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Review #26, by GingeredTea 

9th February 2013:
I just realized that I entirely forget your author note on the side story to this story (sorry it's getting late and I'm getting less understandable...). I had to read more. You have me hooked! I promise to leave a more competent review on the next chapter!
Love it!

Author's Response: Hello!

Thanks for coming back! I didn't think anyone would really like this story so its nice getting some feedback on it. I thought the idea was going to turn alot of people off but I hope you'll be able to keep reading. I try so hard...
Thanks so much again, its really nice seeing you! I'll be checking out Devlin today too, I've been weirdly swamped lately and haven't had time to read much. T-T
Much love,

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Review #27, by GirlOnTheSidelines The Heat of the Moment

8th February 2013:
Ahhh... Hello!

How could you leave us with that? I hope Percy doesn't do anything too stupid but that Joseph guy needs a real lesson in manner if you ask me.

Once again, an amazing chapter. I loved the bit at the beginning where they were trying to tickle each other. Cannot wait for more of them getting to know each other and finding things out about the other as well.

Please update soon!

Lots of love,

Author's Response: Hello!

*Fangirls* GTS! I'm So happy to see you back, you're the best. :3
I had to leave you guys on a cliffhanger because the next chapter is sooo intense already. I've got a bit of it written and its just going in this really dark direction! :D
Uhm, Percy might not be so kind to Joseph, who does need to learn some manners!
Bwhaha, that tickle fight was fun to write because Audrey was intent on squeezing his bum. HAHAHAH.
Oh, they're going to get to know one another, they'll have no choice. :3 Things are getting to the point where secrets aren't going to stay hidden if I have my way with this story.
Will be updating after "A Force of Wills", which you still need to catch up on! D':
Anyway, thanks for coming by!
Much love,

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Review #28, by hannahfan123 The Heat of the Moment

5th February 2013:
dude keep going I want to see Percy in a bar fight

Author's Response: HellO!

Hahha, we've never spoken before so its nice to meet you. I'm Gabbie! :3
I will most likely keep going with this story so no worries. I actually typed a bit of the next chapter last night but will go over it again and finish it and such. Hahaha. Percy fighting in general is enough to keep ME reading, right? Hahahah. Glad that you liked this enough to leave a review! :)
Much love,

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Review #29, by CassiePotter The Heat of the Moment

4th February 2013:
Hi Gabbie! This chapter. Ah SO MANY FEELINGS.
This chapter was fabulous! I loved it! I'm so excited that Percy and Audrey are finally together, and I really love them as a couple, because you write them so perfectly, so the fact that they want to get to know one another makes me really happy!
This chapter reminded me how much I love the way you've written Audrey's character. A lot of people make her very stuffy and uptight, because that's how Percy is portrayed in the HP books, but I love the fact that your version of Audrey is so wild and crazy and fun! She brings out a lighter, much less serious side of Percy that is nice to see!
Also, I though that he and Audrey were so cute together in this chapter! The way that they really want to get to know each other, and care about one another's feelings is really sweet! Also, I love how awkward they can be sometimes. It makes this feel so real, because they don't have a perfect relationship.
They end of the chapter was brilliant! It was probably my favorite part, actually. I loved how Percy stood up for Audrey, and wanted to protect her. And THE VERY END OF THE CHAPTER. OH MY GOSH.
Percy appeared as straight-laced as usual in his clothes but there was something feral and wolfish and.dangerous about him
That gave me chills! I could picture it so clearly, and I loved your description of Percy! But I'm nervous that he's going to get into trouble for attacking Joseph Wring!
This chapter was amazing and I can't wait for your next update! What story is next? I'll keep you posted on my updates over on the forums! 10/10
Cassie :)

Author's Response: Hello!

Its always such a pleasure getting your lovely reviews. :3
*Hands candy*
Was this the chapter that really set up Percy and Audrey as a couple? I think so and I think not on some things, but that might just be me trying to hold back on it a little more. But as I read through it, I think the two of them being "just friends" isn't ever going to happen. There's just too many feelings between them and so much need that it can't be denied, though neither of them will openly admit to being a couple, you all know what happened. Hehehe.
Yep, I think Audrey and Percy getting closer was a really important factor for this chapter and I'm glad that you enjoyed it. :D
You know, I'm not sure why Audrey would have to be stiff and boring just because Percy is portrayed that way. Usually, people go for the opposite of what/how they are, at least to me and she really adds more depth and interest to Percy. She's funny and wild and crazy and she wants to pinch his bum. :D
Don't we all? :3
I think there's going to be alot of awkwardness between them for a while but their banter and relationship is really sweet sometimes! :D
Bwhahah, you didn't like Audrey running around trying to squeeze Percy's tight little bum, Cassie?! Gasp! HAHAHA. Anyway, I actually like the last scene and the first half of this chapter the most myself.
So many feels! >_<
Percy's secrets are about to start coming out and well, let's just hope Joseph Wring's face is in decent condition by the end, yes? :p
Uhm, I think I'm going to update for that George story, "Memories" next. It needs some love. And then maybe Albus again, it depends on my weird moods. :D
But anyway, thanks for the review! And I'll be looking at TFD soon!
Much love,

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Review #30, by patronus_charm 

3rd February 2013:
Hey Gabbie, I'm here with your review!

As I've read your one-shot about Percy meeting Audrey before reading this, it was fun to compare what the other one thought of each other, and I loved Audrey's first description of Percy of him being stiff and awkward!

It was really sweet that Audrey liked Percy as well, and thought of him as cute! You can really see how bad a way he was in, if his eyes were all glassy. I'm guessing that Audrey will be the one to help him overcome that, as she's so exuberent and extreme it would have to make him snap out of it! And I guess it was nice that she picked him out, and was going to help him through his grieving by giving him a dance ;)

It was funny how Audrey picked up on little things, as people probably think she's dumb because she's a stripper, when in fact she appears to be rather intelligent. Like her witty remarks, and her worry for the other dancers and the children. She seems to have a rather warm inside, which contrasts nicely, with her haughty exterior!

A little brit pick here, by college I assume you mean university? And burger joint/bar isn't really said much, I guess you would say place:)

N'aw Percy and Audrey were so cute when they were eating, and the way she wanted to see him again, was really sweet as they are polar opposites so having them together, would just be hilarious! Imagine their arguments!

There were a couple of run on sentences, but I can't really criticise you for them, as I'm prone to having loads of them as well! I understand though, as it's just so boring going back and seeing where you need a comma or a full stop!

I would have said more, but I said most of it in That Night, and unless you want another review that long again, but like I said before it was a great chapter as usual Kiana :D

Author's Response: Hello!

Hey there, doll. Always nice seeing you popping back with your reviews that I requested because I like responding to your lovely reviews. And such. :D
It is pretty fun to read this from Audrey's POV, since That Night is basically this whole first chapter from Percy's! She comes off as really sweet and her attraction to Percy just makes it sort of weird, but nice in its own way. She had wanted to give him a free dance and other things, hehehehe.
You know, I had thought of that before too but Audrey isn't stupid just because she dances. I wanted to play on that because it would give her more depth, but she actually notices quite a bit about people. Oddly, her and Percy are alot alike! She's sort of bold and loud and everything he isn't so writing for them is always going to be fun for me. :3
I'm American! Forgive me and my horrid Southern American ways! I might go through and fix those.*sobs*
Hahha. Yes! Percy/Audrey forever! They're very fun to write for and I liked that you enjoyed them. Hopefully, you would't mind reading on! It would make me so very happy. :3
Their arguments in future chapters ARE hilarious.
Hahahah, nah, no long review! But this was great and I really loved it!
Thanks again!
Much love,

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Review #31, by my_voice_rising 

2nd February 2013:
Okay, you had me at Percy Weasley/Stripper. I can't wait to read, so here we go!

I'm really intrigued by the idea of Percy going to a strip club; a Muggle strip club no less. It's interesting that he's sitting in the front, but the fact that he looks so dead to the world says a lot about his decision to be there. This is really witty and a bit sad, too--I loved the line about the heater smearing her makeup, but the men not noticing her face anyway.

One thing that I do notice is a lot of run-on sentences. You could break them up into multiple sentences, or even add in some punctuation to make it easier to read. For example, this: "It had been odd but she’d thought he was a bit cuter before she’d flicked her gaze over his face, noticing the glasses on the bridge of his nose and she’d squinted a bit as he’d briefly looked around to catch their color" could be shortened to something like this: "It was odd, but she’d thought he was a bit cuter before she’d flicked her gaze over his face. Then she noticed the glasses on the bridge of his nose, and as he looked around she’d squinted a bit to catch their color." Of course, you're obviously a talented writer and don't have to use that sentence xD It's just an example.

Oh my gosh, how funny that Lee and George took him out!! It all makes so much sense now--why he's even there in the first place. I like that she singles him out because he's the only one who seems to not be eating her alive with his eyes. Interesting, too, that you mention her relationship with her father. It's so realistic and completely explains why she would choose a job that seeks attention from men (of course that's not her only reason; you said she wanted to be an artist, but you know what I mean).

I laughed at Audrey telling Percy that she wasn't going to take his virginity--and when George said that he could look, because she had clothes on xD Poor guy! Everyone teases him, eh?

WHOAAA. what? Percy, Jesus Christ. Why are you sexually harassing this girl? Touching her without asking? I feel like he went way to far there. Like, way too far. I feel like he was really mean to her too... I know she's a little insecure about herself, but I think he was verging on emotionally abusive with talking about her body and such. Really intense.

I do like that she took him to a seedy burger restaurant though. It was interesting to see Percy suck in another world like that. He seemed really uncomfortable! And I wonder why all the darkness and secrecy? Is she going to see him again?

All in all, nice job :3

Author's Response: HellO!

Thank you for your review, I didn't expect you to be able to get to it soon. But thanks for choosing this story, I didn't think that alot of people would really go for this idea. And yet, I'm shocked whenever I get a review and you've made me so very pleased! :3
Have some candy.
Ooh, I see that that sentence needs to go away! Argh. I had edited this chapter on my computer but haven't uploaded it because I've been so busy but I see what you mean with it. :p
I've got tons of run ons and such and that's a problem I try to fix more now.
Yeah, Lee and George taking him there makes you want to burst out laughing. They're vey annoying so of course Percy wouldn't want to be there in first place! He was sort of bullied into it, to be honest. Hahahahhaa.
You know, I don't think that just because people don't talk about it that alot of girls don't have these sort of issues. With her singling out Percy, who didn't look at her like a piece of meat to her job, Audrey's a pretty interesting character I think. Some people don't like that idea but I've gone with it and have just let her tell me what she wants. :p
She's mean to me. Hahahha.
YES. Everyone teases Percy! Audrey actually doesn't STOP making fun of him and well, George. He's GEORGE. He's annoying anyway so picking on Percy is just normal. HAHAHA.
AH! This is the fourth or so comment about Percy's attitude regarding Audrey. I might have to go back and change that because I don't want him coming off like such a jerk. :p
In later chapters, I've changed his attitude quite a bit but this first chapter needs some work on my end. :p
Him feeling her up and such was rather rude and he had this nasty attitude. HAHAHA.
Perhaps you should read "That Night" to understand why, its a one-shot of mine that I've got up. It might not make you like him very much but...I'm not going to justify it. Hahah. Erm, I'm awful.
I like putting Percy in places that he isn't comfortable! Its fun and he can't do anything about it. Oh, and he's so much different from canon, which explains all the secrecy and darkness. ;)
She sees him again by accident! :D
Anyhoo, thanks for your review, it means quite a bunch. :D
Much love,

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Review #32, by GirlOnTheSidelines Rich Expectations

29th January 2013:
Meh... I want more. Hello there Gabbie, I'm so sorry about my lengthy absence but exams and family and stuff kept getting in the way, so please forgive me.

This is story is just incredible. It really is. I just don't know how you do it. It's so intense that when I get to the end of a chapter I just have to sit back for a moment and readjust to reality. You are a truly incredible writer.

So, on to the chapter... I was so pleased you started exactly where you left off the last one. Made me a little flustered to be perfectly honest ;) I can't believe he pulled away though! I was so surprised and even a lit cross at first but it was definitely the right thing to do.

They really do seem to be actually getting to know each other a bit more and I am so excited to see where you take this. It is really incredible. Percy is so fascinating and I think I might be developing a similar sort of obsession with him as Audrey has.

I love how is favourite colour is purple, I have always thought that as well, I don't know why, it just suits him. And in the Wizarding world is comes across as a much more manly colour. His cluelessness about technology is adorable and when he started talking about movie stars, I actually laughed. Bless him. You really capture the confusion a wizard must feel in the muggle world, especially with things that we take for granted.

Anyway, I cannot wait for more from these two and I hope they enjoy their pizza. I’ll be off to another of your stories now but well done on another magnificent chapter,

With Love,
GirlOnTheSidelines x

Author's Response: HELLO!

*Blushes at your compliments* Yay, I'm so happy that you're back. I've missed you and your reviews but I totally understand about things getting in the way and taking up your time. I'll be busy myself in a few months so I might not be able to come online for a long while but until then, here I'll be and there'll always be more stories for you.
So. I am so sorry that I had to cut off Percy and Audrey's moment for you but goodness, did I blush while writing that! I had to really sit back and try to think clearly because my mind was a complete mess. This story is actually one of my harder ones to write and I have to, like you said, re-evaluate everything I wrote. Its intense stuff sometimes. :D
I think I had to have Percy stopping though with what he and Audrey were about to do, he sort of just had to think about what he wanted from her and get to the point of what he needed their relationship to be. Him demanding that out of Audrey was actually a good thing and it puts them in a completely different position. *No pun here, mind you*
Percy is becoming an obsession for me, I absolutely adore him right now. Audrey will be getting more than a few surprises from him if I have my say and I'm working on more chapters as soon and fast as I can! D':
You know, I thought that purple was a rather soft color for Percy, maybe hinting at how sensitive he can be. But it is pretty funny to Audrey, who's completely opposite of him and sort of goes for more bold things. ;)
That little bit about movie stars was too funny and writing about his fascination with technology is really fun for me. And Audrey as well, she's just the greatest and putting an air of confusion for a wizard in the muggle world is too tempting. :D
I will try to be getting more up for these two soon and they will enjoy their pizza. And each other. ;)
I missed you and I hope you enjoy all the updates that I've gotten. Phew!
Much love of course,

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Review #33, by aquabluez17 

27th January 2013:
Heyy! Its Mya here for your review.

Well this was awesome!! Seriously! What a start!!

Before I get down to business let me fan girl here for a minute

YOU MADE ME LIKE PERCY WEASLEY!! Yah! It actually happened! Like whoa. Where did that come from?? :P

Aww Geogieee! He's soo cuteee. With his sexual innuendos and all :P

Percy... wow! LOL. Im sorry not over that yet..haha

okay now down to business.

I really like Audrey. She seems like a bold character who really just wants to put herself out there. Though her curiosity does pipe my interest as well since well Percy is Percy you know? :P

You said she is going to college so I am assuming that she isn't a witch.

I was a bit confused with Percy's on and off behavior. He was rude which is fine and his comebacks made him seem comfortable w the idea of sex and stuff but for some odd reason he would like blush if she said anything? I just found that a bit confusing making it hard for me to really understand what Percy is like.

Besides that, it was great!! Awesome work here!! I love it! =)

And thank you for asking for a review! You know where to find me for moree =)

Author's Response: Hello!

Fangirl away my dear! Fangirl away. I do all the time when I see anything about George. I just sort of turn into a pool of goo cause he's George and you know, he's awesome! :3
Oh! I made you like Percy?! Yes! Whoo! I own you now and he's such a good character to write for, though he is a bit hard to get right.
Oh, yes, Audrey is really something isn't she? I have no idea why she seems to like Percy as much as she does. Perhaps they have more in common than she might think? Or, it might just be for the fact that Percy's so weird to her, and she must poke nad prod. She's weird like that. :D
Audrey is a Muggle, so no magic in this story from her end. :D
Percy is a walking contradiction. I think it is sort of weird but I did it on purpose because Percy himself is an odd guy, its like he's turning into someone else while still being a bit of a prude. Hahhaaha. Its weird. :p
Perhaps if you kept reading you'll figure out what sort of oddball Percy is, yes?! :D
Thanks for the review, it means alot and made me smile and be all happy and such! :D
Oh, and just for you, Abandon is up again so you can read that if you like! ;) Ben misses you.
I shall re-request!
Much love and thanks again!

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Review #34, by FredWeasleyIsMyKing 

21st January 2013:
Hello again :)

I loved how you started this chapter. You really hit home as to how bad her lot is at the minute and why she's doing what she is and gave some good descriptions. It made me smile when you said she'd been hanging around the burger place hoping to see Percy! Kinda sweet.

Why's that man wearing a dress? This made me laugh! I like how you have all this coming from a muggle's perspective. Percy drunk was quite funny to see - he's a lot more forward when he's drunk! I love what you've done with Percy through this - he's a lot like JK's, still snobby and all, but he's obviously a bit messed up and... darker I think. I think what you've done is right though as he's inevitably still struggling with Fred's death *sob*.

The conversation between them in her apartment was great. Flirty and funny but with Percy's problem there's obviously more to find out. I like how your building it up, it's great to read!

Oh the remote and TV. Hilarious! When she told him it was magic and he laughed at her I was giggling too. Like I said before, this is so fun to read in a Muggle's perspective and I look forward to reading more lines like that!

Just a couple of line I thought could maybe be edited but feel free to ignore me if you disagree:

'He had made her an offer to get her bills paid and she would rather drop dead than have that body over hers. But her attitude would get her into trouble soon if she weren’t careful but her attitude was the only thing she had left, there was no one in her life that would help her or want to make her life better.' The first sentence doesn’t sound right with the 'and' in joining it. I think maybe something like 'but' might work better. The second sentence sounded okay but you just repeated 'but her attitude' twice and I think it could be two sentences. I could see the point you were trying to get across but it took me a couple of reads to get it. Something like: 'He'd made her an offer to get all her bills paid, but she knew she would rather drop dead than have his disgusting body over hers. She also knew that attitude would get her into trouble soon if she wasn't careful but her attitude was the only thing she had left. There was no one in her life that would help her or want to make her life better.' Still perhaps not perfect but I hope you get what I mean :)

'But that thought made her embarrassed to remember that she’d been with Percy Weasley for a while, practically salivating at the thought of having him. And then wanting to know him only to be rejected.' I think you could make this one sentence with a bit of editing, the second sentence seems a bit short. 'But that thought made her embarrassed to remember that she'd been with Percy Weasley for a while, wanting to know him and practically salivating at the thought of having him, only to be rejected.'

'continued on his way, stumbling, "Hey, wait a minute! You’re not well!"' The only thing with this is I thought it was Percy speaking to start with as you were describing him. I think you might just need 'she shouted after him' or something before her line.

'Audrey watched in alarm as he stood up with the book and set his bowl off his lap, where it had nearly sent it flying.' I just got a bit confused with this sentence - maybe there's too many 'it's'?

They are just a couple of tiny edits though. Honestly, this is a great story and really fun to read! I look forward to more!

Lauren :D

Author's Response: Hello!

Welcome back! I wasn't expecting another review from you for a while. Oh, how lovely!
I think I might continue showing how hard Audrey has it with her life as I continue going, but introducing Percy in her life shows a bit of hope. I really like playing around with that, her days get better and better with him, but her real life starts to take a darker turn. At least, that's what i'm going for anyway, with Percy being the way he is, you can't help but wonder if he's not the darker things going wrong. Or something. :D
I dunno.
Anyway, Percy is pretty different. He's alot daker than some of my other characters and its such a strange thing because we're not used to seeing it. It was really hard for me to write but no one ever talks about how he felt about Fred's death. I thought it was slightly unfair so I thought I'd play around with it a bit better, I mean, Fred's gone and it effected everyone. Not just my precious Georgie and the rest.
Anyhoo, I love the scene at her apartment! Hahah. It was incredibly awkward but funny, as their conversations weren't really expected from me, personally. I just sort of went with the flow and it turned out pretty darn good! :D
Thank goodness. D':
And isn't if fun for Audrey to be a Muggle? I have so much fun toying around with that!
Oooh, now that I look at those sentences, they do need to be edited but I think I have already on my drive. Right? I'll most likely update the edited chapter soon but thank goodness you pointed these out to me! I don't edit as much as I should, its sort of a bad habit but this has helped me out alot! Thank you! :D *Hands fat kitten*
Much love and feel free to stop by whenever!

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Review #35, by FredWeasleyIsMyKing 

20th January 2013:
Hello huni!

Wow, you amaze me so much with your fantastic stories! Seriously, how do you come up with these ideas? I thought it was very very orginal idea to have Audrey and Percy meet this way!

I loved the way you started the story: 'They were the eyes of a dead man.' This sentence alone was enough to get me hooked. You continued to keep me interested though with how you then continued. Hmm so Audrey is a muggle! And an exotic dancing one at that. I can't wait to see how her and Percy ultimately get together in this! Percy and a stripper... who'd have thunk it?

Oh George! Sorry I can't help but mention him. I love the way you write him, I find it so funny and cute and loveable. 'Angie is pregnant and mean and will beat me up and not in a good way?' Hilarious!

So... Percy is actually quite dirty. I think I actually gasped a few times at some of his lines as I was like 'Percy Weasley - you do not say stuff like that' but the more I read it, the more I quite enjoyed it A whole new side to Percy. It's definitely a lot more fun that the Percy we see in the books!

I really took to your Audrey, she was fun and very determined. She might not be exactly where she wants right now but she certainly knows where she wants to be heading. I quite liked how she was so captivated by him, although I must admit I had a bit of a hard time believeing she would hang around after he threw so many insults her way (and he called her rude... pot and kettle anyone?) I guess she would have become used to it though with her line of work. She's a stronger person that me, I don't think I could have hung around!

So, these two people are completely different and yet kind of not. In this chapter Audrey came across as very driven and goes for what she wants no matter the concequences. Kind of like Percy Weasley no? I hope that was your intention as I liked how different but similar they were. I think you've set yourself up well and I can't wait to see how these pair finally get together!

A couple of things I noticed that weren't quite British and wasn't sure if you'd want to edit? High school in England is called secondary school or comprehensive school (comp for short) and I think you might have meant university rather than college? You don't have to pay to go to college but you would need to eat etc so you could get away with that one! At 21 though, she would be at university.

This is a great chapter though and I look forward to reading more! I love how all your stories interlink and you have the same ships and things happening in each, you just focus on a different set of characters. As a reader it makes them all the more enjoyable to know I can go and find out more stuff from your other stories!

Oh - and I didn't really notice and excessive use of panties but you certainly weren't shy about the language you used. It fit with the story though!

Great job!
Lauren :D

Author's Response: Hello!

Welcome to my toughest story to write next to A Force of Wills! Whoo! Thanks for coming onto this so quickly, it means alot and you're such a great person! *Blush*
You know, I'd had this ideas for Audrey and Percy for a long time but I didn't think I could actually write it but a favorite reviewer of mine asked me to write a story for her and I thought, "Now's my chance!" and went with it. It has been an interesting ride! :D
Strange how "eyes of a dead man" can get you to wonder what's going on with Percy isn't it? Not quite how you'd picture him! And yep, Audrey's a Muggle and yep, she dances naughtily! I thought that would be such a good contrast to say, her being a witch working in the Ministry. More fun for me and you guys. :3
Bwhah, George! He and Angie are doing pretty good right now! Though at this time, I had made a mistake with Angie's pregnancy because he doesn't find out until later, it still worked out pretty good. Hahahah. He's just so hilarious. :3
Ooh, thanks so much for liking Audrey, she was such a different character to write for. Angelina and Astoria are so different too but she's very hard because she's from the Muggle world and has it alot worse than they do. (Well, maybe not Astoria but...)
I had to make her determined to get what she wanted, she's not the sort to give up, which would probably explain why she would want to hang around Percy. His rudeness was only something she found amusing and she's sort of strange that way, she must poke and prod at things she shouldn't. :D
Oh, yes, Percy is sort of naughty. If you read on, you'll only go, "Where'd this monster come from?!" hahahha. I had so much fun toying with that and Audrey finds it really fascinating when he looks so straight laced and boring. ;)
I'm glad that you caught onto their similarities! Audrey is actually alot like Percy in her own way and I think that might just be the thing, and the fact that she's different for him, that will bring them together. By chapter three or so, you'll just have to wait on them to snog. Hahahahhaa.
ARGH! I'm American, forgive my horrid American ways! I might go back and edit those little things though, I look back on it now and go, "Crap. I'm so wrong!" some other people have pointed that out to me. Why do you guys call high school secondary? Curious. Anyhoo, onward!
Ooh, yes, all my stories sort of go together! I'll actually help you out with following along!
This is Angelina and This is Audrey Tang
Abandon and A Force of Wills
A Force of Wills and Albus Potter and the Dark Lord's Prince
This is Angelina and Memories
etc, etc.
Its fun for you guys to hop onto any one of these and go, "Ha! I heard about that from one of her other stories!" and plus, its just fun for me to write. :3
Hahaha, panties! Its my calling card. You'll know one of my stories by the use of panties throughout the story, hahahaha. Its actually pretty silly. :D
Thanks for this, you're too awesome!
Much love of course,

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Review #36, by CassiePotter Rich Expectations

13th January 2013:
Gabbie this chapter was brilliant! I loved it! I think this chapter showed how well you write Percy, and what a little firecracker Audrey is! Not that we didn't already know that ;)
And they FINALLY snogged. I've been waiting so long for that! You can tell that they obviously liked each other, so they just needed to get on with it and admit it! So I'm happy that that's happened and that Audrey and Percy are going to get to know each other better!
But I'm still insanely curious as to when he's going to tell her he's a wizard. I mean, he's never had pizza and barely knows what a movie is. She's going to figure it out sooner or later if he doesn't just tell her! Haha. But hopefully he will tell her, and it will be soon!
This chapter was fabulous, and I can't wait to see what happens next! And your next update is my lovely Blaise! Yay! Haha. TFD is next for me, and then back to LMT! 10/10
Cassie :)

Author's Response: Hello!

Welcome back from a rather long break! I hadn't updated this chapter in a while and alot of people hopped on it last night and it was like one in the morning. Hahahah.
Ooh, I had so much fun writing Percy and Audrey in this chapter. Their attraction to one another is really spiraling out of control and the connection they want with someone just pushes them closer together. :3
They almost did alot of things in that alley, didn't they?! Aside from snogging, that is. Hehehehe. Cause I'm naughty like that.
I love that Percy and Audrey are going to get to know each other better too, their relationship has the potential to turn into something more. Ah. Well, I have another chapter to get posted and the chapter after THAT will finally be the one where Percy reveals his true colors. It won't be pretty. >:D
Audrey has to figure it out sooner or later but she's not quite sure what he might be. I think the guessing of it is more fun than the actual thing though. Hahaha.
I'll be back to this after updating for my other stuff. Got Albus and Abandon to post and I've got to actually type the next chapter of "Memories".eventually. Hahaha.
But yes, you'll get to see your precious Blaise soon! Mwhahahhaa. That chapter is going to make you hate me a little, I just know it. :D
Whoo! TFD? AND LMT? Yes!
Thanks for the review, you're a doll!
Much love,

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Review #37, by Debbie Scrumptious

26th December 2012:
Hi, This is the first story I read by you and I must say it compelled me to leave a review which is something I've hardly ever done on this site. I adore the way you've characterized Audrey (very original) while keeping Percy's character canon compliant. I like how you play around with his quirks and make even them sexy in Audrey's eyes. I have to say I'm always looking for well-written fics on the less popular characters like Percy and it seems like your story is bound to be that. The chemistry between them is sizzling which is one reason why I and other readers love this story and by chemistry I mean they way they complement each other, the way they make each other laugh and the way they want each other. I really hope you'll complete this story. I'd love to see it get to the stage where he introduces her to the family and all their various reactions to her. Will he tell them the truth about how he met her or won't he? How would George or Lee react? I'm just dying with curiousity. So yeah, I'll be with u following this story all the way. I do hope you'll complete it. And now I'm off to read some other story by you. Thanks for a great read!

P.S. Sometimes there are still very minor mistakes regarding commas and punctuation and what not. Maybe if u could get a Beta reader, they could iron those out for you and make the flow of the language even smoother. However,on second thoughts, I'm so impatient for this story to continue that I'd rather not wait. :P

Author's Response: Hello!

We've never spoken before my dear so its very nice to meet you and thank you so much for this lovely review! D': I'd hug you but I can't teleport just yet so have a virtual fat kitten instead. :D
I really wasn't sure that anyone was really reading this story, so this really stunned me! I thought that it was rather unpopular but I'm so surprised that you like this and that other people apparently do as well. D':
I'm just so flattered, I don't even know what to say without blushing! >_<
When I first started writing this story, I wanted to make Audrey as different from Percy as say, night and day. But keeping Percy canon is actually really hard when I've already tweake his character so much. I thought that I might have made a mistake with him but I'm glad that he's still likeable.
Thank goodness.
Oh, I had to play around with his weird quirks! Audrey's a Muggle so she finds all that he does a little bizarre but as for making him sexy, well...I wasn't sure if that would come across very good. I mean, its Percy! Percy, who, we all know is not exactly the most alluring of the Weasley men (Like, say Bill. :3) but I wanted to give him another tweak. So yes, he's kind of sexy in his own way and I think that having him so buttoned down is really alluring for Audrey. She's sort of a freak like that. Hahahah.
I'm trying my hardest to get this thing done, I promise! D': I have three other WIP's to get done but since this is a short story, I'm hoping I'll get it done rather quickly. :D Just for you and the other fans! :D
I've got a slight idea on how he might introduce Audrey to his family and its pretty hialrious/awkward. But I think he'll be happy about it, I dunno and Lee and George? Oh, the teasing...hehehehe.
Thanks so much for reading! Please enjoy some of my other work if you like!
OH...the mistakes. I had rushed with this chapter so much and I intend on going back and editing but I really want to get the next chapter up. :D I'm just as impatient as you all.
Thanks again and much love,

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Review #38, by caoty 

21st December 2012:

Okay, so the summary and the East Asian Audrey attracted me to this fic, because everyone loves strippers. :D (Although Audrey is probably more of an exotic dancer rather than an honest-to-God stripper).

Seriously, the idea for your characterisation of Audrey is fantastically original and you should be proud of it. The fandom in general does not normally view Percy as the kind of person who'd end up marrying a Muggle dancer, but it does make a certain kind of sense.

Anyway, I'll start from the beginning, because that's generally the place you're meant to start from.

They were the eyes of a dead man.
That's a lovely opening sentence right there. It's dramatic, yes, but it also establishes your characterisation of Percy before we've met him, and it's really effective. Well done.

The description of Percy that follows is extensive, and carries on creating the impression in our minds of what post-war Percy would be like, which is really cool too.
I will say, however, that what you make up in detail you lose in realism - I'm not completely convinced that Audrey is going to be inclined to study this man. (After all, desensitised, strange, dead-eyed men are not necessarily uncommon at strip clubs.) It makes more sense that she'd note some details about him and then, when she gets a less awkward chance, get a better look. At least, in my opinion. I don't know.
One nit-picky thing: you've used colour in your description of Percy. If he's sitting under assumedly-coloured neon lights, that'll affect the colouring of his hair and eyes as seen by Audrey.

Mr. Arnold Remmington had a certain respect for the girls that danced at his strip club but allowing them to leave the club, Bare Back, without having a sample was his real intention. Audrey had never liked him but she had been working at the club for the past three years and had always avoided his greasy palms on her skin, his lips on her hair.
I really can't tell if Remington here is actually intending to have sex with all the strippers and exotic dancers or not. :S

The first encounter between Audrey and Percy is so cute and funny. Awww. Percy, the man who could inspire a million Socially Awkward Penguin image macros. And I really like how assertive Audrey is, too!

There had been a dark time in her life when any attention from a man had been wanted desperately but she’d taken some counseling and had gotten herself through that phase…hating that her father had brought it out in her in the first place.
Oh, and it was going so well.
This bit's a tad stereotypical, in my opinion, and I'd be surprised if current psychological theory supports this whole 'abusive/absent father ---> feelings of specifically sexual inadequacy ---> hyperdependence on a male presence' thing. I'm also not sure as to what this whole part about Audrey's turbulent romantic life adds to the narrative as a whole; it's a bit like you're implying that Audrey feels like one bad relationship should mean that she never experiences heterosexual attraction ever again, which is a bit drastic.
I don't know. Am I reading this wrong?

The girls who worked here all had some sort of history and sometimes they were never very good but in their own way they supported one another and Audrey took a seat at a bar stool and held up her fingers to the bartender.
More criticism for you: the bit that starts with 'Audrey' has no direct relevance to the bit before it, and this isn't Joyceian stream-of-consciousness, so this should probably be two sentences.

On a happier note, the interaction between Audrey and Percy is extremely interesting. Percy just, quite rightly, feels a bit like he's being stalked (and probably tired and a bit drunk and he wants to go home, etc.), as well as having the strict sexual morals you'd expect from a guy like him. Audrey comes across as a more easygoing yet a more practical person; she'd be Sorted into Slytherin if she was a witch, but that's a compliment rather than an insult.

I will admit to struggling to see why Audrey is going to persist after this encounter; if I, having had some moments of the practicality that you've shown Audrey to have, were to find someone immensely attractive and intriguing, and they acted like how Percy acts to Audrey, I'd probably just shrug, leave them to their own devices and go home and catch up with my Netflix queue or something, y'know?
But - obviously, you've given yourself the space to develop and change the Audrey-Percy dynamic, and you've probably made headway with that already, so you can ignore this if you want.

It's been a fun read so far, so happy writing! :)

Author's Response: Hello!

What on earth am I supposed to do with this monster? I was idly checking and saw this and went, "My God...Caoty has gone mad." But it was nice getting a review from you really quickly, I wasn't expecting that at all!
Well. Thanks for coming onto this story first, its always a nice surprise when I get reviews at all for this story. I wasn't really sure if I had done this one particularly favorable, considering that, firstly, Audrey's Asian, Percy's not quite right and I've made her a stripper/dancer, however you want to look at it.
So thanks!
I'm not going to lie and say that I knew exactly what I was doing when I was writing this first chapter. I'd had a brief idea for it but there were, as I noted many a time over rereading, millions of character flaws and mistakes.
As in, the lighting and Audrey's interest in Percy in the first place. I suppose I wanted to play around with her noticing something inside of herself in another person but that may not have come across very well. :p
My fault!
Ah, her whole thing with her father is a bit stereotypical. I wasn't really trying to do it on purpose but I thought that showing how different her life was from Percy's, who we know comes from a very loving family would be important down the road. But I probably should have come up with something a tad more original than that but I didn't want to delve into say, drugs or anything like that. A bit too dark, even for me. :p
And you're right about the lighting as well too with her description of Percy. I'd meant to go in and change that. Just haven't done it...laziness! Hahaha.
Okay, I'll just let you know right now that Remmington intends on sleeping with more than one stripper at the club. Just throwing it out there. Might not have really needed it but, there you go, this story on some points for me is a tad over dramatic. Sigh.
Audrey herself will say that her romantic life, and I'll add that she's had more than one bad relationship, puts her off on having anything genuine with someone. But, that might be a flaw I added in for her on purpose since her interactions with Percy later on (Chapter 5 anyone?) aren't going to go as planned and might just teach her a lesson about playing with fire. Or red hair. Or something. Something.
Anyhoo! Percy/Audrey themsevles are really interesting for me to right and thanks so much for thinking so! I tried so hard to grasp what their dynamics might be like and the way she is just makes it all the more fun. Loud, rude, Audrey. :D
Hahaha, I will admit to not knowing why Audrey is so persistent on pursuing this encounter. Perhaps I should have had them talking a bit more, getting the feel of kindred spirits or something because otherwise, you're left going, "Well, he's not all that great."
But then again, Percy does warn her off more than once, its Audrey actually going for it. She knows something is off about him and she's probably one of those girls that would poke at a bear just to see what would happen.
Yeah, so that's a flaw in my writing for her, I think.
But I played around with her interest for Percy in the next chapter and the one after that. I'm not going to say that this is the best fanfic that I have, but I do really love it so you'll have to bear with me. Not sure if you'll come back but this was a really great, helpful review and thanks so much! I left one of your one-shots a review too! Look at that thing!!!
Thanks again!
See you on the forums!
Much love,

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Review #39, by GirlOnTheSidelines Scrumptious

4th December 2012:
Well crap.

Hello there. That was one hell of a chapter. The tension between them is almost tangible and I love how she didn't allow herself to look at him (I wish I had her discipline). I absolutely love your characterisation of both Audrey and Percy... Even when I don't always understand them. I mean what is going through Percy's head?

I couldn't help but laugh when Audrey was trying to talk to Joseph Wring and Percy became completely overprotective. I did not really expect that from him, especially then. When he put his arm around her waist, I actually shivered slightly, in a good way, because I was as shocked as Audrey. And probably as pleased.

But that ending. Sometimes I think you make your readers suffer more than your characters. And that is saying something! I loved the way she was so mad at him but couldn't help herself when he kissed her. And is confession? That was probably the most unexpected thing in the whole chapter... and there were quite a few unexpected things. I mean really? I was just like 'eek!' Oh yeah, I actually squealed. This story is just amazing. I really don't know how you do it.

Anyway, well done once again and I cannot wait for more of this! Soon! I'm actually excited to see where this is going. So please update soon...

You're amazing,

GirlOnTheSidelines x

P.S. Loved the chapter title. Scrumptious is an awesome word that needs to be used more. I might try and wiggle it into one of my chapters. Not that they are particularly scrumptious at the moment.

Author's Response: Hello!

Well dang. Hahaha, I love you, you always make me laugh! Thanks for coming back to this chapter by the way, I wasn't quite as pleased with it as I would have liked to have been. For some reason, I thought it dragged a little but apparently not! D':
Ooh, the heat between Audrey and Percy is SO much fun to write. They're so strange for one another but they're just...perfect, like chocolate and peanut butter (I must be hungry.) and I even don't understand all of their emotions.
I mean, Percy, what's your issue man? Hahah.
I loved writing that scene with Percy, Audrey and Joseph. It was incredibly awkward wasn't it? And Percy changed so much from just a few seconds ago, didn't he? I mean, putting his arm around her waist was just a sign that things weren't as well as you might have thought. Or something like that. Percy, Percy, Percy...
So yummy.
HAHAHA! I just LOVE ending my chapters at a point where you all are like, "WHAT?!" hahahah. You should see what I've done to A Force of Wills lately...its hilarious.
But not for you guys though.
Hahah. >:D
It was really something to see Audrey struggling, she knew it wouldn't have been a good idea to kiss him but she gave him. Their connection is just too strong! She couldn't fight it!
Percy's confession is a bit of a shocker, isn't it? I mean, seriously, we don't know HOW he feels about Audrey up until this point. So it was a jaw dropper I think, especially when I wrote it.
Hahah, you squealed?! Yes. Keep on squealing, it just gets worse from here. Mwhahahhaha.
I hope you stick around, I have quite a few twists and turns for it and I hope it comes across all right. I try my hardest...
>_< You're far more amazing! Update your stories!
P.S.: Haha, I try to have each chapter title having to do with food. Since her names The Bad Taste, each chapter title has to do with a flavor, texture or whatnot and scrumptious just fit. And scrumptious is a pretty smexy word, right? It just makes me all fuzzy and such. Hahaha.
Update your stories, I miss your angst!
Much love,

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Review #40, by CassiePotter Scrumptious

26th November 2012:
FINALLY. Percy finally got his act together and kissed her! And he admitted that he likes her! Yay! I've wanted them to be together since they first met and now they finally know their feelings for one another! But when is she going to find out that he's a wizard? That is the ever-present question, it seems. Oh I'm so excited now! And because this chapter was so awesome, I want to go finish ASOS and get it up as soon as possible! 10/10
Cassie :)

Author's Response: Hello!

Gosh, you attacked this so quickly! Where did you even come from?! Hahahaha. But yes, FINALLY Percy got some of his act together and kissed her!! And so much more, hehehe.
I think that it was going to boil over sooner or later for these two, its more than obvious that they care for one another in their own way. I'm not sure if things will go by as smoothly for them in the next chapter if I have my say! >:D
But Audrey will find out he's a wizard soon, I promise you. ;) But then again, I'm a tease.
Hahaha, I'll udate for this after I get Albus and Abandon up and then after that its Georgie again! You should check out that story "Memories" that I have up, its totally got another chapter after like, five months!!! Hahaha. But anyway, I'm super excited for ASOS! :3 Oh, my dear Louis, you and Ben would get along so well, I fear.
Roxie and Darcy are not pleased...
OH! And just for you, A Force of Wills has been put into the queue! Expect that in like, four days!!! :D
Now, go update more of your stories for me!
*cracks whip*
Much love,

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Review #41, by GirlOnTheSidelines Sweet and Sour

5th November 2012:
So hello there,

I'm leaving you a nice bunch of reviews to get back to aren't I? Words cannot express how awesome this story is. It is so unique and I just love how feisty Audrey is.

That Remmington guy is a nasty piece of work and I hope Audrey gets a chance to punch him in the face rather than the gut at some point.

Loved the way she opened the door to Percy, he must have been thoroughly amused. And her sniffing him... that was hysterical. I really like how Audrey is a muggle, it's fascinating seeing Percy through her eyes when we know why he is so 'weird'. Also, the compliments he gives her are so adorable and I actually laughed when she giggled. And then threatened him.

I also like how you keep giving us snippets about her parents, it gives more depth to her character. And it's really sad, especially how her father seemed to destroy her mother.

And he took her to the theatre. I found that so touching because that's what she wants to do with her life (I can't remember if he knows that or not but either way, I thought it was really sweet).The bit where he didn't know who Shakespeare was and the couple behind them gawped was pretty funny. Audrey needs to educate him.

It's sad how adamant he is that he is not good for her. Even though she wants him so badly. I hope they realise how perfect for each other they are soon. I can't wait! Please update more. Soon.

GirlOnTheSidelines x

P.S. You are truly amazing.

Author's Response: Hello!

Why, this is so nice, coming back to finding so many lovely reviews! I really wasn't expecting anything to be honest but its so nice to hear from you again!
Anyway, thanks so much for liking the way I've got this story, its actually become very easy for me to write so far. I think I have more of a feel for what I want to do with it and the characters are so challenging! I love Audrey and Percy together, they make me really delve into my skills a bit more.
Yeah, that Remmington guy is really nasty isn't he? I mean, seriously. And he's messing with the wrong piece of work, though. Audrey's no cowering little miss and he'll realize that soon enough if I have my way. >:D
Yes! Percy was pretty amused by the sight of Ms. Tang looking so uhm, out of place. I'm pretty sure he was laughing rather hard inside of his head and she didn't enjoy that very much!
Its incredibly fun writing from Audrey's POV because honestly, what is she to think? He wears robes, doesn't know about TV's and such and is just plain odd. But we know the truth don't we? ;)
Percy is a sweetie underneath it all I think and her giggling was just an added bonus! I think I laughed while writing that scene as well. Hehehe. They're so cute!
I think I wanted to give a bit more about Audrey's background in this chapter because Percy hasn't hinted anything about his. I thought it might give you a sense of why she is the way she is. Her parent's relationship was really sad, which is why she doesn't have hope for ever finding someone good for herself. :(
Yeah, Percy took her to see a play because he's such a sweetheart! I totally blushed as I wrote that because it was really nice of him even though he didn't seem to understand the importance of plays, Shakespeare or anything else really. :D
Audrey will educate Mr. Weasley with alot of things. >:D
Percy will go into more detail on why he feels the way he does about their weird relationship and its going to be an eye-opener I think. :D
You're much more amazing! >_<
Much love,

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Review #42, by CassiePotter Sweet and Sour

2nd November 2012:
PLEASE WRITE THE NEXT CHAPTER SOON! I need it, especially after that ending!!! It was incredible! The whole chapter was amazing, and I think this one in particular captured both Audrey and Percy's personalities, and their dynamic and chemistry. They're a really good pair, and I think he needs her to lighten him up a bit, and she needs him because he can look after her but still knows that she can hold her own. Really this whole story is just brilliant. The banter and emotion is fabulous, and I can't wait to see what happens next! And when she finds out he's a wizard! 10/10
Cassie :)

Author's Response: Hello!

Argh, I'll have to write the next chapter then! I'm always really surprised when people even read this story because I didn't think that the plot would really catch on well. But its actually far more popular than Abandon to be honest and it only has a few chapters! Hahah. Not sure what it is but thanks so much! *Blushes*
I was worried that I hadn't captured Audrey OR Percy's personalities very well in this chapter. I sort of thought that I should have added a bit more but decided against it, the chapter flowed better than I would have thought towards the end! Phew!
Oh, yes, Percy needs Audrey to lighten him up and tease him a little and she really needs him to be there for her. Neither of them have said this but its more than obvious from the way they interact with one another.
Audrey's incredibly stubborn and Percy is just...Percy. There's no other word for it right now and he's really not the type to admit defeat or even acknowledge what he really wants. And we all know what they want right now, don't we? :3 Mwhahahah.
I'm going to try and get the next chapter typed, edited and into the queue soon. I have some work to do because its actually a pretty juicy chapter and Audrey may or may not discover what Percy is. Hehehehe. >:D
I think I'm going to finish up A Force of Wills for you and I hope you love that too! Sigh. The things I'm doing to these characters should be illegal. Hahah. Anyhoo, thanks for coming back! :D
Much love of course,

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Review #43, by GirlOnTheSidelines 

7th October 2012:
You are amazing, can I just put that out there. I absolutly love this story! I think the fact that it is so unique makes it just that extra bit special. The interaction between Percy and Audrey is perfect, especially the way Audrey wants him so badly and he keeps trying to push her away but she just won't give up. And it's so obvious he wants her too... Just give in Percy!
Anyway, back to your writing...Practically flawless as always, I think there were one or two grammatical errors but they don't really matter because this story is just so amazing. I've said that before haven't I?
So yeah. Please update soon and I'm looking forward to A Force of Wills as well :) You're amazing, by the way.

GirlOnTheSidelines x

Author's Response: Hello!

And you're back! I'm so, so happy that you're back! I was wondering where you were, I missed you! :D
*Blush* Complimenting me again I see! I really do like this story too, its actually getting to the point where I know I can do it and I'm not so afraid of what I might write.
Its a bit raunchy on some things which is completely different from some of my other work and that does pose a challenge sometimes.
I honestly haven't read any Percy/Audrey stories before because we don't know anything about her! Just her first name and I thought that that was sort of a shame. But its actually really fun to come up with various backgrounds for her and I settled on something very, very different. Audrey's no sweet little Ministry girl after all. ;)
The attraction between Percy and Audrey is brewing ever closer to its conclusion but how it happens is sort of intense. I think? I might need to write my ideas down instead of just keeping them in my head. :p
Percy gives in eventually but the question is, can Audrey handle it? Hehehehe. ;)
Thanks for pointing out my constant grammar problems! I'll have to go back and edit them eventually but that'll be down the line sometime. How do you like my banner for This is Angelina? And I got one for Albus and am now trying to get one for Audrey! I hope it turns out all right.
Anyway! A Force of Wills is going to be up, hopefully by tomorrow so expect that! :D Its a chapter that I hope you'll really, really like. ;)
Much love and thanks again for being so amazingly awesome!

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Review #44, by CassiePotter 

1st October 2012:
Hello! And we're back to Miss Audrey! I really love her character, and how down to earth she is! She's not a ditzy, silly kind of girl, and I love that we can forget about the fact that she's a stripper, just because her personality is so awesome. She's a normal girl who just happens to have to do that to make a living. And, of course, with Percy thrown in the mix, things definitely get interesting! But I want her to find out that he's a wizard! I can't wait to see how she'll take the news... Haha. I think it's nice that they're coming back to each other, and that she really has some feelings for him (even if she doesn't really know it yet). It makes their relationship more meaningful, especially because we know they end up together! This was an amazing chapter and I can't wait for A Force of Wills! 10/10
Cassie :)

Author's Response: Hello!

Hey, welcome back! For some reason, Audrey is actually a really easy character to write for right now, I think I'm really getting used to her. She's a pretty smart, worldly girl and I agree, she's just stripping to make a living and at some parts I can tell she's pretty sensitive and vulnerable. Its probably why she's so attracted to Percy, who might be alot like her and doesn't know it yet. ;)
Oh, she'll find out he's a wizard pretty soon actually, I just have to flesh out the idea first before typing it. I think by chapter five maybe? This might be a bit longer than "This is Angelina" but its going to be a short story. So bear with me!
There's something about writing these two and putting them together against their better judgment that just makes me fuzzy all over. The attraction is strong and their interactions are funny to write for me! :D
Not sure how things will go for them in the future but I'll have them working it out! :D You have been warned beforehand that you're going to be drowning in angst.
Thanks so much for coming back after so long and I have a one-shot coming with Georgie so after that you'll get your fill of A Force of Wills.
Just wait until you see what I've done.hehehehe. >:D
Much love,

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Review #45, by MadamePuddifoot 

3rd June 2012:
Oh Percy, I do love him so! As always, I really enjoyed this chapter. Your characterisation of both Mr Weeeasley (loved that by the way!) and Audrey was really interesting and their interactions with each other are priceless. The whole thing with the remote was hilarious , I think his dad's Muggle loving traits were coming out in him there, and the way Audrey tried to impress him with the literature he had no clue about was so funny! I'm really intrigued to see adventures these guys are going to go on next and eagerly await the next update!!

Author's Response: Hello!

So Good to hear from you again! Thank you so much for enjoying this chapter, I wasn't quite sure where I was going to go with it but it flowed nicely, nicer than I would have thought anyway. Haha.
I wasn't sure if I had done a good job with Mr. Weeeasley or Audrey, they're going to be very difficult for me to keep level and in tune. Its really hard to write for them with all their issues, its sort of like writing for two George's and I'm terrified of them both. Hahaha.
I really liked the parts with Perce's Muggle-loving and technology, it was hilarious and I'm sure he was freaking out on the inside. "This remote contraption is fascinating," is what his mind might have been like. Hahahah, hilarious.
Audrey is a smart girl! She's a theater geek and so of course, she would have some amazing literature, I'll have to do more work on just who she might be interested in. I myself am not a theater geek (Though I do love plays) but it should be fun. I have a slight thread of what I want for the next updates and I hope you enjoy the chapters that are coming up! :D
I'm not sure if you were interested in any of my other work but it'd be cool to hear from you again and such. I'll be checking your page carefully for more of your amazing work! I hope you do a novel soon! :D
I have to update for quite a few other stories before I come back to this one but it should be back up as quickly as possible, I promise.
Much love,

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Review #46, by GirlOnTheSidelines 

15th May 2012:
Eee! I did a little dance when I saw this had a new chapter! I love your writing style, it is so much more detailed than mine (something I am working on so DoF is under major editing at the moment). I love how much she wants him and how he is trying to resist her. It is really interesting how we are seeing this through the point of view of someone who doesn't know about magic (that thing with the remote was hysterical) and you really do that well. I cannot wait to see her reaction when she finds out! As always - update soon! Because I love your stories, they are a welcome break from revision.
Another Paradox chapter has been validated which I'm a bit worried about so please give me your honest opinion, also I have a new Prologue for DoF if you want something else to read. Not sure what's going up next, I'm having a bit of writers block at the moment but I will try and post something soon,


Author's Response: Hello!

How are you and all that jazz? Its good to hear from you again because I've been a bit unsure about this chapter, I didn't think that I did that good of a job on it. But phew!
You think so, huh? I think I put in too much detail...and I make so many mistakes that its ridiculous, I admire your simpler way of explaining a scene that doesn't go on for five pages like mine, hahaha. Oh, Audrey made no effort to hide her desire and I think Percy finds that both arousing and horrifying, but he's trying hard to resist her! It was so fun to write as well, he was very uncomfortable and it was hilarious for me, cause I was like, "Mwhahaha, give in, Perce! Give in!"
I thought that I would put this in both of their POVs but then I thought, "It'd be nice to see a Muggles reaction to real magic" so I settled on just sticking with Audrey. It represents a challenge but I enjoy it and she will find out about his secrets soon, in a most terrible way, actually. Mwhahahaha.
Ugh, you have no idea how I've been dying to read a bit more from you! To think that I've been in a near-coma from revising, crying and hating my computer, which never seems to act right for me, the prat. :D
Oooh, I'll be on Paradox as soon as I can, perhaps in a few seconds!
I'd like to look at DoF as well, but I'm hoping you get over your block soon so I can keep up with some of your other delicious work as well! I think the best thing to do is to take a short break from reading AND writing or listen to some soothing music. Or beat someone up until you have the inspiration you need, hahaha. Let's see.Albus and the gang are up next, then "A Force of Wills" and then, "Growth" so look out for those and check out my one-shot if you get a chance! I hope it tides you over!
Much love and thanks again for being so awesome!

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Review #47, by CassiePotter 

14th May 2012:
Gabbie! I'm so happy this chapter is up! It was awesome! I love Percy's character. You've kept his snappy almost snobbish side, but he's darker than JKR wrote him. I can't wait to read what he tells Audrey, and I want to know when she finds out that he's a wizard! Because they end up married, soshe has to find out sometime... Haha. And I love how fascinated he is with the tv :) ah I can't wait for more of Albus and A Force of Wills AND Growth! Also, I think you'll be interested to know that the next chapter of LMT is up! 10/10
Cassie :)

Author's Response: Hello!

I just posted it yesterday and a few people have come back for more, which stunned me! I didn't think that the way I had Percy changign would be well-recieved but I'm happy that you and a few others are enjoying this so much, it makes this old lady proud. *Sobs*
Percy will tell Audrey alot of things without really meaning to but its going to be fun for me to write, he's sort of a dark bloke right now. Which I thought would be funny since Audrey gave him the Poe book, hahaha.
That scene with the TV was hilarious because I'm sure he had a Mr. Weasley moment and might have taken it apart to see how it worked. Hahah.
They will go on more adventures together, I promise you. Never fear, my dear, the Misfits are next after I do some much-needed editing for it and then...its "A Force of Blaise--Wills" and our dearly beloved Benjamin Malfoy is after that. And..."Memories" if I can get over my block for it, I don't know why its suddenly so hard for me to do. :p
Checking out LMT in a minute, I promise! I've been dying to know what happens and update for The 4th Daughter as well!
Much love and thanks again!

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Review #48, by Loopy456 

19th April 2012:
Hi :) Me again! I thought I would pop back over and read something else of yours. I am so encouraged to keep reading someone's work if they respond to reviews and so on, and you seem to be so grateful that I can't resist! Tbh I am one of those people who thinks that if someone takes the time to review your work, you should respond, right? Otherwise it's just rude. That's my opinion, anyway. So here I am, back to read more. But I'll stop rambling and get to it.
So... Percy and a stripper?! I must admit I was extremely doubtful when I first realised what was going on, but you have somehow pulled it off! I'm sorry if that doesn't sound like a compliment because it definitely is... I love how George and Lee dragged Percy there. Bless. The interaction between Percy and Audrey was the kind that is so unlikely that it becomes totally believable. If that makes sense..?
I did spot a couple of cultural differences... I'm guessing you're from somewhere like America? I might be wrong though! Anyway, it was just things like we say 'University' instead of 'College' and 'honey' isn't such a common term over here, but I am being seriously fussy here. I just pick up on these things because I'm British!

Alex :D

Author's Response: Hello!

Well,well, well! Back for more, huh?! Seriously, this wasn't really the story that I thought you would check out. Firstly, because its Percy and no one really likes that guy but then again...its a stripper-love-story. Hahahah, a favorite reviewer of mine totally requested it and I just had to, it was an idea I couldn't pass up. But the thing with Audrey and Percy actually shows up in "This is Angelina" in the epilogue so that's where alot of people might have come from. I totally know what you mean about people who take a minute to review your work, it makes my day. And plus, I like knowing if someone likes what I'm conjuring, so to speak so don't feel weird! I'll totally be hopping right on over to your own fanfic, and I would have done it sooner but my time was cut short on the computer (I live, basically, at the library. :p)
I totally don't blame you for having doubts, this was a MAJOR stretch for me. Personally, I don't get snobby with any woman that strips, money is money in my opinion and by that, you totally should know that I AM American!
I was really worried if i could pull this story off, its going to be really tough for me but you guys seem to like it. I mean, its already up to like, 47 reads! And I posted it not too long ago! My other story, "Growth" has two chapters but not alot of reads so I was STUNNED.
So I'm doing a good job, yes?
George and Lee would drag YOU to a strip club if they knew you, ahahaha. And its funny picturing Percy there! He was so uncomfortable!
Btw, I'm from down south (Alabama!) and we totally say things like, "Honey" and "Sweetheart" and such.
So you were totally right!
Much love and thanks again!

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Review #49, by GirlOnTheSidelines 

13th April 2012:
Ahha, so I'm back and this was the first thing I pounced on and uh... wow! That was so unexpected, you are an amazing writer and can cover so many different issues, it's incredible. That was so good, you capture her so well (nothing like I imagined) and it works so well. Poor Perce, he seems a bit overwhelmed and George and Lee were so funny! Good to see George again. This picks up really well from This Is Angelina and I'm curious to know how you get to the conversation Percy had with George and Angelina about Audrey. Their interaction is great and I cannot wait for more!


P.S. there is a chapter in validation for Paradox and I've got several more lined up.

Author's Response: Hello!

I wrote this all for you, you know! (Cries into handkerchief) I'm so relieved that you like this, I was really worried that I had done a bad job on it. At first, I sat there typing it and went, "Now, I know I've messed up." And then I got a rejection letter too after I posted it for the first time and I was like, "ARGH! Its too raunchy!!" but you guys have made me feel LOADS better. Phew! :D
Thank you for the compliment, I think my writing is okay at best but you guys are just too nice to me! It makes me blush!
But there are so many issues going on with Audrey and Percy alike so I wanted to give just a hint of what I'd torture them with later and I wanted my main girl to be likeable at least. Sure, she's a bit crude and looks like a twelve-year-old but she's sweet underneath it all, I think. Hahaha.
Perce's poor reaction to her was hilarious to write because I'm sure he was blushing for days afterward. He got snogged! Against his will! Mwhahahaha.
It was Lee's idea to take them to the club and it was so good to write him again! Georgie too, I missed him alot! I'll keep up with the posts then, I thought I would go back and forth with this one, perhaps show from both POV's to give you guys a greater scope of the story...hm. That might actually be a good idea, it would help me too.as I'm so lazy.hahahha.
Oooh, How dare you tease me with Paradox! That's the chapter I'm dying for! I'll be salivating over it as soon as it gets validated! You can count on that and Oh! Our dear Georgie got his own fanfic...just his own and I couldn't resist, its called, "Memories" on my site and should be up in a few days. Its more of a prequel I guess to "This is Angelina" about a time when their friendship almost ended. Gasp! Can't wait for your opinion on it, it was just a spur of the moment thing.
Much love and thanks for two awesome reviews!

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Review #50, by MadamePuddifoot 

4th April 2012:
I'm still trying to process the fact of Percy Weasley and a stripper! Anyway! As you know, I've just come from This Is Angelina and I was rather intrigued about Miss Audrey here do I decided to read this story. And it's brilliant! I really am dying to know what Percy's been getting up to, he really is quite a mysterious lad, and I think it'll be so interesting to see how he and Audrey develop. I think it's great how you really put your own slant on the characters and portray them in such an imaginative, creative way. To be honest, I always imagined Percy's wife to be a prim and proper young lady who worked in the Ministry, but I am so enjoying this startlingly different, extremely creative view! Keep up the awesome work!

Author's Response: Hello!

I think I'm still trying to process him being with a stripper. I'd worked on the idea for a while and I thought, "Now, how weird would THAT be?" and I had to put it in "This is Angelina"! I just had to, it was too hilarious in my mind and the most outrageous thing that I could do for Mr. Percy Weeasley (Audrey will do this later, that's why I'm making fun of his last name like this).
Thank you so much for reading this too, you're awesome! I feel so flattered and I'm red in the face, you guys just never cease to make me all shocked. Especially about this story, which is a stretch for sure for me.
Percy's been up to some nasty stuff in my mind but he'll eventually elaborate on some of the things. He hadn't even really told George or Angie so I think it might be a big deal if he told Audrey someday. Hm...
Thanks for liking that I tweaked the characters a little, I couldn't resist. I thought I'd ruined your image of Percy for a minute or two because I was like, "He would never say half the things I had him saying...Madame P. will not like that..." but thanks so much! >_<
I never had much of a thought about his wife because I thought he would marry Penelope! Gasp! What happened to her anyway? I was always curious but Jk doesn't say and I've totally mutated her in my mind, sadly. But I came up with Audrey after laughing about Perce dating a stripper and thought..."Now, she has to be different from him, yet impossible to resist." And a stripper is the best bet, right?
They're like...night and day...salt and pepper. Two things that are different but make everything better. Audrey is pretty crude but I like her! Percy might be a good influence on her, though. Probably. Hahaha.
But you're far too nice to me! I was debating on whether I had done a good job with this story or not...I was frightened to upload it. Its alot more raunchy than my other work, though the other stories I have have some nasty language. ("Growth" and "A Force of Wills" have nasty men in them, hehehe. Can't help it, I must have one in each story)
I hope you keep with me on this, I have a feeling its going to be angsty, hard and difficult. But I like a challenge!
Much love,

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