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Review #26, by ValWitch21 raw

19th October 2012:
Awesome chapter again, I can't wait for the next one! :)

Author's Response: THANK YOU SO MUCH ASDFGHJKL :3 xxx

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Review #27, by feathers101 skin

12th October 2012:
I love love love this so much! I adore Dylan Thomas so I immediately chose to read this when I saw the title, and I'm so glad I did! I love how you present Lila. I'm a big fan of 'evil' characters so I adored her. I really really want to read more!!!

Author's Response: hello! Thank you so much for the review :D I love Dylan Thomas too - especially do not go gentle into that good night - so yeah. I wanted to base a story on it :)
I'm queuing chapter two today ;D
thank you xxx

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Review #28, by Veritaserum_Girl skin

7th October 2012:
It's Veritaserum_Girl; from my review thread

I absolutely love this!

I really love the idea of an evil main character, and I really love Lila's negative view on absolutely everything. I don't think that this story is too intense at all; I think it's just right.

The way you write is very nice; I enjoy the language and the way you compose your words.

I think you've got a very good start and I would really like to see how this story plays out! c:

Author's Response: Hi! Thank you so much for such an increidbly fast response to my post in your review thread :D

I'm pleased you don't think it's too intense; I had been wondering just how far to go on the whole "evil" thing and the "violent i hate you all" attitude :/

I'm very flattered by this review! Thank you! xx

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Review #29, by ValWitch21 skin

6th October 2012:
I don't like WIPs, and yours doesn't differ - I hate waiting for updates! Obviously it's too late for that now.

This is really well-written, and I actually like you character despite how horrible she is. I'm a terrible, feelingless person. Anyway, yes, so I loved this first chapter and now your going to have me reviewing regularly and asking for more, just like right now.

MORE. (Please?)



Author's Response: Hi! Thanks for such a sweet review :3 Aww I'm sorry its a WIP! I'm nearly done with the next chapter though :D

Don't worry - you're NOT a terrible, feeling-less person! I love Lila too :)


thank youu xx

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Review #30, by TheGoldenKneazle skin

6th October 2012:
AH SO EVIL, AND HOW DO I ALREADY LOVE HER SO MUCH?! Your writing is so fabaroo and exquisite, Annon; I'm already in love with the evil Lila and her nasty, violent ways. All the description was so perfectly balanced to make her feel evil but not overdone as that's just uncomfortable ;) I can't wait to read more about Miss Unhinged and Potter, they've got a thing already, and you've given this Thing such an air of mystery that it's impossibly exciting already :3 MORE SOON PLEASE OKAY, although I realise I say this about all your stories... xoxoxox



yay I'm glad it wasn't uncomfortable! that'd be awks ;D I was wondering just how far to go with it and whether to give Lila at least ONE redeeming quality but then I thought I'd just post this first chapter and see how it went!

Miss Unhinged lol, GAH THAT'S GUNNA STICK NOW :P

yay i love you

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Review #31, by soufflegirl99 skin

6th October 2012:
Words cannot express how completely awesome Lila is.
She is a NINJA!! :)
And it's so original, her parents and the whole chapter, it's just so creative!!
Not to mention fambubblybumshus :D
I love this chapter, and her reputation.
You can certainly tell that this story is different to all the others.
I love the new fantastic idea and the perception of Hogwarts from a kind of "Damn this place SUCKS." POV instead of the usual "Hogwarts is amazing." perception.
I love the amount of respect she has for the teachers, how all together badman she is.
My favourite part is actually the vivid and gripping description at the beginning of the story.
Brilliant , please keep it up!! :D

Author's Response: Ninja-badman-Lila FTW! ;D I guess she is a ninja, in a way, haha - although i can't pretend that was the first thing that came to mind whilst I was writing her!
fambubblybumshus? coolest word ever, right there!
You know, I couldn't have summed that up better myself. Lila does think Hogwarts sucks. Well, actually, she thinks that /everything/ sucks.
Thank you so much for this review!! :D

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Review #32, by No_oneKnows skin

6th October 2012:
Wow! I really didn't know what to expect when I clicked on your link from the forums, but dear Merlin you write very beautifully. I love this story and let me tell you, normally I can't deal with Next-Gen. I love this character you've written, her malice and everything. I LOVE HER. Honestly. Wow. You've done a fantastic job with this evil character of yours.

I love how you described Albus' eyes as "the colour of mouldy shit". It was so striking because I'm used to reading about those eyes as beautiful and gorgeous.

Again, I can't say how much I loved this story. Wowowowow! Seriously.

Author's Response: hello! So I just want to hug this review very tight and never let go! 8D thank you so so much, I'm truly so happy to get such flattering feedback :). Yep, I particularly wanted that description of Albus's eyes in there, for the reason you said! Lila is a very controversial next-gen OC.


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Review #33, by HorseMad99 skin

5th October 2012:
Ahh this is soo good!! A little creepy, but I love it xxx

Author's Response: aww thank you beth ♥ love youu xx

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Review #34, by Aphoride skin

5th October 2012:
When I saw you'd posted in the review battle - and with a new story, no less! - I knew I had to jump in ;) And I was totally right - just the title is amazing to begin with: 'Against the Dying of the Light'. Such a powerful line, such a powerful title. You also seem, even from the word go, to have linked the title to your story, which is lovely.

So, wow. I'm not the biggest fan of OCs, as you probably know already, but... gosh, you shatter every cliche about OCs with Lila. She's not quite an OC since her mother is a canon character, and so it's easier to connect to her than it would be otherwise. Honestly, she's such an interesting character. She seems so self-assured and daunting and just terrifying and more than a little insane. But she's also so loyal to her mum (the way she defends Lavender when the little firstie insults her) and she definitely has more than her fair share of flaws. It's just... gah, such wonderful character construction. I'm guessing that some of her behaviour could be explained by the fact that her mum was mauled by Greyback, so she could have inherited some wolfish tendencies??? I dunno, but it's just a thought that came to mind while I was reading...

While there's not hordes of plot in this and I'm not too sure where you're going with it and what sort of thing is going to happen (other than a possible Albus/OC romance-type-thing - could Lila handle a romance? O.o) that's not a bad thing with this story. It could be, but it's not. It doesn't seem to matter because Lila is such a strong character and so she can carry it without needing a hugely complicated, fast-paced plot.

I loved the interactions in here. They weren't hugely interesting interactions in terms of what happened and normal situations, but because Lila doesn't react or think like normal people, they were interesting and different, you know.

The History teacher... I'm not sure if I like him or not. I think he's definitely interesting and I'll be looking out for future lessons and things involving him. Not too sure about the 'lit' etc. part of it, though. Most schools don't allow that, so I don't think Hogwarts would either. McGonagall would have a fit, I don't doubt ;)

Honestly, though, that was the only thing I could find with this which I thought was perhaps odd or even just slightly odd or out of character or anything like that. The flow was perfect - I love the way you have it divided up into different sections, each with a totally different scene and different interactions. It kinda highlights the way Lila thinks and the fact that she's obviously not normal at all, and almost an animal, in a sense (she certainly thinks of herself like an animal, at any rate).

So... yeah. I'm really glad I found this and I really enjoyed reading it! :)

Aph xx

Author's Response: hellooo! It seems like FOREVER since we last talked, which is unacceptable ;) This review made me smile so much, THANK YOU about a billion times! The first review on this story was one of the best I've ever had :3

Ah, all title credit to Dylan Thomas, he is amazing and I adore the poem I got the title from! I thought it really fit what I have planned so that was awesome because I usually get titles really badly wrong :)

Gah, yes, Lila. I had the flu when I thought her up, so I don't know whether that affected her penultimate characterisation or not, but hey who cares. :P But ooh that Greyback idea is actually something I hadn't considered! It was going to be something that happened in her childhood, but I think I'll work in the Greyback thing as well now. :)

Well no, I wasn't planning on introducing the plot for a little bit, but there definitely is one! But I'm enjoying playing around with different writing styles at the moment, so this story is going to be a little... warped. I'm not sure how else to describe it, but it also links in with your comment about interactions, because there's going to be a lot of those - I want to make people see normal things through Lila's eyes i.e. very differently. But yeah. Thank you!

Already changed some bits about the history teacher! I'm planning to keep him though because I need him later ;)

AH, this review has made me so so happy. thank you so much

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