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Review #26, by Butterbeer Chapter Three - Revenge Is A Dish Best Served Cold

23rd December 2012:
This chapter cracked me up - about Ginny :) She deserves the remarks the Slytherin guys had after what she did to Hermione/Evvie. How can the other Gryffindor girls support her when she's with Harry? What a piece of work! I want to know what Blaze is thinking about Draco! What situation needs monitoring? Evvie began to trust Blaze really fast. Is there memories within her that remember him? I think more background is needed about this trust thing. I don't think trust would come so easily to her, forgiveness maybe, but not trust, especially after being so hurt by people she thought she could trust. Well done :)

Author's Response: I think the reason why I made not so much of a big deal around Hermione's trust in Blaise was because of the way her friend's were treating her. If you were put in her situation, wouldn't the arms of the enemy (or in her case brother) be easier to trust than that of her so called friends? That was my take on it anyhow.

And the other Gryffindor girls are blind, stuck in the past, unwilling to let the future change.


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Review #27, by Butterbeer Chapter Two – Jealously Only Serves to Separate the Weak from the Strong

23rd December 2012:
So I don't think even newly initiated brothers should say their sister has filled out in the right places... Just saying, that's slightly awkward. And Ginny's a total wench! Wow! You crafted her well lol. It was crazy to see Slytherin's embrace her, but I loved it. The end of the chapter really sums it up great :) Very intuitive! PS why is she called Cara all of a sudden? Does it mean something in another language or is that like her nickname or what? Hopefully it's explained later.

Author's Response: I know but I kinda like the awkward responses that come out before they're fully thought through. Thank you, Ginny became a lot more than just the passing character I expected her to be within this story.

That's my fault, after having read so many storys were the word 'Cara' was present, I assumed people would know what it meant. It's an Italian word, it translates to; darling, loved one etc.


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Review #28, by Butterbeer Chapter One - The Ugly Ducking Flies

23rd December 2012:
Well that is certainly bizarre lol. I'm not sure if I like it or not. Definitely threw me for a loop. Very creative - major kudos! I like the way your mind works :)

Author's Response: Cheers dears :) My mind tends to work in bizarre ways, but I'm glad you like the way it works :) ~Zyii

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Review #29, by Wylloe Chapter Three - Revenge Is A Dish Best Served Cold

19th November 2012:
Why does he call her "Clara" if her name is Evvie? Oh and I like how you made Harry and Ron out to be . Vindictive, and backstabbing, while they show signs of PTSD. just saying.

Author's Response: He doesn't call her CLARA he calls her CARA and it's an Italian endearment which can mean; darling, loved one etc.

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Review #30, by AJSII Chapter Two – Jealously Only Serves to Separate the Weak from the Strong

13th November 2012:
One of the most important parts of telling a story is characterization. You fail at this. You are basing Ron and Harries personalities on stupid, immature things they did when young. These reactions do not fit with the characters revealed in the books.

You can say that you are simply changing them to fit your story; but if that was the way Harry was, he wouldn't have been able to do the things he did.

I wasn't able to even finish the second chapter because your characterization was so bad. Seriously!

Author's Response: I'd say thanks for the review but it wasn't a nice review was it?

You don't like my story fine - don't read it.
I don't write characters as they were in the books.

If I wrote this story as the characters were in the books then the story wouldn't have worked.

I'm all for constructive critisism but this doesn't benifit either of us in any way.

If you can help it, please don't review any of my stories again, it'll just be a waste of time.

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Review #31, by Anilee Chapter Twenty – Epilogue: To Hold You So Close

2nd October 2012:
I loved the ending. And I loved the story :) your right the world is made if grey.

Author's Response: Thanks so much! :) The grey world is so colourful is it not

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Review #32, by potter 69 Chapter Seven – Brave Faces, Cat Fights, a Quiet Moment and a Mother’s Love

19th September 2012:
Wow, the story gets better and better! Keep it up

Author's Response: Thanks a lot :)

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Review #33, by emma k6 Chapter Three - Revenge Is A Dish Best Served Cold

18th September 2012:
what do u mean when blaise says "my cara" to evvie/hermione???
loving it alot!!

Author's Response: Cara is italian expression for saying; darling, loved one, etc.

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Review #34, by Local_Eskimo Chapter Twenty – Epilogue: To Hold You So Close

15th August 2012:
When I saw this after reading enchantress it was certainly different! Enjoyed every chapter without stopping.

Author's Response: Ahh thanks so much! :)

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Review #35, by Laura Chapter Twelve – Some People Can’t Take Back What They Dish Out. This Is Their Downfall

31st July 2012:
In the past chapters, there have been a lot of run on sentences. If you could fix them i would be really happy! thanks!

Author's Response: Ok thanks for pointing that out. I don't have time to do that currently but I'm sure I will get round to it at some point! :)

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Review #36, by anna Chapter Three - Revenge Is A Dish Best Served Cold

25th July 2012:
your story is really good! im really enjoying it, but is cara a nickname for evvie?? because im confused with all the name changes!

Author's Response: That's good. I'm glad you are enjoying it. Cara is an Italian endearment. It means; darling, dear one, loved one etc. Blaise uses it as an endearment for Evvie.

The only name change is from Hermione to Evvie.

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Review #37, by Cammie:P Chapter Two – Jealously Only Serves to Separate the Weak from the Strong

10th July 2012:
Blaise called Evvie Cara after she entered the Slytherin commonroom in more than one place. I just thought you'd like to know. I love this fanfic:) my favorite so far out of ALL the ones I have read so far and let me tell you I have honestly read and kept track about 2,793 fanfics:) yeah I have no life.anyway really liked this and trust me I'm not a fan of Griffindors either! My room is even in the process of being painted green!!! Oh yeah!! Slytherin through and through!!

Author's Response: Ahh cheers, I'll get round to editing typos at some point I'm sure. Well I'm glad you are enjoying it and chuffed that you love it.

Ahh that's cool, my room is green as well but it's more or a lime green really :) That's a lot of fanfics to keep track of, I read less now that I'm writing but I still try to read when I can.

I hope you continue to enjoy Queen of Gorgeousness to the end!

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Review #38, by Just a Fan of Dramione Chapter Fifteen – When the New Year begins people must think of their future careers

8th July 2012:
Im confused? Is this the end of the story?

It was a neat story, but really hard to follow at first. It took me a while to figure out your writing style so that I wouldn't feel so lost lol Not a bad story, but you could use with a lot more details in quite a few areas of it :) You have a great story here, and I think you could build it up nicely :))

Author's Response: This isn't the ending, there are 5 more chapters. They're all up for you to read. Yeah I know I have a different writing style. Thanks for your review.

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Review #39, by YouHadMeAtHogwarts Chapter Twenty – Epilogue: To Hold You So Close

7th July 2012:
!!!it's over but more to come WOOT!

Author's Response: I know it's over :( but more is coming and you can always reread it.

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Review #40, by YouHadMeAtHogwarts Chapter Nineteen – Insert your own mushy Title for the Enormous Amount of Emotional Content to Follow

7th July 2012:
I kept posting reviews and crying about how the story was done and you were like "Ummm theres still two more chapters" and i'm still siting there crying lol. I love this story ^^

Author's Response: Hehe :) Well I'd glad that you enjoyed it so much but hope that you didn't cry too much!

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Review #41, by Shea Chapter Seven – Brave Faces, Cat Fights, a Quiet Moment and a Mother’s Love

7th July 2012:
Wow this is truely amazing i am loving it

Author's Response: Thank you :) I'm glad you are enjoying it

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Review #42, by CharlieB Chapter Two – Jealously Only Serves to Separate the Weak from the Strong

7th July 2012:
Cara? slightly confused with that as Evvie is her name but over all amazing x

Author's Response: Cara is Italian for; dear one, beloved, darling. Blaise is Italian so he uses the word 'Cara' as an endearment for Evvie.

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Review #43, by AppreciativeReader Chapter Twenty – Epilogue: To Hold You So Close

6th July 2012:
If I could clap and give you a standing ovation for this story I would.
Loved every chapter.

Author's Response: Thank you, I'm incredibly pleased that you enjoyed it! :)

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Review #44, by AppreciativeReader Chapter Nineteen – Insert your own mushy Title for the Enormous Amount of Emotional Content to Follow

6th July 2012:
Loved the end of this chapter. The conclusion and the match of each couple.
Excellent piece of writing.

Author's Response: Thank you so much, means a lot :)

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Review #45, by DANI LOVEGOOD-MALFOY Chapter Twenty – Epilogue: To Hold You So Close

4th July 2012:


Author's Response: You are most welcome, I'm glad you enjoyed it :)

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Review #46, by i freakin love malfoy Chapter Twenty – Epilogue: To Hold You So Close

3rd July 2012:
I can't believe Queen of Gorgeousness is over!! I have to say that I have loved every minute of it!! I loved the story and the ending was superb!! You are amazingly talented and I can assure you that I will be reading your new story Enchantress!! Thank you for a wonderful story!!! Definitely one of my favorites!!!

Author's Response: I know! It's sad to see it finished but also quite rewarding :) I'm glad you enjoyed the story so much, that makes me quite happy. Well I hope you enjoy Enchantress as much as you've enjoyed this story.

I merely write the stories, it's the people who read them that make them into something special, so thank you.

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Review #47, by Shortie Chapter Twenty – Epilogue: To Hold You So Close

3rd July 2012:
Aw Zyii :'( :'( *hug* Anytime! You know that :D All my earlier reviews are under the name "Ashika" because, I didn't have a profile at that time. :)

I've been here from the beginning and do I even need to say, WOW. A big WOW is all I can say right now. You've created a story unlike any other! This is unique, creative, addictive and bloody fantastic :D I just don't know how you do it though. It's unbelievably amazing!

This is my favourite Dramione and maan have I read a lot of good Dramiones. But this will, now and forever remain my favourite. I started to read this because the title attracted me so much, so there you go. From the title to the epilogue everything is just fabulous. You're an amazing author :)

This ending is just... WOW. It's the perfect ending you know. Happy but not fairytale-like. Just... Perfect :)

It's over!!! :'( :'( But then I'll be reading this over and over again. The sad thing is you can only leave one review per chapter so I can't review any of the chapters :( But I'll always leave you a comment :D You know me :P

I'm going to start Enchantress after I get some sleep :D Hehe so be prepared to get nagged :D

Love you my cara :'( Aw I'm going to miss that!!

Don't EVER stop writing. You were born for this :)

Author's Response: Ahh that makes sense.

I don't know how I do it either. Perhaps it's luck. Or fate has decided to give me one talent.

Thank you so much, this story wouldn't have been half as good without people such as yourself enjoying it. Writing it is half the fun but I feel happier knowing that what I write is enjoyed by others as well.

Yep that's the beauty of it, you can read it as many times as you like and it won't fall apart like a good book would!

Haha, ok I'll be prepared for the nagging!

Love you too Cara (:

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Review #48, by Alli Sierra Felton Chapter Twenty – Epilogue: To Hold You So Close

3rd July 2012:
Yay! Happy ending!!! I loved your story so much I thought they were never going to end up together but they did! Yay! I am so excited to read your next story! Haha

Author's Response: Thank you so much for your review. I'm glad that you loved this story, I loved writing it (: I hope you enjoy my next story just as much!

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Review #49, by the_creator_questionmark Chapter Two – Jealously Only Serves to Separate the Weak from the Strong

1st July 2012:
I usually do not review but i wanted to have a chance to say say that this story is completely unbielieveable. If Hermione Granger is as she is supposed to be portrayed, y'know as a hard headed, stubborn, know it all, then I'm pretty damn sure she wouldn't have taken all this in the stride that you are describing. Don't get me wrong, the death of her parents and the loss of her home would have changed her for good, but were you not willing to let that tiny bit of fight, that I know she has, left in her. How is she possibly letting herself believe that a glamour was place on her nearly all of her life and that only a severely screwed up potion help to show her true form. Why is just taking this lying down, why isn't she asking why or who or what, or any of the questions that a true know it all would ask?
And for what I know this story is supposed to be about a bunch of teenage wizards and witches set in Harry Potter, not some hop up SAT spewing Dawson's Creek rejects. Why are they so mature and willing to forgive? Where is the anger, the fight, the fustration - even Dawson's Creek had some fustration.
Again I don't usually post, but I think this was needed. Maybe now that your dissertation is complete you'll have time to fix this and stop with the goody-goody, why can't we be friends bull.

Author's Response: If you find it so unbelievable then don't read it. I took original work from an author and made my own story around it, that's what fanfiction is.

She doesn't ask questions because she's already had enough drama she's got to the point where she just doesn't care. The changes that happen are just taken in her stride.

They aren't all willing to forgive, if you read more you'd find the anger and the frustration and the fight.

You shouldn't base your opinion on something from the first few chapters.

I have never watched Dawson's creek so I can't comment on what it's like.

Yes my dissertation is complete but I won't be fixing this story because it's fine the way it is. I suggest that if you find so much wrong with it then you don't continue to read it. I'm sure there are other stories out there that will better suit your criteria.

Thanks for the review.

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Review #50, by Shortie Chapter Nineteen – Insert your own mushy Title for the Enormous Amount of Emotional Content to Follow

1st July 2012:
NO! There's only one chapter left right? No no no this canNOT end! First I thought this was it but then it still says WIP so I guess there's one more to come? NO

Sooo sad to leave this story. Well we won't leave it but you get my point. I'll be reading it over and over again but still... The ending of this chapter is...

Lovely, fantastic, terrific, superb, amazing, awesome, WOW...

Hehe you get what I mean. You're the best!!! You're the best author ever!! You know how to create, recreate, destroy and procreate :D Hehe sorry about all the rambling but you know I love you and WoG and Evvie :D

Waiting for the last chapter. This story is going to be one big hit in the years to come :) :) :)

Love you my cara ;) :D

Author's Response: Yup only one chapter to go!! Ahh, I don't find it sad anymore because I finished it a while ago so I already feel like I've said goodbye, but it was sad.

That was a lot of 'create' words ;) Pft you never ramble...jokes.

Ha, perhaps it will. I hope you enjoy the last chapter when it gets validated. It's not very long but does justice as the final chapter - or so I think so :)

Yes! No explanation needed! Cara = epic word.

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