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Review #26, by CambAngst  Nervous Thoughts

3rd June 2012:
Tagging you from the Review the Person Above You thread in the common room.

So I have to say that I've only seen a few people try to write about how Hermione got her parents back from Australia. I have a plot bunny about it that's on my short list of projects to attempt after I finish CoB. I thought this was one of the nicest starts to the idea that I've read.

Ron seemed so genuine and happy and goofy... perfectly in character. He is so smitten. His love for her is reshaping him in so many good ways, yet the essence of who he is -- and why she loves him -- is perfectly preserved. Bravo!

For her part, Hermione is understandably agitated by the slow progress, yet he's helping her to find some peace and let the Australians do what they have to. Again, I think it shows an appropriate amount of character growth. You're pacing them very well.

I did notice three things that seem like you might want to look at them again:

-- "Sorry ‘bout that, Thomson and I are Animagus" - I think the plural is "Animagi", but I could be wrong.

-- "so bare with me here." - bear

-- "Harry’s looking smoothing over things with Gringotts" - I think this should say, "Harry's smoothing things over with Gringotts"

Overall, a very nice chapter! I will be looking toward this for insight and inspiration when I get to my own version of Ron and Hermione's adventure in Aussie-land.

Author's Response: Hehehe :D Thank you so much for leaving my 80th review!!
Kay, now that that's out lol, I love how you notice all the things that I've been trying to get across to my readers, you've given me hope that my writing is doing it's purpose :D Also thank you for being so thourough in catching the slip ups I do have. Once chapter 10 comes out I'll start working on editing. It seems like a nice point to do it at. If you like how thier time in Aussie starts, I hope you like what I have in store for them :D I'm so flattered that I'll be helping you with this area. I think it's an important part to get right in stories after the war.
Again, I can't tell you how grateful I am for your reviews. I'll see if there's anything in behind the curtain I can review for you :D

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Review #27, by WeasleyTwins Food for thought

28th May 2012:
Hi, WeasleyTwins here to review as requested!

For your first fanfiction, I believe you are doing good. Many first fanfictions are all dialogue and no description. But here, you've really put in descriptions and tried to set up the scene for your readers, so well done!

So, I'll just jump right into things and discuss the interest of the chapter. Honestly, I think that people are starting your story and then not continuing because of the grammatical mistakes and typos - spelling errors, tense confusion, and other such things. We're all not grammar geniuses, nor do we catch every mistake. I think that if you went over to the forums and requested a beta, your beta could help you smooth out these kinds of errors. I believe if you fix these types of grammatical issues, your chapter would be much easier to read and readers would be more likely to continue. I know that many readers on this site look for proper grammar because it makes for a smoother read and also so that they can focus on the plot and characterizations and overall feel of the story.

As for believability, I think what you've got is very plausible. But I would remind you to keep the characterizations and descriptions consistent. For example, at the very beginning when you describe Ginny's reactions to the tragedy, it seems a bit mixed. At one point Ginny says she doesn't want to be upset and at another she's very choked up. Of course, Ginny would be very distraught at the death of her brother. However, what I'm trying to say is that in your descriptions and dialogues, remember to convey this idea that she wants to be strong, but really can't be - you don't want to present a contradiction to readers.

Also, if you are planning on sticking to canon, remember to be careful with characterizations. I like how you've written Ginny because you've made her character your own, it's Harry that I'm a bit concerned about. It's only because I read the series and know Harry inside and out, but I do have a suggestion. Harry really isn't one to tell someone his emotions in depth. He will tell them, but not in an extensive manner. So, during the section with his POV, I think that some of the dialogues are a bit loaded. The descriptions of his emotions are fine. It just seemed to me that Harry wouldn't be that verbal with his love. I definitely think he would say "I love you" but maybe not in so many words.

I really liked your ending - I thought it was creative. Overall, for your first fanfiction, I think you're off to a decent start. I hope I wasn't too harsh. Please feel free to re-request anytime!


Author's Response: Thank you very much. The first chapter I've re-edited over and over by now, but it still seems like I need to go over it. I can see how I would been a little inconsistant with Ginny's character, and then descriptions. It's tricky though, because I do want to get across that she's trying to be strong, but can't be all the time. So I'll have to go over it again to make sure that's happening like I imagine it.
Harry has been trickier than I thought, and yeah I can see some of the dialogues I put in are loaded, not just with Harry either. I've tried to stay away from it, but as a somewhat new writer, it is a hard habit to get out of.
No you were definitely un-harsh, just realistic, and that is super helpful when writers want to improve and not just write whatever comes to mind. Which I've definitely done my fair share of :P
Thank you for the tips!

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Review #28, by CambAngst Sentimental thoughts

27th May 2012:
Tagging you from the Review Tag thread.

Ron's section was clever and fun and heart-warming. It had that essential happy, goofy, slightly confused feel to it that is quintessentially Ron. I think you nailed his character perfectly. I did find it a tad hard to believe that he wouldn't have known what an "air plane" was, but I understand the spirit of the comment.

"Literally, Neville and his Grandmother are here," - Gold, Jerry, gold!

Moving on to Hermione's section, I absolutely loved the moment between Arthur and Molly that she overhears. Fred was such a huge loss for the two of them, but they handle it with such bravery and love for one another. A great example for any young couple. And then you highlight the way that Ron and Hermione have taken to Sirius James and vise-versa. They're already starting to seem like they have the basics of being good parents. Or at least a good aunt and uncle.

I don't think we've heard from Lee so far, and it was pleasant and novel. Nobody is likely hurting as bad as George from Fred's death, but Lee must have felt it a lot, being as close to them as he was. He's a very good friend, trying his hardest to cheer up the one guy who reminds him more than anyone else in the world of the friend that he lost.

I really, really love the way that the PoV shifts are working for you in this chapter. The transition from George cracking a smirk to Bill seeing it and feeling good for his brother was sublimely done.

You did a terrific job, I think, of capturing the responsibility that Bill feels for all of his younger siblings. He carries so much weight on his own shoulders, even though nobody has asked him to. And Fleur is right there to support him and make sure that he takes some time for himself. You did a great job of writing what makes them such a happy, loving couple.

You lay out some really interesting aspects of the relationships that the characters are building with Sirius James and the roles they might play in his future in Hermione's last PoV section. It did bring Teddy to mind, and made me wonder how he's going to fit into the picture. Harry has two godsons now...

And then Kingsley comes along and bang, out of the chapter we go. I thought your writing was fantastic in this one. Nothing distracting, nothing repetitive or singsongy. Nice mix of dialog, inner monologue and narrative. Well done!

Author's Response: you know what would be really cool? having a hidden camera that captures the huge smiles your reviews give me :D I mean, I started giggling in happiness and everything lol. Thank you for being so detailed in your reviews, it covers just everything that I get worried about, and makes me sooo happy. These are the kind of reviews that gets me motivated to work harder to the next step in the story. I've recently been reminding myself that after their recovery there's going to have to be a Real plot line for the rest of it. I've gotten the idea for it, and I'll run with it. I'm just glad my idea of having different POV's are working for everyone, I get nervous about the story not moving forward enough. A lot happens though in these next months for everyone, and needs to be addressed I feel. Thank you sooo much for the lovely review :)

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Review #29, by CambAngst Mad Thoughts

10th May 2012:
Tagging you from the Review the Person Above You thread in the common room.

In the midst of everything that's going on with Cora and young Sirius James, I liked the fact that you took a break to explore what's going on with some of the other characters. You even managed to segue into it smoothly, which is a definite plus.

Poor George. It's tough to even imagine the extent of his suffering. I thought you captured his thoughts and his need for solitude quite well. I also liked the way you set up his moment with Luna. She didn't come barging in, trying to get him to open up and spill all of his sorrows. Instead, she just offered to share a moment of pain and grieving with him. I thought that was very nicely done.

Following Luna afterwards, I enjoyed your take on her inner monologue as she makes her way to St. Mungo's. You did a good job of capturing the person behind the caricature and expressing her very real, human feelings of hurt and grief. It's very easy to think of Luna as a person who doesn't suffer, because she is so strange and mercurial.

And her scene with Neville was the high point of the chapter. I loved the effortless sort of way that the two of them were able to comfort one another as they both dealt with the toll that the war took on their families. There was nothing artificial or high-minded about it. It all felt completely genuine and heart-wrenching, but uplifting at the same time.

As far as constructive criticism, I probably won't have any surprises for you. You really need to get your spelling, grammar and typos under control. You have a really intriguing premise and you have a real talent for making an emotional connection with your characters, but it's so jarring as a reader to try to get past these little problems. Sometimes I'm reading along and really getting into the moment and BANG, a typo knocks me right out of the moment. It's a shame, really, because I want to just lose myself in this story.

So definitely keep writing, but I think you could really benefit from slowing down just a bit and spending more time proof-reading. If you can do that, the story is really quite lovely.

Author's Response: aww I'm sorry my typos knock you out of the moment!! that's terrible! I'll go back over it and see what I can find. It's amazing that writers can miss so much when they think they've got everything :P
I'm very happy you thought Luna and George and Neville's moments real. Honestly I have no idea where these thoughts came from, but sometimes writing is like that and you chanel something and you have an amazing chapter. I'm very happy I can do Luna's character well, she's very unique and I'm honored to hear how much readers love her. I may end up doing a story based on her :)

Thank you for the wonderful feedback, very helpful to know I still have quite a bit to fine tune, I don't like the idea that you readers get interrupted by something as small as a typo :P

Thanks so much!

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Review #30, by CambAngst Crazy thoughts

28th April 2012:
Tagging you from the Review the Person Above You thread in the common room!

OK, it's all coming back to me now. I must have reviewed your first three chapters a long time ago, because I just had to go back and re-read them. It's kind of neat, rediscovering something like this.

The funeral evoked a lot of mixed emotions. It was sad, especially sad to see Ron and Mrs. Weasley so upset. But the fireworks that Fred's on teammates set off for him were a great touch. Very inspired.

The notion of Sirius Black procreating is fascinating and a bit scary. This kid is gonna have some crazy genes. I felt really bad for Cora. Here she is, coming back to England to reunite with her husband and father of her child and boom, he's gone. It made perfect sense that she lost it and had to go to the hospital wing.

And I really liked Ron and Hermione stepping up and taking care of little Sirius James. You brought out some great qualities in both of them.

OK, things I wasn't so wild about. It seemed pretty odd that Professor McGonagall would pick the Gryffindor common room as the place for Ron and Hermione to take the kid. It's pretty far from the headmaster's office and up a lot of stairs. I think it would have made more sense to pick some place nearer. Cora's trip to the hospital wing was also just a bit too convenient. The "calming draught" that instantly enabled her to get over her grief seemed rather deus ex machina.

Overall, you have an interesting idea here. I think you need to tighten up your execution a bit and you'll really have something.

Author's Response: Thanks so much!
Yeah you've reviewed before :D
I guess I see what you mean about the common room, and the hospital wing, but I just thought of the magic that is in JK's world, I think they'd use the calming draught, but she didn't calm down all the way, she was just able to not be crying so hysterically. I personally loved how she wanted to spit out the potion, and Madam Pomfrey's reaction :)
The Common Room, I honestly didn't know where else to have them go, they needed to introduce everybody, but in a place that wasn't so public. It would have been fun to maybe go to the kitchens, but how would Cora and the others find them? The Great Hall's too busy, and everyone was grieving outside, not exactly a lot of places to go to that made sense to me.
lol he is gonna have crazy genes, and just think of all the people he'll now be around too!! lol
I really loved the fireworks idea, it's also some of what inspired my other story :)

Thanks so much for this review, and on this chapter! It's my favorite, I'm so glad you liked it :D yes the execution is a bit hard, but I'm slowly getting it, I'm proud of what I have :)

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Review #31, by Marauder_Weasley Not the usual thoughts

22nd April 2012:

Author's Response: I'm like OH MY GOSH, 75 REVIEWS :D Thank you so much, I'm glad you love him :) Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #32, by RosieQueen Not the usual thoughts

18th April 2012:
Review Swap!

Oh no, a cliffhanger! I'm dying to know what happens, and for that, you get a favorite!! Harry's characterization was spot-on. And Ginny was perfect too! Her fiery temper was portrayed perfectly too!
The only thing that bothered me was the overuse of "?!?!?!"
The question mark/exclamation point punctuation seems wierd if used to often. Not a big deal, just pointing it out. Overall, wonderful plot and flow. Keep on writing!!


Author's Response: lol yeah, I do get a little carried away, but I can't help it sometimes! :P It was a big shock for him to not be there for so long so that's how I tried emphasizing that. Maybe I'll try something different at some point.
Yaayy! a favorite! (ok I understand more about what your bother was lol) I'm just excited. I'm so happy you liked it so much :) Thanks hun :)

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Review #33, by Keira7794 Not the usual thoughts

18th April 2012:
Hello :)
I'm here from the lovely review swap - sorry for the delay! :)

I think I'll have to do the same as you are with mine and read back from the beginning to answer some of my questions - and if they're not covered then I'll be sure to ask! :P

This chapter in itself was lovely to read :) I like how you included both Ron and Hermione despite them being abroad at the time (and you made Ron sweet instead of gormless.. so 10 point go to you xD).

You've really got the family relationship - as well as Mr Weasley's excitment for going to a Muggle cinema! :P I also liked how you included Teddy - many fics which are post the BoH seem to forget him!

Your little added details were fun to read - like the food tasting different to Muggles! Made me smile when they all thought it was a dump xD

Anyway, great chapter and I'll go read the rest.. or pre-chapter now xD

Keira :)

Author's Response: Thanks hun :) yeah, the funny thing is that Hotel, really does exist in Cornwall (which is where it was here) and did look a little like a dump lol. But It had Trelawney's Menu ON the Website for the Hotel, so I had to put it in :)
Anyway, yes I'm sure you have a lot of questions :) lol, and Arthur's just watching a VHS which I'm sure is just as exciting 'cause he can see the muggle contraption :P
I'm sooo glad you liked the relationships, they're really important :) as I'm sure you know based on what I read in your story, which I HAVE to go back and look at :)
I hope you enjoy the rest, and feel free to tell me your thoughts on those, I'm sure I won't be able to resist when I read yours lol
Thanks so much!! :D

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Review #34, by ericajen Not the usual thoughts

18th April 2012:
Hey here with a review swap! Sorry I'm not actually logged into my account, I got logged out and am too lazy to go and log back in before I review.

Anyhow. On to the review. I think it's an interesting story. It's strange, I love Romione and am alright with Harry/Ginny but I rarely ever read stories about them, so this was fun. You've got a lot of elements of the story going on but I think you handle them well and you obviously know your characters well and know how you want them to be, which is good in any story.

And yes, writing cliffhangers is very fun! I always enjoy that satisfying feeling of leaving the readers hanging, haha.

Good work!


Author's Response: This really means a lot, knowing you don't read them too much and liked it :) I have to say I've been falling behind writing lately and have to re acquaint myself with the characters :P I am happy to hear you think I'm handling them well though, with how many POV's there are it can be difficult but this reminds me why I wanted it this way, because I do know the characters, and I want my readers to know them too.


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Review #35, by Moonyxluna Not the usual thoughts

18th April 2012:
More cliffhangers!! I get it though, that is a good point that it makes you want to write more. I never thought of it like that :)

For some reason the whole time I was reading this I kept thinking "But, it's supposed to be James Sirius"-- yeah. I'm slow.

I liked what you did with the restaurant! That's so neat that muggles taste differently and see things differently than magic people. It was a really heartfilled discussion; it was really beautiful to read.

I noticed a few spelling things but now that I go back and try to find them I can't, so it's just really minor stuff. I think you should put Hermoine's letter in italics-- it was just a little confusing because it's at the beginning of the chapter. for some reason, because you have 'ginny, at the top of it, I thought it was Ginny speaking about Hermione's brother. It could just be me being slow, because aparently that's happening a lot today :p

I thought this chapter was really adorable. I love how Ginny doesn't know how to pronounce m-o-v-i-e. I laughed every time :)

Lovely chapter! Again i'm going to wait patiently because you left me with another cliffhanger!!!

Author's Response: That's ok hun, I get slow sometimes too :P
I'm glad you liked my idea about the muggles not tasting the same taste and things like that. That's a good idea with Hermione's letter I thought putting the ' ' on either side would be enough, but maybe not. lol yep it occured to me that since their not exposed to muggle things they'd have trouble saying them too. especially how in the books it was always the 'felly-tone' lol. Ok, I'll try not to keep you guys waiting too bad, but I know I have college to work on so... next week week after?
Thanks hun for the lovely review!

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Review #36, by RosieQueen Food for thought

30th March 2012:
I really liked this! Poor Ginny, after she realized that Fred was gone when she saw Ron and Hermione together. This was very well done. I love Harry/Ginny, it's my favorite ship. Ron/Hermione comes in as second, and I loved how you tied both in together. All in all, very well-written! :)


Author's Response: good, I'm very happy you like this :D yeah... unfortunately since everything happened the way it did, I couldn't have her stay happy. It'd be a short story :P Well you'll certainly like this! I have both as my main characters :) I also have a bunch more that will be making appearances :) Thank you soo much hun, I try hard for the well-written part lol :D

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Review #37, by Red Robin Thoughts, about a week later

26th March 2012:
This chapter is like a happy and sad milkshake, The death of a family member and new life coming into the world at the same time is tough enough in the real life but then throw in every thing that happen to Harry and explaining all that to Ginny should make a Muggles head explode.

You really have a great understanding of who these characters you bring so much life to them, When you expressed how painful Remus's death was felt by everyone I couldn't help but think about how I felt when I heard Rowling killed off Remus and Tonks it was so upsetting to me and shocking because I haven't read all the books and only knew what the movies were telling me as they came out, I loved his character so much it was like I lost a friend too(and its all Rowlings fault!).

Anyway you were able to get me very wrapped up with how Harry and Ginny were feeling which makes you amazing.

I have sooo much more to say about this chapter but I'm tired so i'll just sum up..I love this story I can't wait to read the rest, your world after the war in my mind fits in great with the original books.

Keep writing your personality brings a lot of originality to already classic characters

Author's Response: Aww this was such a great review!!! I'm very flattered. I try my best to put what I understand of the characters into the story, but of course I want to make sure my point gets across. This story really is about 'what means most' and if I don't do that my job isn't done. I'm really happy you were able to feel what Harry and Ginny were, they're going through so much right now, it gets hard to convey sometimes.
Yes, I should be getting to sleep too, Thank you for leaving such a wonderful review so late at night!
I'm so happy you feel that the characters are original and classic! I feel very proud, this will help me remember my talent in writing, and keep me at it. Thanks you!

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Review #38, by ElizabethWeasley Complicated Thoughts

18th March 2012:
I cant wait for the next chapter this is such a great story! I absolutely love Serius James. He is just too cute. I cant wait to see what the rest of that letter says. Keep writing!! xoxo

Author's Response: Aww, you're so sweet! I'm so glad you like the story, and Sirius James :) He really is a cutie. I'll try to get some writing done this week, I'm hoping to get my homework done, and get some inspiration :)
Thanks sooo much for reviewing! Hope to see more of you soon :) *hugs*

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Review #39, by AJPotter Complicated Thoughts

15th March 2012:
I can't wait for your next chapter so I can find out what is happening.

Author's Response: Good to know! I'll try to get it done by sometime next week :) Thanks again for reviewing! It really helps keep me motivated :)

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Review #40, by AJPotter Food for thought

15th March 2012:
I have to say, when I started reading and it was in multiple POV's I was a little worried, but as I kept reading this chapter I noticed that it was really well done.

Author's Response: lol to tell the truth I was worried too, but I liked it in the end :D Thanks for reviewing!!

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Review #41, by Moonyxluna Complicated Thoughts

11th March 2012:
The thing that I absolutely adore about this story as a whole is how you have thought of everything. From Hermione'sparents, to the funerals, to meeting baby Teddy, and now the deaths of the goblins and Hannah with the leaky cauldron. It just really shows such a spectacular attention to canon details, that I truly adore.

Sirius James was just adorable as always, I' love to read about Arthur and the Television :) It'd be cute to read it from the perspective of James Sirius, and him teaching how to use everything.

It was really sweet of Ginny to do that for her mother. Professor Trewlarny sloshed was the funniest thing :p I'm really glad Ginny was (hopefully) finally able to pull George out of his funk. It really took some stern love to get him to see what his exilation from his family was doing.

Oh my god and then the ending! What is it!? Seriously, You can't do that to me! Is Ron proposing? My first thought was that someone else had died (please don't make it that!!!), but I'm hoping it'll at least be something positive. Maybe George wants to go to lunch with Mrs. Weasley, Ginny and Cora? Alright.. I'll stop guessing :p You MUST update soon so I can find out! Great chapter, I really loved it.

Author's Response: lolol you're fantastic you know that? Just to slightly put you out of your misery, no one's dead lol. I'll do my best to update soon (you're really keeping me from procrastinating here lol) But I do have some schoolwork to do tomorrow, so I'll have to get that done first. I'm so glad you love all my canon details. I thought of the many people that thought of the ministry giving them a reward for defeating voldemort, but I don't think the Goblins would go along with that. Maybe they'll give them a medal, but not money that the Goblins are in charge of. George will still take time to get over things, but at least now he's getting that he can't hide from his family no matter how big it is :) lol and I hope I did a drunk Trelawney good enough, I think that was my way of putting in her own part of the tragedy that happened.
Thank you sooo much for reviewing! I hope to see many more :) I'm glad you're as excited I am about it :)

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Review #42, by Moonyxluna Sentimental thoughts

27th February 2012:
The little part about Kreacher and Sirius James becoming friends was the cutest thing ever. All of your Ron and Hermione scenes are absolutely wonderful.. they just make the most perfect couple.

As do Mr. and Mrs. Weasley. I loved the small moment you included with the pair of them, it was very heartwrenching.

I didn't think it was choppy at all. I think the different perspectives flowed well, because you had them start up one right after another, not leaving anything out. It was great to see that the smiles and talking is coming, slowly but surley, back to George. I love how great Ron is with little Sirius James. He's just going to make a perfect father one day.

I'm glad I reconizied this now, but I must have reviewed your chapter 7 ages ago. (I read so much on here it's hard to keep track sometimes :p ) I will still owe you three more reviews, so I deffinatly can't wait to read more of this absolutley wonderful story! Thanks so much for the swap, I look forward to reading more!

Author's Response: I'm glad you agree with me about this chapter not seeming choppy. I think having a dinner at the Weasley's will be having different character's POV's. I'd love to do whole stories about my favorite characters, but it'd take too long and might seem repetitive. So I've compromised :)
I noticed you'd reviewed my last chapter too lol
Anyway, I'm so happy you like my characters, and Sirius James. I'm going to have to do more with Cora at some point. I love her character since she's in my short story, but no one else really knows her yet.
I look forward to seeing more of your spectacular reviews! You have no idea how happy I am, I'm very much more motivated to keep going :) Thank you so much!

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Review #43, by Moonyxluna Mad Thoughts

27th February 2012:
We have the same favorite characters :) That's why I LOVED this chapter so much. I think the way you mange to write such heartwrenching scenes, while still making it fluffy and adorable is truly a talent you should be proud of.

I loved the hug between George and Luna, I always pictured it would take a lot to get George out of the funk of losing his twin, and I think with the help of Luna he will be able to slowly recover.

I felt so bad for her with her dad going into insanity. I think you captured her character so well here, as well as Neville's when he was meeting up with his parents. Brilliant chapter! This is truly wonderful.

Author's Response: :D
I really am overwhelmed, thank you so much!

I loved Luna's idea of sharing hugs, don't ask me where it came from, but these kind of things pop out and click :) If you're interested in more George-ness he's in a short story I wrote too, no Luna, but I may edit a little to at least include his thoughts after the hug or something somehow.
I'd always pictured something happening to her dad, after seeing him in the movie, and how crazy he was getting, I couldn't really picture it any other way. Also I thought her and Neville would be good going there together. I'm glad you enjoyed yourself despite the sadness :)

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Review #44, by Moonyxluna Crazy thoughts

27th February 2012:
Oh wow. Alright.. I need a minute to process Sirius having a child!

The funeral was sad.. the bits with Mrs. Weasley were just very beautifully written. I LOVED that George set of fireworks in honor of Fred. I liked how you told the funeral from Hermione's perspective.

Sirius has a kid. God don't get me wrong, Sirius James is ADORABLE, but wow! I have to agree with you, the little part at the end with them playing tag, and Sirius James jumping on top of Ron's back were so adorable, I loved them as well. Another brilliant chapter!

Great work on this. I love all of the details, and the plot twists you are putting into this! It really shows a level of "attention to detail" that you put into writing this. I love it dearly.

Author's Response: My With Sirius Black story will cover what happened. It had been a one shot, but a waaay too long one shot lol, so I'm breaking it down. If you're interested in it I'll get to putting it back together, but for now I'm focusing on this one :)
I'm so glad you like this! I hope you stay interested when I continue it :) I love your input on all the different details that I'd hope readers would love :) I'll respond to your other reviews, but I'm not feeling great so I'll have to save it for tomorrow. Thank you so much!

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Review #45, by Moonyxluna Thoughts, about a week later

27th February 2012:
I really loved this. I dont think you have anything to worry about as far as it being 'too happy' or anything like that. I agree with you that live does go on. The scene with Andromena and Teddy, while heartbreaking to see such a proud woman crying over the loss of her daughter, was still adorable with Teddy. The way he changed his hair to match Harry's was truly adorable. Teddy sort of perfectly represents the 'live goes on' topic, and I think you captured that beautifully here.

This is such an amazing story, thanks so much for taking up my request to do a review swap! I really love this! (I said that twice. I just really do!! :p )

Author's Response: I'm glad you liked this chapter 'cause it was one of the hardest to write to be honest. Really, in spite of ourselves, after grief life does go on. I thought the changing hair was a little cliche, but appropriate :)
you're seriously soo sweet, I'm shocked how much you like it! Though I'm very happy someone else is just as excited about it all as I am :) especially all the details you go into that are the ones I hope readers see :D
Thank you so much!

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Review #46, by Moonyxluna Love for thoughts

27th February 2012:
♥ Ron and Hermione time! :D I love them even more than Harry and Ginny! Which is saying a lot. You instantly nailed their characters when you had Hermione say she was too tired to argure, instantly followed by Ron's comment.

I loved the waking up to the kisses scene. Seriously.. this is some amazing heartwarming writing, you should be really proud of this! (I loved the line in DHpt2 when Seamus says that Ginny's got plenty of brothers but there's only one Harry :p Best line!)

Oh god.. please tell me Luna's dad is ok. I really liked your portrayal of Luna. She's my favorite character, and it is always great to see her well written, and not overboard. I think you did that very well here.

Brilliant work! I really loved Ron and Hermione here, and the stuff about Luna instantly made me want to read more.

Author's Response: I'm finding so many people loving them, I wasn't expecting to write them so well :) I'm glad you found their kissing scene heartwarming, it's one of my favorite Ron/Hermione moments, plus Ginny was very silly too running away from it :D
Luna's another character I'm proud is turning out so well, thank you soo much for the great review!

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Review #47, by Moonyxluna Food for thought

27th February 2012:
Ok.. so I can't say anything about the fangirls pinning after Neville, because I would be doing the same exact thing to Matt Lewis :p But, I see where Ginny's coming from.

"Ron loves Hermione, Ron loves Hermione, boy, wait 'til Fred and George see them, they're gonna... I stopped mid dance"
I WAS SO HAPPY FOR THREE SECONDS! Seriously, you can't do that to me. I just wish Fred wouldn't have gone!! This line is great, I think it captured Ginny’s views so perfectly. I liked the way you portrayed Harry briefly there; I’m glad to see he doesn't entirely blame himself for this!

Ok.. So the mental image of Ginny levitating Harry was amazing. I can't stop laughing. Harry and Ginny fluff is just the greatest thing in the world, and I loved the way you portrayed the pair of them in the eating the sandwiches scene. I really liked all of the little details from Harry's perspective of him watching Ginny, happy she wasn't mad at him, and he still loves her :D

This is very brilliant for being your first story. Seriously heartwarming stuff. Great work! On to chapter two (:

Author's Response: I'm glad you liked that bit about Neville :D
Also, I thought it was important to really get across the loss and happiness, and how important they both are to the characters. How often is it that we encounter something like that? grieving and rejoicing?
lol Ginny levitating Harry was great :D I'm glad you liked it. I also think Ginny's been through enough with Harry not to be too mad at him :)
Thank you for your wonderful review!

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Review #48, by Moonyxluna  Nervous Thoughts

19th January 2012:
If only Ron would have realized kissing Hermoine makes her stop talking, they could have saved SO many argurements :)

This chapter was really cute, I liked it alot. Great job :D

Author's Response: aww, thanks so much :) I know! But it would have cut out a lot of plot for JK too lol. I'm so glad you liked it :D Thanks for reviewing, it just came out so I was a little anxious about it, especially since it doesn't have too many reads yet either.

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Review #49, by Red Robin Love for thoughts

17th January 2012:
Gee where to begin, You really have a great grasp on the characters emotions and how they express themselves, I also really like the Section with Luna having them tell her what happened with her Father because it is quite clear that he was losing his mind, having said that I would really like to see a story about Luna going to find her Father.

As a writer you're very good at making all the love that theses characters have for each other felt through your words. I know the part with Hermione and Ron in bed makes me miss my girlfriend a lot I love that feeling of lying in bed with her,
Great Chapter I look forward to reading the rest.

Author's Response: Thanks a lot :D I'd never thought about a story about finding her father. You'll see more with her later, but it doesn't really go into that part. I'm glad you like that scene, I found it fun to write 'cause my boyfriend sometimes snores, and I find it more fun to wake him up that way than poking him :)
can't wait to hear what you have to say about the rest!
Thanks for the review :)

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Review #50, by HarryandGinnyForEver Sentimental thoughts

4th December 2011:
I'm here with the long overdue review, I'm sorry it took this long for me to read it, I've been booked :(

But I'm here now, and that's what counts:D

And I quite liked it:) I like how you go through each couple, I thought that was a good idea, and not focusing on one main couple. Gets a better audience that way:D

I'll be back for more:)

Author's Response: :D I'm glad you'll be back for more! And don't worry about being so long, I'm pretty booked too, and I really shouldn't be on here now, but I had to check up on it :) I'm glad you liked me going through couples, I was slightly worried it'd be too much, and I'd need to narrow it down to a few. I really like writing different characters though, so I'm happy you like it!
Thanks for the review!

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