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Review #26, by GrunningsMan Spinner's End

26th December 2005:
Again you never cease to amaze. Harry/Luna came off so easy and believable just after I spent the last 15 hours reading your Harry/Ginny. Incredible stuff.

Author's Response: It was a challenge to write about Harry becoming involved with someone other than Ginny after writing my other story. Truthfully, I didn't think Harry and Ginny would hook up until book seven. i won't go into what i thught would happen to Luna during book six though. Thankfully it didn't happen. Thanks. Happy reading.

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Review #27, by lunalovegood616 Spinner's End

23rd December 2005:
hello again. True, but i think I only caught it cuz I read this so soon after rereading NTASD..... and MPMF. (i just abbreviated the titles, i love them and all, but i really don't want to type them all out....) hope you're well... well, i think I'm gonna go reread... again... :) oh dear! please submit the next chapter to And the Greatest of These.... soon? thanks! i know you will... bcuz u said you would..... :)

Author's Response: Thanks. I will put the next chapter up very soon since you asked so nicely. Happy reading.

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Review #28, by lunalovegood616 Spinner's End

19th December 2005:
go luna! even though i'm not a person who thinks Harry and Luna will go together... or get together... or whatever.... nvm. great story... That necklace seems familiar, didn't Cassidy SIlverwood get one similar in your other story?

Author's Response: It was a similar necklace to the one Cassidy got, but it was only full of swirling mist. It did not change to a solid color or detect any kind of person. i did have it in mind when i wrote it obviously. i'll have to make sure not to repeat myself too much now that I'm writing another story. Thanks for all of the other reviews. I'll eventually get aroung to responding to all of them when i can get some time. thanks for the wonderful review and reviews. Happy reading.

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Review #29, by Mouse16 Spinner's End

31st October 2005:
Wait a minute...your not writting another chapter...Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

Author's Response: Fear not. My writing will not come to an end. It is only this moment where the story ends. It was written for another time. Who knows, someday i may take up the more from this one. Until then... Happy reading.

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Review #30, by Mouse16 Spinner's End

31st October 2005:
Awww! I love it, keep writting I can't wait to read the next chapter!

Author's Response: Thanks, but no more chaters. Happy reading.

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Review #31, by micking Spinner's End

29th September 2005:
It is good that Harry found a friend who is more than a friend. It is good that Lupin is watching over him. It is a much better arrangment for summer than what was. Nice short story. very well written. good job.

Author's Response: Thanks. i had fun writing this story. I'm glad you enjoyed it. Happy reading.

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Review #32, by micking Spinner's End

24th September 2005:
very sweet and very nice short story. It is good that Harry can visit other people and enjoy his time. Are you going to expand on this story and have Harry and Luna become a couple? it could work.

Author's Response: Thanks. No more is planned on this story. It was written in the writers duel to stand as the 2nd chapter in JKR's sitth book before it was published and we all found out what it really was. I am working on a new story that is set to follow her sixth book though. thanks again. Happy reading.

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Review #33, by lunalovegood616 Spinner's End

31st August 2005:
hello again.. i can't stop reading your stories!! they are soo good!! ok, so i've read all 3.. so?!?!?!?! anyhoo... r u going 2 do another one?

Author's Response: :) Actually, i have started on another one that is being written to follow JK Rowling's sixth book. i am on the third chapter right now, and I may go back and rewrite the first two since I am not totally happy with them yet. I would like to get a bit more written on it before i start putting it up for everyone to read. Thanks for your deditaction to my writing. i am actually taking this chance to go back and reread it myself. Happy reading.

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Review #34, by lunalovegood616 Spinner's End

18th August 2005:
Wow. that was.. amazing (as usual). You had me almost thinking Harry/Luna instead of Harry/Ginny for about 10 minutes.. that's enver ever happened... I'm impressed (as usual).... Great job! Keep up the great work, i LOVE you fan fics... (duh)

Author's Response: When i was first writing down the ideas for what ended up being my Never Tickle A Sleeping Dragon story, I was going to have Harry begin a romance with Luna because of the slight way they connected at the end of book five. It wasn't until i actually started writing the story that it shifted over to Ginny in the third chapter. I was fairly sure that JK Rowling would have them end up together eventually, but I really wanted to see Luna with a bit of happiness in her life. This story was my chance to give her what she deserves. I'm glad you liked it. Thanks for the review. Happy reading.

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Review #35, by Natalia Spinner's End

8th August 2005:
Not a bad plot, but it all happened so quickly, and much as i would like to see Harry and Luna together, it would NEVER happen the way you wrote it. Harry is a GUY. Guys don't talk about perfume. They are not mushy to the point that you made Harry. And I seriously doubt he would confess his problems to her. Harry and Luna would take a long time to get together, not just a couple of weeks.

Author's Response: You're right. Harry is a GUY. So am i though. I know what it was like being a teenage boy. You can be as "guy like" as you want, but every now and then something comes along that makes you a big blob of swirling emotions. Girls don't understand it just because guys don't usually talk about it. Besides, any guy who doesn't tell his girl how much he likes her clothes, her hair, or her perfume is just lame.

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Review #36, by Jennyroseangel Spinner's End

3rd August 2005:
WOO! ^^ i love this story~ Kinda rushed, but i love HarryLuna!

Author's Response: Thanks. I;m glad you liked it. I don't know why everyone thinks it was rushed. i may be far from it now, but i still remember what it was like being a teenage boy. Something just hits you out of nowhere and everything just seems to click into place. Maybe i was just strange that way. oh well.

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Review #37, by sesshoumara Spinner's End

28th July 2005:
Nice story. I've been searching for H/L stories after the disappointment of book 6 and yours was great. Thanks! Hope u will continue to write more H/L based fics.

Author's Response: Thanks. Well, i would but i am to write the 7th book again it would seem. I just have a litle more direction going with having read Jk's sixth book. Luna is one of my favorite characters and i am really dying for something especially good to happen to her. At least in my Never Tickle a Sleeping Dragon story I gave her a boyfriend. i wil think about it that you said. happy reading.

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Review #38, by v_ballboy Spinner's End

25th July 2005:
Hey, I loved your story it was absolutely amazing! You are by far the most gifted writer i have ever seen on this site. lol. I even sent an emial to the site recommending one of your stories. Will you be writing another story in the future? Please tell me you will be.

Author's Response: Thanks. Well as for a new story, I have read the sixth book and started yet another story (Much to the dismay of my wife since it takes up so much of my time). Thanks again. Happy reading.

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Review #39, by Sparky Cobalt Spinner's End

22nd July 2005:
Oh yeah! Oh yeah! I was the first to review! lol.

Author's Response: Congratulations!

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Review #40, by Sparky Cobalt Spinner's End

22nd July 2005:
That.. is one of the best storys ive read. I'm.. basically speechless. But let me say something i've said to you many times. YOUR AWESOME! THE STORY IS AWESOME! lol. You are a great writer. I enjoyed this one as much as your other two storys.

Author's Response: Thanks. would you believe that I've already started yet another story? I read the sixth book and sat down the next day because so many ideas were streaming through my head and started to write. I have a feeling this oe will be a bit harder for me than the others have been. I'm at that point where I'm scared of not being able to come up with anything new. I guess I'll just have to get the first twenty or so chapters written before i can relax about it. Anyway, thanks again. Happy reading.

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