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Review #51, by Lea the end (part two)

30th December 2013:
This was so amazing! I am literally in love with your writing - this story, these characters... its all so perfect!

Oh my gosh they said they loved each other! Eek! I love Rose. And Scorpius. And them together.

I am all out of guesses as to who the traitor is. Really. There's no way it could possibly be any of them!

Carrow. Go die.

I wonder what they're parents must think now. Are they really disappointed in their children for who they are, even if they are worried sick for their lives? Their lives kinda really blow, though. After spending years defeating Voldemort and going through all that pain, they have to deal with this too.

I can't wait to read the rest of this!

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Review #52, by Lea innuendo, ballfoot and the collapse of a plan

30th December 2013:
Ohmygosh a Carrow I totally called it! I was like, "It must be one of those Death Eaters who were teachers at Hogwarts" and it turned out to be their cousin (or something like that probably)

I just started reading this story and I absolutely love it! It's so unique,and I love the idea that the children of the Saviors are thieves.

Author's Response: Ahaha, I wondered who would work it out! Yup, Abner is the cousin of the canon Carrows, as there were two film!canon sisters with the surname Carrow, and Abner is their father (not canon, just me :P)

Thank you very much for reading and reviewing!

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Review #53, by greenbirds the end (part two)

28th December 2013:
i'm OBSESSED with your writing. you write so well and i'd be extremely upset if i found out you didn't want to pursue literature as a job/don't already write for a living, your words flow like an actual novel, and it's so much better than the normal good stuff on this site- whilst there are some incredible writers in fanfiction, it's still fanfiction, you know? i can't really vocalise what i'm trying to express but i've been reading this for the past 6 hours and my heart has been racing, i've been laughing out loud and i've been panting from utter shock and sadness, especially richie.
this is a story that is utterly faultless. i normally stay away from action/adventure because if it's not written properly (in my opinion) it's just not good and it's one of those things where if you get even a small percentage of it wrong, the whole novel is ruined! not this story.
i'm anticipating the "grand finale" so much. so i am a little bit in love with scorpius, james and lily's relationship is so sweet and ergh, all the characters, even the smaller, more minute ones like marcus were written so well!
i'm sorry for gushing ahaha, i really am.
bea x

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Review #54, by Janner the end (part two)

28th December 2013:
Another wonderful chapter! I'm amazed that you are able to maintain such a high quality of writing. How many chapters have you divided 'the end' into? A lot, I hope, because I just love reading your work. Happy New Year Jenny. Good luck in 2014.

Author's Response: all the best for your new year, bill!
The end will be split into three parts (hopefully- it might end up being four!) After this is finished, then I'll be doing a one shot on rose ad scorpius and also possibly a sequel, so look out for those!
Thank you, as ever, for reading and reviewing!

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Review #55, by Crescent Moon  the end (part two)

26th December 2013:
Loved this chapter!
I love Rose and Scorpius together and I really want to see how the others are getting on. Am I allowed to ask how many parts does 'the end' have?
I can't wait to see what happens next.

Author's Response: Hey! We'll see the others in the next chapter, and 'the end' will only have three parts (I highly doubt there will be four but then I originally planned to have two...)
Thanks for the review!

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Review #56, by TheHeirOfSlytherin family, help, and step one is complete

26th December 2013:

I'm torn between sadness and amusement, weirdly enough. :P

Anyway, I am so glad Hugo is alright and that James probably is and that Theo is helping. He's very helpful. I like that. I feel like with the gang coming together, everything is coming together - now for the fight. It's very exciting... and dangerous... with potential for heartbreak and tears.

And James is here! Haha, a criminal who didn't even know someone was behind him. He's slipping. *tsks* :P

I'm so excited, Jenny!


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Review #57, by ChubbyBunny innuendo, ballfoot and the collapse of a plan

17th December 2013:
Oh my god I wasn't sure who the mysterious man was, but a Caerow fits the bill perfectly! I love this story, it's amazing! I should be studying for a test, but instead I'm reading it; that's how good this is!

Author's Response: PLEASE STUDY FOR TEST!! But yeah I liked making Carrow my baddie because it's kinda canon!
Thanks so much for reading and reviewing my story- AND PLEASE STUDY.

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Review #58, by xTimexTurnerx the end (part one)

13th December 2013:
AHHH I'm dying! (not actually) PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE update soon! I've skipped studying for a final because I've been reading this all night. That's how good it is.

Author's Response: PLEASE STUDY FOR YOUR FINAL! I appreciate it though, it means a lot that you like it this much! Thank you, and I will update soon :)

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Review #59, by Debra20 an introduction, a party and the beginnings of a plan

19th October 2013:
Oh my gosh this is a marvelous start for a story. Not only did I ever imagine that a story could make me this enthusiastic, let alone this story being a Next Gen! Next Gen is like the last genre of HP fanfiction that I usually read (ignore the fact that I'll be writing one for NaNo LOL).

The premise is an excellent hook and may I say that I am thrilled you decided to use all the Next Gen characters in this, and use them with a purpose, not just filling in the blanks. I am SOOO eager to see how things play out!

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Review #60, by free elf 25 the end (part one)

29th September 2013:
The end? THE END? WHERE IS THIS UPDATE? Awesome chapter btw- can't wait for the fireworks! :)

Author's Response: Ahahaha, thank you very much!

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Review #61, by Janner the end (part one)

23rd September 2013:
One of the joys of reading this author is the pleasure of reading correct grammar and spelling. Starry is streets ahead of the vast majority of the authors that publish here, including me.

Great work Jenny, keep it up.

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I take great pride in being correct :P Thanks for the kind words, and review Bill :)

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Review #62, by alicia and anne family, help, and step one is complete

9th September 2013:
:O THEY STUNNED THEO! *hugs him tightly* I think that might annoy him!

I'm glad that Hugo and James are okay though, I was worried about them! I want Hugo to go and help them and yet stay safe! I know that he's capable of looking after himself, but I want to protect him!

I'm so glad how much Theo has helped them, he's so great isn't he?

Aw I loved that she scared James, although she could have been hurt for doing so.

YES!!! GET IN! They're going after Carrow! He won't know what's hit him when they get there!

Author's Response: THEY DID STUN THEO. He's fine, chill :P
Hugo and James, yes, both okay and awesome, which is handy for future chapters *wiggles eyebrows knowingly*
Theo has helped them a lot, but then again he also has a lot of backstory with James, so it is understandable.

AND YAAY LETS GET CARROW! *lights torches* Thanks for the reviews!

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Review #63, by alicia and anne friends or foes? and our plan is going well

9th September 2013:
Yay!!! Lily, Molly and Lucy are there! But where is James? ;( I really hope that he isn't hurt at all.

Gah! I hate that I don't want any of them hurt, but I'm also so suspicious of them all! This is a big mix of feelings I have for them!

I hate Carrow so very much! He is not a good person at all and I really hope that Rose and the others get revenge on him. Or all of their parents make him pay!

Awww Rose and Scorpius falling asleep together, that is true love right there! No denying that at all!

They've gone to find the amazing Theo!!

This is so exciting! :D

Author's Response: THE AMAZING THEO. I will never not be grateful for Sam lending him to me. Also, Carrow is a completely horrible person and while I understand his motives he is still a massive moron.
I'm so happy about your mixed feelings :P WHO IS IT?

Thank you so much for all your reviews, Tammi. You're a superstar.

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Review #64, by alicia and anne motorbikes, arrivals and the continuing of our plan.

9th September 2013:
I really really hope that they make the six o clock news! I think they need it after everything that they've been through :P

That was an amazing chase scene! I love that they had a motorbike! :P Although I kinda hope that the guy Rose sent the spell at is going to be okay, even if he is a bad guy, mainly to make Rose feel better.

WOO! Roxy is there and Rose has stolen her want! :P I love how much she steals from people :P

I really hope that Roxy isn't the traitor, although I'm suspicious. Which I am of everyone! Well Roxy did invent that spell... maybe she's not a traitor. Also! The radio is awesome!!!

Can you ever not write an amazingly fantastical fabulously awesome chapter? LOVED THIS!

Author's Response: Hello again! They did in fact make the six o'clock news :P I'm glad you liked the chase scene, I watched the Bourne Legacy and came away absolutely DYING to write about a motorbike :P

Rose steals so much she is so amazing I love her so much goddamn. Its interesting to see who you think is the traitor (and how much it changes!) thank you for the review!

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Review #65, by alicia and anne friends, arguments, and step one of the plan.

9th September 2013:
Just where is Roxy? She must be hiding very well! Or caught! :O

I hope that they can find the missing cousins, I'm so worried about them all and suspicious of them all! I think that to make me feel better Rose and Scorpius should just start dating... let's ignore his wife!

YAY! They found Molly and Lucy!!

:O I'm anaemic too! I'm basically Lucy!! :P


I hope that their plan works! Also I loved jealous Scorpius :P Hehehe

Once again a wonderful chapter, you're pretty awesome do you know that? :P

Author's Response: I will confirm that Roxy has not been caught! And Rose and Scorpius dating? While on the run? They would blow up a lot of restaurants that way :P And there is the small problem of Scorpius' wife...


Thanks so much for the review Tammi! You da best.

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Review #66, by alicia and anne Zach, Marcus and it was Scorpius' plan

9th September 2013:
I like how you've shown them being tired and sarcastic and snappy. Also how they're both dealing with everything that life has thrown at them, including poor Richies death.

Derelict places are pretty creepy! I can never imagine a derelict Hogwarts, that would be too heartbreaking!

Aww little Scorpius protecting Rose from what he thought was danger. :D


Lysanders there? Is it bad that the first thing I thought was that it was a trap... which it was kinda.

Oh, Marcus. How I hate you!

No! People have been caught!!

I hope Lysander is okay, even if I am suspicious of him! Poor Rose and Scorpius getting hurt a lot.

They're going to storm the building? AWESOME!

Can't wait for more of this amazing story!! Off to review the next chapter :D

Author's Response: Hey! Thanks :) I tried to make them as realistic as possible- when people walk away from explosions in films it all looks cool but they have murdered people and they should probably face the emotional consequences, so it sucks but my characters are very sad and tired! :P

KISSING. And yeah, sorry about the trap whoops. Thank you very much for the review, Tammi! You're the absolute best.

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Review #67, by AriesGirl40 the end (part one)

9th September 2013:
Goodness! Their letters sound like their saying their final good-bye's. You know the kind. (Im sorry I was such a rotten daughter in life, please forgive me in death) lol i do hope their plan goes the way they want with few surprises.
Very good chapter, I think Rose is warming up to Scorpius a bit. See you again soon!

Author's Response: Hey! Yeah- that's exactly what I was hoping the letters would portray- they're kind of getting closure and sorting themselves out in case anything happens to them (which considering what I've put them through already, is very likely).

Thank you very much for the review!

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Review #68, by ValWitch21 the trial, some secrets and an escape plan

8th September 2013:

My goodness, I think I need to keep in mind that if I want inspiration for an action scene, I need to come back to this chapter. The stress in the whole escape from the Ministry passage was just too much to handle. Right now, I honestly feel like I held my breath for the whole chapter, zooming until I was sure they were safe.

(Safe being relative because you like plot twists and putting your characters through turbulences far too much than is healthy for them, and for us too.)

I love Rose and Scorpius together more than it should be allowed, even though there's nothing concrete between them yet. ALAS, SUCH IS LIFE.

Right so Louisa. I'm not sure if it's because she sounds like a cranky, pampered child, or because of the pale blue ruffles, but I don't like her very much. But -- insert ladylike sniff of disapproval here -- I will tolerate her, I suppose, because I'm curious about her and Scorpius' backstory.

Onto the next chapters!

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Review #69, by ValWitch21  tears, panicking and a pathetic -yet successful- dating plan

8th September 2013:
That scene with Rose and Lorcan at the beginning is one of my favourite scenes in this entire story. I also entirely agree with them: there was more than enough space for Jack on the raft. That being said, I didn't cry when he died: it seemed so silly after everything he'd managed to survive that I was just cursing the director.

RIGHT. My life anecdotes aside, I don't feel like this chapter was that fillery. It allowed us a more in-depth vision of Rose's relationships, which is good for her character development.

Oh, before I leave, another thing I loved was the moment with all the voicemails. It's Murphy's law, Rose, you can't do anything about it!

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Review #70, by ValWitch21 an introduction, a party and the beginnings of a plan

8th September 2013:
Hello again, Jenny!

I'm here on a mission to get your story to three hundred reviews. Hence, reviews might be a little short. Apologies in advance.

You know, I remember that when I started reading this a few months ago, I'd fangirled myself silly over your introduction paragraphs. Today, it's still the same.

I love how matter of fact Rose is about the situation she and her family (and Lorcan, Lysander and Scorpius) are in. She's so nonchalant and dismissive and sassy. Clearly, I can't say 'I'm going to like her' because I've read the twenty plus following chapters, but this reminds me why I started liking her in the first place.

Moving on to chapter two!

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Review #71, by ValWitch21 the end (part one)

8th September 2013:
I can't believe this is the end already, it feels like I started reading HAT only a few days ago!

ALSO. Yesterday, I'd stopped at 'We were in', thinking that what followed was an author's note. (In my defense, I was exhausted.) So, rereading today and discovering that in fact I had the brain cells of a dead frog when I'm tired and that the chapter wasn't finished made my day!

There are so many things I wish I could provide a thoughtful analysis of, but unfortunately my inner fangirl has locked my reasonable persona away so this will rather consist of a serie of squees.


Brotherly / sisterly / cousiny relationships and their dynamics. I understand Rose and James' apprehensions about seeing their younger siblings step into the fight -- I'm a big sister as well -- but it's good nonetheless that Hugo and Lily will be attacking as well. In their position, I'd hate to stay behind.

GAH. Those extracts from the letters at the end are reducing to a blubbering mush, especially the 'I'll see you both soon...' We don't know who's saying what, but I have a bad feeling that not everyone will make it out alive.

I can't wait for the final chapter, even though that means that this story will be coming to a close. Perhaps pirate Marauders will help me get over it?

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Review #72, by sapphire25 death, wolves and there isn't a plan

1st September 2013:
This story is utterly killing me. Since the second chapter I've been trying to figure out who the traitor is, and you have counteracted most of my possibilities (James, Lily, Hugo, Dom). And you know what? If this story was the death of me, I genuinely wouldn't mind. It's awesome, and totally deserves that gigantic list of awards it holds.

Author's Response: Ahahaha, thank you so much! It really means a lot to me that you like my little Hattie!
Thank you so much for sticking with Rose (and me) I really SUPER appreciate it.

Thank you!

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Review #73, by Janner family, help, and step one is complete

29th August 2013:
I have missed reading this story, so it's great to see a new update. The characterisations are as brilliant as ever and the writing is of the same high calibre.
Good to read you again Jenny, it really is. You are inspiring me to write again. I believe I owe you a Hermione/Robbie story. I'll get right on it.

Author's Response: Hey! Thanks so much, it means a lot to me that you keep reading, and keep enjoying it as well :)
I'm very glad you're starting to write again as well! Fantastic!
Thanks for the review mate :)

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Review #74, by AriesGirl40 family, help, and step one is complete

24th August 2013:
Yea! James is back. I cant wait to find out what going on the offensive consist of :)

see you next chapter!

Author's Response: Yeah! Whoop James! I'm excited to give him a good lot of screen time as well!
Thank you for the review :)

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Review #75, by Hagrid21 family, help, and step one is complete

23rd August 2013:
I've been so back and forth about who the traitor is. I think I've suspected just about everyone except Rose, and then I thought that maybe there isn't a traitor but Carrow just has them bugged, which made me think Rita Skeeter was involved which is crazy...right?

Anyway I love your story and I just thought I'd show you that by showing how much I've overthought every little detail. I can't wait for the big finish now that they're all coming together. Storm the castle!

Author's Response: Your enthusiasm is fantastic! I agree! Storm the castle! :D
You're still unsure about the traitor? That's brilliant! Ehehe :P And that is a very valid theory... it could be true...
Thank you so much for such a wonderful review!

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