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Review #26, by newgenerationlover Gigi Jacobs-- NOT Genevieve

24th February 2014:
Hi, so this isn't really a review about your story (despite the fact that I really do love it). I just wanted to tell you that I have this story written about a member of HPFF who meets James Potter and so on. One of the parts of the story is that my character, G, reads and obsesses over the website and I occasionally pop in a title or two to my story of other stories that I really love on this site. One of them is your story. And I usually don't do this to all authors since I just mention the titles and such, but for yours I added a couple paragraphs so then my character could comment about her feelings as to what was happening. I gave full credit to you in my story and, despite the fact that I don't have many readers yet, it still may send some readers your way. However, if you want me to take either just the excerpt or even the mention of your story down I can. Either reply here or write a review there. The excerpt is in the third chapter of my story A Not So Normal Life (After All).

Just let me know whether or not it is ok :)


Author's Response: So I was so flattered by this that I went and read what you wrote and nearly cried when I saw it. To see your work liked so much by others that it makes it into their own work is something that you can only dream of. It may be the child in my belly, but I don't even know how ecstatic I was upon reading that. That being said, it is PERFECTLY fine that it is in your story :)

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Review #27, by JT4HP More Than One Shock

23rd February 2014:
WOW. Just WOW.

This was a really crazy chapter. And yeah, that makes a lot more sense. I'm so glad she is not actually preggers.


You've definitely left it for an I-can't-freakin'-wait-for-the-next-chapter kind of ending. Not saying I hate it. Definitely just can't freakin' wait for the next chapter. I hope she makes it in ime for the game. PLEASE LET HER MAKE IT IN TIME.

Anyway, It was really great. So glad she is not preggers. I know I've already said that, but I feel like it should be stated again.

Author's Response: I'm glad you liked it!! Will she or won't she make it ?? BAH BAH BAHHH. :) I'm glad she's not preggers too. Would ruin everything!

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Review #28, by livelaughlovetoread More Than One Shock

22nd February 2014:
I love this story! I read the last chapter and was wondering what was going to happen, and now I know! That was really clever. One thing I would suggest is to tell us what prov it is from. I could not tell at points who it was until I got down further. Great work, I can not wait for more!

Author's Response: I'm so glad you love the story! It took a lot of thinking to come up with a good final BAM. I'm glad I achieved it :).

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Review #29, by swimmer More Than One Shock

22nd February 2014:
Yes! I was so happy that she wasnt pregnant that I literally fist pumped the air haha. This story is amazing and a sequel would be great! Please update soon!!! And james and Gigi need to be together, Gigi just needs to get over her fears and Tyler

Author's Response: Fist pump!! Yay! I'm glad you think a sequel is in the mix. I have a ton of ideas :).

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Review #30, by Lilli_patronus More Than One Shock

21st February 2014:
wow. great job, I just love this! Im so glad that shes not pregnant!!

Author's Response: Yay thank you darling! I'm glad she's not pregnant too :)

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Review #31, by Ashley Lovegood More Than One Shock

20th February 2014:
Yes sequel please! I love the story! Update quick please!

Author's Response: yay sequel! I completely agree. All ready have a ton of ideas :)

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Review #32, by HPManiacs More Than One Shock

20th February 2014:
Wow didn't see that coming!!! I hate Tyler! He's such a jerk!! But yay Gigi can play!!! And she loves James!!! Great chapter! Pretty please please please update soon!!

Author's Response: That was the whole point! I didn't want anyone to see it coming, lovie. :)

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Review #33, by helpwillalwaysbegiven More Than One Shock

20th February 2014:

Author's Response: Hahahah I'm glad she's not pregnant too! It'll teach her a very good lesson, though ;). Who says life can be perfect though? *hint hint*

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Review #34, by newgenerationlover More Than One Shock

20th February 2014:
A definite yes to the sequel!! I absolutely love this story!! Please update soon!

Author's Response: Thanks darling! I'm glad you liked it!! And the story of course.

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Review #35, by Sam More Than One Shock

20th February 2014:
Love love love this story. Can't wait for more. I definitely vote yes for a sequel!! Update soon!

Author's Response: Yay sequel!! I really think I'm going to. I already have a million ideas. :).

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Review #36, by Spyci More Than One Shock

20th February 2014:

Author's Response: Sorry sorry! Don't hurt mee! I love you!!!

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Review #37, by chocolateteacups More Than One Shock

20th February 2014:
Tyler. Gates.
Don't even get me started.
His behaviour is abhorrent. I want Gigi to sue him for everything he has and for him to lose his career. He could have ruined everything. Gigi should sue Sally too. And the hospital. I hope she ends up rolling in Galleons.
Okay, so true story, this cliffhanger you set up was brilliant. I was complaining to all my friends all week about the fanfiction I read that was perfect but now everything was ruined and it was breaking my heart. I've been checking up every day to see if you updated. You sure know how to keep your readers on the edge of their seats.
The change of perspectives was brilliant - you handled it well and it was surprisingly not disjointed at all, so kudos is in order. I love your writing style and your characters, it's easy to read and engaging at the same time.
I just hope James can forgive her. They really need each other.

Author's Response: We should probably just kill Gates. Or have James kill him during the championship game. That's an idea, right? Sally can die as well.

Sorry, I'm rather violent feeling. Must be PMS.

I'm so glad you stayed with it with the changing of the point of views! I really wanted to do it and finally was able to do it :). James and Gigi need to be lovers!


Oh wait.. thats me. :/

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Review #38, by chocolateteacups A Sick Gigi

10th February 2014:
I genuinely feel sick at the idea of Gigi's dreams going down the toilet, that's how invested I am at the moment. I feel like her having a baby with James wouldn't just take her out for a year, it would affect both of there Quidditch careers for good with touring and everything. Urgh. I'm so sad. I love your story and absolutely cannot wait for you to update, I'm on the edge of my seat. You write wonderfully. (Also a pregnant Gigi would be scary hormonal!) Great work :)

Author's Response: I know, we all get so connected to Gigi and then to watch her not be able to play... ripped my heart out to write that. I'm so glad you enjoy my writing. You're such a sweetie.

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Review #39, by pookielow A Sick Gigi

25th January 2014:
OMG is she pregnant. Please don't make her pregnant. Pregnancy stories are kinda bleh. AHHH update soon please!!

Author's Response: Well jeeze, why do you all doubt me so much?

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Review #40, by M_K A Sick Gigi

22nd January 2014:
She's pregnant, isn't she?? I need another chapter ASAP.
I love your story. I always get so into it. Please update soon!
Love, M.K

Author's Response: I'm glad you're liking everything, M.K! Keep reading, doll.

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Review #41, by Daniellle A Sick Gigi

15th January 2014:
Ohmygawd she's PREGNANT! What else can it be? Please don't let her be pregnant!! Her relationship with james shouldn't be centered around a baby. And becoming pregnant in a broom closet. Really!? If you're going to make her pregnant please do it in a classier way.

Author's Response: Her relationship with James is already complicated. Lol. Has Gigi ever been classy? Let's be real.

Read on, my dear ;)

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Review #42, by Evelynn Rose A Sick Gigi

9th January 2014:
Sh*t she's pregnant!?! When will she and James get back together?! This uncertainty is killing me, Update ASAP!

Author's Response: James/Gigi. Always a mystery.

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Review #43, by JT4HP A Sick Gigi

9th January 2014:
You're kidding me. She is not preggers. OH MY GOSH IF SHE IS I'LL LOSE IT.

Her dreams out the window. Everything is already so effed up with her and James. UGH.

But it was a goood chappter. I'm glad James was all "you need to decide" because she does!

Can't wait for the next one.

Author's Response: Ahh people and their pregnant assumptions. I love it, but I also hate it. Well... read on, darling ;)

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Review #44, by Once dedicated reader A Sick Gigi

8th January 2014:
Oh god...please don't let her be pregnant. Seriously. It's such and overdone thing and I might actually stop reading because of it.

Author's Response: You'd stop reading? Well, that's a bit harsh. Kinda hurts my feelings. But you're doubting me. Read the next chapter and then make your judgement ;)

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Review #45, by AccioTeddyLupin A Sick Gigi

8th January 2014:
she is most definitely preggers.

Author's Response: Dying? Pregnant? Hmm. wonder what it is :)

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Review #46, by EarthsTrueGreen A Sick Gigi

7th January 2014:
No she's not dying but I bet she is pregnant.
Good story please update soon.

Author's Response: Are you sure she's not dying? Are you so sure shes pregnant? LOL :D

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Review #47, by TOOLAZYTOSIGNIN A Sick Gigi

7th January 2014:

Author's Response: Well jeeze, way to jump to conclusions! Update is in the queue !

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Review #48, by HPManiacs A Sick Gigi

7th January 2014:
Is she pregnant? Am I right? I'm right, right? She has to play quidditch! She can't be out for a year! What's she going to say to James? Good chapter and nice cliffhanger!

Author's Response: Well, I can't tell you, can I? it'd ruin everything ;)

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Review #49, by Spyci A Sick Gigi

7th January 2014:

Author's Response: I do love the cliffhangers. I do best at that! Preggers... hmmm. you're going to have to read the next chapter to find out ;)

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Review #50, by ShadowRose A Sick Gigi

7th January 2014:
Okay, I feel like I should probably explain that I've been following this story for probably a good 9 months now, but I've been horrible in that I've just been reading a lot of stuff without reviewing it as well, even though I know that's what writers thrive on. Anyways, I've renounced my old ways and decided to review everything I read, so yeah, here I am!

How fitting that Gigi chooses to fly instead of actually dealing with the present problems - Quidditch has been her escape from everything since the beginning of the story, and the mess with James is certainly no exception. I love how determined Gigi is, and how dedicated she is to the sport - your descriptions certainly aid that fact as well; I love her thought process while up in the air about how she values Quidditch over her personal life because it's what truly matters to her. It definitely shows where she holds her values, that's for sure. :)

Ah, Matt. I really kinda like him, despite his relative quietness and being "lost in his own world," as Gigi puts it. Hey, he proves to be pretty nice as the chapter progresses, conjuring up a cool rag and all that, so I guess my liking of him isn't all that unwarranted, and he's pretty funny too what with his comments about James, so yeah, I'm sticking to my previous comment. I like him. Not as much as I like James, but hey.

Oh gosh, Gigi's sick and I feel like I know where this is going... yikes, this can't be good. Unless this is an intentional tease and you're just setting me up to think I know what's going on when really I don't. Well hey, at least she has her sisters to keep her company. Oh... and now James too.

Yay, some Gigi/James interaction! Even if it is just an awkward conversation between the two of them. I'm glad James is forcing Gigi to make a decision, because goodness knows she probably wouldn't if she wasn't forced to. It's good to know they'll (hopefully) have their relationship sorted soon.

And now they're going to the Healer's. Ugh, I have this feeling and I really don't want it to be right but I'm getting the feeling that I am right and argh. Yep, the Healer's dropping hints already and everything. To depart from that subject, I like that Rose is a Healer (or a Healer-in-training, at least). It seems like a very fitting occupation for her character, and I love that she goes to Gigi for Quidditch perks rather than her own cousin. ;)

She'll be out for a year or so... Darn it, I think I'm right. She's pregnant, isn't she? Darn it - while that's exciting and all for her and James I guess (although I can't begin to imagine what it'll do to their relationship), she's being ripped away from the one thing she feels most strongly about and loves more than anything because of this. I almost wanted to cry along with her; she's worked so hard to be someone in the Quidditch world despite being a woman, and now she's lost it. Gosh, this parallels the start of the chapter, where she's saying that Quidditch is her one passion, because now she's pulled away from that by the fact that she's pregnant (or, at least, that's the theory). Brilliant plot twist there, but wow, my heart hurts for her.

So yeah, I'm going to need you to update soon so that I can confirm whether I'm right or not about this and I can see what'll happen with both her career and relationship with James because for now it'll just eat at me until I figure out. Fantastic chapter, and amazing story overall really. I look forward to the next chapter!

-ShadowRose (Taylor)

Author's Response: Taylor, I absolutely adored this review. I've probably read it about 20 times before being able to find the proper way to respond to it. I love how you read between the lines when it comes to Gigi and her emotions and how she deals with things. I love that you've been with this story from the beginning :)

Anyways, don't doubt me just yet, Taylor. Believe in me a little bit more than that. I always have tricks up my sleeve. I don't like to be predictable. ;)

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