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Review #26, by Keira7794 Worth the Trouble

18th February 2012:
Hello :)

Okay. I really liked this. Like, a lot. Will definetely add it to my favourites xD

I love stories set in the 17 and 1800's! There's just something so special about them - and you've really done it justice! The hanging, the search, the jump onto the boat and then the jewel - it really had that 'old-time' feel about it! So congrats xD

Your main character was suspicious and covered in mystery - I actually want to learn more about him. (And after reading your summary - how he gets involved with Roxanne 150 years later!

Brilliant first chapter! xD

Keira :)

Author's Response: Hey!

I love stories set in this era, I'm almost sad to leave. But we must.

Ah, Tristan; he's currently my favorite OC to write about. And you'll shall see in chapter two how he meets Roxanne. :P

Thank you.


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Review #27, by Beeezie Reminiscence

11th February 2012:
I am finally here to review this!

I really like this story. I mentioned in my last review that I really love historical stuff, which you've got in abundance - how can you not, writing about a vampire that's hundreds of years old?

Your description is terrific. There's enough that I have a clear picture of what's going on and don't feel weighed down by dialogue, but there's not so much the story drags. It's very well done. The one thing I would have liked to see a little more of would be little things - especially things like the tone of their voices - that gets the mood across better. Toward the end in particular, when Henry is giving him the girl, just a little more detail about how they were speaking or their movements would have helped really make the scene pop.

My only issue with the time skips was that they felt a bit haphazard. Don't get me wrong - I like time skips a lot, and I don't think that they need to lead into each other perfectly or have a very linear connection. However, the third one just felt a little confusing to me in the context of the other two - I would have liked maybe a little more in 2022 before the backtrack.

I'm afraid I'm not articulating myself very well. Does that make any sense at all?

On the whole, though, excellent chapter that I really, really enjoyed. :)

Author's Response: I love historical stuff so much, it's a good job I do writing about an old vampire. LOL.

I'm not exactly what you mean. There wasn't really much he was doing and I didn't want the scene to drag or readers to be bored. But there is a lot more of 2022 to come. There are a few 'flashbacks' in this fic. To tell the story of what he's doing, why he's doing at, and so characters you meant later don't just pop up and you end up thinking "who's this and where did they come from," but they're not every chapter.

If I haven't gotten what you meant, feel free to PM me on the forums. I'll happily answer any questions.

Thank you. :)


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Review #28, by Manga_girl Worth the Trouble

9th February 2012:
Sam! Here I am for your requested review!

So far, I really like how you're going to go with your plot. Judging by this and the summary, it sounds like it is going to be great! The idea is original and very entertaining!

First of all, I'll talk about characterisation. How about we start with Jacob/Tristan? I'm going to call him Tristan to save time. Anyway, I think he is written really well. I can imagine him being a bad boy. So far, he certainly is not a Gary-Stu as he has lots of faults but just in case, I would avoid making him too much of a heart-throb-bad-boy. I don't think you are going that way with him but I just thought I'd point it out.

I really want to see where you go with him as he seems like such an interesting character.

I really like how you wrote this in general. It is really short but I think the length works well with this as it add's effect and makes the reader want to go onto the next chapter.

I did not spot any spelling/grammar mistakes which is good. Also, this flows really well. I didn't find any big interruptions and each part glided perfectly into the next.

I really like your writers style. You wrote this so well and the description is lovely! You chose your words really well. I wish every story I read could be as good as this! Well done,

Emma xx

Author's Response: Tristan is what he'll be called most of the way through, so you calling him that is fine. Knowing me, I'd probably get confused if you called him anything else. LOL.

He has a lot of faults, definitely. And you're right; I don't intend on making him a heart-throb-bad-boy. Girls are really not on his mind, they're just there.

Thank you, Emma!


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Review #29, by EnigmaticEyes16 Reminiscence

9th February 2012:
Hello again! So, I was right, he is a vampire! Interesting. I don't remember anything about iron from the Vampire Diaries but I could be wrong. There's a lot going on in that show.

Anyway, this was a really good second chapter, and you filled me in on one of questions anyway. Although now I am not so sure about my theory concerning the judge. I'm also a lot more curious to know what means to an end these stones provide, it's an interesting idea though, this search for the four stones and how it will bring him to Hogwarts, I can't wait til that starts up and he meets the next generation.

I hope you update soon.


Author's Response: Hello! Yes, you were right; Tristan is a vampire. It's in a couple of episodes of TVD; Damon and Ric go into the cave and the trap for vampires are the iron spikes that come through the wall and go through Damon (season 3, I think). That's one. But, yeah, a lot does happen in that show, it's hard to keep track of everything. :D

Which question? Meeting Roxy? Erm, any explanations about the judge won't be told for a while. so please don't wait for that in the next chapter; I don't want to disappoint you. Oh, a means to an end... Also not until later, though before the judge. LOL.

I've started the next chapter. I hope to have it in the queue tonight, hopefully no later than Sunday. So next week it should be up.

Thank you for the review.


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Review #30, by EnigmaticEyes16 Worth the Trouble

8th February 2012:
Well, this was an interesting start to your story. I am very curious as to what exactly is going on here, like how did he survive a hanging, etc. And how he's alive in Roxanne Weasley's time. I'm thinking vampire since you mention he drained the blood of someone but I guess I will just have to read the next chapter in hopes of finding out some more information.

I'm also very curious as to his relationship with this judge since he slept with both his wife and mistress, and there seems to be something there going on between them, and then he says his dad tried to kill him as his cover story so I'm quite curious as to whether or not the two are somehow related... it's all very thought-provoking, must read on now.

You did a great job with this chapter. It was very fast paced but easy to read. I don't think I saw any mistypes either. On to read the next chapter now, though.


Author's Response: Thanks. It goes back a few times in the fic, not every chapter, there are only five important scenes including this first chapter. Yes, vampire. I say yes because I've already answered your review to chapter two and you already know. :D

Thank you so much for the review. :)


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Review #31, by Moonyxluna Reminiscence

8th February 2012:
You're a really great writer! I really want to read more :) I don't read too many stories surrounding vampires, but it seems like all the details you put in are correct, which shows that you spent time working on this, so great job!
I really loved all the detail in this, I had a perfect picture in my head of each scene as I was reading; brilliant job!

So, is the last stone at Hogwarts? Well I suppose I have to read, don't I? :D This is deffinetly going on my favorites list, and I'll be looking forward to updates :) Great job! I love a good mystery story every once in a while, thanks for the swap :)

Author's Response: Wow! Thank you! I am, without sounding weird, a vampire freak; I love them. Always have, so it's all information I've gathered from different things and thought was most suitable for the HP world. So thank you for saying that.

And thank you for reviewing. :D


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Review #32, by Moonyxluna Worth the Trouble

8th February 2012:
So, not meaning to sound morbid, but I thought it really intersting how you started the chapter out at his hanging. It really instantly drew me into the story, so great job! I really like the start of this, and the way his character seems to be coming together.

I also really enjoyed the detail you put in this in a small amount of words, it gave me just the right amound of background to, again, get instantly hooked into this story :)
I liked the setting, as well.

Brilliant job, continuing for sure :)

Author's Response: I thought it would be interesting, too. It felt like it would be something different to other fics I've read.

Thank you. :D


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Review #33, by Cassius Alcinder Worth the Trouble

6th February 2012:
Here from review tag!

This was such an intriguing start! First of all, I love the choice of setting in Victorian London. It seems perfect for a darker mysterious story, given that it was the setting for the Sherlock Holmes storiesand a lot of other great mysteries. If you wanted to make it even more epic, you could add a few more descriptions, maybe of the atmosphere and buidlings and whatnot, but of course that's just me as a history nerd talking.

Tristin seems like a very interesting character so far. He's obviously very skilled and cunning, and it will be interesting to find out what his motivations are. Though this chapter was very quick, it gave us just the right amount of information to get hooked. There was enough to set the plot in motion, but there's so much we don't know yet that it creates a lot of suspence.

Great job so far!

Author's Response: I know. I love writing Victorian era, and others, so it makes me sad that we will be in modern day Next-Gen soon. I get what you mean; I'm exactly the same when it comes to history. :D

Tristan's plan will unfold slowly, but surely. But he does after one; he's not just a thief. LOL.

Thank you for reviewing this!


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Review #34, by Dark Whisper Reminiscence

25th January 2012:
Yet another awesome chapter.

I really love the details that you put into this... 'snow covered stones dug into his knees.' Great details easily make me see where he is and what he is doing.

I can tell he is a hottie in those Armani sunglasses. He has seen a lot over the years and I think it interesting that he is loving the modern way of life.

Once you mentioned that he had several names over the years, it was easy for me to understand that Simon was Tristan. I think you did that very well.

I love your storyline that injects interest... He is going home to Hogsmeade? Very interesting tie to HP. And perhaps the best detail was that he is collecting them as a 'means to an end.'

The encounter with the woman was written really well too. Telling her to relax as he bit into her... that thing vampires do that make them ooze romance. Good job.

I love were you are going with this, Heir. Your blog reminded me to come back and check this story and I'm so glad that I did.

Keep going. I must know how this ends.

Dark Whisper

P.S. Awesome banner.

Author's Response: Dark Whisper,
Thank you!

Details and descriptions are not really my strong points, but I'm getting there. I think it's showing. :D

LOL. Yeah, he is very accepting of the modern world. Technology and clothes; they're his favorites. :P

Thanks. I'm glad I made it easy to understand in the chapter. I just didn't want people to be confused. :)

He's going home to the UK. What he thought of as home is near Hogsmeade (*wink*) and his real home, his old house, is further down south. He has to meet Roxanne somehow. ;)
Yes, a means to an end. You'll find out what that is as the story progresses. He needs the stones, but he doesn't want them...

Oh, yay. You do, you just want to love them and have them love you.

Really? Awesome! I replied on the blog that C2 was up.

Now, because of you and this amazing review, To Die For has become a priority fic and I started chapter 3 this morning. Just for you. :D

Thank you so much!


P.S. Thank you, I love the banner!

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Review #35, by Dark Whisper Worth the Trouble

31st December 2011:

This is EXCELLENT! I am absolutely in love with this. It is very well written and I want to know more about this Tristan. (Love the name by the way). He is a bad boy and I like him already. ;)

And... I LOVE the historical time frame. Very intriguing.

This is a wonderful first chapter! You started out extremely strong, you gave us the background of what he did, and had him escape to America no less. And what's with the red gem? Wow!

I truly hope to see more of this!

10/10 rated for the site, but 20/10 for real.

I'm so glad that I stopped by this one!
Dark Whisper

Author's Response: Dark Whisper!

THANK YOU! Tristan is just an awesome name, especially for this OC! Oh, he is MORE than just a bad boy... You'll see. ;)

History is my favorite. Too bad we can't stay...

You'll find out about the gems (yes, there's more than one ;)).

I'm almost done with the next chapter. I hope to put it in the queue soon after it opens.

Thank you so much for stopping by, reviewing, and the 10 and 20 out of 10!


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Review #36, by Beeezie Worth the Trouble

22nd December 2011:
I am here to review this! Yay! I should have the results posted in the next couple days, just as soon as the last entries get validated. (I only require that they be in the queue by the deadline, not that they be validated.)

I have a very serious question for you. Why don't I read more of your work? Well, probably because most of the things I read are for my challenges or review requests, but I need to make a point of changing that. I've only read a couple of your stories, but they've both had me instantly hooked.

You got me with the 1872, because I'm a huge history buff, and from there I only liked it more. You've got a way with words, and I really enjoyed reading this chapter. My only problem was that there was only one. I will definitely continue reading this.

Author's Response: Yay! That's cool. :)

Both of them? What was the other one? But, yay, I'm glad you liked them both. :D

I am a huge history buff too! I love it! I wish I could stay here, it's motivating me to write my 1800's era fic that I've been planning for AGES! But, unfortunately, here the summary says Tristan/Roxanne; we're going to Next-Gen. :P

The next chapter will be up... As soon as the queue opens after Christmas.I've got something in the queue now and chapter two is... almost finished. :)

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Review #37, by Mihali1432 Worth the Trouble

21st December 2011:
Write more...

xD Now. For me being such an avid werewolf lover... This was awesome. Best guess Tristan is a vampire? ;) Not like I didn't know that...

Man... I need to read more of your stories... For real... Ok. Soo... I don't know how to be critical... I really liked it... There! Criticalness!

Mike. xD

Author's Response: I am.

It is awesome. Vampires are awesome. Yes, Tristan is a vampire. But of course you knew that... :D

Cool! That was awesome criticalness! LOL.


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