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Review #26, by TenthWeasley April 3rd, 2024

25th March 2012:
Naida! Why do I not stalk your page more often? You're a very talented writer, and I feel like I need to remedy this in the near future. Starting now, of course, since you graciously agreed to a swap. Onwards!

I love the air of mystery that you set up with this first chapter, how the reader doesn't know what Lily did -- you've got that down magnificently, and it really makes me want to read on and figure out just what Harry Potter's daughter did that could have possibly been so bad. I felt bad for her at the same time, too, because you really painted a picture of depression and devastation well. And yet Lily's the perfect journalist already -- headstrong, stubborn, defiant. I've not read a lot of Lily II, but of what I have read, yours is one of my favorites. And all that after one chapter!

Granted, I've not read a ton of your other stuff, and so comparisons are mildly weak -- but next generation and humor should be no struggle for you if this is any measure of writing. :D I'm sort of in the same boat, writing a next generation humor/fluff novella while balancing some more serious WIPs, and I agree with you about how nice the change is sometimes. But you make this seem so effortless, and I'm actually a bit jealous! You've characterized everyone to make them YOURS and that's perhaps the most difficult thing to do, will all the next gen floating out about the archives.

I really want to read on to see what went wrong for Lily, and if everything gets sorted -- and you can bet I will, at some point in the future. ;) Spelling, grammar, plot -- all top notch. I'm so glad you asked me to read this, because I might not have otherwise, and what a tragedy that might have been!

♥ Great first chapter, Naida. You've hooked me in, and I can't wait to read the rest!

Author's Response: No, no, Jane, you have this all wrong. YOU are the very talented writer and I am the one that needs to stalk your page more often. But thank you!

I have the need to have mystery in my first chapters. I was all set and prepared to open with the legit first chapter that's now the second chapter, but then I decided it was boring and I needed mystery. Even though this story has very little mystery in it! :P But I am glad you feel bad for her. And seriously, that's one of the best compiments I have ever gotten. I haven't read a lot of Lily II either, so hearing that she's one of your favorites is a super big ego boost :P

NO NO NO I CAN'T WRITE HUMOR D: It is a nice change to be inside Lily's head and get to be cynical and funny and all that (she's loosely based on me :D) but I can't write humor. It's amazing for me to hear that it seemed effortless, because it really wasn't. You really shouldn't be jealous though. No, I'm jealous of your insane writing skills. Wanna trade? :D Eek, i think it's more that I just don't pay attention to anyone else. My characters control me. They're their own people. I have no say in their actions :P



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Review #27, by Cavell September 1st

24th March 2012:
Of course I shall feed your grey box! This is a good start to the story, but that might just be me because I prefer shorter chapters for the introduction bit. I like how you put Hugo, Lily and Al into Ravenclaw instead of Gryffindor, and it's nice for the change. So far, so good, as I am really enjoying this. It seems like a new, different, fresh idea, and I wonder why it hasn't been done before, but oh well! Update soon, please?

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I prefer shorter introductory chapters too-longer ones tend to lose my attention, and I like starting off with a little bit of mystery. Al is actually a Gryffie. I probably didn't make that clear though. Hugo and Lily are in Ravenclaw though, because I decided to break up the Weasley in Gryffindor tradition, and also because I'm sick of all the heros being Gryffindors :P Thank you though. I definitely want it to be fresh!


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Review #28, by AC_rules September 1st

23rd March 2012:
You just mentioned food. That was pretty cruel, because /eurgh/ stupid school. By law, if you don't have any money on your thumb (my school is ridiculous enough that you have to use your thumb print to buy food, to avoid people being bullied into buying people food.) they have to allow you to eat, but /apparantly/ because I'm a sixthformer the law does not apply to me. So they wouldn't let me buy lunch.

I mean, I've had lunch now (at 4 O'Clock :|) so i think the only reason I'm still hungry is out of indignance.

So yes, review box, I understand your hunger. AND I WILL FEED YOU.

Is /HE/ The Fake Weasley? (I lovelovelovelovelove that, btw). Ben. I've never had a Ben in one of my stories... and I liked it. I really liked the stuff about the memorial, btw. AND I WANT TO SEEE IT.

Also, this has more of the feel of JK's Hogwarts than most next gen rom coms when everything is like draammma, I think it's because they're excited and interested about normal Hogwarts things - whos quidditch captain, what's the memorial going to look like, why isn't peeves throwing things at us. I really liked that :D



Weekly updates for the rest of time? Right? ;)

(my favourite bit is still Al getting his parents attention by making loud noises with his wand. Gennious).


Author's Response: THIS.

Um...I apologize for Lily needing to eat breakfast? You know, it's just something people normally do. ;) Lunch though, lunch is unecessary. As are thumbprints (I've actually never heard that in my LIFE. My school gives you a number to memorize. ) But I am sorry for your lack of food. And thank you for understanding the pain of my review box. It's very happy now :D

I LOVE BEN. I'm going to tell you Ben's story some day. It's very strange. And I love him. In fact, I'm already planning a Ben-centric novel because he doesn't get his fair share of the spotlight in this :P (SEE WHAT YOU'VE DONE TO ME. MUST STOP PLANNING WIP's!) Though no, Ben is not "him". Gosh, I nearly put the ship in the summary! It's so not a big deal, but I love that everyone is so curious about him :P

See, I think you've just hit the main reason I don't read a lot of Next Gen. So many people focus on romance and pranks and all of that that they forget this is a /school/. Kids go to classes and do work and Peeves pulls pranks and they have a whole lot more to worry about than just romance. So yes, major compliment, thank you so much! ♥ I really want to maintain the integrity of Hogwarts.


I still don't know how to spell that word :P

You should know me better than to ask for weekly updates, but I'll try :D

(And thank you.)


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Review #29, by liltinglight September 1st

19th March 2012:
Hey! Just to let you know, your writing is honestly superb! I am excited to see what you cook up in the next few chapters. :)


Author's Response: Thank you so much! ♥ That means a lot to me and thanks for taking the time to leave a review :D People like you inspire me to keep writing!


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Review #30, by Moonyxluna September 1st

19th March 2012:
I thought I added this to my favorites but I guess not. It is now! I really loved this chapter. I got a fantastic sense of the humor throughout, so great work on that. I loved the bit about Lily forgetting her trunk in her third year :p I could perfetly imagine Harry's face when he found out.

Well.. I have a guess who 'he' is, but I think I cheated a little bit :p I liked how you introduced Hattie and Ben, and I loved how everyone calls him the fake Weasley.

I LOVE that you included Peeves! He's so underappreciated and he has such a fantastic potential for humor. Although if he's acting suspicious that's probably not a good sign :)

Great work again! I'm looking forward to reading more about what and where the memorial is, as well as the introduction of "him" :)

Author's Response: Aww, thank you ♥ YAY FOR HUMOR. I don't want Lily to be your typical clumsy OC, but I couldn't resist with that part :P Ben is one of my favorite characters I've ever come up with. Sadly, he won't actually be a huge part of the story :(

I didn't even think about Peeves being under appreciated, tbh, but not that you mention it, YOU'RE RIGHT. It just seemed so natural to write him in :P

Thank you again!


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Review #31, by javct April 3rd, 2024

19th March 2012:
This is very intriguing!
I don't normally read Next-Generation stories because they are just so cliche'd it's unbelievable! But this isn't. You've used Lily Luna as a main character which doesn't happen very often and the plot is different :)

I really enjoyed this! The imagery and descrption in this story was brilliant and you really captured Lily Luna's anxiety perfectly (this is coming from a professional worrier) Brilliant story!

Author's Response: Thank you so much!

I don't normally read Next Gen either, actually, so that's a HUGE compliment. I went out of my way to find the typical cliches before writing this, and I'm trying super super hard not to make this cliched, so thank you :) I was actually shocked at the lack of Lily stories. I love her as a character, but everyone seems to focus on Rose :( Thank you again!


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Review #32, by EverMalfoy(Diggory) April 3rd, 2024

17th March 2012:
Ah! I will be adding to favorites when I stop being lazy and log in!

This is supposed to be a humor? Oh--the beginning seems supper serious! I'm thinking she's pregnant?Off to read summary after this...

I have been getting hooked on Next-Gen lately, and I am thrilled with this one! I cannot wait to read more!

I wish I could give you something to improve on...but I've got nothing! Hooray!

This has really got me hooked! Cant wait to read more! 10/10



Author's Response: Hi there! Thank you so much!

It will be a humor, I promise. Except that I can't live without my fair share of mystery, and I like weird first chapters, so there you go. The next chapter will hopefully be a bit more humorous though? Haha, and she isn't preganant. I can reveal that xD

Thank you once again! It's a huge compliment to know that you want to read more :D


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Review #33, by EnigmaticEyes16 April 3rd, 2024

16th March 2012:
I think this is a great start to your story! I can't wait to find out more about what it is Lily's done and what's going to happen because of it. I think you're doing a really good job so far with the new style and hope to read more soon. And good luck with the story!


~green with envy 2012~

Author's Response: Thank you so much for your kind words! The style is surprisngly flowing well for me, and the next chapter is in the queue :D Thanks again!


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Review #34, by Lizzie *to lazy to log in* April 3rd, 2024

16th March 2012:
Okay, my resolution this year was to review everything I read, even if it was boring. EVERYTHING. Because if there's one thing that I've learned with this whole fanfiction experiance, it's that if you don't get story reviews, then you get insecure about your story, and then you start wondering if it's your writing style, and then you start worrying about your characters, and your ability to write overall, and you get depressed and stop writing and then you get even more depressed because writing is like your WHOLE ENTIRE LIFE and--

I forgot what I was talking about.

Oh. Right. Every story deserves a review, even if it's boring.

So, I'm reviewing your story...even though it's boring.




NO just kidding that would be so mean!

I personally love Lily Potter II. She's adorable when she's young and such a strong and complicated character when she's older, and I think you captured that perfectly. The fact that she wants to be journalist enticed me immediately (because I want to be a journalist ;).

And, him! No, it can't be lower case.


Who is HIM? An old boyfriend? A best friend that the press caught her snogging or something? Political enemy of Harry or Ginny's?

Scorpius Malfoy, maybe?

I don't know, I've never shipped Scorpius/Lily before. I always imagine Scorpius being with Rose.


Definitely a great way to start out a story. I love James, he seems funny. And you put just enough emotion into Lily so she has a foundation to start on, and also room to grow as a character.

Overall, a great story. Update soon, I'll be waiting!

*wink wink*

That was probably really creepy.

Okay. Stop. Rambling.

Update soon.


Author's Response: Hello Lizzie!

First of all, that's such an amazing resolution. Really. So many authors are going to be so happy because of your reviews (which are, by the way, lovely) and it's just generally a great thing to do! So thank you! ♥

And I'm glad my story wasn't boring :P

Ahh, my Lily is a cross between myself (and in RL I'm very different than on HPFF) and one of my best friends, so I'm hoping she'll have some complexity because of that. So yeah, really glad you like her.

Can't say much about HIM I'm afraid :P Though he'll crop up pretty soon here. Just wanted to have some mystery xD

I've always imagined Scorpius and Rose together too, though I can't decide whether or not mention a relationship between them in this story. But, I can reveal that Lily's mysterious HIM is not Scorpius.

Thank you again for your lovely review. The next chapter is all typed up and ready to be sent into the queue as soon as I'm done typing this, SO update shall be soon :D

Not creepy at all. In fact, my favorite type of review.

Thank you again.

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Review #35, by Snapdragons April 3rd, 2024

14th March 2012:
Yay, this is your next gen humor story! Super excited. While we didn't get as much as the humor in this chapter, I think it was necessary that you set the story up - which you did fantastically! I'm intrigued as to what exactly happened that's seemed to blow up in Lily's face... ooh, scandal.

I like your Lily and I liked how we already got a quick glimpse at who the other characters are and her relationships with them - cleverly done, subtle but there! (James sounds funny. heh.)

Loved how it ended with her going from sad and depressed and then all of the sudden, she's sort of recovering and bouncing back... Okay, I did not do that justice, but I could totally see this in my head like in a movie and I'm telling you, it makes sense in my head. I promise. But this line was so perfect: Lily grinned. The outcome of her foray into the world of journalism may not have gone to plan, but she wouldn't have had it any other way.

WAHOO! And then, of course, we have the mysterious HE who definitely deserves caps locks. He's not a he, he's a HE. (because that makes sense)

I have complete faith that you're going to pull this off beautifully! And along the way, I'll be sure to leave you flailing, rambly reviews galore. (Disclaimer: I don't think I'm capable of leaving a totally coherent review. You have been warned.)

Author's Response: OH HAI THERE :D

Yeah, I do realize I kinda lied with the whole "humor" piece, but I promise I'm trying to be funny in the next chapter (which should go into the queue tonight or tomorrow :D) Scandals are always funnn.

I wanted to set up the characters without just giving a list of names, because there are so many people to introduce in next gen stories. Stupid Weasleys. Too many children :P

I couldn't have a depressing ending! I'm really glad you like it though, and ooh movie? That's a huge compliment, thank you! ♥

HE is pretty awesome. You wanna guess who? It's not really that big of a surprise, but I felt like I had to keep the mysterious tone up :P

Thank you for this lovvely review! Flailing reviews are my favorite, don't worry :D I can rarely write coherrently either :P



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Review #36, by AC_rules April 3rd, 2024

7th March 2012:
Full of intrigue and excitement, of course :)



NAH THERES MORE TO MY REVIEW. Although not much more because I'm all out of words (quite rare for me, I must say) but anyway, on that note hello and how are you and I'm writing this instead of responing to your review on Azkaban which forsure makes me quite a bad person.

I thought this was a good place to start and I have a feeling that you're going to nail this whole humour thing, so no worries there. I really like Lily and James and Albus and who is HE?

Anyway, very much exicted to read more my love! :)


Author's Response: Whoa. You're out of words. Well this is a first. :P

My review responses are always so boring >.< You leave the loveliest reviews and I never know what to say in return, whereas your review responses never fail to make me grin. I can't even decide which I like more, your reviews or responses :P

I'm really glad you liked the starting point and I feel like I'm going to be begging you for help with every chapter, but it means a lot that you believe in me :P

And HE. I like HIM.

Thank you so much ♥


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Review #37, by BettyMaeStrange April 3rd, 2024

7th March 2012:
Hiya Naida, it's IWNM. ;D

As a first chapter I really, really enjoyed this - I love the suspense you've kept up and though I'm fairly sure I know what's happening considering the circumstances, I'm still left with questions unanswered.

I really enjoyed the relationships you portrayed - that of Lily and her parents, and then James; you already gave us a clear picture of the way the characters will be represented and there was a great feeling of empathy towards Lily because of her family's reactions to what the Prophet had said - whatever that may be...

The starting line was very punchy and you really got me engaged with the story - you were able to keep up the suspense for the whole of the chapter which was great, and I can't wait to see what happens next.

Awesome job, Naida! xxx

Author's Response: Thank you so much for taking the time to review! You really didn't have to do that, having helped me so much already, but I appreciate it more than anything :)

I wanted to build up some suspense (I like suspense :P) so I'm really glad that worked. And the relationships was another thing I really wanted to hit, so the fact that came across well was perfect.

Ahh, the starting line is actually what got me started on this story :P Your review was pretty much one of the loveliest things ever, thank you sooo much ♥


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Review #38, by Moonyxluna April 3rd, 2024

7th March 2012:
This start was lovely :) It really instantly drew me in to wanting to read more about what happened, as well as gave a good introduction to Lily's character.

I liked how you didn't have Harry and Ginny yell at her about what happened. (even personally knowing, it's going to be intersting to see what path you choose for the events) I think it stayed true to Harry's character to be 'dissapointed' against 'mad'. Which, like Lily mentioned, is always worse for parents to say.

Brilliant first chapter! I'm looking forward to reading more :)

Author's Response: Eeek, thank you so much for reviewing! You really didn't have to do that, considering how much you helped me already, but this review meant the world. Thank youuu!

I'm so glad you liked the start because I second guessed myself about 3000 times :P I like drama though, so there you go.

Harry and Ginny are too nice to yell, don't you think? Haha, I always find it strange when they get really angry in nextgen storries, especially Harry.

Thank you again! ♥


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