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Review #26, by Sara_Sj Some People Need to Grow Up

8th August 2012:
WOO an update!
Boo it's short :(
Hahaha I loved it, Ollie's so adorable when he's mad :D
I look forward to the next chapter (:

Author's Response: Yaayy an update!
I'm sorry :(
Glad to hear it; Ollie is rather adorable, isn't he? :D
As do I, as do I (:
Thanks for the review!

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Review #27, by JJtheNerdfightingStarkid Some People Need to Grow Up

2nd August 2012:
Hey, a chapter.. it's been long enough!! SOO thank you for finally updating. Please, please, pleeease don't stop writing this story. It's so good. Don't doubt yourself, because it's freaking AMAZING. So keep it up:)

Now onto the story >>>

OOH SOMEONE IS JEAAALOUS! I love it. I can't wait for the next chapter! Pleeease update. Like tomorrow.

Okay, maybe not tomorrow, but soon. :)

Author's Response: A chapter? Where? Haha, it's been a while. You are welcome for the update. I'm not planning on /not/ writing this story anymore... I just have significant writer's block and it WON'T GO AWAY.

But anyway.


I /started/ writing the next chapter, so hopefully that means it will be up fairly soonish.

Thanks for the review!

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Review #28, by devilsthumper Some People Need to Grow Up

2nd August 2012:
Loving the story. Its progressing at a good pace. Poor Oliver.lexi is a bit blind.

Update soon x

Author's Response: Aw, thank you ♥ Poor Ollie indeed! That girl needs some glasses or something ;)

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Review #29, by Kelly Some People Need to Grow Up

31st July 2012:
I love the first six chapters of your story!!! Please post the next chapter soon!!

Author's Response: Ahaha, I'm glad you love them :D I'll try to post soon!

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Review #30, by luna_lovely Some People Need to Grow Up

31st July 2012:
well that wasn't a happy ending to the chapter :( when will Oliver actually tell her he likes her? and when will Lex realise Noel is a jerk and is just using her? and that she is in love with Oliver?

Author's Response: Haha, no, it was not very happy :( All good questions, young grasshopper, but sadly, I cannot reveal the answers. And what makes you think Lexi is actually going to fall in love with him? ;) Thanks for the review!

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Review #31, by DumbledoresArmyOfOne Hieroglyphics of the Male Variety

25th July 2012:
Awwwe, poor Ollie :( Lexi's got to be the most clueless ever if she can't tell that he likes her :(
I'm not sure about Noel. He seems like a bit of a womanizer (for lack of a better word)
Anyways, great chapter! I ship Lexiver (or Olexi?)

Author's Response: I know... Poor Ollie indeed :( Wait - Oliver likes Lexi? WHAT? *gasp* Where did you get that crazy idea from?
Noel is... well, he's Noel. And you'll find out about him soon enough. Interesting thoughts, though.
Thanks for the lovely review ♥

P.S. I'm liking both Lexiver and Olexi, haha.

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Review #32, by DumbledoresArmyOfOne Oh, the Unfairness of it All

25th July 2012:
teehee, i love the line: Oliverís crazy level is larger than Gilderoy Lockhartís ego in a room full of mirrors.
it makes me giggle.
anyways, i'm reredaing so i remember what happens for the new chapter :D
awesome story!

Author's Response: Ah, I love that line too ♥
Yeah, sorry about the long wait... But at least since you're rereading it'll be fresh in your mind :D
Thanks for the review!

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Review #33, by peace love nature Oh, the Unfairness of it All

16th July 2012:
You make me laugh :) I love your stories! keep writing or I might just cry :( No seriously, Please update asap!!! :)

Author's Response: Well, I do try to make people laugh :) Sorry about the long wait on this one, but I swear that the next chapter is nearly finished. I'm not giving up on this story just yet! Thanks for the review ♥

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Review #34, by Grace Hieroglyphics of the Male Variety

6th July 2012:
GAH YOU HAVENT UPDATED IN SO LONG pleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleaseplease keep writing this story!! All the characters are really good and I'm a huge sucker for both romance and harry potter so this story and all that jazz are SO good I love them!! I already reviewed on all that jazz but just wanted to review on this one because IT FREAKING ROCKS. k bye now and REMEMBER TO KEEP WRITING!!!

Author's Response: GAH I KNOW AND I'M SORRY!! Don't worry, I'm still writing... I've just been really busy and always seem to have writer's block with this story :( But thank you for the encouragement; I'm nearly half-way through with the next chapter, so hopefully it'll be popping up soon. Thank you for the lovely review!

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Review #35, by Sara_Sj Hieroglyphics of the Male Variety

11th June 2012:
AH BLOODY BRILLIANT. ahhh. Shameless promotions ftw indeed! In case you don't recognize my user (which I think is most probably the case), I am one of your many "Shenanigans" readers. I was intrigued when you mentioned it in your response to my review, and I /love/ Oliver Wood, so I just /had/ to read this. PLEASE UPDATE SOON THIS IS BLOODY BRILLIANT GAH.


I love Oliver. I really and truly do!

Author's Response: AH THANK YOU. ahhh. I do recognize your user name, actually. And I remember writing my shameless self-promotion (ftw) in a review response to you. ANYWAY, I'm glad you read it because there is not enough love for Oliver :( GAH. Update is coming soon, I promise.

Sir, can I have some more?

(I really hope you get this reference, otherwise this will just be awkward.)

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Review #36, by luna_lovely Hieroglyphics of the Male Variety

3rd May 2012:
this is so great! i can't wait to read more about the quirky little Lexi. i must say, Oliver Wood is one of my favourite characters and Oliver/OC fics are some of my favourites, so this will probably make it onto my favourite stories list soon enough/
update soon, i cannot wait to read more!

Author's Response: Aw, thank you! I'm glad you like it :) Who doesn't love Oliver though? Hopefully I'll make it onto that list soon! Thank you for the lovely review ♥

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Review #37, by poor_old_snuffles Hieroglyphics of the Male Variety

19th April 2012:
Wow, for some reason I totally expected it to be Danny that caught them having the 'fake boyfriend' argument, but I'm very glad it wasn't xD At the start of the story, I kind of thought it would be nice for Lexi to get with Noel, but you know what? I'm going to have to root for her to be with Ollie instead - properly, I mean xD I just can't help it; I'm Oliver/OC-obsessed, and proud! Can't wait for more!! :D

Author's Response: Haha, 'tis okay that you thought it was Danny. A lot of people seemed to think it was :) I think Lexi thought it would be nice for Lexi to get with Noel... I don't think she would be too pleased with this Oliver business. But doesn't everyone love Oliver/OCs? At least I do... Thank you for yet another lovely review! :D

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Review #38, by poor_old_snuffles Oh, the Unfairness of it All

19th April 2012:
'My eyes, meanwhile, have for all intents and purposes popped out of my skull and rolled across the floor to a waiting Mrs. Norris, who then proceeds to bat them around with her paws. Lovely.' Hehehe, loved it xD

Loved this chapter, and normally I would be freaking out about that little cliffhanger there, but as I'm a latecomer to the story I get to go straight to the next chapter, woo! :D

Author's Response: Haha, I really do love that bit :D

Lucky you for getting to read on! Woo is right! The cliffhangers of the world have been defeated!

Thank you for the review! :D

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Review #39, by poor_old_snuffles This Shall (Not) Be Fun

19th April 2012:
'You don't want to write your Ancient Runes essay? Bite Percy Weasley until he does it for you. Actually, you can bite Percy Weasley even if you don't have an Ancient Runes essay. That is not a necessary requirement.'


(Well, it will be after he actually does said snogging.)'

My two favourite quotes, just so you know :) Another great chapter!!

Author's Response: Yay! I love those quotes as well. You did a good job picking them. :D Thank you for the review!

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Review #40, by poor_old_snuffles Insensitive Boys and Emotional Girls

19th April 2012:
I can't stop laughing at this, it's brilliant! Oliver is really great, and every time I see 'FrednGeorge' I can't stop smiling, haha xD Onwards to chapter 3!!

Author's Response: Aw, thank you! Oliver is something, isn't he? ;) I hope you like chapter 3 as well!

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Review #41, by poor_old_snuffles You've Got (Black)Mail

19th April 2012:
Amidst my immense enjoyment of this chapter, I'm trying to figure out how the heck I haven't read this story earlier - I've been depriving myself of Oliver-related awesomeness :O Shocking stuff, better make up for lost time and carry on reading :D

Author's Response: You're right, you have been depriving yourself. But at least you've fixed things now, haven't you? ;) I'm glad you've finally found your way to Oliver-related awesomeness - please continue to enjoy!

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Review #42, by Nelle07 Hieroglyphics of the Male Variety

13th April 2012:
I like Lexi and Olive :)

Author's Response: I'm glad; so do I :)

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Review #43, by Lillylover22 Hieroglyphics of the Male Variety

9th April 2012:
i loved it. It is so obvious that oliver likes her. 9/10 : )

Author's Response: Haha, it's obvious, is it? :P Thanks for the review!

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Review #44, by MiSTY_VoLPe Hieroglyphics of the Male Variety

7th April 2012:
Thank you for updating! Really loving the story so far! Keen to read more soon!

Author's Response: You're welcome :) Thank /you/ for reviewing! I'm glad you love the story! :D

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Review #45, by JJtheNerdfightingStarkid Hieroglyphics of the Male Variety

6th April 2012:
In answer to your last little note, the grammar really wasn't terrible! And I love this story; I was happy that you finally updated!

Also, I had a bet with a few of my friends who read this story. The bet was about who heard Oliver and Lexi talking about the whole fake relationship thing, and they all now owe me five dollars each. Success. :D

Author's Response: Oh, I'm glad the grammar was all right. I always worry about that when I don't have a lot of time to edit :/

Aw, your friends read this too? I'm so happy to hear that. And I'm also happy that you won the bet - spend that money well ;)

Thank you for another lovely review :D

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Review #46, by Bluestreakspirit Hieroglyphics of the Male Variety

2nd April 2012:
Hahahaha, this was great! I have read this a couple times since you put it up but I haven't had the chance to review yet. This was great!! Yes, it did take long, but I'd rather have quality over quantity.

Noel... I can see him as just using Lexi. "Looking like he didn't want to discuss DTR" is a bad sign. (MTV's 'Awkward' reference, for all those Americans.) But he shouldn't. Because Lexi is amazing. At least Oliver can see it... *cough* That was so funny at the end. Also, the boys ogling Lexi was hilarious! I still want to see her turn around and not have Ollie boy call the offending gut friends out for her, though, just to see her reaction when she knows what's going on.

See you whenever you're feeling inspired! Good luck :)

Author's Response: Wow, you read it a /couple/ of times? *gasps* Sorry about the wait, but I'm glad you liked it.

Hmm. Interesting theory on Noel... but I'm not saying anything. You'll just have to wait and see. And I assure you that I have /no/ idea what you're implying about Oliver ;) As for Lex and the boys, that may be coming in a future chapter.

Hopefully I'll see you soon! Thanks for another lovely review, Cat :D

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Review #47, by mirasoul Hieroglyphics of the Male Variety

1st April 2012:
I love your story so far! Lexi's character is hilarious. And I think Oliver is adorable the way he's so obviously in love with her. Can't decide if I like Noel or not, but for now I guess he's tolerable. Rooting for the Oliver/Lexi ship though, of course. Can't wait for you to update, so please do soon! :)

Author's Response: I'm glad you love it :) And I have absolutely NO idea what you're implying about Oliver... We'll find out about Noel soon enough, he may be good but he may also be bad. Thank you for the lovely review!

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Review #48, by shadowangel Hieroglyphics of the Male Variety

1st April 2012:

Author's Response: Aw, thank you so much ♥

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Review #49, by cranes113 Hieroglyphics of the Male Variety

1st April 2012:
OMG i love it! She's so... matter of fact and fangirlsh; I just love her! And the story in general, of course (hilarious)

Author's Response: Haha, I'm glad you love it! You seem to understand Lexi perfectly :D Thank you for the lovely review!

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Review #50, by cranes113 Insensitive Boys and Emotional Girls

1st April 2012:
I just thought I should say: you have your years mixed up. You say that they are in 6th year, in the same year as Fred and George, in the same year as Oliver, have Lockhart as their teacher, and Percy is still at school. Let's just stop and compare, shall we? If they are in sixth year with F+G (who are only two years older than R+H+H), then R+H+H would be in fourth year, and thus the DADA teacher would be Moody and not Lockhart. But if they were in sixth year with F+G, Percy (who is two years older than F+G) would be in 8th year/out of school=not a prefect. Also, Oliver just so happens to not be in F+G's year; he was in fifth year in book one and Fred and George were in third (he's in Percy's year). So I think you should consider removing Percy from the story, changing the mention of the DADA teacher, making Oliver older, or making everyone in their year (minus Oliver) two years younger. Then everything would be perfect :)

Okay, you might want to just ignore what I said up there. I know it may have sounded mean, but it wasn't intended to be. You are really a superb writer and I can't wait to see where you go with it. I actually haven't finished the chapter yet (I got a little caught up reviewing) but I'm excited to continue reading. I love it so far! It actually seems like it has a plot, which can be hard to find on fanficiton sometimes :) You also don't have any spelling or grammar mistakes=ILY! You are a really good writer, and use mature vocabulary, and I am really enjoying reading your story. I can't wait to see where you go with it.

Author's Response: Okay. First let me say that I really appreciate you taking the time to type out such a long explanation. It is very thoughtful and kind that you want to help me make my story better - I really do appreciate it. However (I feel really bad saying this because you put so much time into your review), my timeline is correct. I never said /anywhere/ that F+G are in the same year as Percy and Oliver and all them. In fact, I say in chapter 3 that there are four beds in the sixth year boys' dorms - Oliver, Percy, Andrew, and Justin. So I'm sorry if that was confusing for you, but I think you just assumed that I had them in the same year. People in different years can be friends though, yeah? So, just to clarify here: Oliver, Percy, Lexi, Chloe, Andrew, and Justin are sixth years. This means that F+G are fourth years, as they are two years younger than Percy. Therefore, R+H+H are second years and Gilderoy Lockhart is the DADA teacher. Don't worry, I have my timeline all figured out. I worked everyone's years out in a document before I started writing :)

I know you weren't trying to sound mean - I really do appreciate you taking the time to point something like that out. I'm really glad that you like it so far and I hope you continue to enjoy it as you read onward. I know I had fun writing it :D Thank you so much for the review, and I hope this helped to clear things up!

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