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Review #26, by Hiya I Don't Trust You

25th February 2012:
I don't hate you, I hate James and/or Annalise and/or Naomi. I'm literally almost in tears (I'm a very sensitive person, as you may have realized). Anyway, as with most amazing stories, I'm addicted. I find myself in my free time taking little peeks at it, reading what I can before I have to do my other slightly more important things.

Author's Response: Aww, please don't cry over my characters' stupidity! And haha, thank you, I am honestly honoured you're taking the time to read this (and getting addicted to it!) when you're busy... I can understand this as I have a lot of work I should be doing and tend to procrasinate and spend all of my time on hpff... Anyway, thanks so much for reviewing! :)

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Review #27, by leakycalderin The End

16th February 2012:
Congrats on finishing your first full story! (thats one more than me). I really enjoyed reading it and I think you did a great job throughout the whole novel. I'll check out your one shots; I'm curious to see the missing moments!

Author's Response: Haha, I was actually very proud of myself! (and you'll get there soon!)

Thanks so much, I worked hard and it's very nice to appriciated :)

And please do! That's what their there for after all! Thanks for reviewing :)

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Review #28, by drappleontoast The End

13th February 2012:
great work!
I really enjoyed reading this story. I'm off to read the sequel now. First though I wanted to say, well done as I'm sure this took a lot of effort. If you wouldn't mind giving me some feedback on my story too I would love that as you are a really good writer.
The only issues with your story are tiny grammar things :)
I was wondering though, why would James try to make Lise jeasous by kissing that girl when they had just slept together so obviously she liked him. And also, why did she forgive him so easily?
But i like how you have taken cliche and made it awesome.

Author's Response: Thank you!

I'll try, as you've taken the time and effort to review mine it only seems fair! And thanks, it's lovely to think that you value my opinion!

Yes, believe it or not I'm actually a massive grammar freak, but with a lot of these chapters I was updating so fast I didn't look through them properly. So many apologies, and when I get the time I will edit all the chapters and fix the buggers, they annoy me so much when I read back!

Oh, and many people have wondered this and I always give the same reply: James is an idiot!

He likes Lise so much that he's so worried that she doesn't feel the same way, and therefore he does stupid, cliche things (his ideas are never very good) to try and work Lise out. You'd think, that after years of being Lise's best friend he'd know what she's thinking, but when it comes to him, James has never known.

And she forgave him because she was tired of pushing him away when she loved him so much, and worried that one day he might just give up on her. Honestly, I'd have done the same as Lise, and even though I wrote her stubborn character and all that drama, it was beginning to bore me too!

Thank you very much, for reviewing and for all your lovely words :)

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Review #29, by drappleontoast Together At Last

13th February 2012:
what an excellent sex scene :P

sorry I just HAD to say that. Really though, the emotions are perfect. I really need to finih the story and read the next one! My one thing to say to you is, maybe get a beta reader to look at it before you publish, just for spelling and grammar.

Author's Response: YAY, thank you! I think you're one of the only people who has said that, considering I worried so much about it!

It's great to think that you liked it, because I didn't think I did it that well, and I love a good sex scene/snog scene, so I was pretty upset with myself. But I feel more confident about it now!

Yes, I need to find someone who has the time, the energy and the want to do it, really. Nobody I actually know writes like I do though, so I'm not sure I'll ever find a beta! But I will be on the lookout!

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Review #30, by cally The End

12th February 2012:
Hello :D I only came across your story last night and I just want to say that I spent until three in the morning reading it then the website crashed so had to wait till first thing this morning and haven't stopped until now, your story grabbed me from go and I honestly haven't been able to stop reading it. I adore your characters and I think the plot it just bloody fantastic ! The twist and turns you made were unbelievable and beautifully written and I cannot say how ecstatic I was when they came back from the unplanned engagement party and eventually got it on ;D I ran around my room like a five year old squealing :p I'm so pleased I came across your story and you've brightened up my exam filled weeks ahead so thank you :D I think you are an excellent writer and will go so far as if this is your first I can only imagine what you will write in future !
So thanks again and I wish you luck :Dxx

Author's Response: :O I'm almost speechless that you've said that! I spend SO many school nights (never clever) staying up that late when I find a story I really like, so it's an honour that you've done this for MY story (and I hope you weren't too tired?!)

Thanks so much, and yeah, that was a pretty could moment (love it when characters get it on, haha!) And, squealing? Gosh, I hope you didn't wake everyone up! haha ;)

Aw, I hope your exams go well (I know the feeling, mine are coming up as well and HPFF is my little relaxation method!)

Thank you for the wonderful review, and keep an eye out for my future things please, I really value every readers opinion! :)

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Review #31, by drappleontoast Naomi Smith

12th February 2012:
Just one thing to correct: definitely not "definatly"

Author's Response: I know, it's so annoying, but it's my iPhone(before I got my laptop I wrote all of FTFT on there) and definitely is just one of those words I can never spell (which is ridiculous) and my iPhone automatically changes it definantly, which I usually see and change it, but occasionally I miss it, so I apologise for that annoying mistake!

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Review #32, by drappleontoast I Hate Mondays

12th February 2012:
This is so amazing. I would write a really long review but if you'll excuse me I need to read chapter 4.

Author's Response: You are excused, my lovely!

You've also left me some lovely long reviews on future chapters, which I loved responding to, so I can take a small review with a big thanks just for you putting the effort into actually writing me one! :)

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Review #33, by Mischief_managed18 The End

11th February 2012:
GAHHH! So bloody cliche and for that, I love you.

It wasn't a bad cliche, and for this story, it was perfect.

Had a couple things to point out before I continue the review, there were a few mistakes, a couple that really stood out to me, when her father "gives James permission", it said "with me marrying me" and I'm pretty sure it should've been "with him marrying me"? I could be wrong, and in the last chapter, after something Natalie said (regarding James and the other girl) it said Naomi instead of Natalie.

Okay, anyways, great story. I'm so sad to see it come to an end but you did a wonderful job wrapping everything up. You truly do have a talent and I absolutely love this story. I can't wait to read anymore stories you throw out there, you've been incredible.

Your style of writing is one I aspire to write at, though I fear I'm no where close to that. If you ever read my stories, you'll see that. :P

I can't tell you enough how amazing his was. You're amazing and this story ended flawlessly. Great job on that. :)


Author's Response: Woop! You said bloody, my favourite word of all time (it just lets out all of your frustration effectively!) and you love the cliche just as I do!

Yeah, I'm awful at reading back on my work as I'm always in a massively stupid hurry to get the chapters out to keep the readers happy (I'm an impatient reader myself!) so i do apologise for all the silly mistakes, and when I have the time I will edit every chapter and rid the story of the blasted things!

Thank you so much, there will be a lot coming in the future (please check out the missing moments from this fic!) and I'm working on various other ideas now and deciding whether or not I should post them!

Your reviews are brilliant, and I treasure them, and one day I will get around to repaying you and reading and reviewing your stories (which I am sure are wonderful!)

Thanks for the lovely, long and completely wonderful review which I love you for because it makes me smile like a bloody maniac!

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Review #34, by Mischief_managed18 The Ball

11th February 2012:
Gahhh you know, in some cases, fluffy and cliche would be annoying. But in this case, it was amazing.

I love that her father finally reached out to her and apologized for what happened. Proving that he wasn't such a bad guy after all, just wanted to give his daughter some space.

I hate James for kissing that other girl, but the ending of this chapter definitely made up for it. Lise is so rash, she didn't allow for an explanation and I think she should've but I know I would've acted the same way in the given situation. Gahh. Damn Lise. Lol

Anyways, yet another great chapter. I have nothing to criticize, it was incredible. You truly are a talented writer and I can't wait to read more. Off to read the last chapter. So bittersweet. :/

Author's Response: Awh, thank you!

My dad's wonderful, so I couldn't stand Lise not having a relationship with her dad, seeing as my own is really important to me. Most Dad's aren't bad guys, anyway.

Yeah, I know, I feel exactly the same, but it needed to be done. Because James is an idiot concerning Lise, and always will be, but once he has her he may channel the idiocy into small things like Christmas presents and parenting (or so I'd like to think!)

And I'm so glad you say you would've acted the same, as I would have, and that's why I wrote it that way. I swear we would get on very well!

Yay, hope you enjoyed the final chapter, and please do check out the missing moments, it's a lot of fluff and cliche and loveliness and I'd like to think you'd like it! :)

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Review #35, by Mischief_managed18 The Day After

11th February 2012:
My goodness dear, it's been a while since I've been on to read and review stories.

Without fail, yours never ceases to amaze me. This was yet another incredible chapter.

I love the awkwardness between Fred and Naomi. I still feel bad for Naomi though. Poor thing doesn't know what to think about anything anymore. And I love how comfortable James and Lise were in the morning. Seriously, too freaking cute.

In every freaking story, I am in love with Al and his character. Why must he be so bloody amazing?

Gahh. I cannot wait to see what James has to say to Lise about what happened the previous night.

Off to read the next chapter. :)


Author's Response: Well my dear, I just think it's wonderful that you take the time and read and review my story, so a big thanks and a big kiss on the cheek to you!

Yeah, Naomi's a bit muddled, she always has been, and she's just lucky that these days she has some brilliant friends to help her out.

And I know, they just had to be adorable, I couldn't write it any other way. And anyway, all my awkward moments went into Fred and Naomi!

Yep, Al officially rules. Seriously, in my mind he is such a legend it's unreal! He's just so fab and awww, I love him just as I love his big brother!

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Review #36, by Crescent Moon  The End

11th February 2012:
Loved this story, I can't wait to read more of your work. XD

Author's Response: Aw, thanks very much!

Hope you like my missing moments just as much, and I will (hopefully) be adding another, completely new story soon, so keep an eye out for that! (it's almost definitely going to be next gen again!)

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Review #37, by Nickey The End

9th February 2012:
I honestly can't believe she let the annabelle thing go so quickly. It doesn't fit her character. She was mad at james for two weeks because he was being a hypocrite by getting mad about her and Roger, and no one is okay with someone kissing someone else and hours later telling you that they are in love with you. Overall I enjoyed your story, but I just felt you rushed the ending too much and messed up Annelise's reaction.

Author's Response: Thanks for reviewing!

I like to see your opinions, and I really appriciate you giving me your viewpoint on these few chapters :)

I know why you think that, as loads of my readers have and I don't think I really explained it very well or justified my reasons (and Lise and James') well in the actual story.

Honestly, I was in a rush to finish this story because I was beginning to lose my love for it (and I didn't want that) and also, I was becoming bored with Lise's stubborn and dramatic nature.

Yes, it was her character, but I based her character on some aspects of my own personality, and if I was in Lise's situation I would have given in and just gone for it.

In the end, Lise is a reckless old Gryffindor, and she'd had enough of pushing the boy she loved away when he loved her back, but was just an idiot.

In later chapters, because of all the argy-bargy James and Lise had, you sort of forget that they were best friends, and that they knew each other well. I think Lise had the know-how to realise when James was lying by now, and was used to him behaving like an idiot and doing stupid things when it concerned her. She'd finally got to the point where she knew they would both mess up sometimes, and she accepted that.

I personally think that Lise's character was developed more through that, rather than how you feel, but then I honestly do respect your opinion and I hope my explanation has helped you see my reasoning :)

Also, I never included it in the story, but I may in missing moments, but Lise didn't stick around long enough to see that the kiss lasted a few seconds max, because as soon as James realised what he was doing, he stopped, apologised to Annabelle and rushed off to find Lise. (Annabelle didn't like him in that way at all!)

But thanks for reviewing, and please check out the missing moments too, as I'd like to think they're a good explanation of things and characters, and I would hope you'd enjoy them!

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Review #38, by AlbusPotter123456789123456789 The End

7th February 2012:
I'm not asking for a sequel but could you make a one shot epilogoue??? I really want to know what happens!!! One of the best stories by far. It's a shame it had to end.

Author's Response: Please check out my missing moments, I'm going to upload a few snippets of James and Lise's future on there :)

thanks very much!

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Review #39, by Noble Gryff Merry Christmas!

6th February 2012:
I love your stories :D the way you put it out it seems like it can be real, like that's what some guys would do, keep it up :D

Author's Response: aw, thank you! Although I know my plot is fairly cliche, I do try to make it seem as real as possible :)

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Review #40, by MalfoyyLove98 The End

5th February 2012:
Oh Lord, it's over(': I couldn't stop reading this since I looked at the description. I can't really say I've been a loyal reader since I read the story after it was completed(:< but nevertheless, I LOVEDD it(: I'm probably gonna re-read it a bazillion times, and cry again and laugh again and smile and all the stuff your amazing story made me do. Congrats, you're amazing(;
PS I freaking LOVE you!!(:

Author's Response: Aw, honestly if you read it, that's what matters to me :)

I'm so glad you think my work is re-readable and you enjoyed it so much, no compliment is better than that! thanks for the lovely review!

PS. thanks, love you too! :)

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Review #41, by MalfoyyLove98 The Ball

5th February 2012:
Oh, her dad came :D I wasnt expecting we'd get to 'meet' him! How cool though. And even though I'm glad James and Lise made up, why'd he kiss the other girl? Anyway, great job(': final chapter, here I come!
PS I love youu!!

Author's Response: Yeah, I didn't really plan it but then he just sort of appeared. After all the drama Lise has had with James I thought it was only fair that her dad, the first man in her life, sorted things out with her :)

I've explained this to many, many people by now, and basically it's because James is an idiot and seeing Lise chatting with Robert confused him and made him want to make Lise jealous. Yes, yes, James is an idiot and thats what makes him endearing!

thanks for the review :)

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Review #42, by MalfoyyLove98 The Day After

5th February 2012:
Yay her and James are together and lovey dovey(: I still don't want to finish the story! I'm sorry you have to read all my reviews, I can't help it!
PS I love you(;

Author's Response: I know, yay! :) and don't aplogise, I LOVE you reviewing! thank you very much! :)

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Review #43, by MalfoyyLove98 Together At Last

5th February 2012:
Yay! They're back together again! I hope! And Alice and drew are too cute(: I love they're little reunion, I hope there's mention of Lise and james' wedding in the next few chapterss(:
PS I love you(;

Author's Response: Aw, I know, Alice and Drew are just the best :)

For more on Lise and James' future check out missing moments fic, Extra Time please :)

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Review #44, by MalfoyyLove98 Confused

4th February 2012:
Yay!! Bea!! And Alice and drew and nick are back! Or gonna be back, anyway..and hah I LOOVE James, "I can't find any boxers" ahh too cute for words! xD
PS I love you(;

Author's Response: I know, I've missed writing them! and yes, he is just THE cutest thing ever! haha, it had to be a line like that though for him to walk in like that :') thanks for the review!

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Review #45, by MalfoyyLove98 Guess Who's Back?

4th February 2012:
I feel annoying reviewing every chapter. But I can't help it! Yay! Her and James are gonna get together again!! Well, I hope. And Debbie and colin are amazing(; I love youu..(;

Author's Response: No, no, not annoying at all! I am honestly honoured you like my story enough to take the time to! :)

Yeah, Debbie and Colin rule haha! thanks for reviewing :)

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Review #46, by MalfoyyLove98 A Trial of the Strength of Friendship

4th February 2012:
Ohh, yes! James is backk!! But I don't want to finish the story!(: ahh, but I have to!! Again, I love you(:

Author's Response: Yay for James! and there is a missing moments fic to go with this story, so please read to get your extra fill! :)

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Review #47, by MalfoyyLove98 Fred Weasley II

4th February 2012:
Ah I love Freddy too much to say he isn't right for Lise.. But he isn't!! But oh you, you have a way with making things work(; I love youu, and your amazing story(:

Author's Response: Yes, Freddy rules but Freddy and Lise is just no. No, no, no, never ever gonna happen. But I needed to do it just to rid Lise of all her confusion, and make her accept that it IS James she wants and needs.

Hmm, sometimes I do wonder whether I ever could have made Freddy and Lise work, but I'm not sure I could. Maybe one day when I have nothing to do I'll write a test-chapter where they get together or something...

thanks for the great review!

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Review #48, by MalfoyyLove98 Eveline Warbeck

4th February 2012:
Aww her and James have to make up!! And get married and make cute potter-lynch babies!! I need to see why happens(: the website won't let me post a heart but if I could I would, (:

Author's Response: Awww, their babies would be sooo cute! and pretty and amazing! Aw, haha thanks for the heart anyway! and for the review :)

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Review #49, by MalfoyyLove98 I Don't Trust You

4th February 2012:
I'll admit, the amount of fights and making up is a little aggravating, but it makes the story so much better(: I'm sooo in love troth your story! I actually cried with Lise, despised James, fallen in love with Freddy. You're an amazing writer :D

Author's Response: Yeah, I always find the best stories are the ones that get you angry/sad haha. I think everybody has a bit of a need for angsty reads sometimes!

Aw, thanks so much, you have no idea what it means to me when readers say things like that :) honestly, it's just the best, thanks for the lovely review!

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Review #50, by MalfoyyLove98 Naomi Smith

4th February 2012:
So far, I'm in love with this story.(: Lise sounds amazing, and so are her friends ;) great job :D

Author's Response: Aw, yay that's nice to hear :)

And Lise IS amazing, and so are her friends, so well judged, my lovely! haha :)

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