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Review #26, by Sakurasou Thestrals and Karma

3rd July 2012:
I giggled the whole way through this chapter. From the fake thestrals, to cap the llama, to the sorting, I couldn't breathe! I especially loved Captain Karma, haha.

I loved the sorting, I was so excited to see that they would be sorted into houses ... and then the bowler hat happened and all I could think was poor little Abigail. But the potion was such a quirky idea, it was great!

Molly in Slytherin? Well, that should be interesting considering her relationship with Professor Skeeter so far. I wonder how she's going to take it.

Great chapter, I'm looking forward to the next one :D

Author's Response: Hello!

Awh - thank you very much! Yeah... it appears Molyl has an interest in clothing llamas.. who knew? ;)

Ha - well, as I'm sure you'll imagine, Molly won't take it very well! ;) This review really made my day! Thanks so much for taking the time. :D

Keira :)

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Review #27, by Sakurasou Squib Stampedes and Dancing Unicorn Knickers

3rd July 2012:
I really like that the chapters are starting with a little anecdote about Molly's gran, its a great way to tie all the chapters together :D

This chapter was so funny. I cringed so much for Molly, but the part about her stretching her face was hilarious, I couldn't stop giggling!

I really like the relationship between Moth and Molly, its playful and fun and it seems to create mayhem, which is awesome. Grewner was great as well, like always :D

I just wanted to pause to leave a review but now I'm off to read the next chapter!


Author's Response: Hello :)

Haha - thank you! :D Molly is just really bitter when her Gran is concerned... or her family... or just life in general. ;)

Awh - thank you very much for leaving such a lovely review - I hope you continue to enjoy it!

Keira :)

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Review #28, by Sakurasou The Tale of Timothy Bones and Muggle Fans

3rd July 2012:
This is shaping up to be a really hilarious story! I absolutely love the interactions between Molly and Moth (haha, I love Moth as a name). I am looking forward to their future XD I'm totally excited to see what Swanley's is like and what sort of subjects they teach there :D

Ah, the fan. Ouch! I feel so bad for Molly, already getting into such situations and she's not even at school yet.

Again, I loved Grewner, he is an awesome house elf XD

Great chapter :) 10/10

Author's Response: Hello! :)

Oh thank you! Haha - Moth was a slightly random shortened name! But he just never felt like a 'Tim'! Oh - I'm starting to write the next couple chapters so hopefully you won't have a too long wait. :)

Haha - everyone loves Grewner. :D Thanks for reading and reviewing! Keira :)

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Review #29, by rosebud1393 Squib Stampedes and Dancing Unicorn Knickers

29th May 2012:
so funny cant wait to read more

Author's Response: Thank you :) I'm just writing the next chapter now :)

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Review #30, by MaryAnn Squib Stampedes and Dancing Unicorn Knickers

25th May 2012:
LOL this story is HILARIOUS! I was laughing the entire chapter! and I love the interactions between Timothy and Molly! It's like he may seem kind one moment and rude the next, but always hilarious! update soon!

Author's Response: Hello,
Thank you very much :) I'm writing the next chapter now, so hopefully it'll be up soon. Moth and Molly... they have a 'complex' relationship!
Thanks for reading and reviewing!

Keira xD

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Review #31, by Lillylover22 Squib Stampedes and Dancing Unicorn Knickers

13th May 2012:
This story is freaking hilarious. I love it. Molly has the worst luck in the world. Update soon please. 10/10 : )

Author's Response: Hello! :)

Yey - I'm so glad you're enjoying this, I'm in exam season at the moment but hopefully the update won't be too long. I've just got to update Mischief Managed first! :)

Thanks for reading and reviewing (again!) Keira :)

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Review #32, by luvinpadfoot Squib Stampedes and Dancing Unicorn Knickers

12th May 2012:
This story is really great! I love Molly's personality and the way she's an outcast in her own family. You've done a fantastic job at making her feelings seem real. Moth is a funny guy and I can't wait to see their relationship develop! I'm also very interested in what kind of things they'll be learning in this new school.

The only note I have is that sometimes you spend so much time in Molly's thoughts that it can occasionally be difficult to follow the action, but that doesn't happen too much. I really love this story and I'm looking forward to more!

Author's Response: Hello! :)
Thank you very much - I'm glad that Molly's personality is coming across and not just her awkward situations! Oh that relationship will develop - I'm having as much fun writing it as I hope you will reading it! xD

Hm, I completely see where you're coming from. That's been bothering me recently, especially with this chapter. Hopefully that'll improve by the next! :)

Thanks so much for reading and leaving a lovely review! Keira :)

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Review #33, by Lillylover22 The Tale of Timothy Bones and Muggle Fans

11th April 2012:
Thos story is hilarious. Please update soon 9/10 : )

Author's Response: Thank you very much for reading and reviewing all three chapters! I hope you continue to enjoy it! :)

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Review #34, by Lillylover22 Choking and Whistles

11th April 2012:
I love the house elf with anger issues. Great story 9/10 : )

Author's Response: Grewner is a pretty awesome house-elf! ;) Thanks for reading and reviewing!

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Review #35, by Lillylover22 Ice Skating and Belly Dancing

11th April 2012:
This was a great first chapter. I would hate to be a squib. 9/10 : )

Author's Response: Hello :)

Thanks for reading and reviewing! :)

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Review #36, by starryskies55 The Tale of Timothy Bones and Muggle Fans

6th April 2012:
*enter Challenge-master with trumpet fanfare and applause. Lots of it*

Great chapter, and although we don't know much about Timothy yet, he sounds very interesting! (sorry, Moth)

Your narration through Molly (Molly and Moth.. oh dear God :P) is fantastic- she has very witty observations and is certifiably insane :D

That they're both Squibs is a different and very interesting plot and way to go- thumbs up for originality! Your spelling/grammar is pretty good on the whole, and I especially liked the characterisations of the evil trolley-lady and Grewer the elf- they were hilarious, and made a nice contrast with the comparative friendliness of Hogwarts :P

Great story, keep it up! :D

Author's Response: Duh Da Duh Der.. (Bad impression of a trumpet) ;)

Thank you very much :) Hehe - Molly and Moth... it just had to be done! xD Yeah- she's can't exactly be classed as 'normal'.

Thanks so much for reviewing and I hope you like it! The Squib idea was slightly random - but why not give them a shot? :)

Keira :)

P.S. Grewner is fast becoming my favourite house-elf! :P

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Review #37, by Akussa The Tale of Timothy Bones and Muggle Fans

5th April 2012:

I remembered one of my question : her dead Gran, is she talking about Molly or the one from her mother's side?

On to the review of this chapter; it was great. Molly certaintly is something else and yet, all of her behaviors are explaned and understandable. I absolutly loved the interactions with Timothy. He must have thought she was the strangest loon.

Also, I loved the trolley lady and the train of destruction she left behind! I don't have much time to review anymore but I really enjoyed it and will definitly keep an eye open for the next chapters; great work and sorry this review and so little !

Author's Response: Hello :)

She's actually talking about her mother's mum. However, in my mind, Molly died after the Battle of Hogwarts - all the other kids were named after deceased wizards or witches - and Molly is the odd one out! :P I haven't decided whether Molly (I) will be alive in this story yet! :)

Haha! That was my intention - she's just socially deranged! :P

Thanks so much for reading (again!) and reviewing (again!!). They've all been really nice! So thank you! :)

Keira :)

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Review #38, by Akussa Choking and Whistles

5th April 2012:
Hi again, couldn't keep myself from reading this chapter as well and I am positively happy to have done so.

You really have a wonderful eye for descriptions and making scenes come to life, you know that? Especially when it comes to characters and the way they act, how they show their emotions and how they look. I loved the interactions between the relatives who wanted to leave but had to stay to see this. Poor Molly, she really picked last in the bowl of luck, did she?

Whestle was great and disgusting and lovely. You really made him come to life and gave him a nice view (andus and rather not so nice mental image, but that is the point; success!) . Will we see him some more or is he simply the train guy? Either way, I think his memory will stay with me !

I can't wait to see how this will turn out but I do have a few qustions. If they are going to be answered in the coming chapters, just tell me so and leave the mystery around!

First, why isn't Molly's mum there to see her off?
Second, 50 students? That seems like quite a lot considering squibs are very rare (according to Ron in Chamber of Secrets that is)? Is it an international school which would explain why there are so many kids...
Third, how old is Molly? I'm guessing around 15-16, am I right?

Ok, I forgot the rest of my questions but they will come back! Loved this chapter as well and I'm just to excited to read the rest to try and remember my thoughts. great, great work!

Author's Response: Hi!

Yes! Haha - thanks for carrying on! :) Huh - I actually thought descriptions were one of my weaker areas! So thank you for saying that! :)

Yeah - Molly isn't what can be classed as 'lucky'. You'll definetly be seeing more of Mr Whestle - I'm still scared from meeting him in RL so I figure you can endure him a little more. ;)

Ooh! Questions! (Sorry - I love questions!)

1) Molly's mum is 'absent'. She 'left' when Molly was eight years old, but I won't say anymore because that will be mentioned later on! :)

2) 50 students. I know that seems a lot! It's not an international school - just squibs from the UK. Some of the number will be the increase in wizarding families actually admitting to having squibs rather than sending them to live in the Muggle world. But the majority of the number is due to a reason which will be revealed in the coming chapters (possible 4 or 5). :)

3) Molly is 16 years old. She's going into her sixth year at Swanleys (well her first, but you get what I mean).

Thanks so much for reading (again) and reviewing (again!).

Keira :)

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Review #39, by Akussa Ice Skating and Belly Dancing

5th April 2012:

This story called out at me through the recentrly added stories and I am so glad I listened to the calling! This was a great opening chapter; I love the premise of the story and the characters chosen.

Molly is just so well written in here; you really captured the emotion perfectly as to how it would feel like to be a squib and a member of one of the biggest magical family.

I really loved everything that went up into her head and the conversations with her brains. Great work; I had a real laugh when she mentionned the skating rehab center...

Loved it and will definitly keep at it! Great work, original, clean and fun!

Author's Response: Hi!

Woo! I'm glad it attracted your notice ;) Thank you very much :) I'm so glad you think the characterisation is well written! Molly isn't a character which has many stories written on!

Thank you so much for reading and also for reviewing!!

Keira :)

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Review #40, by LunarLuna Choking and Whistles

3rd April 2012:
Mr Whestle made me think of that teacher in "The Heroes of Olympus" too tired to check what his name is, (especially since you might not even know the book I'm talking about^^ ) except in even creepier ;)

I love Grewner!! Because I love House-Elves (mostly Dobby, but still...) and because he's rude and has attitude!! :D

Other than that, poor Molly!! And man that Gran is evil ;)

Great chapter!! Keep it up and update soon! :)


Author's Response: Ah! That book is on my to-do list! I read the rest of the Percy Jackson books, but haven't got round to those ones yet! :)

Haha! Grewner is just plain awesome! :P Nah - he's a sensitive soul deep down.. yeah - he's just rude. xD I Like to think of himas Dobby's secret evil son. :P

Thanks so much for reading and reviewing! I hope you continue to enjoy it! :)

Keira :)

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Review #41, by Sakurasou Choking and Whistles

18th March 2012:
This story is so unique and funny, I really love it. Its nice to see Molly II as a main character, I don't think I've read another fic where she is the lead. I really like how you characterised her, and everyone else! She is very real and easy to relate to and I like her :D Grewner the house elf with attitude is awesome, I hope he pops up again :)

Poor Molly having to face going to a new school and moobs all in one day XD

Well, I really like this story, I can't wait to read more :D

x SakuraSou

Author's Response: Hello :)

I agree - Molly is one of the underloved characters of Next-Gen! xD Oh thank you so much :) This story was more of a 'cool-off' from my others and has turned out to be quite liked!

Grewner.. haha! He never really existed then when I was writing the chapter - suddenly this house-elf with anger-issue popped up!

Thanks so much for reading and reviewing! I hope you continue to enjoy the coming chapters :)

Keira :)

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Review #42, by BambiScott Choking and Whistles

13th March 2012:
Oh Im loving this! I really hope I can picture the Doctor and Rory some point as Molly's friends. And I wouldnt mind knowing how old and what not her cousins and Lucy are :D

Author's Response: Thank you so much for reviewing xD Haha! Even though it's not a DW crossover - I can imagine Rory and the Doctor liking Molly as well! :D

There will be more details on the others soon! :D
Thanks for reading and reviewing! :)

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Review #43, by BambiScott Ice Skating and Belly Dancing

13th March 2012:
Must applaud you on using Karen Gillian for Molly as she is who I use for Molly in my head as I read. Lovely story as I like to see squib fics.

Author's Response: Yes I agree! Karen Gillian in the perfect Molly Weasley! :)

Thanks so much for leaving a review! :)

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Review #44, by cupcake_addict Choking and Whistles

10th March 2012:
Okay, I'm sorry for not logging on ('too lazy' is my excuse) and I'm sorry this review is late (Internet problems), but here I am, ready to review, so onward to the actual reviewing:

First off, I had to read the first chapter (which is marvelous) before starting this, just so I can get into the story. Second, this is great chapter in what I'm sure is going to be a great story. I haven't read a lot of fics where the second gen Molly Weasley is the main character, and this one is fantastic. It's shaping up to be a wonderful tale, and the elf with the anger issues was a perfect addition, haha. I like Molly in this piece; she seems very natural, and you can really get into her character.

Thank you for the review swap! :D 10/10, and keep on writing ;* I really want you to continue this story.

Author's Response: Haha! Well mine was late aswell so we're fine xD

I agree - Molly is a pretty unloved character in Next Gen (I blame her father!) and so I decided to make ehr my main character! :)

Oh, don't worry - I'll definetely be carrying this story on! :)

Thanks for reading and reviewing! Keira :) x

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Review #45, by EverDiggory Choking and Whistles

10th March 2012:
Ah, you're too funny! I love it(: the detail you put in was wonderful. I forgot how easily you had pulled me in with incredible writing and a unique plot/storyline.

And that mental image is beyond nasty. Thank you for that!

Haha! Do. Not. Laugh.

I love your characterization, it's flawless as per usual(;

I'm interested to see more of Timothy Bones...he's going to be important. I know because you left off right after he introduced himself. So I'm eagerly anticipating seeing him(:

Can't wait for an update!



Author's Response: Boo!
Mehh some images are meant to stay with you - that is one of them :P Imagine how I feel having to actually witness it in real life! :O

Cheers for reviewing Ever :)

Keira :) x

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Review #46, by lilypotterfan123 Ice Skating and Belly Dancing

22nd February 2012:
here with the review swap! I think this is so hilarious! The constant reference to her gran having it in for her makes it so funny, I'm in stitches! I think the idea of a school for squibs is very original and if I'm wrong then I'm sure that with your writing style you will definitely make it your own. I think its a nice twist that Molly's a squib and that we get to read her thoughts all the time, adds a lot to the originality and the authenticity of the idea. 10/10


Author's Response: Hello :)

Really? Yey! :P

Thank you so much xD I've never come across a Squib School before, but I'll keep my eye out to make sure mine's different :P

Thanks so much for the lovely review!!!

Keira xD

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Review #47, by TheHeirOfSlytherin Ice Skating and Belly Dancing

18th February 2012:
I've never read a story where Molly, or any of the Weasleys', were squibs. Actually, I've never read a story about Molly before, as a main character, so this is new and original and very exciting for me. :)

I love the awkward and sarcastic conversations. In stories where she's a minor character, Molly is usually most like Percy, so I love reading this, especially cos I'm just as awkward and sarcastic. LOL.

Great start, I can't wait to see where you take this. :)


Author's Response: Trying new things :P
The squib idea was completely random - one of those ideas you just feel the need to write about :P

Thanks for the review xD - Hopefully the next chapter will be up soon :)

Keira :)

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Review #48, by BlameItOnTheNargles  Ice Skating and Belly Dancing

18th February 2012:
I loved this and I so wasn't expecting that at the end! :D
I loved how she was like an outcast and just watching her family from the outside while wishing she could be there. I thought she was like a social reject or something and gone against Percy's wishes but then BAM! You find out the real reason!
I loved the way you portrayed it and the humour was amazing in it! I think she would be fine becoming a professional ice-skater ;)
Anyway great story once again :D


Author's Response: What can I say? Molly is just destined to be an olympian ice skater ;)

Oh - thank you so much xD Humour is completely new to me in writing - but I'm determined to try new things this year! xD

Thanks for the lovely review - Keira :)

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Review #49, by LunarLuna Ice Skating and Belly Dancing

18th February 2012:
I don't rally like giving reviews on chapters of stories that are pretty far in already and that I haven't been following. Plus I prefer Next Gen to Marauders (Although I kinda like marauders as well^^) So, in any case, I decided to review this instead!^^ So... My reactions? Read on! :P :

Oh my gosh this is great! I was laughing out loud the entire time! In fact I'm still laughing at the moment, which might explain why people find me strange xD

In any case this was great. Molly is hilarious and awkward and... awkward. I love how she blames her gran for every little thing that ever happened to her lol :P It's brilliant!

I love the idea of a school for squibs, and most of all of a Next Gen character being a squib, because often people make them out to be all a bunch of perfect little gryffindors all fantastic in DADA and sucky in potions :P

Also, I love how you used Molly instead of Rose, Lily, Dominique or an OC as they're the most commonly used characters in Next Gen.

I would just do a quick brush over as I spotted two or three grammar mistakes, but nothing too distracting (Much better than my own stories!! I'm just better at potting them in other fics :P)

All in all: I love Next Generation and I really think this has a great potential!^^ I'm favoriting this and I'll follow up on it as I really like your plot and main character! Keep this up!


Update soon :)


Author's Response: Oh! No worries at all xD This is my latest story anyway xD

Mehh - random laughing is the best kind! :D The people who find it strange are robots :P

Yay! You like Molly! :D She was ridiculously fun to write. And very awkward at times - I'm glad you see it too :P

I admit it's a slightly random idea - you'll see where I'm going with this! xD The next chapter should hopefully be up within the next week (depending on the queue) as I've got to put the next chapter of MM in first :D

Oops! Thanks! I'll go check it out and edit now :)

Thanks so much for the review :)

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Review #50, by EverDiggory Ice Skating and Belly Dancing

18th February 2012:
Woe! This was beautifully written,and such an original idea! Heres to your 150th review,by the way!:D

Your characterization was absolutely flawless,as was flow and description! I am so excited to see where you take this! Please,please,please,please,update soon! Please(: 10/10



Author's Response: Yay! 150 reviews :O
Thanks so much Ever! I'll put the next chapter up soon - hopefully within the next week (I've got to update MM first :P)

Thanks for the review! Keira :)

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