn't feel that way if they are kissing the wrong person. So I liked it, not sure if this means that they will get together immediately, but I do think it means that there is a future with them.
I also like how Kat didn't chew Scorpius out for it, and that she compared it to the kiss with Albus and how it was sort of the same situation. I think Kat is starting to realize that Albus is the right choice, just like she knows that Scorpius and Rose belong together, even if Milla is one of her best friends. Speaking of Albus, I got a kick out of the scene where Kat was wondering is Albus knew about what James had done. She would not have done that unless she wanted Albus. So once again I am really happy right now.
I'm excited for the next chapter, no matter what now I really do think that Scorpius and Rose will get together, regardless if it is now or in the epilogue, I just want them together. The same with Albus and Kat. I really do feel like the decision has been made.
Loved the note about the Ninjas. lol. Their on a coffee break right now, so unless something extreme happens that I don't like (Because I rule the world) I don't think that I will be needing them anytime soon.
As for the baby, I'm going to take a one in a gazillion chance and say that the name is Ava. Don't know why just am.
Thanks for the update, excited for the next chapter.

Author's Response: Haha! Glad you enjoyed it- have to say, as I was putting this up, I was thinking that you would be pleased. I think you deserved a ScoRose kiss- after all the torture I've put you through, count this as a treat.
Yeah, I wanted to show that Rose does still have a heart. She's grown a lot recently but you're right- she's finding her old self again. But, she's a lot more mature this time around!
No, I was never going to have Kat criticize Scorp- how hypocritical it would be! But yeah, the situations are quite similar and I think Katrina does understand what they're feeling (from personal experience really) and sort of guessed it might happen.
This was a pretty good chapter for you really wasn't it? Got several wishes :D The decision was always made- but will it be the ones you think...? You won't have to wait too long for the next chapter- putting it in the queue today :)
Haha, that was aimed at you! Phew, thanks for holding the ninjas back (for now).
Woah you strange creature. Ava isn't the name of the baby but it is the name of another baby that will be mentioned. You Seer!
Thanks for the lovely review. They mean a lot :) See you next update! Keep reading (and reviewing)!

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Review #33, by ReeBee Bickering, Births and Long Nights

29th November 2013:
Ah.h.h.h.h.h.h.h.h.h.h.h.h.h.h.h.h.h.h!!! Weird punctuation due to the fact that the editing takes all the extra letters away… :(

Anyway!!! Gah! AWESOME! Everything more than I expected! So beautiful!! :D Ahh! They finally got together!! :D Yay! But how can Scorpius do that to Milla?!!?! I hate u for leaving me in such a dilemma ;) !! Should I hate scorp or love him??? I don't even know!

And! So sweet! Al and Kat are god parents! Yay! :D But, I can't wait for the next chapter. Everything will be good, right? Al and Kat get together… at least I'm guessing it's Al, what if it's James… I think it should be Al :) Unless it's not a happy ending…then u r definitely getting the ninjas!!! :D

Anyway, I loved it! :D Update soon!! But the queues so long…urgh! But, whatever, can't wait! And! Im second review! Whooo! :D

Author's Response: Haha I get you! Thanks for going through all the effort to express your emotions :D

Good! I'm glad you enjoyed it. And you'll find out... Love Scorpius- I do. Everyone makes mistakes and Scorpius is still a babe :)

Yep, they were always going to be godparents. But will they get together...? Happy ending, eh? We'll see... I really hope I don't get ninjas :D

Thanks for the lovely review! I'll be putting the next chapter in the queue within the next few days so you won't have to wait too long. The staff have done an awesome job of getting the queue time down so the wait won't be awful :)

Actually, you're my 300th review so thank you very much for that!

Thanks for the lovely review. Keep reading (and reviewing)!

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Review #34, by jack Bickering, Births and Long Nights

29th November 2013:
I feel sorry for Hugo. That conversation they had reminded me of the "fun" conversations that happened when my sister was pregnant. Scorpius needs to get rid of Milla. The kiss isnt a shock. Stupid things happen in emotional situations, and even if they are meant to be together the timing of the kiss was stupid. I still say that Rose needs to learn a lot before the two of them get together, which i still wish will happen in an epilogue rather than within the time frame of the story. The guilt after the kiss at least shows she is starting to learn. Do James and Albus know that they both did the same thing in their relationship with Kat. Well almost the same thing. James was a complete idiot while Albus was only an idiot.

Author's Response: Yeah, I never really had the chance to properly develop Hugo but I'm very fond of him. Ooh, you're more of a ScoRose fan then? Well you'll have to wait until next chapter to find out what happens! Both the Potter boys are idiots ;) And I can't tell you that- sorry. Again, next chapter will tell all!

Thanks for the lovely review as always. Keep reading (and reviewing)!

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Review #35, by TheWizardingPorcupine Racing Pregnant Girls, Toilets and Making Friends

26th November 2013:
The last part-
Rose looks at him and shakes her head. “Jeez, Scorp. Haven’t you read Hogwarts: A History Revised? Muggle electric devices can’t be used in Hogwarts! So Sarah couldn’t be a cyborg!”
BWAHAHA!!! Can't stop mentally laughing!
Erm.. . . . Great chapter. . . . Uh. . . *insert cheesy thumbs up here*

Author's Response: I do try ;) My family say I'm not funny but I tend to disagree! Mentally laughing is the best :D

Thanks again! Thanks for reviewing so many chapters so enthusiastically. Keep reading (and reviewing)!

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Review #36, by TheWizardingPorcupine Inexplicably Horrible Sounds, Screaming First Years and Rubbish Practices

26th November 2013:
No offense, t your cousin is mean!
Loved the ending

Author's Response: Aw, no, my cousin actually did it accidentally. He was using my laptop and there was no space left on the disc etc so he deleted this folder because he was thought it was just old stuff... He apologised afterward don't worry!

Glad you still enjoyed it :)

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Review #37, by TheWizardingPorcupine Psychopathic Killers, Iris' and Heartbeats

26th November 2013:
Aww poor Albus (though he did deserve it)
Poor Rose
Poor James (when he finds out that Kats forcing herself to like him)
Cool Kat
Sweet Scorpius
Non-female doglike (for once) Dom
Great chapter

Author's Response: A lot of poor someone's there! Pity them all! Yeah, it was a fairly 'ouchie' chapter for a lot of people.

Thanks again!

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Review #38, by TheWizardingPorcupine Mornings, Fights and Movie-like Scenes

26th November 2013:
Well, I'm annoyed they had a fight. Al was acting like a right git (look at what J.K has done to me. I'm Californian)
Love this story anyways

Author's Response: Yeah, everyone hated that they had a fight (including me!). Haha, J.K does do that ;) Everyone will prove to be a bit of a git at one point or another...

Thanks again!

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Review #39, by TheWizardingPorcupine Dresses, Potions Whizzes and Surprising Kisses

26th November 2013:
O. My. God.
NOT THE LOVE TRIANGLE!!'! Between brothers, no less!
If this piece wasn't so great, I would totally hate it.
Just saying.

Author's Response: I know! How dramatic! Just making it even awkward with the brothers...

Oh Merlin, no, I totally understand you. But I hope I keep you hooked!

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Review #40, by TheWizardingPorcupine Birthday songs, First Kisses and Revealing Secrets,

26th November 2013:
Bwahahaha never underestimate the wrath of Wotters Scorpius!
So sad. WAHH! Scorpius is a git (Hey look I'm Brit all of a sudden). Rose- I feel so bad for her!
So sad. I am writing in. Sentence fragments.
But great chappy anyways (you know. Without. The sad. Part)

Author's Response: I always think the Wotters would be pretty terrifying to come across in a dark alley...
Yep- at the moment, he is most definitely a bit of an idiot. I like your Britishness :D

Thank you- glad you seem to be enjoying it! (sad bits are often the best ;))

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Review #41, by TheWizardingPorcupine Bad Karma, Charred Beds and Confusing Talks

26th November 2013:
Really really good! Though I could do without Rosie-Posie being pregnant (I don't exactly love those types of fanfiction) but funny and good all the same!
There are a few spelling and grammar mistakes (like I can talk), and I'm giving this an 8/10 because of aforementioned mistakes and the short length

Author's Response: Thanks again! Yeah, I do understand what you mean- a lot of people don't like Rose being pregnant or anyone being pregnant. Unfortunately it is a big part of the story but I hope you'll bear with!

Yeah, I don't have a beta :L I should probably go back and re-edit those old chapters but at the moment I don't have the time (or energy) and am focusing on the current chapters. I do apologize however!

Thanks again for the lovely review :)

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Review #42, by TheWizardingPorcupine Shocking Secrets, Blackmailing and Unfortunate Rumours

26th November 2013:
Love. Love. Love.
Really deserves more reviews and favorites!
So FUNNY not like witty or something but the SITUATIONS they get themselves into!
I am highly caffeinated.
Not that you're not witty or anything, but the situations are just HILARIOUS!!!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I'm glad you're enjoying it so much :) Oh, they do get themselves into some stupid situations and they'll only get worse!
Caffeine is brilliant *thumbs up*

Thanks for the lovely review! I'm off to read your next review now...

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Review #43, by EarthsTrueGreen Apologies, Fathers and Apocalyptic Beginnings

24th November 2013:
Sorry I'm late, school has been kicking my butt and I had to get a chapter for my other Scor/Rose story Twelve finished, and that took absolutely for freakin ever, but finally I got to read the chapter. I liked finally getting to meet her father, I think it was a little bit bittersweet in a way because he doesn't recognize her but... Also Im not sure how I feel about Milla and Rose getting along, I wonder if Milla will be singing a different tune after the baby is born, which will be coming up super soon. So Excited. Anyways cannot wait until the next chapter is up, please please please be soon. Also will we see an appearance of Albus in the next chapter sort of starting to miss him.
P.S. The ninjas are on hold until the end of the story.

Author's Response: Hey it's fine- I completely get it! School's hellish at the moment and of course your own story most definitely comes first! Yep, definitely bitter sweet- didn't want it to be a complete happy ending for that! And... Definitely only a semi-permanent truce, believe me. They'll never be besties! Baby is next chapter (girl or boy? What's your vote?) and there may be some moments that shock you ;) That's all I'm saying...

Albus will appear next chapter, don't worry! I'm going to put up the next chapter either tonight or tomorrow so you won't have to wait too long I promise!

Thanks for the lovely review as always. Keep reading (and reviewing)!

P.S Thanks! Phew :D Hopefully they'll be put permanently on hold...

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Review #44, by Lunalovegoodlover7869 Apologies, Fathers and Apocalyptic Beginnings

23rd November 2013:
I think it will be a girl and good old Scorpy is going to end up with Katrina.

Author's Response: Everyone who's voted on sex reckons it will be a girl. Interesting... ;) And oooh, that's new! I haven't heard that one before. Good theories however!

Thanks for the interesting review! Keep reading (and reviewing)!

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Review #45, by ReeBee Apologies, Fathers and Apocalyptic Beginnings

22nd November 2013:
Ah!! No no no!! A cliffie…. *dies*

Awesome chapter, as always! I love that this chapter is centred on her friendships and not on her problem with Albus/James! But, we also see that they're still important to her, as they do pop up in her thoughts!

I have no idea why, but I love Dolohov! He's like a child! So cute!! :D I can't wait to see how u develop hime even further!!! I really hope u do! :D

Can't wait for the next chapter! Update soon!


Author's Response: Oh no! Don't die! You'll find out all within the next week ;)

Yeah- I really didn't want Kat to become an unsympathetic character because she just dumped every other friend she had for the love triangle.

I love Dolohov too- it's interesting because he's so cute and innocent after all the crimes he's committed. Only three chapters left but you'll get a little something!

Thank you for the lovely review; the next chapter will be going up within the next week. Keep reading (and reviewing)!

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Review #46, by Lizzy Apologies, Fathers and Apocalyptic Beginnings

21st November 2013:
I hate you. I really do. I can't believe that you did that!! But I do understand why. And I'm glad that you decided to focus on her dad because if you hadn't and just sort of skimmed over him I think that people would have been mad because they want to know The details after being kept in the dark for so long about him.
Now still!! I can't wait until Rose gives birth and we FINALLY find out the gender. I think that it will be a girl because I can see this character Rose with a baby girl over boy. Ooh or maybe it will be twins. One of each!! But probably not. :( And I still don't know who I want Scorpius to choose. I think that Kat will end up with Albus and Scorpius with Rose. Now this is just my totally romantic unrealistic side coming out but I think that Milla should end up with James. But I know that's not happening so yeah.
Sorry I haven't been reviewing. I've just been so busy and lazy I didn't! Sorry again
Again love it! Keep up the great work. See you next update

Author's Response: Haha :D I love it when people say that because it often seems to mean that I've done something good ;) Yeah, I really wanted to have a proper chapter just about her dad and their relationship and it worked well as it allowed me to suspend the Rose drama for a little while! And they dive right back in ;)

Another vote for a girl, eh? They're coming in thick and fast. I have the gender and name all picked out- have done since the beginning! Staying firm with the original couples, yeah? You'll find out soon! Actually, another reviewer mentioned the James/Milla thing and I do really like it... I won't say anything but maybe I'll factor it in...

It's fine don't worry! Don't apologize- I'm so lazy when it comes to those sorts too. Thanks for the lovely review, keep reading (and reviewing)!

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Review #47, by G Apologies, Fathers and Apocalyptic Beginnings

21st November 2013:
I loved it. I'm glad you had kat meet her father, I think that was the most important part of this chapter for Kat. it was great. Update soon, please!

Author's Response: Well I'm pleased that you're glad that Kat met her dad- I was quite apprehensive as quite a few people seemed pretty indifferent towards that storyline. I enjoyed writing it :)

Thanks for the lovely review; the next chapter will be going up within the next week. Only three chapters left and they're all written! Keep reading (and reviewing)!

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Review #48, by kristyhes Apologies, Fathers and Apocalyptic Beginnings

21st November 2013:
Oh.. I really like your story and I'm looking forward to the next chapter.. And I hope that there'll be more about Kat and her dad.. :) Hmm as for the baby, well I think that it's a girl..

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm glad you're enjoying the story- only three chapters left now! Oooh, do we? We'll have to wait and see ;)

Thanks for the lovely review; the next chapter will be going up within the next week. Keep reading (and reviewing)!

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Review #49, by Amelia Flashbacks, Death Missions and Awkward Moments

17th November 2013:
WOW haha I just started reading your story and i can barely stop laughing! It's hilarious! I was wary of reading your story when i read the story with the pregnant bff part, but after reading the first three chapters I'm sure it'll be fun!

Author's Response: Haha I'm glad you're enjoying my story! I personally think the first few chapters are the weakest so I hope it continues being good for you ;) I'm glad that you're willing to give this story a go with the pregnant best friend- I started this story when they were popular but they are a little overdone now but I still love writing all of this! I hope you keep going with me :)

Thanks for the lovely review! Keep reading (and reviewing)!

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Review #50, by ruthdobble Hiccoughs, Apocalypses and Objectifying Girls

17th November 2013:
This is brilliant! I really like it and can't wait till you have it finished :) I'm super excited :) This review is for the whole story so far, by the way, I just finished it today :)

Author's Response: Thank you! So glad you've enjoyed the story so far :)I'm very excited for the end too. I'm putting the next chapter in the queue today, so it should be up soon!

Thank you for the lovely review. Keep reading (and reviewing)!

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