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Review #51, by worship the nargles The sword of gryffindor

28th June 2012:
Wow i think this is one of the best chapters you've written (in my opinion of course). you made ginny's emotions so real i could imagine the excitement she was feeling when they were stealing the sword. well done!


Author's Response: wow thank you, this is a huge compliment. thanks so much for reading and especially reviewing. I'm truly flattered by your compliment

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Review #52, by hugsxkisses Are you thinking about me to?

18th June 2012:
Meh. Great story idea, but the spelling and grammar is absolutely terrible. Maybe you should get someone to revise this story at the forums, itll help your story alot. I've read a similar story to this and it was great because of the way it was written. The idea alone will not attract readers. It must be written correctly. I know some people struggle with writing, but you should use spell check, it really helps. (If you use a word processor like Microsoft Word)

1)Why is Ginny so weak? In the HP books she is portrayed as a strong and independent character. She doesn't seem right.

2)This story goes too slow. 9 chapters and we haven't even reached Halloween yet.

Would've been a great story but it needs work...

Author's Response: Thanks for a truthful review. I have loads of problems with Grammar, and at the end of the story i'm going to go back over and re-write it. I do use Word to write it, but sometimes it doesn't help with Grammar. Ginny is weak because I wanted her to seem strong to everyone but in the inside is breaking apart, I've always thought as Ginny like that. Don't worry she will get stronger as the story proceeds. The chapters are going quicker now after the Halloween I promise its just a slow beginning. Thanks so much for being nice about it (I've had some people who are really mean about it) and being honest, I admire honest people

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Review #53, by worship the nargles Are you thinking about me to?

16th June 2012:
LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT! Just one thing: Only Harry, Ron and Hermione know what horcrux’s are. But this is still the best ginny DH story EVER! :)

Author's Response: Oh god, didn't realise... lol I'm going to have to go back over that, so sorry. Thanks again i'll edit immidiatly. I'm kicking myself now. thanks again 4 telling me the mistake :D

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Review #54, by Sarah Jones Pain and glory is all I fight for

5th June 2012:
Yeah, It was good, but maybe make the chapters longer and include more interesting characters. But it was great so keep up the good work ;)

Author's Response: Yes i'm trying to develop characters more but struggling a bit, all of my others story I have been terrible and making the characters interesting and was hoping this story would be different. Thanks for the feedback, i'll try to make the chapters longer and make the characters more interesting in as many ways as I can :) Thanks for the help
- kjp

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Review #55, by onetreehill1 To noble for his own good

3rd June 2012:
gd start. i luv the way u finshd de chapter. There are a few grammar bt nthing that cant b fixed 9/10

Author's Response: Thanks 9/10 is great, and i'm glad you liked how i finished. At the end of the story i'm planning on going back through the story for spelling and grammar problems so it will all be fixed soon

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Review #56, by Kerri Dementors

13th May 2012:
You write really well but you made Ginny appear insecure and desperate when she's supposed to be strong.

Author's Response: Actually that was what I was aiming for... I want her to be a character who seems so strong to everyone around her but in the inside is crumbling despairingly. Thanks so much for your feedback and honesty, it really helps. In the rest of the story she is going to become more stronger in the inside and I hope that I will be able to show this to you through writing :D. thanks again
- kjp

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Review #57, by zorica To noble for his own good

9th February 2012:
I'm always interested in stories about Ginny's time alone at Hogwarts the year of the Horcrux hunt. So had to read this and I like it so far. Please continue and looking forward to more. Thanks for writing.

Author's Response: Thanks so much. I'm nearly done with the second chapter and it should be up soon. Ive also always been interested with Ginny's time at Hogwarts but there never seemed to be lots of them so i decided to make one my self, Thanks again

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