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Review #51, by Unwritten Curse Everything That Ever Mattered

15th February 2014:
Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh. He was talking to Ginny's grave the whole time. I can't tell you how much this broke my heart. You have talent at giving really heavy scenes a sense of lightness that actually adds to the emotion. The fact that Harry is so calmly--almost humorously--sitting in a plastic arm chair sipping from a water bottle, yet we discover he's sitting beside a grave. Yes. It's real and honest and not overdone.

You also have a great talent for setting the scene. SO MUCH is revealed in this chapter, but you brush over it so quickly that it's not overwhelming. You mention "Rose and Scorpius's children" so we know they were married. You mention "Headmaster Longbottom" so we know he's been promoted. These details are thrown in so flawlessly and now I feel attached to Harry and this world you've created for him.

I can already see why this won a Dobby. I'm adding it to my Reading List and I sincerely hope I find the time to come back soon!

-- Gina

Author's Response: Hi!

First off, thank you so much for reviewing two chapters.

I kind of hate hiding the true nature of Harry's conversation from the reader, because I know it takes some people as an unpleasant surprise. But this seemed like the best way to maximize the emotional connection.

I'm glad that the back story included in this doesn't seem overwhelming. That's always been a concern of mine. I'm not a fan of stories that dump too much information on the reader in the first couple of chapters.

I hope you find a good opportunity to get back to it. Thanks for reading and reviewing!

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Review #52, by Unwritten Curse Prologue

15th February 2014:
Hiya! Here for the Review Tag. I noticed that you had written a Dobby winner and had to come check it out (I plan to leave you two reviews since this chapter was short).

First, I have to tell you that I laughed aloud at the "great, I'm dead again" bit. Oh, Harry. I could almost hear him saying that, so great job with characterization and with making a could-be-overly-dramatic scene into a humorous one. I appreciated that.

I'm intrigued that Ginny is here! I'm sensing that they haven't seen each other in a while from the way he ran to embrace her. I may be way off here. But something interesting is happening and I'm looking forward to discovering what.

Way to hook me from the very start! I look forward to the second chapter.

-- Gina

Author's Response: Hi, there!

That line was quintessentially Harry to me. He's so fatalistic about things.

I can't really tell you why Ginny is there without spoiling a lot of things. This prologue is actually the first part of a scene that takes place in chapter 38. I hope you get to read it at some point.

I'm glad that you feel hooked! Thanks for reading and reviewing!

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Review #53, by Felicia Fury

15th February 2014:
Wow. I almost regret giving you a 10 earlier, because it means there is nothing higher to give you for this chapter.

Loved the action scene. Loved the emotion. The whole "incredible superhero"-thing works here because, seriously, a lifetime of duelling and learning coupled with strong magical talent is bound to make you much, much better than random scum.

" In the middle of it all, he stood, powerful and miserable, triumphant and broken, bathed in fury and drowning in grief."

I read that so many times... Poor, poor Harry. :(

Author's Response: Hello, again!

I'm glad that you "got" the duality of Harry's situation in this chapter. The duel against the Blood Order was the culmination of a lifetime of carefully developing his talents and honing his skills. It should have been a triumphant moment for him. But he can't enjoy it in the slightest, because his "victory" means that he'll have to continue living without Ginny and seeing the people he cares about in danger. Poor Harry, indeed.

Thanks so much for reading and reviewing!

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Review #54, by Felicia Impossible Choices

15th February 2014:
I've been a silent reader until now, since it's been a while since this story was posted and I don't know if you still read reviews, but I have to say that I absolutely love it. So much brilliance, from the start (Harry talking to Ginny's grave, and at the same time telling the reader what the settings are), to the dialogue, different POVs, Hermione's change under the influence of dark magic, everything.

A lot of your characters seem to fill the same role as a canon character. Lady Tebabra/Lord Voldemort (anagrams, similar styles, even though Tebabra is more manipulation where Voldemort is more brute force), Gamp/Bellatrix (cruel and crazy), Rose/Frank and Alice (slowly breaking under the Cruciatus curse), Portia/Luna and so on. But that's not a bad thing, not at all! They are good roles to play.

I love the characters Susan, Esme and Octavia, but as much as I hated to see Esme die, I understand how it was probably necessary. A widower falling in love and embracing it in a world where souls can meet in the afterlife might get a bit too complicated, in a way that maybe wouldn't fit in here.

I wonder, too, if Tenabra is really the villain, or if it's Herodonthos (or whatever his name is) acting through her, transfering part of his self into her, from the book. (I also wonder if the "dragon" Heermione fought was him, or if that was another manifestation of dark magic willing to stay alive.) But I presume that will all be explained before the story is over.

As for this chapter, and Neville... The first thought to hit me was that he seemed to be a bit out of character. Neville in the books is not a duellist, despite his time in DA and his part in the battle of Hogwarts. He's brave and he has a good heart, but he's clumsy and forgetful and his magic is not strong. He finds his place in herbology, and moves on to teaching and, in this story, becoming a headmaster. It is, of course, possible that he learned over the years, but I have a hard time seeing how or where. It's not like he went through auror training or anything.

I can live with it, though. Neville deserves the glory. He deserves to fight a righteous fight, and die protecting the students. It's worthy, and it's beautiful, even though it's also very sad.

That will be all for now. If you're still reading this, thanks for an amazing story!

Author's Response: Hi, there!

Yes, I do still read reviews and I cherish every one. Especially the detailed, thoughtful ones. ;) So I'm glad that you decided to exit "silent reader mode".

Thank you so much for all of the compliments. This was my first attempt at writing anything of this length and it was a labor of love from the beginning. I loved the Harry Potter books so much and I started reading fan fiction after I finished Deathly Hallows, looking for something to fill the void. I realized that I had never seen anything set in this time period that focused mostly on the canon characters, so the wheels in my head starting spinning.

I'm sure there are a lot of parallels between the roles certain characters play in this story and the roles played in the books. They were the inspiration, after all. I'll take that as a compliment.

Susan and Octavia became two of my favorite characters as I made my way through the writing process. They were always scene-stealers when they appeared. I tried very, very hard to think of some way that Esme could survive, but none of them were satisfying. Some things are sad -- like Remus and Tonks dying during the final battle, for instance -- but they simply have to be for the story to end the way you want it to.

You'll find out in the end who the "real villain" is. Tenabra is a very complicated character, and she'll only get more so.

A lot of what I think about how Neville turned out was shaped by stories like Dumbledore's Army and the Year of Darkness. I felt like he had to become a much more formidable wizard if he was able to survive life under the Carrows and actually lead the resistance inside Hogwarts. I can definitely see your point, though. And I definitely felt like he deserved a glorious death.

Your review really made my day! Thanks so much!

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Review #55, by Courtney Dark In Purgatory's Shadow

9th February 2014:
I always enjoy coming back to this story after I haven't read it for a while, because I forget how amazing it is, and how complex the plot and characters are. It's all so professional!

You wrote the scenes with Rose so well - had me shuddering all over! And I loved that you included the detail of Rose thinking of her daughter, of not wanting Octavia to hear her cry out in pain.

I really enjoyed the scene between Scorpius and Draco. Not only do you write action packed scenes incredibly well, I also liked the father-son moment that they definitely shared, with Draco reliving some of his worst memories from that period of his life.

I am liking Esme more and more and I loved how much emotion she showed in this chapter. I wonder if anything will happen between Esme and Harry in the future?

As soon as Gamp said that Octavia wasn't free to go, I knew there was no way in hell Rose was leaving.

I am anxious to see what's going to happen next!


Author's Response: Hello, again! It's always very nice to see you back!

Writing the two scenes with Rose and Gamp was really hard, and I have to say that I'm really proud of how the turned out. Making sure that the chapters wouldn't be rejected was a big challenge. There were things I wanted to do that simply weren't possible on HPFF. So I wouldn't say I'm 100% happy with it, but I am proud of what I was able to do within the confines of the rules.

The scene with Scorpius and Draco has been part of the story since my earliest plot outlines and it was awesome to finally get to a spot where it fit. Draco never seemed like the sort who would easily open up to his son about the things he lived through during the war. I felt like it would take a situation this grave to really get him talking.

I'm kind of glad that you didn't warm up to Esme right away. She really isn't all that likeable when she first appears, and that's by design. I wanted readers to see all sides of her before they made up their mind about whether she and Harry could work as a couple.

Nope, there was no way Rose was leaving her daughter behind. It's all part of the mind games Gamp is playing. He's determined to break her, not because he really believes that she knows anything but because she refuses to break.

The next chapter is pretty crazy. I'm really eager to see what you think! Thanks for reading and reviewing!

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Review #56, by Albustheboss Epilogue

23rd January 2014:
What a wonderful, sad story. I can't count the amount of times i cried, the last time, just now, from happiness. Thank you. So so much.

Author's Response: Hi, there!

Aww, I really hate to make anyone cry, but I'm glad the story was engaging for you.

Thank you! Thank you for reading and taking the time to let me know how it affected you.

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Review #57, by Sharvi A Friend Indeed

20th January 2014:
Small details like Draco not being able to perform the patronus charm just make me so happy. Sometimes we forget that most grown wizards actually cannot produce patronuses because the books were written with characters who actively participated in the war and hence knew these spells others did not necessarily master.

During the whole of the first part I was like Detox Detox Detox. Haha, it was great knowing the back story! Flint is probably out to hurt Astoria to get to Draco right? Probably. I loved the fact that Hermione and Astoria could come together to protect their grandchildren! Hermione's last line felt pretty epic.

So these people have now reached the ministry to find that book? Wow, I feel like the story has really begun now! Cannot wait to read on!

Author's Response: Hi, again!

I love finding those small details that make the story more in line with canon and, at least for me, more real. I don't think of a patronus as something that every witch and wizard can do, especially those who've never known true joy in life.

You're right. Draco's back story here is meant to tie together with Detox. Detox came to be because a few readers wanted to know more about Draco and Astoria's courtship.

Flint is after... something. You'll find out what it is fairly soon.

Hermione and Astoria are both practical people. They'll never agree on a lot of things, but they can work together for things that are important to both of them. And family is hugely important to both.

The main plot of the story definitely kicks off in this chapter. I'm really glad that you're enjoying it! Thanks for reading and reviewing!

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Review #58, by angelina-l The Injuries We Canít See

19th January 2014:
i don't wanna be a squirrel! as an ex-pat Scot, i love reading the dialect of home, especially when it is written well and in context! i have really enjoyed reading this story so far, the characters may have aged in your story, but they are all still very recognisable as the young heroes we worshipped way back when. looking forward to the rest of the story. many thanks x

Author's Response: You know, with the benefit of perfect hindsight, I really should have put the warning about being a squirrel at the end of more chapters. I think it would have drastically improved my review count.

Thank you so much for the kind words. I'm really pleased that you're enjoying the story. Thanks for reading and reviewing!

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Review #59, by Courtney Dark The Distant Sound of Thunder

10th January 2014:

Oh my god I loved this chapter so much! It was probably my favourite - or at least one of my favourites - so far!

The section from Hermione's point of view was.scary. You wrote it so well that I was actually fearful for Hermione's state of mind, and I am now worrying about what is going to happen to her. I think Susan was right - using that dark book has changed Hermione, and she needs to find some way to get her 'self' back!

And then there was the scene at Malfoy Manor. I really, really enjoyed this section! The characterizations of all your characters was brilliant, and I loved the conversation between Draco and Harry, and Scorpius' outburst: ďWill you two please stop acting like a couple of cocky little first-years having a wand-measuring contest?"

I got so excited during the Order of the Phoenix meeting when all those canon characters turned up! I'm really looking forward to seeing what happens next - although I am worried that Percy brought Arabela into the meeting. She just gives off a bad vibe! But I loved all your characterizations in this section, too - Bill and George and Molly and Percy were great, and I loved Seamus' final line of the chapter.

I'm looking forward to reading more!


PS: Sorry this review was delivered so late! I read the chapter and reviewed it and then my internet decided to stop working Ė but itís here now, so yay!

Author's Response: Hi, Courtney! No worries on timing. For reviews as nice as yours, I don't mind waiting a bit. ;)

Poor Hermione has gone to a really dark place in this chapter. She justifies it to herself in terms of being able to help rescue Rose and Octavia, but her frustration and feelings of powerlessness from her paralysis also obviously played a big role. You wouldn't be wrong to fear for her state of mind, as you'll see later...

I really enjoyed writing the scene at Malfoy Manor. So many strong, conflicting personalities in one place. And then to let Scorpius be the biggest adult in the room was a fun role-reversal.

The Order scene was also really fun to put together and figure out. It was an effort to figure out the right combination of other characters to turn the tide of Molly's anger and get her to face reality. Percy and Arabela... yeah, maybe you're right to be worried. Seamus is a character, like Luna, that I wish I could have worked into the story a bit more. He's always fun in his brief appearances.

I'm looking forward to seeing what you think of the upcoming chapters. The next one, especially, is extremely dark. Thanks for reading and reviewing!

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Review #60, by Courtney Dark Embracing the Darkness

6th January 2014:

Though I have now read 28 chapters of this story, I can't stop being impressed with this complex, detailed world you have managed to create. It is seriously awesome! You've involved so many multi-layered characters with their own personalities and made the whole situation seem so real, so believable. It's pretty awesome, really!

Lady Tenabra is really scary. Just reading about her terrifies me. I think she is more threatening that Voldemort, partly because she is more mysterious. We don't know anything about her past - who she is, what her backstory is, even what she looks like. And she is extremely cunning, too.

I'm not sure I've mentioned this before, but I am still suspicious about Arabela. She seems to have this overwhelming influence on Percy, which I don't like. And if Percy goes for Minister, will anyone actually listen to him? I guess I'll have to wait and see what happens! And I love your characterization of Percy, by the way.

Wow, the section from Hermione's point of view was...dark. I seriously don't know how you wrote it so well, with all those extracts from the book. You are clearly very creative! There's not much I can say about the way Hermione removed the paralysis except that it was very well written and made my heart pound. A lot. And even though the spell worked, I am now worried for Hermione. Surely a spell from such a dark book must have some sort of side effects?

No, they got there too late! I am very concerned for Rose and Octavia - how long are they going to be kidnapped for? But maybe if Harry and the others work with the Malfoys, they'll come up with a solution. That's what I'm hoping for, anyway.

Great chapter!


Author's Response: Hi, Courtney!

I'm really pleased that you feel that way. At times, I have worried that the complexity of the story became too much. There got to be so many characters competing for "screen time" that I had to cut back a lot of things that I would have liked to have tried to write just so the story would keep moving at some sort of reasonable pace.

Lady T is pretty scary, isn't she? There were times when she creeped me out and I even knew what she was planning. You'll find out a bit more about her back story closer to the end, but not too much. I kind of like her mysterious.

Ah, Arabela. She does seem uncomfortably close to Percy, doesn't she? What is her role in all of this? Remains to be seen... ;)

Hermione has gone to a very dark place in this chapter. Her heart is in the right place, but I think you could argue that her fear for Rose and Octavia and her frustration with her paralysis have started to twist her motivations just a bit. The spell worked, but you're right to be worried. The cost was obviously much higher than she expected...

Sadly, yes, they were too late. When you're competing with Lady T, life is always a game of three steps forward and two steps back.

I'm glad that you enjoyed it! Thanks for reading and reviewing!

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Review #61, by Sharvi Those Who Donít Learn From History

4th January 2014:
I can't tell you how much I enjoyed reading Harry duel six students. It was amazing because as a kid he would just be throwing spells all over the place, without much thought as long as it looked like he had a good aim. Being an Auror for however many years seems to really have changed him (obviously!) But it's still fun to note the difference. And the line where Harry says that the hardest part is not letting the students know how tired he is, just made me realize that a lot of time has passed since 1997 :P

The point Harry made with Dennis was extremely significant because we see it in our own lives where people start forgetting the past and the lesson we were supposed to learn from them. Also, I think it's appropriate for Binns to discontinue teaching even though it would mean a big change to Hogwarts. (I kind of liked the idea of a ghost professor in a magical school nonetheless)

Where did those Dementors come from? I bet Harry ran off to the Ministry to asemble a team to search for them.

Another great chapter (Also, I can totally imagine Ron and Harry playing pranks on the trainees. I'm glad you included that detail!)

Author's Response: Hello, again!

I enjoyed writing that dueling scene as much as anything else in the story. I love the idea of Harry and Ron as very powerful, experienced wizards who have developed the martial skills that go with their jobs. Putting on a little show for the students seemed like something Harry would enjoy. For once, he's being admired for something that he worked hard for, not just because of what happened when he was a baby.

Keep a close eye on Dennis as you read. He's sort of a metaphor for magical world that's grown naive and complacent after 50 years of peace and prosperity. As Dennis gradually opens his eyes and realizes that danger lurks around him, so goes the rest of the magical world.

After the Second Wizarding War, the Ministry decided not to use Dementors as prison guards any more, but they were also too dangerous to be allowed to roam freely. So they rounded them all up and trapped them on a mountaintop, surrounded by strong magical wards to keep them from escaping. At least that's my version of events. ;)

I'm glad you enjoyed it! The real plot of the story begins in earnest with the next chapter, so I'm eager to see what you think of it. Thanks for reading and reviewing!

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Review #62, by Sharvi Losses

2nd January 2014:
I will never fail to be amazed at how good of a writer you are. Why didn't I ever tell you this before? Because I'm a fool that's why. But I am now, and really how do you do it?

Loved the Wizengamot scene, the entire procedure played out like a scene out of a serious law and crime drama. Very intense. And after that, when Harry stops Ron and Hermione? All the feels it gave me! I love these three so much (and yes, I will write that every chapter)

Harry is such a great character and I haven't read a story from his POV in like forever. I'm not even sure I've ever read anything more than a one-shot from his POV! What sort of a fan am I? But it's never too late to start right?

Percy killed him? Plot twist in the fourth chapter? Wow, you're on a roll! But what I'm thinking is how many people know that Percy killed that man. Ron and Hermione seem to know... I guess I'll find out soon enough. The description of the actually performing the Killing Curse was pretty interesting, it made me wonder how many people actually feel like that in real life.

In all honesty I felt like slapping Dumbledore in that last scene. But then I was elated because it's like the beginning of a new adventure (and I anticipate this story becoming my canon) Loved the last line nonetheless. Gave me chills and everything.

Until next time =)

Author's Response: Hello, again! Thanks so much for all of the compliments! They really put a big smile on my face.

The courtroom scene was actually one of the very first things I wrote for this story, even before chapter 3. I enjoyed the dynamic of it, the undercurrents running beneath the air of faux formality.

A lot of CoB is told from Harry's PoV, but I try to mix it up as much as I can. I read once that it's always best to narrate a story from the PoV of the character who either knows the least or has the most to lose. I try to stick with that wisdom whenever possible.

Plot twists abound in this story. You should always be careful with what you think you know for certain. Things have a way of changing... I didn't start out looking to develop theories of what it feels like to cast the killing curse, but I was pretty happy with how that turned out. It fits with the way I think of Voldemort and others like him.

You and Sirius both wanted to slap him. I think a part of Dumbledore that should never be ignored is that wise as he is, he's not all-knowing. He's made mistakes in the past and there's no reason to assume his portrait wouldn't have some questionable ideas in the afterlife.

I look forward to the next time! Thank you for reading and reviewing!

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Review #63, by Sharvi Any Sufficiently Advanced Technology

2nd January 2014:
How long are your chapters?? I mean I keep reading and reading expecting it to end, but it doesn't and it makes me so happy! I was thinking about the parallels with Delicate, and I agree it is one of the best stories out there, I for one spent most of middle school and my early high school reading it. Just because of that I might just go back and reread it. But not before I finish reviewing!

Loved reading Ron and Hermione's part. These three are just so classic and I think you really grabbed the essence of their characters. It felt as if something from their years at Hogwarts because their friendship seems to be a constant through everything.

Rose is such a colorful character and I love seeing her with Harry because the contrast between his cool and reserved demeanor to her "volatility" is such fun to read.

Though I have to say my favourite thing about the chapter was Octavia. She seems like a special character and from what I've gathered she is central to what happened with Ginny. Also, what a great way to end the chapter by bringing us back to Percy. I'm thinking that he's a central character too right? (with all that uncharacteristic behavior he has to be)

Gaah, your characters are so full of life I can only hope that if I ever write anything I can portray mine half as well as you do. Does that sentence even make sense? I hope it does! Can't wait to read on =)

Author's Response: Ha! One thing you'll find about this story is that the chapters seem to get longer and longer as you go. There are a few shorter ones scattered throughout, but I'd say the average is somewhere around 7,000 words. I start writing and it always seems like I wind up with more than I expected.

Delicate is an amazing story, and it's the source of nearly all of my Scorpius/Rose head canon. I liked being able to incorporate a few references.

Probably the trickiest thing about this entire story was figuring out how to age the characters realistically while keeping the things that make them who they are. I'm really glad -- kind of relieved, actually -- that you thought it worked. Their friendship is something that I don't ever see changing.

Rose is a lot of fun to write. I love making her snarky and lively and rather insightful. Sort of a mix of her parents' best and worst personality traits.

Octavia definitely became a favorite of mine as I wrote this. She'll be part of the story until the very end, so I'm glad you like her. She is indeed tied in to the mystery of Ginny's death. More on that topic to come...

The best advice I can give is to always give your characters time to think things through on the written page and give them confidants to share their thoughts with. It's the best way I know to develop them.

Thanks so much for reading and reviewing!

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Review #64, by Sharvi Everything That Ever Mattered

2nd January 2014:
Ginny is dead? Ok, I'm still trying to wrap my head around this. This really was the perfect introduction to where everyone is in their lives though. How the Trio have become grandparents, how they've moved on. Harry from the Boy who Lived to Auror to Hogwart's professor.

Also, Harry's Hero Complex? I'm glad you included that, it is such an integral part of who he is. But I can't imagine how hurt he would be. Ginny was afterall the one person who he could start a new life with after Voldemort and his life with the Dursley's.

Can't wait to read ahead =)

Author's Response: Sadly yes. Ginny died approximately 4 years before the start of the story. You'll find out more about her death in the next chapter. It was definitely the hardest decision I made when I was working out the particulars of this story. I love Ginny and Harry together and it was very sad for me.

Harry's Hero Complex is alive and well! He blames himself for Ginny's death and he's still a mess on the inside. This will be a central theme of the story.

I can't wait to find out what you think of future chapters! Thanks so much for reading and reviewing!

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Review #65, by Sharvi Prologue

2nd January 2014:
I started reading it!! So excited because I'm actually looking forward to story about the Trio =)

Author's Response: Yay! I'm very excited, as well. I always love getting new perspectives on this story. It's still my proudest contribution to the HPFF archives.

Thanks for reading and reviewing!

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Review #66, by slytherinchica08 A Friend Indeed

1st January 2014:
Wow the action really begins! I absolutely loved this chapter! I thought it was really interesting to see something from different character povs! When Hermione walked by the person with the petition I thought maybe something was up, but I never suspected that they would be involved with the ones trying to get the records so that was a nice surprise. I thought that all the different povs were written very nicely and they each added something different to the story. I do hope that we will see more of them in the future chapters. Also the little mentions of scorose were nice for me and I loved how you handled it and mentioned how each one had a different reaction but yet they still love their grandchildren. I really don't know what else I can say other than saying that I absolutely loved this chapter and look forward to reading more. Great Job!


Author's Response: Things really kick into high gear with this chapter. I'm really glad you like the different points of view that make up the chapter. You'll see that in nearly every chapter of the story from here on out.

Personally, I love Rose and Scorpius together, so I use that liberally in this story.

I'm really glad that you enjoyed it! Thanks for reading and reviewing!

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Review #67, by Courtney Dark Calculated Risks

26th December 2013:

I always get so excited when I pop over to the review thread and see that you are the last one who has posted, because it means I get to read another chapter of this story!

I really enjoyed the section from Ron's point of view. His love for his family was just so clear that I really just wanted to hug him and tell him in will all be alright. Even though things don't really look alright at this stage. In fact, things look like they are going downhill with Rose and Octavia, but THAT'S OKAY!

I also really liked this bit: 'e had never possessed Hermioneís ability to rapidly analyze the details of a situation or Harryís ability to make snap decisions based on instinct, but he liked to believe that given enough time to ponder things, he could come up with alternatives that they had overlooked.' To me, that summed up the dynamics of Harry, Ron and Hermione perfectly, and just stuck in my head!

I am extremely anxious to find out more about this creepy book. Somehow it seemed too easy for Terry to get it, even though he was in disguise, which makes me worried. Is it even the real thing? Or is it some kind of trap? I really, really hope not!

I love Rose's character. She has such a great personality, it's always amusing to read her POV's, even if they are quite dark!

I absolutely loved the Hugo/Albus/Scorpius/Fleur section! The conversation between Hugo and Albus felt so natural and then Scorpius was just perfect. And I really enjoyed Fleur's stories!

Awesome chapter!


Author's Response: Hi, Courtney!

I get really excited when I see you tag me, as well! I love getting more perspective on the later chapters of CoB.

This was the first chance I've had in the story to really get Ron on his own and let him shine. I was really pleased to do it because I don't like stories where he gets pigeon-holed into the Second Banana Zone, unable to do much of anything without Harry and Hermione to lead him around. You don't get to be an Auror by mindlessly following Harry's lead. I liked that line about Ron's abilities, as well. I agree that it nicely sums up what he brings to the Trio.

You will find out much, much more about the creepy book over the next few chapters. It's a nasty piece of work.

I've never written anything that focuses exclusively on Rose, but I love writing her as a supporting character. Her dark, sarcastic sense of humor contrasts so well with where the other characters are mentally by this point in the story.

Fleur is another character that I really started to enjoy writing in this. I think of her as being a very intuitive, free-spirited sort of woman who values the wisdom and opinions of others, but doesn't feel bound by them. She gives some pretty good advice, which turns out to be a big help to Al, Hugo and Scorpius. The three of them are about to take a much larger role in the story over the next few chapters.

I look forward to every review you leave! It's so much fun to read them and respond! Thanks!

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Review #68, by Courtney Dark Acts of Faith

23rd December 2013:

Ugh, this chapter was so amazing! My eyes were glued to the screen the whole time, because so much was happening, and I just want to find out more!

I loved, loved, loved the section from Rose's point of view. Firstly, because Octavia is extremely cute, and secondly, because I loved how normally it started off - Rose explaining to Octavia why she had to stay at Muggle school, and thinking that she had too much Weasley pride to borrow money from the Malfoy side of the family. And then it all started to go downhill from there. I have a very, very bad feeling about what has happened to Rose and Octavia, and I just hope that feeling is wrong!

We got to see Tenabra again! Yay! Well, not really yay, considering she is a pretty nasty lady, but you know what I mean. I think she is an absolutely brilliant villain - she has everything you could possibly ask for in a fictional character. She's mysterious, sly, cunning, clever and pretty damn scary!

Oooh, I did not see the twist with Terry coming. Yay again for minor canon characters!

I also loved the Harry/Ron/Hermione segment, just because you write the golden trio so perfectly! And I'm really enjoying Esme's character, too.

Awesome chapter!


Author's Response: First off, let me say that I feel badly about only getting around to responding to this review after you've already tagged me **again** and left another one. I'll definitely try to be more prompt in the future!

I'm really glad that you enjoyed Rose's point of view. She's so much fun to write because she has certain things in common with me. She's has to try to be a parent to Octavia when she sometimes doesn't feel like an adult, herself. Or at least she feels like she'll never quite measure up to her own mother and certainly not her grandmother. That's where the self-doubt and self-deprecation come from. As far as what happens next, she and Octavia are definitely in danger. A great deal more than she realizes...

Lady Tenabra is large and in charge by this point. She has the Ministry eating out of her hand, but the Trio have still managed to elude her grasp.

I had a great time planning the twist with Terry. I'm not sure how many readers remember Ron leaving Harry alone with Esme way back in chapter 18 so that he could join the raiding party at McNair's house, but that's when it all started.

I really appreciate the compliment on the Trio. They aren't the only focus of the story, but if I don't write the three of them well, the rest of it really doesn't matter so much.

Thanks so much for reading and reviewing!

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Review #69, by Nicole Swift Impossible Choices

22nd December 2013:
:-( so sad. Tears in my eyes.

Author's Response: I'm sorry. I hate to make anyone cry. I'm pleased that the story had such an impact, though.

Thanks for letting me know!

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Review #70, by Pete W The Needs of the One

19th December 2013:
"Your sainted grandfather isn't around to protect you anymore." One of my favorite lines in this story. You know the pure blood nuts would feel that way about Harry and his family. Great stuff. As I always say the best ever!

Author's Response: I'm sure the Potters weren't on the Rowle family's Christmas card list. Speaking of which, Happy Holidays! Thanks so much for reading and reviewing!

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Review #71, by Courtney Dark Flight of the Angels

17th December 2013:

Ooh, I loved this chapter!

The section from Hugo's point of view was great and fun to read, though highly frustrating at the same time. I was getting that whole body clenching sort of feeling and felt like screaming at the screen FIONA JUST LISTEN TO HUGO! Grr! And now they've taken the portkey, leaving Rose stranded! Hugo! I mean, I know you had to think quick and all, but what the hell is Rose going to do??

Charlene was great. She definitely added a bit of humour to the chapter, which was awesome, and I loved the whole driving the ambulance down the motorway thing. You write action packed scenes so well, and this was no exception. I felt like I was caught up in the moment completely! And I was actually worried for a second there that Harry was going to go through with his dangerous plan. Thank god Justin and Neville turned up in time! And before I forget, I would like to thank you for not making Ron a stupid, bumbling, slightly useless wizard - I have seen that done too many times to count and it always annoys me.

Oh, Neville on a broomstick! I loved reading his reactions and everyone else's reactions to the ride! And Susan is such a great character! I've really enjoyed the last three chapters, which have had a lot of her in them!

Looking forward to reading the next chapter!


Author's Response: Hellooo, Courtney! Awesome to see you back!

It's funny you mention it, because I remember feeling kind of similar while writing Hugo and Fiona preparing to leave. Don't judge her *too* harshly, however. Like Hugo, she's a post-war baby. She really has no frame of reference for a situation where the Ministry has been subverted and you can't trust anybody. Rose has a big problem, unfortunately. More on this very soon...

I could hardly believe my good fortune when I was able to pull Charlene out of the Dust Heap of Disposable One-Appearance Characters and reuse her. You might remember her from way back in chapter 5, when Harry takes Artie and Dennis to see Frank and Alice Longbottom.

I'm stoked that you liked the ambulance chase so much. It was one of my favorite scenes in the entire story. (Yes, I admit that I'm tragically American. Even in a story about wizards, I have to include a car chase.) I could never make Ron a bumbling, sub-par wizard. I just don't think of him that way and in a few chapters you'll see him really shine in a couple of scenes all his own.

Poor Neville. He hates flying so much, but most of his friends are Quidditch junkies.

I grew to love Susan as I wrote this. You haven't seen the last of her.

The story turns decidedly darker and starts to really pick up speed from here on out. I can't wait to see what you think!

Thanks so much for reading and reviewing!

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Review #72, by slytherinchica08 Those Who Donít Learn From History

16th December 2013:
Man have I missed this story. I don't care that its been over a year since I last read anything from this story (a thought that is rather sad) but it still managed to pull me right back in and not let go until I finished the last word of the last sentence. You have a wonderful talent with storytelling and I hope that you continue to write!

The idea behind this story is rather interesting and it has pulled me in so much. I find myself wondering about future chapters and what will happen and if Harry will step up and take the place for the History professor which is honestly a very original idea as most would pin him for Defense. But I like that he already comes into the school and is preparing student who might be interested in becoming an Auror once their schooling is done. I loved the snippets that he showed Northway to prove that its not just a story that adults made up about Voldemort but something that actually happened. I think that they were great things to show him that were heartbreaking but real things. I also like that it started off as somewhere safe, the Ministry, instead of starting somewhere else as its always easier to get to people when they feel safe. It was rather sad that a student didn't know who Professor Dumbledore was and hope that that also gets corrected.

Honestly, I couldn't find any mistakes or areas where you could improve with this story. I think that its written very well and has a great "voice" to pull people in and keep them wanting to know more. You can bet that I will be back to read more of this story sometime, hopefully soon but we shall see what real life has in store for me. Absolutely wonderful job, I enjoyed this chapter very much!


Author's Response: Hi! It has been a long time, but always nice to see an old reader come back.

Well, without spoiling anything, there is definitely a possibility that you'll see Harry at Hogwarts again. And a lot of other things.

Dennis Northway is a character that I've tried to use to show just how naive and complacent the wizarding world has become after decades of peace and prosperity. As his eyes gradually open to the dangers around him, it's sort of a metaphor for what's going on in the larger world. He'll be around until the very end of the story, so you'll get to see his understanding of things evolve.

Whew! I always worry that there are still things that I've missed. I guess after this long, most of them have been stamped out.

Thank you so much for all of the kind words. I've written several other things since I marked CoB Complete, but it is and always will be my first love on my author's page. Thanks for reading and reviewing!

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Review #73, by Pete W All Too Familiar

11th December 2013:
This is my second time reading this story. I said before it is the best. This chapter has in it some pain for Harry and since this story is head canon for me, the events that happen to my all time favorite characters of any franchise, are quite touching and at times heart wrenching(what happens to Rose). I have recommended this story to at least 8 other people and I'm hoping they'll take a chance on it cause it's worth it. It's funny that a couple of weeks after I posted my original review of this story we got Fantastic Beasts. I knew we would get more. :)

Author's Response: Hi, there!

First off, I feel very honored that you wanted to read the story more than once. I'm not sure I can explain what a great feeling that is. Amazing.

I'm really pleased that you've enjoyed it so much. As far as the coincidental timing with Fantastic Beasts... well, I can't really take credit for that. ;)

Thank you so much for leaving reviews and even more for recommending the story to others. It means more than I can say.

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Review #74, by Courtney Dark The Needs of the One

10th December 2013:
Hey there!

Agh, I just love this story so much! I absolutely love the fact that you have managed to include so many different characters - it makes it so exciting to read, wondering whose point of view I'm going to be reading from next!

I loved the section from Harry's point of view! The duel with Ron was great! It reminded me of those moments in the HP books when they sword fight with fake wands at the back of the class - it's nice to see that, even many years later, some things haven't changed!

Hehe, again I loved Hugo's character in this chapter! He seems - well, dimwit isn't quite the word, because he isn't, but he's so out of his depth that it's amusing!

I loved the Elf Hospital! What a great idea - I've never read anything else like that before. And i enjoyed Harry's conversation with both the elf Healer and Hermys.

Poor Dennis - it would suck being stuck in a house with people like Rowle! And I wonder what Neville - sorry, Professor Longbottom - thought of his accusations against Tennant.

Awesome chapter!


Author's Response: Hello, again! So nice to see you back!

I really, really love changing up the point of view in each scene. I read once that an author should always choose the character who knows the least or has the most to lose as the narrative voice for a scene. I try to stick with that.

I thought the exploding snap game between Ron and Harry was a good way to start off a relatively "heavy" chapter on a lighter note. It also helped to keep them more in character, I thought.

Hugo isn't exactly dimwitted, he's just so far out of his depth that he really has no idea where to begin. And his wife isn't making things any easier.

I've read a couple of stories where the author posited an elf hospital somewhere in the magical world and I really loved the idea. It was a good way to deal with Susan's injuries and it gave a chance to show that sensitive side of Harry that people tend to rally around.

I hope you'll like Dennis's character as the story continues to unfold. He's meant to be a sort of metaphor for a wizarding world that's gradually waking up from decades of complacency and naivete and realizing that there are still dangers to be confronted.

I'm really pleased that you liked it! Thanks for reading and reviewing!

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Review #75, by Courtney Dark The Needs of the Many

10th December 2013:

Why has it been so ridiculously long since I last read this story? It is just so amazing and you have so many awesome, complex characters and the story line is epic - and I am so glad that I am FINALLY back! I'm sorry it hasn't taken me such an absurdly long time to get to this chapter!

I really enjoyed this chapter! Every part of it was pretty much perfect - there was humour and a lot of action, which is always nice!

I really enjoy the sections from Susan's point of view, partly because I love that one of your central characters is a minor canon character! And she just has such a great, realistic seeming personality! I enjoyed her conversation with Terry, for no other reason that I just enjoyed it - it was fun to read!

I absolutely adored the section from Draco's point of view. Goyle's spelling is absolutely atrocious and I loved the little story about Brutus Malfoy. And then the conversation between Draco and Astoria was absolutely perfect - after reading Detox, I love those two even more! I actually loved out loud at the line: ďPenniless? Destitute? Beggared? Impecunious?Ē It amazes me that you are so good at writing these action filled moments and drama, and also manage to have perfect comic timing.

Susan's second point of view was just amazing to read! I loved all the little details you added in to make it seem more realistic - and then the escape from the Ministry was just brilliant!

I especially enjoyed the interactions between Hugo and Al - there were so many bits and pieces throughout this section that made me laugh - one really random example was the line: ďUm, it sucks. What are you doing here?Ē Your characterizations of Hugo and Al are so awesome, and I love the way they bicker, even in a potential life or death situation.

This was an amazing chapter!


Author's Response: Hi, Courtney!

I have missed you! Of course, I don't mind that you took a detour through Detox. ;)

When I write, I like to mix humor and action, humor and drama, humor and romance... yeah, I pretty much need to have humor in everything.

I really grew to love writing Susan's point of view while I was working on this. Pretty much anything with Susan in it, actually. She became a really awesome presence in the story.

I grew to love Draco and Astoria as a pairing during this story, so much so that I had to try my hand at them in other situations. They go together so well. I'm really pleased you liked Astoria's sarcastic attempt not to sound "common". That was one of my favorite lines.

The second Susan section was meant to have that feel of barreling along at high speed toward the end of the chapter, but taking a moment or two here and there to sort of indulge Al and Hugo and their inexperience in violent, dangerous confrontations. I'm glad it held together well for you!

So pleased you liked this! The 3-chapter arc that begins with this one was one of my favorite parts of the entire story to write. Thanks for reading and reviewing!

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