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Review #26, by Sophia Montgomery Seul Etoile

20th March 2005:
Good first chapter, I like it! The explanations of each child are quite discriptive. Good job!

Author's Response: Thank you, very much. :)

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Review #27, by Emerald_Angel Seul Etoile

7th March 2005:
Awww yay!1 That's so cute!! I have four children!! And Remus is my husband!! I quite like the oldest one best. :D but don't tell the others I said that!

Author's Response: Aw. Thanks! :) I quite like Sale too, but I'm actually most partial to Poivre.

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Review #28, by MagGrrl Seul Etoile

4th March 2005:
Hey I've been missing your story as well as your awesome reviews...where ya been? I hope everything's okay!!! I can't wait for the next chapter!!! :-)

Author's Response: I'm so sorry. Everything's fine, I hope I'm back to stay. :) I'll be getting around to reading and reviewing your stories soon, I hope.

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Review #29, by NightxWish Seul Etoile

18th February 2005:
Really, it means salt? Grandma was wrong! For once in her life! Yes! Thank you, you've just made me the happiest person (hehe).

Author's Response: Eek. I was wrong, actually. But I've come up with a way for my way to fit the story. Sorry!

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Review #30, by Herculeha Seul Etoile

12th February 2005:
Aw, this story is cute so far. The only complain I have is that I can't even pronounce my own kid's name, or mine for that matter! I'm learning Spanish, not The only children I can pronounce are Lune and Harry (who technically isn't even mine). But despite that, it's still a lovely beginning to what will prove to be a lovely story, I'm quite certain. I hope to see more soon!


Author's Response: Sorry about that, but thanks all the same! :)

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Review #31, by cysso Seul Etoile

6th February 2005:
wierd names but cool story

Author's Response: Thanks. =)

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Review #32, by NightxWish Seul Etoile

6th February 2005:
Great start love, I can't wait to see if you continue it. The translations for the children's names are:

Sale-Dirty (huh...)
Lune-The Moon (naturally)
Poivre-Pepper (I'm guessing his since his eyes are kinda peppered....?)

Author's Response: Thanks very much, I hope to. :) Actually, Sale means Salt, hence the twin named Pepper...shouldn't have just spoiled that. Ah, well. ;) Glad you liked it!

Author's Response: Ah, apparently I got the translation wrong. I suppose it does mean dirty...

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Review #33, by MagGrrl Seul Etoile

4th February 2005:
YES YES YES!!!! YOU STARTED A SERIES!!!! The first chapter is absolutely beautiful I can't wait for the next. Have fun wherever you are going and post as soon as you get back...hee hee.

I don't know how long I'll be able to wait for the next chapter.

:-) MagGrrl

BTW I know the translations hee hee!

Author's Response: Hopefully you can bare with me as I realized on the trip that I had no light to write by. :( But I still do hope to update soon. You do, do you? :) Thanks, dear!

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Review #34, by padfootwalks4eva Seul Etoile

2nd February 2005:
I love it! I'm married to Remus and have wonderful children! *swoon* Great story and update soon!~

Author's Response: Thanks so much! :) I'm glad you like the children. And I hope I will. ;)

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