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Review #51, by TearsIMustConceal Albus's Guilt Trip

10th April 2015:
Hey, i'm here for the BvB review battle :)

So, i'm already in love with this story and especially Rose. I've never been a big fan of Rose but I love the way you've portrayed her! I can definitely see Ron in her, with her stubbornness and her ideas about the Slytherin's and I absolutely love Ron so by extension, i'm loving Rose too! I can see Hermione in her too but you know, I love that she's kinda like Ron as well!

I love the family dynamic, with all of them being so close to one another, I always imagined that's how they would be so I love that you've done that! And I love how it's Albus that is the one in the middle, trying to merge and unite houses - that's definitely how I picture Albus in my mind - the rational and peace-making one!

Scorpius and Albus' relationship - I love their bromance! And I feel like Albus brings out the best in Scorpius, which is definitely a good thing! And I love the interaction between Scorpius and Rose - i'm already shipping them! The nickname, her trying not to laugh at him - it's all so cute!

I absolutely loved this and I cannot wait to read more!

- Vicki

Author's Response: Aw, thank you so much! Yeah, I see Rose as having a lot of both of her parents in her... but maybe a little more of Ron. :P

I'm glad you love Albus and his friendship with Scorpius - their friendship is one of the most entertaining things about writing this story. There are a lot of fun Albus-Scorpius moments littered across my stories, because I love the combination of snark and earnestness - especially when Albus starts to get super snarky. :P

Thank you so much for your review! :) I'm glad you're liking the story so far!

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Review #52, by patronus_charm Albus's Guilt Trip

9th April 2015:
Hey there Branwen!

Oooh, Iím already loving your Rose! I think it was just the way she was so determined about her beliefs about the Slytherins which is what made me laugh, because they seemed so rational to her, whereas everyone knows there will always be contradictions and there could be a Slytherin who hates plotting and planning. I think youíve got the mix of serious Hermione and stubborn Ron spot on here, and I canít wait to read more of her.

So thereís some family tensions with the pro-Slytherins on one side and the anti-Slytherins on the other. Hmm, I have a feeling that Rose will be changing her side soon. :P I really like how Albus is all open and trying to unite the other houses as I always imagined him to be a peace maker like that so itís cool that it matches up with my head canon. I also canít wait to see what Scorpius is like as I imagine he must be fairly nice for Albus to be friends with him.

Okay, Iím a fan of Scorpius! Firstly, he does like Neville itís just the subject he doesnít like which is a relief as I was worried it would be the other way around. Then secondly that cute bromance he has going on with Albus is adorable, and I almost wish they were ending up together rather than he and Rose. Also, the fact heís already given Rose a nickname! Iím just squeeing away right now and Iím already shipping these two so much even though itís only chapter one!

This was a great first chapter and hopefully I can come back for some more!


Author's Response: Yes, Rose will definitely be changing her side soon, as least a little. ;) You're right, she definitely oversimplifies things in a lot of ways - I kind of try to get at what it really means to be a Slytherin throughout CINAS (and the sequel, to a lesser extent) - I hope that's successful. To me, I actually think Rose *needs* someone who's more pragmatic and has a bit of an edge to them, because she'd trample all over someone who was really nice and come to jinxes/hexes quickly with someone who was more hot-headed and impulsive like her.

(Which isn't to say that Scorpius isn't at all nice - as you said, he's friends with Albus for a reason! But he's got a bit of an edge to him.)

I'm glad you like Scorpius! Yeah, he's perfectly fine with Neville, but he's *miserable* at Herbology, at least in comparison with everything else. I actually didn't really intend for there to be Albus/Scorpius undertones the first time I wrote this, but as I was editing/adding new scenes, I realized that there totally is a little chemistry there, which intrigues me a little. (But which I'm 96% certain I'm not going to develop into something more, at least in this universe. In another... Hmm.)

Thank you so much for your review! I'm glad you liked it so far! ♥

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Review #53, by Claire Evergreen Albus's Guilt Trip

7th April 2015:

Oh, yeah, I guess I should mention this is for the BvB Battle :P

I really like the Rose that you've written. She's the perfect balance between the bookish, Hermione clone and the rebel child that seem to be the extremes of her characterization. She still has that bit of book smarts with the Herbology, but she also is that bit of something else with her dislike of Slytherins and her friendship with James and Roxy.

Oh, my goodness, speaking of James and Roxy, I love love love that you picked them as the dynamic duo of the Wotter kids. I love seeing the groupings mixed up in fics and recently, I've grown to like Fred, Roxy, and James as a group, so I'm so excited to see where that goes.

Is it bad that I'm already in love with Scorpius? He's just that perfect mix of jerk and nice guy, it is just fantastic. I can't wait to really get into the story and see where he goes. I love his friendship with Al and their sense of humor is absolutely spot on. Bromantic walks is basically the best line of the whole chapter, I was dying.

This is an amazing start! I know I say that I'll make it back to stories I read a lot, but I've added this one to my currently reading list and hopefully I'll be able to put a dent in it tomorrow night when I have a bunch of free time! Fantastic job!


Author's Response: I know, I love Scorose so much! They're why I started writing fanfiction in the first place - they're just such a fun ship to think about, and I'm kind of obsessed with writing about them. :P

I'm glad you like this Rose - she's definitely gotten some mixed reviews in the past (some people find her a little off-putting), but I'm personally very happy with her. I feel like I tried to strike that balance (yay, I'm happy that you think I did!) and give her a strong personality - because let's face it, is Scorpius going to be interested in someone who doesn't have a strong personality? (I say no. No way.)

Yes, James and Roxanne! I feel like Fred's often depicted with James as being the troublemaking duo, but I've always seen him as more along the lines of Victoire's age and a bit of a troublemaker with her. (I need to write more about their troublemaking in Hogwarts at some point. But I digress.)

It's not at all bad you're already in love with Scorpius! I'm really, really happy to hear that that's the case - I love the nice guy who's also a little bit of a jerk so much. Bromantic walks is actually a new line that got added in in the rewrite, and I'm happy you find it as amusing as I do. :P

Thank you so much for your wonderful review! ♥

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Review #54, by Veritaserum27 Albus's Guilt Trip

6th April 2015:
Hi there Branwen!

I'm here for the BvB battle. Rose/Scorpius is my OTP and I've been meaning to get to this story since you posted in your blog that you had updated it. I thought the BvB was a perfect excuse to get started!

Ok - so I love Rose. I love how much she loves her family and how close they all are. I love that she's flawed and unsure of herself at the same time as knowing what she wants (or so she thinks - haha!) You've got a nice balance of characterization for her, with her Gryffindor traits mixed together with her own personality as well. Nice job!

Albus has red hair! That's awesome. And you've cast him as a rather Sensitive Slytherin. The fact that he seems to be the most emotional character, but in a kind and caring way just seems to draw me to him. I'm already invested in him the way that Rose and the rest of his family are. He sits with his cousins at dinner instead of his housemates, and even saves some for Rose. At the same time, he seems to know just which cards to play to get her to do what he wants. I'm just a tad curious to know if he and Scorpius had sort of set up the whole scenario so Scorpius could have some alone time with Rose - hm...

All the same, I don't think Rose is the type that will appreciate any cunning behavior that involves her emotions. She didn't take too well to Malfoy's arrogance - if his goal was to impress her. I'm not sure if he's interested in her and just making some tactical mistakes, or if he just enjoys getting a rise out of her for now.

I can't wait to see what happens next. This was an awesome first chapter!

♥ Beth

Author's Response: Aw, I'm so glad you liked it! :) My Rose is definitely a little divisive at times, so I'm really happy you like her - I do, too, but I've had readers before who have said "I love this story, but Rose really annoys me sometimes." I mean, Rose really annoys me sometimes, too, but still. I like her.

And yes, Albus does have red hair! I know it's probably not quite canon, since he's described as looking a lot like Harry, but when I first started writing this, I knew I didn't want a dark-haired Albus. (That's a silly thing to fixate on, but I've done that with a few characters. Victoire is also a redhead - blonde Victoire always throws me a little. :P)

Albus actually *isn't* a Slytherin, though! Rereading the chapter, though, I can totally see why you thought that - hmm, maybe I should go back and add something to clarify? He's a Gryffindor who happens to have a lot of friends from other houses, including Scorpius (who's really Albus's best friend apart from Rose). I started writing this the first time around fresh off a binge-reading of Scorose fics, and I decided that I really liked the idea of an Albus/Scorpius friendship... but not with a Slytherin Sorting for Albus. (God, that poor boy, he'd never make it in Slytherin, I don't think. He actually did make a choice at his Sorting, but Slytherin wasn't on the table.)

I really hope you continue to like it - thank you so much for the review! ♥

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Review #55, by ayumi Prying Fathers

6th April 2015:
I loved this chapter!! And I would definitely love to see how meeting the parents goes for the both of them (and there would be no objections to the xmas visit if you change your mind :D) ... also how does a confrontation between ron and draco sound??

Author's Response: Oh, don't worry - an amusing interaction between Ron and Draco will be forthcoming in this! I'm planning to end it when they get off the train for the Christmas holiday, and... well, let's just say that Draco is Draco and Ron, as usual, will rise to the bait. :P

Now the xmas visit is burning a way into my mind. Maybe I'll fit that into my Camp NaNoing or embark on the project immediately after. :P I do think it'll be a separate short story, though - I like the idea of ending this after the train ride.

Thank you for your review! ♥

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Review #56, by RupertsPheonix Prying Fathers

6th April 2015:
Hahah I enjoyed this chapter quite a bit! The thought of Draco knowing what would irritate Ron the most is hilarious and in character. :)

I really like how you write Rose and Scorpius together. This sweet, almost sexy moment on the chair is really very nice.

Looking forward to the next update,

Author's Response: Aw, thank you so much! ♥ I'm glad you liked the chapter so much and that Draco's needling at Ron seems so perfectly in character. :P

Thank you for your review!

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Review #57, by UnluckyStar57 Eavesdropping in the Corridor

2nd April 2015:
Hi Branwen! I'm here for the April BvB. :)

I know you said you would prefer reviews from chapter 4-onward, but chapter 3 looked lonely, so I thought I'd start here. Now I can just keep going whenever I get a chance! :D

Okay, one thing about formatting before I get into the reviewing part: Your entire chapter 2 is italicized. I think it's because you forgot to close the HTML tag at the top. Just a heads up!

Okay, now the good part:

Omg, I read and favorited this story aaaggeess ago, when I was still a little HPFF muppet. And I'm so glad that you've decided to refurbish it a bit, because it gives me a good excuse to reread it. :)

The first thing that I love about this story is that your Next Gen kiddos have such a great dynamic. I love how Rose is friends with James and Albus, and how Albus would punch Scorpius if Scorpius punched Rose. :D It's such an interesting dynamic, though, because while Rose loves Albus, she can't look past the superficialities of each House. She judges the Slytherins really harshly, and I can definitely see that that's going to change in the future. However, it requires a lot of character growth from her, so I'm looking forward to watching it unfold!

The Pivotal Conversation was my favorite part so far. You set up such a great rivalry between Rose and Scorpius--how they compete for Albus's attention and grades and basically everything--but Scorpius totally thinks she's hot. Have you ever read the Anne of Green Gables series? The Rose/Scorpius interactions up to this point remind me of the relationship between Anne Shirley and Gilbert Blythe, who eventually married her. Long story short, I'm a sucker for rivals-turned-lovers, especially when it's written so well!

The Red Hair Prank always gets me. I hope that more fun shenanigans happen along the way. And I agree, Scorpius would be a great Weasley. Scorpius Malfoy-Granger-Weasley has a nice ring to it. :)

Brilliant story! I hope I can be back soon to review more. You've got a lot of lonely chapters for me to give love to. ♥


Author's Response: ♥ Thanks, Mallory! :)

I hadn't ever really drawn that comparison between Rose/Scorpius and Anne/Gilbert before, but oh my god, you're so right! I loved that series when I was a kid, but I haven't read it in years. I should find time to revisit it soon.

I'm glad you like my dynamic between the next-gen kids - Rose-Albus-James-Scorpius (and all the combinations therein) are so fun to write about, especially because they all change pretty drastically over time. I'm editing/continuing the sequel now (finally), and Scorpius and James seem to have decided that they're totally friends now. I've got to say, it's really bizarre to have a scene pop into my mind where Scorpius is getting relationship advice from James, especially going back to that story right after editing CINAS.

I love this conversation, and I'm really glad you do, too! Scorpius is usually a pretty deliberate guy, so I love it when his emotions do run away with him and he says things that maybe he shouldn't - because even without knowing that Rose was listening in, really, Scorpius, you probably could have kept a couple things back here and been better off. :P

Thank you so much for the review! (And for the nomination for Rose for the SotM! ♥)

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Review #58, by ayumi Curious Cousins

1st April 2015:
I loved the old version of this story and was checking your stories for updates on wrinkles of the road when I saw you had updated this story; i then went and reread the whole thing and love the changes you have made! Seriously, this is one of the best stories ever and you're such a fantastic writer. I love the story which is really well written and the depth of the characters that you portray is amazing; you should be really proud of your work. I definitely love the idea of multiple povs in the sequel! Literally any povs would be interesting to read; Scorpius, Albus and James all sound great! Also I love Johanna so any mention of her would be wonderful. I also would love to see some sort of interaction between Scorpius and Hugo! I will definitely keep checking up on this story (and the sequel) as it is one of my favourites ever, so please keep writing! xx

Author's Response: Aw, thank you so much! ♥ I'm so sorry I slacked off on Wrinkles for so long, but I'm really flattered that you were still checking it - I don't deserve my readers sometimes, you guys are so wonderful. :)

I'm glad you liked the changes so much! I *think* I've decided to just add Scorpius's pov to Wrinkles - maybe alternating every other chapter or so (vaguely - sometimes there will be a string of one or the other).

This will, of course, mean much more Johanna, because she and Scorpius are pretty close... and more Noah, and actually some interesting scenes between Scorpius and James, who are actually really starting to bury the hatchet.

... but then I may follow Wrinkles up with a story about Al and/or James. Because I love writing about Albus and James.

Thank you so much for the review! ♥

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Review #59, by LexieF Plausible Deniability

8th October 2014:
I'm loving the story so far! Great job ( :

Author's Response: Thank you!

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Review #60, by Personne The Quidditch Match

15th September 2014:
Write a story about Dominique during Hogwarts please.

Author's Response: It's on my list! I'm glad you like Dominique so much - she's one of my favorite characters to write. Thanks for the review!

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Review #61, by Midnight spark Curious Cousins

17th January 2014:
Wow... I thought that the cousins of Rose is going to KILL Scorpius! The most perfect ending!!

Author's Response: Haha, thank you!

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Review #62, by Midnight spark A Letter From Home

13th January 2014:
I was right about Al! And Johanna is so fun... I really hope she was joking about what she said about Scorpius to Ron... And Scorpie dear? Hilarious! Last thing: He is so bloody damn romantic!

Author's Response: Thank you so much for your review - I'm glad you enjoyed it! I love Johanna, so I'm always happy when other people do, too. :)

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Review #63, by Midnight spark A 'Friendly' Jinx

13th January 2014:
I have a feeling Al is behind this letter...

Author's Response: When in doubt, always blame Albus. :P

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Review #64, by PB Curious Cousins

10th December 2013:
Excellent. I really enjoyed it.

Author's Response: Thank you so much!

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Review #65, by ReeBee Curious Cousins

23rd November 2013:
Oh my god! Just as amazing as I expected! I LOVED IT!! AhhÖ going to read sequel now!! :D Cant wait to read more of your writing!! :D

Author's Response: Thank you! I hope you enjoy the sequel just as much. (And I promise I'm going to be adding to it soon - my life has been quite hectic lately, but I've been working on a new chapter slowly but surely. :)

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Review #66, by ReeBee Albus's Guilt Trip

22nd November 2013:
Oh my god! Ive been looking for an amazing fanfic and this is even more than that! i can't wait to finish it!!

I love the fact that Rose isn't a cliche, annoying snob! I can't express how much I loved it! You have somehow included characterisation and introduced the plot, without it being too full on! its perfect!!

Author's Response: Oh, thank you so much! :)

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Review #67, by RoseWeasley7 A Letter From Home

30th August 2013:
You've got the CI for the last chapter in this a one
Love the story though, reading it for the second time!

Author's Response: Whoops, thanks for telling me! I've fixed it. :)

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Review #68, by RoseWeasley7 A 'Friendly' Jinx

30th August 2013:
The CI for this chapter is in the next chapter, not this one

Author's Response: Thank you for telling me, and I'm so glad you enjoyed the story the second time around, too! :)

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Review #69, by Rachel Payne Curious Cousins

21st July 2013:
I was a little surprised that this was mostly a romance story, most authors who are as brilliant as you try to add in a twist of drama or danger. I'm not complaining at all, just voicing my thoughts, so please don't think that I am discontented by the ending.

This has been a beautiful story, I am about to go and click on the sequel. You have got style and flair, and it just cannot be denied. I sincerely hope that you consider being an author as a profession, it could be very good for you.

Best of luck

Author's Response: Aw, thank you! :)

I probably won't ever try to be an author in RL, to be honest - I've got a career path I'm pursuing that I'm quite happy with. I'm flattered you think I'm that good, though, and I really appreciate the vote of confidence.

I'm also, of course, very glad that you liked this story!

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Review #70, by Rachel Payne Albus's Guilt Trip

20th July 2013:
Can I just say that you are an author who is unafraid of the paragraph long explanations? It is such an important part of the writing process, other than just conversations and the character's thoughts, and many people do not understand the importance behind it.

Great opening, it seems like this story is going to be a good one, it is a little sluggish though. Maybe add in some humor, because this is just too serious, and yet it isn't DRAMATIC serious. It is more of a dull serious.


Author's Response: Oh, thank you so much - I'm glad you enjoyed that. :)

I know what you mean about it being sluggish. I'm not especially pleased with this first chapter, even after a lot of editing, to be honest, and I'll probably try to go back and look it over again soon.


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Review #71, by PolyJuice_ Albus's Guilt Trip

18th July 2013:
WHEE~ I'm back! I just reviewed your sequel the other day, and then the OTP challenge came up and I chose ScoRose and I instantly knew where I wanted to go!

*sits myself down*

I love your Rose. She's quirky, she's fun and she is just /that/ much of a "problem" child that she's one of my favourite characters.

I do also love the way Al is accepting of the Slytherins. He's often portrayed as either being a Slytherin through and through or hating them outright. Whereas Rose, with her hating the Slytherins is also something different. It's a nice, refreshing roll-reversal from the stuff you often see.

Although I might be a bit biased, as a Slytherin myself.

Ooh, I see the beginnings of a relationship, there Rose. ;) You know what they say, there's a thin line between love and hate! I just love the hair prank. I can only imagine how Scorpius is going to react. (Actually, seeing as I've read this story multiple times I can do more than imagine..)

Loved the chapter! Can't wait for the next one! (Both in the sequel, and the one I'm about to review! :3 )


House Cup ~ 2013 ~ Slytherin

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I'm sorry it's taken me far too long to respond to this.

I'm glad you like my take on Slytherins, especially as a Slytherin yourself. :P I definitely wanted to show a different side of them in this and my other stories - I'm not a Slytherin at all, I don't think, but the Slytherin = evil thing is just massively oversimplifying everything, and I hate the idea of the next-gens just being Harry's generation 2.0s.

Thank you for the review!

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Review #72, by acciomaeve Curious Cousins

19th June 2013:
adore this story! I especially love Scorpius' character!

Author's Response: Oh, thank you so much!

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Review #73, by madness Curious Cousins

16th May 2013:
Nawww :') I loved it all

Author's Response: Aw, thank you so much!

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Review #74, by Terri Curious Cousins

20th February 2013:
Hey! Just wanted to say this was a great read - it wasn't too sappy, it balanced the Weasley family dynamic really well, and every character was very believable. Overall, just super well done. Keep writing!

Author's Response: Aw, thank you so much! I'm glad you enjoyed the story!

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Review #75, by FallenAmaranth An Encounter in the Library

12th February 2013:
Ugh! I just want to lock them in a broom cupboard for an age(too cliche?) merely just so they can't walk off and end the conversation.
I love Scorpius and Rose's conversations, because they're both civil and even when he's not. Obviously they're more open about their mutual dislike when he's not there but they aren't constantly exchanging snide remarks, which get boring extremely fast.

I like the idea of Fred being an older relative, I know I've mentioned that he's usually the same age as James, but now I imagine him to be a someone who they'd look up to(being older) and he's still a prankster and joker, and would gladly get involved in mischief, but it seems better, because he's not immature and is genuinely funny, rather than just messing about.

I really can't wait to see how things turn out when Scorpius attempts to jinx her(he'd better, otherwise she'd have gone to all that trouble for nothing) and am also weirdly intrigued to see if and what Fred will write back. I hope to see what kind of guy you've made him ^_^

I also really like the whole family secrets sort of thing with the invisibility cloak and map, in a previous chapter when Damien brought up that they never got caught and Roxanne replied that it was a family secret or something, it was sort of nice. I never thought that things about the Peverell invisibility cloak and the Marauder's Map should just be blurted out. They share it between them but if everyone knew about it then there would be less of a point in it really.

I also like that Rose is taking cautions, remembering that there are certain members of staff who know of the 'family secrets', which is realistic and, well, smart really.

I'm really not envious of the Gryffindor team thinking about that practice, but I guess that's what makes them awesome :D

- Emily

Author's Response: Thank you so much for your review, and I'm sorry it's taken so long to answer it.

I'm glad you like Fred being older than them - a lot of people do make him James's age, but I always thought that it would make sense for George and Angelina to start having kids before the trio - they're older, after all, and unlike Ron and Harry, they're done with their education!

Thank you so much for your lovely review. I really appreciate it. :)

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