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Review #26, by annyluvesmalfoy Campfire Stories

27th March 2012:
You definately are evi! Mission accomplished! Is the song going to come up this is GREAT!!!

Author's Response: annyluvesmalfoy,

Yay! I'm evil! LOL! :D

Saldy, I didn't know if putting the song in their was plargirising or not, so sadly no :( It would have been great though.

thank you for another thoughtful review,
jaz xoxo

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Review #27, by annyluvesmalfoy Bat's Wings

27th March 2012:
Once i saw that it was a crossover with the vampirates, i leaped up with joy! No kidding! Hp and vp are my two favorite series! Is lorcan in here? Please, please have him in here! This is amazing! Is she having thosethoughts cuz she really is a pureblood.? Or is she part of the vampirate clan? Where doesdraco come in? Omg! I love your p,ot! Please dont ever give up on this story! I probably blabbed waytoo much, but... icantwait to read this!

Author's Response: annyluvesmalfoy,

thank you for your kind words and reviews for my story. You have no idea how much they mean to me. :)

I know! What better two seris was there ever!

As for Draco and Lorcan and Hermione's parents, you'll just have to wait and see ;)

Once again thank you! And don't worry, I will NEVER give up on this story, it's like my baby, I love it too much. I'm practically obessesed with it. LOL!

Don't worry m'dear, blabbing just means I did a job well done to me.

thank you for reviewing,

jaz xoxo

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Review #28, by gran/ger Campfire Stories

18th March 2012:
That's mean! You're showing your Slytherin side now. In serious mode; I've got an idea where you're going with this tale; and I love it! Clever author to come up with the idea. It beats the usual "Pirates of the Caribbean" crossover; so you're forgiven! I hope you'll be updating soon. 'til whenever, ciao!

Author's Response: gran/ger,
love your name! Haha, being Slytherin is the most fun.

I'd love to know where you think this is headed, ad hope even if this isn't going where you're thinkng it will, you'll still like it.

Thanks so much for your r&r,
jaz xoxo

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Review #29, by gran/ger Bat's Wings

18th March 2012:
Say what? Kool! On a more serious note; I'm liking it much so far. I'm looking forward to what comes next with anticipation! [Got to love Rocky Horror]; or not! Anyways I'll say ciao for now.

Author's Response: gran/ger,

IKR! :D I never thought wen I started writing this at two (three??) in the morning that Hermione would end up adopted, it just happened and then the ship appeared and I was like yeah! lol. I hope I can get the same reactions from you again.

Thanks for reading! Cioa senorita (or senor??)

jaz xoxo

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Review #30, by MiSTY_VoLPe Campfire Stories

18th March 2012:
naw... thanks for mentioning me in the Authors Note- that was sweet!
anyways thanks for updating! and Jared, Medusa and Calypso seem strange...
cant wait to read more soon!

Author's Response: MiSTY_VoLPe! It was nothing and your welcome. I'm really sorry it didn't get it up last week, but mid term exams are a butt! Jared, Medusa, and Calypso are strange... but... you'll just have to see. I hope you'll like it, and them. I'm writing chapter 3 as we speak, so possibly next week.

Thank you so much for your continued read and review,

jaz xoxo

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Review #31, by Kira Bat's Wings

18th March 2012:
I can't say I know much about vampirates (as I've never read anything about them) but they sound awesome! I really like how this story really has the potential to go anywhere, and because of that, its very intriguing. I also thought the back story involving the romance between Hermione's parents was very sweet and well written. Keep up the good work! This seems like a story that you're going to have a lot of fun with! =)

Author's Response: Kira, they are awesome and if you ever get the chance to read them, I think you would like them.

I hope this story meets your expectations above and beyond. It's my baby and I want everyone to love it as much as I do.

Thank you! I loved writing that part. I was trying to think of a subtle way to show Hermione wasn't their child, and the idea popped into my had and I was like YES!

I'm definently having fun playing around with this, and I hope to update some time next week.

thank you for your review,
jaz xoxo

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Review #32, by Mischief_managed18 Bat's Wings

11th March 2012:
Well, as promised, I'm reading and reviewing your story as you did mine. I must say, I'm intrigued especially by 2 things, that in your story Hermione is adopted, and that ship.

I think that this story has a lot of potential and I'm quite interested to see where you go with it! :) I shall be adding it to my favorites and checking up from time to time to read and review.

Great writing, a few minor typos or grammar issues, but nothing major. Keep up the good work! :)


Author's Response: Mischief_managed18,

thank you for the much appreciated read and review. :) I'm very glad to hear you say your intrigued by those two things, because they influence some of the major events in the story, especially about Hermione being adopted.

It means a great deal to me to have you say that, and I do hope you stick around to read the rest of what I have planned for this.

Oh god don't I know it. Grammar and spelling, I believe, is what makes writing hard, aside from the dreaded writers block. I'm definintly going back to fix those errors when I put up a couple more chapters.

I'll either submit the next chapter either today or tommorow, so it should be up in a few days! :)

Thank you once again for R&R!

jaz xoxo

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Review #33, by Gin-gin06 Bat's Wings

7th March 2012:
So Hermione's adopted? Interesting! There were a couple grammar mistakes, but the chapter was good. I love Vampirates so I wonder what you have planned.

Post soon,


Author's Response: Hello Gin-gin,

Yes Hermione is adopted. Thank you, and as for the grammer errors, I plan on fixing them when I get a few more chapters up.

I just have to go over the next chapter a few more times and then send it in, so hopefully I will update soon. :D

Thank you again, for your review!
jaz xoxo

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Review #34, by MiSTY_VoLPe Bat's Wings

6th March 2012:
Yay I love Harry potter and Vampirates! Keen to see where this goes! Can't wait to read more soon!!

Author's Response: Thank you MISTY_VoPLE! You are my first reviewer! :D

Chapter 2 is currently in the works, so I'll update when I can.


jaz xoxo

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