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Review #26, by OwlsAreAmazingAndSoAreYou The Letter

4th April 2013:
Sorry I have not reviewed yet, I started reading the previouse story tonight and have now progressed onto the sequel and its now 3.30am. This is why fandom ruins my life -.- haha but you are an excellent writer so KEEP GOING! Please continue this story! There are always fans out their waiting, me being one of them :) what ever you do don't give up, I don't think I would survive without an ending for rose and scorpius's story! Thanks again for allowing me to experience this and I can't wait to see what happens next :) I should probably get to bed now! I blame you! Haha, nah of course I don't, this is turning into a pattern and I really should learn some self-control!... Pddfff like that's going to happen harry potter has always been and probably will alway be one of my biggest weaknesses... :) KEEP GOING

Author's Response: Aw, no worries - I'm not giving up on this story at all. Life has just been really hectic for the last few months. I should be back updating by June. :) Thank you so much for the support, and I'm glad you like Rose and Scorpius so much!

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Review #27, by rez The Letter

13th February 2013:
that last scene was actually really really really cute omg love. James is such a cutie comforting rose over her non-existent troubles and rosie is so cute worrying over her scorpius and oh so cute.

I love the innocence of the characters despite their crazy nutso jobs, it's kinda funny and adorable hehe :)

can't wait for the next chapter, looking forward to it!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I'm sorry it's been such a long time since I updated, but I should be back to updating regularly by June - life has just been really busy.

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Review #28, by LillyRoseanne The Letter

5th February 2013:
It does earn you a little forgiveness, just a little. I really liked this chapter, Roses doubtgs about her reltionship with Scorp at this point are really realistic, at least I know I worry about the same things sometimes... lol.
I also like that she talked to James about it, his blunt kindness and practicality about it make a really nice contrast to her confusion.

Author's Response: :P

I'm glad that you liked her doubts - I feel like some people probably aren't happy with them, but as you said, it's realistic for people to have doubts and to be insecure. If they didn't, I don't think most readers would connect with them, you know? Life isn't all puppies and rainbows.

Thank you so much for the review. :) I'll get the next chapter up asap - RL has been very busy for me of late.

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Review #29, by LillyRoseanne Bridget and Albus

4th February 2013:
yes, you ARE a terrible person, but that would make me a hypocrite because I love ending chapters with cliffhangers too...

Fab chapter :D

Author's Response: Aw, thank you! :) I'm glad you enjoyed it, even if I am terrible. :P

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Review #30, by bffchey The Letter

12th January 2013:
:) hope rose and Scorpius make up soon

Author's Response: Thank you for the review! :) I'm glad you liked the chapter. Rose and Scorpius will definitely be having a conversation about it in the next chapter, which should hopefully be up this weekend.

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Review #31, by Hope's Mom The Letter

12th January 2013:
Who would have guessed that James would have turned out to be so understanding and give good advice? Rose did overreact (a lot) over Narcissa's thank you note. It was probably best that she stayed clear of Scorpius until she calmed down. Thanks for the update!

Author's Response: Thank you for the lovely review! :) Rose was definitely overreacting, but would she really be Rose if she didn't? James really isn't wrong - she needs to learn how to calm down a bit, though that'll take awhile to actually happen. :P

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Review #32, by Avanell 2 The Letter

11th January 2013:
Very nice update, poor Rosie worrying! :D

Author's Response: Thank you! :) I'm glad you liked the chapter!

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Review #33, by AriesGirl40 The Letter

8th January 2013:
Beeezie, what the heck is Van? A Vampire?
That was a short note from Astoria, she left things wide open for Rose to freak out lol I was like, thats it?
Good chapter, I enjoyed it alot

Author's Response: Haha, no, Van's not a vampire! He goes out in the daytime. :P He's just charismatic and she's heard a lot about him from Victoire and Teddy over the years, and Rose's issues with Scorpius left her susceptible to developing a little bit of a crush. That's all.

Thank you so much for the review!

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Review #34, by Maha The Letter

7th January 2013:
Excellent chapter I love the letter, perfect tone! And can't wait for the next chapter! Please update soon, would like more scorose please :)

Author's Response: Aw, thank you! I'm glad you liked the letter - I debated making it longer, but I thought that this would be perfect.

Thanks for taking the time to review!

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Review #35, by bffchey Bridget and Albus

5th January 2013:
:) i must know what the letter says

Author's Response: The next chapter is up, and the contents have been revealed! I hope you aren't disappointed.

Thank you for the review!

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Review #36, by Hope's Mom Bridget and Albus

3rd January 2013:
Do you know that this story just makes me smile when I see it? This is an awkward time for Rose and Scorpius - they have been together a long time. This "meeting of the grandmother" may tip their relationship toward conflict for a while (but hopefully not toward an end). I am curious to read what Narcissa wrote to Rose. I loved the peek at Al and Bridget - she is so funny. He is so uncomfortable about their relationship that her "torture" is almost too easy. Thank you for a new chapter!

Author's Response: Aw, thank you so much! You're right - their relationship is definitely going to start to tip toward conflict for awhile, especially since Rose is really bad at dealing with it and tends to adopt the "if I avoid it maybe it will go away approach." As to whether it will end the relationship... I guess that would be telling, wouldn't it? :P

Thank you so much for your review!

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Review #37, by AriesGirl40 Bridget and Albus

31st December 2012:
Goodness,now I want to know what is in that letter! Happy New Year!

Author's Response: Happy new year! :) I hope you weren't disappointed!

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Review #38, by Avanell 2 Bridget and Albus

30th December 2012:
Oh, you torture us! Can't wait to read what the letter says :D Fabulous update!

Author's Response: I do, I'm a terrible author. :P I'm really glad you liked the chapter - thank you so much for take the time to review!

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Review #39, by Maha Bridget and Albus

30th December 2012:
Aww loved the Albus Bridget part lol and this chapter was good :) can't wait to see what happens next x

Author's Response: Aw, thank you! I'm glad you liked Albus and Bridget - I had a lot of fun writing them, and you'll definitely see them again soon. Thanks for reviewing! :)

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Review #40, by Kirsten Bridget and Albus

30th December 2012:
Great Chapter! but you are evil for leaving it at such a cliffhanger lol. Update quickly please

Author's Response: Haha, I know, sorry! I didn't make you guys wait too long for the next chapter, though - does that redeem me a bit? :P

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Review #41, by dasdas Bridget and Albus

30th December 2012:
really hope you update soon, i absolutely love this story

Author's Response: Aw, thank you so much! I'm glad you like it!

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Review #42, by Kristina1990 Bridget and Albus

30th December 2012:
Really? You use the letter in the summary and then this? Really? *lol* Well, I'm curious to hear about the letter's contexts.

I think, considering how low the expectations were for lunch to begin with, it seemed to have gone rather well. Rose is being a little difficult - the Malfoys lived/live in a world with totally different expectations and manners. It's never easy when those worlds meet, but I think Narcissa tried her best. Rose should give her more credit for that.

Author's Response: Haha, that wasn't very nice of me, what it? :P I hope the content didn't disappoint you!

I agree that the lunch went better than Rose seems to feel that it did, and she's definitely being a little dense and unfair. It's a process for both of them, and it wouldn't be Rose if her first reaction to emotional turmoil made sense. :P

Thank you so much for the review!

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Review #43, by Secret Santa A Weasley Family Saturday

18th December 2012:
Hi Beeezie :) I'm your secret santa, which is probably rather obvious considering the penname ;)
I've been reading the Wrinkles of the Road for a long time now, although I didn't read any of Curiosity Is Not a Sin, I think you only had the first two chapters or something up at the time... I feel bad for not reviewing up until now, but at least your getting some reviews :) And I'll stop talking now ;)

So I like the beginning, I like the idea that Rose used to find the family gathering type things tedious and annoying, but now secretly looks forward to them, which I'm sure for people in real life, you don't enjoy things until they become less and less frequent. I also really like this line: 'There was just something about being in her grandparents' house that made any other problems she had melt away.', I can really relate to that, it's like when I'm at my Grandparents' house, I don't really worry about anything, and I think it makes your characterisation really realistic :)

Now I'm not sure whether you made it up, but if you did: I really like your X Classifications for the creatures :) X is dangerous, well more dangerous than XXX isn't it, or am I just making that up? Either way I really like it :) It shows you've really thought about the story etc. (If you didn't make it up, you can just disregard that whole paragraph)

I think it's quite funny that James and Scorpius would be talking about either Quidditch or Healing, as they are quite different, but it made me smile :)

One thing is, this bit confused me slightly: '"Well, I don't have the patience to do it," he'd said when she teased him about quitting the Ministry and starting in on Healer training instead. "I just think it's interesting. I mean, they can really repair the human body. It makes me a lot less nervous about being a bit reckless!" // Given how little concern James had ever showed for his safety, Rose was still a bit worried about what "a lot less nervous" meant.' Because, at first I thought it was James speaking, then when you mentioned that the character quitted the Ministry and started 'in on Healer training instead', I thought it was Scorpius, but then the second bit about James and his lack off concern made me think it was James speaking.. So I'm not too sure who was speaking then, so next time you feel like editing etc, you might want to clarify that a bit. Although I may just be having a bit of a brain-dead moment at that that bit.

I like the conversation between Al and Rose about Scorpius, it seems so l, like I talk to people I'm close to about my boyfriend, well, they probably want to torch me at some points for doing so, but I seems so normal :)

I really like the fact Scorpius wants her to meet his Grandmother; I've already read the scene, but I think from this of she does go, which I know she does, then it's going to be rather awkward, which I'm pretty certain it is, if my memory is working properly ;)

I hope this has helped :) I know you said you'd quite like CC, but I'm rubbish at it, but I have tried :|

Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays :D
-Your Secret Santa ;)

Author's Response: Hey! ♥ It's okay if you're not very good at CC - it's not, like, totally necessary or anything. :P

I definitely see what you mean about that sentence - when the queue reopens I'll edit it to make it more clear.

The X system is actually canon - the monsters are ranked that way in Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. :) X is not at all dangerous (e.g., flobberworms), and X is really dangerous (e.g., manticores).

I definitely agree re: my grandparents' house - I borrowed a bit from my life, there, because I also have a lot of cousins and I love family gatherings at my grandparents' house because I can see them (and everyone else, I guess :P).

Thank you so much for the review, dear Santa. :) Happy Christmas!

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Review #44, by Illuminate A Weasley Family Saturday

7th December 2012:
Hi! Here to return your stupendous review :)

Your characters are so cute! I love the relationships between them and how they interact.

I love aswell how you kept giving snippets of what other characters were doing while they were talking. It gives detail that really shows how close they are as a family.

I haven't read all of Curiosity is a Sin, but I feel like your Rose and Scorpius really come alive and I can easily picture them. Your descriptions are great :)

Brilliant job!

Author's Response: Aw, thank you so much! :) I'm glad you like it!

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Review #45, by AC_rules A Weasley Family Saturday

6th December 2012:
Hello there Beeezie!

It's been a really long time since I've read any of your work (or indeed, hp fanfiction in general) but I'm really glad to be back and reviewing! So, I haven't read that many ScoRoses, in actually fact, and I don't think I've read one that I've really liked for well over a year... but this is just lovely.

I love the idea of Rose holding onto her family in such a way, cause whilst I imagine it must be hard being a member of such a huge family it would also be nice to feel like you belonged to something so big and solid.

I still really like your writing style as it's smooth and lovely and a real pleasure to read. This has got to be one of my favourite quotes that I've come across for a really long time. "Given how little concern James had ever showed for his safety, Rose was still a bit worried about what "a lot less nervous" meant." - with just the right amount of snark and wit in it to really make me smile.

And Scorp, ack, I like this Scorp. My head canon Scorpius is more than a little pathetic, but this version of Scorpius is really lovely too. I liked his pressing of the issue and Rose's avoidance and, well, it seems like a sensible qualm for Rose to have which I'd never thought about all that much.

So yes, this was a lovely first chapter and I'm really glad I got a chance to read this. Roll on Christmas and even more time for reading!

Happy writing :)


Author's Response: I'm really sorry it's taken me awhile to respond to this very lovely review - I keep meaning to sit down and give you a proper response, and then time keeps on getting away from me. This may not be as proper response as I would like, but it's all getting a bit ridiculous at this point and I hate seeing the unanswered review sitting here like I don't appreciate it, because I really do.

I'm glad you liked this version of Scorpius. I'd actually read quite a lot of ScoRoses before I started writing Curiosity Is Not a Sin (the prequel to this), and it definitely informed how I constructed his character. Ditto James and Rose, haha.

Thank you so much for this wonderful review. ♥

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Review #46, by ashley Lunch With Narcissa

4th December 2012:
ahhh i love your story! i recently stumbled upon it yesterday, and i could not stop! usually i only read completed work, but i thought yours was too good to pass up. please update soon! thanks for writing such a good story so far though!

Author's Response: Aw, thank you so much! I'm flattered that you made the exception. :) I'll update as soon as I can - life has been a bit hectic lately, but it should be calming down soon!

Thank you for the review!

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Review #47, by Micmeun Lunch With Narcissa

28th November 2012:
I cant wait to read the nxt chptr plz upd8 soon xxx

Author's Response: I'll get the next chapter up asap. :) Thanks for the review!

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Review #48, by Luna Lynch Lunch With Narcissa

27th November 2012:
Yay! I love Narcissa. I love her sort of unknowingly cold attitude, and how she sort of secretly seems to like rose. I love the way Scorpius acts in front of Narcissa, its how my boyfriend acts in front of my parents. I also love the way Rose just seems to feel so uncomfortable next to Narcissa its extremely realistic. Tee hee Scorpius is so happy that Rose is meeting Narcissa it is so unbeluevably CUTE! I think your writing style is so amazing! I will stop boring you now but I can't wait to see what you've got in store next! Tease! ;D Love this story and CINAS!

Author's Response: I'm so glad that that came across! Narcissa definitely likes Rose, but I see her as being so far removed from the world Rose grew up in that Rose has a very hard time actually interpreting Narcissa's response for what it really is.

Thank you so much for the lovely review! I'll get the next chapter up as soon as possible. :)

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Review #49, by Solana D.C.B. Assignments

26th November 2012:
I haven't reviewed anywhere for a while, so you know it's special. You're a very, very good and promising writer! I love the way you described to us your methods of dialogue and description so we can easily follow what you do with each chapter. The story is well told, and you've got the characterization near-perfect.

Yep, I too am excited about "the meeting." I too find Narcissa fascinating because she's so open-ended ... not the right term but she's got so many gray areas, some could be quite good since that's how she turned out in the end. But we don't really know, do we, since JKR didn't exactly elaborate. So let's ... well, let's see what you give us. :-)

Author's Response: I'm so flattered that you liked this enough to leave a review - thank you! That's a huge compliment to me as a writer, and it's put a big smile on my face. :) Thank you so much for the review, and I hope I don't leave you disappointed!

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Review #50, by bffchey Lunch With Narcissa

25th November 2012:
I love this chapter and can't wait to read what happens the rest of their lunch. Rose and Scorpius are so cute with each other.

Author's Response: Aw, thank you so much! :) I'll get the next chapter up asap, and I hope you enjoy it just as much as this one.

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