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Review #26, by Neha Christmas Eve

28th October 2013:
love the story..cant wait for more..plz update soon

Author's Response: I'm glad you enjoyed it! Next chapter will be to you shortly ;)

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Review #27, by Wordwitch13 Christmas Eve

26th October 2013:
Great chapter :) You make the cliches cool again

Author's Response: Well, you need cliches to make the world go round ;D

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Review #28, by moonfrog95 Christmas Eve

24th October 2013:
Love the new chapter, cant wait for the next xD

Author's Response: Thank you! Update sooner than you'd think from me ;D

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Review #29, by the ghost reader Christmas Eve

28th September 2013:
Hehe i like this chapter,,, it was good one,, nice ending.

Author's Response: Well glad you liked it! Little cliche, but I think every story needs their corny parts.

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Review #30, by Natalierules Christmas Eve

28th September 2013:
Good chapter ten out of ten

Author's Response: Thanks Nat!

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Review #31, by michelle_ginny_potter Christmas Eve

25th September 2013:
Hey! You're back! I would never leave you! Seriously i love Lenny too much! Her and Sirius are too cute! Please update quickly! 10/10

Author's Response: Awh thanks for not leaving!! And hopefully you haven't left since the last update... :/

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Review #32, by Sam Christmas Eve

24th September 2013:
Yay! So happy to read your new update! Great chapter, I can't wait to find out how Sirius and Lenny's next conversation/interaction will go! =)

Author's Response: Oh it'll be interesting, I'll assure you of that (being as I am actually writing said interaction right now!)

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Review #33, by just jennifer Christmas Eve

23rd September 2013:
aw I just love this story! this was one of the first ones I read on this sight and I've been with it from the moment I read it and I will be there until the end! the cliches - I love the way you write them so that they aren't too cringey and are actually sweet :) keep updating!

Author's Response: AWWHH thanks!! I'm very touched that this was one of your first. I'm super excited to keep writing this and I cannot wait until you all see what I have in store for Sirius and Lenny :D

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Review #34, by Hedwig_Pie Christmas Eve

23rd September 2013:
so cliche, but i love it! cliche in a good way, ya know? great chapter, update soon!

Author's Response: Cliche is the fun part, my love :D

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Review #35, by Victory_4_Victoire Christmas Eve

23rd September 2013:
YAY and another one's up! And you don't have to worry I don't think I could ever get bored of this story. And I know you won't like me for this but i'm not going to try to guess what happens next because as you said, Lenny isn't predictable and therefore I doubt the story will be either. Can't wait for the next one :)

Author's Response: Well I am very glad that you agree that Lenny isn't predictable! She's got her own little path that she tends to follow that not even I can see.

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Review #36, by SoaringPatronus Christmas Eve

22nd September 2013:
ek! You updated :) :) :) That made me super happy. You better update again soon!

You should make the next chapter from Sirius's point of view. Because that would be super cutesy and awesome!

I love your story. It always makes me laugh randomly in the library while other people give me funny looks :p

Update soon!

Author's Response: I am working on it, I promise! LOL. I love writing Sirius's point of view, I'm really going to have to do that more. I laugh to myself a bit too when I'm writing and get really weird looks from my husband (since I don't like him to watch me write).

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Review #37, by DraculoraMalfoy11 Attempts and Fails to Cheer Lenny Up

4th August 2013:
Lovely, just lovely, my dear. Oh, and I loved Remus's rabbit metaphor. I will be awaiting the next update.

Author's Response: I kind of just made up that metaphor in a spur of the moment, but I'm glad someone enjoyed and understood it! LOL

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Review #38, by Natalierules Attempts and Fails to Cheer Lenny Up

19th July 2013:
Good chapter I have been waiting forever and I'm gone two weeks and you updated funny really ok rate 10/10 ok bye update soon

Author's Response: Phew, good thing, eh? Chapters will come out at a better rate once the next couple months go by.

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Review #39, by JJ Attempts and Fails to Cheer Lenny Up

19th July 2013:
I discovered your story a couple of days ago and have been reading it more or less non stop. Now I have caught up with you I don't know what to do, I just want to move right on to the next chapter quickly so I can find out what happens. I love your story, it's amazing and I never want it to end! Your authors notes are really sweet as well, and your characterisation of Lenny is genius. I love Sirius. I hope it takes just as many chapters for you to finish this story (if it does have to end) as it took for Sirius to find out who L.C is. Basically, the same again if not more. Your story has made me laugh out loud in public and smile like a lunatic when my family are trying to have a conversation with me. I love it. I would have reviewed on all the other chapters but you wrote them so long ago it seemed redundant. Please update soon so I can go back to Lennyland and find out what happens to Lenny and Sirius over Christmas and when they go back to school! Love your story, never stop, about to check out your others now!

Author's Response: That's really really nice of you to say all of this! Seriously, this was the highlight of my day. Though it took me forever to respond (I do apologize) and update (I apologize more for that), I am still very touched with this. Lenny is the heart and soul of so many people and I'm glad you found her just as amusing as I did while writing her. Hope you enjoy the rest!

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Review #40, by just jennifer Attempts and Fails to Cheer Lenny Up

10th July 2013:
Woohoo new chapter! I loved it but that's because I love Lenny :) there had to be the snowball fight scene because its so cute and tension-y (not a word but I'll carry on) so I'm for it! Update soon please!

Author's Response: I love Lenny to. Snowball fights just have to be in every story. They make the story. Without those you wouldn't have a good story! Hahah update will be soon. I gotta update the other two and well.. you know how it goes ;)

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Review #41, by Loving_Sirius_4eva Attempts and Fails to Cheer Lenny Up

9th July 2013:
I missed this story greatly! I'm glad you updated a superb chapter with both Lenny and Sirius. I loved everything in this chapter. The drama, sadness and morality. It was perfect. I hope updates will be this frequent:) I shall await patiently for the next awesome fantastic mind-blowing chapter.


Author's Response: I'm hoping to make updates that frequent. I have weekends off now! wooo!! so they probably will be ;).

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Review #42, by michelle_ginny_potter Attempts and Fails to Cheer Lenny Up

9th July 2013:
Yay! You're back!! I missed good old Lennie:) what?! The end?!?! Why?! I loved their near kiss:) hopefully they will kiss properly and make up;)
10/10 (please update quicker :] )

Author's Response: No don't get sad! It was bound to end eventually, right? (tears tears tears)

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Review #43, by Victory_4_Victoire Attempts and Fails to Cheer Lenny Up

8th July 2013:
End? What end? I was under the impression that this fanfic would last forever? :P Great work
Vic :)

Author's Response: I'd seriously love to make it last forever. But then Id run out of things to write about. You can only say 'Lenny land' in a sentence for so long before your fingers get tired of typing it and all ;D

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Review #44, by EmmaLois Attempts and Fails to Cheer Lenny Up

8th July 2013:
Ghtfdsdcghnjjjhtthjkknbg... That is how excited I've been about this chapter. Wow, wow this one was so awesome. The teddy, lenny argument was really well written (as was the rest) and I think you updated pretty fast too. Please update again soon (I know I'm needy!) as I love this story! Lenny is amazing!

Author's Response: lisdfjlsdkfjsdlk this is how excited I was reading this review! woo hoo ! anyways, I'm glad you thought I updated fast! It needs to be faster in my opinion. Nothing wrong with needy! I like needy!

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Review #45, by Kaulitz Forever Into Sirius's Mind

24th June 2013:
I love the switched POV i've always loved it when guys mope about in stories.
I'm rushing this review so there's no proper caps or anything. I don't know what to say about this!! It's as wonderful as always! Can't wait for the next one!
Marcia XXX

Author's Response: I'm back! wo!! I'm back more than I was back before! Woo ho! Sorry, I'm a bit excited. Its beach day. WE NEED MORE CAPS! GIVE ME MORE CAPS!
Okay, I should probably stop responding to reviews in my current state.

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Review #46, by TimeSeer Into Sirius's Mind

9th June 2013:
THANK YOU! Now I know what is going through that guy's head. It was really driving me insane not knowing what was going on with him. So thank you. Also thank you for updating because I absolutely love this story and I really wanted to know what happened next. Anyway, please update soon!

Author's Response: I know he was being a little butt face but I was glad to get in his head so that people understood why he was being a butt. :D

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Review #47, by Sam Into Sirius's Mind

27th May 2013:
So happily surprised after checking back! Your story is as captivating as ever! Love how you switched to Sirius's point of view. It really worked for this chapter! Thanks for posting more =)

Author's Response: Awh thank you Sam. Sirius needed a little front light spotlight, so I thought I'd feed his ego a little bit ;D

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Review #48, by Wordwitch13 Into Sirius's Mind

24th May 2013:
I just read this whole story in one big gulp. I didn't even stop to eat (well, that's a lie. I read while eating and had to BRIEFLY stop to make the food). And you know what I did to satisfy my love for this story after reading 25 chapters non-stop? Read all the reviews for this last chapter. Doesn't it make you proud to see your reader's wacky Lennyisms bursting out in their reviews? I found it it funny and endearing. We love her so much we feel the need to express our love and appreciation for your story through her distinct and kaleidoscopeal (its not a word but it suits our/your Lenny, no?) voice.

This is a wonderful story. The premise is great, I love, LOVE the idea of finding your soulmates initials written in the stars (*cheezes*):P

Now I should probably comment on the story or your writing or the character right? But that would hardly be the Lenny thing to do. So here's what I propose instead...

Dear S.R.,

I can't say I'm particularly sure why I'm writing this. Lenny's making me. Well, I guess that's why. Astronomy is stupid and I think Astrology is too (cause really that's all that first assignment was! calling it anything different is a LIE!).
I digress.
Lenny tells me I should write you this letter cause although she said the process was bullshnipe for her . Sorry? What are bullshnipe? Big scaly creatures with antlers that trample everything in their path. Duh. Plus, stops me from actually repeating the word Lenny actually used which I can't write here :P.
The new POV was much appreciated, but the value of random POV is in its unexpected irregularity. I loved hearing Sirius' inner voice and I thought you did a really great job of it. But I love Lenny more.
Don't get me wrong, Sirius is great too. Sweet, cute and other mushy things. Wouldn't opposed to more shirtless scenes though. Wink, wink, nudge, nudge, say no more? ;)
Ready to jump back in the saddle? It scared me a little to hear you left it =:( And sorry about your laptop.
I'm honestly a fan for life now. No pressure. Wait. I take that back, feel the pressure! I'm making voodoo hand signals right now to bend you to my will. Pressure! Pressure! You should also imagine that in a creepy, gothic voice. Message received, good?
If you do not update this story to completion within my lifetime (I'm not old so this is quite achievable) I demand an elaborate apology and a mountain of chocolate. :D
Thank-you for the story so far. Look forward to reading your reply (a.k.a. the next chapter).


(cause I'm mysterious like that and if you want to discover my name, you'll have to earn it! Muahahahah! *clears throat* Or you could just look at the review name. You know, whatever works for you ;) )

Author's Response: You don't know how excited I was reading through this. This was probably the cutest, best review I've ever gotten in my whole life. I really seriously enjoyed this! Thank you so much for the review. Seriously made my whole freaking day! Hahaha! Sirius does need more shirtless scenes, I definitely agree with you there. And keep reviewing please. They make my day :D

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Review #49, by LilliBeaumont18 Into Sirius's Mind

15th May 2013:
I was nearly sure you had dropped this! But I am ecstatic you didn't, I love this story.
Nice touch with Sirius' POV.

Author's Response: I would never drop this! Ever!

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Review #50, by ClaryBlack Into Sirius's Mind

8th May 2013:
ALSO: i thought that everyone was reacting a little strongly to the whole broken heart thing... i mean, yes, sirius was a prick, but her dad just killed someone so... bigger fish, you know? like... obviously black isn't the only reason she;s upset right?
anyways, great chappie and glad you're back:) AND HURRY UP AND POST ANOTHER!!

Author's Response: Black ISN'T the only reason shes upset, thank you for understanding that! Lol I had a few people that didn't get why she was so broken hearted over him. No, it wasn't just him. Things all fall off their rocker at once.

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