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Review #26, by AlexRedden Of Brothers, Sisters, and Atrocious First Dates

10th September 2011:
haha. indian people do know each other.
i do something, the next time i go to an indian party, "oh, i heard about you doing suchandsuch. good job! I hear your taking 6 AP classes... etc, etc"
my parents: "why did you get a 95 on this assignment? when i was your age i used to get 110% on every assignment and wake up at 4 am to study. that's how i got into IIT, and the other kids who spent their time playing cricket and sleeping didnt"

ahhh... indian people...

I love your story! very accurate, one thing tho... me, and most other indian people i know call older sisters didi, not di.

maybe you, or your friends/family do though.

Anyways, update!!!


Author's Response: ...the amount of times that I've heard IIT stories. Honestly. Ugh. But yeah, I've only taken 8 AP classes in high school, so I fail at life. ]:

ahahah, I personally don't call my older cousin sisters anything but their name, but a lot of my 'white-washed' friends say, 'di' instead of 'didi', so that's what I went with. In essence, Sarina is white-washed, so yeah.

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Review #27, by Voldys_Moldy Of Brothers, Sisters, and Atrocious First Dates

8th September 2011:
i really liked this chapter. heck, i like this whole story. i just think the idea of a vastly complex romance has been done to pieces, so i'm really glad your writing something so straightforward. it's also really good, soo...anyways, please update soon! that was a bit of a cliffy.

Author's Response: thanks! yeah, I wanted to go against the gradient. (:

I'm glad you like it& thanks for reviewing.

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Review #28, by Hope's Mom Of Brothers, Sisters, and Atrocious First Dates

7th September 2011:
I like your story - it's cute! Sarina is a bit prickly and very protective of her identity. I like her family and their relationships to each other. Mothers are mothers across most cultures. I am WAY old and my mother still comments on my clothes! I love the glimpse of Louis that we got - he's a favorite character of mine in Next Gen fictions. My family has a Chrome that has given us repeated problems lately, too. Thank you for the update and I look forward to reading more!

Author's Response: Thanks! Yeah, she is. I think I'm trying to make it as realistic as possible, while trying to keep it humorous?

Yeah, my mom too. "You're wearing that? Really? Do I not buy you clothes?" kind of annoying, but at least I know she cares!

and yes, Louis is extremely pliable, so you know, lots of fun there!

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Review #29, by Rhea Of Brothers, Sisters, and Atrocious First Dates

7th September 2011:
I luv ur story! It's actually avijao and I luv the shah rukh oajol refrence

Author's Response: Eh, I guess it depends on your family/dialect.

and thank you!

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Review #30, by hg4evr Of Brothers, Sisters, and Atrocious First Dates

6th September 2011:
I am totally looking forward to reading more of this story. And Kuch Kuch Hota Hai is my favorite Hindi movie. Shahrukh Khan is amazing, and paired with Kajol...absolutely brilliant! My mind actually went straight to that movie when those lines came up. Can't wait for the next chapter!

Author's Response: I love Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, mostdef. Shah Rukh's not my personal favorite though, but I understand why he's yours!

aahaha YAAY, it worked!

and it should be out soon, *fingers crossed*

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Review #31, by LunaLovegoodwillRockForever  Of Brothers, Sisters, and Atrocious First Dates

6th September 2011:
Nice, he knows they're sisters! LOL!

Author's Response: yes he does. :D

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Review #32, by in_love_with_HP Of Brothers, Sisters, and Atrocious First Dates

6th September 2011:
aahhh, i'm totallyyy hooked already :D need MORE :) and Al found out Sarina is the minister's daughter, nice. Next chapter, pleasee fast. Heart it much :)

Author's Response: yepps. heheh it should be out soon, sorry for the long waaait!


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Review #33, by Crescent Moon  Of Brothers, Sisters, and Atrocious First Dates

6th September 2011:
Great chapter XD
I can't wait to see what's going to happen now, it's going to be so funny!!
Please update as soon as you can :D

Author's Response: AHAHAH i'm trying!

thanks for reviewing!

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Review #34, by Maddie Of Brothers, Sisters, and Atrocious First Dates

6th September 2011:
*gasp* A CLIFFY?!?!?!?! HOW COULD YOU?

I wonder how Al found out. The guy's smooth, I'll give him that. Something's telling me he's gonna flip out to some extent now that she's finally admitted it. Oh Sarina, I told you it would come back and bite you in the arse! hmph, shoulda listened to me. but then again, this is gonna be entertaining to read about so i don't actually care that much, haha :)

Louis is as crazy as i pictured him to be, ah i love that kid. i also love the way you write all the dialogue! it's so witty and quick, just how i like it :) Sarina's snarky responses never fail to put a smile on my face.

Really great chapter and i hope you update soon! Chizz is goin' down between 'em...

~Maddie x

Author's Response: I KNOW. I always said I'd never do a cliffie, but I've found that they actually are good ways to end chapters. Oh wells, what can you do? *shrugs*

I sincerely hope it will be entertaining and that I can do your hopes justice.

&& oh gawd, I love Louis too! He's so fun to just play around with.

hehehe thanks for reviewing, Maddie! (:

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Review #35, by Maverick Of Dressing Sordid, Being Classy, and Obsessions with Umbrellas.

22nd August 2011:

Author's Response: LOL. God, Swarley. All in due time.

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Review #36, by iheartzuko Of Dressing Sordid, Being Classy, and Obsessions with Umbrellas.

21st August 2011:
Ahh, I do believe the nagging and whining is something ALL mothers have in common. and the lovely thing with her mother trying to make her change and then her sister sticking up for her? That's something that commonly happens in my family ;)

I like their umbrella related banter, the fact that Al remains clueless about who she is, even with the convo with their fathers (which I found all too funny for some reason), and just Al in general is someone who I still ADORE.

And I can't wait for her mother' tirade :)
-Briellle :D

Author's Response: LOL probably. But my mom's Indian, so I have limited experience. OH YAY. I don't have a sibling, so the family dynamics I'm writing about are definitely new for me.

oh yay you thought it was funny. (:

thanks for reviewing.

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Review #37, by iheartzuko Of Rain, Back-Up Plans, and Al Potter

21st August 2011:
I love this chapter.
So, A) I like how it moves ahead in time without a lot of warning. Then, B) I like how she remembers what happened, and this is a direct continuation of their last meeting. Al is sweet

Author's Response: Aw, thank you! Yeah, I need to work on my pacing, but I hope it worked out.

Thanks for the review. (:

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Review #38, by writergirl8 Of Rain, Back-Up Plans, and Al Potter

21st August 2011:
That was really cute! I like how you write them. They're very flirtatious with each other and that keeps it really interesting. I also like how you write Al. He's so slick and smooth. He's got real potential in this story :)

I love the relationship between Sarina and Aisha. It's really cute. The bantering is nice to watch. It's neat to show such parallel lifestyles between two sisters as well. I think I'd be the journalist but I can really respect the idea of being a Healer too.

Plus, you know, I love Ravenclaw :D It's my favorite House. ~writergirl8

Author's Response: I feel like that is always how it is in the beginning, you know? Starting out really fluffy and light, but it gets more and more deep.

I don't actually have a sister. So that is probably the highest praise I could receive. Thank you. *bows*

Really?! SLYTHERIN FTW. You know, post-War. (:

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Review #39, by writergirl8 Of Lack of Sleep, Wrong Names, and Flirting.

21st August 2011:
Hi! It's me :) This is a really cute story. I like the summary. So often in fanfiction you find stories that have these huge plot lines that are tedious to get through because the suspense is too much to bear. Sometimes you can find stories with writing good enough to bear those, though... This, however, gives off the impression of a normal story about two people falling in love. It's a really unique idea because the story is rarely told in simplicity. There are always millions of complications. So... mazel tov on that!

I like the fact that Serena's dad is the Minister- that should be interesting! I also like how there are so many students at Hogwarts at the moment. I have a feeling people who survive the war would have that attitude- "Let's go at it like bunnies because we can!" You know.

I actually laughed out loud several times, so good job with that. ~writergirl8

Author's Response: HI RACH.

yayayay. My goal is to make each chapter fulfilling. So that you guys like what's going on but the wait isn't SO horrible (like cliffhangers).

AHAHA you laughed?! Yay! (:

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Review #40, by Crescent Moon  Of Dressing Sordid, Being Classy, and Obsessions with Umbrellas.

21st August 2011:
I love this story!!
I really like this idea, it's nice to read something that doesn't have all the cliché’s and is simply a love story XD
I can't wait to see what's going to happen, please continue as soon as you can.

Author's Response: Ah, yeah. I one wants to read something they've read before. Plus, it's fanfiction. People like nice and light. And I really wanted to write something that doesn't have drama and extensively confounding plot lines.

I like that you like it. I will be updating as soon as I get the chance! (:

Thanks for reviewing.

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Review #41, by Maverick Of Rain, Back-Up Plans, and Al Potter

21st August 2011:
I really enjoyed reading this chapter. Much more amusing than the first one! And I'm starting to love Sarina's character. Especially the part of zoning out and laughing at Aisha. And the meeting with Potter was good too! I didn't expect that, and he was really on the ball with his suave attitude. I loved his sangfroid flirts, just amazing! I really think you have gift of writing here.

Author's Response: heheheh thanks.

you should take tips from Potter. (aka, me).



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Review #42, by Jessie Of Dressing Sordid, Being Classy, and Obsessions with Umbrellas.

21st August 2011:
Is dream_BIG and ramiatoraa indian? I'm guessing you are, but I am not (I am Australian) I was also wondering who is the people on the banner, my friend wanted a indian character for her story so she needed an Indian name and a indian person for her chapter image and banner. She made it a competition and I am failing miserably so I was wondering if you knew the person in the banner. This story is really awesome and I can't wait for the next chapter! Please update soon! I really like it!

Author's Response: They are, yeah. But they are both also really good HPFF writers, and that's why I wanted ramitaarora to be my beta. Plus, dream_BIG is good with graphics.

Um, well it's Sonam Kapoor on the banner.

Thanks for reviewing! Updates may be a little slow, but it will mostdef be up in the next couple weeks. (:

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Review #43, by Maverick Of Lack of Sleep, Wrong Names, and Flirting.

21st August 2011:
I thought it was very interesting towards the start of the chapter, but then towards middle way it started to become a tad bit dull, and towards the end it seemed a bit cliche. But other than that it was good, but seriously Potter? Shoulda seen that coming.

Author's Response: ah, darn. Help me! I need to make sure I avoid all dullness.

Oh, you SO shoulda seen that coming.

made my day

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Review #44, by You know who it is Of Dressing Sordid, Being Classy, and Obsessions with Umbrellas.

21st August 2011:
Oh I love Al. BUT WHY MUST SHE LIE. JUST TELL HIM ALREADY, SPARE AL THE EMBARRASSMENT. Seriously, though, Al and Sarina banter is spot on. I love it. And I loved how you pulled Harry in there for a little bit.

Oh Al is clueless.

Author's Response: LOL. There will be SO much fun with this!

teehee well you told me to. (:

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Review #45, by GracieBagel Of Dressing Sordid, Being Classy, and Obsessions with Umbrellas.

20th August 2011:
This is great :) I love the culture mix here, gives the story a nice edge to it. You're definitely a great writer. Hope you update soon! :)xx

Author's Response: thank you! yeah, their differences should be fun to explore. (:

i'm glad you like it.

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Review #46, by Tara Of Dressing Sordid, Being Classy, and Obsessions with Umbrellas.

19th August 2011:
I absolutely love your story so far. (:

"Hi, Pot." He stuck out his free hand. "I'm Kettle, it's nice to meet you." I am also in love with this line!

I'm really curious about when Albus will find out that Sarina's the daughter of the Minister.

Author's Response: hahaha I love Pot/Kettle lines. I try to make them all original.

I'm still deciding that, actually, but it may not be for another couple chapters.

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Review #47, by Voldemortia Of Lack of Sleep, Wrong Names, and Flirting.

19th August 2011:
Hey, this is a really great story - its funny and DIFFERENT. Which is always great :)

Just a tip about the Minister, you have to be british to be a member of parliament etc etc - being british only means you have a british passport - you can be any race you want. I think you may have meant that he was the first non-English Minister for Magic...? Anywho, I only noticed it because I'm british and I notice these things.

Again, this is a breath of fresh air, a real break from all the usual Al/OC stories. Take care!

Author's Response: I was going for different! i love that i've achieved that, thank you!

OH, okay! Thank you for clarifying that. I'll put a note about that in the next chapter. (:

i'm really glad you like it! thanks for reviewing.

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Review #48, by Maddie Of Dressing Sordid, Being Classy, and Obsessions with Umbrellas.

19th August 2011:
Haha, this chapter was really funny! XD I loved the banter/flirting between Al and Sarina, it's cute. :) Ooh, Louis' birthday should be fun, but somehow I think the fact that she didn't tell him she was the ministers daughter will come back and bite her in the butt! Hmm...we shall see...

Overall, great chapter, I think you're really getting into the swing of the story now, it flows really well. :) And I know I said this in the last review but I really love Sarina's voice!

Can't wait 'til the next chapter, you're a great writer!

~Maddie x

Author's Response: Aw, yay. I'm glad you like it!

Louis' birthday shall be fun, I hope.

Oh. Oh, it's going to bite her in the butt, yess. Hahaha, I love Sarina's voice, too. She's like me but cooler.

aw, thanks! I'm already writing it. (:

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Review #49, by The Blunt Phoenix  Of Dressing Sordid, Being Classy, and Obsessions with Umbrellas.

19th August 2011:
I really like this story because it's just so original. Can't wait for the next chapter!

Author's Response: thank you! it should be out soon.

thanks for reviewing. (:

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Review #50, by in_love_with_HP Of Dressing Sordid, Being Classy, and Obsessions with Umbrellas.

19th August 2011:
oh, I laughed so much in this chapter ;D very nicely done.

Author's Response: I'm really glad.

thanks for reviewing! (:

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