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Review #26, by Pixileanin A New Beginning and a Promise

3rd January 2013:
On the twelfth day of Christmas...

Betcha think I wasn't going to be able to do it...

I just had to see what fluffy CambAngst was all about, so I went over to this story and...

Awww! There were some really touching moments here. Everything from Ron and Hermione trying to figure out what Molly and Arthur were up to to Harry and Ginny having their first moment with their son, you captured a very precious time for all of them.

Ron was perfect here:

"He felt an odd sort of anxiety looking at his wife, as though eye contact might result in an unplanned pregnancy."

I'll have to tell you a funny story that came to mind when I read that. I loved Molly's and Arthur's patience through all of it and the way that Ron was so impatient, but he didn't have a clue why. I'm glad the chief maternity nurse had everything well in hand, or it would have been a right mess out there, with Ron attempting to do what he thought was right at the time. As much fun as a battle scene would have been in the maternity ward, I'm sure that wasn't what you were going for.

The uncertainty and awe of both Harry and Ginny was beautifully captured. The sense of panic too, which made it all real, that, "what the heck do we do now??" moment when their baby does, well, anything really. I wonder if Ginny was regretting not reading the "boring" parts of those books that Hermione gave her. Harry, in particular, couldn't imagine what his life was going to be like, especially since he didn't have any real experiences to fall back on, which was a sad and touching point to make. It just makes me feel so glad that his story had a happy ending and that he has so many wonderful people around him to help him through this next great adventure in his life. He said some lovely things to James that I hope he ends up repeating to him when the little guy becomes more self aware. These are the things that a child never tires of hearing from his parents.

As for the ending, it was a good thing that Harry didn't have a clue what Ginny was up to in that shower. Some things don't need to be shared. Regardless, I think you covered just about all of it with her last line. ;)

Fluffy, wholesome goodness, with a touch of poignant warmth. Perfect for the season. Happy Holidays!

Author's Response: Hello, again! I am feeling so marvelously spoiled at this point, I don't quite know what to say about it. :)

Yep, this one's fluffy as can be. Obviously, I tapped into a lot of my own recollections of the day our boys were born. It all felt oddly fresh in my mind, considering the first 6 months flew by like a blur.

I really wasn't sure how well the first part of this story connected with the second part, so I'm glad that it didn't seem to bother anyone too much. I imagine Ron and Hermione getting a very different sort of "baby experience" from what Harry and Ginny are getting, but valuable nonetheless. And Molly and Arthur have obviously forgotten more about new babies than most people will ever know.

Oh, how I remember that feeling of, "ummm... what now?" It's universal, unless you come from one of those huge families full of aunts who just take over the show. Ginny and Harry both are probably wishing that they'd paid more attention to all the books and advice that people always lavish on first-time expecting parents. It doesn't make any difference, of course. Nothing can prepare you...

And no, Harry didn't have the foggiest idea what was going on with Ginny in the shower. And he's happier that way, believe me.

I'm really glad you enjoyed it. Thank you for all of your lovely, thoughtful and all-around wonderful reviews!

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Review #27, by Toujours Padfoot A New Beginning and a Promise

28th December 2012:
There is nothing you can't write! I enjoy your lighter, happier stuff just as much as your dark dramas.

I can definitely tell that you've been through all this before, with the childbirth and what comes after. Brings all the memories of post-labor rushing back to me. D: Oh my god, Ginny had it exactly right with the word 'disgusting'. All that beautiful new joy, and then all of that...eww. *shudder* The details of Ginny needing help walking because she was still shaky, and her reaction to was all so realistic. Even though you're a guy and haven't delivered a child yourself, you've written it with more realism than I've ever seen on this archive, which is female-dominated and rampant with pregnancy stories. It was spectacularly done. You wrote it in such a way that it was impossible not to feel like I was right there with them.

You really have a knack for making characters sound like JKR wrote them. Like Hermione looking at Arthur with the expression in her eyes that she was going to argue her point no matter what he said.

A few of my favorite parts:

The idea of something so important happening without any ability to schedule and offended her sensibilities at a level so deep that her perfectly rational understanding of human biology couldn’t quite overcome it.
- Hermione. ♥ So, so, Hermione-ish.

He felt an odd sort of anxiety looking at his wife, as though eye contact might result in an unplanned pregnancy.
- This made me laugh out loud. Ron is one of my all-time favorite fictional people. His flaws make him so beloved.

All I have are a few old pictures that their friends saved for me and some really hazy memories that are more like feelings, really."
- I know that feeling exactly, having memories that are more so emotions. It was really impressive that you captured that and wrote it down, because it's such a human thing that we don't always really notice it.

Harry's story about his family to James made me smile. He has such a bittersweet history - lots and lots of sadness, and the bright spots mostly centering around the family he married into. A lot of people scoff at Harry ending up with Ginny, but I think it's the most natural thing in the world. Ginny embodies everything he ever wanted: family. He got his dream family at last, and Ginny's temper is the perfect match for someone who is being hailed as the savior of the wizarding world, and therefore susceptible to getting a very large head. And her easy-going-ness is good for someone who likes to blame himself and beat himself up. She is absolutely perfect for him.

What a heartwarming story. :) Thank you for participating in my challenge!

Author's Response: Hi!

First off, I'm so pleased that you found this all realistic, even the sort of yucky parts. I was going off of my own recollections from after our boys were born, and there are definitely a lot of things -- some less pleasant than others -- that tend to get glossed over in your average mismatched-couple-teen-unplanned-pregnancy-happy-ever-after fic that you find on HPFF. So I'm sorry if I took you down an unpleasant stretch of Memory Lane, but I couldn't be happier with your reaction.

When I tried to place Hermione in my own recollections of the process of having a baby, that was something that stuck out in my mind. She's so relentless with her timetables and schedules, yet here's something that simply can't be planned, organized or mapped out in advance. I bet it bugged the heck out of her! And poor Ron is struggling so badly in this. He's not quite ready to grow up that much and he's desperately hoping that Hermione isn't going to make him.

I imagine that the only memories Harry could possibly have of his parents are the emotional variety. Feelings of tenderness and security. Poor guy had to live without that for a long time...

I love your thought process on Harry and Ginny. Mostly because it's the exact same as mine!

I'm really glad that you enjoyed this. sophie seemed rather pleased with it, as well. Thanks again for organizing such a fun, rewarding challenge and thanks for reading and reviewing!

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Review #28, by EverDiggory A New Beginning and a Promise

3rd December 2012:
I'm here! It took me a right minute, but I am here!

This was so, so cute! I was very pleasantly surprised that you succeeded in making it cute, but also respecting the canon characterizations, which was impressive!

I loved Arthur and Molly's little talk with Ron and Hermione. It was adorable, and I loved how Arthur and Molly acted like they were the only ones involved in a pleasant little secret. It was really cute, and it meant a lot that you involved Molly and Arthur. I know this seems silly but I've seen them forgotten, or worse, they play such unimportant part. I loved that you gave them a meaning and such a cute part to play!

The relationship that you described that Harry and James formed so quickly was very heartwarming. Not being a parent myself, I think you really described a wonderful insight. It was truly impressive.

I liked Ginny a lot. I'll admit I'm dreadfully picky when it comes to her characterization. I usually find her characterized in a way that makes her so easy to dislike, but you characterized her in a way that was likable as well as canon. I'm not particularly a stickler for canon, but I don't know if you are. If you so happen to be, you did well in keeping this canon:)

I enjoyed reading this! It was cute and heartwarming! I really hope you come back and rerequest!



Author's Response: Hi, there!

So fluffy and cute was definitely what I was going for here, so I'm glad it came across that way. But I try very hard to keep my stories canon, so overall I'm really happy with your reaction.

Arthur and Molly do find Ron and Hermione very amusing in this. Ron and Hermione are in that stage of adulthood and their relationship where kids are sort of a touchy topic. They know it's something they're probably going to do eventually, but they don't want to rush into it. I imagine that Molly and Arthur played a huge role in the lives of all of their grandchildren, so it made sense to have them there from the start.

I tend to think that Harry was totally gobsmacked by James from the moment he laid eyes on him. He's been through so much in his life and all he ever wanted was a normal, loving family like everybody else. James's birth was sort of the pinnacle of everything that he'd ever fought and suffered for.

I'm pretty picky about Ginny, too. To really enjoy her in a story, she has to have that spark of temperament but also the tenderness and loving side.

I'll certainly re-request at some point, although this is the only really fluffy, cute story I have right now. The rest are all more dramatic or angsty or in one case, humorous. Thanks for reading and reviewing!

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Review #29, by adluvshp A New Beginning and a Promise

21st November 2012:

This was a cute little one-shot. I liked your take on Harry & Ginny and their first kid. You got their characters crafted quite well. In the beginning, you got Ron & Hermione quite well too, though I'd think Ron would want a family too soon. But anyway, I liked the one-shot overall, and the way you wrote this. It made a sweet read :)

Good work! 10/10


Author's Response: I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Thanks for reading and reviewing!

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Review #30, by Godrics_Helm A New Beginning and a Promise

21st November 2012:
What a cute, wonderful story! Harry and Ginny panicking over James was hilarious! I loved this from start to finish. Great job!

Author's Response: I'm really glad you enjoyed it!

Thanks for reading and reviewing!

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Review #31, by kayt A New Beginning and a Promise

15th November 2012:
That was lovely. The perfect fluffy story to suit my mood.

Author's Response: I'm glad you enjoyed it. It was a lot of fun to write. Thanks for reading and reviewing!

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Review #32, by Phoenix_feather123 A New Beginning and a Promise

12th November 2012:

I thought this was a really nice little read, and I almost wished there was more to it. This was really nice.

Keep Writing.

Author's Response: Thanks for reviewing.

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Review #33, by MissMdsty A New Beginning and a Promise

11th November 2012:
Hello! Reviewing from the thread in the Gryffindor forum!

When I saw this on your author page I just had to read it, because I've really been looking for something like this, the way Harry feels when first becoming a parent.

I enjoyed it a lot. It's funny and sweet but at the same time it really dawns on you while reading that from this moment on everything will change for the characters, even for those that don't actually get to take care of a baby full time.

I loved the part where Harry is left alone with James and he talks to him. It was so emotional and sweet, you could actually feel his fatherly love growing as you read. And it was also a great way of expressing just how much Harry has gone through and the love he has for his family.

Lovely story, it was a fantastic read!

Author's Response: Hi, there!

I was able to draw on some personal experience for this, and it was fun to write. Once the ball got rolling, I think I finished the whole thing in 3 or 4 hours. It is a big change, and I'm glad that came across.

Harry's talk with James summed up a lot of what I think he would have felt after reaching yet another big life milestone that he never could have imagined as he trudged into the forest to meet Voldemort. When you put things in that context, it always gets my muse going.

So glad that you enjoyed it! Thanks for reading and reviewing.

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Review #34, by Roots in Water A New Beginning and a Promise

10th November 2012:
It's Roots in Water here with your review!

One sentence pretty much sums up exactly how I feel about this story: I LOVED it. I think that you did a fabulous job with it; it's an adorable look into their first day as parents.

You characterized Ron wonderfully, as always. His comment about the nurses' annoying updates worked wonderfully with the situation and Hermione's comment about how they had once babysat Teddy "for a whole afternoon" was funny in its naivety.

Arthur and Molly were perfect in their roles as the experienced parents and grandparents that they are and I loved the glimpse into their relationship that you provided when they teamed up to explain to Ron and Hermione just how their lives would change.

The transition between the first section and the second worked well, especially since the crowd of orderlies was very similar to the crowd in the hallway just a few minutes previous. If, however, you wanted to make it smoother, I would add a small piece to the end of the sentence "The four Weasleys then made their way back down the hall" saying something along the lines of "leaving Harry and Ginny alone with their newborn son". Just a little something to make the transition that much smoother. :)

As well, I noticed that you ended the phrase "having a baby?" with a question mark. Should the question mark be a period because I'm pretty sure that they know that they're not having a baby. :)

Anyway, I love Harry and Ginny's worry when they're first left alone. Of course they wouldn't be confident of their abilities to be parents; of course they would panic. Their comments about how they wouldn't know about caring for a baby since they were the last/only child were nice additions to the chapter and their worries that James was choking was hilarious! Did you draw on personal experience for this scene?

I noticed one other quick thing: Harry said that he would tell James about his life before Hogwarts when he was older and then tells him about it a few paragraphs later... Harry's concluding speech about how his birth made everything worth it was very sweet, though.

All in all, I think that you did a fantastic job with this one-shot and I very much enjoyed reading it! Thanks so very much for requesting and I hope that my comments are helpful!

Author's Response: Hi, there! Sorry to take so long to get to responding. Busy weekend.

I'm really glad that you liked this story. When sophie asked for a happy Harry/Ginny story, I had a bunch of ideas but none of them really came to a particularly satisfying conclusion. Then this one popped into my head and the ball just started rolling. I think I wrote the whole thing in about 3 or 4 hours.

I was a little worried that the first section didn't connect well with the rest, so I'm glad that didn't bother you. Ron and Hermione are a lot of fun to write in this situation. It's clearly an awkward topic for both of them, and I liked tormenting the two of them for just a bit before moving on into the major part of this.

That's not a bad idea on the transition between sections. I struggled with that part. I didn't want to make it more drawn out than it needed to be, but it felt pretty inadequate. I'll also hunt down that bit about having a baby.

Oh, there is a lot of personal experience being tapped into for Harry and Ginny's section. ;) It's a very surreal thing, suddenly finding yourselves all along with a newborn baby and realizing that the care of said baby is now your responsibility. With Harry and Ginny both being so young, relatively speaking, I have to imagine it's even more strange for the two of them.

Eh, I wasn't totally thrilled with that disconnect in Harry's speech, either. My thought was that talking to James at this age is really more like talking to himself. I'll have another look at it.

Again, I'm really pleased that you enjoyed it. This was my first foray into writing something that was purely feel-good fluff, and I wondered how it was going to turn out. Thanks so much for reading and reviewing!

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Review #35, by Remus A New Beginning and a Promise

8th November 2012:
So I've been lacking in my reading/reviewing and writing so I figured I should start out with your one-shot before moving on to Jami! XD

Hello again! :D

I can already relate to this story. Specially Hermione at the beginning. Ron makes me laugh and it felt that his character was very spot on. I always thought of Ron as a guy who never wanted to have children due to the way he was raised, you know. After seeing his parents struggle with all the children he seems to be deterred from having some of his own. Until James is born. Haha. In a way this story is like my head canon.

Just so you know, you made my ovaries hurt with this story! hahaha!I know, TMI but still! I want kids so bad already but alas, the both of us are not on the same page yet. However, funny enough...I'm afraid of holding newborns. I get this paranoid feeling and I'm like Harry..."what if I drop him/her?"

"Just not your Uncle Ron. I try not to point it out, but he's even more confused than I am. It's a good thing your Aunt Hermione is crazy about him."--I just had to laugh at that because it is true. I don't think Ron could've managed to speak to a girl in a proper way let alone go on a date until his early twenties.

"I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy, but it was all worth it. Because I'm here now with you and your mother." He stared at James's tiny face peeking out from the blue bundle in his lap and felt a tear slide down his cheek. "I'd do it all over again, every awful moment of it, to have what I have now."--You got me teary eyed right there.

The one thing I wish to have seen is Molly and the other three coming in to meet James. Hermione gushing over the child and looking over at Ron almost saying "I'm ready, let's have kids!" while Ron runs away. Hahaha! But that's just me and my imagination. XD

As always this was a great read! Can't wait to see what else you're going to do!

Author's Response: Hi, there!

I think you've got Ron just about right. At least *my* Ron, anyway. The poor guy is about to have a major change of heart, though, and Hermione will obviously play a major role in that, as will James.

Let's see, since you've started reading my writing, I've put smiles on your face, brought tears to your eyes, and now I'm making your ovaries hurt. For my next act, I'm thinking of something involving your liver or possibly your spleen. ;) The only counsel I can offer on when to have kids is that I personally feel kind of glad that I waited until I was in my 30's. I'm not sure I was mature enough in my 20's to have handled it. But that's just me. To each their own.

Harry's trying to set James up with the right perspective on his relatives from an early age. And Ron is definitely not the right guy to ask about girls.

Aww, I made you cry again. I was so hoping that would affect your small intestine somehow. ;) That line is actually my favorite in the entire piece and one of the things I had written in my notes for this before I even started to write the rest of it. I think it captures something essential about Harry.

I really gave a lot of thought to rounding this out with the four Weasleys fussing over little James, but somehow that just seemed a bit anticlimactic after Harry and Ginny's big ending. Another story, perhaps...

Thanks so much for reading and reviewing!

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Review #36, by rez A New Beginning and a Promise

8th November 2012:
too cute! having thoroughly stalked down your authors page after reading CoB, I can guess that some of this was inspired by personal experience ;) well it seems that way, because it's brilliantly portrayed and it certainly did come across as a bit more than meaningless fluff :)) good job as always!

Author's Response: Hi, there.

Well, I don't have any personal experience with being hounded by autograph-seeking fans, but most of what happened after Harry and Ginny make it to their room was inspired by my own experience after my kids were born. I'm glad it seemed like more than meaningless fluff, but fluff was the best category choice I could find.

Thanks for reading and reviewing!

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Review #37, by my_voice_rising A New Beginning and a Promise

5th November 2012:
Hi there! My apologies for the lateness of this review; I've been feeling a bit under the weather as of late.

First off, I think your characterization of everyone is spot-on. I really admire a fanfiction author who can stay true to canon and have it be realistic--I *loved* Ron in particular, and the moment when he looked at Hermione to be sure that she didn't want to start a family right away either. That could've been bad! :)

I also love your characterization of Ginny and Harry as young parents, and how Harry was essentially saying, "So, what now?" haha. Perfect. I think it's very easy to make moments like these almost horribly sappy or sentimental, and I think that yours strays from that and is entirely realistic. Especially how panicked they got when they thought he was choking. So realistic.

Your ending was really cute, too. I like your portrayal of Ginny, even a bit more than JKR's XD Nice work!

Author's Response: No worries on the timing! I really appreciate all the reviewers who offer up their time.

I write canon stories. It's my thing, so I'm really glad you thought it all sounded realistic. I used to be very intimidated by writing Ron. He's very tricky. It's hard to get him to sound right. But I learned to really enjoy it while I was in the middle of my long novel.

Ginny and Harry's first moments as new parents are pretty much exactly how I remember feeling after my sons were born, except for the part about being famous. There's really nothing sentimental about the feeling. You're just scared and overwhelmed.

The ending just felt right to me, so I'm glad you liked it.

Thanks so much for reading and reviewing!

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Review #38, by caoty A New Beginning and a Promise

29th October 2012:
Me again. Brace yourself for the anticlimax, especially since I'm not sure how many months it's been since I last read a fic with Harry in it.

So I'm lying in bed with Victorian novel disease and this actually helped to cheer me up a bit, so well done you.

Ron is lovely in this fic. I liked him with Hermione and the awkward-yet-nice family dynamic they've got with his parents here, with the whole "you're gonna have babies soon!" thing and this line:
>He felt an odd sort of anxiety looking at his wife, as though eye contact might result in an unplanned pregnancy.
That was a fun mental image. Imagine if that really happened... O.o
I mean I know this fic is not about Ron at all, but I've got a soft spot for him, and... erm, yeah.

Anyway. Moving on. I'd have never have thought of the press turning up - how optimistic I am - but you and your OC have handled it well, so you've got that realism without letting go of the story. If that makes any sense at all. Honestly, I'd be surprised if it did.

Ginny and Harry are all kinds of adorable in this one, even if I usually ship Ginny/Luna and Ginny/Fleur and Ginny/Pansy and basically have her in my mind as a complete and utter lesbian. I can see why you ship Hinny (God, isn't that an awful name). I think it's safe to say that I wouldn't mind if you decided to become a romance writer.

But: gross is an Americanism & your Ginny uses it a lot. It was a bit distracting.

And you really shouldn't talk about your fic in your Author's Note as being your latest because you update so often by the time you've got upwards of three reviews you've written something else entirely. :P

Author's Response: Well, you know that I live to cheer you up, my friend!

The more I thing about this review, the better I feel. If the only two things you could take issue with were one word that's overly American and the content of the author's note, I must have done pretty well. As far as "gross" being overly American, what's your suggested replacement? Come on, now, you can't point out a problem that simple without telling me how to fix it!

The press has hounded Harry for most of his life since age 11, so I don't see why they would stop just because the war was over.

I love writing Ron. When I first started CoB, it was honestly very intimidating. It's hard to capture that essential... Ron-ness. To get that little bit of selfishness and immaturity that goes along with this very loyal, salt-of-the-earth kind of guy. And to not strand him in the Second Banana Zone behind Harry and Hermione. But the more I wrote him, the more I started to enjoy it. He's a lot of fun.

OK, if you ship Ginny with all of these other characters, why have we not seen this on your author's page? Because all of those sound like very interesting pairings. Pansy, especially. I really want to know how you get that one to work. And I completely loathe combo-names for ships like Hinny, Snily and the granddaddy of all awful ship names, Dramione. That turns me off as much as people who use the term "Wotter" in Next Gen fics. OK, it actually doesn't. Nothing turns me off as much as Wotter. Instant click on the Back button.

I'm glad you enjoyed it, at any rate. Thanks for reading and reviewing!

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Review #39, by TheHeirOfSlytherin A New Beginning and a Promise

21st October 2012:
Awww! So many happy feelings reading this story. It was so sweet, especially near the end, with the stories.

I loved the beginning, with Arthur telling Ron and Hermione they'd change their views because of the people around them. Because everything changes after a baby is born, it's only natural, and it was portrayed very well in this. I wonder what they'd say after meeting little James, that would be fun to see.

What I love most, though, is how you added all these different genres together to make this one perfect story; the cute fluff/romance with Harry, Ginny and James, the bit of drama with the staff in the middle, and the added humor, particularly Ron humor, that is my favorite (he deserves his own form of humor, Ron does :P)

This sentence in particular made me laugh: 'He felt an odd sort of anxiety looking at his wife, as though eye contact might result in an unplanned pregnancy.' It was just an 'oh, Ron' moment which I loved. :D

You write the 'Trio' character all really well, which I'm slightly jealous off (because I can only write Harry. Sometimes. :P). And it was great that I could 'see' this in my mind while reading. I love your writing.

Thank you for requesting this story for a review. It shall now be added to my favorites. :)


Author's Response: Hi! First off, thanks so much for the offer! That was really nice of you and 500 reviews is an impressive accomplishment.

I'm kind of relieved that you liked the section with the four Weasleys at the beginning. As I was editing my first draft, I began to question whether it was connected *enough* to Harry and Ginny's section to feel like a natural part of the story. I liked it, though, so I decided that the theme of life transitions -- voluntary or not -- was enough to tie it all together.

I'm usually guilty of not being able to stick to a single genre. With these characters, it's just too much fun to put them in different types of situations and see how they respond.

By the time CoB was over, I'd had a lot of experience writing the trio. The author and story this is dedicated to are also very immersed in the trio right around this age. It's really what I enjoy doing most, so I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Once again, thanks so much for reviewing this. You gave me a really good feeling that I accomplished what I set out to!

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Review #40, by sophie_hatter A New Beginning and a Promise

19th October 2012:
Wow! A story dedicated to me! I am very, very flattered:-) I know my choice of 'a happy Harry and Ginny story' wasn't an easy one, but you still managed to make it interesting and entertaining, and introduce some tension too.

Obviously, as a Hinny shipper, I loved it! I really enjoyed the sense of the trio plus Ginny hovering on the edge of a precipice as their lives begin to change, this time in such a positive way.

It was really strange to read something of yours and not be able to comment in real time - I kept wanting to right click and highlight all my favourite bits:-) But I think the bit that made me smile most was when Ginny shrugged and said 'Haven't the foggiest' - not only was it humorous, I was very proud of the Britishism:-)

Thank you, thank you, and thank you again:-)

Author's Response: Aww, you're welcome! I was very pleased to be able to do something nice for you after all you've done for me.

You know, writing "happy Harry and Ginny" wasn't really all that hard. I like to think of the two of them as happy. They deserve it. Making it more than just meaningless fluff, on the other hand, well that was a bit more challenging. But I like a challenge.

As I was editing, I was concerned that the first section with Hermione, Ron and his parents didn't really mesh too well with the overall story. But then I started to think of it as setting up this big transition that Ginny and Harry suddenly realize that they're making, and it worked better for me. I'm glad you see it the same way.

Ha! That should be a goal for HPFF 2.0: the ability to highlight and comment inline with the story. It would be brilliant. "Foggiest" is kind of a happy accident, I guess. My grandparents used to say that a lot.

Once again, you're very welcome. It was a joy to write and I'm very, very pleased that you liked it. Thanks for all you do!

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Review #41, by Jchrissy A New Beginning and a Promise

18th October 2012:
Guess who’s back, back again. Jami’s back, tell a friend. Okay, now that rapper Shady is out of my system:

Can I just gush? Do I have to leave a coherent review? Does it need to be written in sentence form? Or can I just... feels so much perfect love tiny noses and perfect little fingers and mommy and daddy who don’t know how to be but are going to be perfect at this. In laws, brothers sister, a big family for the poor boy that never had one and now he has it all and fuzzy heart.

Few. Okay. Now that I got that out, let’s try a real review.

Ron’s impatience. It’s so perfect. He doesn’t even care what the reason is, he just wants to know what’s going on and no one is delivering that information. Hermione’s answer was so perfect, especially the fact that even she isn’t pleased about the fact that there is no real set schedule for this kind of important thing is so Hermione. I can’t believe how well you get these Weasleys/Potters down.

Arthur and Molly always make my heart so fuzzy. Sometimes I think they’re really not given enough credit, but in this they are the two that have been through it so many times. They lived through the ‘people your own age having kids, making you want them,’ and watched it happen countless times. They are both just such an awesome presence in this first section, and I loved the line about Hermione already preparing to argue her point. Until she realized just what Arthur was going to say. That seemed to shut her up ;).

Okay. You know that I’m not really one of those ‘I must have a baby now’ type of people. I get enough of kids during the day as it is, but this made me want a baby so bad! I just wanted to hold that tiny little bundle in my arms and touch his nose and his barely there eyebrows and kiss his tiny lips. Bah. I was so feels with that. When I tell Ben I want a baby NOW, it’s your fault. Just joking about that part. But you just gave me that tiny little bundle of miracle feeling.

Harry and Ginny’s chemistry together is so phenomenal in this. It was the kind of sweet that makes me want to cry, because I feel like that’s looked over so many times.

Harry talking to the baby felt so natural. I wished I could just see a screen shot of that. And I LOVE that you made James’s eyes brown. They’re always just like Harry’s, never Ginny’s, so that was perfect.

The entire ‘what do we do’ feeling at the beginning of their scene was so perfect too. I mean you’ve just been given a human life!!! You’ve never been responsible for anyone that needs your constant care, and now it’s there! It’s yours! What do you do with it?? I jus wanted to giggle. I can imagine how someone would feel when they’re brining two babies home.

Oh Ginny’s desperate need to take a shower and her ‘gross gross gross’ reminded me that I can wait a few… hundred.. years to have a little bundle of precious.

I really love that you made it just these three. There’s usually so much of the other family, which is great, but this was so perfect to watch how their new life begins. It made it feel so special. You turned my heart into warm fuzzies.

I’m always impressed at your ability to turn something that could be done so.. wrong I guess, into an amazing thing.

Author's Response: Sigh. I guess I have to finally respond to this, huh? I do so enjoy looking at it sitting on my unanswered reviews page. It's long and pretty. Feel free to drop by anytime and bust a freestyle on one of my stories. ;) And feel free to gush as much as you like. I rub it on my ego and it makes it soft and moisturized.

After I finished drafting this, I sat back and read it and felt kind of uneasy about the first section with the four Weasleys. The connection to the rest of the chapter seemed kind of tenuous. But the more I read it, the more I'm happy with it. It ties together well enough with the theme of life transitions and changes. And it sets up Ginny and Harry's section to an extent.

Ha! I imagine that by the time you leave work today, your "must have a baby now" feelings will be tempered sufficiently. They're awesome, but they're a mountain of work.

If there's one thing I can usually do, it's write Harry and Ginny with chemistry. I really love the two of them together and I feel like they both deserve a lot of happiness after what they lived through. So it just works for me.

I seem to recall reading somewhere that James's eyes are known to be brown because only Albus inherited Lily's eyes. But that might not have been anywhere official.

I remember so distinctly that "OK, what do we do now??" feeling. More after we left the hospital than before, but even in the hospital. It's a scary thing. Nobody wants to mess it up somehow, and it really does take a while to realize how tough the little buggers really are.

Yeah, I debated with myself a lot whether to include Ginny's offhand remarks. But you know me, I'm all about thorough and realistic.

I debated whether to bring the rest of the family back into the fold, but in the end it just seemed like it wouldn't add anything. This seemed like a really good ending.

Thank you so much for helping me with this and for such a lovely, encouraging review. 'Til next time!

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