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Review #26, by Mayjean Any Other Reality (Epilogue)

11th June 2013:
Wow. Just, wow. This is bloody brilliant. Thank you, for using your god given talent and weaving together a magical story that brought me happiness and tears. Thank you.

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Review #27, by Em or MagicHallow Newfound Determination

21st May 2013:
Wow I loved this chapter...its the 3 rd time I've read thos story and I think you're really talented
Just a bit of advice you use the kindergarten/grades thing a lot when that's not the set up of the UK which is where I'm froom so if you need some help let me know

Author's Response: Thank you so much (:
if i need help, ill definitely ask, thanks! x

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Review #28, by Monique Any Other Reality (Epilogue)

21st May 2013:
Wow...this story really had me hooked!! I couldn't even do my assignments because I was so hooked into this story! Your really have a talent for writing stories!!#

Author's Response: Thank you so much but careful with your assignments haha ;) x

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Review #29, by dalarifat Any Other Reality (Epilogue)

12th May 2013:
AWESOMEE STORY! Thank you so much! It's midnight in here but I couldn't have good sleep if I didn't finish reading it. I hope you write lots of Dramione story again! I am one of your fans now!


Author's Response: Thank YOU so much :) Haha I know that feeling- I can't stop reading sometimes so I'm glad my story made it in the "I have to finish this" category :P Thank youu xx

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Review #30, by siriuslycrazy The Other Reality

7th May 2013:
Wow!! I'm at a complete loss for words. I actually just expected him to admit that he loved her..., but proposing!! Wow.., just wow!! The chapter was really really sweet, especially the part where Hermione says that she is lucky to marry the same man twice!!

Author's Response: thank you so much :') x

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Review #31, by siriuslycrazy The Accident I: Mudblood & Death Eater

7th May 2013:
Maybe Ritch slipped something into Draco's drink?! Anyway, the story is nicely going :)

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Review #32, by Sarsha Any Other Reality (Epilogue)

23rd April 2013:
Love Love Loved this whole story!

Author's Response: Im glad :D Thank you xx

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Review #33, by Sam Any Other Reality (Epilogue)

21st April 2013:
I'm so sad it can't end :(

Author's Response: Im sorry :( But there are always my other stories? xx

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Review #34, by Beca M Any Other Reality (Epilogue)

21st April 2013:
Wow, this was amazing! I have saved it in my favourites just so that when I am clearing them out and I have forgotten all about this, I can read it again.
It was such an emotional rollercoaster and so well written! I was laughing, crying and on numerous ocasions my friends asked me why I had a weird grin on my face. This is by far the best Hermione and Draco fanfiction I have ever read.

Thank you :)

Author's Response: Thank you so much!! Woww, best fan fiction you've ever read? Thank you :'')) xx

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Review #35, by SlightObsession Any Other Reality (Epilogue)

21st April 2013:
Hello, i've reviewed this story before, but its just so good!
I want to talk to you about something, and i cant find your page on hpff forum, and i REAALLY want to ask you something, so can you find me, and send me a message, thankyou xx

Author's Response: Heyy (:
Well I don't really use the forums actually, I havent made a page yet. You can either message me on tda if you have an account- Im under FeltonLewis there as well. Or you could email me at hpff_feltonlewis(at)hotmail(dot)com
Ill reply asap! (:
Thank you xx

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Review #36, by Mercedes Any Other Reality (Epilogue)

19th April 2013:
You're perfect and have to start a new novel and I'm so sad that this is over and the feels are everywhere and you're my favourite author ever and I'm happy yet sad and :(:

Author's Response: Ahhh thank you :'')
You can check out my other stories maybe if you havent? You may just like them though they're all quite different from each other!

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Review #37, by Kate Magic

17th April 2013:
It was really good. But I have ADHD. Severely. Since I was three. And it doesn't make me violent. It never did. That part pissedme off, because kids with ADHD have a hard time focusing. They aren't cruel and needlessly violent. I've had t for 17 years now. It runs in the family. Aside from that though, great chaper!(:

Author's Response: I knowww, Im so sorry- I only found that out recently :S I didn't mean to offend anybody :( I should have done my research and Im going to go back and change the chapter ASAP. Im so so sorry but Im glad that you liked it otherwise. I will change it as soon as I can, I apologize again :'/ xx

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Review #38, by Devon Any Other Reality (Epilogue)

11th April 2013:

Author's Response: Hhahaha THANK YOUUU SO MUCHHH :'')

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Review #39, by Jenny Any Other Reality (Epilogue)

31st March 2013:
This is my first and probably my last review. This story was written beautifully. I have to admit, I did tear up at some parts in this story. With that said, I commend you on your writing and hope to read more stories like this one!

Author's Response: Thank you so so much and I do have several stories up in case you would like to see them (: xx

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Review #40, by Eia Any Other Reality (Epilogue)

28th March 2013:
Now, I know it is unlikely that you'll read this, seeing as you get so many reviews, but I just wanted to point out a few things.
First of all, Draco's eyes are grey- not blue, not silver- Grey.
Also, you seem to call people by their hair colour- big writing mistake!!
Other than that just a few minor punctuation, grammar, spelling and typing errors (human nature)
But, if you wish to have these things corrected for you, I would be more than happy to (given enough time), please tell me in a reply if you would like me to.
But if you do choose to let me edit your work, I may need to remove or replace entire sentences (without changing anything major, obviously), also I am Australian so any spelling differences will be in Australian English (e.g. color/colour gray/grey etc.) but I would be more than pleased to edit this for you, If you choose to let me, I will copy and paste the chapters into a document, edit them and paste them separately into reviews, chapter by chapter.
I also may have a change of mind as to whether I am able to do the job, I am waiting on a book to be sent to me to be edited so I may need to concentrate my effort more strongly on that (as it is to be published), but for now it would be a simple job to do in my spare time to support an otherwise wonderful story, I can tell that you are a great writer with only simple mistakes that many people have made.

Sincerely, Eia

Author's Response: Hey,
thank you for this! Im fine with getting it edited but Im not exactly okay with having sentences changed completely because that would change the purpose of it being "my writing" even if there are mistakes which Im sure there are.
Thank you so much though and I know this is a late reply but if you're willing to still do it, you could review again and Ill give you my fanfic email ID to mail me through.
Thanks :)

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Review #41, by SalmaEvansPotter The Accident II: Suddenly Understood

16th March 2013:
RITCH IS A HUGE SON OF A BITCH! She ripped the cutest couple apart! Damn , I just wanna shove a couple of crucios up her ass!

Author's Response: For your first review, awww I'm sorry!
Thank you so much tho, HAHAHA "i just wanna shove a couple of crucios up her ass" i may use that in a fan fiction, brilliant :P

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Review #42, by SalmaEvansPotter Not That Baby

16th March 2013:

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Review #43, by MalfoyMione Dinner With The Weasleys

14th March 2013:
Blaise zabini is black

Author's Response: Haha i know that (: I've just always seen him as white so I thought I'd put that in.

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Review #44, by Suzanne Someone Like You

6th March 2013:
The amount of emotions in that!!! i loved it!!! Lurrrved it!!

Author's Response: Im glad you're enjoying my story hahah :) Thank you so much! x

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Review #45, by Suzanne Newfound Determination

5th March 2013:
loving how the whole pregnacey is bringing the family back together! @->--

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Review #46, by Suzanne Not That Baby

5th March 2013:
ohmigodohmigodohmigod!!! she's pregnant !!! this story just gets better and better!!!

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Review #47, by Suzanne Dinner With The Weasleys

5th March 2013:
this chapter is rather emotional, that means it is. too damn awesome!!! it's great how you got everything to drop in place and follow in. I totally have to admit that Malfoy is behaving horribly, GREAT! you wouldn't believe what i think is Horrible or Great, that means i'm absolutly crazy and mad!!!
its great all the same! :D @->--

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Review #48, by Suzanne Discoveries

5th March 2013:
It's got abit confusing around the end but the start of the chapter it went well. But don't worry, it's great and i totally understand about the school work, i know how you feel. Anyway i simply love Dramione and it's looking really good. ;D @->--

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Review #49, by Reader Any Other Reality (Epilogue)

24th February 2013:
Absolutely amazing story! Found myself smiling and crying with this story. I loved the ending you chose for them, I don't think it could of ended in a sweeter way, I let out a little year when Hermione said stop because your story was so well written I felt their emotions! Ah great story, I can't wait to check out your other ones!

Author's Response: Haha thank you :')
Im glad the ending worked out for you, REALLY :D
Thank you again and do check out my other stories, Ill be uploading a new one very soon ;) x

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Review #50, by MiSTY_VoLPe Any Other Reality (Epilogue)

23rd February 2013:
oh goodness its over... kinda sad though
good job!
i'll look out for other stories by you in the future!

Author's Response: Thank you so so much :D
I shall be posting a new one soon so do you look out for it :D x

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