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Review #26, by D Positive Thinking (or something like it)

2nd April 2012:
I'm trying to contain all my emotions at having being dedicated.
fkjldngdsflkj i love you emma

Author's Response: I LOVE YOU DIANA

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Review #27, by thg<3 The Aftermath

2nd April 2012:
her thoughts are bloody funny.
its actually something you would be thinking, am I right.

Author's Response: You are definitely right - I think a lot of my own character is reflected in Harmony :) x

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Review #28, by sljknvlksdfv The Aftermath

2nd April 2012:
your writing style is really witty and humourous and awesome.
I really like how the story is progressing- not too fast or slow :)
keep it up x

Author's Response: Thanks for the feedback - I love getting these reviews. I'll try to maintain this, I guess, if it's what the readers like. :)

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Review #29, by blackangelwings Positive Thinking (or something like it)

1st April 2012:
gaaah, i really like it! update soon!

Author's Response: thanks, will do x

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Review #30, by Fawkes_the_Pheonix Parties, Potters and Poisoned Apples

31st March 2012:
What does harmony look like? There hasn't really been a description other then she is short. Thanks! I like your story!
P.s.-Read my fics!

Author's Response: I'll get on to that... :) thanks for reviewing x

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Review #31, by K Positive Thinking (or something like it)

30th March 2012:
Like it! Well written, nice story, great descriptions of her emotions and battling her memories. I like it.

Author's Response: Thanks, I was scared that I'd screw up the memory bit, but I'm pretty happy with it :)

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Review #32, by claire5555 Delinquents: Part Two

24th March 2012:
i readed all your chapters in the one night i love the story cant wait until you post more chapters ! :)

Author's Response: thanks, keep reading and reviewing :)

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Review #33, by imacullenpottergirl Delinquents: Part Two

16th March 2012:
story of my life.
please keep writing.
luv from

Author's Response: thanks, will do x

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Review #34, by your no.1 fan Delinquents: Part One

12th March 2012:
that was really intense.. I'm glad you introduced Dom's character here :)

LOL at the 'get in there'
you are a funny cat.

Author's Response: thanks dearie :)

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Review #35, by jamespotterissohot Delinquents: Part Two

12th March 2012:
can you start to give little flashbacks into her past so there's a glimpse into her past? I want to know more about her!

James Potter

Author's Response: should be a few coming up soon :)

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Review #36, by ishallremainanonymous Delinquents: Part Two

12th March 2012:
I should be doing an ever so important science assignment right now, but instead I'm reading this over and over because there's no next chapter.

Author's Response: You know, I've never thought much of science. Next chapter will be up soon, I promise!

Maybe you should do your assignment now.. x

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Review #37, by hullo Parties, Potters and Poisoned Apples

12th March 2012:
the title and chapter content really match :)

Author's Response: thanks love, keep reviewing! x

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Review #38, by hihihi Parties, Potters and Poisoned Apples

12th March 2012:
can i just say, once again, you writing style is so fkn funny.
keep it up!

Author's Response: I'm glad I amuse you! x

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Review #39, by imsocool Awkward

12th March 2012:
that was a lot of sexual tension in one chapter..
i liked it.

Author's Response: I always find that a bit of sexual tension makes life interesting. x

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Review #40, by L. Delinquents: Part Two

2nd March 2012:
Hey! So I just read all of those chapters and ...I really like your story! Your write well and it's intriguing. Because I don't quite get why she "can't" go out with James. Or what her mother/parents are like. When she asked "When did I become this person?" -Damn James for interrupting her thought process! ;) Anyway, was that before Hogwarts. Has she always been this lonely at school?
I wonder why James doesn't make more of an effort to get to know her (and why start only now?). Why only ask her out, instead of becoming her friend? Boys...
Anyway, I'll definitely keep on reading. This is good. Cheers!

Author's Response: this made me smile :)
the idea is that she's always been this lonely at school, and James has always been that annoying kid who constantly asks her out. x

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Review #41, by HI Fix it All

2nd March 2012:
I loved the oneshot, and i know this is going to be just as good :) James Sirius

Author's Response: thanks love, means a lot :) x

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Review #42, by Echogirl Delinquents: Part Two

1st March 2012:
Amazing. Really that's about it. I can't wait to hear more:) I'm kinda wanting to hear harmony play the piano though (I play so u better make it really amazingly good!) I also lIke how her name is like the exact opposite of her life :P write more super duper quickly!!!

Author's Response: Echogirl! thanks for reviewing again :) Wow, i don't play piano, so I'm kind of nervous about writing that scene...
Initially i just liked the name Harmony, but I realised the irony and I think it sort of makes her character a bit more bitter and sarcastic. Which I like :) x

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Review #43, by Maddie Delinquents: Part Two

26th February 2012:
I read it this far and keep it going !!! It's really good. I like harmony's character and I'm excited to find out her skeletons. But I do want to see more into James' character everyone displays him differently .

Author's Response: Harmony's pretty complicated, and I'm working on James :)

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Review #44, by WumpsQuill Delinquents: Part Two

23rd February 2012:
stumbled across your story and I love it so far :)

Author's Response: thanks, keep reading :)

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Review #45, by BlameItOnTheNargles  Delinquents: Part Two

20th February 2012:
I love your story so far! I've only just started to read it today :D
James seems so cute but good on Harmony for saying no to him. Everyone needs a bit of rejection in there life ;)
I love the fact you didn't make her do anything stupid while drunk. As it seems so much more realistic to me that way XD
I saw your author note and thought I have to review this now! I do normally review stories which I like but I feel so tired but your AN made me want too :D
I have figured out normally if you have a banner on your story it is more likely to get more reads =D So you might want to pop over to TDA and get one =D
Anyway I love you story so far and I'm rambling...Over tiredness makes me ramble ;D
Oh and update soon :D


Author's Response: I think you're right, we do all need a bit of rejection in our lives. :) Thanks so much for responding to my AN, this review made me smile so much; I really appreciate hearing all this from you.

I'll look in to getting a banner :)
Oh, and rambling is fine. I do it a lot. Not only when I'm tired. x

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Review #46, by the spatchuler Fix it All

20th February 2012:
really great chapter, cant wait to read the others!

Author's Response: should be up soon!

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Review #47, by Echogirl Parties, Potters and Poisoned Apples

20th December 2011:
great story so far! Can't wait to read more! Keep on writing :)

Author's Response: thank you so much, it really means a lot :)

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Review #48, by Barbara Parties, Potters and Poisoned Apples

19th December 2011:
I am enjoying your story. Looking forward to the next chapter, and hoping it comes swiftly. Hint, hint. :)

Author's Response: I'm glad you're enjoying it! I'm kind of in the process of going back and changing a lot of what I've written, so hopefully the next chapter will be up soon!

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Review #49, by 19 whitehorse Because I Can't

4th October 2011:
Wow, great chapter, amazing story and fantastic writing and character development :D 89789313435753442319788/10 (at least)
Great start, update soon :D

Author's Response: thanks heaps :) xx

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Review #50, by Metamorphagus149 Fix it All

1st October 2011:
Oooh, History Repeats Itself! I loved it. Please update soon. Just saw one teeny mistake. It is four students to a boat, not two. Just thought you ought to know.

Author's Response: thanks for that :) glad you liked it x

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