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Review #26, by foreverendstoday Cupboard Love...

13th July 2011:
Lovely story :-) I really enjoyed it. However there were a few grammatical errors mostly with homophones like your/you're which if fixed would make your story so much better. That was the most obvious one. The other thing is the layout. I found it quite hard to read as it was so spaced didn't see to connect properly...but that is just my opinion. It might be because I am very tired and really should be asleep.but overall beautiful story. Well done

Author's Response: Thank you :) I know I probably made(quite a lot of) some errors but I was tired too... I will edit it soon, and then you may comment again to see if it is to your liking :) thanks for reviewing anyway!! :)X

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Review #27, by Saffron Cupboard Love...

11th July 2011:
that was brilliant! i loved this! i didnt think lily played poker but then again she was intoxicated...

Author's Response: Haha :) I know... I just thought that Lily should be a bit of a badass on firewhiskey y'see :) Thanks for reviewing! x

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Review #28, by DixieGirl Cupboard Love...

11th July 2011:
Ahhh! PLEASE MAKE A SEQUEL! I loved it. James is sounds so sweet. Lily is like, exactly like me... LOVED THE STORY!!!

Author's Response: Haa :) Thank you.. I might make a sequel(As the holidays are coming up and I have nothing(repeat:NOTHING) to do...) but then again I might just leave it hanging... Thank you for reviewing anyway.
p.s. If you're like Lily then I would sure like to meet you :)x

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Review #29, by Opalpixiechick Cupboard Love...

11th July 2011:
Loved this story. You should add a chapter about what happens when they catch them though. That would make it even better. : )

Author's Response: Haa :) thanks... I might... but I'm updating my other story atm.. when I finish writing that chapter, I may continue this one - If i can be arsed, that is ;) x

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Review #30, by Chocolate Muffin Cupboard Love...

10th July 2011:
Ahaa, I loved it. I nearly cried when I read the bit about James' Mum, it was so sad :'(.
I'm glad they got together at the end and I thought that you wrote it really well :)
I hope they got Sirius and Remus and got their revenge :)

Author's Response: Haa :) Yes, I would like to see their revenge too... There is a possibility I MAY write another chapter...x

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Review #31, by Goldemort Cupboard Love...

10th July 2011:
Well well well that was rather good wasn't it :) And long... Goldemort likes :) hehehe well done em!!! :) x

Author's Response: N'aww thank you :) chocolate for me? I blinking well hope so...x

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Review #32, by PrincessMoony Cupboard Love...

9th July 2011:
OH YES! yey for Bubu Em it finally validated!
i bet you'll get, like, amilion reviews!
It was really sweet! I love it!:^)
x 10/10!
ps- you stole the whole 'fin' thing off me from the rs test >:(
I will forgive you due to an AMAZING story thought!

Author's Response: Sorry about the 'Fin' thing... I didn't realise you owned the French language ;) na - I'm sorry 4 stealing it.. but thank you for the 10/10 :) My little pain in the ass...(But I hate that word even if they do say it in the proper thing... I have changed it to, )Pain in the ARSE :)x

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