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Review #26, by DancingMooncalf What Gifts to Get Her

28th December 2012:
Poor Taylor. Please make her happy again in de near future!
I would love te read the rest of the story. You're a good writer in my opinion!

Author's Response: Thanks for the review, thanks for the complement! I have lots of plans for the story, and Taylor's happiness is very important to me!

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Review #27, by DancingMooncalf How to Recover From a Mistake of Epic Proportions

28th December 2012:
hey, i really like it that this story is connected to James and Alex' story :)
I hope Albus will have any luck with Taylor!~

Author's Response: Thanks! I'm glad you like how they're connected! haha, I'm sure he'll get lucky at some point!

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Review #28, by LittleLionGirl What Gifts to Get Her

17th December 2012:
Well. That was a good chapter... but Al is a moron in my oppinion. Will he ever sucessfully charm this lovely little witch??

Author's Response: Thanks for reviewing, we'll have to see about Al, maybe he can catch a break. But I promise you that he is redeemable!

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Review #29, by R o s m e r t a What Gifts to Get Her

1st December 2012:
I am loving this story so far! Besides all the character relationships, the chapter titles and acronyms for everything are really great as well. It took your mention of James and Alex in a previous chapter to make me realize that I'd also read another story of yours--"Trouble with Life"--and really liked it, so maybe I just enjoy your writing in general :)

Author's Response: Thanks for the great review!! Thanks for being such a loyal reader!

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Review #30, by hpsauce What Gifts to Get Her

1st December 2012:
That chapter was just bangin' :D I'm really enjoying the story so far and am looking forward to the next chapter. A few chapters ago, I was feeling sorry for Al, but now I feel sorry for Taylor and I just hope they end up together in the end!!! I seriously thought at the end there everything would fall into place with them but no, it never works out that way does it.
Sophie :D

Author's Response: Thanks for such a bangin' review, I'll try and update soon! Remember: the story's not over yet!

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Review #31, by Miss Weasley How To Charm a Girl While Wearing Suspenders

30th September 2012:
Hey, I just read all six chapters in one go! Gotta say I'm liking it so far, keep it up :)

Also Starkid references = win

Miss Weasley x

Author's Response: Hey thanks for a great review!!! Love that you love it!

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Review #32, by LittleLionGirl How to Recover From a Mistake of Epic Proportions

14th August 2012:
Yay! I was so happy to see a new chapter! I sort of squealled a bit... *blushes* I'm glad to hear that at least one other person likes pickles as much as I do! Keep it up! James has some pretty good advice going on... Who's the "Someone else"?. Well enough of my rambling.. Hope to see more soon!

Author's Response: Wow! Thanks so much! Love the awesome review! Will try and update soon!!

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Review #33, by Lily Evans Potter ROAR How to Recover From a Mistake of Epic Proportions

14th August 2012:
Ah.you finally posted their kiss.
And thed are is going to be a fun one to read about.
But Taylor doesn't feel anything and wants to forget about it?!
I feel so bad for Al. :(
Update soon, adn I'm sorry about the writer's block.


Author's Response: Thanks for an awesome review! Like hearing your input!! Will try and update again soon!

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Review #34, by far away How to Recover From a Mistake of Epic Proportions

14th August 2012:
you are finally back! yay!!
please update soon :)

Author's Response: I will try! Thanks for the review!

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Review #35, by Ravenclaw_Charm PART 1: How to Make Her Feel Special

18th July 2012:
Great first chapter! I love the idea of the Dare Jar Club! I'm curious to see what type of mischief they'll get into ;) Oh, and I thought their signatures on the contract were hilarious - love the AVPM reference! But, um, where's Scorpius? :/ I really like where you're going with this story. Keep it up!

Author's Response: Thanks for such a great review! Love all the positive feedback and specific things you like!

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Review #36, by AlbusPotter123456789123456789 How to Snag a Girl in Less than an Hour

17th July 2012:

Author's Response: I will definitely try!! So sorry it's taking forever! Glad you're giving my other stories a shot!! Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #37, by AlbusPotter123456789123456789 How to Maintain Your Dignity

17th July 2012:
I KNEW SHE THOUGHT THAT TAYLOR WAS ALBUS'S GIRLFRIEND!! I KNEW IT!! Now it's time to tell you my favorite parts and quotes. Coming in at number one, without a doubt...

While maintaining your manliness, It's important to always keep up your own personal dignity during any sort of competition, event, brawl, fight, melee, match, game, or race.

Of course, the exception of this is to let the girl win. I know, it sounds pathetic, but there's a science to this.


1. Always put yourself in 97.5%, and use the other 2.5% to make it look like you're only putting in 60% effort, to make it seem effortless.

2. Keep a poker face, especially during card games and mind games.

3. Make sure you don't look ridiculous

a. for example, do not wear a leprachaun hat while competing in a game of chess. Your oponent will view you as a lunatic.

I. The only exception to this is if you are trying to purposefully throw off your oponent, in which case, I recomend covering yourself in green body paint while wearing a ridiculous hat that makes noise.

4. When competing against a girl in a competition, event, brawl, fight, melee, match, game, or race, let her win every three games, at least.

a. If you really like this girl, you should let her win every other game so that she doesn't view you as a sore loser or big winner.

b. A good rule of thumb for this sort of thing is to measure how much effort she is putting in, then one up your effort to make it look like you're trying a tiny bit harder than her.

I. On this note, make sure you don't go past seventy percent, or she'll see you as trying TOO hard.

b. If the girl you are up against is Taylor Ackhart, then all I can say is good luck to you, and I hope you wear some sort of protective head gear. Just note that if you want to try and beat her, you should definitely put 100% effort into it, and disregard any rules about letting girls win.

NUMERO TWO, "Well, you guys do spend a hell of a lot of time together... in bed". Oh Tanner, such an odd child.

NUMBER THREE, (copy and paste your entire story.)

YOUR doing a TERRIFIC, job by the way. Each chapter is as good as the one before!

Author's Response: Thanks again! Love hearing such good feedback and I LOVE hearing your favorite moments and such! So interesting to find out! Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #38, by AlbusPotter123456789123456789 When to Shove Her in the Lake

17th July 2012:
AHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I honestly don't understand why you think that it was too serious. It had just the right amount of seriousness with a bit of humor. Like how can you not laugh at the title? And Brad pushing Al into the Lake more than 2 times. All I can say, is how did he not see it coming. Well, I'm off to read another. Ciao

Author's Response: Thanks! Glad that you thought it was funny! I liked writing this chapter a ton! Thanks for the review!!

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Review #39, by itsonlyjamespotter How to Snag a Girl in Less than an Hour

23rd June 2012:
Love it! hurry up and update! x

Author's Response: Will try!! thanks for reviewing!!

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Review #40, by hogwartschick22 How to Snag a Girl in Less than an Hour

16th June 2012:
I want to hear about her snogging him!!!

Author's Response: It'll be coming up... ;-). Thanks for reviewing!!!

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Review #41, by hogwartschick22 How to Maintain Your Dignity

16th June 2012:
"I am not putting a mustache on for the third time this month just because your manliness has sunk lower than Tanner's morals"- favorite quote from this chapter!

Author's Response: haha, mine too! Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #42, by hogwartschick22 When to Shove Her in the Lake

16th June 2012:
I liked the story of how they became best friends but I feel as though there is still no ground for a romantic relationship to begin on, however I suppose it is still only the second chapter I'll keep reading

Author's Response: Thanks for reviewing! Interesting point, understandable. I wanted it to start out just like any other friendship Thanks!

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Review #43, by hogwartschick22 PART 1: How to Make Her Feel Special

16th June 2012:
When she said what else rhymes with boat I started rhyming things out loud. Kind of embassing when my brother looked at me as though I had lost my mind. Although he's probably right!
Ps I love the story and fart goat is the best word that rhymes with boat!

Author's Response: hahaha, love this review! Thanks so much for reviewing!

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Review #44, by LittleLionGirl How to Snag a Girl in Less than an Hour

8th June 2012:
I really like this story and I am now a dedicated reader!

Author's Response: Brilliant! Thanks for the review!

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Review #45, by LittleLionGirl How to Maintain Your Dignity

8th June 2012:
I like this and now i can offically say I'm hocked!

Author's Response: Yay! Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #46, by LittleLionGirl When to Shove Her in the Lake

8th June 2012:
Really good second chapter and i think you're close to getting me hooked.

Author's Response: Wow, thanks, good to know!!

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Review #47, by LittleLionGirl PART 1: How to Make Her Feel Special

8th June 2012:
Okay this is a seriously funny club! Cant wait to read what's next...

Author's Response: Thanks for reviewing!!

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Review #48, by iLuna17 How to Maintain Your Dignity

15th April 2012:
First off . . . I love your story. It's cute, and coming from someone who finds it impossible to write happy things, I really like it. Honestly, major kudos . . . I can't write happy to save my life.

I'm rather curious to see what will happen before Al and Taylor finally get together. Speaking of Taylor, who's the girl who is her on the banner? Keep it up!


Author's Response: Wow, thanks for such a great review! Great feedback. Nina Doberev is the girl on the banner. :-)

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Review #49, by Puygme puff gal  How to Maintain Your Dignity

12th April 2012:
I just want to say i really like your story! Please update soon!


Author's Response: Thanks so much! I'll try to update soon!

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Review #50, by howdoyounotlikeit When to Shove Her in the Lake

26th March 2012:
I love this chapter
I'm starting to notice that Al isn't the sharpest tool in the tool box.
I mean who pushes a girl into a lake?!
Good tho

Author's Response: That's definitely true! But that's Al for ya. Thanks for the review!!

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