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Review #26, by EnigmaticEyes16 Sleeping After Lunch

30th July 2014:
Haha, I do still love their banter and Sirius' fascination with the girl. I also liked how Lily and Sarah called it a race between them to see who would break it off first. Of course, they don't know it's a fake relationship, but I could totally see them putting up bets on who will end it first or something like that. Same with the boys. Heck, they could all be in on the bet together.

Great chapter!

Author's Response: He's weirdly fascinated, isn't he? It's a lot of fun to write, almost as if he's never seen girls before. Hahaha! The mental image at them all running a pool! OMG! Thanks for reading and reviewing, even though nothing at all is happening :)

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Review #27, by EnigmaticEyes16 Goodnight Darling

30th July 2014:
Haha, this was very short but cute. I really enjoy the banter between these two and can't wait to see what the next day brings for them.

I wish I had more to say but not much happened in this chapter...


Author's Response: I love writing them together! It's so easy to write as well, for which I am ever grateful :D

Thanks for reading (despite nothing happening :P ) :)

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Review #28, by EnigmaticEyes16 Insane Before Christmas

29th July 2014:
This was a short but cute chapter. I like how Sirius just butted in with Rex and took over the situation. And Sirius does have a good point about how if Millie wants guys to stop bothering her, a fake boyfriend to scare them off wouldn't hurt. Even though she finds Sirius pretty annoying on his own... unless she changes her mind about him... this story is definitely starting to get good now.

Great job with the chapter.


Author's Response: Quite a few short chapters to follow here. I think I was in a bit of a writer's slump at the time, so I was posting whatever I could get out. I've become much better at waiting for more things to happen now! And Sirius is sweet in his own arrogant sort of way. And poor Millie. She's in for a rough time...

Thanks for reading :)

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Review #29, by EnigmaticEyes16 Rain, Rumours and Plans

28th July 2014:
Hi! Me again.

I'm really glad things are starting to happen! I loved the prank with the rain and how Dumbledore threatened to cancel the quidditch match, probably knowing it was the Marauders and knowing James would never allow the quidditch match to be cancelled if he could help it.

I'm surprised Millie finally decided to talk to Sirius! But I guess it's easier when there's no else around watching you, like nosy friends who will interrogate you the second you get away. I wonder if he'll eventually talk her into doing the plan. I'm guessing he will since that's kind of the plot of the story (or so it says in the summary) but I guess I will have to read on to find out.

Great chapter!


Author's Response: Dumbledore's extreme reaction was definitely to get James to 'fess up. I'm sure the rest of the Marauders would be very upset if Quidditch were cancelled, but I'm pretty sure James would start crying.

Yes! Millie decides to start talking to Sirius. And you're right; it's much easier when nosy friends aren't around. But look what she gets for talking to him! And indeed, we have finally arrived to the plot! Woohoo!

Thanks for reading :)

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Review #30, by EnigmaticEyes16 No Love Lost

28th July 2014:
Ooohhh, stuff is starting to happen! I'm intrigued by Millie's fight. I wonder if Rex will be back again, although I doubt it after what she did. Although, I don't know, his head "cracked" against the wall, not sure if I would have just left him there, that doesn't sound particularly good. Unless he's in an area where someone will find him very soon...

I'm curious about the prank Remus is thinking of. I usually thought James and Sirius came up with most of the pranks, so I'm surprised that it's Remus here... I'll have to read on, of course.


Author's Response: I tease people with having stuff happen... and then not happen for like four chapters. What even is plot pacing? I had serious fun writing Rex. I don't know why. He has like three lines, ever. And Millie isn't very good with closure - especially head wounds, apparently! I didn't even realise she just left the poor guy there! Now I'm feeling sort of bad for Rex...

To me, Remus is the mastermind. He comes up with the best pranks.

Thanks for reading and reviewing :)

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Review #31, by EnigmaticEyes16 The Deeper Things in Life

28th July 2014:
Hey again! I really enjoyed this chapter. I loved the little spat between Millie and Sirus. I'm starting to wonder why exactly she dislikes him so much though? There's not much explanation. And I'm still wondering what did happen to Millie during the summer...

And I liked Millie's conversation with Lily and Sarah and how they gang up on her, sort of. I totally see close friends behaving like this is real life. Same with the boys.

I think your beta's doing a great job too. I guess, anyway, I don't know what the story looked like before the edits. But it seems pretty well written to me.

Great job!


Author's Response: Millie dislikes Sirius on principle I think. He's just "that guy" you know? It's almost necessary to have this one person in your life that you don't really like for little to no reason, and for Millie it's Sirius right now. That, or bad writing - take your pick! And what happened to Millie in the summer... I don't think I ever explicitly state it anywhere. But there are a few mentions of it here or there.

I love writing friendships! They're so much fun, especially these two groups because they don't realise how similar they are.

My beta is amazing, no? Thanks for reading :)

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Review #32, by EnigmaticEyes16 Have You Even Talked to Her?

28th July 2014:
Hi again! I'm back! And it's getting better! I really enjoyed all the conversations between everyone. I loved how they all freaked out when Millie and Remus talked about a book, lol. And I love how defensive Sirius got about having a crush. I'm very curious to see what happens between Millie and Sirius. And I really like your characters so far. Lily is very much how I would expect Lily to be, totally against James being Head Boy and everything. And I like that James is keeping it cool while still always finding a reason to see her?

Onto the next chapter!

Author's Response: It's getting better? Yay! I'm glad that you liked all that dialogue! A lot of these chapters rely heavily on dialogue to the detriment of other cool things like description and plot. And they're just a bunch of teenagers, so I wanted to include really petty things being a super big deal. And James is the best. He's actually adorable.

Thanks for reading :)

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Review #33, by EnigmaticEyes16 A First Time for Everything

27th July 2014:
Hi! EnigmaticEyes16 here for the Slytherin Review Exchange! I know I'm a little late getting started on this but my goal is to review as many chapters of this as I can, and if I don't finish, I may continue even after July ends.

Anywho! This was very intriguing start. I'm curious about the dream she had and assuming it has to do with something she went through this summer (that Lily mentions)... I guess I'll find out eventually.

I'm super exciting to read about Sirius, it's been a while since I read a Maruaders fic and I think that's why I chose this one. And so far so good! Even though not too much happens in this chapter, but it's just the first one so I will definitely be reading on.

I also like Lily and Millie's (just realized their names rhyme...) friendship. I thought their argument at the end was really funny, especially the very last line "Honey, even you can't get me Batman." That was hilarious.

Onto the next chapter, I guess!
Great job!


Author's Response: Hey, hey, hey! I was overseas so I was pretty slow on the uptake, and in the end I was only able to read one chapter, so you win all the awesomeness anyway ^.^

Thank you! It is a little embarrassing to say that I forgot what cool things I'd mentioned in my first chapter as I wrote this story. Yay for first fics!

Sirius is... well, I'm looking forward on your opinion on Sirius actually. I feel conflicted about him from time to time. And as you have found out, there are MANY chapters where nothing happens. It's amazing people read this at all :P

I'm glad you like their friendship! I wanted it to seem as natural as possible.

Thanks for reviewing :)

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Review #34, by UPDATE UPDATE Home

2nd July 2014:
Ah oh my gosh pls update soon!! Sirius is so perfect

Author's Response: Sirius has his moments, no? And I'm hoping to update soonish...

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Review #35, by Unicorn2000 Chocolate Frogs

10th June 2014:
I love this story please write again soon!

Author's Response: Thank you! The next chapter's in the queue now, so it won't be long!

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Review #36, by lexiatel Quidditch Alliances

30th May 2014:
I have read nine chapters so far, and I REALLY love this story. I can't wait to read more.

My only complaint is the way it's written in POV. I don't usually read stories written like this because I get easily confused, but you have done a good job with it, and I have been able to follow surprising well.

I had a great deal following the last book in the Divergent series. I was constantly getting lost, lol!

Keep it up! :) Love Serius!

Author's Response: Wow! Nine chapters in one go? That's amazing! I'm really happy that you're enjoying this story!

Ah, the changing points of view. There are places where they get ridiculously crazy. I've labelled them in places when there's more than one per chapter, but sometimes I forgot :( I hope it wasn't too bad!

Thank you so much for your lovely review :)

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Review #37, by Dani Chocolate Frogs

28th May 2014:
My heart. I need to read more ugh they're just too cute.

Author's Response: Haha! I'm glad you liked it :) This chapter is a little fluffier than the last couple ;)

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Review #38, by Veritaserum27 Have You Even Talked to Her?

17th May 2014:
Hello! I'm tagging you from Review Tag!

I thought this chapter was much better than the first one. I could tell that it had been beta'd as it flowed much nicer.

You did a fantastic job with all of the dialogue. That is really tricky - you have many characters that all have to be part of the scene and they each have their own voice. I didn't have any problems figuring out who was talking and what they wanted to convey. It was really a top job.

I also really liked the characterization of each person. You stayed true to what we know about the marauders and Lily as well. I smiled each time she let her temper get the best of her. She really is fun to read!

I don't know if it was mentioned in the first chapter or not, but I definitely caught it this time - Millie's last name is White. That is genius! White and Black - it leads to a lot of interesting literary dichotomies.

I can't wait to read on. You've set the tone nicely for the rest of this story. Sirius admitted his crush on Millie and James obviously has it bad for Lily (of course). This is a nice set up for an interesting seventh year!

Thanks for the great read!


Author's Response: First chapters are always a little stunted when it comes to flow for me, for some reason. I'm glad you found chapter two to be better!

I really hate description, so a lot of my story is just dialogue. Since that is the case, I'm really pleased that you find it works! This story really wouldn't work with it!

It's a fine line I've had to walk with these characters. There's so much in fanon about them, but I didn't want to go in that direction for fear of being cliche (more than I already am), but I still wanted to include enough because it's what makes them recogniseable as well as what I am used to reading. I'm glad you felt it worked.

That bit of naming was from the genius of a friend a long time before this story was written. It's something that's stayed with me over the years - it's too priceless a literary device to forget!

Thanks so much for reading and reviewing! I hope you enjoy the rest of the story :)

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Review #39, by Rumpelstiltskin Chocolate Frogs

17th May 2014:
Hooray, another chapter!

I think one of my favorite aspects of this chapter is the fact that Remus' little note on how chocolate always fixes everything has carried over to this chapter. This was priceless, though: "...and first he goes and respects my wishes, then comes to rescue me. And then, he goes back to respecting my wishes!" The fact that Sirius is TRULY trying to be decent towards Millie is (with good reason) leaving her a bit frustrated.

As the frogs with notes continue, things become more and more funny (for me) and confusing (for Millie). While his tactic is flawless in my head, perhaps he really does need to speak with her directly. Though, the notes ARE cute ^.^.

I have to admit, I love that they're just not speaking...but corresponding in notes. It's really an adorable way for Sirius to say that he's sorry (and grovel for 10 years, evidently). ^.^ Perhaps things will work out after all!

Furthermore, I can't believe that I'm reading chapter 37! It didn't feel like that many chapters...

Fantastic, again!


Author's Response: Yay for quick chapter updates!

Remus is a fountain of wisdom. The words that come out of his hallowed mouth are sacred. Also, chocolate is invariably the answer to every problem, so Sirius really couldn't go wrong. And OMG - Sirius' sense of chivalry is just the best thing to write. He's tries to hide the fact that he's actually a decent person, and when it slips out, poor Millie is so frustrated!

I couldn't stop cackling as I wrote this chapter. Of all the ways they could've chosen to communicate, they chose chocolate frogs. It was a rare moment of comic genius from me (I'm not big-headed, I promise). And you're right - if someone wanted to apologise to me using chocolate frogs, I'd be all for it!

Even as the author, knowing when they'll talk, I feel a little frustrated at these two! They really need to clear the air and move on!

I remember when you left your first review on this story - I think you powered through 34 or 35 chapters in one go. I was so impressed! I'm so inordinately pleased that you've stuck through it all! Thanks for reading :)

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Review #40, by Rumpelstiltskin Chocolate Is Always the Solution

17th May 2014:
I'm here for the May review exchange, and am pleasantly surprised to see that you've updated this!

Sirius' presence in his animagus form would certainly startle anyone, especially in the hospital wing of Hogwarts. With everything that has happened between the two, it is nice to see that Sirius cares enough to try to be there for her...even if he feels that he can only do so in his dog form ^.^.

His near determination to become her pet dog, in order to be close to her and to make up for his...well, being stupid... was quite humorous. At the same time, I can't help but feel bad for him...though, he kind of brought it on himself. Then, of course, there's the unjustified feeling of jealousy when Millie smiles at Remus ^.^. That boy needs to sort out his feelings...and maybe talk about them a little (but, he is a, you know).

Remus is right...the pair of them ARE hopeless -_-. Ah, well, I suppose everything will sort itself out in the end...maybe... or maybe it won't. Do I have to shake characters? I'm not against locking characters in a room until they sort out their...issues.

Anyway, yes, chocolate is always the solution :).

Great chapter!


Author's Response: My updates are so inconsistent. Curse you, real life!

I just love writing Sirius in his Animagus form! I would actually write this entire story with him as a dog, if it wasn't so weird. He's just so adorable (I totally don't have a soft spot for dogs, I swear :P ) Sirius really does genuinely care (and love) Millie. It's just that he's... well, Sirius, so it's a little opaque sometimes.

He did bring this entire situation on himself, didn't he? Although, he's not all to blame - it takes two to talk, and that's something neither of them are really good at, although Sirius has always been the one to at least make the effort. And his unjustified feelings of jealousy has sort of been a recurring theme. First Remus, then Regulus, then Remus again... he's one very insecure boy!

They ARE hopeless... but in a hopefully adorable and entertaining way ;) And maybe everything will sort itself out... there's only a few chapters left, so it's now or never...

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Review #41, by minnie Chocolate Frogs

17th May 2014:
I love the notes on the chocolate frogs!

Author's Response: Hahaha! Me too! They're very cute, aren't they ;)

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Review #42, by LightLeviosa5443 Have You Even Talked to Her?

6th May 2014:

Here again for review tag! This chapter was really fun! I love that all of these chapters are going to be split POV, it's so fun and interesting!!

I really like the way that you have both parties reacting to the interactions similarly. Someone interrogating about there being a relationship, someone pointing out the possibility of a relationship. Or in the Marauders case, impossibility. I really just enjoyed this.

I think Millie and Sirius is going to be interesting, and I can see how this relationship could both work and also go down in flames. I also am excited to see the Jily aspect expand itself a bit. Also, great touch with having the Marauders use last names for Millie as well as Lily, I think that's a nice, minor detail that really added to the chapter.

I loved the bit where you had Sarah be in wonder that Remus and Millie spoke, I thought that was great and so believable. This story is turning out to be really great and fun so far, and I really can't wait to keep reading and find out what more happens!

xoxo Sarah ♥

Author's Response: Definitely the earlier chapters have multiple points of view. I think as the story progresses, I get more comfortable about writing a chapter from just one point of view, but I'm really inconsistent about it - you never really know what POV I'll throw in next!

Friends are friends no matter what, so it makes sense that they react similarly. I also love the idea that Lily, Sarah, James, Remus, and Peter are just a bunch of gossiping old ladies who feed off the drama that Sirius and Millie provide.

I'm so happy the strangeness of their relationship comes through so early! But I guess that's the case with any relationship - you have to put effort in to make it work. The wonderful thing about these two is that whichever way they go, they'll do it spectacularly, with fireworks and explosions. There's just no middle ground :P

I'm glad you're enjoying it (despite my horrible author etiquette, replying so late and all)! Thanks for the review :)

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Review #43, by LightLeviosa5443 A First Time for Everything

5th May 2014:
Hi hon! Here for review tag!

I really liked this story! I thought the way that you switched POV a few times during it was really fun and interesting. I definitely am intrigued by your characters and can't wait to learn more about them!

I definitely found the way that your characters interacted with each other was fun and believable. I loved how Lily came sprinting in panicking, and James knew she was hiding. It made me think this kind of interaction happened often, and it was very fun to read. I also loved James little conversation with Sirius. I'm super excited to see where this relationship is going to go and how hard it'll be for Sirius to win Millie over.

I don't read Marauders often, so I can't really comment on characterization much, but from the little I do know, I think you did a really wonderful job with it! I also want to commend you on the flow of the story. Even though you switched POV a couple of times, the story flowed effortlessly and was extremely enjoyable to read!

I'll definitely be coming back for more in the future!

xoxo Sarah ♥

Author's Response: Hello! Sorry for the exceptionally late reply. RL has been very crazy as of late!

I'm glad you enjoyed it! It's my first fanfiction ever, so it holds a special place in my heart, and therefore I burst with pride like an enthusiastic parent whenever someone compliments my baby :P

I'm glad that the characters are believable. The plot is quite fluffy, so almost all the weight of this story comes from the characters themselves. If they're not working, the story isn't working.

Ah! On the list of things that get me down: flow is right up there, so that means so much to me!

Thanks so much for reading and reviewing :)

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Review #44, by Veritaserum27 A First Time for Everything

30th April 2014:

I'm here for review tag!

I think you've got a nice start here and I really like the Lily/James and Millie/Sirius dynamic. Lots of places to go with the story and the two sets of love interests! I really enjoyed the two different points of view because Sirius is a character that doesn't always say what he is really feeling so it is nice to see it from his side.

You've managed to subtlely include little hints about Millie's issues. Something obviously happened to her this summer and it wasn't good. Also, she is trying to avoid talking to people for some reason and doesn't seem too excited to celebrate her birthday. I am intrigued to find out what it is.

I think you've done a great job wth characterization. James, Sirius and Lily all have their classic key personalities. James is desperate for Lily, Sirius is the heartbraker and Lily is loyal to the end - and in love with James, but doesn't know it yet. Great job with that!

I also love your dialogue. There is a lot of talking between the characters in this chapter and it is handled really well. The exchanges are witty and believable without pulling you away from the storyline.

The one thing I'm not sure about is where they are living. Are all of them staying at the Leaky Cauldron because it is right before Hogwarts begins? Or are they at James's house? It was a little confusing.

I think one of my favorite lines is "Hogwarts seemed to have a sulight allergy." I loved it!

You've done a great job setting up the characters and even starting off with a little bit of mystery. What are those nightmares about?

Thanks so much for the story!

Beth (Veritaseru27)

Author's Response: Wow! Choosing a chaptered story (and one with so many chapters, too!) instead of a one-shot - brave choice. I often can't handle the commitment :P

Sirius really needs more first POV words spent on him. He's such a drama queen, and that has so much potential, especially as a romcom lead, as he is (sort of) in this story.

Millie's issues. They pop up at the strangest times in this story. I'm glad you enjoyed that. Hopefully Millie doesn't disappoint as the story progresses :P

Of course Lily doesn't know she's in love with James! What on earth would Millie and Sirius do with their time otherwise? ;)

They're at the Leaky Couldron. I really have to edit that in somewhere... It confuses me too, sometimes.

Thanks so much for the lovely review. All the lovely compliments have me blushing like crazy!

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Review #45, by XxImAgInAiReXx A First Time for Everything

27th April 2014:
Review tag!

I can see where you're going with this, and it has most definitely been done before. But it's always fun to read a good Marauders fic, you just need to be careful to put an interesting spin on it. You've created some interesting characters. I didn't find any of them overly annoying, which is a common thing in these sorts of fics. The only piece I felt needed more explaining was Millie's aversion to Sirius... I don't think it just should come out of the blue like that.

Another thing is when Millie says 'look at it this way, there's still half the day left', it seemed too optimistic a thing to say for her character. The way she acted the rest of the chapter didn't really match up with that piece of dialogue for me.

Anyway, overall it was good, and I hope you continue with it :)

Author's Response: Yeah, I know what you mean about this plot being done to death. It's my first fanfic though, and I can't bring myself to abandon it so I'm going down with this ship, as the saying goes :P

I feel you about annoying characters - don't you just hate that? I'm glad mine aren't overly annoying, but give them time, give them time...

Hmm. It's not that Millie's averse to Sirius. They've never really crossed paths before. And it's not very obvious yet, but Sirius is a very annoying person around Millie later on in the story (I told you to just give them time - they get to the annoying stage).

Thanks for your feedback and your review! It was lovely to hear from you :)

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Review #46, by AlexFan Rain, Rumours and Plans

22nd April 2014:

Okay, so just some CC that I wanted to point out, the prank in the Great Hall with the rain and everything, I feel like Dumbledore's reaction to it was too extreme. I mean, in the series it's shown that he actually doesn't mind pranks and finds them amusing as long as they don't harm anyone. I can imagine that he would be a little bit annoyed but not so annoyed as to actually cancel the Quidditch match. I mean, it was just water, not something harmful.

He could've just as easily cast a spell and dried everyone in the hall as opposed to letting everyone squelch back to their common room with see through shirts and wet shoes and socks (how heavily was it raining?)

And I'm with Millie on another matter, Dumbledore would hardly force Gryffindor to forfeit every Quidditch match just because of some silly prank.

Oh, and, personally, I would take out Sirius's POV after Millie calls him a dog and he replies with "You have no idea," because I feel like it doesn't really add much to the chapter or helps it progress along. But, that's just my suggestion, feel free to ignore it!

The minute that Sirius said that he had a plan on how to shut Marissa up, I knew what it was going to be. I just knew it! I was still really excited when he officially announced it though. I especially love how Millie didn't just give in to what Sirius wanted no matter how much he begged (we know that she's probably going to but it's just nice to see that it wasn't immediate like in so many other stories.)

But anyway, great chapter and I look forward to coming back to the next one!

Author's Response: Yes! "The good stuff" is starting, indeed!

Dumbledore's reaction was more to get the Marauders to confess, than anything else. I don't think he'd go through with the threat at all, and it's not as if we all don't know who did it. Yes, his reaction is a little over the top though. I could say that he's just very grumpy in the morning, but that would be excusing my lazy characterisation!

Dude, this story has some of the most random and unnecessary POV changes in the history of POV changes. I know to which Sirius POV you are referring - definitely needs to go. All it adds to the story is annoying-ness.

What else could it be? This is Sirius Black we're talking about. It's sad, but his plan-making skillz don't improve at all through this story. They just get crazier and crazier!

Thanks so much for the review! Lovely to hear from you again :)

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Review #47, by ECEL Chocolate Is Always the Solution

17th April 2014:
Love the story girl. Please continue!! It's exciting to see the relationship grow and mature. Let's have them make up already!!

Author's Response: Ah! Thank you so much! And the next chapter is in the queue so you'll find out sooner than expected where they're headed... *laughs evilly*

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Review #48, by Pixileanin Chocolate Is Always the Solution

13th April 2014:
Yay! New chapter!

Remus is an excellent advice-giver. Absolutely! But that doesn't mean that Sirius is an excellent advice-taker. I bet Sirius isn't even listening enough to what Remus has to say to even consider maybe doing something smart about it. Too bad. It sounds like Millie might be ready to listen to him now too. Poor, confused teenagers!

And of course chocolate is always the solution, Sirius! No wonder he wasn't a very good boyfriend. For shame!

I didn't quite think that Remus was gossiping. I just thought he said what needed to be said, and got Sirius to hear what he needed to hear. Except Sirius didn't actually hear it... ahhh!!

It is funny how Millie gets along with the dog better than she thinks she gets along with Sirius, and he's thinking the same thing! I can imagine him being her pet for all that time, just so he can see her smile at him. Aw! But hopefully, they'll get to a better place soon. You can't keep them like this forever, you know. They've got to GROW and, you know, mature at least a little bit, right?


I can't wait for Millie to be fully recovered physically, and to see how she will treat Sirius the next time she sees him. I wonder what will happen...

Author's Response: And another in the queue as well! As I near the end of this story, it appears chapter updates will be almost as frequent as they were when I first started writing this story.

Remus is the best advice-giver there is. Sirius... we'll see. He does well, in typical Sirius fashion. And OMG Millie! I'm so happy with where she is emotionally in this chapter. Nothing like a life-threatening situation to give some clarity on guy problems :P

I was surprised that Sirius did not already know that chocolate is always the solution. He probably shared his chocolate bar with Millie at random intervals and then put the amazing snogging sessions afterward to his good looks and charms.

Remus felt really gossipy to me when he was chatting about what their friends were up to. I was really scared of making him sound OOC, first with the gossip, and then with the Sirius observations. But I've set up that Millie's fave Marauder is actually Remus for a very long time (chapter 2, I think) so it would be likely that she'd be receptive to advice from him.

Hopefully they will get to a better place soon! I hate writing them all confused like this.

Thanks so much for reading!

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Review #49, by lindslo2012 Have You Even Talked to Her?

10th April 2014:
Hey there here from the review tag. :D
So I am glad I got to come back and read another awesome chapter from your story because it was just that... AWESOME!
I really like the Remus, Millie, Sirius triangle idea because it will probably be very fun to read and will be funny. At the same time it will be something you will have to be careful with :) but I am sure you will do amazing with it and I can't wait to find out what happens!
I enjoy Lily's friendship with Millie and both of them would be the type of people I would probably enjoy being my friends! Lol.
I am excited to see some more action with the realtionships in your story and I can tell that it will be a good one for sure!
My favorite part of the story was this..
(So you do have a crush on Millie? asked Moony.

No! I replied again. Didnt I say that before?

But you certainly have a he paused for a second trying to think of the word, a certain interest in her?

I guess you could call it that, I mumbled.

I can tell you now youre not her favourite person.

I know that. She hardly knows me. I could eventually become her favourite person though. I mean, its not like thats difficult, wooing the opposite sex.
Moony looked sceptical. If you say so.)
I can sense some jealousy in there and it makes me very eager to know what happens. Excellent plot still! I think you should come request a review on my review thread sometime :D
p.s. I don't know why those weird letter symbol things appeared but I don't know how to fix them.. lol :) thanks for the good read!

Author's Response: Ahahaha! I'm really happy you enjoyed it! I'm always a little worried when I get reviews on this story because it was my first, and thus very special to me.

The triangle... it's not exactly a triangle, really, but I love the idea of a strong Millie/Remus friendship. Sirius and Lily have one in canon, and I can imagine Sirius getting a little jealous despite this little fact!

I'm glad you feel like they could be your friends! I want my characters to be people you'd want to spend time with :)

Ah! Boys can be ridiculous about their feelings, can't they? They feel so scared about just owning up to them.

A request for this story? Perhaps I shall! I haven't actually requested a review on this one for AGES but I need more feedback on the later chapters. I'll definitely take a look when a spot opens up in your queue! Thanks for the lovely review :)

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Review #50, by HEG A First Time for Everything

28th March 2014:

Questions are alredy looming in my mind about this story. Was the bit about blood a dream? Who was killed? Who killed them? Who is Millie? Where is she? And that is what I love about the begining. You don't know what is going to happen next. The speech is very realistc and I love the switch of POV. It's nice to hear what diffrent people are thinking normally it's just one person. This was a good start to your story :)


Author's Response: I'm so happy that you have so many questions from the first paragraph alone, but that might be because of my sloppy writing... forgive me? This is my first fic so there's A LOT of room for improvement in this story. I hope you continue enjoying it, though! Thanks for reading :)

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