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Review #26, by Veggyperson The Yawning

8th October 2012:
Omr I died at the raccoon part. I laughed so hard I woke up my cat.

Author's Response: thank you xxx

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Review #27, by Veggyperson The Yawning

8th October 2012:
Omr I died at the raccoon part. I laughed so hard I woke up my cat.

Author's Response: hahaha thank you for reviewing! :)xx

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Review #28, by aguyonnet The Yawning

7th October 2012:
I absolutely love this story!! Please write more soon. (I personally love Fred's sleeptalking/moving, lol)
And James sounds soo amazing!!

Author's Response: hey thanks so much for leaving a review! The next chapter will validate tomorrow/tonight :D Aww I love James and Fred too! :D xxx

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Review #29, by moi The Yawning

15th September 2012:
Hahahaha! Fred's sleep talking omg! i luv it!!
this is great, please update soon *drools over james*

Author's Response: Lol thank you! Updating soon :)

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Review #30, by TimeSeer The Yawning

10th September 2012:
Hey! So I read through the chapter twice to make sure that I did not miss anything so now I feel like I can leave an acceptable review.

Let's see, what I really want to know is: what the heck was Fred dreaming about? I am really concerned... Does he need to see a professional?

Anyway, so how many more emotions do they need? Are they going to get them all at Hogsmeade? (I am guessing you won't answer that question but I felt the need to ask...)

Hollie, Dom, and Eve really do not know how to improvise, do they? I mean a meteorite, really? Geez. I would have just said they were looking for Dom's cat, since the cat seem to like James... But I guess their random excuses work too.

Ahhh quidditch, next chapter. That should be interesting, I really want to know why James does not like it...

What is up with everyone though. Both Eve and Dom were acting weird at the end of the chapter... Strange...

And finally, Hollie feeling the empty space after James leaves *wink* *wink*. Anyway that is all for now.

Author's Response: Aw thank you, you didn't need to do that but I'm so flattered that you did!

hehe, I am worried about Fred's mental health too. Ah well. Perhaps he'd had a really traumatic herbology cass that day?

They only need three more emotions now - Eve calculated that 20 would suffice. They are certainly planning on collecting the rest at Hogsmeade ;)

You're right, the girls are rubbish at lying. And I considered using the cat excuse but thought that would be too boring :P

I'm glad you noticed that particular line *winks*

Thank you for reviewing! I love your reviews :)
-Annon x

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Review #31, by missclaire17 The Yawning

10th September 2012:
i hope your grandmother's okay!

LOL i liked the whole sneaking into their dorm part xD it would be just like holly to mess up the operation haha
and james's inquisitiveness xD
fred was HILARIOUS! loll sleep talking and sleep moving lolll

i wonder whats up with Eve...
it does seem like everyone's weird, but then maybe that is just because they had a late night.

i'm still dying to know whats up.
is it pressure? does he not like it? whats up?? o.O loll

Author's Response: Hey! She's fine thank you, it was just all a bit of shock and a scare :/ But thank you for asking thats really sweet :)

Well, of coruse Hollie had to mess up somehow - what else could she do in situations like that?! :P

Hehe, I loved writing fred's little sleep-talk problem.

I suppose the late night did have a part to play in people's moods, yes! But things will become clearer later on. ;D

I'm planning to get the next chapter up really fast and am already halfway through it & have writing time this weekend so expect it next week or something!!


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Review #32, by omg! The Big Boom

25th August 2012:
This is epicness. Total epicness. Update soon please!!

Author's Response: Aw thank you for the reveiw :D

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Review #33, by TimeSeer The Big Boom

22nd August 2012:
So my last review was very short so I have decided to make this one longer, so here it goes:

I love Hollie, Eve, and Dom's friendship. Most people just decide that because someone is a Slytherin they are evil but these girls are just awesome and funny. Another stereotype of Slytherin is that they have no feelings but these three girl are basically running a dating service, so there job is feelings, plus their invention involved a lot of feelings.

I actually can't wait to see Savannah again, if you bring her back later on. I think she could be the perfect villain. She has a reason to hate Hollie, because she is close to James, and she seems like, well the stereotypical Slytherin.

Fred is hilarious. I don't even know how to describe him besides funny. He is amazing, and a great comic relief. Fred and James seem to have the perfect cousin relationship, where they are cousins as well as best friends.

I have to say, I think Dom's cat also stole my heart. I love how Thaggie seems to love everyone except for Hollie. Pure comedy, unless you have other reasons for Thaggie not liking Hollie.

I don't even know where to begin with Hollie and James' relationship. Did they not talk much before this story started? It said they even though they just started hanging out it felt like they knew each other forever. I think it is really funny watching Hollie try to set James up with Annie, I think you should prolong that for awhile just because I want to know what James reaction would be if he found out that Hollie was trying to set him up with someone.

Also Hollie just seems perfect for James which makes it even more funny that she is trying to set him up with someone else. I can see that since they just met, she does not have any feelings beside friendship (is that a type of feeling?) for him, but she is still a matchmaker. She should be able to see the simaliarities between the two of them.

James seems like a much more complex character than he first let's on. He freaked out when with his broom and he also said that he does not like quidditch. It is interesting seeing a different type of character from James. Most people make him dumb and obsessed with Quidditch but this James is much different.

He is also not the normal teenage guy from what he told Hollie when he was talking about what he looks for in a potential girlfriend. Also speaking of that scene, I love how Hollie fell out of the ceiling and on top of scorpius and albus. She is really funny when she is thrown into and awkward situation and has to improvise. I hope there are some awkward situations for Hollie in the future.

I get the feeling that there is a little Eve/Fred action. can you let me know if I am right or totally off?

Anyway this is the longest review I have ever written so in conclusion please update soon. I will give you a piece of candy if you do. Also the rating from me is obviously a 10/10. Or more zeros on the first one...

Author's Response: Wow! his was the most amazingr eview, thank you so much! I swear I'll update as soon as possible, but I have quite a lot of unexpected stuff on my plate, including a grandparent who's just had a heart attack :/ But anyway, onto this wonderful review!!

I wanted the girls to be different representations of Slytherins; they don't possess the most obvious of their house's traits, more the subtler ones. So they're not mean and sly and evil- they're just a little too intense sometimes, a bit too pushy, used to getting their own way almost. Anyway, you'll definitely find out more later on. Oh, and Savannah is definitely coming back soon! She has a big part to play yet. :)

The Fred & James best friends and cousins relationship has been used quite a lot, but I wanted to write it myself because I thought that they /would/ be very close. I'm glad you like it! Yep, Fred's hilarious :D

Hollie and James had a very platonic relationship before she partnered with him in potions for a change. They knew each other, both being really popular in teh school, but not intimately at all. I know it's very clear to readers that Hollie and James should get together, from Hollie's point of view she isn't looking to set /herself/ up, just her friend james. She hasn't put two and two together!

I was definitely aiming for James to be quite complex, and not a cliche :)

THANK YOU SO MUCH. You're my hero.

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Review #34, by Ashley The Big Boom

12th August 2012:
Brill chapter:) I dont think I can wait till the end of August for the next one!

Author's Response: Hey! Thanks so much for the review :D

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Review #35, by Dezire_427 The Big Boom

11th August 2012:
Hi! We're actually having monsoons over haur, and since it rain every single day, it hasn't exactly been good. But oh well, your stories have the power to cheer up the downest of spirits.
I love Hollie, seriously, but does she really need to get Annie and James together? I mean, the girl who runs around making matches does not herself realise that she'd be perfect with James? Open your eyes, Hollie dearest.
Also, it seems a little odd that a Slytherin should be so in love with the idea of love. But its a nice twist, coz god knows i've had enough of them being selfish, arrogant prats.
And please, fix up ScoRose soon. Shove them into a broom cupboard or something, will you Hollie, because they are just meant to be.
Eagerly awaiting the next update,
Yours truly,

Author's Response: Monsoons? Crikey! :) Wow, I'm please dyou think so haha! It's been raining a lot here as well, but then again, it always rains in Wales. Meh.

Hollie's an idiot for trying to get Annie and James together, but at the moment she doesn't actually fancy James, or like him as anything more than a friend! But don't worry, things will start to snowball soon :P

You're right- it is a little un-slytherin-y, but Hllie's main Slytheirn trait is that she's quite sneaky, and snobby too.

SoRose is in for a HUUGE surprise ;) Mwahaha.

Thank you SO MUCH for your lovely reviews. You rock.

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Review #36, by missclaire17 The Big Boom

10th August 2012:
oh so james doesnt really like quidditch? that seems so odd but i suppose it goes back to what you said earlier in a reply to my review that theres more to the surface than just that james loves quidditch b/c hes quidditch captain.
HUH... james doesnt love quidditch.
personally, i cant see that happening because of who he is related to hahaha
but its a nice twist to the story haha

ah; scorose. rorpius. they make me sad with the fighting. i wonder what problems they do have.
rose getting her prefects badge taken away. WOW.
that'd probably be the only time rose would get a howler from hermione because i cant imagine hermione sending howlers after how she knew ron and neville got embarrassed by getting a howler.

i liked that beginning bit about teddy hahaha
i always imagined dom to look like victoire who looks like fleur, you know, with the blonde hair because it IS veela-genes and they're probably a lot more potent than normal genes.

what i also loved was how hollie stayed true to character, worrying about her shoes when rose and scorpius were quite literally about to kill each other. that bit just seemed so hollie-like that i loved it.

wait, what color hair does hollie have again?
i forget... -_- blonde right?

ahh. hollie setting up annie and james.
when will she realize that NO, she and james BELONG TOGETHER?!???!?! D; lolll
it seems like eve and dom arent enthusiastic about james and annie together. i wonder why...
maybe they're just not as unconsciously in love with james as hollie is hahaha

Author's Response: hey!
I'd say it was definitely possible that james didn't like Quidditch! Not everyone is similiar to their parents. And he IS good at it, just not very passionate about it.

You're right; the prefect's badge thing was pretty harsh! And yes, that is the only time i can imagine Hermione sending a Howler, haha! Rose and Scorpius genuinely don't like each other. And it's not just sexual tension. Yet. That's all I'll say ;D

You're right, lots of people think dom would have blonde veela-hair and stuff, but I wanted to try a different spin to it :D

I liked the shoes bit too! SO very Hollie. Yep, she has short, blonde hair and blue eyes!

MUAHAHA wait and see what happens there ;D

Thanks you for reviewing! You're awesome!

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Review #37, by TimeSeer The Discussions

26th July 2012:
So I just wanted to say this is an amazing story. You are a great writer. I have realized that I look forward to all your updates and this is not normal. I normally do not get attached to a story like I am to yours, until there are more chapters and I know the plot and characters better. 10/10. Please update soon.

Author's Response: Hello! Wow, this was juts the sweetest review ever :). You know, I've only ever had two reviews that made me cry (happy crying of course :P) and this has just beocme the third. It might sound silly, but it means so, so much to me! I will make sure I update as soon as possible :) xx

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Review #38, by missclaire17 The Discussions

23rd July 2012:
this was so cute. omg.
and no, i didnt think that it would be hollie/fred or hollie/scorpius, though i can see why some people would think that haha
its DEFINITELY hollie/james xD
i just wanna be like that picture that roams around fb that has like that tumblr dude smashing the heads of two people together and saying, "NOW KISS!" xD thats what i feel like doing to hollie and james because they're so cute xD

because of what u said last time,
you're making me interested about james and quidditch. am i sensing that theres more to james and quidditch than just. the usual? o.O

(ah... reviews 12+... i got a warning about that and i realized i needed to sincerely keep my language in check - - xD)

i hate that. i dont think i can live without the internet but i know what u mean about updating while on vacation.

hopefully you can but i'll be here, waiting patiently :D

Author's Response: YAY FOR CUTENESS! :D I'm happy you weren't all mislead/confused by any horpius, or frellie (omg its so fun thinking up couple names for this story).

Haha, you can be the metaphorical 'NOW KISS' person of this story then :D You can have a badge and everything :P.

Mmm, well I'm trying to make sure it doesn't turn into one big cliche-story- so yes, there is more to James and Quidditch- you'll find out about some of this in the next chapter!

I know! I think I might die soon D: Aww, thank you so much for the review! I'm half way through the next chapter- luckily I'm staying in a really gorgeous, inspirtaional place :)

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Review #39, by Lizzybeth (Elizabeth) The Discussions

23rd July 2012:
YAY! I love the James/Hollie pairing I can't wait for the next chapter! It's probably going to be up by the time I get back from Morocco right? I'll be gone for all of august working in my grandmother's store and yes it is as boring as it sounds anyway 10/10
PS: Have Fun In France!

Author's Response: Hi!! I'm so pleased you like it :D Yep, it should be up by then if I have enough computer access this summer- I'm certainly hoping it will be. Have fun in Morocco that sounds really fun :). Thank you so much for the review! xx

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Review #40, by Sapphire The Name Game

16th July 2012:
Ok, wow, this is such an anazing story- one of teh funniest Ive read in aages! Plz don't stop writing it, I know it'll be really popular and stuff! Update soon! (I really enjoyed this chapter btw especially the ending on hollie's bed :D)
-Sophie xox

Author's Response: Hey Sophie! Thank you so much for the review. I've recently lost one of the reviews on this story, probably because the reviewer swore, so this cheered me up no end :D. I hope you're right ;) Glad you enjoyed.
-LWG x

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Review #41, by Keikokeiko999 The Name Game

15th July 2012:
I love this story! Please please please keep writing! It's really entertaining and I like the way you portrayed hollie in this chapter. :D

Author's Response: Hello! I'm definitely planning on seeing this story through to the end, don't worry. I'm so pleased you enjoyed reading, and thank you so much for sparing a moment to review! It makes me very happy ;D

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Review #42, by noneedtocallmesirprofessor The Name Game

15th July 2012:
i love this story! i really want to know if hollie and james will get together! and maybe eve and fred? when do you plan to update? I'm so excited to read the new chapters!!

Author's Response: Hi! I'm so so happy right now :) Thank you! Eve/Fred hmm? Oh you perceptive thing, you. Haha. Thanks for reviewing- next chapter will be posted on tuesday/wednesday!
-LWG x

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Review #43, by ilybabes The Name Game

14th July 2012:
Great chapter! I think it's really good to see more about the characters, and learn more about Hollie's flaws, with the Lorren thing. James and Fred are so cute (or hot), and I really want a Hollie/James thing to start! That'd be adorable *starts fangirling*! And please get the next chapter up quick, as per usual...

Author's Response: Hi!! Thanks for reviewing. you're right- i wanted to make sure that these characters had more depth to them, so yeah... James is hot i agree :)
Keep on reading, and I'm sure you'll get some eventual Jallie ;). Chapter 5 is going to be posted on tuesday/wednesday!!

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Review #44, by Sarah The Name Game

13th July 2012:
of course I have time for you! lovely chapter I quite liked the way Hollie acted towards Lorren... and no it's not because I'm an evil sadistic hag.nope. net. It shows that she's not one of those characters that are always about lollys and rainbows she has a mean side and it's cool... anyway 10/10
Hope you update soon! can't wait!

Author's Response: Hey Sarah! Don't worry, that's not evil or sadistic, haha! I'm just glad you understood my reasoning behind it. You're right- I wanted it to make her a bit more realistic as a person, because to be honest this story is just a /little/ unrealistic overall :P
Thanks for reviewing! I'm hoping to update next week :D

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Review #45, by Kcool:) The Wild Cat

4th July 2012:
me love!!! keep writing :)

Author's Response: Thank you for reviewing- I plan to, don't worry :P x

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Review #46, by marlita1311 The Wild Cat

30th June 2012:
i find myself waiting for your updates.i just love ur writing style!!
my favorite character is officially the cat!!
and i can't wait for Hollie and James to get together although i kinda get the feeling that fred has a crush on her.
my only complain is that james's reasons on his break-up with his ex were a little unreal: i find it hard to believe that a cute teenager like James is so romantic. He acted so Edward Cullen-like =P
Anyway, it's ur story and i love it :)
and i'm looking forward for more!!

Author's Response: OMG this review is just lovely :3 Thank you marlita! Haha, Thaggie is adorable and fat and crazy. I want him.

Well, I don't know how many chapters it will take for them to get together but I'm sure they will...unless a certain someone puts her foot in the door... *mysteriously cryptic spoiler*

AHA, do you really think Fred has a crush on Hollie? That's may have just given me an idea :P

Ok, that's interesting. Wah. I don't want to be Edward-Cullen like at all!! But I did plan on him being, not soppily romantic, but wanting a bit more depth. Something more than just snogging etc. But the main reason for his break up was because Savannah cheated, and he abhors disloyalty ;).

Aw, you're sweet. Thanks for reviewing, I love every one!
-LWG x

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Review #47, by Bluestreakspirit The Wild Cat

28th June 2012:
Ahaha that was so cute :) Freddy is a dummy. James is hot. Dom is like a frickin fairy godmother, and Hollie is an awkward turtle. I think that about covers it :) Nice work!

Author's Response: Hi again Cat! That was a good one-line character summary there, I applaud you :P ALthough I'd probably say she was more of an awkward giraffe... So many awkward things she could be argh ;D

Thankee for taking the minute to review!!

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Review #48, by XLaughingxCrazyX The Wild Cat

28th June 2012:
I love this, excellent and original... I was laughing the whole way through earning a weird look from my brother who thought I've gone mental. I couldn't keep a straight face with the whole falling-off-rafters scene, can't way for the next chapter =D ^^ hope you update soon

Author's Response: Hello! :D I've laughed like that at stories on here before, but I'm very honoured to think that my silly old thing made you laugh :) Haha, it is pretty funny to imagine someone falling off a rafter. Hollie has gotten rather clumsy lately hasn't she?!
I'm half way through chapter 4, but the queue is closed for a week now so I won't be able to update for at least a week :(
Thanks for the review!!

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Review #49, by cranes113 The Collecting

28th June 2012:
This is a very interesting idea--I can't wait to see where you go with it. I love the whole concept :) I really liked how you started the story in the middle of the action and then elaborate on it later... I don't know... it was cool.
I love the idea of the real love potion and the fact that these people are all collaborating--collecting emotions--with a unique instrument so that they can set up couples. It's very well written!

Author's Response: I'm so happy to see you like it! Yeah, I didn't want to do a long 'introduction' chapter, because I thought the best way to show people's characters and backgrounds would be to just jump straight into the plot, and find out more as you go along.

It is quite a strange concept really, but it's one that I'm having fun with I have to say!

Thank you :3

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Review #50, by heart4siriusblack The Laughing

21st June 2012:
Loving the story so far! As a writer and fierce shipper of all things James Potter II myself, I highly approve of the direction this is going. Love the sassy trio and their quirkiness!

Update soon, yeah?

Author's Response: Hi! Oh gosh yes, James II/anyone is always one of my favourite things to read and write! As well as Scorpius/anyone. Haha.

I'm glad you approve ;D Chapter 3 is in the queue!!

Thanks for the review :3

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