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Review #76, by navyfail friends or foes? and our plan is going well

24th June 2013:
They seem to be grouping up again which is fantastic. It is great to see Lily again. And Molly and Lucy too.

What happened with her patronus is very cute. It is because of the memory at the rooftop her patronus is stronger, right?

I like how Rose still thinks with a clear head with the situation in hand. She tries not to let Scorpius or what they can be distract her, which is tough. They are both very sweet and caring of each other.

On thing I noticed:
"I couldn't risk trying to cast Unveiling spell nonverbally- thinking had never been my speciality, and I wouldn't know if the spell Unveiling spell nonverbally- thinking had never been my speciality, and I wouldn't know if the spell had worked." It seems like part of this sentence is repeated. Just thought I would point that out.

All in all, great chapter! I can't wait for the next one. Update soon! :D


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Review #77, by DumbledoresArmyOfOne Zach, Marcus and it was Scorpius' plan

9th May 2013:
I love Rose and Scorpius as a team.
Together, they seem to have everything going for them, and they seem to trust each other (more than they should probably).
This is such an amazing complex story with all the politics and family ties and everything. I love how Lysander got them out, and just the ways in which they all stick together. I hate to think that one of them is a traitor, and I still have no idea which one it could be :/
Amazing chapter! Love the Alice in Wonderland quote- it definitely fits ;)

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Review #78, by DumbledoresArmyOfOne an introduction, a party and the beginnings of a plan

7th May 2013:
Wow, this is such a cool premise :D
It reminds me of Heist Society but cooler and with magic! I love this BAMF version of the Wotters- they seem like such interesting, complicated characters already, one chapter in.
Really well written, awesome characters, and I can't wait to read more!

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Review #79, by tragicYETmagic motorbikes, arrivals and the continuing of our plan.

2nd May 2013:
Of course i would continue reading this even though the updates are a little slow... I cant really judge I haven't updated my book in months.



Love Tragic

Author's Response: HEY! Thanks for reviewing, I am sorry that updates are very slow. We're near the end now though, updates will be faster (until they stop FOREVER). Eek.

Thanks for the review!

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Review #80, by ladymontgomery motorbikes, arrivals and the continuing of our plan.

30th April 2013:
Beautiful as always! While reading this I had the horibble idea that Scorpius is the traitor since we've been so drawn into the idea that he's Rose's confidant. It makes sense since we can't see into his mind. But seriously, that would be horrible, I'd probably cry myself to sleep if you did. Anyways, I was so glad to see another chapter up. Suspenseful, as always :))

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Review #81, by Janner motorbikes, arrivals and the continuing of our plan.

29th April 2013:
This continues to be a great story! I'm already looking forward to Chapter 150, and I still don't know who the traitor is.
Keep up your fsntastic writing Jen.

Author's Response: ahahaaha, I don't think we will have a chapter 150 but we'll know who the traitor is very soon. Hattie has nearly run its course!

Thank you so much for sticking with me and the story, Bill :)

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Review #82, by Mae motorbikes, arrivals and the continuing of our plan.

27th April 2013:
so I read about the first 11 or so chapters of this a while ago and then I lost it, but then I found it again! It's really good writing, I always find myself trying to guess the traitor and then second guessing myself! Very good mystery, we seem to have found out quite a bit in the last few chapters, I can't wait for an update. I'm hoping Roxy isn't the traitor but who knows? Please update soon this is brilliant! :)

Author's Response: Hey! I'm very glad you found this story again, and I'm so pleased you enjoy the mystery of it- its hard to get the balance right and I'm glad you think its okay.
Thank you so much for the review, I hope you continue to read! :)

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Review #83, by navyfail Zach, Marcus and it was Scorpius' plan

27th April 2013:
Wow, it finally happened. The ScoRose feels...I just can't(sobs). Sorry, it was just too perfect. And then;

"Am I interrupting something?"Lysander enquired nonchalantly." Very, very great timing, Lysander. :) Just had to ruin the moment.

I hope Rose and Scorp get together soon(meaning now). And I love the direction the story is going.

Sama 10/10

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Review #84, by navyfail an introduction, a party and the beginnings of a plan

27th April 2013:
I think the title lured me in. Honour Among Thieves...just sounds so tempting to read, lol.

I really like the introduction and the theme of the story. You know the Weasleys, Potters, Scamanders, and Malfoy being next generation of criminals. Very unlike most stories, in a good way though.
I already love Rose's character and how she is a barmaid adds to her character. I also love Scorpius even though you don't know him yet. He is just so likable to me.

Anyways, I already love your story & I hope you update soon(like very, very soon).

Sama 10/10

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Review #85, by rez motorbikes, arrivals and the continuing of our plan.

24th April 2013:
wooow, long time since I've read this one! I no longer hate ScoRose as much as I used to so yay for mushy moments! everythings been very very unsure for a long time now so I'm looking forward to the next big confrontation! hopefully that's not the end of everything though.. I found by it would be anyway.

your readers are still here, eagerly awaiting updates! don't give us any reason to lose faith in you :p :))

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Review #86, by Holly_Mist motorbikes, arrivals and the continuing of our plan.

24th April 2013:
I read all nineteen chapters in one reading and i have to say - it's amazing! :D I really love the entire concept of the story. It's new, it's good!

BLARGH. I nearly died with all the Rose and Scorpius moments in the story! They're just too adorable!

And as for the traitor, i have a feeling it may be Lysander or Lorcan! Though of course, i may be wrong. Let me know if i'm right :P

Update soon! :D

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Review #87, by Crescent Moon  motorbikes, arrivals and the continuing of our plan.

23rd April 2013:
Loved this chapter.
I'm glad they've met up with Roxy.
I really want to know who the traitor is, for some reason I have his funny feeling about Lorcan... I don't know why.
I really can't wait to see what happens next, please update as soon as you can :D

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Review #88, by missclaire17 motorbikes, arrivals and the continuing of our plan.

22nd April 2013:
I think it's really interesting the way that all of them are just giving each other the benefit of the doubt despite the fact that they all are wary of who is the traitor. It's like, from each of their points of view, anyone can be the traitor but in the end, they're still family so they really stick by each other and you can see that hints of their old life when you see them together, trying to plan, and things like that. I love reading about the members together and planning their next move.

I also have a feeling that the Fraternity people are gonna get in MAJOR trouble for flying a broomstick in broad daylight. MAJOR breaking of the international statute of secrecy. It could potentially lead to more info on the Wotter clan's crimes, imo, if the Ministry handles it accordingly without interferences from Carrow.

This was an interesting chapter, I'm glad you updated! (:

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Review #89, by Lululuna success, arrests, and someone else's plan

21st April 2013:
This chapter is definitely worth a review!!! :) I loved all the action, it was clearly very meticulously planned and you did an amazing job describing it. I'm actually kind of impressed that Mr. Carrow is going to all these lengths- clearly his children didn't inherit the brains in the family.

I honestly have no idea who the traitor is, but I wish I did!! Perhaps someone is under the Imperius curse... but no, that wouldn't be as scandalous.

Rose using her position as a bartender to wheedle intel out of unsuspecting drunkards is pure genius.

Also, I can't believe they got arrested!! I wonder if it will be the whole clan or just Rose, Hugo and Scorp?? And how will they get out of it?? Ahh!

Hugo Arthur Weasley certainly has a nice ring to it. Plus it's only fair that Mr. Weasley gets a namesake as well!!!

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Review #90, by Lululuna  tears, panicking and a pathetic -yet successful- dating plan

21st April 2013:
Okay, so I am one of those people who starts reading a story, loves it, then is way too excited to leave any reviews in favour of continuing to read.

This, however, is not fair because you deserve reviews for this hilarious masterpiece. This is SUCH an original and hysterical idea. It took me a few to get over the sheer ridiculous awesomeness of the Wotter clan turning into crime lords, which is incredible as a fact to itself. The obvious fact that "our parents are the law" makes it even more ironic and perfect. However, the little details of your writing and characters are equally chuckle-inspiring.

Breaking into HOGWARTS? The safest place to hide anything valuable (unless it's a philosopher's stone... or a Horcrux)? Genius. Rose Weasley as a master thief? Fabulous. A scheming secret enemy, possible turncoat and clan of brawny criminals called the Fraternity? Even better.

I'm going to conclude this gush-fest by highlighting some of my favourite bits of this chapter alone.

1. "THERE IS ENOUGH ROOM FOR JACK ON THAT RAFT TOO...!" and "Watch this, it's the sequel"

2. "And how is it even possible to forget your TWINS birthday?"

3. "GUESS WHAT? I'M PREGNANT! Leave a message!"

4. "Notice she wasn't complimenting me, just my dress. Which I had borrowed from her."

5. "I became aware that I stank of eau-de-Thames." The whole scuba-diving abduction incident was just hilarious all around."

Anyway, as you can probably tell I'm totally smitten with this story and am very amused by all the characters, particularly Rose and her sassiness. I shall go read more now. :)

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Review #91, by TheHeirOfSlytherin motorbikes, arrivals and the continuing of our plan.

21st April 2013:
JENNY!!! I was so excited when I saw this, I had to read!

I loved the action in this chapter, Scorpius is so cool on the moterbike. I felt a little... er, sad? ...when Rose felt weird about hurting the guy who looked so young, then cast the spell and watched a body and fire. But he was a bad guy and he did take out his wand first, so it's only a little sad. :P

Roxanne is so smart, creating that spell to find them. I'm glad she did, I've kinda missed her not being around. I love that they're all suspicious of everyone even though they're trying to find everyone and bring them together. It's not currently a forgive and forget type situation

I so cannot wait for the big finale and to finally know who the traitor is. It's gonna be epic, I can tell!

Awesome chapter, Jenny!


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Review #92, by MaryAnn friends, arguments, and step one of the plan.

16th April 2013:
This is quite an intriguing and engaging story!!! usually read OC fics but I got sucked into Rose and her families story right away!! I hope you update soon

Author's Response: thanks so much for your review! I'm really glad you like my story, and I've just this second updated with chapter nineteen, so I hope you come back to read :) thanks!

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Review #93, by atellam friends, arguments, and step one of the plan.

3rd April 2013:
I love this story, and I'm so glad it won the Golden Paw Award. The only bit of crit would be to add in some more description, for places and scenes and the like, as not only would it help the overall feel of each chapter, but help smooth out the flow, as sometimes I feel it can be a bit jumpy and I get confused about what's going on. That said, love the story and can't wait for an update. Congrats on the award!

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Review #94, by missclaire17 friends, arguments, and step one of the plan.

12th March 2013:
hello! I have to say that I've always seen this story but never read it till now, and I'm glad that I read it! I think you wrote this SO well; I just love the idea that the entire Wotter gang, the Scamanders, and Scorpius are a part of this secret criminal group. And the roles that each of them have is just so realistic and I love how all of them do have this really strong bond together with each other.

The thing is though, I really think that Hugo is the traitor. As sad as it is to have to pick someone out in the group as the traitor, I have to say that its Hugo. as much as Rose does not want to believe that her brother can be the traitor, I think that he is because of how suspicious it is.

Also, I hope Draco and Astoria don't still think that Scorpius is dead. Hopefully because they can't produce his body they'll realize that he isn't dead and have hope.

I also don't know what to make of Zach. His character seems dodgy and even though Rose wants Scorpius to believe her and trust her on Zach, I think Scorpius is right to be wary about him. It doesnt matter that he had helped her out at the trial; he could be doing it for his own/the frat's reasons. Just because he helped her out once doesn't make him completely trustworthy.

I love how you wrote out Rose's character because she's SO flawed but at the same time, you can see her cling to this wish of naivety for things to go back to the way they were when it was good. I love to see that even though she's such a flawed person and she doesn't seem very likable at times, she has this goodness deep down inside of her and she has that goodness that Hermione believes Rose has to do the right thing at the very end.

I love this novel, and I hope you update soon (:

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Review #95, by Janner friends, arguments, and step one of the plan.

25th January 2013:
I continue to love this amazing story. The interaction between Rose and Scorpius is a delight to read.
You write so fantastically well. My envy increases with every chapter. It's outrageous that there were not more Dobby Awards.
Keep up the good work Jen. you're amazing.

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Review #96, by padmoonyfoot7 friends, arguments, and step one of the plan.

24th January 2013:
This was really good, but I sort of forgot what was going on for a while. I loved seeing the list again, for some reason.

Keep up the fantastic work!!


Author's Response: Okay, thank you! I'll keep that in mind, and think about rewriting it.
Thanks for the review!

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Review #97, by rez friends, arguments, and step one of the plan.

22nd January 2013:
wow I'd forgotten how legitimately amazing this is, great chapter! I'm so glad you've updated, looking forward to the next one!! :D

Author's Response: Legitimately amazing? Thank you so much! I hope you enjoy the rest of the story!

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Review #98, by Crescent Moon  friends, arguments, and step one of the plan.

18th January 2013:
I've just found this story and I love it!
It's so original and so interesting. You're such a great writer, I really couldn't stop reading.
The plot it amazing, I love a mystery. But hearing parts of Carrow's side make everything all more interesting. I can't think of who the traitor might be, well I've got idea's and then I think 'oh no, it could be such and such'. It's killing me!
So I don't really need to tell you that I can't wait to see what happens next. Please update as soon as you can.

Author's Response: Thanks so much! I wrote this mainly because I thought no-one else had done it!
I'm glad you like Carrow's side, it was something I wasn't sure about doing, but I felt that the other side needed to be seen as well.
And I love hearing views on who the traitor is! :D I'll update asap. Thanks!

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Review #99, by CharliesRose friends, arguments, and step one of the plan.

17th January 2013:
OMFG SCORPIUS CAN RIDE A MOTORBIKE, how damn sexy is that??? OK before I go on a Scorpius-is-amazing rant (though he's married...) I must praise your writing; it's amazing and you deserve those Dobbies!! I'm not even kidding your ideas are so original and your writing style just makes it even better.
Also your characters are just so cool, though I am seriously begging you for another ScorRose moment, that was just to cute with the fireworks.
As for who the traitor is, I seriously can't imagine it's Roxy... I think it's either Hugo or someone completely random like Vic or... it could be Scorpius, as much as it pains me to say... it would explain why they keep getting caught by Fraternity...
Ok well anyways I'm finished now on the note that you are fantastic and seriously well done!!!
~Char x

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Review #100, by TheHeirOfSlytherin friends, arguments, and step one of the plan.

16th January 2013:

They found two! I'm glad, I was beginning to fear they'd really all been taken and Rose and Scor was all alone and they'd have to be ninjas to save everyone... They should be ninjas anyway. ;)

It was a very smart idea to be vague and say trustworthy things to know they're not the traitors. They can be too trusting. Although I agree that it's not Hugo, just because. ROXY? I never thought of her, but I now I wonder. She is being sneaky right now.

I'm not happy with Rose. She moved away. You can't make me like Rose/Scor, then take away potential Rose/Scor moments. It makes me sad.

But not by much. Because this chapter was awesome and so worth the wait and I'm so excited about what will happen next and SCOR CAN RIDE A MOTERBIKE... He's now cooler than before... and I cannot wait for the next chapter! I'll hold you to your promise!



P.S. 'I punched him, just because I could and he was annoying me.' Best. Line. Ever. Just made me giggle. :D

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