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Review #26, by Sophie <3  A New Beginning!

2nd May 2012:
I am so confused, now, because yesterday I read two stories and reviewed every chapter, but now I can't see any of the reviews I left, and this story was definitly one of them, so if you have two reviews from me, I apologise.
Great chapter, it's so sad about her tumour :( It must be horrible being told you are going to die. I like this character, and I sense romance in the air with her and Sirius ;)

Author's Response: Thanks Sophie :) There's definite romance in the air between Sirius and Lindy, but i'll let you read it yourself.
Once again thanks :)
~ lOve_Sirius

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Review #27, by WolfPaws1 Holidays with James and Sirius

1st May 2012:
LOVE. IT. Keep writing please, i'm really enjoying this story :)

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm so glad you loved it WolfPaws1. Hopefully there will be another chapter soon, i'm halfway through the next chapter. So i hope you'll enjoy it like you did for this one.
Once again, thank you for reviewing.


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Review #28, by Lauren Holidays with James and Sirius

1st May 2012:
I really love this story! good job! keep on writing! ^.^

Author's Response: Thanks Lauren! I'm glad you enjoyed it and hope you'll love the rest of it, as it comes along. Thank you so much for reviewing:)

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Review #29, by Starkidgleek Seriously Sirius

29th April 2012:
I'm really liking this story so far, and the voice in the story is amazing! You capture their personalities perfectly, and I can't wait to find out what will happen when people find out about lindy

Author's Response: Thank you for reviewing, Starkidgleek. I'm glad you liked it and i too can;t wait to write the chapter when they all find out about Lindy. I have it all planned out, just need to write it. The next chapter should be out tomorrow so i hope you do read it.
Once again, thanks for reviewing.

~ lOve_Sirius

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Review #30, by Hi there. Friends and Family

3rd April 2012:
HAHAHAHAHA he tried to make Sirius his younger sister :D That made me laugh out loud.

You're a fantastic writer bro. Keep it up

Author's Response: Thank you so much for this review. I'm glad you enjoyed the chapter and hope you'll enjoy the rest :)

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Review #31, by hpfanno1 Friends and Family

30th March 2012:
ok, now i feel humongous-ly guilty for not reviewing on the last chapter! i'm so sorry!
your story kicked off to a wonderful start! i'm glad to see a more seroius version of pads, after reading about so many goofy/loud/obnoxious/perverted ones... :D
i love this version of james-- he is hilarious and sweet and everything a girl could v=wish for! aaah, james, can i be your little sister too?
lol, reading on,
feeling loyal,

Author's Response: Thanks for such a lovely review fanna. I love James too, I see James as a brotherly and protective person to Lindy. I hope you will read my next chapter that will hopefully be out soon :)

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Review #32, by bookworm_hermione Seriously Sirius

28th March 2012:
I did enjoy reading it

Author's Response: Thank you so much bookworm_hermione. I'm glad you liked it and hope you will like the rest. I should have another chapter out soon. Stay tuned.

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Review #33, by loony_lovegood101 Seriously Sirius

24th March 2012:
yeah havent the exams been the worst! i could eat a tomato its so bad! but no! the things i do for maths!! anywayy brilliant chapter. i reckon your writing style has improved so thats awesome'! yipe :D im really tired right now so my heads kind of drifting lower as we speak (well as i speak) i really like Lindys connection with her friends but could you make her have a stronger realshonship with james? i love it when james acts like an older brother and i think it would be really sweet in your story. ahhh well im off to go flying on my magical pony! nah jk. going to study a little bit more! anyone surprised! ? no ok. well i cant put it off much longer becasue your probably going to get sick of reading this message soon so keep being awesome and till nextime.


Author's Response: Thanks loony, but I'm posting a different version of this chapter real soon. So i hope you'll read that. Yes, i am trying to build a connection between James and Lindy. I hope you enjoyed it:)

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Review #34, by naflower05 Sirius's Suspicions

5th March 2012:
Good chapter! I cant wait to see what happens next, update again soon! =]

Author's Response: Thank you so much for reviewing. I am planning on updating the next chapter soon so look out.
Thanks again :)

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Review #35, by Blackkat13 Sirius's Suspicions

25th February 2012:
Oh my, you are an amazing author. This story really flows and has verry good pacing. PLease write some more. I would hate for you to stop. So, please up-date soon! I really want to vknow where all of this is heading! 1 question though- why did Sirius back out?

much love >^.^

Author's Response: HEy Blackkat13, thank you so much for reviewing. I won't back out now. I shall post the next chapter real soon so look out. Sirius backs out because he wants to take Lindy out of his mind for a while but the next chapter gets interesting when Regulus becomes a huge part.
Stay tunned :)

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Review #36, by Mysterious Sirius's Suspicions

6th February 2012:
This is amazing! I love the fact that she's ill, and all her friends care so much! Please write more soon, and make sure it's as good as the first three chapters!

Author's Response: Thank you so much for such a lovely review. I love stories where the friends have such strong relationships and show that they care. I decided to make it a strong point in my story, that friendship is important:)
I'm glad you enjoyed it and hope the next chapter will be as entertaining. Won't be long till the next chapter comes out, so stay with me for a little longer.
Thanks again.

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Review #37, by loony_lovegood101 Sirius's Suspicions

6th February 2012:
omg! whats up with her and regulus! hah!!! and it feels so good knowing whats wrong with her :D
any way! why did sirius cancel! thats totally cruel and not nice. i seriously love the beggining part of this chapter as sirius POv.its really cute.

i dont think youre moving too fast at all.i like eventfull chapters and all that.

and i totally think shell go with regulus by the way :D hah and sirius will get pissed.hah and shell have a good time

.and ponies will fly...loving this chapter.i like candyfloss


Author's Response: Thanks loony_lovegood101. I'm glad you enjoyed it. There is going to be something interesting in the next chapter between Lindy and Regulus but you'll have to read it:)
It seems like i know you, you remind me of a friend:)
Thanks again:)

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Review #38, by Skyler315 Sirius's Suspicions

6th February 2012:
It is going pretty fast. It's still good, and I like the plot but it just seems a little unrealistic. I mean, I guess if you spent two months with people you could start to really like them, but I don't really know. Either way its good, and I can't wait for the next chapter.

Author's Response: Thanks for reviewing! I know it's going fast but there is a lot of information coming and i want to keep the story short :)
Thanks again Skyler315.

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Review #39, by naflower05 Friends and Family

24th January 2012:
aww, what a cute ending! really good story so far, I like how shes getting to know regulus. I can't wait to see what happens, update again soon please! =]

Author's Response: Thank you so much:) Regulus is going to be important in the fourth chapter, so keep reading. Thank you reviewing.

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Review #40, by AlbusPotter123456789123456789  A New Beginning!

24th January 2012:
Love this chapter!!! PLEASE UPDATE SOON!! I like the way you show that Sirius didn't always have to be a manwhore!!! But I thought that Dumbledore was dead and Mcgonagal was the new headmistress?!?! But love it anyway!!!

Author's Response: Thank you so much. The next chapter came out already. It's called Friends and family. Thank you so much for a lovely review.

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Review #41, by C  A New Beginning!

11th September 2011:

I've been reading your other story about James & Lily and since I really like your writing, I thought I'd check this one out too =]
Great start!! There's so much potential just from this one chapter. I can't wait to see what you do with it!
I thought you did a great job incorporating Lindy's thoughts into the chapter. Instead of just describing the scenes and actions you really used her point of view and put her personality into it. I feel like I'm getting to know her already!
And the same with Sirius' POV, it was just perfect. You can tell he's struck by her and you can understand it.
Personally I like changing POVs. I think it adds understanding of all the characters.
And I think you have the speed just right. There was a lot of action, but you managed to fully develop and explain it all, so it wasn't rushed, just entertaining and exciting. Also, because it's the first chapter and you have to introduce everyone and the plot and setting, there is bound to be a lot of action.
One thing that sort of bugs me is that Lindy is so timid. If she's in Gryffindor, she should be first and foremost courageous. Courage and a heart of gold are the defining characteristics of Gryffindors. Right now she seems feeble. Maybe she would be better suited for Hufflepuff, since you said she is very loyal?
Or maybe is she just supposed to come off that way because she's nervous? And later we will see examples of her bravery and strength as a person as you develop her more? I'm sure it would take courage to keep going with her life even when she is so sick. I'd like to see more of that.
Please update soon!!!

PS if I ever decide to actually log in one of these days, my username is Serendipity1234.

Author's Response: Thank you so much C. You have really supported me.

I really don't know what to say but thanks a lot. It means a lot to me that you are reading my stories and informing me on how i can improve:)

I will consider placing her in Hufflepuff if i can. Lindy's character is supposed to be brave but because of her sickness, she becomes timid.

Throughout this novel her character will become more braver and show it but for now she is closing her self away.

Hope this explains a bit:)
Thank you so much, once again :)

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Review #42, by loony_lovegood101  A New Beginning!

17th August 2011:
:D nice story! i already love lindy...totally my kind of character. loving it so far...and don't worry, i don't think you're going to fast :D can't wait for the next chapter!

Author's Response: Thank you very much, loony_lovegood101! I appreciate your comment and thoughts about my story and i do hope to post the next chapter soon. So say tuned and there will be more :)


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