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Review #51, by merlins beard A Letter From Home

16th April 2015:
Naww... I think that might have almost been an 'I love you'
Scorpius is sooo sweet... i know lots of guys who could lern a lot from him ;)

Author's Response: Yeah, it totally was. Oh, Scorpius. You're just lucky that Rose can be a little oblivious. I'm glad you think he's sweet - I definitely wanted him to come across that way!

Thank you so much for the review! ♥

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Review #52, by merlins beard A Visit to the Village

16th April 2015:
Just wanted to let you know that this chapter wasn't boring at all... i did get some sleep though, because i was so exhausted that i fell asleep while reading (At 3 a.m.) i've been itching to grt back to this storyball day.

Author's Response: Aww, thank you! I'm glad it wasn't boring, *and* that you finally got some sleep. ♥

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Review #53, by merlins beard Patrolling with Scorpius

15th April 2015:
Oh, come on... PLEASE let me finally go to bed... I hope the next chapter is really boring so i can finally stop. I've been at this all day (with a couple of breaks in important classes)...

Author's Response: Aww, I hope you were able to tear yourself away after the next chapter and get some sleep! Yeahhh, I've definitely gotten that way about fics before, too - I'm really flattered mine has elicited that reaction from you! ♥

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Review #54, by merlins beard Talking by the Lake

15th April 2015:
I really love all the honesty between Rose and Scorpius. More stories would benefit from honest talks between the main chcharacters... I hate miscommunications, I mentally applauded scorpius for telling Rose how her teasing makes him feel uncomfortable. So many things in life would be so much easier if more people actually did that instead of blushing, turning away and then complaining to someone else later...

Sorry for the weird rant, i really like this chapter a lot. It may just be my favourite so far.

Author's Response: No, no apologies necessary! I'm actually really, really glad you've picked up on that and like it so much, because that's something that was very intentional on my part. I also find a lot of protracted miscommunication frustrating, too, and I actually think that people have a lot more of a capacity for saying, "No, do not do this, I don't like it" that popular culture tends to think that they do, particularly once they realize that the sky will not fall down because they do.

Okay, now I went on a rant. Thank you so much for the review! ♥

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Review #55, by merlins beard Flirting by the Lake

15th April 2015:
Just a short one for this chapter. It doesn't need many words... it's perfect.
I never imagined their first kiss to develop from rose teasing scurpius (i thought he'd do it just to shut her up)... but it was perfect and incredible and magical the way you wrote it.


Author's Response: Aw, thank you so much! I really enjoyed writing this scene, and I'm glad you liked it so much! ♥

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Review #56, by merlins beard Forming a Truce

15th April 2015:
So many great chapters already... and so many more to come...this story should be a banned substance... it is seriously dangerous and highly addictive.
To explain the dangerous part, I'll tell you a little about my day.
I was on my way to uni when I started reading your story. When the train stopped, i didn't want to put ot down, so with my eyes glued firmly to the screen of my phone I exited the train just to bump into some seriously dangerous looking guy who shoots me a death glare. I mumble an apology while trying to find the sentence i had started reading when my clumsiness so rudely interrupted me. It only got worse from there. I tripped over my own feet and almost fell down a flight of stairs (in public), then I missed the whole topic of the class I was in because i was reading during it. My professor chose me to answer a question, which -by the incredulous look on his face-I probably should have known the answer to. (Might be he had just mentioned it a minute previously).
On my way home, while I was praying for my battery to last until I got home, I crossed the road (the traffic light WAS green) and was almost run over by a bus on a one-way street (it was going in the wrong direction!! Who's supposed to expect that?)

I'm still alive and reading your story and I'm enjoying myself immensely.
Can't wait for the next chapter.

Author's Response: Oh no! That sounds like a very perilous day - I've had those, too, I promise. I'm so glad you're okay, and I'm really flattered that something I wrote was so absorbing that you couldn't put it down! ♥

These reviews have been so sweet to read - thank you. I'm really happy to hear that you've been enjoying the story so much. ♥

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Review #57, by merlins beard Trick Sweets and Blood Traitors

15th April 2015:
Hello again.
I really like how you added a lot of background detail to scorpius and noah and their families.
I really love the fact that Draco tells scorpius that the hippogrigff incident was his own fault. i really like your Draco... it's also great that he speaks of Hermione with respect...

This could turn quite interesting later on when Ron and Draco meet. I hope I get to read that...

I'm off to the next chapter now.

Author's Response: Aw, thank you so much, Anja! ♥ I'm glad you like my version of Draco - I know that he's a really divisive character in a lot of ways, so sometimes people don't, but I just feel like he grew up a lot during/after the war and probably wasn't at all the same person as he was at 14. (And, I mean, who is?)

Ron and Draco will briefly interact in the last chapter of this story (which I'm working on, but haven't posted yet - it should be up soon, though), and Scorpius definitely mentions his father's feelings about Ron once or twice. I'm actually also working on a short story about Rose meeting Scorpius's parents and vice versa, which I hope people enjoy half as much as I'm enjoying writing it. :P

(Rose and Scorpius are basically my Camp NaNo project. Just as a couple. I'm also working on adding Scorpius pov chapters to the sequel. So much love for Scorose.)

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Review #58, by patronus_charm An Encounter in the Library

15th April 2015:
Hey again Branwen!

Okay, this is getting interesting, very interesting indeed. So the whole Scorpius dilemma has been playing on Roseís mind more than usual and the whole starting in the mirror too. I canít wait to see her next confrontation with Scorpius, because I feel that since her chat with James a lotís been cleared up in Roseís mind, so it will be interesting to see if the dynamics between her and Scorpius have changed at all.

Hmm, Iím liking Noah a lot and it was nice that we finally got to see him rather than hearing about him through other people. He has just has a nice character and I like the fact heís studious, as I think we need more of those characters in FF instead of the token one in each story. :) Hmm, there did seem to be some interesting chemistry between him and Rose, and I have a feeling he doesnít know about Scorpius liking Rose as he just seemed too relaxed when speaking with her. Iíll keep a close eye on developments between the two of themÖ

Okay, wow, that was an interesting talk with Scorpius. So much tension, so many emotions and wah you wrote it so well and it kept me hooked throughout. I can see Scorpius is getting very antsy about the whole thing between Rose and Noah so maybe itís not just me whoís seen the chemistry between them, and adding the family dynamic does make it a little more awkward. I have a feeling heís getting suspicious with Rose and perhaps heís thinking she did overhear some of his and Albusí conversationÖ

Great chapter!


Author's Response: Hi, Kiana!

I'm glad you like Noah! He's a lot of fun to write, too, and he's a lot better at calling Scorpius on his nonsense than Albus is. (Probably because he's, you know, a Slytherin, and a little more calculating that poor Albus, who's kind of an innocent soul surrounded by lots of liars :P). I shouldn't say *too* much yet, but Rose does a little more eavesdropping in chapter 12 that makes Noah's position on the entire thing very clear. ;)

And yeah, Scorpius has definitely figured out that Rose probably overheard some of what he said to Albus. I feel so bad for him early on in this story - if it was me, I'd be so mortified I'd want to sink into the ground. :P

Thank you so much for the review!

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Review #59, by merlins beard Eavesdropping in the Corridor

15th April 2015:
Hey there.
I saw that this story is nominated for Ravenclaw SOTM and just had to read it... i really enjoy reading it.
I like Rose, but she is a little irritating. Even though eavesdropping is not very nice, I'm glad she overhears what she does.

I'll definitely keep reading, can't wait to find out what the next chapter contains.


Author's Response: Hey, Anja! Yeah, eavesdropping is bad, but Rose really does learn so many interesting things when she does it. :P Thank you so much for the review (and for checking CINAS out in the first place ♥)!

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Review #60, by just.a.willow.tree A Compromising Position

15th April 2015:

I hope you remember me, from TDA? I haven't been online in a while, but recently, I've taken to searching for new and wonderful fanfictions to read, and I found this in the Top Ten. So. Short little backstory to how I discovered this wonderful story.

This is the best fanfic I have read in /ages/, just so you know. If I'd known you could write like this earlier, I'd have meticulously gone through all your stories in a heartbeat. (I'm sorry for not responding in the earlier chapters, but I kept going to the next one and the next one because I wanted to see what was going to happen, and at this chapter, I forced myself to comment.

I love how you actually give proper flaws to the Weasley clan, with prejudice against Slytherins and quite large heads (though you manage to get the readers to love them anyway -- how is that possible).

Even better is how this story actually manages to avoid all the common cliches of romance-genre fanfics. Rose knew how Scorpius felt very early in the story (instead of being naively oblivious to his feelings, which is one of the huge cliches in fanfics -- AND EVEN PUBLISHED BOOKS -- that bothers me to no end), and that was one of my favorite parts -- how our main character took matters into her own hands to find out information.

And teenage hormones are as wonderful as ever. You write so fantastically, and be sure to see at least a couple more reviews from me before my review of wailing tears at the very end, once I register that the story is over. Because I will, for sure, be incredibly upset that it's done.

And one day, I'm going to come back and review ever chapter. This fanfic (and you, of course) deserve it.


Author's Response: Eva! Omg! What do you mean, you hope I remember you? Of course I remember you, don't be ridiculous! ♥ (I miss you, too!)

Thank you so, so much. :) I'm glad you're enjoying it so much! I kind of stopped writing as much when I started really getting into TDA (probably around the time I was made a grad artist), but I'm trying to get back to it, because I love my next-gens so much. :P And no worries about not reviewing earlier chapters - if you get to it at some point, great, but if not... not? Like, it's way more important to me that you're loving the story. ♥

Try not to be too too upset when it's done, though! There's a sequel called 'The Wrinkles of the Road' posted that I'm working on editing/adding to for Camp NaNo this month. It starts about eight months after they finish school and centers on Rose and Scorpius (and Albus, James, Victoire, and Lucy, to lesser extents). Also, I'm working on a short story about them meeting each other's families that keeps making me giggle, because oh dear.

Also, all my next-gen stories are set within the same world. So any Rose/Scorpius stories I have up will always have the same Rose and Scorpius.

/shameless self-promotion

♥ Thank you so much for the review!! (And yeah, I miss you at TDA!)

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Review #61, by Aphoride Albus's Guilt Trip

14th April 2015:
Hey Branwen! :) Stopping by from BvB battle!

You know, I just have to say this because I think it's kinda appropriate - I apologise if there's any weird wording/spellings in this because I'm watching Atletico v Real Madrid in the Champions league quarters :P So yeah, blame any mistakes on that ;)

I really love the way you've set this up. A lot of Next Gens often feel overly similar to me, you know - and it can be really pretty boring (and I'm easily bored, oops) - but this has a really different feel to it. I love how it starts with them already at school, rather than arriving at school or anything, and how Rose's character is established, as, well, not the nicest person in the world :P

No, seriously, she's an amazing character. She's so real, you know, which, for me, always makes things that much better. Rose is somewhat prejudiced, even if it's a logical and personal kinda reason why, she's aware of it and doesn't seem too bothered by it, and she seems to have a bit of a temper on her - but she's also clearly pretty clever, pretty brave and bold and unafraid of speaking her mind. She seems like the kind of person who's loud and isn't necessarily used to being talked over/told she's wrong or beaten verbally. Her characterisation, tbh, makes the whole 'hate-to-love' thing - normally something I hate with a passion, I gotta admit - so so much better, and actually something I like in here, because it makes sense, you know? And I can see how, I imagine, her realising about Scorpius is tied into a growing up, coming-of-age kinda storyline too. Which, imo, is probably the best way to manage that kind of cliche ;)

So yeah, I love Rose. Tbh, though, all of your characters are so, so good in this. Al and Scorpius - even James and Roxanne, who don't really appear all that much at all in this first chapter - are so interesting and so real. I'm so glad to see James friends with Roxanne rather than Freddy, and Al being the little socialite with so many friends from different houses :P They're such great presentations of them all, and I'm so curious to see what you do with them in the future - especially Scorpius, ofc ;)

Especially with Rose and Scorpius, I love how you've set it up so that Rose is the unreasonable one, in terms of her house opinions, and Scorpius is the rational one instead. It's a lovely overturn of the Hermione-Draco feud, in a way.

Your writing in this is so gorgeous too. Just the perfect balance of description and dialogue, and all of it is so so good. It just flowed so beautifully and sucked me into the story completely. The only thing I want to mention - since I know you're editing it atm - is that there are a couple of strange word phrasing things (like at one point you say something like 'could cut even out') which sounded a bit odd in my head. Maybe something to look over? But seriously, they're pretty minor things - they didn't disrupt anything much at all and the only reason they're even noticeable is because the rest of your writing is so good ;)

It's strange - having seen you around for so long in the CR, I can't believe this is my first review on this :P Will have to try and come back sometime later on in the Battle ;)

Aph xx

Author's Response: Hey, Aph! ♥ It was definitely super appropriate that you reviewed a story of mine during a Madrid derby I was glued to the tv for. :P (Speaking of - sorry about Bayern! Can't imagine they won't bounce back at home, though!)

I agree that sometimes, next-gens (both characters and plots, really) can fall into vague molds that don't change enough between stories/authors. I'm really glad that, thus far, at least, you don't feel like this falls into that trap.

I love that you got that from Rose, because yes - I think you're 100% right. She's not used to being challenged, especially by people who don't back down pretty quickly, and I have so much fun with that in this fic because I think the only two people who really push that on a regular basis are Albus and Scorpius himself - albeit in very different ways! Scorpius actually definitely touches on the 'hate-to-love' thing pretty directly a couple times later in the story - if you get that far at any point, I hope you like it there, too!

And yes, speaking of Scorpius - I definitely wanted to avoid the undertones of the Hermione-Draco feud (and Draco 2.0 in general) that I think are pretty prevalent through Scoroses. Because, seriously, what, like Draco hasn't changed and raised his kid in a very different way than his father raised him? Come on. (I mean, I've read stories where this was well done... but yeah, definitely wanted to avoid it!)

Thank you so much for the review! I'll look over the wording again asap and correct it. ♥

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Review #62, by patronus_charm Conversations with the Potter Boys

14th April 2015:
Hey there Branwen, wah this story is very addictive!

The start of this chapter was so awkward and I could really sense Roseís pain, just poor her because I donít even know how I would have been able to handle it. Having someone like you so much but then have them sort of hate you too, but you just hate them. Wow, this situation is confusing but I just hope that the hate turns to love soon. :P

Aw, James is so sweet and I love him! Itís so funny to see him and Rose together as they have this strange chemistry of almost being each otherís siblings and friends too. I guess strange is the wrong word, cool is probably better. Anyhow, this chapter was great as James had so many good one liners but I think is the one which cracked me up the most - ďThinking about you at night when heís all alone?Ē Ė poor Rose, itís just so weird!

ďHe has nice eyes, doesnít he?Ē Ė ooh, ooh, ooh, is all I can say about this line because perhaps times are changing and Rose is developing warm feelings for him. If she does just wah. Iím glad that James is quite accepting of this in a way because heís usually portrayed as having irrational prejudices so itís nice to see a change here. I canít help but wonder what Roxanneís reactionís going to be.

Hmm, the talk with Albus didnít go too well. I guess itís a bit early to expect Rose to say positive things about Scorpius, but the ominous warning at the end suggests itís going to take even longer. Hmm, this is getting exciting though and I canít wait to read more! :D


Author's Response: Hey, Kiana! I'm glad you're addicted - I really did have so much fun writing/editing it, and it's nice to know that people are, you know, enjoying it. :P

James is so much fun to write. He clearly takes after his namesakes in a lot of ways, but I definitely wanted to give him a serious and contemplative side, too. He's got depths that I think it's not always easy for people to see, but they're definitely there. Of course, he really does have to put things in fairly crass language sometimes - otherwise he wouldn't be James!

This is actually funny, because a scene I wrote for the sequel just the other day referenced the conversation between Rose and James in this chapter. (That scene was *weird.* It was between James and Scorpius. I just. How, guys? How?

Anyway. Yes, Scorpius really does have very nice eyes. I don't know if you know the football player Jesus Navas, but I think of Scorpius as having similar eyes to his, except a little more grey than green. (But oh, Rose.)

Thank you so much for the review! ♥

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Review #63, by TearsIMustConceal Plausible Deniability

13th April 2015:
Hi Branwen, here for the review battle again :)

I really loved this chapter. I adore the dynamic between James, Roxanne and Rose. I am so thrilled that you've included Roxanne in this story - I hate that she's usually left out because I think she has so much potential to become an amazing character! Having James and Roxanne and the terrible two is so much fun! And I love how quickly they come to Rose's aid, already thinking about how they can get back at Scorpius! A definite Gryffindor quality! Aside from Rose, I think James and Roxanne are my favourite characters in this story!

And I love how you've mentioned James receiving a howler from Ginny, not dissimilar to the one Ron received in Chamber of Secrets from Molly - I think it's a cute tribute!

I love how realistic this story actually is! It's not just about a romance or quidditch, you've actually included talk about homework and worries about grades and such.I think this really helps readers relate to the characters!

Turning Scorpius' hair red was genius! Of all the colours in the world, you just know that being Weasley red would humiliate him the most! I can't wait for the retaliation because there is no way Scorpius is going to let that go!

And I just love that James, Roxanne and Rose all have plausible deniability - so cunning on their behalf!

Amazing job with the chapter!


Author's Response: Hey, Vicki! Thanks for coming back! :)

I'm glad you like the James-Roxanne-Rose trio! Yes, Roxanne definitely doesn't get enough attention in next-gen overall, and I really think she should - why should Fred be the only troublemaking child George has? (He shouldn't. That's really the only good answer. :P) I think part of why I included her here and like this is that James needs *someone* to cause mischief with... but I really, really wanted his partner in crime to be a female cousin.

And yes - Scorpius *hates* that hair. I'd feel bad for him, except that... well, he really did pick that particular fight, even if Rose may have - er - overreacted a bit. :P

Thank you so much for another wonderful review!

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Review #64, by Heather Prying Fathers

12th April 2015:
Okay so I really love this story and I only just started and have already finished it. Please keep updating. I love this!!

Author's Response: Thank you so much, Heather! :) I'm really glad you enjoyed it so much!

I'm working on the next chapter, I promise - I hope to get it up in the next week or so. :)

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Review #65, by TreacleTart Plausible Deniability

12th April 2015:
Hello again Branwen,

I was excited to see that James, Roxanne, and Rose had planned a prank on Scorpius. It was pretty funny when he showed up to class with bright red hair.

Part of me does wonder why they picked the color red. Now he matches Rose. How cute. :D

The description of the Halloween pranks was great in the beginning. I loved the idea of the pumpkins shooting out sparks and the suits of armor yelling boo! I could just imagine Argus Filch having a fit over it. I also adored that Ginny's howler sounded like something Molly would've said to the twins. It was a nice little touch.

The plausible deniability worked well for Rose, but I think pretty much everyone knows she had a hand in it. I don't think either Albus or Scorpius were fooled even though they didn't outright confront her about it.

I noticed two small typos, but they're pretty nitpicky.

"Weíve got Care of Magical Creatures is right after you." I think you should take the word "is" out of this sentence.

"Thatís going to make Quidditch later painful" You've reversed the words later and painful. It should be ďQuidditch painful laterĒ.

This was another interesting chapter. I get that Scorpius is a bit annoying, but I don't get why Rose hates him quite so much. I'll be curious to see how that relationship develops.

Good work!


Author's Response: Yeah, Rose definitely isn't fooling anyone - pretty much anyone is going to guess that she had something to do with it, including - especially! - Albus and Scorpius. She sometimes confuses "you can't prove it and get me in trouble" with "yeah, I don't want to prove it, I just know." Scorpius doesn't need to see her get detention over it to want payback. :P

Thank you so much for your review!

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Review #66, by BookDinosaur Plausible Deniability

12th April 2015:
BvB Review Battle! Hi again, Branwen. :D

This chapter was so fun! A lot of the time, I think, authors don't really go into detail with the minutiae of Hogwarts life, you know - like scheduling Quidditch practice and talking about how nobody gets above an A for their first OWL-graded essay. That's the kind of conversation that's a part of every student's life, but not many stories show that, so I'm really glad that you did!

Oh my, I love your characters so much, you know. Even the supporting characters like Roxanne and James have been fleshed out and it's clear that you've taken your time to give each character attention and honestly, it's just a pleasure to read. I loved how James and Roxy both immediately condemned Scopius for calling Rose a coward - it's such a house-appropriate reaction, and made me laugh. :P

I actually love the fact that you've had Roxanne and James be the troublemaking duo in the year above Rose and Albus - I see a lot of Fred and James and a lot of authors seem to forget that Roxanne even exists, so this was a really nice change.

Oh my goodness, poor Scoripus! As someone who doesn't like Weasleys, having his hair the same colour as them all must be kind of terrible. And hah, James and Roxanne and Rose all made sure to have plausible deniability, they might have to consider Slytherin instead of Gryffindor!

I love the pace at which you're advancing the story. I think that with all your headcanons and the level of detail that you include in your story, which are both super impressive, it might be easy to get bogged down in the tiny things, but that's not happening with you. The story is advancing, and I'm looking forward to seeing what happens next!

Hopefully I'm going to be back in the near future, because I don't think that Scorpius will take this lying down and I'm looking forward to seeing what he does next!


Author's Response: Hi again, Emily! :)

I'm so glad you notice and like the emphasis I put on being a student at Hogwarts - I wanted to include schoolwork and Quidditch practice and that sort of thing, because for me, that's an important part of the setting that will have a significant impact on how Rose and Scorpius communicate with each other. They don't have unlimited free time, after all, and they're also in, you know - different houses. :P

I think James, Roxanne, and Rose are all in denial about how Slytherin-ish they can be sometimes. I mean, they're clearly Gryffindors, but come on, guys. You're not as different as you'd like to be.

Thank you so much for the review! ♥

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Review #67, by TreacleTart Albus's Guilt Trip

12th April 2015:
Hi Branwen,

This was an intriguing start to this story! Am I getting the sense that Scorpius might have a thing for Rose and Albus is trying to set them up alone together, so they are forced to talk?

The scene with the Quidditch team was very detailed. I noticed a lot of little things like the lions crawling all over James chair that really added to the feel of the story. I had to laugh when James gave his opening speech. It immediately made me think of Oliver Wood. Then I wondered if he had had a training accident and his spirit had possessed James. :D

I absolutely love that you have James and Dominique as best friends/partners in crime. Usually, I see James/Fred more often, so this was refreshing. I can just imagine all of the shenanigans that they get up to!

I really enjoyed how you characterized Dominique. Her confidence, sense of humor, and spirit of adventure make her a really interesting person. I'm actually looking forward to seeing how she will develop.

Another little detail that I noticed was that you gave Albus red hair! I was so excited to see this because I did that in one of my own stories and everyone commented on how unusual it was because supposedly he's the spitting image of Harry.

When Scorpius asked Albus on a "bromantic walk" I giggled. It was so cute and really spoke about the comfort of their friendship.

The only constructive criticism I can offer is a very, very minor thing and something most people won't notice. I think you could really push your descriptions of the food in the beginning. It seemed like you were just listing off the items as an after thought instead of really describing the meal. I'm probably way more picky about that than most people because I work as a chef, but in comparison to the rich detail everywhere else, I think you could give a bit more just in those two sentences.

All in all, this was a great start. I'm curious to see what type of mischief everyone will be getting into in the next chapter. I'm headed there right now to see!


Author's Response: Hey, Kaitlin! Thank you so much for the swap! :)

I'm glad that the opening speech James gave made you think of Oliver Wood - that's exactly what I was going for, though I think James is a tiny bit less fixated on Quidditch than Wood was. (Then, I think his ego is also probably bigger than's Wood's, so maybe it evens out. :P)

Yes! I love red-haired Albus - I love that you did that in a story as well! I know he's supposed to look a lot like Harry, so maybe it's not quite canon-accurate, but I figure you can look a lot like someone without sharing their hair color... especially since Albus *does* have Harry's eyes.

I can definitely see what you mean about the food descriptions - I'll look at that again next round of edits and see about adding more in. :)

Thanks again for the swap!

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Review #68, by Heather Malfoy Family Secrets

11th April 2015:
I think scorpious knows just the right amount!

Author's Response: Oh, good - thank you so much for your feedback on that! I get so nervous with these things. :P

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Review #69, by Heather Pushing the Line

11th April 2015:
Just saying a great story

Author's Response: Thank you so much! :)

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Review #70, by Fuzzy Duck Conversations with the Potter Boys

11th April 2015:

I'm a fuzzy duck who's new to the HPFF scene, but a little bird (probably a sparrow or a canary or something, couldn't tell which one) told me that this was a super great Scorose story. And I've been wanting to read one of those for the six days since I hatched, so here I am!

Haha, I love how Rose's ears are still burning from overhearing that conversation between Albus and Scorpius. This is clearly going to haunt her until they (inevitably!) get together. Maybe beyond that! Still, it's awful that she and Scorpius are so awkward and tense around each other--they need to work on being nice!

And Rose is still denying having anything to do with the Red Hair Incident. Silly girl. And Albus is so solemn and serious about this ongoing investigation that he'll believe her innocent act! It is unfortunate that he has to act as Scorpius's friend and Rose's cousin/friend. Puts him in quite the awkward position when they're both telling him different versions of their arguments!

My favorite, though, was that James actually acted maturely and said he would back off of teasing Scorpius. He gave Rose some pretty good advice, too!

I've got to waddle on down the lane, but it was nice to read this story! Remember to be kind to your web-footed friends!

♥Fuzzy Duck

Author's Response: Hi, Fuzzy Duck! (Though now I know your secret identity! ;)) I'm so happy you made this your first Scorose story after hatching - I hope you enjoyed it. ♥

Poor Albus. Of course he suspects that she had something to do with it, but what can he do when she's insisting that No, she would never do something like that, what on earth is he talking about? Taking a couple huge steps back from their argument may not have quite the outcome he'd like, though. ;)

Thank you so much, Fuzzy Duck! ♥ I will always be kind to my web-footed friends, I promise!

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Review #71, by BookDinosaur Albus's Guilt Trip

10th April 2015:
Hey Branwen, here for the BvB Battle! :D

Oh, I think I have to comment on your Rose first. There aren't many fics which portray her negative traits so obviously, so it's a really refreshing change to read about a Rose who is actually pretty judgemental and prejudiced. I can definitely see both Ron and Hermione in her, where a lot of stories turn her into something of a mini-Hermione, so I'm looking forward to seeing more of her!

I really like how you've written all the Weasleys, though - how there's something of a familial divide between them all, with James and Roxanne and Rose all on one side. The way you've written their interactions are really nice as well; they do seem like family in the way that they treat one another, like giving each other a hard time for something and then letting them off the hook, it kind of reminds me of my older cousins. :P And I like that you only mention about four of the Weasley/Potters in this chapter, because with a family as large as theirs it makes sense that there would be smaller groups who keep in touch, you know?

And oh, man, the Scorbus bromance is getting to me. ♥ Those two. I find it so lovely how Al can be so open-minded towards other houses, and how he has red hair! I mean, JK does say that he looks like Harry, but that doesn't mean that he doesn't have red hair, or something. I don't know. :P It was a touch out of the ordinary, and I really liked it.

Oh my days, Scorpius is so annoying towards Rose! Like, I get it - I would probably be doing all that I could to annoy Rose if she was acting like that towards me, but since Rose is sort of our narrator, it does seem very mean of him to be so obnoxious. :P

Oh, but that's another thing I wanted to mention, I think that you really do have Rose down well as a character. There are some things, like Scorpius' teasing, which from an objective viewpoint actually does make sense and is kind of justified, but from Rose's point of view you've really managed to convey to the reader how aggravating she finds it, so you've done a really great job getting into her head, kudos to you there!

I've rambled on long enough, but hopefully I'll tag you again soon because I'd love to read more of this story! ♥


Author's Response: Hey, Emily!

I'm so glad you're liking Rose - I've definitely gotten reviews before from people who basically said, "I love this story, but Rose is so terrible, I hate her!" Which... um, thanks? I guess? Maybe?

I mean, yeah - I definitely intentionally wrote Rose so that her flaws would be on full display, because I think that's important... and, honestly, because I think that often people love us for our flaws as much as our virtues. She's definitely got some of her mother in her as well (buried a little deep down, right now, but it's there!), but yeah, the mini-Hermione never made sense to me.

I definitely wanted to avoid the "We're a huge clan of Weasleys" thing in this story. I've got most of them pretty fleshed out in my head, and they do make their appearances in this and other stories, but I feel like when people try to squeeze a lot of them into one story, it can often end up meaning that there's not the same opportunity to develop each other them as a character. So while I love them all, I generally try to go for depth rather than breadth in individual stories. (It also helps that in my headcanon, Teddy (who sort of counts?), Victoire, Fred, Molly, and Dominique have all started their careers at this point. :P)

I'm also so happy you liked the Scorbus bromance! I love writing those two - they're so much fun together. (In the sequel, actually, James and Scorpius have had a couple similar moments, which is REALLY REALLY WEIRD. You two are not allowed to have a bromance. When did that even happen?)

Ahem. Anyway.

Thank you so much for the review! ♥

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Review #72, by Claire Evergreen Plausible Deniability

10th April 2015:
Back again for the BvB Battle!

She thought for a moment about what her cousins - who were both very enthusiastic Gryffindors - would be most disgusted by. ďHe called me a coward
James and Roxanne did not disappoint her. ďJerk,Ē they said at the same time, and each cast a threatening glance toward the portrait hole.
Best interaction ever and 100% in character with any die hard Gryffindor.

James and Roxanne are very quickly becoming one of my favorite duos! I love both of them, especially Roxanne since she isn't really featured heavily in most fics. The dynamic they have is absolutely wonderful and the way they play off each other is perfect!

I do want to specifically comment on James because I really like how you've written him. I mean, I know this story is about Rose, but I love your side characters a lot. I really enjoy how James is still the prankster and Quidditch-obsessed, but it's toned down and not as in-your-face as some fics tend to do. I love him!

The prank was absolutely hilarious as well. Turning his hair red was genius! I never considered that, but as someone who greatly dislikes Weasleys and has white blonde hair, that must be devastating. I was dying the whole time I read it!

Once again, this is a brilliant chapter! I can't wait to read more! Fantastic job!


Author's Response: Aw, thank you so much! I'm glad you like the dynamic between James and Roxanne (and James himself on his own) - that was definitely something I really wanted to be featured in the story, even though it's not directly related to Rose and Scorpius's romance - I love writing those two so much!

Thank you for the review! ♥

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Review #73, by patronus_charm Eavesdropping in the Corridor

10th April 2015:
Iím back again! :P

Hmm, this was a very intriguing chapter and I have to admit whilst I was reading I was trying to hold back my squees because I had all sorts of feels about Scorose and yeah, it was exciting as stuff is happening! ♥

You really have built up a great dynamic between the family because thereís Roxanne, Rose and James the sort of cool, joker crew who do what they please and they sort of remind me of the Marauders. Then thereís Scorpius who hates them but has the hots for one of them and is just generally a little bit conflicted and then thereís Albus whoís probably even more conflicted playing the peacemaker between them all and doing quite a funny job at it. :P

That talk though!! At first, I guessed what they were going to say the usual of course it was your cousin, who else hates me so much and that was quite funny to read because I canít wait to see the next time Scorpius tries to get Rose to admit to it. Then there was that revelation. Hmm, I didnít see that coming and in a way itís reminding me of the Marauders again but this time Scorpius as he doesnít want to admit to liking Rose as heís meant to be hating her but he canít help but do it.

Haha, I wish we could have seen what that summer was like as it does sound very funny and poor Albus having to deal with Scorpius just staring at his cousin. :P I wonder how this will change Roseís opinion of Scorpius? I have a feeling sheís going to play with this advantage and maybe make his life hell, but hmm, weíll see!

Great chapter! :D


Author's Response: I actually have vague plans to write a couple of the missing scenes I allude to in my Scoroses - I have pieces of them first properly meeting each other's families written, which I'll probably start posting once I finish it, and I think a one-shot of Albus and Scorpius over the summer could be really entertaining, if I can find the time to do it. Albus and Scorpius *do* both talk about about it a little more throughout this story, though, so hopefully that's equally entertaining. They were both definitely understating the summer a little in this particular conversation!

There's definitely a little bit of a Marauders vibe to those three - I was worried that it would be overdone, but at the end of the day, I just felt like it wasn't necessarily a bad thing to have a bit of that dynamic, especially since I can't see those three *not* portraying it a little. :P

Thank you so much for the wonderful review! ♥

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Review #74, by Daylise Prying Fathers

10th April 2015:
Hello! I read CINAS all at once and I found it fantastic: I think you're a talented writer and I found situations, characters and syntax really impeccable. In the Harry Potter Italian fandom there's a lack of stories like that, and I'd seriously have the honor to translate it into my language. Obviously you would have all the credits and I would send you all the reviews received. Please, if you are interested, call back.
Kisses, Silvia.

Author's Response: Aw, thank you so much! :) I've replied to your message on the forums, so I hope to hear from you on there! ♥

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Review #75, by patronus_charm Plausible Deniability

10th April 2015:
Hey again Branwen!

So far, Iím really enjoying it when James and Rose are together as they get along really well and itís a change from how I usually see them as I never tend to seem creating plots together so Iím liking this. Also, yay, for making Roxanne a major character I feel as if sometimes people deliberately forget she exists and rarely ever appears in any next gen story, so well done for giving her some more love as she really does deserve it!

Hahaha, I really enjoyed Rose in this chapter as we could see her two parents in her so much. First there was Ron with the natural hate for Slytherins and the need to plot against them which made me laugh a lot. Then there was Hermione later as she cared about her schoolwork and though she loved Quidditch she didnít want to sacrifice it for that.

Haha, poor Scorpius having his blonde locks turned red. That will make him stop teasing Rose so much then. Though I have a feeling that he isnít going to take this lying down and will probably end up retaliating a little, so the next few chapters will certainly be interesting.

Great chapter again! ♥


Author's Response: Hey! Thank you so much for the nomination for SotM - I was so thrilled when I saw that. ♥

I'm glad you're enjoying James and Rose's dynamic - I definitely delve into that a lot in this story and the sequel, because while Rose is very close to Albus, there are certain things that James is just plain better at giving advice about, and I think that she often relies on his insight. Albus isn't sneaky enough to have the same kind of insight on a regular basis. :P

And yes! Roxanne gets left out so much. When I see her, she's often 1) portrayed by a white actress (which drives me nuts) and 2) just Rose/Dominique's sidekick with no real personality of her own. Come on, people, Roxanne deserves so much better than that! (Unfortunately, she doesn't feature much in the sequel, because her career is not really in line with those Rose/Albus/James pursue, but that just means I need to write a Roxanne centric fic at some point. ... there are lots of things I need to write, though.)

And oh yes - Scorpius is not going to take that kind of jinx lightly, though his retaliation doesn't necessarily go as even he intends it to. :P

Thank you for the review! ♥

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