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Reading Reviews for Delilah's Black Book of Poems
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Review #26, by roxyroxtheworld The Art in Dark Arts

28th September 2017:
Lol I can only guess the missing piece is hermione... it's probably wrong tho... I must admit I'm not to bright of a person. And wow! Draco really showed a different side of him to several different people in this chapter! The way he let pansy down easy... but then again maybe it is exactly like him because now she has regrets when it comes to him. Had he been mean and cruel to her when he broke up with her then she most likely wouldn't regret the way she treated him so in a sick twisted way... maybe it's exactly like him... jk and even with lavender! I never would have guessed she was poly juice girl but now that I read and we know then she does fit the part perfectly! Any who great chapter and story!

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Review #27, by roxyroxtheworld Wolves, Rabbits, and Snowy Constellations

27th September 2017:
This chapter is so full! I loved the story of the wolves and of them together on the astronomy tower! Dark times are getting closer and closer. I'm excited to read more!!! Oh and also the bit about being named after stars! I love it!!!

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Review #28, by roxyroxtheworld Magical Art and Black Canvas Vaults

25th September 2017:
I'm very glad you had it be pansy working with lavender. Having it be Draco would have put him way too much out of character then he already is. Lol I also enjoyed reading Draco and Pansy's conversation about having lavender help lol. Anyway I'm interested in reading more of Draco and hermione!

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Review #29, by roxyroxtheworld Running from the Kitchen

25th September 2017:
Love this chapter!!! Full of fun spent with two people who care so much for each other! I love nights and times like this!!! I'm afraid that'll be the most fun that happens in this story for the next little while. I so do hope I'm wrong tho

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Review #30, by roxyroxtheworld Surrounded by Magical Graffiti - Part 2

25th September 2017:
Wow that chapter was pretty full!! And I'm very interested in reading about how the war goes cuz with the obvious hints of them not starting a relationship before a war being there then I'm assuming you'll write about it so I am very interested to see how it goes! Also really enjoyed this chapter!!! Those kisses! And the magical wall can read what's on the heart!!! I do wonder when someone is going to notice that bit of graffiti!

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Review #31, by roxyroxtheworld Surrounded by Magical Graffiti - Part 1.

25th September 2017:
I love reading about the many secrets of Hogwarts! And wow... is Draco really gonna tell hermione about Stella? Hm.. I'm very into this story!!!

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Review #32, by roxyroxtheworld Alone with Granger

23rd September 2017:
OMG! Lol I don't know why but for some reason I really enjoy reading about Draco and hermione. Anyway such a great story!!!

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Review #33, by roxyroxtheworld A Slytherin New Year's Eve Party

23rd September 2017:
Wow Draco's life is tuff isn't it. All these stupid girls chasing him around. It's really kind of lame the way girls do that... but I love the way you write this story! I also loved the part with seborah!! Anyways excited to read more! !!

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Review #34, by roxyroxtheworld Draco's Women

22nd September 2017:
Wow. I would not want to be Draco. No wonder he's got issues. Jk but wow I don't like these losers. I do hope tho that you'll tell us who the mystery one is. I'm pretty sure it wasn't hermione. She wouldn't do something like that... would she? Anyways I must keep reading

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Review #35, by roxyroxtheworld Hermione's Window Seat

22nd September 2017:
I am very curious to know who sent her that letter.. and I'm still even more amazed at all of your ideas! I so love all of this story so far! Even tho most of it has been sad with a few happy moments. You write them so well that I'm just excited to read more!!!

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Review #36, by roxyroxtheworld Draco's Teenage Mouth and a Mother's Revenge

22nd September 2017:
I'm amazed at all of your ideas and the way you wrote this story! I probably would have done the same thing to Draco. Obliviating him. He's got some fight in him doesn't he and of course we all know he's got a way with words. I love the way you've written this story so far and I'm very excited to read about hermione!!!

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Review #37, by roxyroxtheworld Draco Awakes

22nd September 2017:
I was hoping Draco would give them Christmas presents!!! I loved reading this chapter! And I'm really liking Abraxas! Makes me want time know more of his story. Also I really hope I'll get to read of the Weasley's Christmas morning!

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Review #38, by roxyroxtheworld A Future Christmas Tragedy

22nd September 2017:
So so very sad... I'm excited to read about how you help Draco become the better man!

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Review #39, by roxyroxtheworld Present Day Burrow and a Future with Astoria

22nd September 2017:
I'm excited to read more of Draco's journey on Christmas eve! I love the way you've written everything so far. Your a great author!

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Review #40, by roxyroxtheworld Abraxas Malfoy and a Christmas Past

22nd September 2017:
Interesting but sad first chapter :'( I do love how you used a Christmas Carol tho. I love that movie!!!

Author's Response: Dearest Roxy, This is the 900th review of this story! Oh, my Black family stars I thank you from my heart that you found this story and took a chance on it. You have left many adorable comments already and I appreciate each one. I hope you continue enjoying these two as they fall deeper and deeper into love's powerful realm.
Sincerely, Dark Whisper

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Review #41, by Yuna Li The Funerals of the Fallen

14th September 2017:
I am sorry to hear of your dad. I lost my dad when I was eleven, and I am now in my late twenties. Not a day goes by that I don't miss him and his presence. It gets easier though.
That said, I am absolutely IN LOVE with this story and your ability to create a scene in my head. I have read many many Dramione fanfics and this definitely is one of the best. I don't know how long ago this was written but still would like you to know all of this. I have been on this site many times and now only ever go for the completed Dramione fanfics. Well done, and I love it.

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Review #42, by Navya Roy Epilogue: What happened?

26th August 2017:
Where can i find love love this? This is love that is so rare and powerful. The story was beautifully written. Little sonber but beautiful ending. beautiful absoluty beautiful. So sad that there isn't more love in the world Love this

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Review #43, by Jasmine Helm Epilogue: What happened?

15th August 2017:
This book... wow!!! It has tugged my heart with every chapter. It is absolutely beautiful. Please never stop writing!!! I am amazed how beautifully you've written it. And even more so how you used your own grief as an inspiration instead of giving up. Your writing seems very similar to JKR's!! I've fallen in love with this story, along with everyone else who's read it. Thank you for sharing such a gift with all of us!!! I hope you continue writing. Thank you for such a beautiful story!! All my love to the gifted romantic ❤️

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Review #44, by Sarie17287 Epilogue: What happened?

11th August 2017:
Thank you!
What a wonderful story.
As a teenager I read the HP books as JK Rowling created a world that could escape the troubles I had in my life. As I have grown into an adult these books have continued to be my escape.
You also created that world for me also.
You have an amazing talent and should continue to write.
I also have suffered the loss of my father and know the heartache that comes with that.
My dad also taught me to follow my dreams and also taught me that I didn't need a prince to make me special as I already was.
PLEASE continue to write. You have an amazing talent.
Continue to create a world that people can become lost in.
And if you ever publish this in anyway PLEASE let me buy a signed copy!!
You are amazing!

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Review #45, by Grahammom Epilogue: What happened?

28th July 2017:
What a wonderful journey you took us on!!

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Review #46, by Joyful J Epilogue: What happened?

14th July 2017:
This story touched me in ways I can't describe.
It made me cry, esp the last bit when Draco was an old man. Partially because I've accepted that with my family history that is likely to be my reality.
But their life ended as it should, quiet peaceful, in love, together.
Dramiony is my favorite ship of all time

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Review #47, by Sara Epilogue: What happened?

2nd June 2017:
Wow. That says it all. This story is AMAZING. I have read it twice and I want to read it again. I have read about 8 other HPFF stories since reading this one and they don't nearly compare. Your writing was so convincing I believed that this could all have happened along with the real stories. You should be very proud of this. I teach writing to middle school students and I myself hope to one day write something as fantastic as this. PLEASE WRITE MORE!!

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Review #48, by Kimmy Ridley Epilogue: What happened?

25th March 2017:
What a truly magical novel. My heart is aching in the most wonderful way. Never stop writing. I loved every single moment. Thank you xoxo

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Review #49, by BBHP A Lonely Friend

23rd March 2017:
I'm obsessed with this story. I've been binge-reading it for the past few days, every chance I get. Good work on creating such an addicting story!

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Review #50, by Mirror Mirror Epilogue: What happened?

11th March 2017:
It's been over ten years since I started reading HP fan fiction and, until now, I've never felt compelled to sign-up and leave a review for anyone.

I'll admit that when I first starting reading this story, I wasn't sure if I was going to like it, but I persevered and I'm very glad I did. Over the chapters the quality of your writing blossoms; the characters become more believable, the style of your writing flows better and everything becomes so much more alive. Please believe me when I say that the way you were able to evoke emotions in me is an utter gift. I have read a lot, not just fan fiction, and I can honestly say that this story is one of very, very few that has left me feeling completely raw emotionally and a little lost. I've dedicated every spare moment of my time, over the last week, to reading this and now it's over I'm not really sure what to do with myself.

I've never come across a HPFF author that has provided such a detail back-story, like the way in which Crabbe and Malfoy became friends, or that has imagined such inventive, unique additions to Hogwarts/the magical world, i.e. the graffiti wall beneath the courtyard. These little snippets were so wonderful and really show what an incredible imagination you must have.

I also loved how you built up the relationship between Draco and Hermione; they didn't automatically fall in love, but there was undeniably a chemistry between them that took on a world of its own, despite them both knowing how 'wrong' it was.

I truly want to say thank you for such an amazing read. I really don't know how I'm ever going to be able to read another DM/HG fan fiction without comparing it to this one; I know it'll fall short. I think you might possibly have ruined my reading experience from now on, ha!

Wishing you all the best,
Mirror Mirror

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