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Review #26, by Scribbulus Writing Implements The Potter's Daughter

8th July 2012:
Oh this is intersting! I am going to read the rest now :)

Author's Response: Glad you think so, and hope you continue to do so!

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Review #27, by brightsparx  When It All Goes to Hell in a Handbasket...

2nd July 2012:
OMR this is just such a supermegafoxyawesomehot book!!! I loved reading what you have up so far!!!M(BTW so so so sorry for not reviewing earlier, just joined and had no clue where to review :L) but excellent work and I loved loved loved every letter of it!!! :D How can you tell when a new chapter comes out? :/
Loved it and please (if you have the time and patience!!!) write it for all the books? Pwetty pwease??? :) Thanks for letting me read this 9.5 out of 10!!! :D

Author's Response: I'm so glad you like it, and I believe you can subscribe to story alerts but I'm not positive. And at the moment I am planning on writing for all of the books and even beyond because I have all these crazy plot bunnies.

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Review #28, by she-who-must-not-be-named When It All Goes to Hell in a Handbasket...

1st July 2012:
i have been following your story interestedly. i would love to give you some constructive advice, but i can only think of this; maybe the whole saving the philosophers stonr thing could have lasted a bit longer with a bit more detail.. otherwise, i can find no other critisism cuz it is too good!! keep on writing and keep up the great writing of the great fanfics!!

Author's Response: Thank you so much, I love constructive criticism because as the writer I'm more than a touch biased about the quality of my work. I'm glad you like it, and the stories not quite over yet ;) but unfortunately it will be a bit of wait since I'm heading into the black hole of no internet access.

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Review #29, by Slygrifflepuffclaw One Fateful Halloween

29th June 2012:

Author's Response: Oh my god!! I feel so stupid, I'll change it immediately. Sorry I don't beta my work, clearly I need to.

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Review #30, by she-who-must-not-be-named A Summer Choice

23rd June 2012:
After reading your latest chapter, i am even more eager to read MORE!
The only 2 suggestions about improvements are that it is rather like J.K.Rowling's book, maybe it could be a little more different. also, because Ashley is the main charecter, could she be involved in protecting the stone? And the last thing that i have in mind is that could she find out about the mirror of Erised??
please write more!

Author's Response: I am so glad you are enjoying it, and in regards to your questions...
I am trying to keep it somewhat close to the original books, but I am also trying to make it different, although I'm finding the marriage of the two a bit difficult.
She may or may not be involved in protecting the Stone, but remember she doesn't suspect Snape but Quirrell so she's unlikely to convince the trio of this. (HINT, HINT, NUDGE, NUDGE, WINK, WINK, ELBOW, ELBOW - this question is highly likely to be at least partially answered in the next chapter which I am writing at the moment)
And as for the mirror of Erised I have absolutely no idea, hadn't thought about it in the least.
Thanks for the suggestions, and the review.

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Review #31, by MagicHex1709 A Summer Choice

20th June 2012:
Really good :) Keep writing!

Author's Response: So glad you're liking it!

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Review #32, by gray A Summer Choice

17th June 2012:
Good story. Thank you for writing.

Author's Response: Thank you, and you are most welcome.

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Review #33, by me A Summer Choice

16th June 2012:
pleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleassepleasepleasepleasepleaseplease write more. its really good

Author's Response: Love the enthusiasm (I think that's how you spell it, whaterer) And thanks so much!

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Review #34, by mimi You've Got to be Kidding Me

16th June 2012:
was that a 'the sound of music' refrence?
i learned that song for a recital peice. btw, your funny.

Author's Response: Yes, yes it was. And thank you, I quite enjoy my sarcastic, and if I say so myself, funny self.

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Review #35, by Starkidgleek A Summer Choice

16th June 2012:
I like how you are tying things and events together from your story to the regular one, it is very creative!
I can't wait for you to write more, and trust me, I get what you mean about finals. I had to stop writing completely for about a month in order to be prepared for mine. I felt like Hermione with all the studying I did (because I usually don't study, and end up doing great, lol)
But anyways, I'm still in love with your story, and can't wait to hear more!!

Author's Response: Thanks I'm glad you liked it, and I'm glad you understand about my lack of posting ability. ;)

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Review #36, by ilovethis:) An Easter Surprise

25th May 2012:
your such an amazing writer!!! this is the best fan fiction i have ever read
please keep on writing because i love it! :D

Author's Response: I'm so glad you're enjoying it. Reviews like this just make me so happy and help me keep writing.

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Review #37, by Anonymous Hidding from Everyone and Midnight Wanderings

19th May 2012:
This is one of my favourite stories, but as I have said before, when will they find out about being siblings?

Author's Response: Not for a good while I'm planning on taking her through her years at Hogwarts...the time frame is partially descibed in an earlier chapter

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Review #38, by james girl Hidding from Everyone and Midnight Wanderings

13th May 2012:
I was so afraid she wouldn't tell anyone or that she would do something really stupid... Please please please update soon, hun!

Author's Response: Glad I had you hanging on my words...and I'll do my best! Promise, cross my heart and hope to die!

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Review #39, by Courteney Hidding from Everyone and Midnight Wanderings

10th May 2012:
This is really good. I love how you have kept true to the activities in the book

Author's Response: Thanks and glad you enjoyed it. Yeah I'm not trying to change the story too much, mostly just insert Ashley into Rowling's already genius events, but alas some things will definately be different.

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Review #40, by Starkidgleek Hidding from Everyone and Midnight Wanderings

8th May 2012:
Yay! shes closer with Harry and Neville! I cant wait until she finds out about her real family! (she doesnt know yet right? i didnt miss somethin? lol) great chapter, cant wait for more

Author's Response: Glad you enjoyed the chapter. And no you didn't miss anything as of now she is not aware that her and Harry are related, nor that she had blood related family still alive. Although her friends have in a way become her family.

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Review #41, by Anonimous Hidding from Everyone and Midnight Wanderings

8th May 2012:
Best story ever :D
PLEASE Write again soon!

Author's Response: Thanks so much and I'll do my best.

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Review #42, by Anonimous You've Got to be Kidding Me

4th May 2012:
This is really great, I love the main character.
(She is a bit like me, except for the magic)
This is by far my favorite piece of writing from this website!
You have real talent, so good luck :)

Author's Response: Thanks so much, and don't you just love it when you can connect to the characters like that? I know I do. Glad you're liking it and thanks for the good luck wishes.

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Review #43, by 227743Weasley The Potter's Daughter

29th April 2012:
I like the whole idea of the book. Good Job

Author's Response: Thanks so much.

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Review #44, by Starkidgleek Collateral Damage

26th April 2012:
I really enjoyed this chapter, even if it was about a funeral. I can't wait for you to post more, and good luck on your exam!

Author's Response: You liked it good? That means it wasn't creepy that I liked writing it. Thanks so much for the good luck wishes. :D

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Review #45, by james girl Collateral Damage

26th April 2012:
Please please Please write more i absoulutely love this story!

Author's Response: Glad you like it, and you can bet your life on it.

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Review #46, by Anonymous I Guess It's Not Happily Ever After...Not Even Close

25th April 2012:
This story is cool, you should definately finish it, you should go on to third year when Remus teaches at Hogwarts

Author's Response: Thanks so much, I can't believe how great the response to my story is. And it will be finished, oh thrid year is going to be a good year... *insert evil plotting grin*

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Review #47, by Michael Flying is nothing more than falling...with style

24th April 2012:
Could I just say, this is REALLY good! I liked the way you didn't make her friends with Harry straight away :)

But, aren't her and Harry twins? So, her birthday would be July 31st?

Author's Response: Thanks...and their birthdays aren't the same because Dumbledore made her look a year older when he left her in America and in the letter said her birthday was November 29 vs. July 31. He did this to totally throw off anyone who managed to figure out the fact that the Potters had twins .

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Review #48, by james girl I Guess It's Not Happily Ever After...Not Even Close

24th April 2012:
Im crying rite now. Please update soon

Author's Response: Oh I'm so sorry that you're sad...I'm trying to get it up, keep getting rejected but I think I've fixed all the problems now so it should be up in two/three days.

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Review #49, by Anonymous I Guess It's Not Happily Ever After...Not Even Close

22nd April 2012:
This is really good, so full of emotion, almost as good as the original story! You should keep on writing, we will keep on reading!

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm so glad you like it, and I will keep on writing my insanity needs some outlet ;)

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Review #50, by JohannaMarie I Guess It's Not Happily Ever After...Not Even Close

14th April 2012:
That is. . . so sad. I mean, at least she has people there for her, but really, this is the second set of parents she has lost (and on a holiday too - not that she knows/remembers that about her birth parents just yet)

Author's Response: Yeah I know, I hate that I had to write such a sad chapter. And it was really hard to make Ashley lose two sets of parents, but I feel like it will let me make her character stronger.

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