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Review #51, by GingeredTea Searching for Answers

28th November 2014:
This whole chapter was fantastic and powerful. Somehow, you managed to keep building up the tension, never quite letting me find my bearings before moving quickly onward. Then you gave us a very small reprieve in the form of Harry's 'immaturity'. I loved every bit of this chapter!

Getting clever in your age, hmm Harry? Harry did that so perfectly and stayed in character so well - such a difference from him in his youth. I loved every minute of it and laughed at his manipulations of the secretary.

Hermione's inability to find peace seemed so far from her character and yet so close. Hermione always seemed like someone who could come to terms with anything, but I also see her as someone who would feel 'crippled' in her ability to do just that, if she wasn't one hundred percent able physically. I think that is what is really getting into her way.

It was nice for Scorpius to get some time in the story, especially to see his interaction with Draco.

I knew it was only a matter of time before the body turned up, but I hadn't actually realized that the muggles would find it. The way you had that message delivered was a great idea. I also enjoyed the moment between Albus and Harry. Albus really reminds me of a steadier Harry.

Author's Response: Hi! It's review answering day! Very exciting. Also, I'm very far behind. :-/

Harry is getting quite clever in his old age. After surviving a war and decades of serving as an Auror, he's hip to all the tricks of the trade, magical and muggle. He also very much enjoyed messing with the Minister's secretary.

Hermione is locked in a deep struggle with her own mind. She can make intellectual peace with her condition, but something is preventing her from fully accepting it. Is it the fact that she's lost a measure of her physical "ableness" or is it something more than that? We shall see...

Scorpius will get a fair bit more "screen time" before the story is all said and done. If you liked his interaction with his father, I think you'll really enjoy what I have in store.

Albus has a lot of his father in him, but in other ways he has a lot in common with Hermione. He's more reserved, analytical and deliberate. What he lacks almost entirely is the fiery temperament that his two siblings inherited from their mother.

Whee! It's fun, watching a new reader make their way through the story. It really takes me back. Thanks for the swap and thanks for reading and reviewing!

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Review #52, by Veritaserum27 Strange Bedfellows

11th November 2014:
Hiya Dan!

I just had to keep going with this next chapter. I really like how your writing plays out like scenes from a movie, switching back and forth between small snippets of dramatic events. It moves the story along and keeps up the drama, without overloading the reader all at once. :)

And kudos for managing to weave some humor into this chapter as well! Astoria running down Diagon Alley in that slinky number left me giggling. I really love the bond between her and Draco. I imagined a lot of pure blood marriages (even ones that were not arranged) to be loveless, mainly because they were so focused on appearances and propriety, but Draco and Astoria understand, respect and will do anything for each other. ♥

And I can't go on without Gah-ing over the Ron Hermione scene. He's just so adorably protective of her. She can totally take care of herself, and Ron knows that, but he still can't help himself.

What's this? Ron is the one telling Harry to calm down and get out of everyone's way. Wow. I guess he's matured over the years - haha! Hmm... I'm very curious about this book. Were all the restricted books removed from Hogwarts placed in the magical records office that was attacked? Or did the Ministry put them somewhere else? I'll just have to read to find out.

And this horrible, nasty spell. Ugh! Hermione is seriously lucky. But this makes me really worried about these dark wizards. I don't think they got what they were after and I fear this will just escalate their tactics. Obviously they know some really dark magic - what else is out there?

Marcus Flint clearly got a bit more savvy in his old age. I felt like he was kind of the bumbling side-kick in Detox. How did he escape from Azkaban? They don't have the dementors as guards anymore, but I'm guessing they aren't in the habit of letting people out who haven't finished their sentences... Marcus had help and I have the feeling he isn't running the show, so there's someone worse out there. Yikes!

The last scene with Harry and Draco was interesting. At first I was kind of like "Really?! You guys are in your sixties and you resort back to the childish immaturity and prejudices from your school days?" But I think that Harry is in a really bad place right now, he is still grieving for Ginny and now that Hermione's been attacked and he'd just learned about the dark magic resurfacing... Well, I guess he's not in the best of moods and Malfoy just has a way of pushing his buttons.

I'm really interested to meet Scorpius. He's been mentioned several times and seems like a really great character - especially if Harry respects and cares for him so much.

Can't wait to see where this is going!

♥ Beth

Author's Response: Hello, again!

I definitely agree that it's important to keep a long story moving and change up the scene and narration frequently to keep readers from glazing over. I feel like I was mostly successful in doing that with this story.

Humor is an important aspect of telling a long, dramatic story, I think. You have to break up the tension and lighten the mood from time to time. Draco and Astoria's marriage is about as far from loveless as you can get. They are crazy for one another.

Hermione can take care of herself in general, but at the moment she can use all the help she can get. She was the victim of a very nasty curse, as you'll soon see.

Ron has always been a good balance against some of Harry's more obsessive tendencies, and he plays that role very well here. Someone has to remind Harry from time to time that he can't solve all the world's problems by himself.

You're correct that we've only scratched the surface of the dark magic you'll see in this story. Much more to come on that topic.

Flint had a lot of time to sit in prison and reconsider his youthful idiocy. And while he's more forceful and savvy in his old age, he still doesn't choose sides very well. You'll find out very soon how he managed to get out of prison.

Harry and Draco will never be friends. I think that's simply a given, considering the past they share. The way that Harry chooses to prod at Draco's insecurities isn't *just* because of the place he's in at this point, either. He truly enjoys inflicting a bit of mental suffering on his former nemesis. That said, the two of them can work together when they have a common interest.

Scorpius's first actual appearance is in chapter 11, although you'll find out more about his relationship with Rose in chapter 10. To me, his character starts to get interesting in chapter 12. He's another one who'll be an important part of the story for quite a while.

I'm really excited to see your reactions! I always love to see a new reader making their way through. Thanks for reading and reviewing!

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Review #53, by Veritaserum27 A Friend Indeed

10th November 2014:
Hey there Dan,

I recently realized how incredibly long it's been since I left you a review and I actually read this chapter THREE TIMES with the intent of reviewing and ummm... I get sorta busy?

But I have this weird thing of not letting myself read ahead so that I can leave a review with predictions and reactions without knowing what is going to happen next.

Ok. Done with the rambling half-explanation and on to the proper review.

Loved the switch to Draco and Astoria in this chapter. As usual, you did a fantastic job with their characters. And I'm actually in complete and total awe of the connections between the little subtleties that you mention in this chapter and the happenings of Detox. Did you base that entire story off of the details you gave in this chapter? Or did you go back and edit this chapter to reflect what goes on in that story? OR... are your notes, head canon and back stories so in depth that you always had their story in your head and you just decided to write it on a whim? Because I would never, ever, ever believe that this story was written first. I'm just astounded.

And I'm pretty much in love with Astoria here. I might even love her more than your Narcissa - maybe. She is smart, clever and loyal (where her family is concerned). She knows how to play the game and how to manipulate (I don't love using that word here, but it fits) her husband. I think her personality blossomed over the years because we only saw an inkling of these traits in Detox. She was only sixteen during that story and had a lot of other things going on - falling in love, trying not to be killed, blah, blah, blah. Pure genius to have her character grow into her full potential here. Or rather, working backwards, have it be less developed in her teen years for that story (I still can't believe that was written after this).

Back to Astoria, she gives her husband the advice he needs, not the advice he wants, helps him search the manor and even tries to play her cards with Hermione, all to protect her family. Love her.

And Hermione. She is perfect. She realizes instantly what Astoria is up to and won't back down, insisting that they use the "proper channels." Not going to play Astoria's game. I just am so excited to see someone portray these characters with their true personalities.

What is going on?! Hermione sure has a penchant for being in the wrong place at the wrong time. She was right to be suspicious. Hmmm... Is this couple looking for the same thing that Flint wanted from Draco? I'm wondering if they are working together or separately...

Someone was killed? Everything went black for Hermione. No. You wouldn't. You already had Ginny murdered. You could not possibly do this to me. I need my Hermione. I guess I'll just have to read on to find out what happens next!

♥ Beth

Author's Response: Hi, Beth! I'm also not big on reading ahead. It creates a difficult level of temptation for me. I tend to get lazy about reviewing.

From this point onward in the story, you'll find that I switch settings and points of view very frequently. I read a piece of advice somewhere once that said to always tell the story from the point of view of the character who knows the least about the situation or has the most to lose.

This was all written long before Detox, so certain parts of Detox were written to harmonize with the past that Draco recalls in this chapter. Detox was actually based on a request from a reader of this story to find out how Draco and Astoria came to be together. My version of events, at least. I'm flattered that it seems as though Detox was written first!

Astoria has grown into a strong, proud woman who is able to manage her husband -- sounds better than manipulate, although they pretty much mean the same thing -- very well while remaining fairly true to her pureblood roots. I'm really glad you like her. Her character will be an important part of the story until nearly the very end.

I really enjoyed writing the back-and-forth between Astoria and Hermione. I feel like I was able to create two very astute, very perceptive women having a high-stakes conversation where each side brings a slightly different agenda to the table.

Hermione is definitely in the wrong place at the wrong time. What happens? Well, you'll find out shortly. Mum's the word. ;)

I'm really glad you enjoyed it. The plot of the story begins in earnest with this chapter. Thanks for reading and reviewing!

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Review #54, by GingeredTea No More Secrets

1st November 2014:
Here for our review swap! I was sad to see your latest story hasn't been updated, but really glad to come back to this one!

I fumbled for a minute to place myself and had to read the last couple sentences in the prior chapter, but then it all fell into place. As always, you are spot on with your characters actions, even the smallest ones, and I feel like you are doing a great job with how Ron would experience and muddled through his worry/grief/anger.

“What happened to you?” Ron blurted out, unaccustomed to seeing Harry in such a disheveled state. “I thought the house looked bad...”
. This made me laugh. Ron would revert back to his impulsive, no-filter, self in unusual situations. And he hasn't had any sleep, so I'll give him credit there.

I question whether the 'designs' Tenabra mentions are truly the Dark Lord's or if they are truly her own, disguised under a name that held loyalty and sway - a name under which these men once felt powerful and important. Stupid people tend to forget the fire something ended with.

"It’s the same old claptrap that landed him in prison in the first place.”. I never did peg Draco for someone completely stupid. Foolish - absolutely. Clearly, he remembers the way everything ended - then again I don't think being a Death Eater was ever that beneficial to him.

The collide between Hermione's logic and her emotions was perfectly portrayed.

You pulled those wands out of the bag just in time! :D A happy moment in all this chaos and sadness.

Then Susan - ugh. Okay, not her, but boy did she bring the cliffhanger with her! If you've mentioned Stoops before, I can't recall...but I really want to know more!

Thanks for the review swap, Dan! :D

Author's Response: Two weeks?!?! I guess it's high time I was responding to this. :-/

I'm glad you were able to reacquaint yourself with the story quickly. I love getting that feeling when I come back to a story I haven't read in a while.

Ron has been on a huge emotional roller coaster with Hermione's injuries. All things considered, he's actually holding it together a bit better than he probably should be. He'll have his moments, though.

You *could* be onto something with regard to Lady Tenabra's designs. Time will tell, but I think you're right to be suspicious of anything she says or does.

Draco is far from stupid. He also suffered mightily at the hands of the Dark Lord and he remembers exactly what it was like to be cannon fodder in someone else's war. He has no intention of winding up in that position again, which is why he told Flint to buzz off. Unfortunately for him, that didn't get him completely disentangled from the mess.

Whew! I've never been quite sure how that scene with Hermione reads. I'm glad it worked for you.

The wands were a random idea that came to me as I was writing the chapter before. One of the most fun things about writing in JKR's sandbox is all the little toys and details that she left behind along the way. You can dig them up and toss them into a story anytime you need a bit of a mood change.

Stoops is the muggle who murdered Ginny. So now there's concrete evidence tying him to the blond witch in Magical Records. This just became a lot more personal for our heroes.

This is fun. I'm glad we do it often. Thanks for the swap and thanks for reading and reviewing!

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Review #55, by Lady Asphodel Any Sufficiently Advanced Technology

11th October 2014:
Another amazingly-written chapter!

Your story-telling is so soft and gentle - yet with a hint of mystique and danger.

I always love trio moments, and actually, it's been quite a while since I've read a trio-based story.

The scene with them was perfect! They're trying to carry on with their lives, though without Ginny, things are difficult.

I love the mild-mannered interaction between Ron and Hermione. I feel nostalgic because reading that.. I imagined Harry, Ron, and Hermione when they'd hang out in the Common Room or so forth. *going through the feels*

I absolutely love Octavia! She's the most awesomest little OC girl (or is she canon?) I ever read about!

I loved how she tried to cheer up Rose and Harry. The thing about innocence - something you can never gain back once lost. *sad face*

I also love the tidbit with Harry and the unicorn. A great insert of brief humor.

Now the whole part with the gunman, Percy, and Ginny. Can't wait to learn of what happened with that.

Chapter 3 - next!

- Asphodel

Author's Response: Hi, there!

So, uh, fair warning. The storytelling won't stay this soft and gentle for much longer. Things are destined to get pretty rough along the way. I hope you don't find it too off-putting.

I am a huge fan of "trio moments", myself. They take me back to reading the books when the trio was young. That got to be a pretty precious thing after writing so much of a grieving, sexagenarian trio. They definitely miss Ginny.

Ron and Hermione get on better now, but from time to time you will still see the flashes of conflict there.

I'm really glad that you like Octavia. She's an integral part of the story and she'll be there until the very end.

I think you need to balance out a "heavy" story with a little humor now and then. It helps to keep the reader from getting bored.

You will find out what happened with Percy and the gunman in the next chapter. I hope you enjoy it!

Thanks for reading and reviewing!

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Review #56, by Lady Asphodel Everything That Ever Mattered

11th October 2014:
Ah My G. Why??? SO sad!

This chapter has amazing dialogue in here - even though Harry is mostly talking to himself!

Gosh - I could just feel the absence of Ginny - which puts a damper on my shipper heart. *insert image of heart breaking in half*

I didn't notice before... but It's cool that you were in a way summarizing everything that is going on with Harry and everyone without being so obvious about it!

I can see why this story is so recommended and won such recognition!

Off to chapter 2!

- Asphodel

Author's Response: Why. Why, indeed. I've asked myself that an awful lot over the three-ish years since I started writing this story. Having Ginny not be alive was absolutely the hardest decision I made. I can't really explain it all right now without giving away a huge chunk of the plot. All I can say is that there's a good reason and when you're finished I hope you agree that it was worthwhile.

I'm glad that the "back story dump" didn't feel obvious. I tried really hard to put it in context.

That's a very kind thing to say. I hope the story continues to live up to its reputation.

Thanks for reading and reviewing!

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Review #57, by Veritaserum27 Those Who Don’t Learn From History

11th October 2014:
Hello Dan,

You were right - this chapter is much less intense in terms of emotions. But it was no less enjoyable to read! Lots of good information here, and knowing you, most of it is in place to set up the mystery part of the story.

I have to keep reminding myself that we are two generations out from the dark times when Voldemort terrorized the Wizarding world. On one hand, it seems crazy that the sacrifices and hardships would be so easily forgotten, but when you think about it - it is totally believable. I liken it to the Muggle WWII. My grandfather fought, but I am sure that I will never fully appreciate the service he and his contemporaries provided to our country - and the world. And the next generation can't even relate because they don't even have relatives to recount the stories. Growing up in a world that always feels safe has a distinct disadvantage. You could tell that even Harry's grandson doesn't fully understand the situations that his grandparents and great-grandparents were in. While everyone wants the best for our kids, history is bound to repeat itself if we don't educate.

On that note, I am flabbergasted at the serious lack of instruction the students are getting on this topic. I can see Neville's issue. No one ever seemed to enjoy History of Magic in Harry's time and I'm sure that subject has not increased in popularity over time. Perhaps Hermione would be willing to be a guest lecturer - kind of what Harry does, at least for the older kids. She seemed to be the only one who actually listened in History of Magic and I think she would be really good at setting the record of recent history straight. Ok. You can tell I'm really into your story when I'm giving suggestions and I know its been completed for over two years...

I found a couple of typos. Here:

I doubt you're going to be able to conjur a bighorn sheep, but let's not take any chances, right?

Should it be "conjure" instead of "conjur?"

And here:

After a while, be noticed that they had begun to alternate their casting of offensive spells, trying to spread Harry's defenses.

I think you mean "he" and not "be." ♥

Harry seems the happiest when he is working with the kids - or perhaps it is just that he is at Hogwarts - his first true home. Either way, this is a very different Harry than we've seen in previous chapters and it made my heart warm. I was so happy to see that he still has the ability to cast a patronus. It is a small thing, but to me it speaks volumes that the real Harry is still in there, somewhere.

I really love the concept you've created that the more you talk to a portrait, the more it responds. It explains so much about the portraits in the Headmaster's office. Years and years of seeking advice from the current Headmaster or Headmistress has led them to be really chatty and so much like their own personalities from when they were alive. I can't imagine that the Dumbledore and Snape portraits won't agree with Harry about the teachings of recent magical history lessons.

What?! The kids don't even know what dementors are??!! Geez, kids these days - they just live in a bubble of peaceful oblivion, don't they...

Awesome chapter, Dan!

♥ Beth

Author's Response: Hi, Beth!

I think complacency and naiveté are almost to be expected when you have two whole generations that have come of age in a world where things are safe and easy (relatively) and predictable. I like the World War II analogy, it captures the state of affairs pretty well. You'll definitely see some conflict in this story between wanting the keep the younger generations safe and needing them to have a stake in the well-being of the magical world.

Magical History has always been such a dry, dull subject at Hogwarts that very few people ever keep going with it. Also, having the subject taught by a ghost is an obvious path of least resistance. He never complains, calls in sick or retires. There's definitely a problem, though, and as Harry fairly points out, a danger. Hang onto that idea about Hermione. You might be pleasantly surprised. ;)

Wow. My hat is off and I humbly bow to your proof-reading skills. You caught not one but two typos in a chapter with 43 previous reviews that hasn't been updated in nearly 2 years. Bravo! I shall get those tidied up right away.

Harry does take a lot of joy in working with the Hogwarts students. I think he'd enjoy it no matter what, but it also helps to take his mind off of Ginny. I hope you'll see a lot of sides of Harry in this story. At the time, I couldn't get enough of writing his PoV.

I always loved the idea of the magical portraits in the books and like a lot of other things, I wished that JKR had used them more. They offer this amazing continuity between past and present. The idea that they would start off lifeless and become more alive as you talked to them came to me before I started writing this and it was one of the things that motivated me to start writing.

In fairness to the students, they don't really have a need to know much about Dementors since the Ministry rounded them up and imprisoned them. The Dementors, that is, not the students. ;) But you're right, their bubble is warm and comfortable.

I'm really glad you enjoyed it! Thanks for reading and reviewing!

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Review #58, by Lady Asphodel Prologue

11th October 2014:
Hi! I've been wanting to read this for such a long time now, hehe. Now that I am, this prologue has really piqued my interest. Heck - when you requested the banner, this story intrigued me.

This chapter here made me immensely sad. I did take notice of Ginny not really being in the picture when I looked at the pairings... *sad face*

Again though, I am still interested to see how this goes... Even if this ends sadly.

In conclusion of this review, I love your style of writing! Very close to Rowlings, yet it's through your voice... your hands - ya know-...

Well... I am off to read Chapter 1!

- Asphodel

Author's Response: Hi, there!

Wow, if you remember back to when I requested this banner, I have to say that your memory is really good. Feels like ages ago.

It made me sad to write this chapter. Large parts of this story left me feeling sad, to be honest. I'll talk a little more about Ginny in my next review response.

I'll say this one thing about the prologue and I don't think it will ruin any surprises: the prologue is the first part of a scene that finishes in chapter 39.

Thank you so much for the compliments! And thanks for reading and reviewing!

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Review #59, by Mariano_Pingitore Epilogue

8th October 2014:
Another wonderful story comes to an end. I've been leaving reviews here and there throughout the story but I wanted to save some things for the end. First of all, this is the first fic I've read that takes place so long after the events from the books and it's been very enjoyable to see the main characters as grandparents. It makes for a different angle. The plot was very addictive from start to finish, too. I really liked the way you portrayed the characters, in particular Neville, Susan and Draco,and the growing pains of the new generation, so different to what it was like for the ones who were teenagers during the war. It was a masterful mix. The only thing I really missed was Arabela's background, I would have liked to know her story and her motivations.

All in all, heartfelt congratulations for the quality of your work and the ability to stick with the project until it was seen through. That would be an ability I seriously lack. Thank you again for this wonderful story, it's time for me to check the rest of your work!!

Author's Response: Hi, there!

One of the biggest things that appealed to me about the idea for this story was the fact that it was set long after most other HPFF stories I've read. I liked the fact that all of the canon characters are very well-established as leaders and elders of their world. It allowed, I thought, for a better contrast with some of the low points of the story. Being able to show two additional generations of the family was also a big benefit. I enjoyed writing them all.

Strangely enough, Arabela was being honest with Percy about her true background. She was born to a half-blood/muggle-born couple who died during the war. She was raised by her father's school friends who never trusted the Ministry again due to the things they saw during the war. Her foster parents taught her that if anyone ever learned the truth about her parents, she would be in danger. As she grew older, the fear and loss she felt during and after the war twisted into an all-consuming need to control her own safety and destiny. I hope that helps you to understand her a bit better. There's definitely a short story in this somewhere...

Thank you so much for all of the kind words. Writing this was a labor of love and I really appreciate the feedback.

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Review #60, by Mariano_Pingitore Impossible Choices

7th October 2014:
Wow... What a great battle, flawless work!

Author's Response: Hi!

I really enjoy writing battle scenes, so I'm especially happy that you thought it was good.

Thanks for reading and reviewing!

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Review #61, by Mariano_Pingitore All Too Familiar

5th October 2014:
It's been some time since you finished this story, so I was thinking of leaving an extensive review of the whole tale once I finished with the last chapter. However, I am enjoying it greatly so I wanted to emphasize just that. I'm curious as to where the story is going with Esme, and practically sure that Percy's being manipulated by Arabela. Congratulations again on a well written, addictive story!

Author's Response: Hi, there!

It has been quite a while, but I still really enjoy finding out what readers think about it. I'm really pleased that you're enjoying it and finding it addictive. I hope you'll let me know what other reactions you have along the way.

Thanks for reading and reviewing!

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Review #62, by Silver Holly End Game

4th October 2014:
I love the way you have redeemed Percy in this chapter! Always such a prat but, ultimately, he's a decent,loving, and loyal Weasle! Desperate to do the right thing but clueless to what that is... I think it is right in character for him to have this moment of clarity at the last possible second and to reach deep within himself to find the strength to do what needed to be done even at the possible cost of his own life. Kudos to you for the way you have written this! It is authentic and touching without being at all maudlin or sentimental. I have really enjoyed reading this story!

Author's Response: Hi, there!

Percy was never meant to be a bad guy in this story. Hey's still sort of clueless and a little full of himself, but he comes through when it counts.

I'm really pleased that you liked the story! Thanks for reading and reviewing!

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Review #63, by Mariano_Pingitore Fortunes

2nd October 2014:
Amazing story so far. You have a great eye for detail and the plot is shaping out quite nicely indeed. I can't tear my eyes off the screen

Author's Response: I'm really glad that you're enjoying it! Thanks for reading and reviewing.

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Review #64, by MLW Epilogue

28th September 2014:
Great story! Thank you for sharing your gifts.

Author's Response: I'm really glad that you enjoyed it. Thanks for reading and reviewing!

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Review #65, by Veritaserum27 Losses

20th September 2014:
Hey there!

I had a little time this weekend and spent the day reading/reviewing all my must-reads.

I really don't know if I can take another emotionally draining chapter. This one had me tearing up (if I'm being honest, it was more than just tearing up) - and that's something I don't normally do for fanfiction, so I guess you can take that as a compliment - haha!

I know I've said this before and I don't want to sound redundant, but your writing is brilliant. The way you handled the trial scene was perfect. It was captivating yet flowed beautifully. But the scene that followed just tore me up. I felt their emptiness and pain. I already told you I was upset about Ginny, Dan - and now this chapter. Ugh! (I know you're smiling because you like the fact that you've made me feel something - and I can't blame you - you did a great job!)

Geez, Percy. I did not see that coming. Oh man. So that explains why Harry is concerned about Percy's actions in the last chapter. I'm concerned too. Percy going off the deep end could be very bad for him.

My first instinct was that Molly was the killer. She's killed for Ginny before. Although, I must admit that I think the Minister of Magic exercised a serious lack of judgement in sending Ginny's brother - no matter how much he'd proved himself as a Ministry Man through and through. All the same, Percy is Ginny's brother and I guess the Minister thought he had no other options of who to send. He also probably reasoned that Percy would be able to talk whomever showed up out of murdering the Muggle and it would've been swept under the carpet.

I love the portraits. Of course Harry would surround himself with the people most important to him. I'm wondering if there is a reason that he hasn't had one commissioned of Ginny. Maybe he can't bear to interact with her that way.

Sirius is harboring a serious (see what I did there?) grudge against Dumbledore. I'm gonna guess it is because of what Dumbledore put Harry through in DH - and maybe a little has to do with Sirius being holed up in Grimmauld Place during OOTP. Either way, I liked his snarky attitude.

Wow. Harry is that depressed, huh? I thought you characterized Dumbledore perfectly - all knowing and giving out advice in a way that makes you think it was your own idea.

This was another fabulous chapter!


Author's Response: Hi, Beth!

OK, so after this one, I promise there are no emotionally draining chapters for a little while. Things get a good deal more action-packed before the emotional drain returns. And I do take it as a compliment, even though I feel badly about making anyone, erm, tear up. ;)

The trial scene was one of the first things I wrote for this story, even before the prologue, I think. Usually, things I wrote that long ago make me cringe when I reread them, but that scene has held up pretty well for me. The scene that followed was a tough one.

Not many reviewers have seen Percy's revelation coming. He's not the one you think of in that context. Which is obviously one of the things I liked most about having him be the one who did it. The Minister's judgment was horrible, but you're right, his options were limited.

I loved the idea of the portraits so much and I never felt like JKR made enough use of them in the books. It's like being able to interact with the past, in a way. You're right, Harry wouldn't be able to stand seeing Ginny as a portrait. That would have been torture on par with using the Resurrection Stone to bring her back. It never would have been the same.

Sirius seems Dumbledore in a very different light from his peers. Very similar to a lot of fan fic authors, however. ;) He suffered a great deal from Dumbledore's errors and machinations.

Harry is in a very bad place at this point in the story. And because he's older and widowed and lives alone, not many people realize just how bad off he is. Sadly, the portraits probably have a better idea of his mental state than his own children.

I'm glad that you enjoyed it! Thanks for reading and reviewing!

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Review #66, by Veritaserum27 Any Sufficiently Advanced Technology

20th September 2014:
Hi Dan!

Here for another chapter. Your chapters are long, but riveting. I'm totally sucked in.

The way you've portrayed Harry's grief and loneliness is so real it's uncanny. My heart breaks as I read each inflection or glance at a photograph. He hasn't completely moved on, but he is still living his life. Even as close as he is to Ron and Hermione, he knows (and they do as well) that they can't replace the loss that Harry has suffered. The love between Harry and Ginny that you've described is so deep. It is exactly how I view it. Great job - breaking my heart!! (haha)

I love this Ron and Hermione. They've settled down a bit and come to appreciate each other's quirks. But I can still believe that they go at it every now and again. It is nice to see them enjoying their new granddaughter. I feel like I'm looking at a family photo album.

I can totally see the tumultuous relationship between Rose and Scorpius. She always lets her temper get the best of her, but she does love Scorpius in a way that is deeper than most.

Harry and Rose's relationship is exactly how I picture it. She feel less judged by him than her parents. Sometimes I think it is easier to be understanding of your close nieces and nephews than to your own kids. This works out great for Rose and Harry.

Little Octavia seems a tremendously gifted young witch! I'm trying to place her age. If she's missing a tooth, I'm going to guess around five or six? I also figured Rose was close to forty, but I'm not exactly sure. Sorry, but I can't help myself trying to sort out where everyone is on the timeline and all that...

So Percy acting all weird. He must be close to seventy?? His actions are not just out of character, but they are seriously creepy. I feel like there is more to that story.

The boggart. I must say I see a future Gryffindor in the works. Octavia is brave and bold. I found it really weird that they could hear Ginny's scream in the background. It reminded me of how Harry could hear Lily's scream when the Dementors came near him. Only this time both Rose and Harry heard it - and maybe Octavia as well. You've left a little clue that Ginny was possibly killed by a Muggle with a gun. Hmmm... I guess I'm just gonna have to read on!


Author's Response: Hi, Beth!

I hate to break anyone's heart, but I'm glad that Harry's loss feels real to you. He is still pretty far from moving on, and living life has been a struggle for him. Ron and Hermione do their very best to be there for him, but it's just not the same.

Ron and Hermione still have that stubbornness toward one another that guarantees they will have the occasional blow-out. But they are much older and more mature and, more than anything, they finally appreciate how their fights affect those around them. So they tend to keep it more low key.

I think of Rose as being sort of a linear mix of her parents. She inherited some of their good qualities -- Hermione's quick thinking, Ron's affable sense of humor -- but also some of their worst -- Hermione's tendency to be a know-it-all and Ron's temper. The love she shares with Scorpius is deep and passionate. It has to be, otherwise they'd kill one another. ;)

I'm sure that Harry has always been drawn to Rose because he reminds her of his two best friends in the world. He gets her. In turn, she's drawn to him because she feels like he understands and he's had enough perspective on her parents' personalities that it's easy for him not to judge.

Octavia is a very gifted youngster, but as you'll see, she suffers from many of the difficulties that often plague bright children. She is six years old at the start of this story, so good reasoning!

Percy is right at seventy, and he is experiencing something akin to a mid-life crisis. Since wizards commonly live to be 120 or so, he's only a little past mid-life. There is definitely more to his story.

You know, I could also see Octavia being a Slytherin. Maybe an outside chance of Ravenclaw. The only thing I'm sure of is that she's no Hufflepuff.

Thanks for reading and reviewing!

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Review #67, by Ginerva Weasley All Too Familiar

15th September 2014:
This story remains excellent. It is sad and frightening at times, mainly because you are willing to write about difficult issues, but is also extremely beautiful. Reading it feels a lot like reading the eight installment in the wonderful Harry Potter series. Thank you for this wonderful contribution to Harry Potter fan-fiction!

Author's Response: Hi!

I really appreciate the compliments. And that last one is a high compliment, indeed.

Thank you for reading and reviewing!

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Review #68, by Veritaserum27 Everything That Ever Mattered

14th September 2014:
Hey there!

Back for the first official chapter. You've done it to me this time. Oh dear. I was bracing myself for the entire chapter, trying to tell myself that she wasn't dead, not Ginny. But I couldn't convince myself, not after the prologue and the fact that she wasn't talking back to Harry.

I love how you carried their love through generations. And how he is grieving for her. It shows how strong they were and I completely agree that they were fit for each other and completely, wholly in love for ever and ever. Ginny was Harry's first real family. She made him a father and gave him the one thing he craved for so many years. Losing her pulled a part of that away from him.

His favorite thing to talk about is his family. You can hear the pride and contentment in him when he mentions each one of them.

I love that you've chosen to write this from "Grandpa Harry's" POV. It is really ingenious. I haven't seen it done before, but really makes sense. I can also see Harry as a DADA teacher (making assumptions here, but I'm pretty sure that's what he would chose to teach). It is fitting that after he retires as an Auror, he would find fulfillment in sharing his knowledge with others - especially when they include his own grandkids!

Neville as Headmaster! Awesome! My own headcanon is that Neville would find his confidence after killing Nagini and would be a completely different character than he was in the books. Headmaster headcanon accepted!

Of course Harry blames himself for Ginny's death. It's so Harry. This is a great setup for the rest of the story. I'm curious how she died, why Harry thinks he could've saved her and generally what happened. All I know is that Jeremy Gamp is involved somehow - but I'm kind of glad I don't know more because I want to read and find out on my own.

Very captivating first chapter!

♥ Beth

Author's Response: Hi there. I hope I didn't bum you out too badly. As I've said in a lot of review responses, the decision not to have Ginny be a part of this story was the hardest one I made. It was also one of the most important, however. Harry's guilt and grieving is a central theme of the story, and I hope you like the resolution to it in the end.

"Grandpa Harry" was fun and very rewarding to write. I felt like he deserved all of the happiness and love that came from being part of such a large family. All of these characters deserve that.

So Harry isn't actually a full-time teacher at Hogwarts. More like a guest lecturer. He is still Head Auror at the start of the story and he thinks of the classes he teaches as a sort of recruiting. He also just enjoys it. :)

I don't think I ever say this explicitly, but I imagine Neville succeeding Flitwick as Headmaster, who in turn succeeds McGonagall. By the time he rises to the post of Headmaster, he had taught Herbology for many years and probably served as head of Gryffindor House. Head canon complete!

Jeremy Gamp is involved, although possibly not in exactly the way you think. You're not the only one who can spin a mystery. ;)

I'm really, really excited to see what you think of the rest! Thanks for reading and reviewing!

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Review #69, by Veritaserum27 Prologue

14th September 2014:
Hi Dan,

I wasn't kidding - I hit submit for my last review on Detox and then immediately clicked over to this.

This is just an awesome Prologue. The reader knows this. We've been here before, right along with Harry. It is warm and safe and hey, the last time we were here, we got to see Dumbledore, so it can't be all bad, right?

I love that Harry isn't bothered by being dead. He's very much like: been there, done that.

But what is Ginny doing here? I remember you left me some reviews early on that told me how attached you were to Rose Weasley, and I must confess that I feel particularly protective of Ginny. I hope you haven't done anything awful to her, Dan. I love Ginny.

Sorry this review is so short - but I'm on to the next chapter!

♥ Beth

Author's Response: Yay! I've been hoping and hoping that maybe, just maybe, you'd want to check this story out. Even after all I've written on HPFF, it's still my baby, my first love.

I tried to make this prologue be nothing more than a teaser for what's to come. I picked a familiar scene and a familiar set of circumstances, hoping for a reaction very similar to yours. I want the reader to feel like they know the where and the when and have an expectation of what might happen, but they don't know the why.

Being dead is old hat to Harry. Which is somewhat disturbing, if you think about it.

So, what is Ginny doing there? Well, there's a short answer and a long answer. You'll find out the short answer in the next chapter. The long answer won't come for a very long time. I think it's best to leave it at the following: this prologue is the first part of a scene that's completed in chapter 39. By then, you'll know all you need to know.

Gah, so pleased that you're here! Thanks for reading and reviewing!

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Review #70, by Ginerva Weasley Dark and Angry Souls

10th September 2014:
This a fascinating, well-written story. Keep up the good work!

Author's Response: I'm glad you're enjoying it! Thank you for reading and reviewing!

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Review #71, by GingeredTea The Greater Fool

28th August 2014:
It's always so much fun to sink myself into your story again and read an much older Harry than I am used to. When we entered into the Burrow and he saw the chatting kids, it was almost like my mind lingered on them and I expected Harry to join them, but then he goes to the adults, and I realize how far from a child he is in your story! Then of course I continue and realize it's not Fred but Freddie - and that he's old enough to be an adult. I love when this happens in your story!

You do a wonderful job of catching the sense and mood of a big family coming together. Harry's focus is on all of them, but he notices the small details of his own children - a result of a habit to watch them carefully. Loved all of this. You even managed to perfectly weave in the sense of sadness at the missing Ron and Hermione.

This made me laugh!

Every so often, he caught a glimpse of something small and blue being passed from hand to hand. Once again he fixed his gaze on George, who was innocently devouring a plate of chicken and potatoes. A little too innocently, by Harry’s estimation.

By the way, you must tell me how you make my quotes italicized in the comment box! I never manage anything so fancy. LOL

And then the toasts - it was heart warming and you managed Harry's disappearance perfectly.

This almost made me cry: “I’d say not,” Al replied, pondering his last bite of tart. “If he wanted to talk about it, he’d still be here.”

I'm really enjoying your Draco Malfoy. And Phineas Nigellus Black was hilarious!

Okay, obviously, I'm getting a bit wrapped up in this - I always do. But, this is the next thing that made me laugh: "You used to wipe my bum. I’d say we have a long way to go before we’re even."

I love how all your characters are such individuals and dynamic - and how you are able to manage them in large crowds just as well as you are able to manage them in small intimate settings. Love!

I have a feeling Rosie is really going to help Harry out a lot emotionally.

Then you jump back the Malfoy's and I had a horrible feeling from the first sentence. :(

I laughed at the politeness of the elf, despite the situation! “Mistress requests the pleasure of your company,” the elf stated with a deep bow."

I'm starting to wonder if there really is a journal. Perhaps this Lady is merely using the idea and she will later claim her own ideas as those that Voldemort left behind.

You always make me want to stay up far to late and keep reading...must resist...must resist...must resist...

Author's Response: Hi! I always enjoy it when you sink yourself in. It was a challenge throughout this story to keep Harry, Ron, Hermione and the other canon characters age-appropriate. Which is not to say that I wanted them to sound "old", per se, but rather that I wanted them to seem like the elder members of a large and rather messy family. The family get-together was one of the more challenging parts to write, in that sense. So many generations interacting with one another.

George is still the sly one! The adults know enough to be wary and the children will soon learn...

You can use standard HTML tags in a review, so you just put the italics tags around any section of text and it will come out italicized. ;)

I knew I needed to get Harry in a bad state of mind and get him away from the dinner, and the toasts were an idea that came to me late in the writing process. I think it works better than my initial game plan. Writing is such an iterative process: draft and edit, draft and edit...

I'm glad you like Phineas Nigellus. I wanted to add a bit of comic relief to an otherwise rough moment for Draco and Astoria.

Rose has a way of boiling a situation down to its bare essence, don't you think? ;) She's also quite good at drawing Harry out of his shell, a skill that still isn't widespread even after so many years. They will both help one another, as you'll see.

Yeah, I did foreshadow a bit at the start of the second stint at Malfoy Manor.

Is there really a journal? You'll have to wait and see, I suppose. Regardless, it isn't the book that Flint took from Malfoy Manor. That's all I can say about that.

Aw, why resist? :p Thanks for reading and reviewing!

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Review #72, by Yoshi_Kitten The Greater Fool

22nd August 2014:
Ohmigawdholycow!!! Has it really been 2 years? Are you serious?!? Dang, it seems like it was only last month some time that I was reading this story before, lol. Where the crap did all that time GO??? 0_o'

Anyways, sorry the swap has taken me so long to get to tonight. Work suddenly got busy right after I requested the swap. Go figure. But anyways, I decided to try and pick this back up right where I left off at. But then I realized that I needed to go back a few chapters and jog my memory as to what exactly had happened in the first place, lol! I have been reading this story for over an hour now though, and man do I ever LOVE it!!! Gosh, did I ever miss this place while I was away at school last year! Your writing especially!! ^_^

Ok, so this was one of my favorite chapters so far, I think. It literally had EVERYTHING in it!!! Humor, love, drama, angst, action – this one had it ALL!! I really love the way you switch scenes and give us different glimpses into what's going on with the other characters in this story all within the same chapter. You are really good at knowing where one scene should end, and the other should begin. I've always had such a difficult time choosing where and when to end my chapters. But you do it do flawlessly every single time!! And that takes some seriously mad-skillz, lol. ;)

And I enjoyed reading everyone's interactions with one another here. And I for one am SO glad that you kept Molly & Arthur around even though they are all so much older now. It makes me very happy to see Molly getting to hold dinners and take care of such a LARGE family. I can imagine that this has all been such a dream come true for her. And she deserves it too, after everything that her and Arthur have been through over the years. And your characterization of her was perfect. Honestly tho, you write everybody in the Weasley clan SO WELL, Dan!! How you keep track of everybody is beyond me, lol. There are so many of them also, yet you manage to give each character their own distinct voice and personality. I loved the bit about how Charlie is still caring for Dragons, instead of retiring, and OMG! George's prank on the children was priceless!! That was one of my favorite parts, haha! =D

The conversation between Harry and Rose was so sad! Yet I really loved reading this tender moment between the two of them, especially what she was brought up the fact that he was “just Uncle Harry” and not the Famous Harry Potter who defeated Voldemort. That was a really great way to put things into perspective, I think. Like her mother, Rose seems to be very wise beyond her years... Also, not sure if I mentioned this in any of my previous reviews, but I LOVE the fact that you paired her with Scorpius!! And their daughter, Octavia, is such a cutie. I really like her a lot too.

OMG, when Rose said this:
"...Not judging, mind you. I'd be doing the same thing if we were talking about Scorpius. But what would you do if you caught me pining over his grave? I mean, assuming that it wasn't me who killed him?"
I laughed so much at that statement!! I really so hope that we will get to see more of Scorpius soon too. And speaking of the Malfoys, I'm pretty sure this goes without saying at this point; but I absolutely LOVE the way that you write Draco, lol!!! Always have, always will!! =P

OMGosh, at the beginning of the attack scene at Malfoy Manor, when the two guards were all like “nothing bad will happen” I literally smacked myself upside the forehead, lol! I was like, “why did you just say that?” Any time someone says something like that, it is a sure sign that something bad is most definitely about to happen, haha. And sure enough, right after he said that, all Hades broke loose!! Honestly, Dan, you write those fight scenes SO spectacularly!! I wish that I was half as good as you when it comes scenes like that, lol. And hows about that ending?!? OMG, I was SO stunned!!! I literally sat and stared at the computer screen, with my mouth gaping open in shock, for like ten seconds or more when I got done reading that!! Holyeffinshiznits, did she really just kill him??!?? Yes, yes, I think that she did, lol. :O

OMG, WHO IS THIS WOMAN!?!?? In spite of all her evilness and such, I really do admire her as a Villain. She seems so much more... Idk the right word. Calculated? Anyhow, her vision may certainly be even more terrifying that Voldemort's ever was, and that's saying something. *shivers* It's no wonder you got Best Villain with her though. I just WISH that we knew who she really was, lol!! Is she someone related to Cannon, or just someone you came up with all on your own. The latter would honestly not surprise me at all tho, considering how clever and ingenious you are, Dan. (:

And again, I CANNOT believe that it has been 2 YEARS and I still have yet to finish this Novel!! Oh, and before I forget, what was up with the book? Was it really the Dark Lord's journal in disguise or not? I am assuming not, since she cast it aside along with Flint. But then, what does that mean? Does she have any other leads? Does said journal even exist? Will they give up? GAH!! I need answers, haha!!! =P

Haha, I was so happy when you requested to swap with me, Dan!! God I needed this so badly, lol! I have missed you, and your fantastical writing so gosh darn much!!! OMGosh, this is just amazing!!

Author's Response: Time flies, doesn't it? And the older you get, the faster it flies...

This chapter had an awful lot in it, to the point where I remember being worried that it was too busy. The Weasley family picnic scene nearly ended up on the cutting room floor, but with the benefit of hindsight I'm really glad that I kept it in. Aside from starting to set up a character who plays a major role later on (Albus), it gives more insight into the guilt and grief that still plague Harry and we get to see the Weasleys in a happy setting before all heck breaks loose later on. I liked giving Molly and Arthur a very happy, fulfilling old age as well. Like you said, it just felt right after all of the sacrifices they made over the years.

I wanted to give Harry and Rose a unique relationship in this story. Rose is very smart, but she has her moments of poor judgment and weakness. She's flawed in that way, very much like Harry. She's impulsive and follows her heart. The relationship between Harry and Rose will play a significant role in what happens later. You will see quite a bit of Scorpius before the story is done. I hope you like the dynamic between him and Rose.

When a character thinks that nothing bad is going to happen, that usually is a tip-off, isn't it? If you like fight scenes, well, I don't want to reveal too much but the best is yet to come. Many more fight scenes that, at least in my opinion, I did a much better job with. Yes, she did kill Flint. Unceremoniously and without a smidgen of remorse. Thus endeth the story's first minor villain.

The mystery woman... well, that will be revealed in good time. Can't really say anything without giving it away. I'm really pleased that you liked the character, though.

The book was exactly what it appeared to be: Draco's (mostly unread) copy of Magical Me. What is the mystery woman playing at? Again, can't say without giving it all away. ;)

Let's swap again soon. I'd love to see how your novel is coming along as you edit it. Thanks for reading and reviewing!

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Review #73, by Luke1813 Epilogue

17th August 2014:
I'm a 42 year old man who, prior to three weeks ago, had never been on any fan fiction site. As someone who has experienced loss, I was deeply moved by your story and your writing. Your 64 year old, widowed Harry struck a chord within me in a way that Rowling's teenage Harry never did. Of course, my life is much different now than when I read her books.
Just wanted you to know that I truly enjoyed your novel. You are a talented writer, and I look forward to reading more of your work.

Author's Response: Hi, Luke,

As a fellow 42 year old man -- no joke, that's the actual truth -- I can appreciate where you're coming from. I enjoy reading Next Gen stories about angsty teenagers getting pregnant at wild parties in the Gryffindor Common Room after winning the Quidditch Cup, but the connection is never really there. I feel like I connected a lot with this Harry while writing this story, and I'm really glad you felt the same.

Thanks so much for reading and reviewing. I hope to hear from you again soon!

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Review #74, by J Everything to Lose

25th July 2014:

Author's Response: Muahahahahaaa!

Seriously, though, thanks for reading and reviewing!

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Review #75, by caapotter Epilogue

30th June 2014:
I have come across several fanfics since I started this addiction. Some are good and nice, and I am one to like the funny and light stories. My life is so full of problems that I like to be light-headed when I read. Then I started yours. At first it wasn't really my style but before I knew it the story took me in completely. I admire you very much and if my fanfic is a quarter like yours in quality I'll be forever happy. Congratulations. It's an amazing story. You have very much to be proud of. Thank you for this. Thank you for not giving up. If I can suggest my own fanfic "Being Parents", it would be a honor if you read it and maybe reviewed with your thoughts. I have learned tons whilst reading and surely got inspired by your talent.
By best wishes, Caa xx

Author's Response: Hello, again!

I'm really struggling to get the smile off of my face at this point. Thank you so much for all of your kind words. It's hard to explain how much they mean to me.

I'll be sure to check your story out at some point.

Thanks for reading and reviewing!

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