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Review #26, by a huge fan Alexa: When Baby Steps Become Huge Leaps Too Soon

19th May 2013:

Author's Response: I hope to start writing tonight or tomorrow, so hopefully it will be up soon. I'm glad you're excited. Thank you so much for leaving a review. :D


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Review #27, by A Fan Of This Story Alexa: When Good Days End with Bad Dreams

15th May 2013:
Please update faster!!! Your an amazing writer. I can't stop reading!!!

Author's Response: Aww, thank you so much. I've started the next chapter, so I hope to have it up soon. :)


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Review #28, by HufflePuff_Blitz Alexa: When Good Days End with Bad Dreams

13th May 2013:
I loved this chapter and I love how you included Frankie in it from your other story. or I am just going crazy :P but can't wait for the next chapter :)

Author's Response: You're not going crazy, Frankie is there. :) Thank you so much for leaving a review!


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Review #29, by alicia and anne Alexa: When Good Days End with Bad Dreams

6th May 2013:
I love Kieron! And his thick skull :D
Poor Albus having nightmares because of Lily, *hugs him* He doesn't need Kieron picking on him. I'm so glad that the family got pictures though :D

Hehe Frankie! :D

I love that she nearly sits on Albus! Serves him right for sleeping really :D

Haha oh Kieron don't admit outloud that the neighbour has an adorable smile, or at least wait until Nicky is not in the room, although he doesn't mind Nicky looking. I love the threat of breaking though, such a Kieron thing to threaten! :D

Oh Healer Moore is it? Best not be going near my Theo!! *Is jealous* Other then that I do actually really like her and she's doing a favor for Theo and getting to know Lexi. Oh Theo being all cute and such! :D

Aww yay! She's found a pram and a crib!! It's getting so close with the baby and I'm so excited!!! AHHH! That's how excited I am! :D

Oh no! I hope she's having Braxton Hicks and not actually going into labour. They're not ready yet! It's so good that Healer Moore was there.

Say yes to the dishy Healer! He sounds quite yummy and funny! :D Yes! I knew it was Braxton Hicks! :D

Oh Theo! He's so cute when he's worried :D

Aww they're all going to see the nursery and where the babies are, poor Emmett he doesn't seem too happy about that.

Craig is so funny! :D I really like him.

I loved this chapter Sam! I loved how you added the Braxton Hicks and the sexy new Healer being introduced :D

Can't wait for more!

Author's Response: Kieron is very lovable. :D

Oh, there's always pictures. ;)

Frankie. Where did he come from...? :P

Well, it's partly Lexi's fault for keeping him up. Sleeping is just dangerous for him. :P

It really is a Kieron thing to threaten. It was just perfect when I wrote it, I actually loved writing that line.

Aww, don't be jealous of Annie. We all know Theo loves you more than anyone. :D I'm glad you like Annie, she's nice and fun and good for Theo, I think. :)

Say yes to the dishy healer! Haha!!! That was awesome. :D Erik is love. And yes, you were right. :)

He's always cute. Now he's just cuter.

No. Emmett and kids don't mix... right now. *looks away*

Yay for liking Craig!

Thank you so much for leaving a review, Tammi!


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Review #30, by CambAngst Albus: When We Go One Step at a Time

30th April 2013:
Hey, Sam!

You know, I don't really hate Tasha at all. People find themselves in bad situations. It happens. When it does, they do the best they can under the circumstances. The story holds together just fine when you tell it from her point of view. She was young and embarrassed and probably terrified of being rejected. From her standpoint, it made more sense to try to go it alone. For me, how I feel about her will depend on what she does from here on out, not what she did before.

Xavier's reaction to things seemed about right for a guy who, because of his profession, doesn't really need other people's support. At least not in the way of needing a place to sleep or something to eat. He took his time and worked through things in his own way. Not the world's most constructive way, mind you, but I guess it works for him.

The meet-up in the park was really cute and well-executed on your part. I loved the way that Ethan just buried his face in Stewart's shirt to begin with. That's the perfect reaction of a 2-year-old who senses that something big is going on, even though the adults are trying to play it down. As Ethan starts to open up, I liked the little similarities you drew out between him and Xavier. It really helped to tie the situation together.

It was nice to take a little break from Al and Lexi's story for a chapter and focus on your other characters. Even better, I think, because Xavier's situation has an obvious bearing on Al's own. It's one of those "there but for the grace of god" kind of moments for Al where he sees how differently things could have gone for him if he and Lexi hadn't chosen to stick together.

I noticed two small typos that you might want to take another look at:

"I have son," Xavier replies quietly. -- a son

It's a completely open question, anyone listening would never know what he means, but we know and we impatiently for Xavier to answer. -- we wait impatiently

Otherwise, it was very well written. Everything flowed nicely and it was a smooth, easy read.

Well done!

Author's Response: Hey!!!

I'm glad you don't hate Tasha. She didn't know Xavier that well and made a choice she thought was the best at the time. She's a good person, I will say, so I hope you'll like her when she comes back. :)

He's stubborn. He needs to do things himself, no matter what. Including sorting through his own head. If that meant being alone (well, hiding at his sister's - but she would have left him alone) then he isn't going to apologize. It's just who he is. Much to Al's dismay. :P

I'm glad you liked the park scene. As I've never been in this situation before, I had a bit of a worry over whether people would like it or not or if any of it was right.

It was odd, but nice, writing about another character, even if it was still in Al's PoV. To see wants happening in the lives of others. I'm glad you liked the little break. And yes, it definitely give Al some I sight into how things could have gone. He would have hated the idea of not seeing his kid every day.

I'll go fix the typos. :)

Thank you for leaving such an amazing review!


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Review #31, by alicia and anne Albus: When Arguments Lead to Honesty

28th April 2013:
I love that Harry and Theo are watching ALbus training.
Haha he's questioning Louis, he's very persistant isn't he?
Oh no, Albus has to put his foot in it doesn't he? I hope that they don't argue for long :-(
:O He's gone to see Theo! Theo is so awesome!
Kieron would definately hurt Albus if he heard him, so it's good that he's upstairs.
Aw poor Theo, no wonder he doesn't stay in the same room as his ex *hugs him*
Annie? totally sounds like Tammi :p It's totally me that he wants! YES!
Aw poor Kieron being left in a shop, his mum is so mean!
I get why Lexi is scared that she'll turn out like her.
What did Kieron skip then?
Ahh she knew that he was behind the door the entire time!
I feel so sorry for Theo having to find out more about his daughters love life then he would ever want to know :D

I think that I have now reviewed every single one of your amazing stories :P So you best get updating :p hehe.
And more Theo please!!! :D Hehe

Author's Response: Harry had to see his son in training. He's very proud. :)

If persistent is another way of saying nosy, then yes, Albus is very persistent. :P

They're very stressed right now and getting scared now that the baby is close to coming. But don't worry, they'll figure it out. :)

The story Theo tells is very sad, but they came through it. Now they just have to let it go. We should give them hugs. *hugs*

Haha, Theo knows too much. Poor baby. :P

Thank you so much for leaving a review!


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Review #32, by alicia and anne Albus: When We Go One Step at a Time

28th April 2013:
Oh no, Xavier can't be lost :-( I hope he comes back soon.
No! Xavier better be okay :-( Cody is such a great guy, thinking about Xavier, there better be some love there :p
I hope Albus can get Xavier out and to listen to him, he doesn't sound too much like he's ready to listen to anyone.
So Xaviers been talking to Stewart? That's a good step closer to seeing his son!
And he knew that Al would come down? I can't believe that he's been drinking Orange juice! Sneaky Xavier :D
Haha! Louis is in Eclipse :D
I love that they all know that Hugo will get arrested one day, but I can totally see him getting out of the handcuffs.
Aww Ethan is so much like Xavier, and he painted him a picture :D
I don't hate Tasha, I think that she just made a decision whilst scared. I hope that her and Xavier can get along better soon, I know that it'll take some time though.

Author's Response: Xavier isn't lost. He's hiding. Don't worry, he'll come back. :)

He'll be okay... eventually. Is there love? You'll have to wait and see. ;)

Stewart is very protective of Tasha and Ethan, but he also agrees with Xavier, so he's willing to help. I'm good he's here. :)

He's very sneaky. But Cody knew. Neither him nor Cody drink. Just for different reasons.

Of course!

Haha, he probably would get out of them.

Aww, I know! Ethan is so adorable! :D

I'm glad you don't hate Tasha. She's not bad, she was just scared. :)

Thank you so much for leaving a review!


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Review #33, by alicia and anne Alexa: When Everything Happens in One Night

28th April 2013:
You go Darcy! Be angry!
Al sounds like he can definately defend himself against Jessica.
How awesome is it that Lexi has a key to Emmetts place? I wonder if they'll catch him up to anything? :D
His flat sounds amazing! But I'm sad that his family want to keep him away though :-(
AHHH! I knew that they'd catch something! I knew it!!
AHHH! It's Hugo!! :D
Hugo is so awesome! I love him!
I love Darcy and Lexi's interrogation of him :p
Christmas being one big party is fantastic and It's great how everyone is invited!
Hehehe Frankie! :D
Ahh! Al is making Emmett and Hugo tell Ron :D
And Al and Lexi kissed!!
Totally the best chapter ever!
Awww Ginny's reason for picking Severus as a middle name was so sweet :D
Er!! Excuse me! But why is my husband flirting with another lady?
OMG!! Kieron propsed!! KIERON PROPOSED!!! I am so happy!
OMG!! Xavier has seen his son!
I hope that Xavier can see him, Stewart seems so awesome!
So much stuff happened in this chapter!! I love it so much!! :D
AHH! I can't wait for more!! :D

Author's Response: Yeah! Go Darcy! Haha, Al so can. He won't if he can help, but if you make him really angry, you're gonna pay basically.

Emmett's family - there is definitely more to that story. You'll find out in the sequel.

AHHH! They did! And AHHH! It is! :D Lexi and Darcy have suspected for a while, but seeing it is completely different - they must interrogate him. :P

Al can be evil. Don't mess with or lie to Albus Potter.

I'm glad you like Ginny's reasons for naming him Albus Severus. :)

Er... because you're not here yet. ;)


He has, let's hope it goes well the next time. *hugs Xavier*

Thank you so much for leaving a review!


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Review #34, by alicia and anne Alexa: When Questions are Asked

28th April 2013:
Yes! I love that you said that about playing Quidditch! It's not that much of a physical sport, maybe you get good arm muscles from being a Beater but that's about it, and it's probably only one arm!
Haha! Xaviers not allowed near Cody!! Brilliant! Although Cody seems really cool so I can understand why he'd want to go near him :p
Xavier is so funny talking about marrying Cody, please tell me that they get together and it's not just joking!! :D
Why did Al choose right then to ask about the baby? Right before the big match, oh Albus.
Hey Jason's there! Glad that he's feeling a bit better, but uh-oh Jessica and her awkwardness has arrived :S
Jessica really needs to go away! Did she not hear me earlier when I told her to go away?
Xavier is so great with Jason, he's going to be an awesome dad!
Oh Christmas is going to be drama filled, I can just feel it :D
Off to the next wonderful chapter! :D

Author's Response: Yeah, I can see strong arms for beaters, but the rest - no. I'm glad you like my reasoning here. :)

Haha, yes. Xavier and Cody are banned from talking to each other, not that they listen. :P

Ahh! I can't say. You'll have to wait and see. ;)

Because Albus is silly. And Xavier is busy.

Jason: the good sibling. He's so awesome. Jessica obviously didn't hear you, you should shout it again.

Thank you so much for leaving a review!


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Review #35, by alicia and anne Albus: When House Arrest Equal Birthday Parties

28th April 2013:
Yay Theo!! *hugs onto him and never lets go*
He's stealing breakfast and breaking into their house with his own key, he's so cool! :D
I love that him, Ginny and Harry all had a bet going on about Al and Lexi getting together :p
So the story is finally out? I wonder how Jessica is going to react to that one?
Aww poor Theo not having a good time during the war :-( *hugs onto him tighter*
I love that Kieron publicly kissed Dom! He's so awesome! I love that he basically does what he wants and doesn't care what people think :p
Theo is definately the best dad ever, he's right up there with Harry, He gives his kids such awesome live advice and teaching them how to fend for themselves.
I can already tell that the parties going to be fun.
Ah Jessica has found out, and she's being evil.
Seriously can't wait for more! :D

Author's Response: *joins the never ending hug with Theo* Theo is just so awesome and sneaky. Slithering in like the Slytherin he is. :P

I'm pretty sure that bet's been going in since they were six. *points to new story, Big Meanie* ;)

Not well.

He didn't. But he came out stronger. :)

He did. I'll have to write that at some point. Its very funny.

Tharry, the most epic of all bromances. They're such cool dads.

Thank you so much for leaving a review!


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Review #36, by alicia and anne Albus: When Words Slip Out

28th April 2013:
This is my 1003rd review!! (I totally missed my 1000th, but it was defiantely on one of your stories :D)

Go Chris! Talking sense into Albus, he needs some sense knocked into him.
I hope Albus gets Lexi the best birthday present ever.
Ginny being able to control Albus with a look is hilarious, my dad can do that with me, it's terrifying haha.
I wonder how many people are going to suggest their name for the baby? I suggested my name to my friend when she was pregnant but she ended up having a boy so it didn't work out :-(
Harry and Ginny are so cute! I love that Ginny named Albus, Harry always seems to get the blame for that one.
Uh-oh Al's seen Jessica. GO AWAY JESSICA!
I'm glad that Al and Lexi talked, and now they're going on dates and the baby kicked!!!
Cuteness factor overload at the end! I loved it! :D

Author's Response: Woo! That's a lot of reviews! Well done! :D

Chris may not be very good at looking after himself, but he can give good advice. He's a good friend. :)

I bet Albus hopes it's a parent thing and not Ginny thing. My mum can do that, too.

Everyone comes up with suggestions, but only Chris, Lily and Cody have offered their own names.

Yeah, I thought it would be something different if Ginny named him. I'm glad you like it. :)

Yes! Keep telling her to go away!

Yay! We finally have Albus/Lexi!!!

Thank you so much for leaving a review!


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Review #37, by alicia and anne Alexa: When Some Things Get Worse and Some Get Better

28th April 2013:
Yay Emmett!
He's so cute being scared of that part of the hospital, he's such a guy :p
So that's how Emmett knew? I thought he was being extremely clever.
It's so exciting that she took Emmett to the scan, but I hope that the baby being small isn't going to be a problem at all :-(
Aww yay! She's gone to see Theo and has brought a cheeseburger with her, so he likes cheeseburgers aye? *makes a note in her stalking Theo notebook*
Haha I loved when Theo said "Why do I need to know this?" about her sleeping with Albus, she tells him everything doesn't she? :D
Uh-oh Jessica is not going to like Lexi looking after her little brother, I hope it doesn't cause too many problems.
Yay!! Albus and Lexi are no longer bumpy :D
So exciting!

Author's Response: Ah, we're yaying Emmett! That's cool! :D

He's more scared of the babies than the actual department. :P

Haha. Nope. Only very clever. ;)

Aww, the poor baby. You'll find out soon enough. *hugs*

Haha! A Theo notebook. How awesome! Yes, he likes cheeseburgers. :P

She does. And he asks very valid questions.

Thank you so much for leaving a review!


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Review #38, by alicia and anne Alexa: When Moments Deserve An Awkward Tick

28th April 2013:
It's good that she had a good time, but I want her and Albus to be together! *is so impatient*
I also want poor Xavier to find out about his kid! :-( *hugs Xavier*
We're getting closer to Lexi finding out about feelings :D yay! She's worked it out! Go Xavier!
And yes she told Rich that she's pregnant and he's being okay with it, that's good. Yes! She doesn't feel anything for him! That leaves more love for Albus! :D
Ethan is so much like Xavier and he hasn't ever met him, I really hope he knows soon.
Ahh! Nearly naked Albus!
Him and Lexi are so cute around each other :p
Oh no! Now things are bumpy between them :-( why did you do this to me? Why can't they be happy?
See you in the next brilliantly written chapter!! :D

Author's Response: We all want Albus and Lexi to be together. They're just being mean to us. *nods*

He will. I promise. *hugs*

Yay Xavier for hinting at Albus' secrets. :P

Yes, he's... okay. Or he will be. :) So much more love for Albus. :P


Happy is overrated. Besides, bumpy won't last. :)

Thank you so much for leaving a review!


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Review #39, by alicia and anne Albus: When Secrets Become Burdens

28th April 2013:
Oh Albus, I just want to hug him. *hugs Albus*
He really needs to tell her his feelings so that they can be one massive happy family!
I can understand why Theo doesn't like that dress by the way it sounds, he's so protective.
Oh Albus why did you have to say that? :-(
I want Rich to find out that she's pregnant, as mean as that is I want her and Albus to be together. I wonder if he'll take it well though?
Oh Kieron being protective :D He could definately break Albus with just words :p
Poor Xavier with Tasha.
I really like him he's so wise, and I really hope that he can find his baby.
Another brilliant chapter, I'm off to read the next one!

Author's Response: Yes, let's hug Albus. *hugs him*

He really does. And they'll talk, don't worry. Just not yet. :)

He was so mad at Astoria when he saw that dress. And now Albus understands why. :P

He's silly and jealous. ;)

Haha. He'll know soon. :)


Thank you so much for leaving a review!


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Review #40, by miluv Albus: When Arguments Lead to Honesty

17th April 2013:
"i sleep in my underwear" ahahahaa that was greattt lol okay bye:)

Author's Response: I'm glad you liked that line as much as I did. Thank you so much for leaving a review.


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Review #41, by alicia and anne Alexa: When Old Enemies Become Potentials

3rd April 2013:
I really like how Albus hates quidditch, it's very different and original.
Albus has a secret friend? I hope we get to meet him one day!
I wonder how everyone is going to react to Rich going to the night out?

Oh Emmett, I love him so! I really love that he only seemed to be offended by the feaky comment :D
Haha I was thinking that Emmett was Sherlock too! :D He's so clever! And I totally shop Sherlock/Watson :D
Poor Al at the end being all jealous, I want him to tell her so they can live happily ever after! :D

Author's Response: He hates playing it, mostly because he can't fly. He doesn't like to watch it, but can admit that it's interesting to watch when he does.

He does. You will. You love him. ;)

Not well.

Emmett is awesome. I'm glad you like him. And he's definitely Sherlock. :P

Thank you so much for leaving a review!


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Review #42, by alicia and anne Alexa: When News is Told

31st March 2013:
I hope that their friends take it well and that none of them react badly.

It's so funny that Louis is still trying it on with the Healer, I wonder if he'll ever stop, or manage to get a date?

They already know? haha, they're brilliant! and I think it's great that Al and Lexy want to keep the babys gender a secret, that's going to be a nice surprise at the end.

I wonder who Emmett is dating? Mmm I want to find out :D I hope he's nice!

I really love how close all of the friends are and how well you've written them, it's easy to see from the way that you've written them that they're going to be great friends for a very long time. They're so at ease with each other and really care for each other a lot. Fantastic writing :D

Author's Response: They will. They're their new friends, it would be sad if they didn't.

Haha, Louis won't get the date and he will stop... But you already know this. ;)

It'll be a good surprise, hopefully.

Nice? Haha... No. :P

Thank you so much for leaving a review!


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Review #43, by alicia and anne Albus: When Insightful Friends Drink

31st March 2013:
Will Kieron ever forgive Albus? :D
I love how wild Lily is, she's excellent!

Oh wow drunk Chris is smart for working that out, but yay someone else knows :D and he is definately right about Albus liking Alexa.

I really like Chris, he is so cool and a very good friend. I love that everyone wants them to name the baby after them, if they choose a name from everyone it's going to be one long name so it's good that they're not :D

I love that Chris is now sleeping on the couch, I wonder how long he'll end up staying for?

I did recognise Ewan and Will :D I love it so much that your stories connect with each other! Really really love it :D

Another wonderful chapter my lovely :D

Author's Response: Maybe one day...

I love Lily. She's so much fun to write. I may have to write a story about her one day.

His mind makes all sorts of connections, but when he's drunk they all seem to come together better. :P

I'm glad you like Chris.

Not long.

Thank you so much for leaving a review!


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Review #44, by alicia and anne Albus: When Safe Areas are Needed

31st March 2013:
Poor Albus having Lily as an alarm clock, I bet he'll miss that when he moves out :p
Harry is so funny, making jokes about Al and Alexa and the last time they had a party, I love him.

Al is definately right about Alexa's family being intimidating, I really wouldn't want to get on the wrong side of them.

I like hearing about where Aurors train, and how much thought you've put into it all, such as how they train and what their choices are for their last year. It all reminds me of the training in Vampire Academy :D Theo should totally turn up and be the Dimitri and then someone could be the Rose. I mean er.

I love that Theo only seemed to agree to them taking the beds because Daphne said no :D I hope we see more between them.

No we can't have a sad Theo! If he wants I can so live there with him :D

I can't wait for the party to start! I wonder if anyone will find out somehow?

Author's Response: Haha. He may complain, but he probably will. Or least find it weird that he's not being jumped on. Baby will have to do that instead. ;)

I'm so glad. Harry is awesome.

Ooh, don't be on the wrong side of the Notts.


Agree with Theo and always do the opposite of what Daphne wants.

Thank you so much for leaving a review!


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Review #45, by alicia and anne Albus: When it Begins

29th March 2013:
Look at Albus being uncomfortable and all cute :D
He's so funny when he was telling Healer Moore about his 'symptoms' :D
Yay! They saw their baby! and I hope that Alexa doesn't get morning sickness either.
I'm glad that Astoria helped get a maternity ward in the hospital and that Draco donated money.
Louis is there and hurt? Oh my what did he do? He is brilliant and funny and has a lot of nerve to flirt with the Healer, and do an extremely good job of it as well, until the ending when he was shut down!
Oh no she's got her sickness :-( I can see this being a long few months for her.
I can't wait to read more, I love how you write Albus and Alexa together, they seem so much like the best of friends and they're so comfortable around each other. :D

Author's Response: Albus is almost always uncomfortable and cute. Unless you make him really, really mad. Which doesn't happen often, because he avoids people. :)

Haha. I loved writing that but. I'm glad you like it.

I needed a reason for St. Mungo's to have this ward and I was like, a ward would definitely be wanted about Albus and Scorpius. :P

Louis is awesome. I'm glad you liked that bit.

Thank you so much for leaving a review!


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Review #46, by alicia and anne Alexa: When Great Minds Think Alike

29th March 2013:
It's great to see the 'Grandads' talking in hushed whispers, I wonder what they've got planned?
Er that estate agent better not be flirting with our Theo! Unless it's secretly one of us! Although I don't blame her, how could she resist his awesome charms?
They should so be room mates!! and maybe more... but for now room mates!
It's kinda like a proposal haha but with an apartment instead of a ring :D
I yay a lot :D
Haha Harry is so funny going all red and spluterry :D
Oh Theo of course she's always going to be spending more of your money, she is your little girl! :D
That estate agent is definately good at her job.
I love that they're looking at apartments together, they're such grown ups now. And that they're embarassed by the Weasley car hehe.
I think that they're going to want the house, Theo and Harry better be prepared to part with more money I'm thinking.
Awww oh Alexa she's so cute getting all worked up like that. and pulling the puppy dog look and the pouted lip to get around Theo, and how he cracks at seeing it. Dad's can never resist that look!

"It's an apartment with stairs," I love Al's line!

Yay! They got the house!! Theo is awesome! :D

Author's Response: Haha, who knows what goes on when they whisper. ;)

She definitely can't resist his awesome charms, but don't worry, he can resist her.

Just room mates... For now. :P

Yay, they got the house. Theo never would have denied his little girl... He just doesn't like that she's growing up and leaving him.

Thank you so much for leaving a review!


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Review #47, by alicia and anne Albus: When Family Members Understand

29th March 2013:
Yay!! Albus's POV telling his family, I wonder if they'll react like Alexa's family?
Aww Albus keeps thinking of that night, I think he might like Alexa, more then friends :D
Harry is such a great supportive dad, I hope he still will be when he finds out what Albus wants to tell them.
Oh my god! Kieron turned up before Louis, Albus is right to be scared, I would be terrified.
And he told them and then chased Albus! Poor Albus!
Poor poor Albus being hurt and dealing with Theo who's skilled in Occlumency.
I love how Albus thinks about Alexa, it's clear how much he cares about her and would do anything for her.
Theo and Harry are definately the best dad's ever! And Kieron is a great protective older brother.
Theo's threat of coming after him if he ever leaves or hurts her was scary. I wouldn't want to get on the wrong side of him.
Haha oh Louis! He's so great just walking in at the end like that and knowing instantly.
Brilliant chapter! I want to see Theo mad but I don't want him to hurt anyone :S I just want more Theo!! :D I think we need to start a Theo fan club?

Author's Response: I think they react a lot better than Alexa's family.

I think so, too... But Shh. ;)

Harry is such an awesome person. Albus should have told him first, in private.

And Kieron knocks him out - Al's family definitely took it better. :P

No, don't get on the wrong side of Theo. He's very protective of his family.

We are a Theo fan club. We need to expand it. ;)

Thank you so much for leaving a review!


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Review #48, by alicia and anne Alexa: When We Talk about the Future

29th March 2013:
I love Theo! :D He's so cheeky! I bet he has lots of plans for when his daughter moves out, he'll have no choice but to be a womaniser!
He is definately the coolest dad ever.
I wonder when they're going to tell their parents? I can't wait to see Theo's reaction, and Kieron's I think Albus might have to hide for a while. His plan to hide for eighteen years and eight months might be a good one :D
I can't wait to see more of Nicky and Kieron, I just know that they're going to be awesome!
oo what happened in the summer? And poor Albus guilt tripped into going shopping.
Awww Theo, I'll be there for you whilst Daphne is there :D
Oh wow, Astoria must be a psychic if she can guess that quickly.
I'm scared for Alexa, I hope it's going to go as well as it can do, she's very brave telling them all on her own.
So Kieron and doesn't like his mum? That'll be interesting to read :D
I love how much tension there is with Daphne being in the room, everyone must really hate/dislike her.
Oh no! Kierons gone! Oh Albus you better run!
VPBC? What is this mysteriousness?
Oh no!! Why? Why must there be such an awesome cliffhanger? It's a good thing I can just go straight to the next chapter!

Author's Response: Cheeky Theo with his plans. Haha, womanizing is Theo's burden to carry. ;)

I'm glad you think so, I think so, too.

They'll know soon. I promise.

No one talks about the summer. Like fight club. It's a rule.

Thank you so much for leaving a review!


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Review #49, by nott theodore Albus: When We Go One Step at a Time

27th March 2013:

I just have to say I really love this story! Especially how you write from both Alexa and Albus' points of view, because we get a better insight into both characters. I think one of the best things about your stories is that every character seems to have their own story, and that makes the plot much more interesting than just reading about one character and all of the others not really being developed.

Anyway, onto the actual chapter... Albus worries so much that it's really endearing. I'm sure he overthinks things more than girls generally do - more than Lexi seems to, as well. It was sweet to see how much he cares about his friends here, and that he wants to help them. Xavier's reaction does seem realistic, because I can't imagine it would be easy to find out that you actually are a father when you were told that your child had died. I can't blame him for going a bit crazy!

I'm really intrigued about what the relationship between Xavier and Cody actually is. For Cody to leave his NYE party to help Xavier, they must be quite close, plus Xavier has obviously told him a lot more about his past than Albus and any of us thought. It made me laugh that they all thought Xavier was drunk and he was completely sober, and was a lot more rational when he actually spoke to them than I expected.

I didn't expect him to go to Stewart to help him deal with finding out about Ethan, but I really like Stewart's character. He loves Tasha and Ethan, but he can see enough to know that what Tasha told Xavier was wrong. He's very level-headed, and I think that he is going to be a big help in the whole situation. The fact that he isn't insisting on being called Dad by Ethan, and is making sure that Xavier knows he isn't trying to usurp his place make him seem like a genuinely nice person, and I think both Tasha and Xavier are lucky that he is involved.

The way you portrayed the meeting between Xavier and Ethan was realistic, too, and I was glad about that. Ethan seems like a really cute kid, and although it's going to take a long time for them to build up a relationship and it won't be easy for anyone involved, I'm glad that Tasha has agreed to let Xavier meet Ethan and things can hopefully move forward from the mistakes they all made.

There wasn't much Lexi and Albus in this chapter but their characters still came through well. Lexi's frankness is really funny here, like how she admits that she's come along because she's nosy. Plus, she's using the pregnancy thing to her full advantage (who wouldn't?) to get what she wants.

And you've made me very curious about Louis and the whole vampire/werewolf situation. I hope there'll be more of that to come as well, because I really want to know about it!

Sorry for the mammoth review, but I really do love your story and your writing, so I hope you update again soon!

nott theodore :)

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Review #50, by alicia and anne Alexa: When Trusting your Instincts can be a Good Thing

27th March 2013:
I love that you're writing this from their different POVs, it's great to hear both sides of the story :D Albus worrying is still funny, although he has definate reason to be worried, it's great that he done his research :D
I really love that they both know that they're both to blame for this situation, and not just blaming the other... entirely :p
His freaking out makes this situation seem a lot more real.
Awww Albus stays around hers every friday? That's so cute, and I love that he hates his dads cooking :D
Another wonderful chapter! I know I've said it a few times but your such a talented writer, I love all of your stories so very much!

Author's Response: I thought both simple would be best to get a better idea of both sides.

Not entirely, just 60/40. :P

Haha. I have a secret about theFridays... ;)

Thank you so much for leaving a review!


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