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Review #51, by Bluestreakspirit The Laughing

20th June 2012:
HAHAHAHA. That custard fight (however one-sided) was awesome. Is this gonna be James/Hollie? Oh, pleeease? :)

I really like everything that's going on so far. No complaints! This chapter was nice and long, too. I like that the girls are Slytherins, but so obsessed with love. It's a nice change from Slytherins being portrayed in a negative light.

Thank you and good job!

Author's Response: Hello! So this review is just mega and gorgey and squee-worthy :3 Thank you!

Haha, well, the girls weren't prepared for it! I assure you tnat they would have fought back if they had been, and probably won too :P

Hmm... any James/Hollie? Perhaps... You'll have to find out ;D


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Review #52, by lizmusic45 The Collecting

11th June 2012:
I picked this story because just by the summary it sounded like me, I know what it's like to try to set people up. One time I tried to set up my math tutor and my friend's father's friend together and when brought up he said he wasn't really lonely, so I told my math tutor he was gay so he didn't sound mean and she wasn't hurt.

I make messes, but I totally love this story because I feel the same way sometimes, I mean really this is how I like life for others to be filled with happiness.



Author's Response: Hey Lizzie :) Haha, that sounds like you had some fun times! Yup, this story was inspired by a conversation/plan/evil fantasy that my friends and I cooked up at school, and I thought how awesome it would be if we had magic to help us out and then, yeah... :D Matchmaker was born!


Annon x

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Review #53, by TenthWeasley The Collecting

8th June 2012:
Hey, Annon! I saw you'd posted last in the review tag and realized it had been WAY too long since I'd skipped over and read anything of yours. So, here I am!

The humor in this chapter was great -- I kept smiling to myself as I read, so much so that I probably looked a bit odd (I'm at work, and there's nothing completely hilarious about fact checking articles). I just love the personalities you've given these characters already! And I love the way they've got all these little codes and things, too: JPSW, Frumptious Day. :D It seems so natural! Which is just fantastic, because if I'm reading something forced, well -- I've got to force myself to read it. And this chapter flew by!

It's got a great inventiveness, too, this story. I'm so impressed with how you didn't just stick to the known, you know? Like the LOM, with is silvery liquid and Cupid hair. How often are you going to come across something like that in fic? (Not a lot, let me tell you!) It shows that you love what you're writing, that you take the time to make it as great as it's got the potential to be, and that's just something I admire. :)

This was such a fun read -- so glad I took the time to come over here! Definitely worth my time. ;) Great job, Annon! ♥

Author's Response: HEY JANE! :) Thanks so much for this review, and gosh I've realised how few of your stories I've read too! I'll definitely be changing that after reading the first chapter of Growing Up Magical today 8).

Ahha, I'm happy you didn't feel like it was a forced read- I know what you mean when you describe that feeling. That's definitely a relief :)

Aww, thank you! I /try/ and get original ideas across, but pah I feel so honoured that you think I've done it well. Lemme tell you, you are the originality pro in my book.

That sentence made no sense in my head. Huh. :P

'A fun read'- THAT'S EXACTLY WHAT I WAS AIMING FOR. ASDFJKLGH, that means so much to me :D Thank you for this amazingg review Jane! Lots of hugs and cookies,

~Annon xx

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Review #54, by padfoot88 The Laughing

7th June 2012:
Haha that was absolutely brilliant! I really love this fic, it's very quirky and original and i find myself wandering which way it's going to go, anything seems possible at the moment, though i'm hoping for some James/Hollie action to happen :D Also, i love the idea that she's a slytherin, yet she wants world peace. Here's to breaking the stereotypes! Can't wait for the next one!

Author's Response: *clinks orange juice with you* Here's to breaking stereotypes! It's so much more refreshing to write a story that hasn't been done over and over and over again by countless authors. I'm so glad you enjoyed it- all the work is worthwhile!

You'll have to wait and see if there's any James/Hollie ;D

Thanks for this lovely review!
-LWG x

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Review #55, by Bunny Animagus (Too lazy to sign in) The Laughing

7th June 2012:
I realised I forgot to review the last chapter and it got to the top of my James II/OC timeline thing because of the new chapter image (which is super by the way, nice touch) and I was like:


Please excuse my shouting.

Ok, so I like how James has come into the story again, because I get frustrated when one member of the ship doesn't actually come into the story until, like, the ninth chapter and your reading the story like "WHERE ARE THEY?!" So snaps for you!

Gotta love ("Yabadabadooo!") as my favourite quote of this chapter, I loved the description of the way down to the raid, it was hilarious to be honest.

See you when you next update!

x x

Author's Response: Ahha, hi! So I'm feeling MEGA EXCITED about this story right now, and I have a special hug for you as first reviewer and if I ever get to the end of this novel (which I'm definitely planning to) you'll be mentioned without a doubt for these reviews :).

I like the chapter image too! It's funny how I don't have a banner yet, and only chapter two has a CI at the moment! But I've requested for the other two.

See you soon!! Thank youu
-LWG xx

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Review #56, by Yvonneeii The Laughing

7th June 2012:
Again, SUCH a great story. I dunno, i think I prefer the Wales one but that's just me 8D You have loads of talent I'll be watching your page!

-Yvonne x

Author's Response: Ahha, I think I prefer this one :P But it's a close call! I feel honoured, thank you :)
-LWG x

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Review #57, by marlita1311 The Laughing

28th May 2012:
hi again!!:)
i'm so so hooked up in ur story!!
i really enjoy the plot so far and do i see a Hollie/James there?
oh i love them! finally a slytherin/gryffindor unlike the cliche ones ;-)

my fav line in this chapter is this:
"Not that anyone in the world was insignificant. Some people were just less in your face than others."
So so true..!

Can't wait for chapter three!


Author's Response: Hi there! Well I'm trying my best not to bring another cliched Next Gen into the world :P And perhaps you do... mysteriousness.

That's a really interesting favourite line choice because it's one of the few serious ones. I like it too, and I tend to see people in that way really. people aren't famous, they're just 'in your face'!

Chapter three will be soon :D

-LWG x

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Review #58, by Dezire_427 The Laughing

28th May 2012:
Good grief! I was in tears of laughter by the end of it. You've done an awetastic job! Keep it up.

Author's Response: An awetastic job? THANK YOU! I'm so happy you think that :D. -dances around the garden-

Thanks so much for the AWETASTIC review Dizzy!
-LWg x

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Review #59, by Cavell The Collecting

27th May 2012:
Ooh! I knew I recognised those initials! I get my brownies and donuts from them :D Anyway, this was a lovely new story of yours for me to review, and to be honest, the idea of it is rather wonderful! Where do you get such awesome ideas, honestly! Anyway, I loved everyone. Savannah was evil and annoying, but ridiculously fun to read. Poor James! This was such a good start to the story, and I can't wait to read more!

-Linn :)

Author's Response: You do get lots of brownies and donuts! And ice cream too ;D. I'm so happy you've taken the time to review- thank you so much! Well, there was a really awkward/funny incident that happened at school and I guess the idea just popped into my head on a sudden whim :P

Thanks Linn have a nice day!
-LWG x

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Review #60, by marlita1311 The Collecting

21st May 2012:
"she called her poor cat Pythagoras- after the Greek triangle guy."
i study physics and if i had a pet i'd have propably named it after a famous physicist (i quess i'm a bigger nerd than dom). Oh and the line "Apparently, nerdy is the new sexy. i'm not seeing it." reminded me of the tv show "the big bang theory".

now about the plot:
i'm so so hooked!!!:)
i loved the characters! all of them but i'm sure by the chapter three i'll have my fav *wink*
can't wait to read more!!

Author's Response: Hi there! Thanks for the review :D. Ahha, yes, that poor cat! ALthough personally, I think it's quite a cute name. :P I always found the Pythagoras Theorem tricky so yeah... I don't know why Pythagoras came to mind!!

OH The Big Bang Theory! I love that TV show! (SHELDON!) But yeah, I /sort/ of got that from BBC's Sherlock, A Scandal in Belgravia. Irene Adler. I have edited this chapter iwth credits to BBC!

I'm so pleased you like it! I'm submitting chpater two tomorrow.

Have a nice day!

-LWG x

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Review #61, by Bunny Animagus The Collecting

21st May 2012:
Hi! Eeks I'm the first review for this story! That makes me happy, I'll admit, I'm glad I clicked on it :)

So this is a really good idea for a story, so bravo for that, also I love how it got straight into the plot of the story with the love potion and introducing Hollie, James and Dom (definitely my favourite Next Gen character) plus some of your other O.Cs like Eve and Savannah.

The humour in the story was really good as well, pour exemple, some people try and force humour into their stories and it ends up being really really awkward and there are times when you just sit there like... Where is this even going? But yours was NOT like that, snaps for you!

I think my favourite parts of this Chapter would have to have been the times when Hollie was being all happy and girlish about love and all that (*cue excited, girlish squeal and heart-shaped confetti raining from the sky* was definitely a fave).

I'm really looking forward to where this story is going to go, because I hope there is some Homes/Jallie (uh huh, made that up on the spot, right then... I think I prefer Jallie) in the future of this story though, that's all I will say :')

10/10 and added to favourites, great opening Chapter! I hope this story gets a hell of a load of reads!

x x

Author's Response: Ahha, it makes me happy too! ^_^ Thanks for taking the time and trouble to review this! It means so much to me.

I'm very glad you think it's a good idea- I usually search around HPFF to see if a plunny I have has already been used, but there weren't many stories completely focused around matchmaking. So yeah, I went ahead with it! Mmm, I considered doing a prologue-type thing, but decided that it would cature people's interest more if I dived straight in :). I hope you don't think the love potion was a bit too unrealistic!

I do love writing humour actually :) It makes it all so much more enjoyable! But you're right, I don't want the humour to dominate. Haha, I like that line too! I couldn't help but notice that you used 'pour exemple' - you must be French! (forgive me if I'm wrong). I have a soft spot for France, and am fluent myself. French- the language of love :P

But anyway!

Oh gosh I love Jallie :D And yes, I do believe that there may just be a little bit of that ahead... ;) But you never know!

Thanks for reviewing, favouriting and making me feel happy! I hope the story does too :P Have a lovely day.

-LWG xx

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