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Review #26, by oldershouldknowbetter Conversations with the Potter Boys

20th January 2016:
Ah, this must be one of the inserted chapters that emerged with the major edit of this story - judging by the fewer number of reviews than the surrounding chapters. Here for the BvB - just have time whilst my load of washing finishes, before putting on the next one.

I like the sass that you imbue Scorpius with, it gives him a bit of gumption that fleshes out his character well.

Ah, you still have Binns as a teacher too, some of your comments to me make some more sense. You have them learning about goblin rebellions - I have some plans for that in my story which I hope that you will like.

I like the way that you have the overheard conversation messing with her head: she doesn't pay attention in Binns' classroom; Scorpius's politeness blind-sides her; and then she cannot concentrate upon her homework.

Lucky for her (unlucky for her? we shall see) James soon joins her. He brings her up to his room where she says, 'So Iím pretty sure Scorpius Malfoy wants to sleep with me.' I like how she immediately goes there. It's so in keeping with her character that she goes immediately to that extreme - not anything milder like, 'wants to kiss me,' or even, 'think he fancies me.' She is a girl that is the all or nothing kind, go hard or go home. Even when dealing with a sensitive subject like this that should be treated in a much more subtle matter.

I really like the relationship between James and Rose that you flesh out and establish here. From your author's note at the end (confirming my earlier suspicions) this chapter has been inserted in and it really serves to make more sense of James's later actions - especially those that occur in the sequel. But what I really like is the relationship itself; it fits so much into my head-cannon. I think, and it's certainly what I'm doing in my story, that Albus and Rose would be extremely close, better than cousins, closer than siblings even. But between James and Rose is an older-brother vibe, even more so, he is a confidant for her too. And this is what you do here, but it's not only what I like, you have also done it very well. The dialogue between the two is very believable. What's even better, the logic of James saying what he does is sound - both from a character perspective and also a story one too.

He gives her some good and sound advice, but is still unrepentant about his pranking actions. I really like this James, you have made of him an interesting character and still confirming to the usual tropes of his accepted character. That's a job well done in and of itself.

But Rose is just as conflicted as she was before the conversation, but just the fact of having had it has got her cogitating about it all instead of just stewing upon it. So she's better off for that at least.

You haven't made James stupid, and it certainly appears that Albus is not stupid either. He is putting two and two together about Rose's supposed non-involvement with the hair-colouring incident. He is also very reasonable about her refusal to join them both in the library for a study session. I like this Albus too, he is a nice guy.

He is doing his best to try and get the two to, if not like each other, at least call a dťtente. Rose armed with her new knowledge is at least open to the suggestion it seems. Well, she doesn't appear to be fighting it as much as she once did. She does bring up a few faults, like him 'calling her a coward' which we know isn't really true. It is her taking a spin upon his words that she wants to hear and is not what he meant. She is going to stick to that rationale it seems, through hell and high-water. It will be her refuge in times if she has any crisis of concious - 'he did deserve it, he called me a coward' she will scream to herself.

We see here that she really needed to overhear that conversation. She almost couldn't have moved on as a person if she hadn't. She would have gone on hating Scorpius for no good reason. At least now it has her meditating upon his 'fine eyes' - to quote Pride and Prejudice.

This chapter was a worthy addition to your story, bring to the fore a better understanding of a lot of the characters within it. I'd like to say James especially, but in her interactions with him, we get a much greater understanding of Rose too.


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Review #27, by oldershouldknowbetter Eavesdropping in the Corridor

9th January 2016:
Quickly, quickly, must write this review before my slot gets stolen. Here for the BvB and for this amazing story. Which I have now read four times by the way. As I started reviewing, I just couldn't stop and had to read on and finish.

I so love that you have kept the portable swamp. It is never overtly said in the books that the magic was permanent, but I really like to think that it's still there. My head cannon on it is slightly different, and I am trying to find a suitable place to insert it into my tale somewhere.

And in the second paragraph you set up the whole reasoning behind the title of your story. Rose, whatever else her faults or features, does like to know. She is very curious. She tells herself that it is not a sin, by dint of ignoring the true meaning of her grandmother's wise words. She puts herself deliberately in the way of being able to overhear what she is the most curious about at the moment, ie. what Scorpius thinks of his new hair colour.

And oh my what she overhears.

Albus, who in my experience in these sort of stories (he certainly does in mine) is always at one of the pair to give the other one a chance. It is refreshing to hear it said to Scorpius for a change; usually it is Rose who is the one who is the most unfair and has Albus begging her to 'give Scorpius a chance'.

Then Scorpius lays it all out there. And more over, he is absolutely correct too. As wonderful they might be to their friends and family, for how you have portrayed them already from only two chapters, we can see the truth of Scorpius' words; they think that they own the school and they don't care who knows it. It really also fits in with what you are doing with the character of the different houses. Gryffindor was always portrayed as the best house, the one most worthy, the one that everyone should ascribe to wanting to be in. It was the home of the major protagonists of the books, after all. But the character of the Gryffindor does have it's faults and this is one of the things you are delving into in this story - the negative aspects of being a Gryffindor and the positive aspects of being a Slytherin. The take you have on both is really good and it is one that I am cribbing unashamedly for my story.

Albus gets his turn to refute Scorpius' accusations and the first thing he says is ... that he thinks Scorpius thinks his cousin is hot? I wasn't expecting that, in the first place it is not a really good counter to the argument. And in the second place ... please do go on, this is exactly what your audience wants to know. Rose who is overhearing this might be embarrassed, but we aren't. Please do go on Albus, question away.

Scorpius's answer is not exactly to Rose's liking. She thought that they were comfortably ignoring each other, but one of them was apparently paying a bit more attention.

It is all delicious stuff, well for your readers at least - the ones who are directly involved not so much. For Albus the object of Scorpius's desire is still his cousin after all and while he does want Scorpius to be honest, he doesn't want him to be that graphic about it either. Rose is embarrassed, but what does she expect, her grandmothers wise words recounted to us at the beginning of the chapter are coming back to bite her. She shouldn't be listening to what he is saying to his friend in what he thinks is in confidence. As to Scorpius, we can really feel for him, he really likes her physically, but personality wise she is pretty hateful (to him at least).

Albus does defend Rose in the end, but the way he does it is very telling, based upon Rose's reaction to it. She ignores all of the negative things that he says about her and just hones into ďAnd sheís a really good person. Like I said, sheís one of my favourite people in the world.Ē We get the opinion that she really cannot argue with the criticisms that he throws her way, if she was being honest with herself, she would have to own that they were all true.

Scorpius makes an off-handed comment that he would not like to see the good side of her. I think that it was thrown out there because, deep inside, he would really like to know that she is a good person and get to know that person, but it scares him. If he found that she was actually as good on the inside as she looks on the outside to him, then ...

Now all that Rose has to do is to live with what the fruit of her curiosity has borne.


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Review #28, by oldershouldknowbetter Plausible Deniability

12th November 2015:
Back again, here's a quick BvB turn around.

I really wish I could leave you with the sort of reviews you are leaving me, ones that call you on your stuff, but I cannot. For one thing you are not doing as much worldbuilding as am I, but mainly because your story is close to being perfect. You take such a well measured approach to your characters.

Take for instance your main protagonist, Rose. She is so beautifully drawn. Scorpius torments her (in her opinion anyway), but she is trying as hard as she can to get along and be nice for her cousin's sake. So it shows that she does have some proper feeling at least. But then she so casually misrepresents what Scorpius said to her for her audience of Roxy and James. From her brief (too brief) mental deliberations, we don't know if it was from deliberate malice afore thought, or if it was just how she actually took his words (mangling his intent) through her filter.

James and Roxy promise to take revenge upon the uppity little blonde boy on Rose's behalf; and apparently he will not be blonde for very much longer.

As she goes to bed I really like how you make her aware that she knows she is being not only unfair to him, but also falling straight into the bad behaviour he is rightfully accusing her of.

Just all these little things you put into the background. Like Roxy jumping down the last few stairs, that sort of exuberant, slightly risky behaviour is so her - speaking as someone who has followed her throughout this tale and into the one beyond. These subtle pieces of characterisation are really wonderful and serve to flesh out your story and your characters very ably.

There is the usual talk about subjects and schooling and it's good to see that you haven't made Rose too perfect. Only an A on her first paper, but she is comforted by Marion, it's just the teachers marking the first assignment hard (a well known tactic of teachers in my experience).

And then you bring up, in a casual, throw-away manner one of the major thrusts of the stories you are telling with your different tales set in this version of the Next-Gen. What did I say, that you are not world-building, I should wash my mouth out with soap. The impact upon your world of the rise of the occurrence of attacks by dark creatures will be a major one for your world, your major players and especially for Rose. But again I am getting ahead of myself.

One of Rose's character traits, is that she sort of holds herself to a different standard than she does others. Not in thinking that she is superior, don't get me wrong, but she certainly can subconsciously buy into the belief, one that James, say, does overtly, and that is that they - meaning the Potter/Weasleys or Gryffindors, take your pick - should be held to different rules and standards than everyone else. She thinks that Scorpius has received a perfect comeuppance for calling her a coward (which he didn't exactly, not with the intent she is crediting him with), when she is acting cowardly. If she felt so offended by his statement, then she should have been the one to exact revenge and not cowardly leave it in the hands of others. She is going to deny her involvement which only compounds her cowardice and proves Scorpius to be even more correct in his initial statement.

So we leave Scorpius p'd off and suspecting the hand of Rose to be involved somewhere in his current predicament. But it is Albus that Rose should be concerned about, because she actually values his good opinion of her. She said, flat out, earlier that she doesn't care at all about the opinions of one Scorpius Hyperion Malfoy, but in all her actions we know that she cares what Albus thinks and probably does so a lot. What the ramifications will be we only have to press the next button to find out.

Loving this the fourth time around.


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Review #29, by oldershouldknowbetter Albus's Guilt Trip

11th November 2015:
Finally I might have jagged you in the BvB. I was looking over your stuff wondering what to review and I saw that one shot, Falling for Rose Weasley that was set just before this one. I hadn't read it before and was deciding if I should review that or this one. The other one got me so enthused to read this one again that I skipped straight to this one and left it behind; another day then. You see the other reason that I should start here is that it is a sin of such a monumental nature that I have not reviewed this story before because I love it so much. You know that I must love a good Scorose, you've seen the paean that I am writing to the pair, and especially one which is a hate-turns-to-love. It is such a crime that I have not reviewed something that has brought me so much pleasure, so let me correct that injustice now.

I cannot do my usual review where I read it and comment as I go, making predictions and discovering their outcomes, because I know this so well; I do believe that I have read this whole story about three times previous, in reviewing this it will be my fourth time through. So I'll just write about what I like about it.

Just to start with, your dialogue is great: it's natural; it flows; all the major characters have distinct voices. It is something that I feel that I always struggle with, so I appreciate it when I see it in others. Just to say, most of the writing on this site is of a fairly high standard and yours is right up there.

Your exposition in this is of such a subtle quality. We know your Rose almost straight out of the box. The bits that aren't filled in in the background you say straight out. I liked how you phrased your very first line: not hated, nor liked those of House Slytherin, just didn't have much to do with. It creates for us subtleties that I know shall be revealed and expanded upon in the many chapters to come. The upshot of it is that she is a no-nonsense Gyffindor, marching stolidly through to get what ever she wants.

She likes and is good at Quidditch, another tick in her favour.

One of the things I like about Next-Gen fics is finding out who the author is going to populate the castle with. We know of only about eight official characters of this time period from the books and Pottermore has filled in a few others, but there has to be hundreds more. I like seeing just who an author produces, because there must naturally be some children of former students and it is great seeing some of the old names pop up here and there.

Until I started reading these fanfictions, I had not thought overmuch upon the character of Albus Potter. It was one of the best things I discovered here, just what a rich character he could be and it seems like you are keeping up the tradition. He is big on that sort of House unity stuff and even though he is a Griffie at heart, he has time for decent people of whatever House.

Rose though does not, especially Scorpius because there is just something about him that gets under her skin: oh really Rose, do tell? But she does feel guilty about her behaviour towards Albus and it is good to see that her affection for him overcomes her slight bigotry towards ... others.

I like your James and Roxanne, both are good characters and what you start here you strengthen upon in the rest of your work.

There is some simply delicious flirting between the two of them in the Library. Rose is in such a quandry about her feelings towards him, her head says no, but the rest of her is responding to him in ways that are a sure sign of yes, yes, yes. You start here the threads of his dislike of Herbology and him calling her Red - both of which you tease out into major strands later on.

I already commented on your dialogue, so the only time I'm going to mention it again is if it is particularly good. So I must here. The bit where you have Rose pointing out he faults of Slytherin, Scorpius's response is wonderful. It's a really good definition of his House, divorced from that Slytherin is evil rubbish that we get from the books (because of the actions of only a handful of admittedly strong characters). And her response to his response, thinking about what he would be ruthless in wanting to get is priceless.

You wrap it up with a great slice of what the friendship between Albus and Rose must be like. They are true and good friends, even before they are cousins. Rose will try to be nice to any of Albus's friends simply because Albus finds something to esteem in them. Even if they are a bunch of slimy Slitherins. And Albus sees who a person is before he sees what house they are.

This is a great start to a story, and it must be because I came back to read it again and again. Then you reworked it - to it's betterment, especially the sequel (but here I am getting ahead of myself). Now you have me hooked once more: I would curse you and the BvB for drawing me back hence, but I cannot because I love it too much.


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Review #30, by MalfoyMannor Flirting by the Lake

7th September 2015:
forever grinning due to the cuteness of this chapter :)

Author's Response: Aww, thank you so much! :)

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Review #31, by Shinicha The Hogwarts Express

19th August 2015:
First of all, I'm sorry to only comment on the very last chapter! I really appreciate all the effort you put into this very long story - THANKS a lot for writing it!

So I don't know the version before it was extensively edited as you anounced in your A/Ns, therefore I can only speak for the updated version :)

I really loved this romance. Its strongest point is characters and character development. The plot itself may not be one never written before, but you managed to turn it into a very unique story.

Your Rose, to start with, is refreshingly different. A troublemaker and a very real personalitiy with all her flaws and and averageness, while still being funny and loveable. I adored her stubbornness!

Scorpius is the other part of a set of great main leads; I enjoyed that he was embarrassed so easily, not a super-cool one (how silly with his traffic-light-hair!), very emotional and talkativeÖ

Amongst all the minor characters (which were really colourful and fun!), I probably loved Dominique most for her kinda intimidating personality that you managed to convey long before we even met her in person!

The story itself arches nicely over the many chapters. I can honestly say this is the first story I know where nothing big, terrifying or shocking or even particularly dramatic happened, to which I still got hooked and that I could not stop reading.

The story of a first love is so convincing and real, I think any reader can put oneself into Roseís and Scorpiusí shoes and feel with them. It is, what the title says: curiosity; paired with a fabulous sense of humour and a good portion of realism.

So thanks again for this wonderful read and making me love your story!


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Review #32, by May Malfoy Family Secrets

17th August 2015:
I feel the same way as you about Draco

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Review #33, by HPFan Gossip

16th August 2015:
this is more a review of the story so far, not this chapter:) just to let you know I love your story, the characters and how they develop. It is really fun and well written as well, and I like the way you worked how difficult it is for Scorpius to live down his familyīs past. I understand that you have done some editing, and sometimes there are references to something that is not in the story anymore- like there was a response from Dominique, but we do ot know to what- and I am only writing it here for you to look out next time you edit your stories. Obviously, you are an inspired writer and I hope it brings you as much pleasure as it brings me to read it. I am going to read much more of your stories, because I really like your writing, so thank you!!

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Review #34, by May Albus's Guilt Trip

16th August 2015:
Looking forward to the next chapter

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Review #35, by pottered  Albus's Guilt Trip

1st July 2015:
well hi
im so so sooo sorry i got here for your requested review after like three months ):
but now im hereee, and i really liked this!
your story has a great start. rose seems really strong willed and witty, also quite cute aha
scorpius seems sooo charming aha and really funny ofc and obviously likes to get under Rose's skin.
Red is such a cute nickname but obviously intended for annoyance lol
i loveddd how you started the chapter and how the cousins are so close
also rose, James and roxy thinking about slytherins as only cunning and heartless, is bit understandable because of the Malfoy rivalry but i love how rose felt guilty and made an effort for Albus
my favourite parts were when James ruffles Rose's hair (aw) and when scorpius teases Albus about the bromantic walks lol

this was a really good first chapter, honestly! introduced the characters and let on about the plot xx

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Review #36, by ayumi The Hogwarts Express

18th June 2015:
the ending did not disappoint! I freakin love all of this story and definitely cannot wait for all the one shots u mentioned!! thanks for your amazing work once again

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Review #37, by merlins beard The Hogwarts Express

17th June 2015:
Seriously, I had to read the whole thing twice because I was too excited to take anything in the first time.
Have I mentioned how much I love this story?
That train ride was so much fun to read and I really enjoyed how much Scorpius is actively trying to get on Albus' nerves while getting a good snog out of it at the same time. It's so funny that he's still scared of James.

The dreaded 'meeting the parents' situation went much better than expected.

I LOVE HUGO!! He's a great brother and a sneaky Weasley boy.

And then we have the classic Ron-reaction...'I don't like him', followed by Hermione's 'yes you do'. That's always how I picture this scene, there's just no other way to do this in my opinion!

I'm SO SAD that this is completed now, but I've been waiting for that, too. Now I can finally go read The Wrinkles of the Road.

This was awesome work, and I loved every minute I got to spend with your characters. Thank you for writing something so beautiful!


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Review #38, by BellaLestrange87 A Package From Fred

11th June 2015:
I like how Rose is starting to become paranoid. I think she realizes that if Scorpius hasn't yet done anything back to her for jinxing his hair, he will be soon, and she should watch out for herself. Since, though, we know that Scorpius likes her, I wonder what kind of form his revenge will take. I love how casual Albus is; it must be entertaining for him to watch everyone while he stays innocently in the background. The new Weasley's Wizard Wheezes products were very creative, and I loved the names of the newer Skiving Snackboxes. I love the reference to James being good at car tetris, and I laughed at the fact that they called it tetrak before. Although couldn't they just use an Undetectable Extension Charm? I think in one of the books it's mentioned that they used one on a Ministry car to get all the Weasleys + Harry to King's Cross. Lily and Hugo being rebellious thirteen year olds and wanting stuff they weren't old enough to have made me laugh. I like the fact that Rose is in a good mood, but you ended the chapter on such a happy note that I feel like it's not going to last very long.


Ravenclaw House Cup 2015

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Review #39, by BellaLestrange87 An Encounter in the Library

11th June 2015:
I feel like Rose making herself look beautiful is important, and not just a random "let's be super pretty today" impulse. The fact that she borrowed the Map from James is extra significant. What is she planning in relation to Scorpius that she needs to know where people are? I loved the comment about Albus playing hangman in History of Magic and not having notes. He's just like Harry in that respect. Noah seems like a pretty nice guy, even if he did try and persuade Albus and Scorpius to skip Divination. And that look that Scorpius shot Noah! There's definitely something there. I feel like Rose's "not a git" comment was aimed at Scorpius - even if she spend extra time on her appearance in the morning.

Scorpius was bound to find out about her eavesdropping sooner or later, and I think I'd rather it be sooner, like now. I loved the argument, and how Rose refused to let him win the argument with the last word. Using his feelings against him seemed like a very Slytherin thing to do, though, and I feel like it's going to be a bit awkward between them from now on.


Ravenclaw House Cup 2015

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Review #40, by BellaLestrange87 Conversations with the Potter Boys

11th June 2015:
Much as this seems twisted, I love how Binns still hasn't figured out that he's the world's best fix for insomnia. I wonder if Scorpius is trying to be nice to her because of his attraction to her - even though he maintained it's only physical - or because he's afraid that she overheard the part of that conversation where he complained about her and her group. I like James' response to Rose telling him what she thinks; teasing but supportive. It sounds exactly like something an older, close cousin would say. Rose's confusion is extremely well-written: anyone would be just as unsure as she is after James telling her about Albus and Scorpius' conversation topics over the holidays, and after he told her about guys' romantic habits. Rose's mentioning Roxanne's tips about not getting caught with stuff (not proving your alibi) made me laugh. How Not to Get Caught 101. Another sentence that made me laugh was Rose's hypothetical question in her head, the one that she sarcastically decided would be great to ask Albus, about whether Scorpius wanted to shut her up with kisses.


Ravenclaw House Cup 2015

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Review #41, by BellaLestrange87 Eavesdropping in the Corridor

11th June 2015:
Ravenclaw House Cup 2015

I really loved the conversation between Albus and Scorpius. It showed Scorpius's three-dimensionality (not a word, but...) and made me like him a lot more than I do the first two chapters, when I didn't know him at all. I like how competitive he is and how frustrated he is by the fact that Rose's "group" is both extremely talented at Quidditch and academically gifted, as a lot of the time that's a rarity.

I also liked how, despite the fact that Scorpius doesn't like how dominant Rose is at Hogwarts, he's still attracted to her - even if only physically at this point. I think it's a good call - very realistic - to have him only physically attracted to her, instead of also romantically, when he's just expressed extreme dislike for her routine everyday actions.

I liked the bit at the end, how Scorpius persuaded Albus to actually go to Divination instead of skiving off. That shows he's responsible, and I feel like he'd be a good match once they finally get around to tolerating each other.


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Review #42, by patronus_charm A Package From Fred

11th June 2015:
Hey there Branwen!

Bahaha, I have to say that Iím glad this Weasley generation has taken after Fred and George because with all this plotting and getting revenge it makes it much more exciting. Rose really is a great combination of Hermione and Ron as she uses Ronís ability to break the rules with Hermioneís intellect to just have so much fun. I think the letter from Fred really highlighted her character with the way he chose to send the stuff to her. I do have a sneaky feeling thereís more to the shield charm than meets the eye though.

Ooh I loved Lucy and I hope we see more of her! She was just so like Percy though in a more funny than annoying way I should say, because she at least had enough of a rebel streak to come over and see what was in the package as I canít imagine him doing that. Hmm, Lily definitely doesnít lack any of that rebel streak and it will be interesting to see what else she gets up to in the story!

Ooh that last bit with Scorpius ♥ That was great, as just those small moments between them really make the chapter and wah I just want them to get together now.

(sorry for the rambling/confusing review though)


House Cup 2015 - Ravenclaw

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Review #43, by BellaLestrange87 Plausible Deniability

3rd June 2015:
This is for the Blue vs Bronze review battle!

I really like how James and Roxanne immediately know why Rose is so frustrated, and offer to help her out (even if that helping out is going to hex Scorpius). And then plan on actually doing it.

I enjoyed the mention of James and Roxanne's pranking, as well as Ginny's reaction, which I have to admit seems a bit more like something I can see Hermione saying.

Hermione is definitely coming out in Rose here: her competitiveness for marks, and her love of Arithmancy. Fun fact: when Rose said that she only got an A in Arithmancy my brain was stuck in Muggle grade mode (we're three weeks from exams) and I thought "an A? That's good! Why are you disappointed?". *facepalm*

I love the banter about classes and how many NEWTs they're taking. That's something I can relate to - the banter about classes, not the NEWTs, unfortunately - and as I took all insane courses for next year the term "not sane" could also reasonably be applied to me. So I sympathize with Roxanne here.

Bahahah I love their reaction to Scorpius having his hair jinxed red. Although I do wish James and Roxanne had been around to see it. I feel like Albus is going to confront her later about it. And "lost Weasley cousin" made me laugh - considering that there are a lot of Weasleys.

I really enjoyed this chapter and I can't wait for the next one!


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Review #44, by The Master of the Puberty Spell Albus's Guilt Trip

17th May 2015:
Well hello there Branwen!

So I, Master of the Puberty Spell, have been scouring the archives looking for the perfect next-gen stories (especially because Iím usually in them!), and have been directed to your Authorís Page with the highest of recommendations.

So naturally I had to start here! Because who doesnít love a good ScoRose story?

I must say, I love the interactions between Rose and Scorpius! Rose definitely subscribes to stereotyping people, and I get the feeling Scorpius is going to change that.

And Rose may deny it, but Scorpius IS funny. I definitely laughed out loud during a few moments.

Oh, Albus, heís so adorable, what with his open-mindedness and optimism. Iím glad heís around to contrast Roseís bigotry.

I must be moving on, the lovely ďNext ChapterĒ button is calling me onward.

If youíre curious to know my real identity, I must tell you, there are actually two. Iíll be leaving various clues, and maybe you can use them to figure out who I am!

Till next time Branwen!

The Master of the Puberty Spell.

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Review #45, by cherry_pop94 A Package From Fred

16th May 2015:
I just realized that I have read this before, probably before the edits. The shield necklace jogged my memory, but I knew Scorpius with red hair was familiar!

Anyway, this story is just as entertaining the second time around. I love Scorpius' s character here and I have to agree with him, Rose does seem a little arrogant.

Excited to read the rest!


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Review #46, by BellaLestrange87 Albus's Guilt Trip

15th May 2015:
This is for the Blue vs Bronze review battle!

I love the personality you've created for Rose here. She seems very down to earth and normal, and is definitely someone I would want to have as a friend. Come to think of it, I really like your characterizations of James and Roxanne as well. Even though they're very serious about Quidditch, they're willing to have a lot of fun while doing it, and I laughed at some of the jokes they were making.

I'm really looking forward to some Rose/Scorpius interaction. If they really get on each other's nerves (or if he just gets on hers) it should make for some very entertaining bickering. I'm going to guess by the story summary that he's secretly had a crush on her for a while and has expressed it by being annoying (which is something I've seen a lot of boys I know do).

The little details you added in are really good. Albus pushing his food away from him after Rose flat out refuses to meet with him and Scorpius; Rose having a hard time braiding her hair (I can't do it either); the lions in the change room.

I really liked the Rose/Scorpius interaction. Scorpius is written extremely well - you can't really tell his feelings at all, as he could either be holding in immense hatred and only tolerates Rose for Albus' sake, or he could be trying not to embarrass himself in front of his crush.

I loved the banter between the three of them, especially the debate about romantic or bromantic walks.

I feel like Albus has some sort of ulterior motive here, aside from just leaving to go get food. He knows that Rose and Scorpius don't like each other, or at least that Rose doesn't like Scorpius (maybe Scorpius told him stuff?) and gets up to go by himself anyways. Even if he just wants them to be friends, that's sneaky.

This was a really good first chapter! I can see why this story has been nominated for so many awards. (Before I read this chapter - aka during Diadem nominations - I saw all the noms this was getting and thought "That story must be really good." It is.)


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Review #47, by cherry_pop94 Albus's Guilt Trip

14th May 2015:
Hello! Here for the BvB battle!

First of all, I love Scorose. They are my OTP of all OTPs. I told my 6-year-old brother this and didn't understand anything I was saying. It was great. I really like how you characterized Scorpius here. He isn't outright rude, but seems rather nice and funny, whereas Rose is actually kind of rude it seems. I like that, because usually I see a Scorpius who is rude to the point of almost bullying.

I also really, really love the friendship between Roxanne and James. What makes a Next Gen story really good for me is a fantastic cast of supporting Weasley/Potters. I love seeing those little snippets of the other canon Next Gen kids because it really adds some flair I suppose. And Roxanne and James are of course perfect. They make marvelous Quidditch captains or co-captains. I can see James's goal of going down in history becoming a big part of this story.

And Rose! I love Rose Weasley. She's quite a lot like Ron here, but working so hard on an essay that she's late for Quidditch is a Hermione move (minus the Quidditch part). It's also really sweet how she gets defensive about Neville.

Anyway, this was overall really fantastic. I can't wait to read the rest!!


Author's Response: Thank you so much for the review! I'm glad you liked the way I've characterized them - I really wanted to create a strong cast around Rose and Scorpius, because I totally agree - I love reading about everyone's interpretation of the next-gen characters. :P

Thank you!

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Review #48, by TearsIMustConceal Eavesdropping in the Corridor

14th May 2015:
Hey Branwen, Iím here with your review!

Iím so glad Iíve been able to come back to this story! I read this chapter a while ago and meant to review it because I loved it but I forgot so Iím glad Iíve been able to come back to it!

Rose really canít help herself can she? But I guess her eavesdropping makes sense when you compare it to the title of the story Ė she is far too curious for her own good but she finds out the best things when she does it!

But that conversation!! I want to squeal!! So many feels right now! I didnít see that revelation coming at all! I just expected the conversation to be about how much Scorpius thinks Rose and James and Roxanne are idiots and how much he dislikes them but then you dropped THAT bombshell and I was unprepared!

I loved Albus and how heís in the middle of them both, but he's not too biased for either side. I mean yes, he is standing up Rose and his brother, telling Scorpius that theyíre not really jerks deep down but heís not blind to Roseís flaws. Heís just super cute and chilled and I just adore him!

Poor Scorpius, his emotions must be all over the place! I understand his dislike for Rose but at the same time, I can feel (well especially after that revelation) that there is an underlying feeling there, one heís just not sure about. They do say there is a thin line between love and hate! I would love to see what happened over summer and just how obvious he might have been with his attraction to Rose.
Anyway, I absolutely adored this chapter and I canít wait to read the next one!


Author's Response: Hey, Vicki! I'm so sorry for the delay in responding to your review - I feel awful.

Yeahhh, Rose is definitely a little too curious for her own good, and it's not helped by the fact that she tends to be rewarded for the behavior by finding out so many interesting tidbits. ;) I feel like that along with very poor impulse control is what makes this habit so hard for her to quit throughout this story, despite how irritated people get when they catch her at it. :P

Thank you so much for your review!

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Review #49, by dracodragons Patrolling with Scorpius

11th May 2015:
What does dub stand for???

Author's Response: I think you mean the D.C.B., right? It stands for the Dangerous Creatures Bureau, which is a Ministry division I made up that was created after the SWW to deal with magical creatures like acromantulas, quintapeds, dementors, etc. :)

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Review #50, by Claire Evergreen An Encounter in the Library

8th May 2015:
Hey, Branwen! Here for the BvB Battle!

So, I've actually read this whole story, but I've been meaning to review this chapter in particular for a while now, so this was a perfect excuse to do it!

I know that I've said this in a previous review, but I really really love your Rose and I this chapter really highlights a lot of what I love. There's the brief mention that she is a diligent note taker, but there's also the fact that she's quick to go straight to her wand when confronted with Scorpius and she refuses to admit that she was wrong. She's that perfect balance between Hermione and Ron. Also, she really embodies the idea that the Sorting Hat puts people in the House with the traits they value most, not the ones that they present.

Noah is also a sweetheart. As much as I love your main characters (and I do, I really do), your side characters are just so wonderful. Noah is the perfect contrast to Scorpius and it's fantastic that Rose is at least slightly friends with a Slytherin. And the fact that it's with Noah is just an added bonus.

Alright, I saved this part for the end because I know I was going to go crazy fangirling about it but OH MY GOD THE BANTER IN THIS KILLED ME! ďWell, I definitely didnít miss the part about cold showers, so Iím sure there must be some situations where my mouth being open would be welcome enough.Ē Reading this the first time, I had to literally cover my mouth and bite my lip to keep from busting out laughing because I was in the library. This was just so wonderful and such a Rose thing to say. And then Scorpius's reply had me on the floor again. I mean, all of the banter in this story is on point, but this was the best one in the whole story hands down.

This entire story is fantastic, but I just really had to review this one :P I'm really jealous of your banter skills because mine are very sadly lacking. Wonderful story and one day I will get to The Wrinkles of the Road!


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