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Review #26, by marauder5 The Things We Do For Love

1st May 2013:
I'm so glad that Ginny turned Viktor down. I really thought that she was going to figure out her feelings for Harry after that, but I guess she's still a bit confused. At least she's getting there. I hope we'll get to see more of Harry in the next chapter. He really needs to get his act together and fix things with Ginny, because they are obviously meant to be together.

Hermione is not stupid enough to fall for that! She's not known as the cleverest witch of her age for nothing, is she? I'm so glad that everything worked out, and that Ron finally got to ask her! I'm so exited for them :)

I hope you'll find time to write the next chapter soon. I really enjoyed this :)

Author's Response: Hello:-) Yes, Ginny has a little way to go to resolve her feelings. Deep down, she knows - but she's very stubborn:-)

And Harry is about to get the kick he needs to sort himself out, so keep your fingers crossed for him:-)

Glad you enjoyed the proposal - I hope you enjoy the wedding as much! Hint hint:-)

Thanks for sticking with Evolution, I hope you continue to enjoy it!

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Review #27, by kayt The Things We Do For Love

1st May 2013:
Great to see an update! You almost had me feeling sorry for Krum there. Well done Ron! he's so not in Harry's shadow anymore. Speaking of chapter maybe? I look forward to seeing what/who kicks him back on track.

Author's Response: Hello! It's so great that you take the time to read and review, I really appreciate it:-)

Yes, Harry is back in the next chapter - and let's just say that the kick he needs is not long in coming either:-)

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Review #28, by headoverharry73 The Things We Do For Love

30th April 2013:
Yea, you're back! :-) I've been checking for new posts almost every day and you made my day when I saw 29 Chapters at the top of the page instead of 28. Woo hoo!

Great chapter again! I love how this is going. You're such a creative and talented writer. I'll be waiting anxiously for the next update. :-)

Author's Response: Hello! I'm so flattered you've been waiting for an update - I love it when people keep coming back, and I'm so pleased you enjoyed the chapter.

I'm really sorry for the delays - with being busy at work and organising my wedding, I don't have as much time to write as I would like. But Evolution WILL get finished, I promise! It just might take a while:-)

Thank you again for reading and taking the trouble to review - it really does make my day!

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Review #29, by Sukie Pop Goes the Question

25th April 2013:
Still no update?? *cries a little*

Author's Response: Oooops - sorry! There's one there now, I hope you enjoy it!

My bad on the delay - but I'm busy with work and arganising my wedding, so finding time to write is tough at the moment.

Don't give up, though - Evolution WILL get finished, and I hope you stick with it!

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Review #30, by TheRealSkeeter Pop Goes the Question

23rd April 2013:

I just wanted to mention that I am really enjoying this story... please, please update soon!! I repeat, PLEASE update soon!

P.S: Nah, I am pretty sure that Ginny will say no :)

Author's Response: You win!! I hope you enjoyed the update:-)

Thanks for reading and reviewing.

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Review #31, by Katie Pop Goes the Question

14th April 2013:
I love this story :) the cliff hangers are great but please get Harry and ginny together soon

Author's Response: Hi, Katie - thanks for reading and reviewing! Harry and Ginny will get there, just give them time:-)

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Review #32, by potter the wize Pop Goes the Question

10th April 2013:
Really LikeYour VIew Of The 19Years Later An Really Hope
This Story Gets UpdateD Soon

Author's Response: Thanks for reading and reviewing - much appreciated!

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Review #33, by queenwombat Shattered

28th March 2013:
i loved this it was totally fabulous

Author's Response: Aw - thanks so much!

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Review #34, by Twin who must not be named Pop Goes the Question

6th March 2013:
I defiantly think Ginny should say no finally realizing that
she has made a mistake. I do also believe Ron should
somehow be saved by Harry. To get payback for all the
things Ron's done for Harry. Maybe because Ginny sends
him a letter? I really do love what you've written.

Author's Response: Thanks so much for the review - and as to how much you've got right... well, I hope you enjoy the rest of the story:-)

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Review #35, by Mikayla Pop Goes the Question

5th March 2013:
really good so far cant wait for the rest

Author's Response: Thank you so much! That's lovely of you to say so.

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Review #36, by Mikayla Reunion

5th March 2013:
Love the story thanks

Author's Response: Thank you:-)

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Review #37, by Person Thatlikes HarryPotter Pop Goes the Question

23rd February 2013:
Plz make Ginny say no!Ginny and Harry belong together so do plz!

Author's Response: I really hope you enjoy Chapter 29:-)

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Review #38, by kayt Pop Goes the Question

23rd February 2013:
Hooray - another update! But... to leave it just there.?
Ginny WILL say no, won't she? I continue to really like Ron in this story. He's somehow much more mature than Harry, and his attempts to propose romantically to Hermione were so sweet. Maybe this will be the wake up call that Harry needs to stop behaving like an idiot.
Looking forward to the next chapter.

Author's Response: Sorry! But everyone loves a cliffhanger really, don't they??

I really hope you enjoyed chapter 29 - it's great that you continue to review for me, it means so much!

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Review #39, by Ron 4 Hermione Pop Goes the Question

19th February 2013:
I love this story, it's so exciting and the cliff hangers!

I hope Ginny says no, she needs to get back with Harry because I have a feeling something really bad's gonna happen to him now that Susan and Ron have been captured. It is sort of his fault but I just want Harry and Ginny back together and for Harry to not be such a mess, I hope they get there happily ever after soon enough!

Ron, poor Ron! First, everytime he tried to pop the question to Hermione it just kept going wrong and now he's been captured, I do hope he's alright though!

Great chapter! :)

Author's Response: Hello! Thanks for reading and reviewing! Glad you enjoyed the cliff hangers! I really hope you enjoyed how I resolved them in chapter 29 too:-)

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Review #40, by Americangirl Pop Goes the Question

18th February 2013:
I liked this chapter a lot; it's sweet how Ron is trying to propose to Hermione romantically. But I am not a fan of Viktor. please get Ginny and Harry back together soon!!! :)

Great job

Author's Response: Hello! Thanks for reading and reviewing! I'm glad you enjoyed Ron's proposal attempts - and I hope you keep reading to see how Harry and Ginny turn out!

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Review #41, by Jessica white Pop Goes the Question

18th February 2013:
I need more please this is the first fan fiction I have read and don't want it to stop it has been Amazing hurry up with the next one lol xxx very good xx

Author's Response: Hello! I promise that I will finish the story - thanks for reading and reviewing:-)

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Review #42, by headoverharry73 Pop Goes the Question

18th February 2013:
Great chapter! I feel like we got a little bit of everything in this one...funny romantic entanglements with Ron & Hermione, Auror action that we haven't seen in awhile, and an approaching climax between Victor, Ginny and Harry. At least I hope a climax is approaching between them, and you know the outcome I'm looking for! I won't even mind if Ginny says yes at first, as long as she dumps him not long after and reunites with Harry.

So...was Harry right about not having to work that night with Susan, and was she imperiused all along? Maybe that's how Harry will realize something is wrong after he checks in at the office and goes and saves them all?? Time for Harry to be a hero again. I can't wait to see how this unfolds!

Author's Response: Hi there! Pathetically slow response - sorry! This is actually one of my favourite chapters, so I'm glad you enjoyed it:-)

By now you know that sadly you were wrong with your theory about Harry - but his redemption isn't far off now:-)

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Review #43, by KeyWitch22422 Pop Goes the Question

18th February 2013:
Ginny will say no wont she?? *Puppyeyes*
this is a harry/ginny story you can't make her marry someone else - or get engaged to someone else*

Author's Response: Hello! Thanks for reading and reviewing:-) Have a read of chapter 29 - I don't think you'll be disappointed:-)

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Review #44, by evets Pop Goes the Question

17th February 2013:
if ginny says yes i will not read this fic anymore

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Review #45, by marauder5 Pop Goes the Question

16th February 2013:
I think I have to re-read this story, because I don't remember all of it! But despite that, I really enjoyed this chapter. You obviously have a talent for writing. I mean, the part where you described the landscape of Bulgaria was breathtaking, and very inspiring, so thank you for that.

I seems probable that Ron would struggle to find a way to propose, but I felt bad for him, because the universe wasn't cooperating. And now it seems even more impossible - I can't believe that cliffhanger. You're going to have to give u a quick update again, anything else would just be cruel ;)

I can't say that I like what you've done to Harry in this story. I guess that's the whole point of it, but I don't think he'd ever take putting Susan in that position so lightly, even if he HAS lost the love of his life. He needs to pull himself together. I hope that's what he'll do when he realizes what's happened to Ron and Susan, and that he'll be the one to save him.

And please, let Ginny turn Viktor down! Otherwise I worry Harry will never recover...

Yes, as you can tell, I'm really into this story. You're really, really talented, and I think this story is one of the better ones on this site, so thank you so much for writing it!

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Review #46, by zipzin Pop Goes the Question

16th February 2013:
No! I want to know what happens. Poor Ron, just trying to propose and it seems that everyone is just getting in the way. And now Rabastan is there. Please update soon!

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Review #47, by Ryan Epiphany

5th February 2013:
Awesome story so far :) keep it up :)

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Review #48, by zipzin Epiphany

3rd February 2013:
I hope Harry gets his act together for once. Realizes that he hasn't been doing the right thing and gets out of it. And then Ginny just breaks up with Viktor. Well yeah, please update soon!

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Review #49, by Americangirl Quidditch Fever

22nd January 2013:
As a "Yank", I am simultaneously charmed and baffled by many of the words in the British lexicon. But your characterization, voice, and descriptions are all wonderful! I especially admire how you've stuck to the accepted HP canon, ignoring rather odd and even disturbing "ships" (Dramione anyone?). Keep writing!

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Review #50, by Americangirl Epiphany

21st January 2013:
This is by far one of the best fanfictions of our beloved Harry Potter that I've ever read! Can't wait for the next chapter :)

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