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Review #26, by Dana Gryffindor's Insane Girl

26th May 2014:
Ok. I just started this story and so far it's good!!! The whole reason I clicked on it was because 1. It sounded interesting and 2. You put a picture of Jared Padalecki and her name is Lenny Crowley. Crowley. I get the feeling you watch Supernatural.

Author's Response: Well... it may just be possible that I am a very large Supernatural fan;)

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Review #27, by michelle_ginny_potter Valentine's Day

13th May 2014:
Yay! Sequel time!!:) It's so sad to see it all end after such a long time:') absolutely loved every minute of it!:)

Author's Response: I know, but all good things come to an end and all that sappy jazz. I'll see you next time, love!

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Review #28, by CrimsonFox Dressing Up and Down

10th May 2014:
OMG, your picture of Sirius is Sam from Supernatural!!! Love the story!

Author's Response: Well of course it's Sam from Supernatural. Couldn't have it any other way ;)

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Review #29, by Victory_4_Victoire Valentine's Day

9th May 2014:
Ah, 'sequel' what a beautiful word! I LOVE that word! Because I look forward to reading every word of this story, it keeps me sane. So thank you for this and thank you for what is to come.
Vic :)

Author's Response: This keeps you sane? Well, that's a first. ;D. I'm really excited to get working on the sequel, I just want to get a couple other things going and make sure that I re-read this story a couple hundred times so that the sequel is just as good !

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Review #30, by Natalierules or natalierules234 Valentine's Day

8th May 2014:
I can't believer this story is over but happy there is going to be
a sequel I remember when I found this story I was sad
because my parents told us they were getting a divorce and
this story cheered me up with Lenny and her nargles and to
eat your toe and this story helped even two years later. Also
how much time has gone its crazy. Rate 10/10

Author's Response: Thanks Natalie for sticking with me through this whole story. I'm so happy to hear that Lenny got you out of your own world and made you feel a little better. I feel as though that is exactly how the world of Harry Potter should be. You need to sometimes step outside of reality and into a new world. I'm glad Lenny was that world to you.

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Review #31, by Loving_Sirius_4eva Valentine's Day

6th May 2014:
Hi it's me again. This website is not letting me post my extremely long review!

Anyways. Oh my GOD! This is actually the most amazing ending to such an awesome story. I loved it. It was beautiful. Lenny and Sirius finally got the happy ending they deserved. EVERYTHING WAS PERFECT! I did think it was going to have some cliche twist and that Sirius was actually faking the whole 'i forgot it was valentine's day' thing. But it wasn't and yet you made Sirius seem even sweeter.
I have absolutely loved this story from the moment i read the first chapter.

Obviously your writing is outstanding and you dedication to update frequently. I am glad that you never gave up on this story despite having such a bust life. I really appreciate it and than you a million times.

I've always looked forward to seeing your story appear at the top of my favourites, knowing that there was another chapter ready for me to read.
I really can't wait to hear more about a sequel. Please tell me bait about it. What are you planning?

I hope there will be another story i can review.

Until next time.


I'm so flattered that you have been with me for so long and are so dedicated to the story. I feel like I wrote this with you and the other dedicated readers :). I'm hoping to get just as much dedication in the sequel! My writing is more developed and such, so I hope to grow further and further with the sequel.

To bait you for the sequel... It'll be a little more dark than Letters to LC. Its about growing up and realizing that nargles, love letters, and boys aren't the only things to worry about anymore. :D

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Review #32, by Loving_Sirius_4eva Valentine's Day

6th May 2014:
OMG! This is actually the perfect ending! I love it. It was beautiful. Lenny and Sirius finally got their happy ever after. EVERYTHING WAS PERFECT. I did think it was going to have a cliche twist and Sirius was faking the whole act. But it wasn't. Yet he managed to make such a show for Lenny.

Author's Response: Thank you! Lenny definitely deserved the happily ever after :). Sirius will always eff it up... but at least he loves the girl !

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Review #33, by willow1 Valentine's Day

5th May 2014:
Awww!! It's so adorable I... I... I... Oh My God!!!

Author's Response: Lost for words? I like that ;)

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Review #34, by dracodarlingxx McGonagall's Office

5th May 2014:
stupid website deleted the rest of my review for your chapter 32, so i'm posting it on this chapter instead -_-
i loved this chapter and his treat for her at the end. sirius is just so adorable :* :*
i've read some 'quirky girl' fanfics, but this was different because lenny was just a bit .um. crazier than your average crazy girl. but then the story was so good. and she and sirius just fit somehow. and i love how she got her healer job :)

p.s. lookin' forward to the sequel, but will it include lily and james dying and sirius going to azkaban? just asking for some warning so i can get my tissues ready :'(

Author's Response: Everyone seems to be having problems posting reviews lately. That should be brought up with the admins (which I will get right on sending them something about it). I did get your review on the Valentine's Day chapter, though! So maybe its telling people they aren't posting it, but then it does... weird.

I'm pretty good with quirky... I'm quirky myself. How I made it work well enough to get you as a reader to this story was that I made it so Lenny was "growing up", not necessarily "growing out" of her quirkiness. I think that's the big difference that Letters to L.C. brings.

PS It will be a lot darker than Letters to LC. A little more growing up and all that jazz. ;D Bring the tissues.

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Review #35, by dracodarlingxx Valentine's Day

5th May 2014:
i loved this chapter and his treat for her at the end. sirius is just so adorable

Author's Response: He's secretly a romantic ;). Sirius really formed into an adorable man in this story!

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Review #36, by michelle_ginny_potter McGonagall's Office

5th May 2014:
What?! One more?! Just ONE?! I like McGonagall's point of view:) it was very insightful! I hope u update soon:)

Author's Response: Don't hate me! Lenny has had a great run, but it is her time. Being in McGonagall's perspective was... different. to say the very very least ;D

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Review #37, by Victory_4_Victoire McGonagall's Office

4th May 2014:
ONE MORE CHAPTER! JUST ONE! YOU CAN'T DO THIS TO ME!!! :( I'm going to miss this story so much you have no idea

Author's Response: Awh doll, it'll be okay! Don't you worry.

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Review #38, by Natalierules McGonagall's Office

27th April 2014:
Very interesting in McGonagalls view but good rate 10/10 I'm so sad it going to end Lenny yourself and ive been alot through this time and its crazy its going to end now

Author's Response: Isn't it crazy? I loved every inch of this story, but every good thing has to end at some point :) Anywho, I wanted to thank you for all the love and support you have given this story. It really means alot!

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Review #39, by ECEL McGonagall's Office

26th April 2014:
Okay. So I absolutely adored Lenny and loved getting to watch her grow up and learn. She is so crazy! When I first began your story I thought: What a weirdo. But she definitely grew on me and now I want to read more of her madness!! Hilarious truly. Great narration.

Author's Response: She was originally very strange, but she grew into a beautiful young woman. I couldn't have enjoyed writing her story more. Thank you so much for the love. It really means the world

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Review #40, by VV Potter's New Years Eve Party (Part Two)

25th April 2014:
This was refreshing. I liked it.

Author's Response: I'm glad you did, VV! More where that came from.

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Review #41, by Loving_Sirius_4eva McGonagall's Office

22nd April 2014:

This chapter was awesome.
Great Chapter idea. I love how they were all brought in one by one. I hope the story doesn't end in a tragic.

i really love this story.

It is sad that it's coming to an end already. Perhaps a sequel is in the making?

haha. Can't wait for the next chapter,

Author's Response: Well you KNOW its gonna be packed with Sirius/Lenny stuff. Would i have their love story any other way?

Now I know I'm a bit dramatic sometimes.but end it tragically? You don't know me as well as I thought you did ;) Jk!

I'm hoping for a sequel, but with a second baby on the way, I'm not sure how much time I'll have. We will have to see in the coming months!

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Review #42, by Hmscherer Eat your Toe

16th February 2014:
I kina like how the main character isn't the stereotypical quite shy girl that most of these fanfic pair sirious up with

Author's Response: I was trying very hard to not make her so mary-sue. She needed her own personality.

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Review #43, by michelle_ginny_potter Potter's New Years Eve Party (Part Two)

15th February 2014:
Omg!!! Yay!!!:) Finally!! Why did it take so long?! They are adorable and amazing and perfect! Please update quickly:) 10/10

Author's Response: I could give you a million excuses as to why it took so long, but they'd be just that. Excuses. I am truly sorry, but thank you for reading! I will try sooo hard to update faster

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Review #44, by Loving_Sirius_4eva Potter's New Years Eve Party (Part Two)

14th February 2014:
OMG! THE MOMENT HAS COME. I SERIOUSLY CAN'T thank you enough. This update was the best thing that's happened to me this whole day. I loved every bit of it. The chemistry between Sirius and Lenny is flaring.

as usual: the writing was fantastic. The chapter plot and character interactions was magnificent :) My head is about to explode from all that awesomeness.

My last word for you:

Author's Response: It had to come eventually, right? Sirius and Lenny were destined (as per usual with stories, right?). I will update soon, darling. I'm so glad you're liking this story!

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Review #45, by Natalierules Potter's New Years Eve Party (Part Two)

13th February 2014:
Ahh finally loved how you tied the end of the chapter together 10/10 as usual update soon

Author's Response: Glad you liked it, Nat! Here's to L.C *clicks glass*

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Review #46, by Victory_4_Victoire Potter's New Years Eve Party (Part Two)

13th February 2014:
WHY??? WHY DO GOOD THINGS HAVE TO COME TO AN END? I WANT A NEVER ENDING L.C. STORY!!. and a never ending tub of ice cream, now that i think about it :P

Author's Response: Aw darling. Lets eat the ice cream together, yes? Don't worry, there will probably be a sequel!!

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Review #47, by newgenerationlover Potter's New Years Eve Party (Part Two)

12th February 2014:
Love, love, love it!!! So happy right now!!! Sirius and Lenny are finally together! *Happy dance*

Author's Response: It was bound to happen, right?

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Review #48, by Neha Potter's New Years Eve Party (Part Two)

11th February 2014:
this chapter is so nice
and cute...cant wait for next chapters...plz update soon...are you going to end this story?are you going write a squeal?

Author's Response: I'm glad you liked it!! The story is coming to a close in a couple of chapters, yes. I plan on writing a sequel, but trying to get feedback on that.

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Review #49, by Sam Potter's New Years Eve Party (Part One)

14th January 2014:
Good chapter! Can't wait to see Black's response to Hufflepuff. Glad Lenny is doing something for herself!

Author's Response: Ahh Hufflepuff. Such a... well, I can't put that word in this review.

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Review #50, by jamie Potter's New Years Eve Party (Part One)

12th January 2014:
This is a really cool story and I want sirius and lenny together soon. So please please please update soon.

Author's Response: :D. I love that youre so pro sirius/lenny! update is up! Hope you enjoyed :)

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