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Review #26, by greenbirds Pictures, Stalkers, And All That Jazz

28th June 2013:
this is meant to be a comedy no?
what i'm trying to say is that please can you start include some of the banter and humour that we saw in the early chapters! right now- to be frank, because i'm a frank reviewer- this whole story's dragging on.
can aria please make some more girlfriends- not even dom, but can we see a return of the same girly chatter that you wrote so well at the beginning?

Author's Response: Somewhat.
And yes, I understand what you're saying, but to be frank, we're at a depressing part in the story. Thus, the dialogue is going to be depressing. That's just how it works. When stuff starts turning around, then the humor will come back. If you don't like it, you don't have to read it. Thank you for taking the time to share your opinions, though!

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Review #27, by ella Pictures, Stalkers, And All That Jazz

26th June 2013:
i just reread this whole story.. I CANT BELIEVE RYAN SHOWED UP AHH. I really think you have done a great job with this story and I hope you update soon! The complexity of Aria's character is really amazing and I hope you continue to develop it. And I hope James and Aria get together soon, ofc! thanks for updating!

Author's Response: Aww, you reread the whole story? That's so sweet ♥ AND YES RYAN SHOWED UP, AS HE SAID HE WOULD IN HIS LETTER. Thank you so much for your wonderful comments! I've worked really hard on developing Aria's character, so I'm glad it shows :) And an update absolutely will be coming soon, I promise.

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Review #28, by Holly_Mist Pictures, Stalkers, And All That Jazz

26th June 2013:

Where did he come from? GAH. Ohmygod and it's a cliffhanger on top of that!

Wow, i'm just imagining a huge fight between Ryan, Jett and James with Aria munching on popcorn. Heh. That would be pretty awesome.

Look at me coming up with all these fantasies! You know what you must do curb them? Update. Yep. It would be a great way to put me out of my misery ;)

Author's Response: YES. YES.

You may remember a few chapters ago that Ryan sent Aria a letter mentioning how he was going to be in London over Easter, so that's where he came from.

That could be quite interesting, but as of now, I have no plans for it :)

The next update shall be coming soon! Thanks for the review!

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Review #29, by Jim Pictures, Stalkers, And All That Jazz

21st June 2013:
So I found this at 1:30 this morning and I got so addicted I fell asleep on my phone at around 530 on chapter 20 so now I'm awake and Ineeed moar

Author's Response: Wow! Almost an all-nighter for this story? Haha thank yoouuu ♥

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Review #30, by Sam Pictures, Stalkers, And All That Jazz

21st June 2013:
I love this story! So happy to see an update, keep it up!

Author's Response: Thank you! The next update should hopefully be coming soon :)

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Review #31, by xMsFiggx Pictures, Stalkers, And All That Jazz

18th June 2013:
I liked the Wizbook thing!! And I liked when James tried to get Aria's dad's autograph. I am really looking forward to seeing what Jett wants to tell her when they meet for ice cream, what Ryan could possibly want, and hopefully (fingers and toes crossed) more Aria/James time.

Perhaps her parents will make Ryan stay out on the front step since he is a boy and no boys are allowed in the house. Haha or not. I will have to wait and see ;)

Author's Response: Haha, I'm glad you liked it, even though it was basically all filler. And you'll get the answers to those questions in the upcoming chapters, so I won't say anything about that :P

Haha, yeah, maybe. You'll just have to wait to find out. Thanks for the review!

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Review #32, by Loving_Sirius_4eva Pictures, Stalkers, And All That Jazz

18th June 2013:

Write more. This story keeps getting better and better. I can't wait for the next chapter. Please update real soon. I give you an invisible cupcake :D

Cliff Hanger. Argh. Need more ASAP.


I'm definitely writing more, so hopefully it'll keep getting better :) And I'll try to update soon for that invisible cupcake :D

Thanks for the review!

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Review #33, by willow1 Pictures, Stalkers, And All That Jazz

18th June 2013:
Okay, heres the deal, if you make it Ryan Aria I will stop reading. End of story. If you don't and you Get her closer to James I will Favorite the story, if you make Aria and Ryan get together so that he can cheat on her again (or worse) and James helps her get through it and they get together I will also add this story to my favorites. I like her reaction to James friending her on Wiz-book, it's really hilarious. Please update soon, I love your story.

Author's Response: Okay, here's the deal, I will tell you that it is absolutely not going to be Ryan/Aria. No. Never. That's all I'm saying, though. If you want to favorite it, that's cool; if you don't, then that's cool too. I'm glad you love the story, though! Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #34, by flyingmandarin Pictures, Stalkers, And All That Jazz

17th June 2013:
This was a good updat never mind the fillerness of it! It's just fun to read! And the facebook thing is so common, I know I do it and I'm sure others do as well.

Author's Response: Ahaha, well thank you. I'm glad you liked it despite all the filler. And yes, I definitely based Wizbook on my own experiences, haha.

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Review #35, by Amelia Levesque Pictures, Stalkers, And All That Jazz

17th June 2013:
Omg. Omg. Omg. I am sooo excited for the next chapter. Don't keep my hanging :D

Author's Response: Yes. Yes. Yes. Ahaha, so am I. I'm gonna try and update soon :D

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Review #36, by MagicQuill Echoes, Lies, And All That Jazz

10th June 2013:
I hate you so much right now

Author's Response: No you don't. You love me.

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Review #37, by MagicQuill Electricity, Heartbeats, And All That Jazz

10th June 2013:
I wanna scream at Sophie James and you for planning to make a Jamesaria and breaking up the golden couple.

Author's Response: Ahaha yes, that seems to be the typical response. Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #38, by rogue_bludger Surprises, Sunrises, And All That Jazz

29th May 2013:
so i really really like this story! your main character is very well written and i love how i find myself yelling at her in my head as though she were a real person. also, i love that you have a slytherin dom--that's my kryptonite (i'm writing a story about a slytherin dom, so whenever i see one in someone else's stories, that gets me super excited). i can't stand alex- but at the same time i love reading the scenes with him because you make him out to be so realistic and even slightly vulnerable.
overall i just love this story and i'm looking forward to an update!

Author's Response: Good! I'm glad you like it :) I've put a lot of effort into making Aria realistic, so it's good to know that she's coming across that way. YES. SLYTHERIN DOM FTW. (Ooh, I may have to read that...) Well, you're not supposed to like him, so that's understandable, but I do understand why you like reading scenes with him. He's an interesting guy. The next update will be coming very, very soon! Thanks for the lovely review ♥

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Review #39, by ella Surprises, Sunrises, And All That Jazz

25th May 2013:
kajf;kfdsf this story is so good!! keep writing :) im obsessed, omg.

Author's Response: kadljfa;jsfld thank you so much! I will definitely keep writing :)

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Review #40, by Marauders map63 Surprises, Sunrises, And All That Jazz

4th May 2013:
I've been waiting for you to update for forever! Thank you so much! This chapter was really good! Please have Aria break up with Jett soon!!! And let him and James still be friends!

Author's Response: hasn't been that long, has it? *shifts around guiltily* I'm glad you liked the chapter! I'm not telling what happens next, though!

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Review #41, by free elf 25 Surprises, Sunrises, And All That Jazz

2nd May 2013:
UPDATE! I'd write more about how amazing this story is and how if you don't update ASAP I'll just DIE, but your story was just so addicting it's gotten a bit too late for my liking. Or early. So update- I don't think I can wait much longer!

Author's Response: OKAY! Well, I certainly don't want you to die, so I guess I'll have to update soon, now won't I? Have to keep you addicted and alive and what not :P Thanks for the review!

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Review #42, by gracelyn Surprises, Sunrises, And All That Jazz

28th April 2013:
I actually think I'm addicted to this story. Write more!!! You write really well!

Author's Response: Ahaha, I certainly hope not! I am!!! Thank you! :)

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Review #43, by laughingfornow Surprises, Sunrises, And All That Jazz

20th April 2013:
I. Have. Read. This. Story. For. Eight. Hours. Straight.
Its a truly fantastic story.
Practically, my eyes are burning because I spent the night reading a REALLY LONG story. Though if anything, you should make it longer.
I hope your life is going well and that you can update the next chapter soon.
Emily (laughingfornow)

Author's Response: Wow. Why. Would. You. Do. That. To. Yourself.
Awww thank you :)
If your eyeballs shrivel up and fall out of your skull, I claim no guilt. Rest your eyeballs, dear reader.
My life is pretty busy right now, but I'm hoping to have the next chapter up within about a week :)
Thanks for the review!

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Review #44, by xMsFiggx Surprises, Sunrises, And All That Jazz

17th April 2013:
I just love them together. They are so precious! I really don't want James and Jett to have to lose their friendship :( but maybe they won't?? But Aria and James need each other. Jett will be ok eventually I am sure. I love love this story and am so wondering what will possibly happen next. Will Aria and Jett finally make their breakup official? Will Jett and James remain friends? Will Jett ever forgive Aria and meet someone else??

Thanks for updating, it's always worth waiting for. Completely understandable that life and school get in the way. As long as you always return at some point, I'm happy!

Author's Response: Ah, they are precious, aren't they? That is the goal of both James and Aria - to keep friendships intact. So yeah, maybe they won't :) We'll just have to wait and see. Mwhahaha. I'm not giving out any spoilers about the rest of the story :P

Ahaha, well, you're welcome, and I'm glad you think so. I'm going to try and never take this long to update again. But no worries, I'll always come back eventually. I'm won't ever give this story up :)

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Review #45, by Younger Wand Surprises, Sunrises, And All That Jazz

17th April 2013:
New chapter pleasepleaspleaspleaspleasepleasepleasepleaseplease!!! So amazing!!! name is Grace. Awkward. But I dont care!!! You're too amazing!

Author's Response: Sorrysorrysorrysorrysorrysorrysorrysorrysorry but I don't have the next chappie written yet! It'll be up soon, though :) And I'm sure you are a very lovely girl, as not all people named Grace are horrid and awful. Thanks for the review!

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Review #46, by Em Surprises, Sunrises, And All That Jazz

16th April 2013:
So glad you are back but seriously more regular updates would be good!!!

Author's Response: Haha, thanks! And I'm really going to try :)

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Review #47, by Soraa Surprises, Sunrises, And All That Jazz

16th April 2013:
Great Chapter, so glad they're finally talking again :)

Author's Response: Thanks! I'm glad too :)

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Review #48, by FOREVERwithYOU Surprises, Sunrises, And All That Jazz

16th April 2013:
I feel and live your school-related pain, because I swear to justin timberlakes mirror that school was invented to screw your life up. I mean, there is no way that this was a coincidence.
okay. oh my god. I missed this story so much, something was missing from my life im not even kidding. thank you for updating and I hope you'll update sooner than last time. But really.
school sucks, though. I seriously feel your pain.
Stay awesome. xx

Okay. Yes. I missed this story as well. Like, a lot. I missed writing and not thinking about school for .32930 seconds. No worries, I'm definitely going to update sooner this time. :3
Thanks for the review!

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Review #49, by Loving_Sirius_4eva Surprises, Sunrises, And All That Jazz

15th April 2013:

Haha, i'm only kidding :D I'm so glad you finally updated. I thought you were going to abandon this story :(

I absolutely loved this chapter. It was probably my best one. James was so adorable, loving and sweet :D This chapter definitely made up for the wait. I have to say the ending was the freaking amazing. No cliffhanger :D Your story makes me fall in love with James all the time. I love the way you write and express each character. Keep writing and please update soon :D

A huge fan of your story!

Author's Response: BLARGH. I KNOW, RIGHT?!?

Ahaha, I am very glad that I finally updated as well. I'm never going to abandon this story. No matter how long I'm away, I'll always come back to it :)

Awww thank you ♥ To be honest, I thought it was just too much filler, but I'm glad you liked it! Nope, no cliffhanger, but there /will/ be one in the next chapter. Mwhahahaha. Like I said, I'm definitely going to keep writing this. I'll try and update soon!

Thanks for the review :D

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Review #50, by PygmyPuffLover Surprises, Sunrises, And All That Jazz

15th April 2013:

ahhck, I cannot express everything in a review so just picture my face expressing the amazing-ness that was this chapter. yep. hope college is going well for you, babe!

ellie :) xx

Author's Response: AKLSGJ;SDFJ THE FEELS.

Ahaha, well I'm glad you liked it. I was worried that everyone had forgotten about me, what with the whole not updating for six months or something ridiculous like that. College is going very well, thanks for asking :)

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