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Review #1, by CambAngst Albus: When Everyone Comes Together

27th March 2014:
Sam! Here I am, at the end. And it was a great end, I have to say.

Nick and Kieron's wedding sounded like a dream come true, for nearly everyone involved. Everything came together so beautifully for the two of them and everyone around them seemed so happy for them. The vows came off without a hitch or a hint of hesitation. (alliteration, yay!)

Seems like Lexi did a fantastic job planning the wedding.

The whole conversation about tattoos reminds me of a few that I've heard between parents and their adult children. Letting go isn't easy. At least Theo seems to take it all in stride. Especially since Daddy's Angel isn't part of the conversation.

So Theo and Annie are considering giving Kieron and Lexi a younger sibling. Interesting. At that age, I'd have to say that's a very brave thing to be thinking about. The body doesn't rise to the challenge of raising children quite as well after age 40. Trust me on this one. ;)

Aww, Isaac loves his granddad! Good boy!

I sort of doubt Nick will kill Kieron. They both seem too stubborn to die.

Families are sprouting up all over the place at this wedding! It's really nice to see Ethan warming up to Xavier. I mean, really, how could you not? He seems like such a good guy, plus he now has a Quidditch superstar boyfriend. Children sometimes ask the most insightful questions, don't you think? They haven't learned to avoid the topics that adults instinctively avoid and they're too darn cute to be mad at.

Another engagement? Al and Lexi are really going to start to feel the pressure soon, aren't they? I hope Al keeps Theo's advice in mind and takes his time. There doesn't seem to be any rush.

Poor Ron. He's just trying to be a good, protective dad, but somehow he messes that up as well. Where is Hermione to keep him out of trouble?

I loved their last dance! What a great note to end the story on. It seems like Al and Lexi are doing very well together. Maybe there will be another engagement before I thought...

Sam, I have thoroughly enjoyed this journey! You created some marvelous characters and great plot lines and drew me into all of them. It took longer than I expected, but I've reached the end. Thank you so much for this amazing story!

Author's Response: Hey, Dan!

Haha, it was a dream come true for everyone; no one thought Kieron would actually go through with it, not even Kieron. :P Love the alliteration. :D

They were her first clients for her new job; nothing could go badly. :)

Tattoos are something that have come up in my family; my dad would always say 'when you're an adult, I can't stop you' for everything from tattoos to swearing. My mum still scolds us for swearing, but she can never say no to tattoos because she has one. So, it seemed appropriate for this and the whole idea of letting go. Theo may have good reason to take it well. ;)

Do you remember the headcanon things I put on Twitter? One was about Theo having a child later in life? Well, here is talk of that very child. :D Kudos if you remember the child's name. :) Oh, I know - my dad is a very good example.

He does. His granddad is his favorite person in the whole world. It's going to put a strain on things in the sequel...

Haha! True, they're way too stubborn.

Well, this family is huge and they have friends who have families, so you can imagine how big the party is. :P Xavier is a good guy, he always will be... but he doesn't have a boyfriend. :P I do think that, it always makes me want to both laugh and frown (when it's not directed at me).

Don't worry, Al and Lexi don't get anywhere near engaged for a while. It's just Theo/Annie and Hugo/Emmett.

I know, I feel really bad for Ron. But Hugo is, well, his angel and he's just not ready to let go. Which makes things difficult for Emmett, but he'll be okay. Where is Hermione? She is around, there's no stopping Ron when he needs to talk to Emmett. But she was watching; she promised not to get involved unless things got out of hand. Kieron intervened only because he didn't want arguing on his day.

Thank you so much for reading and reviewing and enjoying the ride! The sequel will be a Rollercoaster. ;)


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Review #2, by CambAngst Alexa: When We hold Our Silver Lining

26th March 2014:
Hello again, Sam!

Thankfully, I never had to leave my kids behind in the hospital. Granted, there were those nights after we brought them home when I sort of wished we could take them back just for the night. ;) Overall, though, I think you did a good job of letting Lexi and Albus sort of wear themselves out with the grind of rarely leaving the hospital so that it felt pretty natural when they settled into a rhythm of coming home to sleep -- albeit not well -- at night. You maintained just enough of the nervous tension while not letting yourself get overly melodramatic about things. They felt like normal human beings.

Breathing on their own is a huge thing for premie babies. Huge. I felt this immense sigh of relief right along with Al and Lexi.

Zac is okay.

It's the best feeling in the world.
-- I can only imagine...

All of my friends, including Ewan, Will and, er, Rose, are here by the time Erik comes into the staff room -- I think you should call her "er, Rose" from here on out, including the sequel. It feels appropriate somehow.

I guess compared to all of the problems that Isaac could have had, deafness is relatively benign. It will make his life more difficult in some ways, but he'll still have one. He'll grow and learn and run and play and mostly experience life like other children. I think it added a bit of gravity and realism to the story, going this route. It's a happy ending, but not a cliche happy ending.

Aww, it's so awesome when Lexi gets to hold him for the first time! I remember that feeling, although I didn't have to wait very long for it. About three minutes, as I recall, but that's neither here nor there. It's a pretty amazing feeling and I think you captured the moment beautifully. And you threw in just a touch of Theo-based dry humor to keep the scene grounded.

The only thing I remember from our first homecoming with the boys that's missing from this scene is that befuddling sense of "OK, what now?" I guess Lexi has had a lot longer to mentally prepare for it than we did, plus she has a list of things that she needs to be keeping track of, like Isaac's asthma. Still, I will never forget sitting the boys' car seats down in their crib with the boys in them and stepping back -- quietly, because they were asleep -- and thinking, "OK, what do I do now???"

I really love the ending scene, with Al explaining all of these things about the family that Isaac can neither hear nor understand. I think it's a very common thing that new fathers do for especially sons. You feel like you can't get starting on that process of raising the child soon enough. It's completely ridiculous if you stop and think about it, but the instincts kick in way before they're needed.

I saw but a single typo:

I've just finished feeding him when Al comes home, sweaty and dirty. He push him away when he tries to kiss my cheek.

One more to go! It's bittersweet...

Author's Response: Hey!

As I've said before, a lot of this story is due to research and imagining my characters as people going through this to figure out how to write it, because I don't remember anyone in my family needing to stay in hospital, but I do know what it's like to sort of wish to take them back. Not as a parent, though, as a sibling and a cousin who babysits. :P

Er, Rose - Haha. I probably will when writing Lexi; it's Lexi trying and failing to think of her as part of her group of friends. Not just for Will and Al, but for the rest of the group and their family. She stuck with Rose now.

Isaac being deaf was something I had planned from the very beginning; lots of research was involved. I genuinely started to question what people would think if they ever saw my Internet history, not just for this story but for all my stories. With everything I had planned, all the problems, it seemed unrealistic to have him completely fine.

That moment were Lexi gets to hold him was one of the first 'scenes' in my head. I'm glad you think it worked out because I so wanted it to be as perfect written down as it did in my head. :P

Yes, Lexi has had over a month to prepare for bringing the baby home and figuring out what to do, thanks to Erik and Annie, her dad and the rest of the family, and with everything she still has to do, she won't let herself think 'what now?' because then she'd probably freak herself out. Albus, if the chapter had been in Albus' PoV, you definitely would have got 'what do I do now?' :D

Aww, I'm glad you love the end. It wasn't planned, but it just seemed like the thing to do, not just for Albus but in general. For Albus, it seemed like a good way of getting out that he does actually like his family even when he tries to avoid them. :)

Thank you so much for leaving a review!


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Review #3, by CambAngst Albus: When Stories are Told

26th March 2014:
Hi, Sam! I really need to finish this story, not least because there's a sequel already waiting for me.

But it was Theo who said no, so he has to listen. People rarely cross Kieron, people never cross Theodore. -- Aww, Theo already being the good grandfather/father-in-law-ish. After all of the abuse I heaped on the poor guy at the end of Detox -- and how well you took it all -- I feel the need to cheer for him.

Wow. I remember visiting the nursery for the first time after my boys were born. They were a little early, but thankfully they only spent a couple of hours in the nursery before coming back to our room. I remember that feeling of trepidation, not wanting to ask any questions or even think about anything too much just in case something turned out to be wrong. In a weird way, asking about it or thinking about it would almost make you feel responsible for it. Weird memories...

"What does the monitor say?" I ask hesitantly. I'm not so sure I want to know, but I feel like I need to know. -- This. This, exactly.

I really liked the conversation between Albus and Kieron. You nailed the whole subtlety of being a guy with guy friends: you can want to mock another guy, frighten him, even hit him without actually hating him. It's just a guy thing. We only recently developed opposable thumbs. And it's totally possible to know that another guy is the best thing in the world for a girl that you care about but still feel upset at the idea of him touching her. ;)

Lavender??? Whoa! This is a huge revelation. I can definitely see the version of her that Theo's describing. Too upset over the loss of her outer beauty to be confident enough to present herself and her relationship with Theo to the outside world.

Ah, so there is a moral to this story. Theo has a lot of foresight. He knows what will make Lexi -- and Albus -- happy in the near term, but he really wants more than that for the two of them. He wants them to be happy together for the long run, the way that he never was with Daphne.

Scorpius frowns. "I can't believe my girlfriend's nephew is my cousin." -- Ah, the world of tightly interrelated pureblood families. Why is Draco so opposed to this relationship? Or is that a topic for a different story?

Next comes Rose with her own confession. It's so easy to see it, the way that you've laid it out. Rose and Albus were both bookish, quite children. Both seemed like over-thinkers. Both horribly worried about how they would fit in. I'm sure that Rose took great comfort in knowing her favorite cousin was going to be going through school with her, and Albus probably felt the same until he laid eyes on Lexi. Life is harsh, and Rose's response was definitely harsh. She did pick an odd time to confess, I'd say, but big moments in life tend to bring out these moments of clarity in people.

A few small typos I noticed while reading:

He looks down at the cot and starts whispering, like the baby can really hear him, and for some reason that makes me want to laugh hysterically - off all the things to do in this situation. -- of all the things...

"Keep talking, Hugo, and I will make sit outside on your own," Emmett warns. -- I will make you sit...

Beautiful chapter. You filled it with an amazing amount of feelings and revelations and your characters overcoming some of their half-truths and demons. I thoroughly enjoyed it!

Author's Response: Dan! Hey, Dan!

Sometimes he says bad things and sometimes he says good things. This is definitely one of the good things; he welcomes the cheer. He doesn't get many from me either. :P

The nursery was one of those time when I really had to think of Albus' character to know how to write it, as I've never been in the situation myself. He wouldn't want to ask questions in case things went wrong. He'd feel exactly what you said.

Guys are more natural for me to write than girls, I think because I know more guys than girls. Like, my nan has ten grandkids, including me - there's three girls out of them. And then there's the rest of my family and my friends. So, I'm glad I was able to portray their relationship well.

Lavender. Yes. That was after a very long, thought out talk with Tammi over character development for Theo. All these little triggers create a very big, very bad (depending on how you look at it) outcome that you will start to see in the sequel.

Oh, there's always a moral to Theo's stories. There has to be a reason, otherwise he won't care enough to tell you about it.

Draco is not opposed, but because there's not exactly a good friendship between Harry and Draco Scorpius is afraid he will be. Draco already knows, Astoria told him as soon as she knew. :P

Rose and Albus, they were the ones each other went to; they saw things differently but their approaches to it were the same and they understood each other more. But it all changed when he saw Lexi again and realized she was... nice. :P Telling her story now was sort of forced upon her because of Will and the baby being born, making everything real. If Will hadn't talked to her, the secret probably would have been buried, never talked about - Rose and Lexi were both happy with that. But Will is a good person.

I'll get to the typos. I'm in the process of editing the story. :)

Thank you so much for leaving a review, Dan!


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Review #4, by maraudertimes Alexa: When We Have a Few too Many

14th March 2014:
Hello! Again!

Well, this certainly is awesome. As you probably know, I read Big Meanie before this, so Alexa/Albus is already something I'm kind of shipping, even if it's only after a simple one-shot, but this absolutely takes the cake and I truly and utterly love it! Squeal!

First, the fact that Dominique is a guy is just awesome, since, as you said in your AN, that isn't done very often, but I love it and the fact that Nicky's dating Kieran is just so awesome and also yay! Prospective marriage!

Then, you have Albus, who is just a sweetie pie, and I feel so bad that he didn't get the girl, but I guess that means he has more time for Alexa, so I guess it's sort of a win? Also, I love how he gets emotional when he's drunk, since all the best stories come from when a friend is an emotional drunk and does slightly stupid things. ;)

Alexa is just so awesome and I want to hug her, because I never want to grow up either! Her inner monologues and everything are also just so funny and she's probably one of my favourite OCs ever! Goodness though, the ending was just so perfect, although I wish she had enough sense to take precautions, but judging by the fact that this is a pregnancy fic, I can take a gander that no, she did not take precautions.

All in all, amazing chapter, amazing premise, amazing characters, and amazing job! 10/10

Gryffindor vs Slytherin Blackout Battle Round 3 Review 18/20

Author's Response: Hey!

Albus/Alexa, as adorable kids, socially awkward and life-hating teenagers and messed up adults, are one of my favorite ships ever. I just love writing them. So, knowing that you love them, too, is pretty much the best news ever. :D

I only have a couple of stories where Nicky is a girl, because I needed the character to be, but in my headcanon Nicky is most definitely a guy. It's just how I see him, so I couldn't part with it. It would be cool if I saw it more often, so I'm glad you like that I do. :)

It's sort of a win. He doesn't see it as a win yet, but he will. ;) Haha, he's very emotional when he's drunk, it's fun to write. They do make good stories.

Aww, thank you! Alexa is awesome to write, I love her. I find it really hard to write females sometimes, I don't know why, but Alexa is just so natural. I think because she reminds me the most of me and I know me. :P

Let's guess no. :P Although, I could surprise you; I've been known to do that. ;) (But no is right.)

Thank you so much for leaving a review!


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Review #5, by CambAngst Albus: When Our Baby is Born

6th January 2014:
Hi, Sam!

Wow. This chapter was not easy to read. It brought out a lot of strong feelings in me. Recollections of being at the hospital, not being sure whether everything was going to be alright, everyone wanting to know what was going on when I just barely had a clue, myself... lots of memories...

I don't suppose you've ever been in this situation, yourself, but you captured it with an amazing amount of detail and emotional context. That shell-shocked feeling that seems to envelope Al for most of the chapter was perfect. THAT is how becoming a father for the first time feels. All of this lofty, romanticized, miracle-of-life nonsense is exactly that: nonsense. Becoming a father for the first time is scary and nearly overwhelming unless you happen to come from one of these large, old-school families where the mothers, sisters, aunts, grandmothers and female cousins are swarming so thick in the waiting room that the dad is pretty much chased out of the hospital to smoke cigars with the menfolk. I don't come from one of those families and obviously neither does Al.

OK, enough about how it played out from Al's point of view. You also did a fantastic job writing Lexi and her reactions to everything. The First Rule of Labor: When a Doctor (Healer) offers you an epidural (pain potion), the correct answer is, "Yes, please!" Even after she's more comfortable, the confusion and worry were exactly the right feelings for her.

Other things I liked about the whole birth scene: I liked the way that Al actually stared Theo down when he made that comment about the curse on their family. Not cool, dad! Not cool at all. There was a certain implied change in the order of things in that moment. Al is the one becoming a father. In that delivery room, what he says -- provided it doesn't contradict anything Lexi says ;) -- is law.

just knowing that my baby's too small, his heart too weak, is bad enough. -- Ouch. Right in the feels...

I liked that Lexi had to be talked into doing what she needed to do to rest and regain her strength. Mother instincts are tough. They can be your best friend or your worst enemy.

I'm a daddy.

The feeling is surreal.
-- Been there. I can confirm that it is, in fact, surreal.

It was nice to see Daphne and Lexi be able to reconnect at such an important moment in both of their lives, and it seemed like even Theo was handling it reasonably well. I agree with Al: he probably did find a sense of security in knowing that he has Annie.

I find Kieron waiting for me in the transport room, smaller than the one in the emergency ward, and we Floo to the house. It's exactly how we left it this morning, but it feels like we left it years ago - so much has happened since the engagement parry. -- Oh, god! This feeling! Exactly this feeling. Coming home from the hospital, finding that nothing had changed, seeing the cats, who were like, "well where have you been?" You realize that life has continued to happen while you've been essentially frozen in time, living this crazy, once-in-a-lifetime moment. It's beyond bizarre...

A couple of minor typos for you:

vail -- I think you were looking for "vial". There are a few places in the part where Lexi takes the potion to help her sleep.

I wonder the halls, I'm in part of the ward I've never been before -- wander

Wow. This chapter was everything that I thought it could be and more! You did a fantastic job with it! And to answer your questions, I'm kind of glad Isaac was a boy (baby girls are so over-represented in these stories!) and I love the name!

Author's Response: Have you ever been nervous about receiving and reading a review? I have - you, reviewing this chapter. I couldn't help it; it's a very big chapter and you're one of my favorite authors here.

No, I have never been in this type of situation myself, even with five siblings I've never been present during labor, or even waited in a hospital. Only visited after. So, this was a very big chapter to write; I wanted to make sure it was realistic, and I only had TV to guide me. I pretty much only went off my characters' personalities and a UK documentary on childbirth (I watched that a lot). Hugs for your feelings, I hope your strong feelings and memories weren't scary or bad. *hugs*

No, Al is not from one of those families - I have a one-shot somewhere about Al's birth; Harry is just as bad. :P

In Theo's very small defense, Al wasn't supposed to hear him, but I'm very glad he stares Theo down, too (I didn't really know how this chapter was going to go down because I only had a vague idea of what it would be like, but I'm glad I was able to put that in). This is Al's time now.

Feels. It hurt to write.

I imagine it would be, to be responsible for a whole other person now sounds a little scary... (understatement?)

They still have a long way to go, but in the end Daphne is her mother and she does want her there. She doesn't have feelings for her as strong as Kieron does. I'm glad you like that bit. Yeah, Theo knows where his life is heading now, he's happy with Annie; Daphne is easier to be around.

There are a lot of girls when it comes to pregnancy stories or secret kids and I wanted to write something different. I felt like having a boy was different, but I tried to make it a surprise, I hope that worked. I did get a few comments saying they were expecting the baby to be a girl. :P

I'm so glad you love the name. It's my favorite name. :D

I am going through the whole story and editing/going through everything - I'm on chapter four. :)

Thank you so much for leaving such a wonderful review!


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Review #6, by CambAngst Alexa: When Baby Steps Become Huge Leaps Too Soon

5th January 2014:
Hi, Sam! Ooh, big happenings in this chapter!

I'm still really liking the way you've been writing Lexi's inner monologue. The snark and the dry, deadpan humor crack me up. Again and again, she delivers the great mental two-liners in this chapter. To wit: I wish I'd been there to see the introductions. I'm also glad I wasn't.

Annie seems to be working her way into the fold quite nicely. Even though her children are much younger than Kieron, she seems to be able to manage him with a minimum of trouble. The dynamic there reminds me of a few situations I've seen where a kid who had a not-so-good mother suddenly comes face to face with a lady who does the job right. They're at a disadvantage, really, not knowing how to respond.

It was fun to see everyone spring the baby shower on Lexi. Setting up for the engagement party was a great cover story.

I thought the night sky mobile was a brilliant idea. You took a fairly common muggle device and really turned it up in a magical way. You've mentioned in past chapters that Kieron is a very smart, powerful wizard. I think you mentioned something similar at some point about Hugo, too. In this chapter, it came out very strongly. Lexi seemed almost fearful of it. I really started to wonder what's up with that. Is there some subplot here that never quite made it into the limelight?

It was nice to see Hugo and Emmett reconcile, although I'm not entirely sure if we knew that they were having a tiff. The speech Emmett give sot Hugo was heart-warming, at any rate.

I like the theme of baby steps for Daphne and Kieron. Also, to a lesser extent, Daphne and Lexi. Your explanation of why Lexi never took things quite as hard as Kieron did made perfect sense. And letting the two of them go through a very gradual process seemed much more believable to me than some big, gushy moment.

And then there's the cliffhanger! Well, maybe not so much of a cliffhanger because, after all, we knew that she was going to have a baby sooner or later. But it's coming very early, or so it seems. Our twins came about four weeks early, so I can totally relate to the sense of panic and powerlessness. Also the tunnel vision and the way the rest of the world just sort of fades out of focus.

OK, so before I totally lose myself in flashbacks, I saw some things that might be typos:

My turn turns into a frown and he understands. -- Not sure what you meant to say here, but I'm betting this wasn't it. :p

Nicky's family come in groups as we're talking and laughing and opening presents, bringing their own as well, both for my and for the guys, and my corner of the living room become a little cluttered. -- both for me and for the guys?

And I appreciate it as long as I know it wasn't her trying too hard to be excepted into the family. -- accepted into the family

"He found it in a draw in his room when he was bringing back spare clothes for when he stays over the other day," -- drawer in his room

I reluctantly does as he says and go back to my seat, alone now because both Erik and Hugo are gone. -- do as he says

"Lexi, what is it?" Kieron demands, holding my by the shoulders. -- holding me by the shoulders

The next chapter should be a doozy! I'll be back soon...

Author's Response: Hey, Dan!

Lexi is fun to write. She has quickly become one of my favorite OCs and I can't believe that when I first began planning this story, I was nervous about writing her (as she was my first main female OC). I'm so happy that you like her and her inner monologue.

Yeah, Annie knows a lot about Kieron from Theo. She's basically the only one who knows all of his secrets. So, Kieron is easier to manage than if Theo hadn't shared everything and that leaves Kieron at a very big disadvantage. It'll be good for him in the long run.

Magic for the Notts is... hmm, something that comes easily. With practice like everyone else, but there's an advantage that has been hinted at throughout this that will not come as a huge shock in the sequel (unless people forget). And Kieron loves technology, so his magic is useful. Lexi is wary of certain gifts her brother has, but not fearful because she's grown up with it. Hugo, however, is a bibliophile who continues to push himself magically; he's smarter than Kieron, but he's not as magically gifted, just more knowledgable. That is what Lexi is sometimes afraid of; Hugo is a complete surprise.

Lexi caught Hugo ignoring Emmett, but when her mother and brother are in the same room it's hard for her to keep track of them until they come to her... which they did. :)

Embrace Emmett's speech; that won't happen again for a while. :P

Baby steps wasn't my intention at the beginning of the story, Kieron wasn't going to try, but as the story grew I planned more of Daphne and baby steps seemed like the natural way to go; she's not evil, she's just not very good at being who people expect her to be. There was never going to be a big, gushy moment between them, though. :)

Yes, the baby is coming early. Freaking out is necessary in Albus' eyes. Hey, even in Lexi's eyes. Especially in Lexi's eyes.

Thank you for pointing out the typos, I'll get to them soon. :)

Thank you so much for leaving a review!


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Review #7, by CambAngst Alexa: When Good Days End with Bad Dreams

4th January 2014:
Hi, Sam! It's been so long since I've read a chapter of this story. I saw that you marked it complete, so I'm excited that I can now get to the end with no waiting!

Kieron and Nicky are such a funny couple. It's like a light side/dark side, opposites attracting sort of thing. Kieron seems so dark and brooding and somewhat menacing at times. Plainly there's a lot of his father in him. While Nicky seems to have a lot of his mother: more carefree and light-hearted.

I liked the way that you really took your time with this chapter and let things develop at a gradual, natural-feeling pace. There are actually quite a few things that happen, but it didn't feel like you were rushing through it at all.

Neat to see Lexi's relationship with Hea- er, Annie Moore starting to evolve. The introduction of the new healer to fill the gap seemed to cement things into place. Looks like Theo's off the market again!

Darcy and Megan seem so much more excited about things than Lexi, which was actually a very realistic touch. There's something about the knowledge that you're going to have to deliver a baby that tends to temper the enthusiasm of expectant mothers, whereas the mother's close friends can have unmitigated enthusiasm for the entire process. Plus, shopping. Yes, shopping...

The trip to St. Mungo's resonated well with me. I think we made half a dozen unplanned trips to the hospital when we were pregnant with our twins. Every little thing that happens has the potential to be serious. As an expectant parent, you just don't feel like there's room for error.

I loved the way that Lexi's mood and inner monologue change once she's safely at St. Mungo's and knows that everything is going to be alright. She goes back to being more light-hearted and self-deprecating, which is the way I love her.

Healer Rodriguez following with a bottle of water and a cookie. He's already perfect; I love cookies. -- That sums it up pretty nicely!

Lastly, all of the anxiety around the ward for premature and sick babies was a sobering note. It's the kind of reminder that Lexi probably doesn't need, but I think every parent goes through it. It really balanced out the mood of the chapter.

So a couple of typos I noticed:

Nicky let's go of his quill and puts it on top of his knee with the article he's currently writing -- lets go

who knows how to create a storm, lightening and everything. -- lightning

I can feel the end approaching! Soon Al and Lexi will be parents and I'm excited for them both! Nice job!

Author's Response: Hey, Dan!

Yep! Marked complete and with a sequel posted. :)

There is definitely a lot of Theo in Kieron, but with enough of his mother for it to be a terrifying mix. While Nicky is calm and thoughtful of things around him and a bit of a nosy nelly but in such a way that they want to answer him, because he's the nice one. Nicky is so brave. :P

It's been a few years since Theo was off the market, so no one is really complaining (except Tammi/alicia and anne :P). Annie is nice, they like her, and she's friends with both Ginny and Astoria, so they know she can handle the Notts. :P

Lexi is not excited about the whole labor part, which is not something that her friends have to worry about, so I can totally see why they'd be more exciting. And, yes, there's always shopping; Darcy loves shopping. :D

Lexi is a worried first time mum with Albus Potter for a boyfriend; unplanned trips were a given in my head. :P I'm glad you agree. :)

Everything is good when you have cookies! :D Lexi feels safe in the hospital, so she allows herself that calm.

The special care unit was something I felt they needed to see. Yes, for balance and to prepare...

Thank you so much for leaving a review!


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Review #8, by Shay_Gryff Albus: When Everyone Comes Together

8th December 2013:
Hello! I started this story yesteday and had maybe two chapters to read when I woke up today. I really like this story, it has so much love and friendship and its written very well and I love Al! Great job, I look forward to reading the sequel!


Author's Response: Hello!

Thank you so much! The sequel is about ten/eleven chapters away from being posted (in that I have ten/eleven different chapters I need to post first before I get to it on my list :P). Hopefully, it'll be up before New Year.

Thank you for leaving a review, I'm so glad you enjoyed this story!


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Review #9, by Jchrissy Albus: When Secrets Become Burdens

24th July 2013:
OHH holy cow. This just got messy. Is Chris going to tell? Is Al? They have to say something, right? Or make her say something?

I think it's really realistic that she lied to Xavier when she found out why they couldn't be a traditional family, but it isn't any less sad. They could have been their own sort of family, and the baby would have even more people to love it and ugh. Okay. I'm all emotional now because I feel really sad for both her and Xavier and I'm very anxious to see how this will play out!

Oh Al, you poor boy. You're going to have to end up telling her, you realize this, right? Or I guess keep being mopey and Lexi will figure it out soon enough. Still. I really dislike Rich for the sole reason of the fact that he has no place in my Lexi Al +baby world. Maybe when she tells him he'll turn out to be really awesome about it and tell her he thinks she needs to give things a try with Albus since she's having a baby with him? No? I'm living in a dream land? Damn. well, at least it was worth a try :P

I'm so happy you had Albus realize his feelings though. It didn't do anything productive, but at least he knows they're there and he can't wait forever to act on them. Can he? See, this is as far as I got reading before, and now I don't know what to expect next, and ahh! At least I don't have to wait for new chapters :P!

A really awesome read, lovely!

Author's Response: Yeah, it got very messy. Oops. Who's going to tell is the question; you'll have to wait and see. ;)

I'm good you're sad, but still think it's realistic. I was very anxious about this part of the story, but I could imagine the thought of her raising the baby alone being a scary experience for her and it stemmed from there. Xavier and Tasha were only meant to have small parts at first, I didn't expect this, so I'm especially glad you like it. :)

Oh, Al. It would probably help of he stopped worrying so much, but then he wouldn't be Al. Aww, you can dislike Rich if you want to - he is getting in the way. I like your dream land. :D

Yes! He knows! Who knows what that will do? ;)

Thank you so much for leaving a review, Jami! I hope you enjoy the rest of the chapters!


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Review #10, by CambAngst Albus: When Arguments Lead to Honesty

22nd July 2013:
Hi, Sam! It has been far too long since I've reviewed any of this wonderful story, so here we go!

I really liked the scene in the park. Al's career hasn't gotten a huge amount of focus so far in the story, so it's neat to see him plying his trade. All the little details you worked in -- the surveillance, the chase, the one-way shield charm -- were really enjoyable little bits of what makes an Auror's, or Hit Wizard's job so interesting. And we get to see Harry and Theo being awesome together. I love the beaming sort of pride Harry is projecting, being tempered by his professional decorum.

Ooh, so Louis is dating a vampire! You have an aversion to any sort of conventional romance, it seems, aside from Al and Lexi. Bravo! Conventional romance gets boring past a certain point. A werewolf and a vampire... now that's exciting. I know it isn't a central focus of the story, but I'd be really interested to see some of the relationship issues that pairing creates.

"You do know Lexi, right? She won't rest until your party is elaborate and fancy and that usually includes more guests than you need just to show off." -- OK, I may not be the most intuitive, sensitive fellow on the planet, but even I know that was a really bad choice on Al's part. You just DON'T say something like that to a girl who's pouring her heart and soul into planning something. Especially when she's got pregnancy hormones coursing through her veins. Double-especially when it's your kid causing it.

I end up down the street, to the small alley that we use to Apparate without been seen. I just close my eyes, no destination in mind, just the one thought: I need to talk to someone who understands us. It's a dangerous way of Apparating; even with the thought clear in your mind, you could likely end up anywhere and you usually end up splinched. -- Yikes! No kidding that would be dangerous. Still, I really like the choice you made here. Al's giving up control, letting fate guide him. That can't be easy for him. Look at what happened the last time he gave up control.

I think the picture that Theo took of Al and Lexi at age 14 after their valiant attempt to stay up all night might be the single sweetest thing you've come up with in this entire story. I have to stop and say it. I love, love, Love your Theo. He's a fantastic dad. And not in that Ward Cleaver sort of way. He's quiet, even sullen at times, and he can be more than a little menacing. But when things are tough, he always seems to know the right thing to say. Like in this situation. He knows how to put Al back on track.

The story of how Kieron and and Lexi came to be so distant from their mother was nicely told. You really built some complexity and layers of truth into that one. I had to pay attention pretty closely to follow all of the nuances. I liked that there wasn't anything clean-cut about it. There never really is in these sorts of family dramas. There's plenty of blame to go around and Kieron seems almost relieved when he's shouldered his share. The "I love you" moment between Al and Lexi was worth the price of admission for the entire chapter. Awesome to see the two of them finally cross that bridge in a completely sincere way.

A few small typos I noticed:

I'm currently the Auror apprehending Chris with a one of the junior Aurors who have been assigned to help us. - strike the "a" before "one".

While Chris is on the run, somewhere in the park, me and Peter act as though were members of the public, like if we were in town; -- as though we're

But I don't kno about Louis if that's why you're here; he's still at the hospital with Harry." -- I don't know

Otherwise, beautiful writing! Nicely done! The end is fast approaching. I shall return soon.

Author's Response: Hey, Dan! I'm so sorry it's taken me so long to respond!

Yes, Al's training. I wasn't going to leave it out. I planned everything, I have headcanon now. You needed to see it. :P Harry is very proud; like Al he is a bit of a worrier and he worries about Al, but seeing Al in his element, so to speak, is a very proud moment. Harry and Theo are always awesome together, I wouldn't have it any other way. ;)

Louis is dating a vampire! I don't do normal relationships often, it's boring. :P Issues between them, though - sequel. A bit.

I don't think that is something you should say to Lexi ever, pregnant or not, but that's probably because I know her so well. :P Poor move on Al's part, but he'll fix it. :)

Messy things happen when Al gives up the control he loves so much. I'm glad you liked that bit.

Awww, thank you. The picture was actually a surprise to me, I went with it and I liked it. Ahh, Theo is awesome!!! *cough* I do love Theo, I'm very happy you do, too. Very happy. :D Theo is very reliable, even when he's a bit bad. He's the one to go to, even Harry does. He knows what to do, he knows everything. ;)

Everyone played a part, it wasn't just one person's fault, and that's something I had planned from the beginning - Daphne isn't just a villain in the story, there's more to it than that. I was nervous about the result, so yay for liking it. Kieron is very relieved, yes. They keep lots of secrets and half truths, this family, it's rare for them to be so open and honest.

Yes! The 'I love you' is finally out there and said because it's right now, with things out in the open. Not everything, but things. :P

I'll get to the typos if I haven't already. :)

Thank you so much for leaving a review, Dan. And I'm sorry again for taking so long to answer. I don't know how you manage, but I envy and admire you for it. :D


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Review #11, by Jchrissy Alexa: When Old Enemies Become Potentials

10th July 2013:
NO. Get out of here, Rich! You are not invited into my Lexi Albus romance. Listen, they're having a baby together. They live in a little suburban type house. They are HAVING A BABY. They are going to fall in love, and be parents together, and you are not going to be involved in this.

HMPH. I'm not happy about this. I dind't really remember Rich from before, but then as soon as I learned what Lexi was taking him on the forgiveness outing for, I remembered. He definitely didn't seem like a mean/bad guy. But he's not Albus. So...

And I'm getting more and more curious to find out about Em's love affair! I also loved the mentions of Al's friend! I'm curious if we'll ever meet him, and it's very cool they stayed in touch.

And THEN when Rich was asking them all about what they wanted to do and blahblah and got to Lexi: Well, she'll be raising a child for a bit.. soo.. ugh I wanted her to tell him so bad. Although if he was super supportive that would have made me want to hate him eve more, hahah.

Awesome chapter, as always! I'm getting excited that we're seeing so much more of Lexi and Al's lives/friends.

Author's Response: Hey, Jami!

Haha, Rich is clearly just an absticle this need to get past before all your aforementioned stuff actually happens. Because how could it not?! ;)

You'll find out about Em's love live and you'll meet Xavier, in the next chapter actually - he has quite a story.

I agree, he needs to know. She should tell him. You'll have another supporter in the next chapter. :D

Thank you so much for leaving a review, Jami!


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Review #12, by Jchrissy Alexa: When News is Told

2nd July 2013:
I don't remember exactly what chapter I left off on, but I know I'm getting close to it because I can't figure out what happens next! Or maybe my memory is just terrible and I need to eat more brain food :P!

Is it Hugo?? It has to be Hugo, ya?

I loved that they were so nervous. It shows that they really do care about their friends' opinions. Not in a 'care what other people think' sort of way, but in a 'value their friend's opinions' sort of way. Am I making sense? The HC has zapped me energy from me, so if I'm not, that's why :P

I really liked the way Emmet explained how he figured it out, and the playful banter about him being more than a pretty face made me smile. They're all very comfortable around one another and clearly care. It's so cute ♥

I loved Dracy's question at the end. No one has really asked Lexi that, and it was just one of those quiet sort of real moments when we think about the fact that she *is* pregnant and she's going to be be a mum. Her answer felt just as good, too. Of course it's scary, but obviously they've had a lot of time to adjust and the excitement is going to creep in whether she wants it to or not :P

Now that we've gotten them intoxicated enough to make a baby, can't we give them a few bottles of wine so they'll run off and get married?... :P

Author's Response: Hey!

Is it Hugo? I don't know. I guess we'll see... ;)

Definitely, you do make sense. Alexa had only really known her small family and Albus hadn't really been very close to his big family, so having such close friends really matter to them and they value their opinions so much. Which is why they're so nervous. :)

Emmett is very honest, he sees what others don't and he's not afraid to say it. He can also leave things out, though... ;) I love their banter, too. Writing it makes me smile. I just want to hug them all.

Darcy is definitely the protective one in the group; she asks the questions, makes sure everyone's okay and reassured, among other things you'll see. I'm glad you liked that bit! :D

There really is some excitement, though neither of them expected it. :P

Oh, we're not getting rid of alcohol. Al gives Lexi such wonderful surprises when he's drunk! ;)

Thank you so much for leaving a lovely review!


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Review #13, by Jchrissy Albus: When Insightful Friends Drink

2nd July 2013:
Awww Chris is super adorable. He's a good friend and obviously cares about both Lexi and Albus, but he still has a bit of a confidence about him that keeps him seeming like he can probably talk his way out of anything.

I was waiting for him to guess what was up! I mean, they bought a house! They're living together in a house! Not that I don't love houses, but there's just no reason unless you're looking to create a more homey vibe. Yep, these two don't stand a chance at not falling in love.

Okay, back to Chris. I think he seems like an awesome part of the group, and I can't wait to get to see how the telling of the rest goes! Though, I already know how that goes... shh. haha!

The line in there about needing there friends was so perfect. You don't realize how much you do until you have them. That's how I am, at least. Like I'll be so stressed about something then talk to one of my friends then feel so much better, that I'm left wondering why I didn't do it earlier! I love how you've given them friends too, btw. It makes for a lot more fun!

Another awesome chapter!

Author's Response: Chris... Chris is a huggable teddy bear. Even though he's afraid of them. :P He's just always there to help you, even if he does make jokes first. He can definitely talk his way out of things. Not everything, but there's some. ;)

The house; it's got to be the biggest clue I could have given them. Because, yes, it's gives a homey vibe and why else would you want that? :D Haha, absolutely no chance!

Chris is very important... For more than one reason... ;)

I'm like that, too. Friends are more important than people realize until a point comes in your life where you feel like really need them and then you're like 'I should have done this ages ago.' If something is up in my life, I'm bothered by it for ages until I tell my friend. So, I'm so excited that you like their friends! :D

Thank you so much for leaving such a great review!


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Review #14, by Jchrissy Albus: When Safe Areas are Needed

2nd July 2013:
You know, Al would make a sexy bounty hunter. Maybe I'll come to the party and try and wrap him around my finger.

Oh wait... him and Lexi are having a kid and totally meant for each other.

dang. WAY to give me an impossible Al to love, Sam! :P Really though, that's a super unique career and I love the idea that he has to jump through the hoops first to get there. Do you mind if I ask exactly what a bounty hunter does in the UK? I'm just curious if they're the exact same there as they are here. Though I suppose that's what google is for...

The thoughts about the baby being more real, especially when names are involved, seemed incredibly realistic. He's starting to think about it as their *baby*... though it would be good for him to realize as soon as possible that baby is just a cute word for life controlling sleep destroying dictator ;). Who would figure something so small can control so many adult's lives? Ha!

I loved the set up of the party so now we're ready to look forward to it for the next chapter, and it was really awesome to spend a while seeing Al in his daily life. He seems like he work really hard, even if Auror training is just a stepping stone, and is all around just a really good guy. Him and Lexi are going to make adorable parents.


Author's Response: Hey, Jami!

I have set myself up for trouble, too. What I wouldn't give to have a sexy bounty hunter like Al Potter? ;) But sadly, he belongs with (*cough* to *cough*) Alexa. :P

I liked the idea of him working to get to his job, too. I figured just becoming a bounty hunter isn't what would happen. :P Bounty hunters are different here, retrieving stolen goods, from criminals and gangs, or tracking down people, and are less about picking people who have skipped bail. They'll negotiate a bounty with insurance companies and work with the police. He can do similar things for the Ministry, that's why he's freelance, working for himself - he can be hired privately. :)

Haha. They should! I may not know pregnancy from experience, but I have five siblings. :P But after the baby is born isn't something they're ready to focus on; the baby being real and picking names is as far as they're ready to get :P

Al really does work hard and he succeeds when he's not over-thinking or worrrying... ;)

Thank you so much for leaving a review, Jami!


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Review #15, by Jchrissy Albus: When it Begins

26th June 2013:
Hi darling! I keep meaning to get back here, and I saw your name floating around and went OH.

I loved the appointment, especially the nervousness of it all. I can't see that being exactly exciting as much as terrifying, but you combined both emotions in there and I really enjoy that.

Albus flipping through the magazine without even realizing what he's reading was the perfect way to set up an appointment. How many times have we all done that waiting? Everything boring and you just want to be on with it! I really enjoy watching the scenes from his PoV... he has a childlike but being forced to grown up sort of quality that is really endearing.

The small detail about Astoria and Draco donating the money was one I really loved. I've always struggled with where exactly they would give birth, and have had to build a little head canon for Marauders era. Now I'm always going to imagine next Gen St. Mungo's as having it's own ward thanks to Draco and Astoria :P!

Ugh I just got a phone call that I had to take. Okay, I hope this doesn't seem too hectic now that I've lost my place and am trying to get back into it.

OH! I LOVE Louis getting a nice little talking to. Though now I can't help but sort of ship him and the Healer. HAHA. They're cute!

To be honest, I forgot how easy your writing was to slip into. You have such a clean style of writing with first person. This is a PoV I struggle so much with, so that makes me even more jealous :P! Picking this story up again was like never leaving, and your characters are created so well that I didn't have to try and remember who they were or anything.

Oops. There goes my phone again. Okay, let me try and wrap this up as quickly as possible.

Love that you ended it with the morning sickness, because everyone that doesn't want it always gets it. Also, I would add a bit more explanations during the appointment. Taking any sort of medication, even prescriptions, always has risks while pregnant. The healer going over those (mayoclinic is a good website to find solid facts) would have added even more realism, but if you don't want to do any edits I don't think it's necessary.

Awesome chapter, sorry again if this review is all over the place! But I really enjoyed it!

Author's Response: Hey, Jami! I'm so sorry it's taken me this long to answer your review.

Yes, there is some excitement, the planning and stuff - but they have gotten to the big stuff yet, so we'll allow them their excitement. I think nerves override it, though. I'm glad you like it. :)

Yes, my own appointments have totally been inspiration for this. I'd be doing the exact same thing as Albus, as I imagine most people would. :P

Haha, Draco and Astoria, or Astoria with Draco's blessing and money, have come through for Next-Gen pregnancies. :P Feel free to have it. :)

Louis and Annie? Hmm... Tell you a secret? *whispers* They were a definite contenders for a pairing. You'll have to reds to know if they made it. ;)

Aww, thank you. I love writing in first person present. I have to keep checking when I try first person past. I'm always jealous of people who write that way.

Morning sickness, yes. Lexi definitely jinxed it by saying she didn't want it. I couldn't leave it out. :P

Thank you so much for leaving a review, Jami!


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Review #16, by Liz Albus: When Everyone Comes Together

22nd June 2013:
Hello. c: I've got no time to review this chapter atm, but I will be back to review it after! (Hence me not being logged in) But yeah, congrats on finishing the story, Sam! So proud, you're on a roll here!

Just stopped in to say how brilliant this chapter was, and I'll miss the whole crew. (Until the sequel!)


Author's Response: Hey, Liz!

Thank you so much, I'm glad you liked it so much and I hope you like the sequel! :D


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Review #17, by 1_madeline_3 Albus: When Everyone Comes Together

11th June 2013:
So I just finished this story in 24 hours. It was pretty good. I usually don't read WIP. So I haven't been with you since the start. I didn't like the whole 10,000 different characters. (But that's just me!!) I had a hard time remembering who was who. So to be honest I skipped over those characters a couple of times...Sorry! But I have two questions:
1. What's the time gap between this chapter and 25?
2. Is Isaac deaf?

Author's Response: Hey! I'm glad you liked it. Yeah, there's quite a few characters, it's okay if that's not for you. :)

The gap between chapters 25 and 26 is sixteen months - March to July the next year.

And yes, Isaac is deaf.

Thank you so much for leaving a review! :D


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Review #18, by Lys Albus: When Everyone Comes Together

8th June 2013:

Author's Response: A sequel is definitely coming, I just don't know when. I want to update a few others first. :)

Thank you so much for leaving a review!


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Review #19, by alicia and anne Albus: When Everyone Comes Together

7th June 2013:
I can't believe this is the last chapter, I am so happy and yet so sad at the same time and I haven't even read it yet!

Okay I am starting *takes deep breath and tries not to cry and fall apart*

Aww you've already killed me with the adorableness that is Kieron's smile!

I'm so happy that Kieron got married! and that everyone else's sigh of relief! He loves Dom, it's clear to see!

Ahhh Theo is my favourite person too Issac!! :D Ahhh he's engaged to Annie!! So happy for them!!

I'm so glad to see Daphne distracted by Issac too and that she's more involved it seems in the family... hopefully.

Poor Albus walking in on Theo talking about kids with Annie, he must have been so uncomfortable.

I love Issacs nickname! That's brilliant!!

Haha Kieron is so romantic! I think that they'll last! THey have to. I love them!

Yay! The talk of Tattoos! :D And Kieron you big liar and tattle tale you! I'm glad that Al dobbed him in too :D Theo can still be intimidating no matter how old his son is haha.

Yay! The family business! The name looks cool :p And with all of that and his plans.. Kieron is definitely taking over the world!

The way that everyone is surprised about Kieron being all loving and that reminds me of me and my other half, people don't believe me when I tell them how lovely he is and how much he loves me, as all they see is the sarcastic side of him haha.

I hope that Emmett and Ron won't be arguing for long and that they can sort it out.

Awww Xavier is so on a date!! He can deny it all he wants! :p

Haha trust Kieron to want Nik to fix the awards :p He'd so win, unless Theo was taking part :p

YAY!! ETHAN!! And he's calling him daddy! I'm so happy!! Oh yeah you tell Cody Ethan!

OMG!! OMG!!! OMG!!!OMG! AHHH!!! HUGO AND EMMETT!!! I AM SO HAPPY RIGHT NOW!!! SO VERY HAPPY! Ron is just being protective! BUT YAY!

I am glad that Kieron was there to stop the fight, he's so awesome! talking about threats so casually! :D

Kieron would so get himself out of jail, haha they definitely would have to go straight to Blaise if they wanted to keep him in haha.

Hehe I love the mention of Kieron and custody battles haha such a hint to a future right there :p

OMG AJ! I am so excited that he's there!! :D I think that AJ has a bit of both haha.

Hehe Theo :D

I love all of the little pieces of information about everyone that you're addng and it all means so much!! :D Especially Kieron liking girls and the whole AJ, Lucy and Erik. And who can forget Xavier and Cody dancing!?

Lexi has done an amazng job at the wedding! It sounds like it was amazing!


I can't believe that this is over! I'm heartbroken :-( Although I'm so excited for the sequel!

AWww you're welcome Sam!I love hearing about your stories, I love everything about them! :D You're awesomer!!

I have loved this story so much! YOu have put me through so many emotions because of your fantastic writing and I have fallen in love with all of your characters so much! Thank you for writing such a brilliant story, I have loved reading every single chapter of it.

You're such a brilliant and amazing writer!

Author's Response: Yep, last chapter. So glad there'll be a sequel. :D

Kieron's smile is like magic. ;)

I don't think even Kieron was sure he could go through with it, no matter how much he loved Nicky. Nicky had faith, though. But I was as relieved as the rest of them. :P

You and Isaac have a lot in common. :P Ahh, Theo/Annie (which rhymes with Tammi ;)).

Daphne is slowly coming back. Maybe she just had to grow up first. :P

Yes, poor Albus. He was in and out. :P

I love Isaac's nickname. It's what I used to be called.

Aww, Kieron can be very romantic. They'll so last.

Tattoos are awesome, I had to add them. And yes, Kieron is such a liar. I'm very glad Albus got to tell on him as well. No one should mess with Theo.

Haha! Kieron will rule the world. Well... he has to beat Charley Rivers and Marco McConnell first. So, he's like third in the world. :P

I'm sure Nicky loves that only he gets to see loving Kieron. ;)

They won't be. Someone will sort them out.

He wouldn't deny it if someone else would admit it... ;)

Haha, yes. Nicky needs to fix the awards and stop Cody from winning. No one would win against Theo, though. ;)

Ethan! He's such a daddy's boy. Shhh. :P He speaks the truth.

HUGO/EMMETT... just for you. Well, no, but a lot for you. :D Ron is very protective, but he mostly doesn't like Emmett.

I said someone would come.

Haha, yes. But Blaise wouldn't go against Kieron unless Theo asked him to. And Theo would never do that... probably. He'd have to really deserve it. :P

Hints are love.

Ah, AJ! His story will be slightly bigger in the sequel...

Info is also love. Kieron liking girls is very strange for Albus. Because he went out with one girl when he was thirteen, then Nicky when he was fourteen, and they were all like "Kieron was just confused." Then bam, no. And Xavier had to have a dance. :D

AJ, Lucy and Erik - will also have a slightly bigger role.

Lexi is very good at her job. :D

I know, it's so sad, but the sequel will be up soon! I'm so glad you read and liked and revewed this story. Thank you so much for all your lovely words, Tammi!


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Review #20, by alicia and anne Alexa: When We hold Our Silver Lining

2nd June 2013:
I am so glad that Issac is getting better! :D and that everyone is there, even Daphne!

I find it hard not to call Issac, 'Zac' it's hard not too. But I'm glad that Albus is sticking to calling him Issac.

I hope that Al and Craig have a friendship forever, they could make a good bromance :D

Uh-oh Erik wants to see them, I really hope that it's good news! Eek! *is worried*
YAY! He's breathing on his own! I am so happy right now!

I'm glad that she has Emmett around to be with her whilst she waits. Oh the double barrelled name, I unfortunately have been blessed with one as well as a middle name! Cruelty right there! :D

Oh Emmett, I like that both him and Kieron are known for being mean to people :D It's part of their charm!

Oh Issac is deaf! :-(

Awww I'm so glad that she can hold him, I feel like crying in happiness! Okay I really am going to cry after what Al said about them having their silver lining!

Poor Hugo being forced to have a joint party, I bet he doesn't like not being the center of attention on his big day :D

I love Albus talking to his son like that, and explaining about the family, especially the Kieron part.

I loved this so much!! Brilliant chapter :D

Author's Response: It's a very happy moment to see Isaac getting better. Yay for everyone being there. :)

I think because I always knew his name would be Isaac and that Al and Lexi would call him different things, I'm used to saying Isaac. But Zac is a cool name, too. :D

Ah, they will be. They'll be like Harry and Theo, only not as cool... or as close. ;)

*deep breaths* Of course it's good news. I wouldn't do that to you. :D

Emmett is a good friend, despite his... personality. :P Ah, double-barrel names - I have one, too.

Definitely part of their charm.

He is. Poor Isaac. But he's a strong boy.

Aww, you can cry, but only if it's happy tears.

He doesn't care about the attention. He just doesn't like to share. He's very selfish, is Hugo. :P

Aww, I know. I loved writing that. Albus is awesome.

Thank you so much for leaving a review, Tammi!


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Review #21, by ValWitch21 Alexa: When We hold Our Silver Lining

2nd June 2013:
Oh, Sam! I've been reading this without reviewing in ages, but this chapter was so perfect that I had to stop.

I appreciate (I won't say I love because I'd probably come across as a cold-hearted monster) the fact that you haven't made everything fine now that Isaac is born. It's made clear that there still will be hardships, and that's what makes the story so normal.

Your final few paragraphs made me kind of teary. Albus is an adorable dad, and I'd missed reading through Lexi's point of view, but the ending of this really made me melt. I can't believe there's only one chapter left... (Seeing as I follow your tumblr though, I know there'll be a sequel so I'm really excited too!)

I can't wait for number 26 :)

Author's Response: Hey, Val!

I'm glad you appreciate it. Not everything is good and perfect and I've set it up throughout the story, so I couldn't suddenly make everything okay. It just wouldn't have been very realistic.

Aww, the end. Yay, for liking it! I hope you'll continue to like the sequel!

Thank you so much for leaving a review!


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Review #22, by alicia and anne Albus: When Stories are Told

31st May 2013:
Oh Kieron is so awesome! I love him :D And yes people never cross Theo he's too scary! :p

Haha mentioning Theo's dreams! He has very real dreams :D

Aw little Issac is so cute and sweet, and he's in a little bubble and I want him to get better. Those poor Nott boys :-( But they're all fighters!

Albus got Kierons approval! That's good that he doens't hate Albus he's just annoyed by his actions.

Oh no Kieron can never look sad or scared! He needs lots of hugs! *hugs him tightly*

I'm so jealous that Albus woke up to see Theo! That's my dream! :D

Theo did always know that Albus would be with Lexi! He's so wise and intelligent and beautiful!


I love knowing things about Theo, and I'm really sad that both Lavender and Daphne caused him to be depressed :-( *hugs Theo tightly*

What did Theo do?! Ahhh I need to know!

Aww tired Ted :D He's like a little Teddy bear!

"We are free-thinking, independent adults, who can do what we want." Hugo, Lexi, Emmett and I stare at him. "And our parents know where we are. We're staying." - That cracked me up! I love that they had to let their parents know where they were even though they're independent adults :p

Oh Hugo! He is so awesome, even though he says the wrong things at times. How could anyone not forgive him! He's adorable! I love that he went into a shop for himself before buying something for Lexi!

Oh poor Rose holding a grudge for that long about Lexi and Albus,

I can't believe that there's only a few more chapters to go! :-( I'm so sad now. This was an amazing chapter!! I loved all of the stories that were being told to Albus.

Author's Response: Kieron is so, so awesome! And I'm so very glad that you like him so much! :D No, Theo is so scary sometimes, especially when it involves his children.

Haha. I had to mention his dreams. How could I not? :P

He's so adorable, I just want to hug him and we can't. You shall be finding out about Isaac in the next chapter. Which is finished and ready to be posted. :) He's, the Nott boys are definitely fighters. As are the Potter boys. And Isaac is both. :D

Al needed Kieron's approval. Or he needed to hear it; that Kieron didn't ever try to hurt or kill him was approval enough. :P

He needs lots and lots of hugs, especially when he's in a hospital. He hates them so much. You'll know why... One day. ;)

Haha. Dream away! And be jealous of Al. ;)

He's so, so wise. And super and sexy and sassy and bad, lets not forget bad. ;)


Theo has a big and complicated life, it made him very sad for a long time. But his kids make him okay. And now he has Annie. :)

You'll know one day! In the sequel! I promise!

Tired Ted is an adorable teddy bear.

Haha. They are all free-thinking, independent adults... Chris' stepmum just worries because he doesn't know how to look after himself. So he checks in. :P

Hugo is amazing and adorable and is forgiven for every bd thing he does. Every time. :D Haha, like he was going to plan buying something for a baby, he doesn't like kids. :P

The grudge developed through years of hurt and anger and a refusal to believe that Lexi was good for Al because he just left to her. When, in reality, they just grew apart. If only he'd said good bye. Poor Rose. ;(

Just a couple more. I'm both excited and sad. I hope you will be, too!

Thank you for leaving a review!


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Review #23, by alicia and anne Albus: When Our Baby is Born

27th May 2013:
I've been so excited for this chapter, and nervous for what happens in it. Eeek!!

Oh Theo, your poor family being cursed :( Haha Albus glared at Theo and lived to tell the tale? :D
Oh Theo! He really loves his daughter, being all there for her and everything. He's the best person in the whole world!

Oh no! I'm really worried. I hope that everything is going to go okay :S

I'm getting teary, I'm so worried about them, about the baby.

Ahhh it's a boy!! I thought for sure that it was a girl!

Awww Okay I nearly cried when she asked Theo if he would stay with her, they have the best dad and daughter bond!

Ahhh Albus is a daddy, I'm so happy for them! I've got goosebumps and everything!

I love Kieron too, he's the best brother. It's the best family! and Issac will have stubborn luck.

I'm glad that they can all be in the same room with Daphne and nothing has kicked off...yet. And that Theo can be around her and joke too.

This was such a brilliant chapter, you got the emotion and urgency of the situation down wonderfully and you're such a fantastic writer. I love how you make me feel so much emotion for your characters, especially knowing that Hugo would just calmly be reading a magazine whilst everyone else is reacting around him.

Brilliant and wonderful chapter! I love it Twin!! :D

Author's Response: AHHH! It's an exciting and nervous time!!!

They are cursed. Problems in all of them. :( Haha, only because Theo has Lexi to worry about. He does, he loves all his family and will do anything for them. He's so awesome.

Everyone seemed to think it would be a girl. I'm kinda glad, Isaac was a complete surprise. :D

Theo wouldn't go anywhere even if she didn't ask, he just knows she'd want him to.

Albus will be a good daddy. :D

Stubborn luck - definitely. Daphne speaks the truth here.

They have bigger things going on, which is certainly helpful. But yes, it's good that they can be in the same room. :P

Thank you so much for leaving a lovely review, Twin!


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Review #24, by ASAP Alexa: When Baby Steps Become Huge Leaps Too Soon

20th May 2013:
please post the next chapter. are cody and xavier having a bromance? lol ASAP PLEASE

Author's Response: Their bromance is epic! Haha. I have some time to write, so I hope the next chapter will be up soon.

Thank you so much for leaving a review!


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Review #25, by alicia and anne Alexa: When Baby Steps Become Huge Leaps Too Soon

20th May 2013:
Oh Kieron! That is such a lame excuse to not go and see his sister! :D

OH MY! Poor Theo, he knows and see's too much of his children's lifes, I feel so sorry for him :D

I wonder if Kieron will be nice at his party? I think it might be hard for him to be nice to certain people!

Aww Annie's kids seem really nice, and it's good that they met Theo first, he is the most awesome one! :D

I love the Lexi is moaning at her dad for wearing the wrong outfit and he doesn't seem to really mind at all about what he's wearing :D

Awww she's having a baby shower! :D That's so cute!! I love it!

Kieron made a present!! He is definitely the best brother ever! I love knowing that he can make things like that! That is such an amazing present!

Aww Theo is dancing :D He's so cute!!

What? Why is Hugo ignoring Emmett? :-( Oh Hugo those letters don't mean anything!! :-( I'm glad that Lexi could cheer him up with making him talk to Erik :D

Oh Hugo :D I still can't stop laughing at imagining Ron's face whenever it's raining men is played or sung :D

That is progress with Kieron and Daphne, I was expecting him to yell at her. Aww the picture made me feel so sad, knowing that Daphne was Kieron's whole world once and now they're so far apart it's almost unfixable :-(

Oh Hugo and Emmett! I just want to hug them so much! *big squishy hugs* Hugo you are a good person!

"You look like you're in a good mood, Kieron?"

"Have I punched you in the face today?"

I must say that those are my two favourite lines of the story! :D

OH my god! How could you have an ending like that!!!
AHHH I can't wait for more! She's having the baby early! I hope the baby is going to be okay!
Brilliant chapter!!! Loved it.

Author's Response: Hehe, maybe, but his excuse probably got him in less trouble than "You're fine, aren't you?" :P

Oh, Theo. He knows way too much. One day, they'll make his head go bang.

Kieron can be nice... well, he can walk away. ;)

He so is! I'm glad you like them.

Theo has lived through a war; as long as everything is clean and he has access to a shower, he really doesn't care.

Darcy says baby shower, Lexi hears presents. What's not to love? :P

He's very good, Kieron. He's used to being on his own, with just books and games. He just can't explain how he does it.

Theo dancing is like ice cream. Yummy. ;)

Hugo will see that soon. :)

He is also mean, but so funny.

Progress! Everyone loves progress! I doubt they'll be like in the picture again, but at least they're trying.

*big squishy hugs for Hugo/Emmett*

Favorite two lines ever! :P

Thank you so much for leaving a review!


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