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Review #26, by shez Spots

3rd August 2012:
I really hope you update soon. I'm not one who reads much fanfiction but this is really good. uh oh..Snape. Yikes! Hopefully 'Spots' and Scorpius can pull it together long enough to get out of this mess. Also, I love the amount of attention you put into crafting their conversations and you make every word count, instead of us having to plow through incessant details. I wonder how ScoRose is going to happen here, because it seems to me like Scorpius despises her on principle but find himself drawn to her nevertheless. And Rose is just amazingly smart (I love smart characters). I love her snarkiness and cunning. She's developed so well. So is Scorp, whose way of thinking from his backstory and childhood is understandable. Anyway, I'll stop rambling but I hope you read this review and it inspires you to update soon!

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Review #27, by Lucy Spots

26th July 2012:
WOWOWOW! I love this story, can't wait for the next chapter :D Please update soon, I'm so excited to see how all this unfolds :)

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Review #28, by Ellena. Spots

17th July 2012:
Oh gosh. I'm literally dying. This chapter is fantastic. Spots? Nice code name there. :) I cannot wait to see what comes next.
I love Scorpius' character, he's confident as hell, sexy too. URGH.
Please update soon, for the sake of my sanity!

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Review #29, by Marianne Spots

3rd May 2012:
Please continue this! It's awesome! Please!

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Review #30, by luvharrypotter Spots

23rd April 2012:
awwwsum story! when will you be updating the next chapter? i hope its fast!

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Review #31, by Galini Spots

21st April 2012:
OMG, OMG, OMG, PLEASE I BEG YOU, UPDATE! And put a ScorpiousXRose hint. Just a tiny bit.
Anyways, I totally love this story. You sure are one of the best writers here, writing a complicated story like that and not ruining any bit of it, as often I find myself realizing in other stories here.
I really hope you will write many chapters more, for I wouldn't bear seeing myself finishing this story. You've got such a talent, and using it in a great way. Keep doing like that!

Update soon,

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Review #32, by BOO Spots

4th April 2012:
Hey! :) Love the plot. And how can one not find Scorpius sexy!!? Mysterious is usually sexy :p
The one thing Scorpius can do to Rose? He can wind her up completely. Na-ice :p
Anyhoo, update soon!

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Review #33, by Rebekah Screwed Hate

30th March 2012:
Really really good. I've never read fan-fiction before, and my friend had recommended your piece to me. There are a few spelling errors, but also signs of a brilliant imagination. Thank you for sharing! :)

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Review #34, by Orabella Spots

14th March 2012:
oooh snape! I am really intrigued now. I also think its really great how lily and rose both have flower names and snape is drawn to that and their red hair. interesting. I am very curious to see how this plays out. IF snape is introduced again later.

this story just has us asking more and more questions haha its torture! I liked this story at first but this chapter took it up another level. I did get confused about the 'spots' thing though. that could be because I read the chapter so quickly. I am not sure how spots relates to the kitchen? haha I feel kinda stupid at the moment. my interpretation is he is just calling her something because he doesnt know if she has said what her name is. and the thing he is referring to from the kitchen is that because it appears that snape is trustworthy and he is a slytherin then he really is NOT trustworthy. (because he said you can trust the slytherins that you know are untrustworthy). so whats my grade on understanding? A- maybe? B? haha sorry for the long review I am kinda rambling. avoiding homework.

great chapter. cant wait for the next one

btw I read the answer to my last question in the review. thanks so much for replying :)

Author's Response: Don't worry, you've pretty much got it. Malfoy's calling her Spots in case she hasn't told Snape her name. There be more on his choice of codename next chapter ;) The trustworthy thing was kinda right, basically Snape has his wand pinpointed on Rose, but Scorpius wants her to turn her back on the wand so she can get away. What he was referring to in the kitchens was that she should trust him that it will be ok if she turns her back on the wand. And she does :) Ooo, this next chapter, which is currently sitting in my word document, is going to be good. Like sexual tension up to the ceiling good. Sorry, I'm taunting you a bit ;)

Thanks for the review and have great day.

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Review #35, by Dawn Spots

12th March 2012:
loved it as always!! update soon please!!

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Review #36, by rachelboo Spots

12th March 2012:
Ooo! This has to be one of my fav chapters. Scorpius was seriously h.o.t in this one. And their little episode in the kitchens.The one the one that Scorpius could do to Rose that would make her hate him? I think I have an inkling on what that might be. I so cannot wait for the next chapter. I want more of this! Now. And Spots, aw. I presume he called her this so Snape wouldn't know she really was a Weasley? Theories. I am in love with this story! See what you do to me!

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Review #37, by AriesGirl40 Spots

12th March 2012:
Lets think, the one thing he can do to Rose... Make her blush beet red if he wanted to. He was going easy on her in the kitchens. lol
This was a fun chapter. Scorpious got to flex his Head Boy muscles. And Rose got to make a new friend in the past. Oops!

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Review #38, by snapeshairdresser Mutiny

11th March 2012:
Love it! Would it be rude to ask for another chapter like now??

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Review #39, by snapeshairdresser Mutiny

11th March 2012:
Love it! Would it be rude to ask for another chapter like now??

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Review #40, by Orabella Mutiny

4th March 2012:
YAY A new chapter! :D
I am really confused about what happened with chrissy and rose during lunch. she is angry with her... I gathered that. but I didnt get anything else.

btw I am SO happy with what you changed the story description to! I think the addition of the timeturner sand is very very important when it comes to getting viewers. I am so excited for you and cant wait to see the reviews come flying it once people see this story :)

do you think you could comment on this review and explain what happened with chrissy and rose? or at least what was meant to be understood by that? I will check this review often to see if you end up replying. :)

cant wait for your next chapter.

Author's Response: The Chrissy and Rose thing is pretty much meant to confuse ;) Point is that Chrissy is angry at Rose for something, in her own special way. Rose doesn't delve into that much, presuming its just Chrissy being Chrissy. But...I'm being really bad now, is it a coincidence that she's off with Rose the day after she and Harrison had that nice chat? Food for thought.
Thanks for the review, have a nice day :)

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Review #41, by snapeshairdresser Mutiny

3rd March 2012:
ah! LOVE IT. Awesome. Loved Peeves! You made me love Peeves. (shakes head at your ability). Please update. They have to get together. 10/10 all the time!

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Review #42, by Ukana Mutiny

2nd March 2012:
I really really love your story!!! keep on going :))

Author's Response: Next chapter should be out soon! Just finishing it off. ;)

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Review #43, by rachelboo Mutiny

2nd March 2012:
Poor Rictor! I swear he didn't mean to that...Rose really is an idiot when it comes to guys ;) Did love this chapter, little confused by the ghost thing, but I think I've got it now. I cannot belive Zabini threw a party! That's what Edgar was trying to tell Rose! Aw. Looking forward to the next chapter for more Rose and Scorpius love xxx

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Review #44, by IwAnTdRaCoMaLfOy Rehearsal Of Feelings

1st March 2012:
This is really good! Noticed you hadn't updated in a while. Please, please do! This story is really something. Read it all the way through last night and I think your on the tip of something big... Its one of the slow romances, which are always the best and agree with some of the other reviews on here that Rose and Scorpius's relationship is practically brimming with sexual tension.

I am enjoying the characterization of the other characters as well. Broody Albus. Playboy James. Eccentric Chrissy. Thoughtful Harrison. I love the way you're not overwhelming us with the Weasley/Potter family and introducing characters slowly so we get a feel for them.

The time-turner plot is an ingenious idea. Really, I've read tons of them, but nothing like this. You've worked your story into the main canon really well.

Rose and Scorpius. It reminds me of some of the more darker Dramione Stories. Their relationship is violent but its taken me a few chapters to realize they are so good together! Rose is much more compliant and generally a nicer person when she's with Malfoy (perhaps because he's so bad!) and Malfoy seems to love dissecting her and their relationship. Rose seems to have a thing about always being right as well and think Scorpius puts in her in place sometimes. I cannot WAIT for this relationship to progress!

Overall I love this story! A few grammar slips ups that look more like typos, but god this is good...scarily good. 58 reviews the time this story is finished I think you'll be in your 200s easily ;)

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Review #45, by simply_SIRIUS<3 Rehearsal Of Feelings

26th February 2012:
I really love this story! I just found it today and I'm hooked! its such an original idea with the time-turner, most of the Sco-Rose stories (or the ones I've read anyways) like to make Scorpius into a sweet little Potter tag-along, so you're view of him as an arrogant, smirking, sexy-beast Slytherin is very refreshing. In short, you're an awesome author & please, please, PLEASE update soon!

Author's Response: Good! You find him sexy! I was afraid that people were put off by his arrogance and general dislike for everything and everyone. I personally love him. And the Potter tag along thing did make me chuckle, he is no such thing. And the smirking will keep on coming...thats a promise.
Thanks for that lovely review! ;)

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Review #46, by Chloe potter Opportunity

9th February 2012:
Wow that teacher is a b***h

Author's Response: Rose agrees with that comment. ;) Thanks for your review.

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Review #47, by Chloe potter Confiscated and Highly Dangerous

7th February 2012:

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Review #48, by Orabella Lust and Books

6th February 2012:
more insight into scorpius's past and why he behaves the way he does. thankyou! :D

I look forward to finding out more in the future :)

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Review #49, by Orabella Screwed Hate

6th February 2012:
harrison does like rose doesnt he?

poor scorpius :( now I see why he wants to hate rose so much. he was bullied so much that I think he thinks that it would be easier to just hate people and keep those defenses up so he doesnt get close to anybody. it makes life for him a whole lot simpler. however I dont think he really hates her.

this is a really interesting plot twist. I love it! maybe you should include something in the description of your story after what you already have such as "a potion and time turner gone horribly wrong". hahah that sounds really lame but something including a time turner will really attract attention from people just skimming over the 'next generation' stories.

just my two cents.

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Review #50, by Orabella Creature

6th February 2012:
the plot thickens

oh malfoy, if he really wanted to get inside her head he should be smart enough to not get himself into trouble too. he is slipping up. something is clouding his judgement ;)

anyways this is review 52 :D

good luck and I hope you are having a great day

Author's Response: Thanks so much for your very dutiful reviews ;) Glad your liking what your reading, next chapters will be here soon...

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