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Review #26, by Ginny Xenon

11th November 2011:
Are you writeing another chapter

Author's Response: Yep, I'm working on it =) Though it'll be slightly slower now, I've got loads on my plate at the moment. Thanks for reviewing by the way, and thanks for reading my story too.. =D

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Review #27, by Pika Chu Pranks, Issues and Love

4th November 2011:
hm:) i love it. hurryup&writemore!

Author's Response: Hey, thank you so much! And don't worry, I'm working on it =)

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Review #28, by littlemisssnape Pranks, Issues and Love

4th November 2011:
A really good story, I hope you'll update soon :)

Author's Response: Thank you so much! Yep, I'll update real soon! The next chapter is being written, it'll be up soon =)

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Review #29, by littlemisssnape 26 Turns

3rd November 2011:
This story is BRILLIANT!! I'm so excited!! It's just so interesting that I can't help myself from jumping up and down. I'm continuing this instant. I can't wait to read what will happen!!

Author's Response: Hahaha thank you thank you! I know, I jumped up and down too when I had the idea =) It really is exciting..

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Review #30, by littlemisssnape The Choice

3rd November 2011:
Oh a very interesting beginning. I'm intrigued, and I'm continuing now :)

Author's Response: Yay! Thank you so much! =)

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Review #31, by Beeezie Dark Time

31st October 2011:
Hey, this is Beeezie, here with your review!

First, mechanics:

First paragraph: This is great in setting the mood - it's quite abrupt, but given the situation, that's actually a really good thing, because they're walking into a situation that feels abrupt to them. However, this paragraph has a few too many adjectives to flow as easily as it might to me. In particular, "quite noticeably different," "chaotic voices" and "immeasurable horror" felt a little overdone. Also, the Dark Mark should be "hovering ominously," not "hovered ominously."

Sixth paragraph (starting, "Harry could not fathom"): "He looked around and seeing a decent enough woman, a pitiful expression etched upon her rather plain face, and made his way toward her, Ginny following him closely." This is a bit awkward, and a run-on. He doesn't know that she's "decent enough" - he's guessing. I also think you mean "pitying," not "pitiful."

Eighth paragraph (starting, "He was taking a gamble"): "it would seem too suspicious," not "to suspicious."

Ninth paragraph (starting, "The woman sighed sadly"): This dialogue feels a little awkward and unnatural to me. In particular, "tis a terrible thing" (also, it should be "t'is") and "indeed the great lost possible" felt a bit off to me.

Twelfth paragraph (starting, "How could he do this to us?"): Ginny's speech is a bit awkward. "All he did was use us to his advantage" would probably work better as "He didn't warn us" or something similar and less complex. "Did we not matter? Did you not matter?" also feels a bit stilted and formal, especially considering the situation, and "Were we worth so little... Were we so unimportant" has similar problems. I also wanted more description or something to chop up the dialogue a bit, though that's less of a big deal.

Seventeenth paragraph (starting, "He does want that Xenon"): "pretty bad though, right?" has the opposite problem of the twelfth paragraph - it feels a bit too colloquial. I'm also not sure that "fairly" is the right word.

Nineteenth paragraph (starting, "Ginny began stroking soothing circles"): This is a great job of depicting their closeness, and you've used a terrific, subtle description. Terrific! :)

Twenty-first paragraph (starting, "I can't see how"): I don't think that "utterly inconsiderate" is quite the right term - "inconsiderate" usually means "thoughtless," and Kingsley clearly thought about this.

Twenty-fifth paragraph (starting, "Rosmerta!"): It should be "I am sincerely sorry, my dear," not "I sincerely sorry, my dear."

Twenty-seventh paragraph (starting, "Thank you, Albus"): Again, your dialogue is a bit awkward here. In particular, "I am undeniably grateful to you," "ignited their wrath," and "fairly certain" all seem a bit too flowery and measured for someone who has lost their mother in the last hour or two, and completely collapsed because of it.

Thirty-fifth paragraph (starting, "The office was very same"): I think you mean "very much the same," not "very same," and it's been fifteen ish years, not about a decade. I'm also not sure "perusing" is the right word - it's usually used in reference to inanimate objects, in my experience.

Fortieth paragraph (starting, Dumbledore's eyes narrowed slightly"): "And" at the beginning of the dialogue should be capitalized.

Second-to-last paragraph: There's far too much dialogue here for you to not chop it up a bit more, I think - either with descriptions or more of Harry's thoughts or something similar.

Okay, done with mechanics.

As I mentioned, I thought that you did a great job with the opening scene - putting them directly into such a painful and disturbing situation felt abrupt and a little confusing to me, which was terrific, because that's how they felt too. You really helped get across how dangerous this time is and what kind of environment this is, which is terrific.

I also thought that your depiction of the conversation between Ginny and Harry was terrific (excepting the parts I pointed out above), especially after she pushes aside her anxiety to help him. I really got a sense of their love and support of each other, and I thought that you captured how the characters we know would react to the situation perfectly.

Rosmerta's distress was well-done until Dumbledore showed up. When he did, he seemed a little out of character (for example, his calling her "dear girl" seemed odd - he calls Harry "dear boy" at one point, I believe, but it was a different situation), and she gets over it way too quickly.

Their conversation with Dumbledore is excellent. I thought that Dumbledore was definitely in character there, and I especially liked the reference to "Tom Riddle" Harry makes, and Dumbledore's response to it, and I'm really glad you addressed the issue of the Trace. It's great attention to detail.

So as you may have noticed, my review thread has blown up. I'm afraid I'm going to forget to keep adding chapters as I move through them; would it be too much trouble for you to rerequest for now on? :( Sorry.

Great chapter. I thought that you touched on some very important points, and I'm not disappointed in the least! :)

Author's Response: Hey Beeezie!

Okay, about the mechanics. Thank you so much for noticing and mentioning all those in detail! You are so much help to me, I'm glad that I requested this =) I'm sure that I will keep all these in mind whenever I write chapters and will be sure to tell you how much it has helped me! =)

Twelfth paragraph (starting, "How could he do this to us?"): You said that all of this was really formal? I know and I completely agree.. But see, I put myself in their situation and try to imagine how I'd feel. So, all these were the thoughts that came into my mind. I suppose if they had been thoughts and not dialogue, I might have been able to pull it off better. Thank you for bringing my attention to it. =) Will keep the formality level in mind next time for sure =)

And really? YAY! You are one of the first people who actually thought that the beginning was good! =D Many got lost on the betrayal part. Did you easily understand that part? It's not actually said in words that he betrayed them by not telling them the way to get back so it's kinda confusing I admit..

And another yay! I had to think so much to make Harry and Ginny sound and act like they usually do! I'm glad I did =)

Eh, yeah I know, you're right. I'n not really good with distress. =/ Don't know how to handle the sad people either so I kinda had to go along with whatever came into my mind.

The conversation with Dumbledore is one of my favourite scenes too! Whenever I read it, I feel really happy for myself =)

Yep, I saw your thread. And it's no problem. I've requested another story for the time being and it's only one chapter yet so you can review that first? I'll re-request once it's done.. Don't want to put too much burden on you either =) It's not a problem =)

Thank you so much, Beeezie! I'm glad that you liked this chapter =) And you really didn't have to say that you weren't disappointed; I could see that from the great review you gave =)

Thank you once again =) Will come backt to you as soon as your queue shortens =)

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Review #32, by Beeezie 26 Turns

28th October 2011:
Hey, this is Beeezie, here with your review!

First off, I want to mention a mechanical problem I saw pop up again: your dialogue. On the whole, it flowed well and felt natural, but I think that the section where Harry and Ginny are talking outside Kingsley's office could use a bit of work. Their wording was sometimes a bit stiff, especially considering how emotionally loaded the subject was. (For example, Harry didn't use contractions, and Ginny's use of the word "However.") I also wanted more description - again, because it was just so emotionally intense. I wanted to feel the conflict and Harry's anguish and Ginny's concern, and I didn't.

Other than that, though, the dialogue was fine. :)

I think that your characterization in this chapter was great. Harry's immediate desire to go and Ginny's hesitance and concern for him was completely in character, and I could believe that Kingsley would do that to them for the greater good (oh, dear, those words are not very nice, are they?).

However, the logistics of their time travel as you've laid them out here need a bit of work, in my opinion.

First off, I think you need a better explanation for why they need to live through almost an entire year. Kingsley made the comment about year turners and normal time turners messing with your mind if you use them in a time not your own, but I wanted to know why. What makes the year turners different? And, why couldn't they just use a week or month turner? If they have years, I assume they must have things in between. If they don't, why not? It might damage their minds, yes, but at the same time, they could damage history.

And, once you establish why they need to live through the year and why that's less dangerous, I think that you need to come up with a good reason that it be at Hogwarts. I didn't really see a convincing argument that being at Hogwarts was somehow important for the mission - in a lot of ways, it seems like it would just make the mission more dangerous. Along the same lines, why do they need to go through sixth year? It would make more sense to me if they were put in the 7th year or the 5th year, precisely because it would be a good idea to minimize Harry's contact with his parents. You know?

I was also a bit confused when it came time for Harry and Ginny to go see Wright. First off, if Wright is Harry's "very close friend," wouldn't he and Ginny know each other? And, for that matter, do people really introduce other people in that way? Even when I'm introducing my best friends to people, I usually just say my friends.

I did like that idea that they would use something other than Polyjuice, though I think you should also stress that Polyjuice is really most useful when you want to turn into someone particular - after all, Hermione was able to charm Ron into being barely recognizable, so it's not really new technology, is it?

For the actual disguises, I thought that you needed to emphasize that at least for Harry, Wright was changing more than his hair and eye color. Coloring is part of resemblance, but not all of it, and if Harry really does resemble James that much, I'd think they'd err on the side of caution. I didn't love the idea of Harry's eyesight being improved - after all, if they can fix eyesight, why does anyone wear glasses? Glasses are quite common; if the job is done right, Harry's wearing glasses that are a completely different style from James's should be a problem. Finally, the fact that both Harry and Ginny described feeling younger struck me as problematic for a couple reasons - first, changing your appearance is one thing, but making you younger is something else entirely, and why wouldn't everyone use it if it was possible? Second, as someone who has been both 16 and 21, I didn't notice much of a difference in my stamina and energy. :P

Finally, I wanted the end to be a little clearer. While I'm assuming that the betrayal is from Kingsley not telling them how to get back, it was kind of glossed over. While I'm sure you'll go into it next paragraph, I wanted more in this one, you know?

I did like this chapter, but since it's setting the stage for the rest of the story, I think that my tendency is going to be a little more critical because if the foundation isn't rock solid, there may be plot holes later on and the story might not seem as appealing as it deserves.

Author's Response: Whoa. Wow this is a long critique..

First up, I know what you mean about the dialogue. I haven't really been perfect at it and honestly, I didn't pay much attention to it at school. So, I have been having problems with it recently. So thank you for pointing that out, I'll work on it more..

Well, once again I'm surprised you found the yearturner story not explained enough. I had worked hard on it thinking about all the perspectives that I could go wrong on. Guess I still missed something.. Anyway, the story that was in my mind was that the turners have them land on exactly the day they leave on. So if they leave today for instance, they would land exactly today one year ago (only an example).. Also, he IS the Minister but he couldn't be authorised to hand over more than one turners (I don't remember if I have actually mentioned that, though it was there in my mind). About the day-turners and the week-turners? See, they used one turner, I think that would be enough for them. They couldn't go back another year as they would've landed two years before the event. The Minister only used precautions as he knew that once they'd completed their mission and would come back to a different time (provided they are able to some back)

The sixth year idea was only because I wanted Harry to spend the time with his parents. I wanted it to be a Marauder story too, so I sent them to the sixth year.

The disguises weren't actually well thought of, I admit. I guess I was too eager to send them back just liked Harry was eager to leave =P The eyesight? I had initially thought of lens, but then that wouldn't really change the colour of his eyes. So I had to resort to this idea. Finally, Yes, ACTUALLY making them younger is one thing, however it wasn't literally done. I know it was described that way but being a bio student, I know that the change in the hormones is not really possible. However, we also have to think of the fact that this is magic: who knows what it's capable of? Certainly not us. Also, for people like Harry and Ginny who go through vigorous exercise as Ministry officials, they would notice some difference in their overall energy, no?

The end, I left it open. Wanted people to assume whatever they could; just for fun you know? =P

Also, about the next chapter, I should inform you beforehand that it does not have the betrayal clearly stated. It's already under the editing process, so yeah, thought you should know.

Finally! I thought you hadn't found anything good in this chapter =P Thanks for saying that you liked it =) And, I'm afraid you'll find more plot holes now that I think of it. However, I hadn't expected that there would be so many problems in the first place, so I'm grateful to you for pointing those out =)

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Review #33, by Beeezie The Choice

27th October 2011:
Hey, this is Beeezie, here with your review!

First off, a couple minor mechanical things:
- In the second paragraph, you refer to Ginny as Harry's girlfriend "since the past four years," but wouldn't it make more sense to say "for the past four years"?
- There were a few points in Harry's and Ginny's conversation that were a bit awkward, particularly her realizing that Xenon had met Dumbledore and was hungry for power. Her reaction to either didn't really make sense to me - I wasn't sure if there was some subtext that I wasn't picking up on or if her reaction just didn't make sense.

That aside:

You were wondering if this was interesting. So far? YES. I'll reserve judgment on the execution until I've read a few more chapters, because this is the sort of plot that could spiral into silliness, but I'm not really all that worried - I think that you're far too talented to fall into that trap.

So far, you're definitely doing justice to the characters. I would have liked to see a little more tension between Harry and Ginny during their conversation, but other than that, I felt like I could easily recognize Harry, Ginny, and Kingsley (though with Kingsley, of course, you have more flexibility with because we don't know him nearly as well as Harry and Ginny). In particular, Harry's agonizing about proposing and how to propose seemed very like him - the Harry we know and love is bad at that kind of emotional conversation, and I'm glad that you carried that over without overdoing it. It felt in character, as did Ginny's getting to be a bit more distant.

My main complaints are really focused on Harry and Ginny's conversation - it felt a bit more scattered and awkward than I'd have liked, and I didn't always understand why Ginny was reacting in the way that she was. Additionally, as I mentioned, I wanted to see a bit more of the awkwardness between them and to get a better sense of where their relationship was.

However, other than that, I loved the chapter, and can't wait to read the next one! :)

Author's Response: Hey! Thanks for coming by my story Beeezie! =)

Firstly thank you for pointing out the error! I re-read twice but you're remarkable to have spotted it! Thanks =)

Over to Harry and Ginny's convo. Well, personally I didn't think the conversation itself was awkward. But now that you mentioned it, I think that there is something wrong with it. Perhaps I could explain?

She was surprised about Xenon knowing about Dumbledore because see, she and most wizards and witches, I believe, believe that Muggles have no idea who or what they are and what their world is all about. So, when a Muggle found out their existence and actually worked on trying to find out more, she couldn't believe that a Muggle was able to locate Dumbledore so easily. She assumed that since he'd done that, he probably wasn't as uninformed about magic as she was thinking he'd be.

About her reaction for his hunger for power? Well, nobody really has forgotten Voldemort have they? He turned evil due to his hunger for immortality. Her first thought is that he might be the same only his hunger's different. It's for power. And when a Muggle tries to meddle with power in the magical world, I'm sure, the result can barely be good or acceptable to the wizards.

Yay! It's interesting! Thank you! I really wanted to know that =) Also, yay for the part where you said that you think I'm talented =D That felt really good; don't get to hear that much =) Thanks..

Thanks for noticing the characterization, by the way. I sort of had to work really had mentally to get all these close to right if not completely perfect. I'm glad I was able to pull it off well =)

About the awkwardness between Harry and Ginny: this was only the first chapter so I wasn't able to put that in as much as I thought I should. However, in the coming chapters, it's going to get slightly more obvious. I have a feeling you'll have a lot to say on that! =D

Thanks once again for reviewing! And take your time to review the following ones.. I don't mind at all =)

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Review #34, by Srish Temptations

10th October 2011:
OH my god I can't wait! When will you give the next chapter? Please please please hurry up! And I didn't quite understand the betrayal part . ? Other than that, I LOVE the story.

Author's Response: Hey! Thank you SO much for reviewing! I got too excited when I saw it =D I know I'm sorry about the delay, I got late in editing the next chapter.. It's in the queue now; it'll be up in the next couple of days.. =)

I know, many people have gotten confused with the betrayal part. Kingsley betrayed them as he sent them on a mission they could not come back from. So, that is why they felt betrayed as somebody they had trusted and actually put their lives into his hands, did not brief them on such an important detail. I know that Ginny's and Harry's feeling are confused and not written properly; I'm going to edit that soon! =)

Thank you again for reviewing, reading the story and loving it =)! I LOVE reviews =D

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Review #35, by Remus4me Temptations

1st October 2011:
... WOW! How did you come up with this idea! It is so awesome PLEASE WRITE MORE 10/10!

Author's Response: Hahaha I have no idea! I was sitting extremely bored and suddenly my BFF goes, "You should write a story on HPFF! Let's think it up!" And there we came up with this idea.. I personally love it too! Thanks, chapter 6 is coming soon! Thanks for reviewing! =D

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Review #36, by magnolia_magic Coming Home

25th September 2011:
I loved this chapter! There are so many interesting relationship dynamics going, and I'm so excited to read more about them. I really like Chris, and I'm almost a little sad that Lily will end up going out with James. Chris is a sweetheart, and I think it's sad that he'll end up getting his heart broken :(
And Sirius was cracking me up! He's a great character, and I just hope Ginny can resist him :)

Once again, I think Harry and Ginny's relationship is so interesting right now, but I hope they can work things out soon! They just seem like they don't know what to do about the distance between them, and I hope they can figure it out.

Great chapter! I loved reading it :)


Author's Response: Hey again Maggie =)
Thank you once again for reviewing! I love your reviews.. They make a person jump with joy about their story =P

And I really love Chris too! He's too sweet; that is why I paired him up with Lily. I thought something other than James and Lily in the start would be good =D Also, Sirius is my favourite character! as you can see, he's almost perfect. =P Hahaha you really like Harry and GInny together.. Don't worry, they'll get back.. Eventually ;)

Thank you so much for taking time out to review my story =) I am extremely grateful to you..

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Review #37, by magnolia_magic Dark Time

25th September 2011:
I really liked a lot of things about this chapter. Harry and Ginny's meeting with Dumbledore was my favorite part, mostly because I love the way you've written Dumbledore. He seems just like I remember him from the books.

Okay, time to talk about Kingsley's betrayal. I was so confused all through the chapter as to what exactly the betrayal was. Why can't they get back? Maybe a clearer explanation of what exactly Kingsley did would be helpful. But I thought their reaction to it was well-written, and I loved how they gave each other strength. I was just kind of lost as to what actually happened.

I'm still loving the premise and the plot. I think it's all so interesting and unique. I'm excited to see them start Hogwarts and meet the Marauders now! :)


Author's Response: I love this chapter too! When I reread it, I was extremely surprised to see that I had written Dumbledore like that! Thank you so much!

Nd about Kingsley's betrayal. Well, the thing is, he did not really tell them that they had to come back or they would be able to come back in any way. See, you already know this that when you travel back in time via a timeturner you can only jump backwards and not forwards in time. So Harry and Ginny were going back 26 long years meaning that they would have to live those 26 years to reach their own timeline just as Harry and Hermione did in PoA.

In my story, Harry and Ginny can't really live in another time seeing as they can drastically change their own pasts. So they HAVE to come back to the future or 2002, to be exact, through some other way. Problem here is, they don't know any and the Minister for Magic used them without telling them a way to come back. They are stuck in the past, where Voldemort is still alive, and that is only because they did not get a complete mission briefing.

I really hope you understood all that. I know it can get a little confusing and I really want everybody to get it. =) If you still need to ask any questions, visit my MTA thread. I'll love to discuss this with you.

Thank you so much for your review! you made my day! =D

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Review #38, by magnolia_magic 26 Turns

24th September 2011:
Hey, I'm back for round two!

I really, really enjoyed this chapter. The plot really picks up, and I definitely thought it was exciting.

Once again, I'm really intrigued by your idea. And I have to say, I'm excited to meed Xenon. I think the magical energy transfer thing is a really interesting idea, and I can't wait to see what you do with his character.

I feel like Harry and Ginny get closer in this chapter. As they come to terms with the idea of going to Harry's parents' time, they lose some of the distance they had in the first chapter. It's really interesting to read their dynamic. Great job on that :)

And Kingsley! I've never thought of Kingsley being a corrupt leader, so I think you have a really cool, unique perspective on him. And I totally did not understand the betrayal thing at the end, but I actually think that's for the best, because it makes me excited to read on. What was so dangerous about 1976? And what is Kingsley's agenda? I have to find out! :) But seriously, I really loved the way this ended. You're building up the suspense really well.

Great work! I'm really enjoying reading this :)


Author's Response: Hey again maggie! Welcome back =P

I really enjoyed writing this chapter too so I can understand how you enjoyed reading it =D

And I know how you are excited about Xenon as I can't wait to write about him either; his character has to be something that has never been seen before so I am working really hard on it =) I hope that when I do write, people still like it =)

About Harry and Ginny, well, I said before too, it's a bumpy ride for them; if you read the next chapters you might understand ;) I just hope you don't scold me for it =P and Thank you so much for noticing the relationship between them!

Kingsley! I can't believe it myself that I created him this way; I hadn't expected myself to come up with such a unique character for him.. hahaha! The end; I know, it's full of suspense, not what people expect. His agenda? Well I didn't know what it was either when I wrote this chapter. That is why I edited chapter one to give him a solid motive for his actions =)

Thank you so much Maggie; I am extremely happy to know that you liked what I wrote and that you liked the way I have built up my suspense. I hope you read more and hope you like that too =)

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Review #39, by magnolia_magic The Choice

24th September 2011:
Hey! magnolia_magic here from the forums!

I think you're off to a really interesting start here. I love your's very unique and intriguing.

I like what you're doing with the characterization of Harry so far. Especially the part when he tells Ginny about his reluctance to kill Xenon. I think it's realistic that he wants to do everything possible to avoid taking life, especially after the war. His characterization seems perfectly on point :)

The relationship you have between Harry and Ginny is really interesting too. This sounds wierd, but I sort of like the fact that they have problems. I mean, after what happened in the war, it makes sense that they might have issues to work out before their happy ending. But I do hope Harry proposes to her before long :)

This also might be kind of a wierd thing to comment on, but here goes: when you're writing dialogue, I think you should use more contractions. When people speak in real life, they usually don't separate out every word, if that makes sense. But that being said, I really like your writing style in terms of description. Those parts are really well-written.

Good start so far! I'm really interested to read on and find out what happens next :)


Author's Response: Hey thank you for accepting my request! and! Thank you so much for the awesome comments.. I am really glad that you liked my story and my idea.. =)

About Harry, I know what you mean, I did not want him to sound merciless or ruthless as that would be totally against his original character; I wanted to keep him as real as possible and your review tells me that I have succeeded to some extent =D

Hahaha Harry and Ginny have a lot more bumps coming up =P It might sound weird but it'll get even more unpredictable than it currently is =P about the proposal, er, he will propose but I don't know if it will be sooner or later than you are thinking =P

And thank you for the dialogue tip; I will surely work on that. I knew that people don't generally talk like that but it's like when I type I lose myself in the story so much that I usually forget to concentrate on the contractions =D I think my getting so lost in my writing is one of the reasons for my detailed description.

Finally, thank you, thank you, thank you SO much for your review! I am extremely grateful and ecstatic that you like my story =D

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Review #40, by ~AnOnYmOuS~ Dark Time

23rd September 2011:
You have really studied Dumbledore's character in great detail.. every aspect, every emotion and every action has been displayed in exactly the same way as it would have been in a J.K Rowling's book.. However, i would say that try to add a hint of humour in the story because the constant suspense and dread starts to get boring...! =D

BUT in short... a very good story and a very imaginative piece..!

Author's Response: Hey! Thank you for the review! I spent too much time on Dumbledore; his character always needs thought due to his ingenuity.. And yeah, I know what you mean about the lack of humour.. I have been trying to work on that and hopefully, in the future, I'll succeed in getting a few laughs.. Because obviously a Marauder story can never be NOT funny.. =P And thank you once again! I have worked too hard on the plot.. Hope you keep following =)

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Review #41, by BuRkz 26 Turns

21st September 2011:
dude... the kiss was amazing... nice description! ;)
and yaar.. when duz he propose?

Author's Response: Thank you! I thought on that scene a lot! =) and the proposal? Ahem ahem, I don't want to spoil anything, guess you'll just have to wait for it =P

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Review #42, by BuRkz The Choice

21st September 2011:
amazing... idk if its just me but i can relate to it a lot..! :P:P
but dude.. AMAZING!!!
at one point i actually thought that i was reading a J.K Rowling book... its sooo detailed and EXACTLY like a bestseller book!!!

Author's Response: Thank you for your review! I can't believe you actually compared me to Jo Rowling! That means SO much to me! Thank you! =D

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Review #43, by hushpuppy Coming Home

17th September 2011:
So Ginny is already thinking of cheating on the man she supposedly loves just because Sirius gave her a come hither look? This doesn't seem much like the Ginny from canon who was devoted to Harry as well as not taken in by looks or charm after her experience with Tom Riddle. This girl started checking out the first guy she saw! She is awful and since I wanted a Harry/Ginny story, I cannot continue with this.

Author's Response: Firstly, thank you for the review. Secondly, Ginny's not actually thinking here, if you know what I mean. I'm sure you know the effect hormones have on teenagers. She's a grown woman who has not had to deal with raging teenage hormones in years; her problem with them is understandable. Thirdly, it definitely IS a Harry/Ginny story, but I wanted to experiment with pairings; to see how it would go. Anyway, thanks for your opinion, it is always valued and I am really sorry to have disappointed you..

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Review #44, by TisBeFields Coming Home

13th September 2011:
I think that this is an awesome idea for a fanfic!
I really want to see where you can take this, and when it gets into the REALLY good stuff im afraid that i may fail all my tests cause i wont be able to put it down D:

Author's Response: Thankyou! I have worked really hard on developing the idea.. and hahaha yeah i know what you mean.. I have wasted a lot of time on reading fanfics too.. but I have learnt to manage as I am sure you will too, after all, education comes first =D anyway, thanks! and keep reading and reviewing, i hope you like what comes ahead.. =)

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Review #45, by Manwe Valarian Dark Time

4th September 2011:
I would have thought that Harry or Ginny would have asked about how to jump forward in time before leaving. I do like your writing and the story is good.

Author's Response: I think they might've forgotten in Harry's worry to rid the world of Xenon's evil. Or intelligently not thought of it till it was too late.

Nevertheless, thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for the review! :D

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Review #46, by cometolive21 26 Turns

1st September 2011:

Author's Response: Thanks so much for the review! And chapter 3 is nearly done, so you can find out as soon as it is validated! :D

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Review #47, by Opalpixiechick 26 Turns

30th August 2011:
what happened? can not wait till you add more. : )

Author's Response: You'll find out soon.. The next chapter is on its way.. =) Thankyou for your review! I'm glad I was able to grab your interest..

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Review #48, by Opalpixiechick The Choice

30th August 2011:
How old are Lily and James in 1976? can not wait to read the next chapter. : 0

Author's Response: Hey thanks for your review! =D oh and your question.. Well, seeing as James and Lily are born in 1960 they would be sixteen in 1976; Lily turned sixteen in January and James in March =)

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Review #49, by TisBeFields 26 Turns

29th August 2011:
Ok, im hooked. I need to know more. KEEP WRITING PLEASE :DDD

Author's Response: Hahaha thanks for the review! You're the first reviewer to my story! Yay! =D haha and yeah, i'm writing, don't worry =) the next chapter will be up soon..

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Review #50, by Skyler315 26 Turns

28th August 2011:
Did Harry and Ginny realize that they had no way of coming back, and Kingsley knew that all along and didn't tell them???

Author's Response: Okay, how am i supposed to evade that question? Hahaha guess you're the winner! =D Thanks for reviewing and thanks for taking time out to read my story! =D

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