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Review #26, by Maelody Things You Really Don't Want to Know

20th January 2015:
Awww, so they ditched Lily and James? How rude! But I do hope everything went smoothly for them. Maybe that's why Sirius left in the first place? Getting a little too lovey-dovey for his taste.

Okay, so I was wrong about them falling in love with one another at Hogsmeade. I literally was on the exact opposite track that they were on. At least it was going well for a little bit before she went and mucked it up with her big mouth. Poor Sirius. They do tend to forget they're in a fake relationship at the wrong times. Also, I think she's already forgotten that the deal is over after the date's done. So says Sirius anyway.

Now I'm curious. How many girls has he taken to Puddifoots? I mean, it's not like she asked how many people he slept with. C'mon, Sirius! Tell us!

That being said, what made everything suck enough for her to want to leave the date in the first place? Same lovey-dovey theory as earlier between James and Lily? Or too much time spent with Sirius?

Ok, moving on! :D


Author's Response: I can't imagine Lily and James even noticed that they were gone to be honest. I suspect that they'd be one of the few couples in the history of ever to have a great first date. It's just something that you'd expect of Jily.

Can you imagine these two falling in love so soon? Can you imagine them even mentioning it to themselves if it does happen? Obviously, they're just going to fight because that's their favourite couple activity.

I don't think Sirius has taken THAT many girls to Puddifoot's. It's just Millie buying into his inflated image. And then Sirius gets defensive about it. Of course. Nothing is ever straightforward with these two!

I don't think watching a great date is a lot of fun. And of course, for the purposes of the plot, they needed to get away ;)

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Review #27, by Maelody Quidditch Alliances

20th January 2015:
Oooh! So Lily and James are heating up more while we focus on Sirius and Millie? I sort of like that. Just a little less drama than there needs to be. ;)

Ouch! So she really is a hardcore Quidditch player, eh? With past injuries such as the ones everyone else was explaining... And poor Lily. She only tries to be a pretty decent friend when it comes to worrying about her! Millie, let your wall down dear. You know you're going to end up falling in love tomorrow with Sirius at Hogsmeade. You won't want to end this, I know it! :p

I'm loving the two so far! Sirius cracks me up, and Millie just reminds me of me. Which, thinking about it, I'm not entirely sure that's a super good thing. ;) But I love it nonetheless!


Author's Response: Initially I wanted to include the James/Lily arc more overtly in the story, but they're so dramatic and so are Millie and Sirius but in their own way. I think it would've been too much, so I have almost their entire relationship develop "off-stage".

Millie is possibly more hardcore than James. She's definitely been injured more, mostly because she takes a lot more risks and that she's a Seeker, so they're more injury-prone anyway. And pushing Lily's concern away is Millie's way of being "strong". But I think Lily understands this about her.

I'm so glad that Millie's so relatable! She's similar to me in some aspects, but mostly she's her own self. Different in other ways to my other OCs. And isn't it a good thing? Sirius would totally like you! (I want Sirius to like me.)

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Review #28, by Maelody Sleeping After Lunch

20th January 2015:
So she can sleeptalk, eh? I've only done that once in my life, and my best friend was so shocked. It was in Chemistry, too. Made me understand the subject loads better! :D

So is it weird to say I don't see Millie getting out of this? Not in the long run maybe. I feel like maybe she'll say something to Sirius to make him call the whole thing quits because of her behavior, but she'll come running back BECAUSE THEY'RE GOING TO FALL IN LOVE AND GET MARRIED AND HE WILL BEAR HER CHILDREN! You know, Marissa style. ;)

So far Sirius is totally adorable! A little more whiny than I would usually take him for, but I still love him. :3 I sorta want to see everything go his way (because I'm in the alleged 'fan club') but I always get sad when they do because I obviously know what happens to Sirius in the end and I'd hate to see that happen to him and someone he loved. :( So now I'm wondering what will really happen with them? Oh goodness! D:

Now I've got to continue onward!


Author's Response: I have NEVER done this. I want this superpower. Really bad. One of the most useful superpowers of all time.

Millie's not getting out of this. Sirius Black's full name is actually Sirius Black Hole. She's sucked in. No getting out now.

Sirius is less of a not likeable person once the fake dating starts I think. He just doesn't understand why she doesn't like him. This has never happened before! I am also a part of the Sirius Black fan club, but I'm also an author, and I can't have things be too easy for Sirius!

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Review #29, by Maelody Goodnight, Darling

20th January 2015:
Oh I forgot how wonderful it can be to get caught up in a Sirius/OC fic! (It's been so long since I've read one).

So this one was actually sort of sweet, in a sleep-hazed moment. I know her pain though. I've done that a time or two and it turns out, half the time it's not even worth it. Because when you read it in the morning, it's nothing you'd want to turn in anyway.

I love how she just hates any pet name ever. I feel like we could be the best of friends because that's pretty much exactly me. I hate pet names, not much into having a social dating life, and, well, arrogant people are my least favorite. Maybe Millie really stands for Mae, eh? ;) Speaking of being friends, we haven't seen Lily and Sarah in a while? Where'd they go? Oh noes!

Also, I hope there's a little more detail on her family's death and exactly what happened. Who did it to them? Why does no one seem to realize something happened to her so tragically over the summer? Poor Millie. I'd hug her, but I feel like she wouldn't like it haha. I'm sure it'll come up later in the story, but I wanna know! (See, I can be just as whiny as Sirius sometimes. ;))


Author's Response: I think this is the biggest plus point of this story: people get caught up in it despite themselves. I know that this is not the best example of my writing, but I had fun writing it, and maybe some of that fun is infectious.

The number of assignments I've done when I'm half dead because of lack of sleep is ridiculously high. It's a horrible place to be.

I've never really had a pet name, and I kind of want one. I don't understand Millie's insistence on not wanting one ever. But in this case, I understand where she's coming from. Sirius uses "darling" in a mocking sort of way. The change to it actually meaning something is gradual (keep your eyes out for it!). And the disappearance of Lily and Sarah: bad writing strikes again!

Bad writing abounds! It does come up later, mostly in passing, but I do address it. Eventually. Gosh, I'm horrible.

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Review #30, by Maelody Insane Before Christmas

20th January 2015:
Haha, my favorite lines of the chapter are the last two she thinks. It's OK, we can go insane together. :)

How did I know that Sirius was going to be the one who wound this in his favor? Of course Marissa would follow through with her plan. And of course he would just be there ready to plant his territory when Rex showed up. Poor Millie, though. She doesn't have much a say of anything in her life, does she?

I'm glad Sirius showed up when he did, though. Rex is a creep and seriously gives me the creeps. He even had clammy hands? Gross!

Hmmm. Millie does bring up a good point. What if one of them gets to liking someone else in the long-run? That'd be a nice plot-twist. Of course, I'd see Sirius winning out (he's gorgeous, duh) but it'd be fun to see it play out. I know the story is already done, but let me speculate while I can. ;)

Cheers! Onward I go!


Author's Response: Company on the road to insanity is the best way to go insane, I think.

Sirius came up with the entire plan! Of course he's the one who comes out on top. I figure that Sirius is probably really happy that his plan is actually working. But it's not in the best interests of Sirius Black's image to show that kind of relief :P Millie holds her own within a few chapters!

Rex is gross. No one likes Rex.

But the question is: WILL THEY? Who knows??!? I do, obviously. But still. And I'd definitely choose Sirius.

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Review #31, by Maelody Rain, Rumours and Plans

20th January 2015:
Favorite line of the chapter: Eat your ice cream and you’ll feel better.

Ever seen the movie Leap Year with Amy Adams? It reminds me of the line: Put 'em in the wash, they'll be grand.

I love plot progression! Yes I do! :D

So Sirius wants Millie to pretend to be his girlfriend so Marissa's plan will backfire and the whole school won't believe her? That doesn't sound like a plan for our two protagonists to fall in love for real at all. ;)

So let me get this straight? He doesn't want the whole school to think he is whining about some girl he barely dated, and he thinks up this plan to thwart her plans while whining about her in the kitchens eating ice cream? Oh Sirius Black, a conundrum you are. ;)

I like how this chapter had some depth! :D It took me by surprise since the others were so light and easy to read, but this one had some girth! I enjoyed it tons! Can't wait to see this plot thicken and really get into the action here! :D


Author's Response: Ice cream fixes all problems, no? ;)

I haven't seen that film, actually! I might though. I'm a sucker for a rom com.

Five chapters in and the plot FINALLY arrives. Woohoo!

Haha, talk about contrived, right? It's a really transparent sort of plot, but we need a plot. And it'll be fun, I think.

Sirius is a mystery wrapped in an enigma... that or he's just a dumb teenage boy :P

The other chapters so far have been super short and then BAM. This is more than double that length. But the next few chapters go back to that short easy-to-read kind of thing. It takes a while for the chapters to get long again.

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Review #32, by Maelody No Love Lost

20th January 2015:
Woah! Someone needs to teach Rex what's up with the ladies! He deserves no girlfriend. Like. Ever. What was Millie thinking dating a guy who's philosophy is "When a girl says no she really means yes?" Ew. Creep!

I can just hear the sympathy for that poor muggle boy in Lily's voice when she says "but you met his parents." Poor kid doesn't even count! Though I do feel Millie's pain in having an annoying best friend (though I love her all the same) that memorizes everything you do, and everyone you date. Even the ones you don't want to remember or count. It sucks, doesn't it?

As for Sirius' end of the line, he needs to wash his mouth out, yeah? No wonder Melissa broke up with him. ;) Though I laughed when he said it wasn't the point that they weren't going out. It was the fact that she 'broke' up with him. Haha!

So Remus is the planner of all pranks, eh? I see that. Now the question is, does he partake in them? Can't wait to find out!


Author's Response: Rex has no boundaries with the ladies. He's a seriously creepy dude. He creeps me out. I wanted to include him more in the story, but because he freaked me out so much, I never did.

I like to think that the "meeting his parents" incident happened by accident. Millie isn't that callous - she really just didn't give that relationship that much importance. And I mean, she's seventeen. That's actually really young, no matter what we like to think at that age. And Lily is the epitome of friends who are annoying but are still unconditionally loved. I am that sort of friend. I apologise for all the pain I have caused.

Sirius... has a lot of growing up to do at the beginning of this story. It's funny to read people's opinions of him here and then about halfway through is when the "he's so adorable!" starts.

Remus is a mastermind, for sure. I can see how the planning aspect of a prank would appeal to him.

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Review #33, by Maelody The Deeper Things in Life

20th January 2015:
Favorite line of the chapter: “Extreme personality changes are required when one has to pass Potions with a decent mark and one’s partner is terrible at Potions."

Heya! So what was Sirius apologizing for over the summer? Just not talking to her, or did her nightmare have something to do with his oh so loving family? If it's the latter, I'd back away buddy. Give her some space to breathe and not hex you to a million little pieces.

That reminds me, I didn't mention anything about the first chapter with her nightmare. A) It was really creepy. B) I know this must mean something happened to her/her family. Unspeakable father? Must have been her family. Now I want to know what happened! Was it Sirius' family? Does he even know it was his family? Was it not his family at all and I'm just making weird things up? I guess I'll never know if I don't continue!

Off I go!


Author's Response: Okay, because I forgot to cover this plotline that I'd developed later on in the story, I just tell people who ask. Millie's parents were killed during the summer in a Death Eater attack. Millie's emotional response to that is sort of covered, but not really. It's a huge plothole and brilliantly illustrates my naivety as a writer.

Again, all these plotlines that I forgot to develop! If I ever rewrite this, I'll be sure to include those things. And since Sirius is related to practically all the big Death Eaters, Sirius' "family" is almost certainly involved.

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Review #34, by Maelody Have You Even Talked to Her?

20th January 2015:
Ha! Poor Millie, having to explain herself twice, not only in one day, but in the matter of minutes! Poor Sarah, too. For if Millie had liked Remus, I'm sure she would have been a little more upset.

I wonder what book it was that Millie was reading to really get Remus' attention? Sounds amazing. ;)

I'm excited to see that Sirius automatically has a plan up his sleeve to woo Millie. This should be plenty interesting. Though on the Evans side of the group, I can't help but truly wonder how awfully bad these two will be as a couple at first. Seriously, with a track record like theirs, this sounds exciting! :D

Onto the next one! :)


Author's Response: It's the worst feeling when you and your friend have a mutual crush, right? It's not like a celebrity or fictional crush because you just share the pain. I think it's a messy situation for everyone involved.

I wrote this chapter so long ago, but I have a feeling that the series to which I was referring was either Harry Potter (which would be weird to read in-world to say the least) or The Chronicles of the Imaginarium Geographica - which most definitely not written in the 1970s. So either way, the book doesn't exist in this world. Awkward.

Sirius' plan is his standard plan: he's Sirius Black. Things will work themselves out to suit his needs. And yeah. These two are going to be interesting to say the least!

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Review #35, by Maelody A First Time for Everything

20th January 2015:
Oh I do love a good Sirius/OC story! Now I'm all excited! :D

So Millie, eh? That's gonna be awkward cause once upon a time ago I wrote a fic about Peter being in love with a girl named Millie. Sirius has gone off and stolen his girlfriend! No wonder Peter threw him under the bus ;).

Siriusly though (did that joke get old yet? No? OK) I'm excited to read this! It's been on m 'read list' for forever now!

I love how James' biggest concern is making sure Millie's head will be in a game that is well over six weeks away. And Sirius doesn't even deny liking her. This'll be a fun last year.

Oh goodness. Lily wants to try and buy Batman? That's hilarious! Not to mention she wants to buy her best friend the world. I love that that's already really prevalent in this first chapter. It sets up a bond between the two girls like James and Sirius. That's a great start.

Favorite line of the chapter: Hogwarts seemed to have a sunlight allergy.

Moving onward!


Author's Response: Sirius/OC stories are my second fanfic love. Obviously, my first fanfic would be one of those. I'm glad that there are people who still enjoy reading them. They were huge when I first started reading fanfiction.

:O What are the odds? Her full name isn't Millie. Does that help? Probably not since she doesn't use her full name. She's Millie in my head. And I'd throw Sirius under the bus for that too!

THAT JOKE NEVER GETS OLD. EVER. It makes me excited that you're so excited to read this.

James is very goal orientated, I think. It's all about Quidditch with James and Millie at the beginning because that's the foundation of their relationship.

Lily can buy ME Batman. Please do, Lily. She's a great friend, although she comes off as a little abrasive in this story.

Hogwarts has a sunlight allergy, right?

See you soon :)

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Review #36, by missatron Insane Before Christmas

20th January 2015:
Review tag!

Ahh! I'm really glad to be back, reading Like a House on Fire. While I've been away, I have been forgetting how good it is! The plot really has begun to develop in this chapter, what with the whole fake girlfriend/fake dating buisness. I'm also starting to despise Marsissa - I bet Sirius will probably hear the rumours right away!

Oh gosh, Rex really is annoying too. He makes me so angry. I guess your writing is just too real! (That's a good thing)

I just love how oblivious Millie is. Like the bit where she was confused about Sirius saying his first name out loud, then he had to explain to her that people who like eachother usually call eachother by their first names. I think Sirius has other motives rather than "pretending" to date Millie. I think he wants it for real. I guess that soon, Millie may come to waste it, but at the moment, I really can't imagine that.

The whole "fake dating" thing seems odd, but believe able. I'm wondering whether the "fake dating" will progress onwards into a real relationship, or whether the real relationship will start elsewhere.

As always, I loved this!


Author's Response: Hahaha! That's a similar feeling I got when I was writing this story. Every time I returned to this story, I remembered how much I enjoyed it. I think some of that feeling seeps into the writing perhaps. And yes - this is the chapter where STUFF ACTUALLY HAPPENS. Marissa is not a nice person, that is very true.

Rex is incredibly creepy. I've seen Sirius being written in a similar way, and it's been glorified, so with Rex I wanted to highlight that it's not a nice way to treat people AT ALL. It's a good thing you're angry!

Millie can be so oblivious sometimes. She does it on purpose in part, I think. She gets away with a lot this way. And Sirius only ever having one motive for something? Never! ;)

I'm glad that the fake dating premise seems believable!! When I thought it up, I knew that it required quite the suspension of disbelief but I still decided to roll with it.

Thanks for reading!

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Review #37, by Sydney Chocolate Frogs

15th January 2015:
Okay so my hate for you has lessened somewhat. Sirius and Milly look like they may start to date again. If you do anything to Spoil they're relationship again I will hunt you down and kill you. I swear.
Though as hard as it is for me to admit it. You are an amazing writer. :)

Author's Response: Only a couple of chapters to go until the end! Things are wrapping up! And I couldn't bear to leave my poor darlings in agony forever. Every relationship has its ups and downs. It just took these two a really long time to realise that they even were in a relationship in the first place... And thank you so much! That means a lot ♥

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Review #38, by Sydney Of Hearts and Bludgers

15th January 2015:
How could you do this to me.
NO! Whyy??? Dont you have a heart. Dont you know how much it hurts. God!!! How could you??? Sirius and Milly are a match made in heaven! How could you.
OMG how could you?

Author's Response: They had it coming? That is the only thing I can offer in my defence. It was smooth sailing for too long, especially since they never quite have a serious discussion about their relationship and kinda just avoid the subject. But it gets better, I promise! More adorable Sirius to come (he has some of his best moments after this point)!

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Review #39, by Sydney Valentine's Day

15th January 2015:
Okay so now you are actually killing me. How could you post such a chapter without a warning. I mean i swear i jumped up with joy at the valentine thing. God you are an amazing writer.
AND SIRIUS IS JUST SO DAMN CUTE! Please tell me I'm right because I could not live if someone told me that he isn't absolutely completely adorable!!!

Author's Response: ENJOY IT WHILE IT LASTS. MUHAHAHA. But yeah, this was again one of my favourite chapters to write, mainly because Sirius is just too much fun to write when he's head over heels in love. And you're not alone! I think everyone who gets to this point in the story agrees that he's adorable and cute and perfect.

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Review #40, by Sydney Christmas Morning

15th January 2015:
OhMyGod!! Sirius and Millie at last. OhMyGod.
They are perfect together.
God I love you. This is like the best chapter! God Sirius is just too cute and hot and . I swear I can go on all day.
Please tell me there are going to be more chapters like this.
As much as I hate to admit it... I am a girl and these fluff scenes are just too DAMN cute.

Author's Response: I think this is the point in the story where all the readers are like FINALLY YES THEY'RE TOGETHER. And Millie and Sirius are like "so... are we officially together now? Nah, probs not." Causes a lot of problems. But yes, this was a SUPER fluffy chapter. There are a couple before I do the thing that no one liked...

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Review #41, by Sydney The Time of Your Life

15th January 2015:
So I guess I'm starting to review regularly now.
This chapter is wonderful. Sirius/Millie finally happened... kind of. They really make a wonderful couple.
God Sirius is so DAMN adorable. I love him so much.
Any way this is an amazing chapter.

Author's Response: That's so sweet of you! I actually woke up to seven new reviews and I was like wha...? So this was a lovely surprise! Yes! Millie and Sirius FINALLY happen... kind of. But nothing's ever simple for them, is it?

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Review #42, by Sydney Bleak House

15th January 2015:
Sirius is ADORABLE! Love him more than anyone!
Hahaha... Anyways love this chapter :)

Author's Response: Sirius is incredibly adorable. After about this point on, his adorableness knows no bounds. He's just too loveable ;)

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Review #43, by Sydney Early Mornings, Breakfasts, Dresses and Hometowns

15th January 2015:
Wonderful... Absolutely completely wonderful.
God I ship Sirius/Millie so much. Anyways love this chapter.
Love you.

Author's Response: Ah! Thank you so much! This was a super fun chapter to write, and it's kind of where things really start to pick up in their relationship. Thanks for reading :)

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Review #44, by missatron Rain, Rumours and Plans

14th January 2015:
Hey! It's me again, from the review tag! I'm really enjoying reading Like a House on Fire. It really is good.

Saying that, I do get frustrated by some of your characters. In a good way, of course. You've got to be talented to make me get frustrated with your writing!

I really do like Millie though. I like how you have started to slowly devolp her character further. At first she seemed extremely shy, but she seems to have broken out of her she'll slightly now, and is funny. She can also be sarcastic and snappy which is good too. It's good that she isn't too much of a goody-goody two shoes. This makes things seem a lot more realistic.

I was rather shocked that Dumbledore got mad at the whole raining roof/trick thing. I thought that it was actually quite clever, really. Though, I would do, being a Muggle. Also, what with Voldemort being around, everything needs to be just that little bit tighter, doesn't it?

I loved the ice cream scene. It was very well writte, great job. I'm looking forward to the next chapter!


Author's Response: Hello! *waves* I'm very pleased to hear that you're still enjoying the story.

As long as the frustration is the good kind, I guess that's cool? Unless it's a hallmark of bad writing (which it may be)

Ah, I'm glad you like Millie. I REALLY didn't want her to be a Mary Sue, and there were times when there was a danger of that happening. I wanted to show that she knows how to deal with her shyness and doesn't let it impede her daily life too much. And often shy people are these fantastically sharp and witty people, so I wanted some of that to come through as well.

Dumbledore's reaction is super over-the-top. I have to tone it back a little. There are less extreme ways to get the same result, Dumbledore! It's a little too dramatic even for his tastes.

Ah, I'm happy you liked the ice cream scene. It remains one of my favourite scenes from this story. It was a lot of fun to write.

Thanks for the lovely review, and I'll see you at the next chapter :)

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Review #45, by missatron No Love Lost

14th January 2015:
Review tag!

Oh, things don't start of very well for Millie, do they? The chapter has a very abrupt start. I like how you've portrayed Millie's frustration and anger in this chapter - it's very good. I also like how Millie is standing up for herself, rather than letting herself be pushed round by Rex.

I like how she can draw too. Usually the talents written include Quidditch our academical talents, so I like what you have chosen. Something different.

There's a prank coming up? Ooh! I'm excited to read that. Pranks always seem to fun to read.

Sirius. I like how the others didn't know abou this Marsissa person and how Sirius wanted to point out that she wasn't there, just to make Millie jealous. At first, I found it strange that Remus suggested playing a prank, but then I realised that you were trying to portray them as still-young silly, careless boys.

There is a saying, opposites attract, but I think that Sirius and Millie are actually quite similar.

Still, great job on this chapter. I'm looking forward to reading more.


Author's Response: Heya! Lovely to hear from you again! It's so nice that you're slowly reviewing your way through this behemoth of a story. Thank you ♥

No, things don't start out very well for Millie at all! Rex is annoying, and as we shall see in a couple of chapters - a little creepy.

And poor Sirius. He has zero luck with women this year! Sirius early on in the story is just too casual and brief with his relationships for the Marauders to keep up. And I'm under the impression that Remus was the mastermind behind many of their pranks. He's a smart dude, and I can imagine that there were times when he wouldn't mind the distraction that pranks would provide.

Yes! Millie and Sirius are very similar! I'm incredibly pleased that it came across so early on in the story. The idea is that at first, it seems like opposites attract, but in their case it's the fact that they're similar in all the wrong ways. It causes quite a few issues for them!

Thanks for the lovely review :)

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Review #46, by Santa!! Things You Really Don't Want to Know

7th January 2015:
Well, I suppose Sirius and Millie can only get along civilly for a short amount of time... I guess it was nice while it lasted!

Lily is so freaked out, it's so cute. The whole "what do I wear" dilemma- well, that's a classic. I have to wonder what happened at the date though- Millie and Sirius seemed rather desperate to get out of there! I liked their little date after that though. The conversation was sweet- well, for a time at least. Millie isn't good at keeping pleasant conversation, now is she? She finally realized that her and Sirius actually have things in common! Yay!!

I liked the chapter! Millie and Sirius having civil contact =A++. I love your characters! They are awesome, everything about them.

You'll be finding who I am soon! You've been a wonderful person to be a Secret Santa to.


Author's Response: They have a lot of bumps in the road, unfortunately. It's amazing that they managed to stay civil as long as they did. But Millie just couldn't let things slide - that aspect of her where she's bad at relationships rears its ugly head!

And OMG I LOVED writing Lily here! She's been so collected so far, if not precisely calm, and just writing her losing it for a bit was great.

Thank you so much for being such an awesome secret Santa! I've loved receiving these reviews, as well as replying to them - despite how late the replies have been. ♥

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Review #47, by Santa! Quidditch Alliances

6th January 2015:
Oh yay! Lily and James, Lily and James! I really wasn't expecting that so soon! Lily still seems kind of bitter towards the Marauders, though perhaps that's just Sirius. But yeah, double date!

This is going to be interesting for Millie and Sirius. How are they going to deal with an actual date, with other people! They (well, Millie more so) aren't very good at keeping up this charade (especially considering she didn't even think about the fact that they would be going to Hogsmeade together!) Is their secret going to get out? I really hope that Millie can make it through this date- I want her to start seeing Sirius in a better light! He likes her- and he was really sweet when he was concerned for her after she fell. Lily on the other hand- she definitely had the motherly instincts prepared, didn't she? She's certainly the overbearing best friend!

I liked this chapter! It was good, I liked the back and forth between Millie, Lily, and James with the whole date thing. It was cute. I can't even say how much I like your writing style, and the way you wrote these characters. It just all fits so well and it flows! I love it, and the entire plot of this story is great!


Author's Response: I think I originally had more planned for Lily and James, but I really wanted it to be happening in the background. Maybe their relationship is too much in the background, though. The idea was that they were this stable rock, whereas Millie and Sirius' relationship is a bit of a roller coaster in comparison. And by this point, I really think she just doesn't like Sirius.

Haha, Millie and Sirius having to pretend to get along! It's a lot of fun, for sure. Sirius chose a little poorly in that respect, picking someone who is just so terrible at knowing how to act. I love writing Sirius and Lily together. They have the same goals, especiially when it comes to Millie, and as the story progresses, their methods start to align as well. And it takes a few more chapters for Millie to start seeing Sirius in a better light, unfortunately :(

I'm actually blushing at your lovely compliments! I'm so incredibly flattered! Thank you so much!

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Review #48, by Santa! Sleeping After Lunch

6th January 2015:
Aha! I knew Lily wouldn't be pleased! And obviously James is! They reacted pretty well I think, though I'd think James might have a bit more of a reaction for how Sirius convinced Millie (though he did try to get that answer) considering he was very sure that Millie wasn't one to fall prey to Sirius' charms.

The classroom scene was good. Millie is hilarious, the fact that she could answer the professor perfectly and fall back asleep- I wish I could do that! Sirius' thoughts about her were so cute, I just can't. I love him (I hold a firm belief that he was simply playing hide and seek in the curtain! Pshh, he didn't die!) I want Millie to see how sweet he can be! I'm totally with Sirius on this one, the whole defensive thing with him- though I see where she's coming from- is super annoying. Why can't she just love him and be happy!

It was a little confusing without the labeled POV's here, since you have them in the earlier chapters (are you going back and putting them in? Ignore me if you are haha!) But this was a pretty good chapter overall- I wish they were longer! Great job :)


Author's Response: Lily isn't pleased with any changes, I think! And James is just like aw yis! More time with Lily! Teach me your ways, Sirius!

I want Millie's superpower. If there is one superpower that I could have, that would probably be it, I think. It's just such a versatile skill to have! And yeah, Millie can be funny in her own way, although I don't think she often means to be. AND OF COURSE HE DIDNT DIE. SIRIUS CANT DIE. And it's a little too early for love, no? But I know where this is going, so perhaps not...

I REALLY need to go back and label the changes in points of view. I know it can get quite confusing at times, especially since there are a couple of chapters where it changes like every paragraph. And the chapters do get longer! I promise!

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Review #49, by Santa! Goodnight, Darling

6th January 2015:
Aww, poor Millie! James really is a Quidditch drill sergeant, isn't he? Doing homework past midnight- she's not going to have a good morning. specially once the talking begins!

Sirius was actually kind of sweet in this chapter! I like the whole 'mind reading' thing going on here- it seems to be a bit of a pattern in this story. I like it, it shows that the two of them may be better matched than they thought (or Millie thinks at least!) The interaction between them is good in this chapter (I say that a lot, but I really like how you write their conversations!) I like Sirius' characterization here, it shows he can be responsible and rather caring. If Millie wasn't half-asleep, she'd probably realize that!

This was a rather short chapter, but it was really good! I liked it :)


Author's Response: James is a horrible person when it comes to Quidditch, in my opinion, but there's a reason why Gryffindor has the best Quidditch team in the entire school. Doing anything op at midnight is just too much for me, especially if it's school related.

Sirius is just adorable. I love reading people's opinions of him from the beginning, and then around this point is when the opinions start to change. It's just great to see people fall in love with Sirius as much as I did over the course of writing this story. It means a lot to me. Thanks so much for reading :)

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Review #50, by Santa! Insane Before Christmas

6th January 2015:
Ooh, ooh yay! THE FAKE DATING BEGINS! (I really do think I like these types of stories a bit too much). I suppose there was a bit of a reason for Millie to agree to this plan, wasn't there? Getting someone like Rex away from her- I'd do it! Rex seems quite creepy.

I wonder how long it will take for the rumor of the two of them dating to get spread around Hogwarts- not very long, I'm guessing. I'm dreading Lily's reaction a little bit- she seems very confrontational towards the Marauders- I doubt she'll take her best friend 'dating' one very well. Though it might get her to spend a little more time with James...

Well, it didn't take long for Marissa's rumors to start flying, did it? That's a really good rumor to start though! Great idea, and the fact that Sirius is so worried about his reputation is very fitting for his character. Though, that's probably not the only reason he decided to try this plan!

This was a good chapter, yay for more plot progression! I'm glad they're 'dating' now, I like seeing interaction between Sirius and Millie! You write both of their characters so well, and I can't wait to see how their future interactions, and the whole fake dating thing, works out!


Author's Response: YES! The fake dating begins! And it's off to a less than stellar start for sure! And Rex is WAY creepy.

I am under the impression that Hogwarts students have nothing better to do than gossip and do homework, and I don't think anyone likes doing homework, even if it is magic homework. So yeah, the rumours shouldn't take too long to get around the school.

Oh, Sirius is a man of mystery! He never does something for just one reason! It's not a coincidence that he chose Millie of all people to convince to be his fake girlfriend...

Sirius and Millie are a lot of fun to write together. I'm so pleased that you're still enjoying the story! Thanks for reviewing :)

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