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Review #26, by awkwardhugs Problem #12

28th May 2012:
Loved this story! The characters were great and it was funny and cute and frustrating and sad and all the things a good fic needed! Wish it went for longer, but it was still amazing :) Congrats.

Author's Response: Thanks for such a positive review and taking time to write it! It was a bit short, but I'm glad you still liked it!!

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Review #27, by JJtheNerdfightingStarkid Problem #12

21st May 2012:

Okay, I know, that was probably the best review you've ever had, what with the descriptiveness of how much I've loved this story and how I'm a little sad it's over but really glad that you finished it and how it was so amazing, I'm about to die.

Yeah, that:)

10/10, Amazing job, I can't wait to read more from you!

Author's Response: Wow thanks!! Great Review! Glad you liked it so much, haha, definitely one of my favorite reviews!! Thanks, and you should definitely check out my other stuff that's coming out!

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Review #28, by Bunny Animagus Problem #12

21st May 2012:
This. Was. Adorable.
Oh my Godric, squee!

Are you aware or not that you used a Twilight quote? Ah well, doesn't matter if you were or not, but it brightened my day anyhow.

I loved this story, I started reading on about... Problem #4, and ever since then I've just been like - humdedummm scrolling along the James II/OC timeline OH NEW CHAPTER. Taadaa, theatrics.

Anyway, love love, ta ta

x x

Author's Response: Thanks for an awesome review!!
Didn't really notice, but I guess I know what part you're talking about. Glad you liked it so much, and thanks for sticking with it!

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Review #29, by FOREVERwithYOU Problem #12

21st May 2012:
Aww! Oh my god, how cute is this? I cant believe its finished, I feel like it just litteraly flew by! Their story was kinda a hate/love thing at first, but ended up being so awesome and romantic! And they married! Fan-girl moment right there! Squeek! "And I think of how unquestionably I love her." I melted!! Oh god, why does it have to be over? But yeah, this was amazing and it will always have a place in my 'fauvorite stories'! Love this! Love your style!

Author's Response: Glad you loved it so much! Thanks for such an amazing review!! Hope you will check out my other storeies of similar style! Thanks again!!

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Review #30, by Lillylover22 Problem #12

21st May 2012:
I can't believe its over. That was the perfect way to end it. Well done 10/10 : )

Author's Response: Thanks for a great review! And thanks for being such a consistent and diligent reviewer! You've been with this since the beginning! really appreiciate it!

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Review #31, by ariana588 Problem #11

1st May 2012:
OMG! So adorable!! I think I would have died if he wasn't there. I really like your story. :)
Update soon even though you updated like today! I love it! I am terrible at reviews. I never know how to end these things... :)


Author's Response: Thanks for the great review! I thought it was an awesome review! I'm glad you like my story! :-)

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Review #32, by JJtheNerdfightingStarkid Problem #11

1st May 2012:
I'll admit that I got a tad lost at the point where you were doing all that cutting around between the days leading up to her meeting James. But I really liked this chapter! And thank you for not making them miss each other, because I would have hardcore freaked out.

But anywho, good job and awesome chapter!

Author's Response: Sorry, it was pretty confusing, but i'm glad you liked the chapter regardless! Thanks for a great review!!

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Review #33, by h y nebeker Problem #4

1st May 2012:
i love james pov! thanks!

Author's Response: No problem! thanks for reviewing! Glad you like his pov!

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Review #34, by Lillylover22 Problem #11

1st May 2012:
THANK YOU!!! I was so worried you were going to make them miss each other!! Please update soon. 9/10 : )

Author's Response: Thanks for reviewing! And you're welcome. That would've been pretty mean of me to make them miss each other!

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Review #35, by AlexFan Problem #11

30th April 2012:
Okay well I skipped the majority of the chapter because I got kind of bored and I just wanted to see what would happen but ANYWAY I really liked the ending. Is there anothe chapter after this to finish everything off?

Author's Response: Thanks for reviewing! Totally understandable, that whole beginning and middle section was basically just filler, and Alex coming to a realization. The last chapter is in the queue!

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Review #36, by Hedwig_forever Problem #11

30th April 2012:
EKE! THAT WAS AMAZING!!! I got a bit lost at one point with all the chopping and changing between days forwards and backwards but other than that it was perfect. Update soon :)

Author's Response: Thanks for reviewing! Glad you liked it so much! Sorry it was kinda confusing, hopefully it made sense overall!

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Review #37, by hollysmith Problem #11

30th April 2012:
Aww... So cute!! I love that Harry knew why she needed to get back, but didn't push her or embarrass her in anyway. Can't wait for the next chapter to see them actually together.

Author's Response: Yeah, me too! Thanks for the review!

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Review #38, by SKid Problem #11

30th April 2012:
That was sooo nice. Thank you :)

Author's Response: You're welcome! Thanks for the review!

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Review #39, by JJtheNerdfightingStarkid Problem #10

23rd April 2012:
Ahh, I can't wait for these chapters! As sad as this one was, I LOVED it. It was so good! I hope you were for real when you said those chapters are coming fast, because I don't think I can wait too long! But only three more chapters? That'll be sad, but I can't wait to read them!

10/10 :)

Author's Response: Wow thanks for the review!! Glad you like it!

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Review #40, by Amelia wootten Problem #10

22nd April 2012:
Oh my. That was awesome! I started to read the first chapter when it came out ages ago, and I was like
'mech' but then I read it again today. I read all ten in one day, I love them, write soon because I might have to come and eat you if you don't! They are amazing!

Author's Response: Wow, thanks! I'm glad you read them again and liked them so much! Haha I'll try to!

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Review #41, by Lillylover22 Problem #10

22nd April 2012:
Wow these two are frustrating 9/10 : )

Author's Response: No kidding. Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #42, by I Heart Fictoinal people Problem #10

22nd April 2012:
Holy Cow. Wow. That was amazingly good. I love the 29 days deal. That should be amazing. I hate Mariana (or whatever her name is). She is downright aweful. This is a really, really good story, Im glad you wrote it and that I found it

Author's Response: Thanks for such a positive review!! I don't really like her either- she's just so manipulative. Thanks again!

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Review #43, by hollysmith Problem #10

21st April 2012:
Good stuff. I really like how they both had a running count of the days. My prediction is that they're both going to meet in the park in 29 days. But, how does she know that she'll be able to leave Romania in 29 days? Am I missing something from an earlier chapter?

Author's Response: Thanks for reviewing, and thanks for your thoughts! She just kind of figures that they'll be done soon. They were kinda in the middle when she came back from the mission.

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Review #44, by JJtheNerdfightingStarkid Problem #9 and #9.5

19th April 2012:
What. A. B!TCH. Talking about Marina, of course. But, really, I do not approve of her.

I do, however, approve of your writing!! 10/10!!

Author's Response: Wow, thanks for the great review!!

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Review #45, by AlexFan Problem #9 and #9.5

18th April 2012:
Marina that female dog! How dare she!? Imma slap her in the face! She's just jealous that James loves Alex and not her. How many more chapters until this story is over.

Author's Response: Haha, thanks for reviewing! Only a couple more chapters left.

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Review #46, by Lillylover22 Problem #9 and #9.5

18th April 2012:
Poor alex. Marina is horrible. She so made al that crap up. Update son please 9/10 : )

Author's Response: Thanks for reviewing, I very much agree with you. Next chapter's waiting for validation!

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Review #47, by Hedwig_forever Problem #9 and #9.5

18th April 2012:
Wow.I am shocked.but Alex/James are meant to be.I'm in denial.please update soon!!!

Author's Response: Thanks for reviewing! Next chapter coming soon!

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Review #48, by agingerrose Problem #9 and #9.5

18th April 2012:
What a jerk!! great chapter, update soon!!

Author's Response: Thanks for the reveiw!!! Will try!

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Review #49, by hollysmith Problem #9 and #9.5

18th April 2012:
Talk about a bad weekend for Alex. I'm loving this story and can't wait for what happens next. Please update again soon!!

Author's Response: No kidding! Thanks for the review! I'll try! The next one's in the queue!

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Review #50, by GirlOnTheSidelines Problem #8

13th April 2012:
Ahh! That was so sweet... She is so in love with him too, she has to be and James had better be going to Romania with her! Please update soon!


Author's Response: Thanks for reviewing!
I'll be updating soon and you'll just have to read it to find out!

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