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Review #51, by CambAngst Chapter 4

19th October 2012:

So this was the first chapter where you started off writing from Wolf's point of view, and it made for an interesting change-up, given the subject matter. Right away, we see the very strong connection that Wolf had developed to his pack. You really expanded the emotional range of the werewolf beyond what I think most people would have considered. The loss that Wolf feels, the sadness, the feelings of betrayal... all of these were written very well and still couched in the fairly primal terms that make sense for a creature like the werewolf.

You've brought both Wolf and Remus such a long way in terms of their ability to coexist in the same body. Wolf hears Remus shouting in his thoughts and he mostly listens. He accepts Remus's attempts to keep both of them safe from situations where Wolf would likely get hurt or hurt somebody else. He finds things out that Remus knows, like the "fact" that Sirius betrayed them and killed Peter.

I like the way that Wolf finds traces of Peter among the wreckage. I think it's safe to assume that Peter has been back to try to find out what happened to his master. In fact, it seems possible from your descriptions that Peter was actually present when Wolf arrived. A very clever, very interesting touch.

When Remus awakes in the morning, I really liked the thoughts that you took him through. The way that James and Lily would have been mortified to find the naked man in their bedroom, yet Lily still would have worried about him and tried to mother him. Everything that Remus remembers about the events leading up to the Potters' murder fits perfectly with canon. The way that Sirius became convinced that Remus was the traitor. The way that the Potters put their trust in the wrong man, and used Sirius as a decoy to cover it up. You constructed such a believable narrative around it from Remus's point of view.

You also filled in a few interesting details that were missing from canon, such as how the decision was made to preserve the Potters' house in its ruined state and how the decision to create the monument was made. And the graffiti on the sign, that was a nice touch!

It's been such a pleasure to be involved in this story! I really enjoy every bit of it. Remus is such an interesting character, and you've brought amazing, new depth to the werewolf that I never really considered before. Until next time!

Author's Response: FINALLY!! So sorry that I took my sweet time to answer this. Too many things going on in life but I'm here!!

By this time Wolf had a pack for about 6 years. Ever since they left Hogwarts the Marauders didn't get to go out as a whole pack as much as they did back in school. I see at least one or two of the guys joining Remus on those nights when he was not out spying for Dumbledore.

Now all of the sudden he's alone with no family and pack to be with him and he's of course upset by it. According to wolf pack studies, wolves actually do mourn for their dead pack members by howling alone. And they actually shift their tone to ward off other predators. Anyway! I wanted to make Jami cry...haha, sounds mean and perhaps horrible but she was my inspiration regarding emotion behind this chapter. I've never written anything with this much sadness and grief so it was a bit of a personal challenge for me. Enya helped me a lot too! haha!!

Remus and Wolf tolerate each other by now. They've learned to coexist that's for sure. Grief, however, managed to bring the two of them closer in away. Both of them lost the same people so they're having to rely on each other in a way from now on. They have to trust each other now that the both of them are in a very, VERY dark place. Sadly, they'll be there for a good 12-13 years until the truth about Peter is revealed.

Peter, Peter, Peter...he's like a criminal returning to the scene of the crime. It was indeed Peter who was there. He's living in Godric's Hollow for a while in order to be close to magical people in order to find out any sort of news about his master just in case. There's also this guilt he has about James and Lily because the betrayal is still too fresh for him. He panics, however, when he sees Wolf coming. Peter got scared that Wolf/Remus found out the truth about things and that's why he scurried away as fast as he could.

Canon is a big thing for me so I almost didn't add the whole house scene. According to Hermione the house might still be cursed so going against canon hurt me a bit. Haha! But I needed to add that scene of Remus going around the house. To show people the process (my head canon process at least) that it took for people to agree about the Potters's house and the monument.

I knew, however, right from the beginning that I wanted to end this chapter with Remus being the first one to write on the signpost. So I'm super glad that it worked just fine. Now, thanks to this, my head canon will tell me that Remus was the hipster here and wrote on the signpost first before it became cool and everyone started to do it. Haha XD

I really don't know what would've happened to this story if you hadn't been involved! Seriously, again and again...thank you for everything!! :D

Indeed! Until next time!


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Review #52, by my_voice_rising Chapter 1

19th October 2012:
Hi there, I'm here from the forums to review your story. I apologize for the delay, so I'll try to make up for it with a lengthy review ;)

I think that your opening statement is really interesting and definitely draws the reader in. The sort of Jeckyll and Hyde type characterization how have of Remus and the wolf part of him is a really nice touch. Also, I LOVE that you set this before the Marauders find out about his "furry little problem"--this is always a side of Remus that I've wanted to read more about.

I love his mantra to himself. "A T in Herbology, broccoli," haha. Perfect. You gave us a really good glimpse into his character just by using that technique!

And I really adore your characterization of McGonagall. I've always had such a soft spot for her and I think you've got her right-on: her dignity to treat him just as any other student, the obvious concern she has for him that she's trying to hide, and her inability to ignore a detention that must be filled.

Oh my goodness, the line "I am a human being" coming out as a wolfish whimper just broke my heart. Poor, poor Remus. I think you've given him the martyr card that people typically associate with him, but it's not overdone and is entirely believable.

Hehe, "the largest piece of food." Oh wolf-Remus. I like that you have made him turn into a wolf instead of a hybrid of wolf and human; I've always found that more agreeable. My only criticism here is that he went from needing to hunt and being this uncontrollable beast that needs to be locked away to being afraid of hearing voices outside, and then back to being on the attack. Maybe if you'd clarify that he could still sense the Remus in him and that was what was making him fearful?

An intriguing end to your first chapter. I hope my review was at least somewhat helpful--I'm afraid I didn't have much in the way of CC.

Author's Response: Hey no worries! Life is life you know and sometimes those things are a lot more important than reading fanfics. :) So yeah, no worries! Besides, I took my sweet time coming here so yeah...

I honestly wish I had started this fic now during Remus's early life then build up to this point. Oh well...haha perhaps a short story collection is in order!

Remus trying to distract himself by reminding himself of things that he hates is a way to delay his transformation. It hurts him and he's alright with it because it gives him more time to be human.

McGonagall is always a hoot to write! I've always pictures this woman to be strict but with a wild streak past. She is, however, very understanding of Remus's condition and is willing to help. That doesn't mean that she isn't scared. She's a human being after all. But she tries her hard to not show it and also treats Remus as if nothing were wrong with him.

It was hard to not make him into a 'woe is me' character. I mean, he has a hard life. An outcast to society...but I'm happy that you think that he's not too overly done.

Yeah, he considers James as a piece of food. A wrong smelling piece of food, hahaha.

The thing is that with every animal, they attack when they're afraid. Wolf IS an uncontrollable beast that needs to hunt, run and be free but things that are foreign to him or random people coming into his territory will set him off. He'll be afraid but he'll lash out to protect what's his. That's why he was afraid at the random people coming has never happened before so it set him on edge.

Remus will always be part of Wolf and Wolf will always be part of Remus. They can sense each other however Remus chooses to not be around Wolf unless something sets him off. Like James, Sirius and Peter coming for the first time.

Anyway! You'll get to find out a lot more in the following chapter if you ever get the chance to read it!

Thank you for dropping by!


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Review #53, by Veritaserum_Girl Chapter 4

18th October 2012:
It's me again!

And, I must say this chapter is great I can't put my love for this chapter into words. As for emotion, it's perfect. The last line of this chapter really did it for me; I remember reading that being drawn into the sign back when I had first read the seventh book. The fact that you made Remus the one who carved that into the sign *wipes tear* it's good. Very good. I'm sorry if I'm not being very descriptive; this chapter is too good for words.

Please update! c:

Author's Response: Aww, I'm glad that you liked this chapter! The emotions are a big thing and haha...I had help from Enya's music. The whole thing with the signpost was something I had planned right from the beginning of this chapter. I knew how it was going to end and I'm happy that people have liked that. In a way Remus was the one that started that tradition and he died without knowing that Harry had indeed seen the markings.

Kind of sad now that I think about it...

Anyway! Thank you so much for the wonderful review!

Until next time!


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Review #54, by Veritaserum_Girl Chapter 3

18th October 2012:
Hey! Sorry for not reviewing as quickly as I should've; it's been a busy week!

But, this was another good chapter. I think that your interpretation of this incident was spot-on. I'm also glad that Remus gets upset at Sirius for the 'prank' that he attempted to pull. Even though Remus did participate in some of the Marauders' pranks, I'm sure he knew when to draw the line. I'm also glad that you showed what kind of friendship Remus and Lily have. I'm not sure why, but I feel like it's important detail of the Marauders era that I think many should include into their work.

I really like what you've got, so far! c:

Author's Response: Hey no worries! I took my sweet time to come here and respond! XD

The prank was something I wasn't planning on doing. This was only suppose to be a two chapter story where it told his story of the marauders first night out. has now become a novel. Hahaha! So the prank needed to be told.

Remus does know where to draw the line however he's not brave enough to tell his friends to stop. He's afraid of losing them and being alone once more.

Lily was a struggle to write but she was fun regardless. I don't know if Lily ever knew about Remus but I think she would've figured it out anyway. She's suppose to be a clever witch.

Anyway! Thank you so much for dropping by!


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Review #55, by True Author Chapter 1

18th October 2012:
Hello! I'm True Author with your requested review! =]

I must tell you that Remus is one of my favorite characters from HP series and I love to read about him! So, I read this with interest. ;) so basically, I'm glad you're writing about Remus's life in detail. I personally think that writing Lupin in the first person is quite difficult, but you're handling it very nicely in the first chapter, so it's actually impressive.

One thing that could use work is dialogue. I think you're not very good in that field, so you could go to the "Grammar Guidelines" in the forums and check out the topic "Everything you would ever know about grammar". I used to be very poor while writing the dialogue and that topic really helped me. So just go through it. :) Otherwise, you can add something like 'he whispered', 'he stammered' or 'he said while he was running' after you complete the double inverted comma. That brings clarity to a story.

I also loved the way you created the horror and fear by writing in italics about "the wolf". ;) that was really a nice idea, haha!

Anyways, I hope this wasn't harsh.. =]

Author's Response: Remus is my favorite adult character! I honestly wish I had started earlier in his life...sort of like starting from the moment he became a werewolf, his first transformation, his lonely life...hmm...perhaps a short story collection is in order.

Yeah, grammar in this chapter needs some work. I'm thinking of asking my beta to just re-read it once more time (after me going through it several times).

Carrie Vaughn's books are the inspiration behind Wolf's part. Whenever Kitty transforms into a werewolf, Vaughn writes in italics to help the reader see that we're not seeing it through the werewolf's eyes.

Haha, and don't worry. You're not harsh at all! :D

Thank you so much for stopping by to review!


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Review #56, by manno_malfoy Chapter 4

17th October 2012:
-sobs- But why...? -sobs some more-

Okay, review first, sob later.

I think that this chapter has been the most fascinating one so far! In this chapter, grief has blurred the line between Remus and Wolf, or so do I speculate, and they are both trying to deal with the aftermath of losing their one true family. And you wrote that so beautifully that you had me tearing up by the time Remus was at the graveyard.

Description, as always, was absolutely stunning! You still have things drawn precisely and it's like you're right there with Wolf, and you know how his body moves and looks, and how the snow makes him feel. What made the description in this chapter different from the previous ones is how you described his feelings. Yes, before we've seen anger, leadership, protectiveness, joy... But grief was different! Because it's a thing that both, Wolf and Remus had in common, other than a body and neither of them was able to help the other get over it.

Yet, Wolf found his way to Godric's Hollow and took sanctuary in a place where the scents of all his past friends lingered. It was all just so beautiful and painful and I don't know how you do it!

Then, there were all the possible storylines that could've taken place had only Remus and Wolf trusted their instincts. He SMELLED Wormtail! Had he caught him! Or if Remus had gone to see Sirius and talked to him? Many things could've changed.

ALSO! There's what has already changed despite Remus's loneliness and his yearning for friends! Like the way he thinks of Sirius! See, this line made me feel like, 'No, Remus, don't cut him out of your life yet; he's your only living friend and he'll die only two years after you two reunite!'.

'but he knew that the Stag and the Rat would not have approved of his actions.'

He wasn't even taking Sirius into consideration anymore and it really is heartbreaking. And then there was that point where he called him Black. Poor Remus. -more sobbing-

I'm still really, really enjoying this and I can't wait for the next chapter!


Author's Response: I'm sorry! *hands tissues*

I don't think the line has been blurred. It's a bit more of the both of them sharing one thing: grief. Both Wolf and Remus are sort of two different identities living in one body but the loss of their family/friends/pack it has brought both of them together.

Wolf has become an entity of his own in my head, to be honest! I know what angers him, makes him upset and whatnot so when I'm writing his movements it has become a lot easier to bring to writing. Also, I like to bring the people into Wolf's world so I'm glad that you enjoyed the description!! I also had a little help from winter village pictures and Enya's music. XD

There are a lot of different story lines that I could've chosen. Wolf could've found Wormtail. Remus could've gone to see Sirius to demand answers and then find out the truth. However, as much as I wanted to...I have to continue on keeping it as close to canon as possible.

Wolf has been with his pack for years now so now that's he's alone again, he years for that feeling of protection and warmth from the pack. Especially now that, as you said, Remus has completely cut off all ties from Sirius. Now because of what happened, both Wolf and Remus are in a dark place and will remain there for many years to come, something that will continue to scar our dear Remus.

That is until the tiny light at the end of the tunnel arrives. You'll see!

Thank you so much for taking your time to review this chapter!!


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Review #57, by CambAngst Chapter 3

16th October 2012:
Hi, Rosie!

This story gets better with each chapter, so it was no surprise that this one was my favorite so far. As Remus and McGonagall were making their way to the Whomping Willow, I loved the physical descriptions of Remus's enhanced senses, the way that he can hear and smell the anxiety that the others are feeling. Knowing the story of how Sirius almost leads Snape to get attacked, I had a pretty good idea of what the "surprise" was that Sirius had in store for Remus, and you did a good job of portraying his careless attitude in the way that he delays Remus and McGongall even further.

The transformation was almost physically painful to read. You captured the agony of Remus's body being torn apart and reconfigured into Wolf in excruciating detail.

The bit about Wolf attacking the human clothing and tearing it apart was really funny. Something I've been meaning to tell you: this story is not only rapidly becoming my headcanon on the behavior and pack dynamics of werewolves, but I also use it to rationalize some of the bizarre things my dog does.

Poor Wolf. He's so fierce in his desire to protect James but the tree simply won't yield. I really liked the way that you showed the fight between James and Severus and filtered it through Wolf's point of view.

The way that Remus simply walks away from Sirius rather than exploding at him was great characterization. He's calm and well-reasoned but also insecure enough that he won't risk angering his friends, even when he probably should.

The conversation with Lily was really nicely done. You bring such a warmth to her character. She comes across as very genuine and caring, but also straightforward and inquisitive. I loved the hug she springs on Remus near the end as well as Wolf's reaction to it.

It's such a joy, being involved in this story. I'm very glad that you've decided to keep extending it, because I have truly enjoyed each chapter more than the one that came before it. Well done!

Author's Response: Dan!

Ugh, I feel horrible that it has taken me almost an entire week to respond to this review. I don't know why but all of the sudden laziness truck and then Pinterest was discovered followed by the comic con this past weekend. Haha!

However, I'm here!!

While JKR treats the whole werewolf thing as a disease and doesn't really dwell much on werewolves...I'm sure that they had some of the human senses enhanced. So I had to add it even though some people don't consider it canon. For me, Remus with better hearing, sight and smell makes perfect sense to me. While he might still look weak, I also think that he's a tad bit strong.

I know that you thought or still think that Sirius was a bit of a well...haha a non-12 word, but I had to do it that way because he was one. He's a reckless teenager that didn't think things through. The more I wrote into this chapter, the more I started to think of all the things that could've gone wrong for both Snape AND Remus. I seriously think that if Remus had actually bitten someone, anyone...he would've been expelled and his guilt would've driven him to just end his life. He's already on the edge because of his disease, if Sirius's prank had gone wrong...he would've gone over the edge and end his life. Sirius, the way I see him when he's delaying Remus and McGonagall is behaving just like a dog who can't wait to show you something! He's just too excited about what he did to not fully realize how close Remus is to transforming.

To be honest, out of the two transformations that I've written, this one is my favorite and most painful one to read about. I mean...can you imagine your spine breaking and re-arraigning itself? Sounds horrible, doesn't it?

You know what I find funny? I have never owned a dog in my life but I just love them. Ever since the Carrie Vaughn books and this story, I've been doing a lot more research on dogs and werewolves. You have no idea how many hours I've clocked in when it comes to werewolf research, pack patterns, wolf and dog has been fun though! Wolf has slowly become a weird OC. He's Remus...but in a way he's MY Wolf if that make any sense.

Remus is afraid of exploding at his friends. He's been alone for so long that he just doesn't want to lose them. He is livid and has the right to be so but he doesn't allow himself to be mad. So he just walks away hoping that he can calm himself before talking to Sirius. And for that, I thank you for encouraging me to write that small scene with Sirius. Otherwise I wouldn't have thought about it.

Lily's character is such a hard character to tackle. You don't want to make her too girly, too tomboyish, too smart, too I'm glad that she came across as a genuine human being.

Thank you for helping me with this, Dan! This story would definitely been labeled as complete with just two chapters if it weren't for you! Now Wolf is a nagging voice in my head and wants his story told before I dare to think of it as complete!

Until next time!


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Review #58, by EverDiggory Chapter 3

14th October 2012:
Hey Rosie! I really, really enjoy this story! Its so unique!

I understand you were worried about Snape and Lily's characterization, but I don't see why! I think you had a fairly strong grasp on your characters and it definitely showed!

About the imagery, I think you had a pretty solid amount but I think there could be room for more. I may be over critical sometimes but I really do think a little more never hurt anyone!

I didn't see any grammar/spelling errors, as I expected so thats always good!

The plot is still as interesting as ever! You've intrigued me and I'm very anxious to read more!



Author's Response: Hey ever!

Haha, well I'm happy that you think that Snape and Lily's characterization was fine. I was honestly worried since I've never deal with them. There's another character that is coming up soon that it'll be fun to explore. However, shh...spoilers! Hahaha!

Hmm...I might do another read through and see if I can add a bit more of imagery. I was worried the most on the whole James and Snape's fight scene not having enough...but yeah, I'll read through it again.

Thank you so much for reviewing, Ever! And so sorry for the delay!

Until next time


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Review #59, by Calypso  Chapter 3

14th October 2012:
Hey there! I'm happy to be back again!

I loved this chapter! Reading it made me realise how briefly this event is actually mentioned in the books- I'd never thought so much before about the danger for Remus, and the way everybody would react afterwards.
As it was, the way you wrote the scene where Remus nearly attacks Snape was incredible- really dramatic and the danger which he poses to others really hit me in this chapter.

His description of Snape threatening his pack member and his territory was very Wolf-ish and James and Snape's argument was great- I felt you really captured the animosity between them. (They also reminded me a little of Harry and Malfoy.)

Sirius' reckless side came through very strongly- as I've already said, the actual danger to Snape really hits home in this chapter, as well as the danger which Lupin would have been in had he attacked him. In the aftermath, all four boys' reactions seem completely realistic. I thought that part was very well done as there are lots of dynamics going on there! You said in your last response, that you find Peter hard to sympathise with, but it really doesn't come across in your writing and I've been impressed by how well you characterise him!

And he told Lily! I did love the scene between them. Lily was wonderful- kind, and clever, a little bit fierce and yeah- wonderful. I liked hearing a little bit about Remus' past as well- how he was bitten, and his feelings about the Shrieking/Raggedy Shack.

I did notice a few Americanisms in this- like being "mad at" each other, and I think I saw a "gotten" somewhere. Don't know if that bothers you but I thought I'd mention it. The only other thing I could criticise is the beginning of Remus and Lily's conversation- it wasn't quite as flowing at the rest of the piece and felt a little bit unnatural.

But nevertheless another brilliant chapter! This is such an original story and I never fail to be impressed with the way you write Wolf. I'm happy to see a new chapter posted too! :)


Author's Response: Yay! You're back! :D Bah! So sorry for the super late review response! :( But I'm here!!

You're right, the whole prank incident was only mentioned briefly on the 3rd book and the 5th book where Remus explains a bit more what happened. I wanted to expand a little bit on it so I'm glad that you liked it and made you realize how really dangerous Remus the Werewolf is.

The whole James/Snape scene was fun to write. I just figured that this is when Snape sort of cracks and says "enough!!" and totally lashes out at James with anything and everything. The anger that Snape feels and resentment is something I want to explore a bit more...specially now that I have a plot bunny jumping around in my head...

Territory is something I like to point out when it comes to Wolf. He's an animal that, when feeling threatened, he'll lash out. And smelling something 'evil' coming towards him really made Wolf nervous and wanted nothing more than to protect what belongs to him. Things would've been very, VERY bad for Remus if he had gotten out and bitten Snape. He could've bitten James as well. Gone to the school and attack. Gotten killed by a teacher. His own guilt would've driven him insane I think. So many thing that would've happened thanks to Sirius' reckless behavior.

Yep! Lily got the truth out of him! It would've been bad if Remus had lied to her and she had found out later on so he had to tell her then.

Yeah, thank you for pointing them out! I just went ahead and edited the chapter to correct them. I'll go ahead and see if I can work on the first part of Remus and Lily's conversation. The beginning was indeed tough to get into so maybe that's why it doesn't flow very well.

Thank you for dropping by to review! So happy that you think that this story is original. Wolf has definitely becoming my personal OC in a way so I want to tell his story as well!

Until next time!


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Review #60, by Jchrissy Chapter 4

13th October 2012:
I. DO. Not. Like. You.

Okay, I do. Just not this very second. Because this is so sad and it's all just way to sad :(. And if Remus just would have visited Sirius, maybe Sirius would have told. If only they could have talked, if anything... ah. It could have been different. And Lily and James. I can't handle it. I just don't know why she had to kill them so young. They barely had a glimpse of life and now me and Wolf just want to curl and and cry about it :(.

And Wolf and the Other One lost everything. They lost their pack, their friends, and now Remus truly is alone and it's terrible. I. Hate. it. Not the chapter!! I loved that. Just how much Remus loses.

The part where Sirius isn't telling Remus where the Potters are/ what's up with the their situation and Remus can't figure out Sirius's behavior. And and and Sirius thinks Remus is the traitor and Remus thinks (now) that Sirius is the traitor. Cry.

AND he switches to calling him Black. It's like, it's the final nail in the coffin. He's no longer Sirius. He's Black. Bah.

I always wonder why Remus didn't try and be apart of Harry's childhood. Because he loved him, and he loved his parents, and wouldn't you want to just see him maybe if only once a year? WHY REMUS. And Why does he have to be alone :(.

Okay. I'm trying to toughen up. But it's so SAD.

This was a really awesome chapter, despite all the feels that reached out and attacked me!

I love the canon details you slipped in here as well. Like the idea of both thinking the other is the traitor, and the words that Remus carved in. It just makes the chapter so much more complex. Especially the part where Remus thinks about what they've talking about doing with the house.

I also really liked that the Other One and having a Pack seems to have helped Wolf be able to maintain more sanity when he's in his transformation. It makes sense that he's able to kind of call on things that the Pack has told him, because that would become sort of instinct.

Bah. I'm sorry this all happened to you, Wolf :(.

Can't wait for the next, m'dear!

Author's Response: Jami!!

Wah! I'm sorry it has taken a while to review! I've been busy and somewhat lazy...but I'm here! Finally to respond!

Haha I figured you were going to hate me at one point on this fic. And there will be more to come too. Haha, like you said, it comes with the territory when it comes to writing Marauders fics.

There are indeed a lot of 'ifs' in this story. Even in the actual books. If Peter hadn't escaped from Harry, Sirius would've been cleared. If Harry had opened Sirius' Christmas gift, Sirius would've survived. So many 'ifs'!! Haha! I think JKR killed James and Sirius so young due to the fact that she wanted to show that war and greed will target anyone. No matter the age.

Remus, at this point, is truly alone. No friends he trusts. No one to talk to. I think, at one point he might've considered suicide to be honest. But he just kept going. For the next twelves years Remus is going to be in a dark place until the light at the end of the tunnel appears. Which should be soon! Hopefully...

The whole 'Remus is the traitor' and 'Sirius was the traitor' was something I really wanted to write about and this chapter was it. I wanted to add more but no matter what I wrote didn't work but I'm glad that I managed to get the message across.

Yep, Remus calling Sirius by his last name was the indication that he didn't want anything to do with Sirius. The Sirius he knew is dead for all Remus is concerned.

You know, when I read your question about Remus not being part of Harry's life, it stayed with me. I asked myself WHY as well...but then it hit me. Dumbledore didn't want to tell anyone about it. I do see Remus asking Dumbledore about Harry and where he was and Dumbledore just telling Remus not simply not worry about it. That Harry is being taken care of and to just move on. Dumbledore wanted to give Harry a chance at a 'Normal' life by keeping him away from anything regarding magic so he has to keep Remus away from Harry too.

To be honest, I'm glad that this chapter attacked you. Haha! That was my goal. Sometimes I would sit in front of the document thinking of HOW to reach out into people's heart and rip it out. No joke. Hahaha! I wanted to show how sad this is for both Wolf and Remus. They're now alone in a dark tunnel and they'll be there for a LONG time.

The part of Remus carving on the sign was my favorite part. I don't think it's canon but I do see Remus doing that. Besides, in the book I thought it was the sweetest/greatest thing ever so I HAD to have it. Harry never knows that Remus was the one that started the messages on the signpost.

I think by this point Remus and Wolf have agreed to sort of share the body. They don't like each other but there's nothing they can do about it. Having a pack helped Remus accept who he was and it helped Wolf become more tame and less angry. Now that Remus allows him to sort of 'travel' he knows that if he messes up, he'll definitely be caged again in a place like the Shrieking Shack. He wants freedom and will do anything to keep it. He knows that if he had bitten the muggle, his freedom was going to be taken away from him.

Worry not! The next chapter should be better! Hopefully a more happy far its in my head but I should hopefully deliver it soon!

Until next time indeed!!


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Review #61, by TheHeirOfSlytherin Chapter 4

13th October 2012:
The whole time I read this I wanted to shout out that it wasn't Sirius it was Peter! And then still shake my head at Sirius for thinking the traitor would be Remus.

But mostly the 'you've got the wrong traitor' bit.

I found this chapter rather sad; Wolf has no pack, both he and Remus are alone. I loved the message at the end; that Remus would leave that for Harry. We know Harry reads that plaque.

I can't wait for the next chapter. I'm really excited now.


Author's Response: Hahaha! Yeah, this is a moment when it comes to Marauders fics that everyone wants to tell Sirius that the traitor isn't Remus but Peter. However, if we want to keep it as close to canon, then we need to stay with the whole 'Remus is the traitor' bit.

This is indeed a sad chapter and that was my goal. I wanted to show that Wolf had a pack and just as easily as he got it, he lost it. He's in a very dark place now and will be that way for a long time until the next chapter! Haha! You'll see!

Thank you so much for this review! After I'm done answering to all the reviews I'll be sure to drop by once again and continue reading your fic!

Until next time!


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Review #62, by TheHeirOfSlytherin Chapter 3

13th October 2012:
Oh, Sirius. *shakes head* One prank too far, even if he thinks Snape deserves it, but I love that Remus (and Wolf) is protective of his friends. I love that even Wolf considers them family.

Lily is a great friend, too. I'm glad he was moral and told her instead of lying to her face. It would have been worse, I think, if she found out it was true later.

Another amazing chapter.


Author's Response: Hahaha! Sirius is indeed the one that doesn't really think things through. And it really is one prank too far. Perhaps Snape did deserve some sort of scare but nothing this big, you know. Things could've ended up very badly for Remus and Sirius didn't understand the risks.

Lily was a smart witch so she was bound to find out on way or another. It would've been far worse if Remus had lied to her because she asked to not be lied to. And Lily understands the whole 'outcast' thing considering that she's a muggleborn.

Thank you for taking your time to review!


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Review #63, by PsychicallySpeaking Chapter 1

13th October 2012:
I don't think I've ever read a fanfic with such a detailed description of Remus's transformation! That was very well done, and I liked the style in which it was written.

There was only one thing that didn't fit in. In the books, James, Sirius, and Peter find out about Remus's transformations before they're able to transform into their animagus forms.

Of course, if this was an intentional variation from the books, I think this was an amazing first chapter. :)

Author's Response: You're like the 2nd random review I've gotten on this story. So you're awesome in my books! :D

Remus' transformation and his werewolf form were the reason why I wanted to write this story.

In this fic they also know about Remus' transformation way before they try out the whole animagus thing. There's actually an explanation of it in the next chapter.

Anyway! Thank you so much for the review.


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Review #64, by TheHeirOfSlytherin Chapter 2

13th October 2012:
I never thought of them as a pack before, but I've always loved the idea of a wolf needing a pack, and they'd be the perfect pack.

The nicknames! Ah! I love reading peoples different interpretations as to how they came to be, and this was a great way, I think. What I enjoy most is how, even though we know what they become, they're still in debate and not sure about them.

And yay, they found out, accepted it and found a way of being with him during the full moon. They really are amazing friends (so far...).

Great chapter.


Author's Response: Haha, yeah, not everyone thinks of the Marauders as a pack but they are. Both in human and animagi/werewolf form. They have two different alphas but they're indeed a pack.

Haha! Remus' reaction is what I think makes this chapter. And the reason why I had to bump up the raiting. Haha! The names thing was very much fun to write. And I tried to make it as close to canon as possible because this is the beginning of the whole Marauders thing for the group so the names definitely were part of the process I wanted to show.

Yep! They found out a long time ago but they felt like they wanted to hold that secret out until a) Remus told them or b) found a way to tell him that they had gone roaming into his life.

Haha, James, Sirius and Peter are good friends. least two of them are.


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Review #65, by TheHeirOfSlytherin Chapter 1

13th October 2012:
Wow. I love wolf stories and I love Remus stories and seeing Remus in his wolf form is just the best thing ever!

It's awesome seeing his battle with the wolf, both internal and the physical traits. And that the wold is a separate being to Remus clearly shows how he distances himself from what he is, which I love because we know that Remus doesn't like what he has to accept about himself.

That we get to see the wolf's point of view was a pleasant surprise. I've never seen that before and I thought it was great to see.

This was a really great first chapter. On to the next one. :)


Author's Response: Haha just recently I've been into the werewolf "scene" in the HP world. Thanks to Twilight I was put off the whole werewolf/vampire thing but thanks to the Carrie Vaughn books I got a different outlook when it came to werewolves. And that's how this story was born! haha!

Remus hates Wolf. He was raised in a society where they think that werewolves are at the bottom of the social ladder. the scum of the earth. So he hates everything that Wolf is and will fight him to the end.

Writing from Wolf's POV was definitely what inspired me to do this fic so I'm happy that you thought it was a pleasant surprise!

Thank you so much for the review!! :D


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Review #66, by kandekisses Chapter 2

11th October 2012:
Sheesh, this story is just reminding me how much I love Sirius also. Always there for his friends and so loyal. Aww *tear*

I caught one little grammatical error in this chapter
"He hopped on the soft bed, walked in circles a few times to make sure that they spot was comfortable and lay down." It should be "the" instead of "they" and I think it would sound better if you changed "lay" to "layed". =)

Also I just about died when James said he wanted to be called Mr. Hooves. That was so funny to me. I always wondered how they came up with their names. &Sirius being stuck as a dog all day hanging with moaning Myrtle was so dreadfully funny.

At the end I couldn't help but smile that Remus is so happy now. &Also the wolf. It seems as though they finally reached an agreement with each other. I'm really happy that things are looking up.

You my dear are very talented. I'm glad you're writing a story like this. I definitely want to continue one. If you stop by my thread again to remind me or I'm sure I'll read the next chapter on my leisure time. It's really addicting!

Author's Response: I definitely have a s soft spot for Sirius myself. His life is in a way so tragic!!

Thank you for spotting those mistakes! I just went ahead and fixed them. Little typos/grammatical errors are going to be the death of me. Haha!

Mr. Hooves is definitely the silliest name I've ever thought of! Hahaha! I think I was watching a vacuum commercial when that name came up. And I always thought the boys had issues when it came to their first attempts. So Sirius getting stuck was the perfect example.

Remus is definitely happy. His friends are the light at the end of the tunnel. He'll find himself there more than once, that's for sure. So that light will be the one to the rescue when things are definitely very grim for him. Chapter 4 is when that tunnel is very dark and will stay dark until his small salvation comes.

Aww, thanks for the compliment! And thank you for the review you left me! I appreciate it!


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Review #67, by kandekisses Chapter 1

11th October 2012:
I do think this is the first fic that I've read that went into detail about Remus' transformation. &I loved it.

Your descriptions of him were amazing. I loved how you went through his thought process. From wanting to be normal, to getting high marks as a thank you to the teachers, to even thinking about how he just wanted to end it. I could just imagine having to deal with something like that, and the things that go through one's head has got to be horrid. But you also showed how strong Remus is for always putting up a fight when most others would just give in.

I've always loved the fact that his friends became animagi to help him out. It really shows true character and compassion. &I'm excited to see how they deal with everything.

All in all this was a very captivating first chapter. You did an excellent job on it!

Author's Response: Hey! So sorry for the super late response! Life and so many internet distractions! haha!

Yeah, ever since I read the Carrie Vaughn books I started to wonder about Remus' life as a werewolf and that's how this story was born. There aren't many like this one so I'm glad that you think its original.

He think he's not normal due to his little problem. He was raised in a society that believes that werewolves are at the bottom of the social ladder. So he doesn't think highly of himself. I really do think that he, at one point, just wanted to end everything. Jump off a cliff and be happy but he's strong. And as a thank you for accepting him into Hogwarts, Remus wants to show Dumbledore and everyone else that he wasn't a mistake.

James, Sirius and Peter becoming Anigami for Remus definitely show how important Remus was to them so I'm happy that the message came across.

Thank you so much for taking time to review! And again, so sorry for the delay!


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Review #68, by Elphaba and Boyfriends Chapter 2

10th October 2012:
Hi, Elphaba here!

First of all, this line made me laugh out loud: "Yes, I have decided I want to be called Mr. Hooves but Peter and Sirius don't agree with me." I think I agree with Peter and Sirius. :)

Another thing that I really, really like is the interior dialog between Remus and his wolf persona near the end: "'Pack?' I heard my wolfish side ask. He sounded hopeful, despite being used to spending his nights alone from the very beginning it seemed that his wolf wanted the company."

One thing that I'm a little confused about was the attack: "...Wolf barely had time to register the attack coming from his side. He landed hard on the dry ground with a yelp as a jagged rock dug past his thick, tawny coat cutting him deeply on his back." Does the attack "from his side" refer to the rock thrown by the boy? Or is this when James jabs him with his antlers? James apologizes for it later, but I couldn't find where it happened in the story. This isn't a huge deal, but it stuck out. :)

So far I think you're doing a great job of distinguishing the Marauders from each other in their behavior and dialog. I'm interested to see what other trouble they'll get into together. :)

Author's Response: Waaah!! I'm like 11 days late to respond to this! what happened to me? Hahaha! I'm so sorry!!

Haha, I'm thrilled that you liked that line. It always made me chuckle. Mostly because I just know that they just didn't come up with the names right away. It is something that took a bit of time for them to settle on a name that they all liked.

Wolf and Remus have somewhat of a strange friendship mostly due to the fact that they're forced to BE in that situation. They both know that they both need to co-operate in order to function. In the end I wanted to give Remus this hope and light at the end of the tunnel. He'll be there more than once in this story and both him and his Wolf will need that light to help them out until the bitter end.

The jab comes from the previous chapter where James hits him when Wolf launched at them and managed to knock Wolf back against the wall.

I'm glad that you think I've given the Marauders a personality. Specially Peter whom is the hardest for me to write due to his persona.

Thank you so much for reading! :D I appreciate your review and I hope to see you soon!!! :D


p.s. again, so sorry for the delay!

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Review #69, by Veritaserum_Girl Chapter 2

8th October 2012:
It's me again!

Wow, you are an amazing writer! This chapter was really fun and interesting to read! I absolutely love the sort of non Remus has with his wolf side, and I think that James, Sirius, and Peter are perfect.

I think that the plot for this chapter was very strong, and I also think that you've made a good distinction between Remus ans his wolf side. I'm starting to wonder if there's a love interest somewhere...

But, really, I think I just might add this to my favorites! I can't wait to read the next chapter! I hope you update soon!

Author's Response: Heya!!

Aww, thanks for the compliment! :D Wolf is very fun to write, he's like my Canon OC in a way so I'm able to take a bit of liberties with him despite being a canon character.

There will be a love interest, however not in Slash sort of way. I'm trying to show moments of Remus's life that we never saw but only heard of along with exploring the werewolf. So pretty'll be seeing Tonks pretty soon!

I'm really glad that you've enjoyed this!! Thank you for taking your time for reviewing this for me!


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Review #70, by Veritaserum_Girl Chapter 1

7th October 2012:
Hey, it's Veritaserum Girl from the review thread.

I don't think you need to have too many concerns about grammar errors on this chapter, seeing as I couldn't find any :P

But, I will say that you have a very good start and I love your imagery. I also really like how the plot has started. I can't wait to read the next chapter.(:

Author's Response: Heya! Thanks for dropping by!

I'm glad you didn't find any grammar issues. I'm always kinda paranoid about them.

I think you'll have fun with the next chapter, honestly. I'm a very detail oriented person, so imagery is my thing...though sometimes I do way too much and it becomes wordy. I'm glad you liked it though!

Thank you for reading and reviewing!


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Review #71, by manno_malfoy Chapter 3

3rd October 2012:
Wheee! I'm here! And I'm late again, so I'm really, really sorry!

Okay, this definitely HAS to be my favourite chapter so far! Because, honestly, I never thought about what would've happened if something went wrong before Remus's transformation or if he got held up for whatever reason! So I was very intrigued from the very beginning by the concept of things going amiss and I wanted to see how this will affect the transformation process itself. AND YOU DID IT! I think this is the first time in this story that you go into the details of the transformation! I think you did it so incredibly well and you made Remus's pain so genuine just through your description of what was happening and it made me really sympathise with him.

Then, while I was really into the transformation scene, I got a glimpse of the word 'Snape' and I realised what you were up to! I got even more excited because I have a thing for Severus. I really enjoyed the conversation between Severus and James; I really like that you've included that and made us see how Wolf/Remus was reacting to everything! Oooh, that reminds me! The most brilliant thing about that scene was seeing how Wolf has developed this sense of loyalty regarding the other three, how they really have become his pack, and how he was disappointed when they didn't join him that night.

I really do love how you stuck to canon! This reminds me so much of the Prisoner of Azkaban, and that's my favourite book, so I can't wait to see what you're going to do next with this!

I honestly don't remember if anything was mentioned about Lily's knowledge regarding Remus's condition in the book, but I like that you made her know. It makes sense to me because someone who's smart like Lily, with just a little push in the right direction, leave alone Severus trying to have something against the group of boys who bully him, would've figured it out right away.

Also, here's another thing I liked; it has to do with Remus's characterisation. You would think that someone who has so little control over his and life and his body would want to take it out on the world and pretty much be a control freak; but no! Even with Wolf and his desire to lead, with Wolf's thoughts going through Remus's head, Remus didn't want to feel like he had any sense of authority over his friends. It just makes him seem so humble and wise and I can definitely see him grow into the wonderful man we meet in PoA.

Once again, you've written a marvelous chapter! I enjoyed every single bit of it and I can't wait to see more!

Author's Response: Hey! No worries about when you get here! I'm late replying so really...don't worry about it. :)

I'm glad that you consider this chapter as your favorite! It was indeed fun to write. No one really thinks of Remus and the consequences. I know I never did until I started writing this, honestly. I began to think of all the bad things that could've happened if Remus were to transform and have free reign of the school. Open buffet, no? I'm trying really hard to keep the transformations from sounding too repetitive. So I'm trying to add different moments every time. The one I liked was the spine. It sounded horribly painful when I wrote it!

The whole James/Snape confrontation was hard to write. I was trying to make Snape sound genuine. Angry at James and curious/stubborn about what was hiding under the tree. And yes, Wolf is now very attached to his pack. He considers all three boys his family, people he can trust and rely if things get really bad. Oh the irony in that statement...

I'm trying my hardest to stick to canon. Not changing anything...just showing those moments we never really got to see, just heard of. As for Lily...there really isn't any concrete evidence that she knew about Remus but I think that if she didn't figure it out, James would've told her and she would've been very accepting regardless. However, she is a smart witch so I think she would've figured it out on her own.

Remus has the tendencies of becoming a control freak but he's afraid of losing his friends. His grades and being one of the top of his class tells me that he tries his best to control those things that are easy f and would not get mad at him. He's been alone and is afraid of being alone, that's why he never really tries to become the 'alpha' of the Wolf on the other hand...he IS the Alpha and the other three know better than to challenge a werewolf. :)

I can't wait for you to read the next chapter. I'll be a bit further up his timeline but you'll get to see soon.

Thank you so much for the review!


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Review #72, by Ever Chapter 2

3rd October 2012:
Ah, Rosie! I'm sorry, I went out but it took waaay longer than I thought due to traffic! I didn't forget you.

This is just as intriguing as it was the first time. You've really captured all the characters in such a remarkable depth! The imagery is beautiful and really makes for a wonderful read! This story is quickly finding its way on to my list of 'stalk for updates' ;)



Author's Response: Hey! No worries. I've taken my time to respond to this so its alright!

I'm glad that you liked the characterization! Ah imagery...I'm always afraid that I'm too wordy so I'm thrilled that you liked it! Hahaha! Stalk for updates all you want! XD In fact, I shall update here within the week!

Thank you for dropping by!


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Review #73, by Calypso  Chapter 2

30th September 2012:
Hello! CalypsoJenna finally here with your requested review!

I really love the way you get inside of Wolf's head. The sort of physicality with which he thinks makes the writing very intense, and helps to bring across to the reader that whilst he is Lupin, he is an animal as well.

I enjoyed the way this started, with the immediate plunge into action; I was really frightened for the two wizards (were they brothers, or father and son?) who'd strayed into the forest, and thus very glad when the rest of the Maurauders turned up!

The power play between Remus and Sirius is very well done- the way that Sirius is looking out for him but there is still some tension about who's pack leader. Sirius seems very mature in this, very responisble, and very much as the leader of the group, which surprised me a little- I'm not sure why but I'd been expecting it to be James.

The drama and action of the first half seemed very different to the second which was largely character, rather than action driven. I enjoyed Remus' reaction to finding what his friends had done for him, it was actually quite sweet when he realised the truth. The joke-y, chatty bravado that seems to exist between them felt very realistic, and very true to what we see of them in canon. I was glad that Peter got a bit of a voice as well, instead of being overlooked as a useless hanger-on!
The whole thing with the nicknames made me laugh too. What's wrong with the name Moony?! Haha :P

As with the first chapter, I loved the conflict between Remus' wolf self and human self. It's a clever payoff that while to some extent he can influence Wolf, Wolf can also influence him.

And the ending was lovely. I noticed that the way he left the Shrieking Shack was completely different to the way he entered it- with all that happiness and hope. And I really enjoyed the final affirmation that he was no longer alone.

So well done! I really enjoyed this chapter too- it didn't feel like five thousand words at all! If you would like to re-request, you would be more than welcome. I'm sorry it took me so long to get round to reading this!


Author's Response: Heya!

Finally I get to respond. So sorry. Life, being sick, video games...However, I'm here, finally!

Writing from Wolf's POV has become my favorite part, honestly. He's actually the reason why I continued this instead of leaving it to only two chapters. And the two wizards were indeed brothers. I'll look through that moment to make sure that the message comes across.

Honestly, when I wrote this I was a bit unhappy at the whole Sirius/Wolf dynamic. In a way, I concentrated on those two because Wolf considers Sirius an equal canine wise. James is food and Peter is just a lesser being. James is indeed the leader here (only for Peter and Sirius) but they don't want to challenge Wolf's leadership nor his way of thinking. Rather dangerous on their part, really.

I had to raise the rating of the fic because of the F-bomb I dropped. However, I had to do it. There was no way to not show teen angst/anger without a bit of cursing so yeah.Glad you liked the reaction! For some odd reason, getting down to a 15-16 year old male mentality is not that hard for me...hahaha, that doesn't speak well about me! Anyway, thanks to that, I was able to sort of put myself in each of the Marauders shoes and explore what they would say. As for Peter...he's a challenge to write because he's not really a favorite of mine. I have to get past the prejudice I have towards him in order to make him sound like a decent human being. So I'm happy that you liked Peter here and his voice. And there's absolutely nothing wrong with the name Moony...I just don't think that Remus would've liked it right off the bat.

And yes, Remus does leave the Shreaking Shack feeling better...more hopeful about things. He feels like a bit of the worry he carried on his shoulders for years has been taken off him. He can now freely talk about his issues with his best friends so that for him is a light of hope in his very dark tunnel.

Thank you so much for dropping by and reviewing this!


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Review #74, by academica Chapter 2

14th September 2012:
Hey! I'm here with your requested review :)

I probably said this about the first chapter, but I like the way you do the werewolf's narration from its point of view, so that the readers get that sense of confusion and see things interpreted without an omniscient narrator there to guide us. Remus the werewolf seems to differ quite a bit from Remus the human; he isn't merely a beast without a leash, but he seems to have moments of frustration (like not being able to bite the man's arms) and other moments where he seems more victorious, casting a fearful presence in personality as well as raw power. It's refreshing to see him more confident, even if it has to be a little savage.

I know Dan beta-ed this for you already, but I wanted to point out that I still noticed some mistakes that kind of interrupted the flow a little for me. These are mostly subject-verb disagreement and punctuation-related errors. I think if you just proofread one last time before posting your next chapter (after Dan finishes with it), you would probably find them and be okay.

I really like Remus's characterization as a human, too. His reaction to finding out about his friends becoming Animagi felt very realistic, and I especially liked the touch of anger I felt from him in terms of them endangering their own safety, especially since it was tempered with gratitude. I think Remus has a lot of potential for exploring some very complicated and dark emotions, and I hope you'll continue to take advantage of that as this story continues.

I also really like the retelling of the others' journey in becoming Animagi. The reasoning for forming a pack seemed logical, and I liked hearing about the failures along the way to perfecting the transformation. I can definitely see in your story that the three of them really care about Remus.

Overall, I think this is still really good. I'm a big fan of your characterization, and I think if you just polish up those little mistakes to improve the flow, you'll have an excellent piece on your hands :)

Nice work! I hope this review is helpful!


Author's Response: Hey! Ugh I've finally come to answer your review. It has taken me some time, right? So sorry! *gives cookie*

Remus the werewolf is indeed different than Remus the human. He's fun to write, to be quite honest, because in a way he's like an OC. He has a mind of his own, acts for his own benefit and has reasons to do things but Remus' thoughts manage to sneak once in a while just to keep Wolf (and me) in check. What I like about Wolf being an OC is that I can play a bit with how vicious he can be. He is a dangerous animal and the last thing I want is to make him a fluffy and kind one.

I'll go ahead and do a read through and then ask Dan to re-read it again after I'm done with it. The more polished it is, the better I'll feel about this. Thanks for letting me know, though!

I had to up the rating of the fic due to Remus's reaction. I'm pretty sure that he would've said that if he were real along with more obscenities! Haha! To be honest, the next chapter explores different feelings, however, there will be a chapter in the future where I will have to explore the darker side of the werewolf so I'll keep your comment in mind when I do!

I really dislike how people make James and Sirius be 100% right at everything. As in that they were so smart that they became Animagi real quick without issues. I wanted to add that while they're smart, the task they took was rather hard and they had more than one mishap along the way.

Thank you so much for your review! I appreciate what you have to say and I'll definitely go through it once more.


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Review #75, by Calypso  Chapter 1

14th September 2012:
Hello, this is CalypsoJenna from the forums here with your requested review!

What a good idea for a story! I loved the way you split it up with the two narrators. It really brings home the real horror of Remus' condition to have him literally become someone else during his transformations. I also loved the idea that sometimes the wolf affects Remus even when it isn't full moon, and vice versa- although it is a little creepy!

The beginning was beautifully described, with the scene set, his anxiety about lying to his friends and the introduction to the wolf character. I found Professor McGonagall's attitude to him interesting. The idea that even she, who we see in the books as being so fair and kind, can feel afraid of him really makes you feel sorry for Remus.

You were very in touch with both characters' feelings throughout. There is such a strong contrast between them.
I thought Remus' insecurity and concern was very true to the books and as for the wolf...

One of my favourite parts was Remus' transformation- you wrote it so vividly. I really felt for him in the last moments when he was trying to cling onto humanity- you brought across his desperation very well. Poor Remus :'(

James, Sirius and Peter are such good friends to him! It was strange (in a good way!) reading their entrance from the wolf's perspective- all of that part about establishing pack leaders was very wolf-ish!
And Sirius seems to have all his old recklessness- I can't think that anything good is going to come of the four of them running round the grounds at night, but I suppose I'll just have to wait and see!

Great job on this. If you'd like to re-request for further chapters, I'd be only too happy to fill them!

Author's Response: Heya! First of, so sorry that is has taken me a while to respond! But I'm here! :D

Second! I'm glad you liked the idea! It was all inspired by the Kitty Norville novels. She introduced the duality of the main character and the werewolf so I started to think about Remus and his own furry friend. The way I see it, Remus and Wolf will always be one. They might not like each other but they have no choice. Remus, however, prefers to ignore that part and even chooses to lock himself away when the wolf appears for the night. It is creepy, but its his nature.

I can see McGonagall being both understanding and afraid of Remus. In a way she wants to help him and sees him as a normal student, hence the detention, but at the same time she's afraid of the beast that hides within him. Everyone has been taught that werewolves are not human and that they're dangerous so even McGonagall has to come to terms that perhaps what she was taught was not true.

And yeah! Poor Remus. In a way, this is Remus' journey where he comes to finally accept himself as a human and not a monster, despite having a furry side.

I'm glad that you liked the Marauders. Both James and Sirius were fun to write. I wrote about the leader of the pack only because I wanted to reader to understand who was talking without having to break away from Wolf. Glad that it worked and that you liked it!

Thank you so much for the review! I'll make sure to re-request when/if you're open! :)


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